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Hey there! I am looking for someone to roleplay with me, someone into all of the same disgusting and horrible stuff I am. More specifically, someone with no limits in the fields of gore/torture, watersports/scat/vomit, and nonhuman girls! I am a female in real life (I think that gets me bonus points?) and hope to play one (or many) in the roleplay! I'd actually prefer to play futa, but that's up to you! I do also have a preference for lesbianism too (I don't mind if you're a guy playing a girl at all, either)! Anywho, if you want to discuss this further, please shoot me an email at!

For a full list of my kinks:


Lrt's do it.


May I recommend

It is a Discord board full of messed up people friend ;)


Time to have fun. ^^ I contact you for the detail. ^^


Email sent

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