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Im a Sub horse who's looking for someone to roleplay with, Male or Female, im almost into everything (kinks) but i know what i Don't like.

I have my limit but feel free to message me on Flist :

don't be afraid to tell me your Craziest kinks cause like i said im really open mind to a lot of things that you may even not be into XD.

I do like One liner or Paragraph Roleplayer, i rather like Qualitie than quantity, i sometimes do only a few lines and sometimes Medium para depending on my imagination, So if you don't mind fews lines or para that's a good point to rp with me ^^

Important point where it's unegociable : i hate 3rd person perspective in roleplay, like when you are talking about youself with "he/she", I only rp with 1rst, 2nd person perspective so if you don't... just ignore my post please.

Have fun in your search and contact me if your are interested by sending me an email, ;)


>>2044 You'll get better results if you post your request in the existing Roleplay Partner Request thread.

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