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So I'm gonna draw inspiration from other threads. Basically each person posts a victim, and the next person "hunts" said victim after posting their own victim. Each victim will follow a template of info and should include a picture.

You can add special conditions that the killers may choose to follow or ignore.

Here's the first prey

Name: Julie
Age: Appears to be in her early 20s, though she's quite a bit older due to immortality ((though she can still be killed))
Appearance: See pic, but blonde and DD breasts
Scene: Julie is a lustful fairy who feels the heat at an inopportune moment. She's flying through the forest when she feels her pussy getting wet, she lands and begins to finger herself in the open. It doesn't take long to make herself squirt. Unfortunately, she had an audience... ((Bonus points if you wound her pussy while she's cumming. Even more if you debreast her and cut her clit off after. Further points if her hands are left in tact. Higher points if her hunter is female. Max points if she is able to return home, only to have her werewolf husband cut out and eat her pussy))


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Name: Angelina
Age: 11
Appearance: (See Pic)
Scene: You are hunting in your private hunting range when you spot her. You have no idea how she got there, but the regional laws allow you to do anything you want with whoever is caught walking around your private property.


Sandra, one of the baddest adventurers employed by the House of Vincent, was overwhelmed by hunger. She had been surviving on no more than berries and small nuts as she explored unknown lands in search of magical artifacts. Those sustained her, but she desperately needed meat. Unfortunately her supplies diminished weeks ago, and the harsh desert she crossed provided little prey.

From the moment she entered the forest Sandra set her sights on some meat. It didn't take her long to stumble across an interesting sight. A gorgeous fairy with short blonde hair and large, firm tits. She was laying on her back with her head propped against a tree trunk with her middle rubbing her clitoris and her other fingers rubbing her labia.

Sandra knew it was a fairy due to her own ability to sense supernatural creatures; also, fairies were notorious for being unable to resist their sexual urges. Of course, it didn't matter for Sandra since she would still kill her if it was a human; she needed meat and, as long as it wasn't from her kingdom, it was acceptable. But fairy meat was impossibly delicious, was very nutritional, and could last months before it spoiled.

Sandra raised her crossbow and set the reticle right between her spread labia. The fairy arched her back and screamed in orgasm, sending pussy juices squirting into the air. At the same time Sandra fired the bow; an arrow crossed the distance and burried itself deep in the fairy's pink womanhood, ripping through her cervix and impaling her uterus. Her screams of agony rang throughout the forest.

Sandra lowered the crossbow and slowly walked towards the poor, thrashing beauty. She could have ended her misery in an instant, but fairy meat always tastes better when she's in pain. So Sandra placed the crossbow on the ground and pulled out a sharp hunting knife.

"Please stoooop!" The fairy screamed when Sandra placed the blade against her clit and sliced it off. Sandra, eager for meat, put the raw clit meat in her mouth. She chewed enthusiastically, savoring the flavor for a whole minute before swallowing.

"Ahhh! Can't beat raw fairy clit," she sighed, wiping blood off her chin.

Ignoring the fairy's screams, Sandra grabbed the fairy's right tit and clenched the knife.

"Ooooooh!" She screamed.

"It will be over quickly, I promise," Sandra taunted.

Although it was, in reality, quick, to the fairy it felt like years as Sandra's knife sawed through her tit meat until it was no longer on her chest. She screamed again as Sandra repeated the process with the left breast.

The shock from the unimaginable pain washing over her mutilated body was starting to overwhelm the fairy, and her consciousness started to fade.

Sandra forced her onto her stomach and placed the knife against the dying fairy's throat.

"I guess I can end your suffering now," Sandra whispered in her ear as she opened a deep gash in the fairy's throat. The fairy thrashed wildly as blood sprayed from her neck and foamed up around her lips, so Sandra pulled her head back to widened the gash. After fifteen seconds the fairy convulsed and piss squirted from her ruined cunt, then her movements stopped.

Sandra spent the next hour carving meat from the dead fairy and placed it in a satchel. Then she prepared a meal with her breasts and ate before moving on.


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Name: Luna
Age: 16
Appearance: (See Pic) She looks a lot like her mother.
Scene: Luna is the daughter of Julie, and had come to see what was taking her mother so long. She stumbled across Julie just in time to see the hunter Sandra shoot her mother's pussy with a crossbow. The result being that Luna became very upset, and very horny. While Sandra killed her mother, Luna had to relieve herself...

Chase smiles as he spots the rather delicious looking eleven year old on his range. He quickly makes the decision to hunt her, raising his bow and letting an arrow fly. The arrow strike the poor virgins sex just above her clit, piercing into her pussy proper.

Blood began to flow from her virgin girlhood, running down her legs. The girl sat in shock, sinking to her knees and stared at the arrow in disbelief. "My... My pussy... It hurts..." She moans out in pain as Chase walks over quietly. He kneels and grips the arrow to pull it out. "Please... Take my virginity before you kill me..." She begs quietly, unable to believe her own words as Chase laughs them off.

"You are a sexy young girl, but I hear virgin steak is delicious." His words draw a loud whine as he pulls the arrow out. She watched as he drew out a knife and slipped it in between her cunt and her thigh, shrieking as he stabbed into her at an angle so the blade came out inside her pussy, just before the cervix. He sliced in a circular motion until he had cut out her pussy. Then he showed it to her. "Nooooo!" She sobbed out loud as she looked at the piece of meat that used to be her sex life. He rubbed the now useless clit to tease her, then picked her up and carried her to his cabin. When home, he let her watch as she breathed her last while he cooked her pussy up


I feel I should mention that Luna is half fairy, half werewolf


>>2131 So does that make her a Weiry or a Farewolf?


Huh.... Idk...


Wait, why not full fairy and full werewolf? A fairy who got bit by a werewolf?


Her father is a werewolf. Though he can shift at will. It's actually mentioned in my first post.


Come on guys, someone take her


I think that this kind of thread will always die because, even if there's a target that someone would feel like killing, it's a pain in the ass to write something long enough to be satisfactory to the one giving the target and the one writing the story (at least from my point of view).

I could just write 3 sentences where I kill her, but would that be fun... ? :\


Can you help here?



I might be able to come up with something if nobody else does, but I expect it will be at least a month due to the other stuff I'm working on.


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Name: Myra Quan
Age: 18
Appearance: (See Pic)
Scene: You are a billionaire with some rather dark interests. Once a month​ you invite a girl to be placed in your maze. If she escapes, she wins a million dollars. If you catch her, you get to rape and kill her, and you get to do whatever with the remains. Myra, a young Vietnamese-American looking to secure some funds for college, signs up for your game.

As silence fell over the forest, Sandra finished carving meat off of the fairy. As she moved to gut the unfortunate thing, a ruffling sound caught her attention. She looked up and saw someone looking watching her. The creature seemed about to turn and run.

Sandra quickly grabbed the crossbow and pointed it in her direction. "Don't move!" Sandra commanded, and the creature was practically paralyzed in her tracks.

Like the one laying on the dirt with most of her flesh carved off, it was another fairy; this one was younger​, about 16, and had bright-pink shoulder-length hair, with a ponytail on the left side . She was nude except for a pair of chains attached to each ankle and strings wrapped around her legs. She wore a cape, but it didn't cover her front side.

"Where do you think you're going?" Sandra sneered.

"A-are you g-going to kill me?" The fairy asked timidly, with a hint of pleading.

"I am," Sandra confirmed apologetically​.

"No! Please! I-I just turned 16, I-I'm still a virgin! Please spare me," she dropped to her knees and tears welled up in her eyes.

"I'm sorry it has to be this way. I really am, sweetie. But I need to get back across that desert and I need your meat to do it," Sandra explained, justifying slaying this young fairy to herself as well. She felt guilty, and the poor girl looked so much like her young wife back home.

"You don't have the right to kill me just because I'm not like you," she managed through incoherent babbling. "I-I have a name, it's Luna, and I have a life just like y-you. I-I..."

"Your words truly touch my heart, they really do, but, Luna, those words also fall on deaf ears." Sandra pointed the crossbow at her pussy. "Now get over here or I'll make this a lot worse."

"Don't torture me!" Luna yelped, her tear filled face snapping up at Sandra. "I-i-if you must k-k-kill me, please don't make it hurt. I d-don't want to die in agony like my m-mother!"

Sandra smirked and shook her head. "I would love to kill you instantly, as much as admire how quickly you have accepted your fate,, but you taste better if you suffer first."

"Please, I beg you," Luna bawled, "don't cut on me while I'm alive! I-I'll do anything if you don't shoot me! Please?"

Sandra was a little curious as to how far "anything" would go. Out in that desert there was something even more scarce than food or water: Sex. Sure, Sandra was attractive enough to get any guy, or woman, but the later was rare in this line of work, and the former carried the risk of an unwanted pregnancy in the wilderness. Plus, she's never been eaten out by a fairy before.

"Anything, you say?"

Luna nodded.

Sandra lifted up her baige skirt, revealing a cunt surrounded by a dark patch of fuzz. "Lick my pussy," she demanded. "And if you hurt me I'll make a bigger fire pit and cook you alive," she warned.

Luna just looked at Sandra's pussy at first, and at first Sandra thought Luna was going to decline. But the young fairy broke free of her fear-induced paralysis and somberly walked over to Sandra, dropped to her knees, and pressed her lips against her hairy pussy. Sandra gasped as her soft tongue slipped through her slit and flicked back and forth.

"Oooooh! That's good! Really good!" Sandra moaned.

Luna's tongue soon found its way into her vaginal entrance, and Sandra went crazy in a flurry of pleasurable sensations. Slowly she removed the various weapons, tools, and bags, and carefully set them on the ground. Then she lifted her top up over her head and threw it to the side.

"To the ground," Sandra said and placed her hand on Luna's head. As she lowered herself to the dirt, she forced Luna down with her. Sandra laid with her legs spread wide and her long, black, hair strewn messily under her. She then grabbed the crossbow and pointed it at Luna: "Continue."

The pretty little welp did as she was told, and soon her head was rising and falling as her tongue slid up and down her womanhood. Sandra and Luna closed their eyes in enjoyment, and the former's soft moans sounded throughout the forest.

Sandra, being so horny, didn't take long to climax. She thrust her chest and belly forward and threw her head back; she screeched like a harpy as a torrent of pleasure crashed over her body. Her fingers clenched and, unfortunately for Luna, her right index finger pulled the trigger on the crossbow.

Because Sandra's aim was imperfect, as she was in the midst of an orgasm, instead of going through Luna's forehead, it went through her left cheek at a five-degree angle, piercing her tongue and embedding itself into her right cheekbone. Luna jerked back, clutching the sides of her bleeding face, and let out a weird, muffled, scream as her body jerked violently. Her muffled screams quickly became a combination of gurgling sounds and long, faint, high-pitched, squeals as blood filled her throat and poured from her mouth in a red, bubbly, waterfall.

Sandra watched, a little surprised yet fascinated, as she pushed herself up and reloaded the crossbow. By the time she was ready to fire, Luna collapsed to the ground, her body jerking sporadically, with literal gallons of blood pouring from her face. She would die of blood loss or asphyxiation soon, and Sandra could just watch, but she did promise the poor fairy a quick death.

Luna's let out a sharp, gurgling, cry as Sandra's right boot fell on her neck to stop her head from moving. Then she aimed the crossbow one more time, making sure her foot was safe from the line of fire, and pulled the trigger; in less than a second the arrow tore through Luna's ear canal and went straight into her brain. A final, bloody, gasp escaped her lips, and her body twitched for several seconds. Then Sandra's ears caught the trickling sound of liquid spraying onto the dirt: Luna's​ bladder releasing its contents; then the young fairy stopped moving.

Sandra quietly dragged her carcass over to where the other fairy's​ body laid. She continued butchering and preparing the flesh of both of prey, before enjoying a feast of cunt fillet and boob steaks. After having her fill, Sandra gathered her things, along with the rest of the meat, and set out across the desert.

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