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Hello I am looking for a girl to roleplay with either over voice chat or text chat. I am into roleplay snuff that is not overly gross or Gorey. I am looking for a girl that will be submissive as I pound her pussy, begging as I slowly twist her neck about to cum inside her.

Here's a little example

*He slowly pulls down your pants, your ass resting against his member as he breaths slowly, his hands moving over the small of your back pushing your shirt up. His hands find the way to your breast where he slowly squeezes and lifts you against him. He moves one hand down slowly moving over your bare tummy, his hand rough against your smooth skin. His hand finally reaching your clit as he punches it and slowly rotates his middle and index finger around it.

He pulls your hair back with your head on his shoulder as he watches your face. He quickens the pace of his fingers eventually finding their way inside your lovely V, his fingers moving in and out repeatedly. His other hand grasps your chin, slowly turning your head to the side as he quickens his fingers rhythm.*

I am looking for a girl that is into Strangle, neck snap, drowning. No scat or gore please. Contact me via Skype for voicechat or text chat. is my email. Yea I know, best email name ever and it is real. I will reply quickly as I keep skype up constantly. Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer about the picture, I don't own this.

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