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Behold the Ruins of Affliction! KEEP OUT! ...for in here, there are only infestations.


File: 1487095217091.jpg (447.73 KB, 750x1041, Web_of_Betrayal_Page100_by….jpg)

A man made entirely of vermin- sapient vines, worms, centipedes, wasps, and spiders- observes his friends cuddle each other, their fleshiness unrivaled. The sticky goo is whay really makes this home.

They constantly eat each other and give birth to countless billions. Insects, worms, and plants all devouring their own kind and others, some eventually growing from microscopic to as large as elephants. Worms pour out of the vaginas of these behemoths and shower whatever captives have intruded their realms.

Some give birth above trap doors at the funniest of times.


Why is this not getting love?


I liked the first pic. Lots of possibilities.

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