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I have a selected few of my OCs. For all of you to slaughter.

The game is easy choose a girl and do what ever you want to her but it must end in a gory mess.

Anything goes here just as long as one of my girls end up dead heh.


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Selection: Kira.

Unlike some of her fellow soldiers, she got weak in the knees and surrendered when I pointed my gun at her.
"Please, I can give you whatever you want, just don't hurt me."
I feel bad for her and I'd like to take her to be sentenced for her part in the war-crimes that occurred. She's responsible for a lot of death, probably, maybe. I wouldn't mind letting society take justice, however once the fort is taken, I receive and order via walky-talk (execute all prisoners) and part of me is glad I can be the one to inflict her punishment.
I order her to her knees with my guns against her forehead. She bites her lip and stammers. "I just . . . I just . . . please."
I unzip my pants and gestured toward the firearm between my legs.
"R . . . really?" tears begin to fall from her eyes. She tries to go at it with her mouth but I smack her with my pistol and gesture toward her hand. As soon as she starts giving me a hand job I plant my actual pistol in her mouth. She sucks on it suggestively like she's giving it a blowjob, my finger dancing dangerously near the trigger.
After she's done with her hard work I throw her to the ground.
"Please . . . can I go now?"
"Bitch you aren't going anywhere," I say, watching her shrink in terror as I go for my combat knife, "I'm going to feed you to the birds."
She begins to shiver involuntarily and goes into shock. I get down on top of her and start pealing away at her clothes with my knife, starting at the neckline and going down across the chest, belly and crotch. It all peals away surprisingly easily, but I apply more pressure than necessary, scrapping her soft skin just a bit and making her sob and coo and moan.
Once her bare breasts flop out I poke at them play-fulling with the knife. She is sitting up against the wall shivering, unable to fight back. I pull the tie out of her hair and let it fall wildly all over her toned, damned body.
"Please, have mercy. I'm . . . I'm so scared."
I pull her up by the hair and stand her against the wall, then I beat her violently with my bare hand, face, belly, knee to the crotch, breasts like punching bags.
She tries to shield herself with her arms bugs I'm faster and stronger, so when it's done she falls to the floor, bruised and bloody, repeating absently, "I surrender, I surrender, I surrender."
The time has come to finish this punishment and hang it like a flag, as a warning against others who would harm the innocent. I take off her remaining clothes, boots and gloves and such and strip her completely nude.
"I surrender, please, I surrender . . ."
First I used her bra to tie her arms up, then I drag her to a nearby oak tree. Seeing her tied there I considered being my own firing squad and filling her mortal meat with cold rounds, but I have a better idea.
While she squirms and coughs and sobs I cut into her with my knife, a cut above the naval, one above each breast, one above her clit. She moans with each slice, and I nick her a lot more across the body. After she is running like a dripping faucet, I kiss her and I take a picture with my phone.
"Please . . . surrender . . . mercy . . ." then I leave her there to bleed to death.
It is going to be a long night for her, and tomorrow the birds will have something to pick off the oak tree.


Whoa that was hardcore heh. Nice. You should snuff another one.


Thanks, Fuuby, I'd be happy to. I hope that you don't mind me adding a bit of backstory. I'm assuming since you didn't leave bios for these characters you are okay with us inserting them into whatever dark world we need.

Selection: Tracie

The image I had hacked from from the Dragon Gang's deep-web website didn't really seem like her at all. In the shot she was half naked, grinning drunkenly and giving the mob lord (Known only as Big Guy) a lap dance.
Here in person she looked like some kind of prep-school drop out, in her short skirt and pink top.
I didn't expect to find anyone here in Big Guy's penthouse, but fortunately for me his secretary had come back in the middle of the night to do some work, so I had a stooge I could beat information out of.
I looked over at her, clearly just a kid, handcuffed to a chair, kicking and swearing under her breath. I tried to appeal to her humanity.
"Look . . ." I looked into her soft eyes, "Your boss is the bad guy. He's out there dealing drugs, breaking legs and hurting innocent people."
She didn't say anything, but she stopped kicking so I went on, "He . . . he hurt some people who were really important to me."
I waited for her expression to change, and it did, into a calloused smile, "Yeah, I bet him fucked them up good, like he's going to fuck you up!" she spat at me.
I tried to block out the images of the children I'd seen gunned down in the streets, but I couldn't repress my impulses, so I slapped her across the face.
She looked so shocked at first, like she literally couldn't believe someone would strike her in the body. I could see that she was holding back tears as she barked, "Fuck you!"
I wanted to strangle her to death then and there. It wouldn't have been wrong. I'd have been doing the world a favor, but I decided to contain myself. "Look, if you just give me the code go the safe I can leave and we can all go back to our lives."
"You can go back to sucking my ass." she was trying so hard to be brave but she was just being manic.
"Alright, then it looks like I'm going to have to her you." her face fell as my shadow fell over her, but she gathered herself and spat at me again. I don't think she knew how far I was willing to go.

The first thing I did was gag that worthless mouth of hers. Then I pulled her skirts down. She kept kicking so I cuffed her legs together at the ankles, then I took out my cigarette lighter and brought the flame over to her panties (pink, printed with care-bears on them) I let the open flame hover over her hooch. She squealed and struggled. This was a relatively soft form of torture, but she seemed to have a low pain tolerance, so I kept it up for about three minutes, watching her eyes water and dilate.

I ripped the gag off next, to see if she would start talking. She had to catch her breath, and I gave her a minute, but after that she was right back to her snark, "I bet you've never even killed anyone you pussy fag."

Fine. It was time for the next level of torture. I'd done hot, now it was time for cold. I started by pouring a glass of eye water down her throat and watching her cough and gag. The water she spit up spilled down her shirt and showed the outline of her black pushup bra.
Next I dragged her by her handcuffs into the kitchen. Big Guy had a virtual restaurant in his skyscraper penthouse, complete with a huge meat freezer.
I pinned her down on the kitchen table and slowly undressed her, like a waiter lifting the lids off dishes. First I pulled off her shoes and socks, showing her big feet with there gross uncut toenails, then I took off her glasses. The whole time she was starring up dumbfounded, like a fish out of water. I went for her shirt next, pulled it up over her shoulders and tied it around her hands as an extra restraint. One of her dark breasts had escaped her bra, the nipple punched against the fabric. I groped both of them with my hands, squeezing hard and pulling them free. She inhaled deeply, clearly aroused. I tied the bra around her hands too. All that remained was the panties, which were just now starting to soak yellow. She was utterly terrified. I pulled the panties down and let them hang wet at her ankles. Yellow water continued to trickle from her (Mildly hairy) woman parts and soak her thighs. This was fine. She was about to get very wet.

I took a bucket of freezing water from the washtub and splashed it on her. She coughed and shivered, naked in the cold kitchen, but this was only the beginning.

"I'll give you one more chance." I said, my fingers absently plucking at her vaginal hair, "Tell me the code."
She gasped and stared blank eyed. I decided to take this as a refusal, so I dragged her into the meat locker and hung her handcuffs on one of the hooks. "I'll be back in a bit." I said, "Don't die too fast." I saw the utter terror in her eyes as I shut the door behind me.
Then I got a glass of wine, sat down in front of the massive plasma TV and took a nap. I woke up a half hour later, casually took a piss and came back to the meat locker.
The naked girl was shivering and screaming softly, her naked body painted with frost. Her tears were frozen, and there was a pile of shit beneath her that looked like soft serve chocolate ice-cream.
I cut her down and brought her back into the living room.
"B . . .b . . . blanket . . ." she shivered. Instead I slapped her again, curious to see if she'd shatter like an ice sculpture.
"So . . ." I gestured with my hand.
"I'll tell you . . . I'll tell you anything . . . no more."
"Oh no," I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "We aren't done yet, not by a long-shot." she froze up again.
I sat her near the fire place. She was comforted by the heat, and I watched the frost turn to water and pool between her legs and in her belly-button. She closed her eyes and moaned softly.
"Now that you are all wet," I said, grinning, "It's time for the next elements!" I produced a taser, "Lightning."
"No . . . wait . . . you fucking . . . don't." she couldn't come up with words fast enough. I drove in on her left tit first and watch it writhe and she fought and shrieked, the charge running across her wet flesh, all over.
"No! Please!" Next I fried her right tit. The nipple shook and turned crispy. She convulsed and shrieked and sobbed. I did her shoulders next, then her belly, finally I lifted it over her vag.
"Please! You can fuck me! You can keep me as a fuck slave just don't! I can't! It'll hurt! The code is . . . the code is . . ." I zapped her between the legs and she danced and spazzed and foamed at the mouth.
Once that was done I slapped her again and gave her a black eye.
"I'll give you the damn code!" she sobbed, "You can have it! I don't care! It's 3120069! Just stop!" I slapped her again, then I kissed her full on the mouth, the blushed.
"I gave you a chance before, you missed your chance."
She broke down and cried for a minute, and I let her.
"What are you going to do to me?" I loosened her restraints, but at this point she was too broken to fight back or run anyway. She collapsed to the floor, sticking her 19 year old rump up in the air. I considered penetrating it here and now, but I had a policy against sticking my dick in bitch, or dead.
"Take this," I handed her the end of a rope, "I want you to tie it to that pillar over there, and tie a knot on this end."
She climbed to her knees, "Bu . . . but why?"
"Do it or Ill snap you neck."
She nodded, climbed to her feet with some difficulty and followed my orders. I watched her, naked, afraid and wounded as she did her work. I think deep down she knew she was setting up her own execution, and that was what made it the best torture.
"It's all done," she said, quivering, "What . . . what now?"
I put the handcuffs back on her hands. She bit her lip, then I lifted the noose over her head and tied it around her neck.
I drew my gun and planted it deep in her fatty left breast, "Now, walk over to that window." she did, without word or question.
"Pose for me, pose sexy." this was a skill she was apparently familiar with. She blew a kiss with one hand, and with the other, she fingered her clit. I took a picture and posted it on her Facebook (Which was so easy to hack into. The dumb cunt used her date of birth as her password) I also PM'd it to her boyfriend.
I walked up to her slowly. We both knew what was about to happen. She stood there and hyperventilated.
"Thanks for the codes, Tracie," I said, then I thrust my foot into her belly, kicking with all my muscular force. Her dry lungs could not produce a scream, but she open her mouth wide in terror.
Thirty feet of rope rushed out the open window after her, a long fall. She hung at about floor 50, one quick jerk, one finally pathetic yelp and Tracie was dead. I was surprised to see that her head stayed attached after that hard jerk, however, her gut broke open and her intestines spilled out, along with drips of piss and shit emptying from her bowels.

I left her nude shame hanging there, paying it no more thought, I went to open the safe. Score one for the good guys.


Nice you really took your time with that little cunt.


Selection: Roxy

The young fox girl was causally strolling around the park early in the morning hours. The sun didn’t even break through edge of the sky to shine any light. Roxy was just trying to get in her morning exercise. She decided to jog around the heavy forest area of the park since it a lot of people avoid it duo to the rumors of beast being out there. She shrugged it off seeing it as nothing more than simple horror stories to scare people.

She was an hour down the pathway, and switched onto the dirt road. 3 miles along these dirt roads that would easily lead her back to her home, seemed simple enough. She took heavy and deep breaths, with each step against the smooth ground. Her breast jiggled up and down against her smooth pink top wildly as the teen took a sharp turn upon the path way. As she took that turn, her eyes went wide in fear. Two twisted pairs of eyes hidden within the darkness of the trees, both focused dirty at her.

The killer intent behind those eyes made her freak out, her mild jog turned into a full sprint. She was running, trying get back home away from whatever had just saw her. As she run she could hear it, trees branches and leaves being broken as the two figures moved after her. The rustling in the woods got closer and closer to the woman. She looked back, eyes widen in horror to see the creatures own glowing orbs staring at her.

She turned around just in time to see another sharp turn in the pathway. The woman didn’t make it instead she fell off the pathway, she had hit a hill side and rolling downwards through thick trees and bushes deep into the forest. Her roll came to a horror stop when her back was pierced, blood rushed out the corner of her mouth down white furred cheeks before she spat out a large amount of it. She gasped in horror to see a petrified try branch sticking out her abdomen.

Part of large instincts were twisted around the branch stabbing through her stomach region. She could only cry a short whimper and allowed her body to tremble in pain. Her bladder opened the flood gates to large wave of pits as she lost some control of her body duo to the pain. All she could do was crying, thick tears down her cheeks as she gave a whimper of cry for help causing blood to drip from her mouth and over her bright pink top.

Her cry was answered, she saw it. The pair of eyes that were stalking her, could smell the blood and piss. Before her were two horrible creatures. One seemed to be a teen aged woman, only demonic with pale skin and twisted black metal teeth. The other a large black werewolf like creature, yet also very demonic with the same twisted teeth. Their evil grins showed their joy at seeing her in such pain. Both predators moved close to her before the woman moved close to her neck.

“My, my, you smell nice.” The monster whispers into the fox girl’s ear as she started to rake her hands against her blonde hair. Her mouth moved close to Roxy’s shoulder before suddenly, her inhuman jaw went wide open and her teeth dug deep into Roxy’s shoulder. Bloody murder gave her enough strength to make a full fledge scream before the creature pulled backwards tearing a large chunk of shoulder off. Blood money and bleeding veins were exposed causing Roxy who was already in fear to go into a full-on panic.

The monster took her time chew the flesh in her mouth. She made sure to keep her mouth open so Roxy could see her chewing and swallowing slowly. The girl felt nothing, but fear and pain as she the demon savored her flesh. The wolf soon moved from behind the female monster and growled showing its large canines before one of its claws went to Roxy’s leg. It teasing rubbed the sharp claws against her fur before it dug them in very slowly. Pain rocked through the girl’s leg before in a flash it was torn off. The snapping of bones and tearing of muscle filled the air as Roxy gave off even more powerful scream.

The wolf was now biting and eating her leg like it was chicken. The fur on the leg became quick covered in blood and was torn away along with the meat underneath with each bite the monster took. The girl could barely even think, she was just screaming in her own mind please, someone save me. As she tried to beg for help through loud screaming, the female monster moved to her again this time placing her hand gently over the girl’s right eye.

Her baby blue sphere went wide in tear feeling the pale fingers of the demonic woman pinch then. “I like what…I see!” She said in a teasing tone before she plucked out the eye. Roxy screams out again, but this time it had grown weaker, blood loose was starting to steal away her strength. The female demon grinned slowly licking the eye ball like a tasty piece of candy before swallowing it. She knew their prey wouldn’t last to much longer so she decided to make the grand final gun.

She leaned towards the wolf and whispers into its ear. The duo gave the dying girl the evilest grins she had even seen in her life. Her tail twitched wildly against the tree she remained trapped on as both monsters grabbed her left breast with one of their hands. Soon they pushed forward, their hands tearing through her flesh. She could feel it, both hands upon her heart what was racing to bump blood into her damaged body.

Then with matching speed and power they tore not only her heart, but her left breast off from her body. Roxy gave a silent scream of pure terror as her head rocked back and rolled to the right side of her body. Her eyes slowly rolled into her head showing on the whites. Her body convulsed violently, especially her tail. Which was helpless twitching back and forth. Finally, her bowels emptied, even a large stain of both piss and shit within her tight shorts. Some of the shit even slipped out the sides of her shorts onto the ground.

The female monster started to slowly lick and kiss the still beating heart in her hand. While the wolf was tearing his powerful fangs through the large breast to sample its fine fatty meat. The two monsters were going to eat well these morning, hopefully another girl as foolish as her would come into their woods to act as their second course.


Since no one seems like they are about to jump in this point, I guess I'll waste Rosita, hope you don't mind.


Rosita is standing in front of me, her arms laced together behind her back, looking shy and a bit aloof, avoiding eye contact. She doesn't know that I know what she's done, but the spectators do, and they've come to see me wreck her.

"Same rules as always?" she asked, batting her lashes and making a cute duck face at me.
My eyes are drawn to her bouncing yellow breasts, wrapped in a skin-tight onesie. They are perky, and their nipples point straight ahead. She was adorable, but this was the end.
"New rule." I said.
"Oooh, will it be buttsex this time?" she giggled, like a schoolgirl.
"It's to the death."
She was quiet at first, starring at me with big, confused eyes, then she decided it was a joke, "Okay big boy, if you win I'll kill you."
"Good." I said, "And I'll do the same."
My serious tone clearly made her uncomfortable, but when the bell rang it was time for our bout to begin. Death battles are not unheard of in the underground fighting world, but they are rare, and she had no idea I knew she was sleeping with another man. I would tell her I knew when the time was right.

She came in swinging, but I dodged her and popped her one right in the noes.
"Ah, that's my nose, you bastard!" she tried to laugh it off, but it was bleeding. She swung wildly and madly, so I just evaded her, aggravating her further. "Why you.."
Then I slugged her in the face. She fell back against the ropes, sweating and breathing hard.
"Okay Mister mean guy, you want to get serious, we'll get serious." she turned toward the crowd, "Hey! Anybody got a weapon for me? Pretty please? My boyfriend is being a piss and I need to shut him down." she shook her tight ass in my direction while she pleaded with them, "C'mon! A chair, anything! I'll give you a kiss!" The crowd remained silent. "Fine, stingy bastards."
I took advantage of the situation, ran up and smacked her butt. She screamed in shock, and before she could turn around I grasped her pigtails.
"Ah . . . ah! Don't do that! You know I hate that!" I yanked on them and made her suffer. She moaned as I forced her to her knees. "Stop pulling them, ow, why are you being so dirty?" she seemed really worried now, but I said nothing. I pounded my knee into the bottom of her chin, blasting some of her teeth out and sending her flat onto her back, squirming and squealing. "Ah! Ah! Aaah!" tears were in her eyes.
I mounted her and pounded her face mercilessly, giving her two black eyes and multiple bruises. It felt good to let the steam off.
"Baby, please," she was moaning, "Please, what is this? What's happening?"
I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I know about him." Her eyes got wide. She tried to say something, but vomited blood instead.
I got off her and faced the crowd, "Weapon." I said. I lot of things flew at me at once, but I took hold of a switchblade.
"No, no, please." she tried to crawl away, but I caught her by hair bare foot. She clawed at the floor as I dragged her over to the ropes. I stood her up against them and pulled her. by the chin, up to her feet. She moaned and drooled. I went wild with the knife, cutting gashed all over her breasts and sides, revealing skin and bleeding stripes, then I stripped her naked. She never wore anything under that outfit. When we were together it made for a quicker fuck.
Now she was naked, tied up in the ropes, sobbing and shaking and bleeding. I pressed the switchblade to her toned midsection, like a painter putting a brush to a canvas.
"Ah . . . stop . . . what are you doing?" with painful stroke I carved out one letter after another, diagonal across her flesh, I spelled my name.
"You belong to me." I said, glaring down at her.
"Yes, I know I know I'm sorry. Please let me live."
"Not a chance." I said simply.
Her eyes filled with tears, "Then, at least let me have you one more time." her tears and snot dripped on my hand, "Let me go out with a bang."
I nodded. The crowd roared as I undid my pants and penetrated her. I pounded into her for ten minutes, squeezing her hips and nearly cracking the weak bones with my hands.
"Oh, yes, please, please!" she went off soon. She always went quick, and when she was done I kept filling her until I was satisfied. All of her muscles were loose now, and puddles of blood and tears and urine gathered beneath her.
"So, are you still going to be mad?" she asked, blushing once we were both finished.
"Yes, this is the end." she fell silent. At this point she had clearly given up on life, but I wasn't done with my revenge.
An audience member handed me some barbed wire, and I used it to hang her up against the pole. It dug into her young breasts and drew more blood. I used her as a punching bag, and beat her for over and hour. She screamed and sobbed at first, but eventually just stopped struggling. After the hour was over I untied her and let her fall, a destroyed corpse. I had beaten her to death with my bare hands.
"What should we do with the body?" someone asked.
"Toss it in the garbage. I'm done with her."
Then I went to go find the other man.

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