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(Sorry for my bad English!)

Looking for anyone willing to play in my dystopian setting. I will play as a master, controlling the entire world and the NPCs.

I'm looking for someone willing to play an human, male or female, no age preference.

The setting depicts a twisted future, a little country that is forced to do difficult sacrificies to survive.
I imagine a nuclear war that caused the Earth to be largely not abitable.
The survivors ammassed in the last pieces of habitable land.
With so many people living in a small place, they soon suffered a shortage of food, water, living spaces and basic health. This society was on the brink of collapse.

The rulers were forced to an extreme solution...executing, or better, recycling a part of the population, until they reached a balance.
The elders had been the first to be killed. But it wasn't enough.
The governors were forced to establish a sort of lottery. Each week, a certain number of people(with no preference of age, sex, race, occupation) had been chosed to be forcibly executed.
A such extreme solution wasn't welcome, but the largest part of population accepted it eventually, for the greater good. The dead bodies were going to be used as food and other useful purposes.

Even after the overcoming of the emergency, that little comunity kept living with really little resoruces. So, the cullings never ended. The cyclic executions are now integral part of the culture of this country: being executed and recycled is now a norm. Nobody likes it, but it is necessary for the survival and well being of the last piece of human civilization. A costant and pervasive propaganda made the victims willing and collaborative (execpt, maybe, the youngest ones).

We can play during the emergency(usually unwilling victims), or after it(willing victims). Death is never seen positively, but it is a duty that everyone is required to do, sooner or later.


That can be intresting.... but in wich position is the player?


I am very interested and would like to carry out this scenario. Please contact me via email or kik.
Kik: RedheadOlives


Let us try and see where this goes.

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