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I'm running a Space Pirate Quest - centered around guro/snuff as its highly encouraged to use the flesh market (alive, dead, otherwise) to keep your coffers full and ship running.

Play as a pirate preying on the space lanes of the galaxy. Snuff, mutilate, torture, clone, sell, buy, pimp, enslave and rape your way through the stars, from the feral worlds of Lyss to the crystal cities of Bevarr.

Anyone interested? Come to the guro guro discord where I'll be hosting the first session in an hour or so (choosing our starter ship and first victims)


Oh sweet! Been looking forward to catching one of these from the start! :D


Dis gonna be good


Quick update, we've moved to a new discord. You can find it here:
“Activate the 1MC.” Is your simple order.

She spits on your face. “Fuck you.”

You laugh, before grabbing her by an arm with your left hand - the giant fist designed to beat its way through armored helmets. “As you wish.”

Spinning her around is simply done, especially when you’re in powered armor and don’t care that her arm snaps from your careless manhandling. Her uniform is ripped away just as easily by your smaller right hand, revealing the first piece of ass you’ve seen in far too long. You pop open the convenience hatch, letting your hard cock slap against her ass, and she screams into the upholstery of her seat as you reach over and hit the 1MC switch.

“Alright, you fucking whores!” You scream into the PA. “We’ve got the engine room! We’ve got the bridge! Now start surrendering, or you’re going to end up like your captain!”

Dragging her by the hair over to the mic, you push into her dry asshole at the same time, letting her scream reverberate throughout the ship. Your crew whoops and cheers, turning on the crew still intact enough to be raped with wild abandon. Over the sound of tearing fabric and screams for mercy, you laugh as, seemingly by coincidence, the sounds of the captain’s rape set the cadence, and you watch in glee as the men and women around you fuck to the same rhythm.

Months of pent up frustrations flood into her ass, before you pull out and stuff her pussy as well, ignoring her kicking and screaming as you savor her hole. Her cunt isn’t as tight as her ass, but it has a smoothness which makes you almost want to spare her. But you’ve got a purpose for her already, and judging by the screaming around you, there’s plenty of other pussies to enjoy after this slit is used up.

One by one, the crew finishes with their own stress relief, and gather around you, hollering and cheering as you continue to plow into the slender captain, her screams redoubled as you tear open her top and let her tits fall free of their grey fabric prison, her shame dribbling down her cheeks as you pull her upright and let the Minotaur’s new crew watch her lewd display.

A second bout of thrashing tells you that she feels you pumping your seed into her womb, her throat making inhuman noises now as you force her to take it all. You grab her by the head now, in your left hand, and drag her over to the little comm bead.

“M-muh… mercy…” She groans, right into the mic, just before you grab her by the neck and the unmistakable sound of a neck being twisted around far beyond what it was capable of fills the PA, before you turn around, holding her limp body by the head, displaying her for the rest of the bridge as her limp limbs dangle and sway. To their cheers, you sit down on the command seat, and key the 1MC again.

“Alright, boys, we’ve had our fun. Now let’s get this fucker moving!” You growl, laying the dead girl across your lap like a pet cat, stroking her shattered neck as you sprawl over your new throne.


New update went up! Join us at

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