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Hey all. Female, 21, looking for kik RP partners. My two main interests are asphyxiation and necro. Two themes I enjoy the most are spy girls getting snuffed (if you've seen the Angel Corps stuff or PKF's Sentry Showdown, that's pretty much the idea) and amazons.

I'm almost always dominant but will sometimes play submissive depending on my mood. All genders welcome, so long as you are comfortable playing female and futa characters. Limits are scat, bestiality, loli and shota. 3rd person narration preferred. Kik username is emeraldfractal. Mention gurochan in your message so I know where you're from. Thanks!


Hi, that sounds good. Do ypou like also c2c?


Hey, write me, meir0895


There is a place with lots of RPers

You are welcome to join

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