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Hi, Im a Cute stallion, looking for a king, master or queen to roughtly dominate me and Do crazy stuff to me (on my F-list kinks link below)
I also Do Soft Vore But I'll Always Be the Sub/Prey

So here Is a Quick Presentation of my Character.

Name : Nicky Nick Equeen
Age : 21
Specie : Horse/Zebra or Pony (depending on what you'd prefer)
Gender : Primary a Male But I can be Shemale or Even Female if you Wish to)
**Roleplay Lenght : Short Or Medium Lenght, i hate logn term Roleplay
**Roleplay writing : I use First Person To Roleplay, I hate Third Person.
Roleplay Setting : I Like Paragraph and One Liners, That's depending on the situation of the Roleplay

Contact Me here :
I do have skype as well : Wolfblade911 or Rainb0w Dash911

I Hope to talk to One Of you Soon To Roleplay with :)

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