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Seeking partners for email or possibly IM based extreme RPs. I write female and trans submissives and victims exclusively, and prefer detailed posts of at least a few paragraphs. Very low limits, nearly impossible to offend IC, and willing to negotiate to make sure my games are enjoyable for everyone involved, although I do require fairly extreme content to hold my interest. I prefer my characters to be 16 years or older, willing to match appearances to your preferences and/or use face claims. I like games to be fairly fast, getting to the smut quickly, without too much build-up, although a little characterization can be nice. No long drawn out lead-ins that take tons of posts to get anywhere tho, please.

Ons Include:
Snuff (Choking/Suffocation, Drowning, Hanging, Impalement, Etc)
Physical Abuse (Whipping, Branding, Beating, Cutting, Amputation, Etc.)
Bestiality (Canine, Equine, etc)
Mental Abuse (Humiliation, Degradation, Contempt)
Transformation (Surgery, Extreme Pet Play, Bimboification, Sex Dollification)
Watersports (Being Pissed On, Swallowing Urine)
Hard Rape (Single or Group/Gangbang, seldom enjoyed by victim)
Vore (Swallowed Whole by Monster, Cannibalism)
Forced Prostitution (Sweet Girl into Cheap Drug Addicted Streetwalker)
Broken Victims (Begging, Crying, Etc.)

Scenarios Enjoyed:
(The Victim role played by me, Victimizers by you. The slashes indicate potential variations on the role, very open to suggestions, these are really just general pairings to offer some ideas)

Serial Killer/Kidnapper/Slasher/Frat Boys x High School Girl
Barbarians/Dungeon Torturer/Orcs x Princess
Demon/Cultists x Angel/Priestess
Gang Members/Corrupt Cops x Rookie Cop/Reporter
Pirates/Slavers x Rich Girl
Hungry Monster x Tasty Girl
Pimp/Bikers/Snuff Filmers x Innocent Girl/Famous Celebrity
Sadistic Dom x Naivete Sub

I know the following well enough I feel I could play out pairings in these worlds convincingly: DC/Marvel Comics, Fallout, Star Wars, Overwatch.

Note those rather harsh Ons are purely for roleplaying purposes. Please address me the player with the same respect you would anyone else! I prefer to keep IC and OOC separate, unless we agree otherwise. (IE, please ask first) :)

If interested please e-mail me at or leave your e-mail here so I can contact you!


I am interested! My email is


I am interested! My email is

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