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This is a little game I wanna try x3

Each person posts if they are a killer, or a victim, along with some characteristics. You can add a scene as well if you'd like. If you don't, then the next person gets to choose the scene.

If the person before you is a victim, then you write about how you kill them. You write their snuff story. In the story you write about their death, and get to control their actions. They just set up the character and possibly scene, and you do the rest.
So if you decide you want to strangle the victim, you can go ahead and write about how they struggle, if they escape or not (though every victim must die by the end of the story! ), etc. You can also write about what you do to them after their death, such as playing with them, raping them, preparing their funeral, etc. as long as they don't get brought back to life.

If the person above you is a killer, then you write about how they kill you. So you write your own snuff story, based on the information that the killer provides about themselves.

All stories are unrelated, so if you're a killer, and the person above you is a killer, then you still write about how they kill you. Then, the next person to reply will write about how you kill them.

And yes, if you're a victim but the person above you is also a victim, you first have to kill them, but it's okay, because the next person will kill you. ♥

As for scenes, if the person before you posts a scene, the story only needs start there or end there. So if someone posts that they're at a pool, you can choose to do the whole thing at the pool, or you can choose if they start out somewhere else and eventually end up in the pool, or if they start in the pool but end up elsewhere.

So, I'll start.

K/V: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long brown hair, green eyes, very tall, wearing black flats, a grey skirt, light white shirt, and grey hair bow.
Scene: In a hotspring that is part of a rural hotel.


This sounds like a lot of fun! Lets try it

K/V: Victim
Name: Gabby
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short black hair, brown eyes, average size, wearing tight sports bra, yoga pants and running shoes.
Scene: Running in the park

I followed that dumb slut Emily into the hotel. I can't fucking stand her! She always gets all the attention from everybody. She always dresses like a fucking slut and all the guys to line up behind her wanting to fuck her. Now that she is away from the city I'm going to fucking murder her so I don't have to see her whore face again!

The hotel is small and it's in a pretty secluded area. Not many people pass through here so many of the rooms are empty. It's a small and cozy place with a hotspring in the back. My plan was to take her out into the woods and kill her there, but when I saw her going to the hotspring late at night my plans changed. I'm surprised they let people go there at night, but it couldn't be better for me. She doesn't know that I followed her to the hotel or that I hate her, but she will find out soon.

I watched her as she took her clothes off and went in the hotspring. I gave her a bit of time alone so she can relax and in the meantime I went and picked up a relatively large rock. After 15 minutes she looked like she could be asleep so I decided to make my move. I took off all my clothes just in case something happens and she manages to fight back. I don't want her to be able to grab on to them and throw me on the ground or drown me in the water. I slowly sneak up behind her and swiftly with as much strength as I can gather hit her in the back of the head with the rock. The sound was so horrific I got scared for a second. I never thought I would hurt another person, let alone kill someone. Seeing her body suddenly relaxing and slumping sideways into the water brought me back. It felt so good hitting her just now. She finally got what she deserved. I hope she died from that, but just to be sure I quickly jumped in the hotspring and looked over at her.

Blood was spilling out and coloring the water red. That means I at least managed to break her skull. I smile as I take Emily by the hair and lift her up, resting her against the rocks surrounding the hotspring. Her face is actually pretty cute. Well, that's the reason she had to die. I check her pulse just in case. I feel a pulse! She is just unconscious. My first thought is to drag her underwater and drown her, but I decide to make her suffer a bit more. She deserves it anyway.

I drag her out of the water and lay her face down. Acting quick so she doesn't wake up and scream I go pick up my clothes and stuff my panties in her mouth. I put my yoga pants between her teeth and tie them behind her head to make sure she can't scream. I lift her right leg up straight and kick her in the knee cap. I wish I could do it when she was awake just to see her expression, but I don't want her to be able to run away. Her knee doesn't break from the first kick so I repeat a couple of times. I hear a pop, but her leg still looks healthy. Maybe I don't have the strength to break it. I straddle her leg and let my whole body weight do the work for me. I hear a loud snap as I almost fall down. Her knee is bent the opposite way of how it should be. I smile in delight and do the same for the other one. To make sure she can't fight back I decide to snap both of her wrists. I grab each one and bend it down and away from her body until I could hear and feel her bones breaking under the pressure. I had no idea this could be so much fun. I step away from her, sit down on the ground and wait for her to wake up. My blood is boiling and I love seeing her unconscious with all four of her limbs broken. As I begin to slightly calm down I notice that my pussy is drenched. Maybe I'm enjoying this too much. My hand runs down and I start playing with my clit to pass the time while waiting for her to wake up.

I don't know how much time passed. This whole situation feels like an out of body experience, a hot, steamy, sexy out of body experience. No more than 5 minutes should have passed since I dragged that bitch out of the water. I wonder if I'm just really fucked up in the head to get off from making a cute girl like her suffer or is it just because it's Emily. I can't wait for her to wake up. I still really hate that bitch. I'm going to make her suffer as much as possible before I finally kill her ♥. I might even take a body part as a souvenir. She finally stats to come to, but she still has no idea what's happening. I stay and observe the dumb whore as she finally realizes that she can't speak or move. I doubt she feels the pain yet. She tries to scream, but her cry is muffled by my panties. Seeing the slut in so much distress is bringing me closer to the edge. She is wiggling her whole body trying to move and is frantically looking around for help. When our eyes finally meet and I see the tears running down her face from fear I can't hold out any longer and cum all over my fingers. I squirt for the first time in my life, my juices almost reaching her broken body and my legs begin to shake uncontrollably. I've never had such an orgasm before. Seeing Emily in that position is just too hot to handle. She is finally getting what she deserves.

I crawl up to all fours and start to seductively crawl towards her. "Hey Emily! How are you? Are you enjoying your little break?" I reach her and straddle her hips. "You know everybody likes you. They like it when you are happy around them and talk to them and spend time with them. It turns out even I like you. I like it when you cry and scream and beg and bleed. I'm sure I'll even like it when you die." I lean down and kiss her upper lip. "You know you aren't getting out of here alive, right?" I lick up her tears on the left side of her face. "So why not just calm down and let's enjoy our quality time together, hm?" I lick the tear on the other side. When I stand up I feel something hitting me on the side of the face. The dumb bitch is trying to fight back, even though her wrists are broken. "That was a dumb idea you fucking whore!" I grab the arm that just hit me and twist her already broken wrist even more. She begins to writhe underneath my hips from the pain. I take my elbow and hit her face as hard as I can "Don't ever try to do that again bitch!" I reach back and grab her left leg, bending it at the knee cap towards me. I can hear a lot of cracking sounds coming from her knee, I just hope I'm breaking some other previously intact bones. I need to be careful though, I don't want her to pass out from the pain. I throw her leg to one side, she has learned her lesson on being disobedient. She actually has a pretty cute face, I can understand why all the boys like her. I might as well use it to get off one more time.

I slowly crawl up to her face and roughly sit on it, in hopes of making her feel the wound on the back of her head. Smiling I make myself comfortable and pit her hands above her head. I start riding her beautiful face. I wanted to start slowly, but I'm so turned on that I immediately picked up the pace. Riding her stupid little head feels amazing. I squeeze her broken wrists from time to time just to remind her to pay attention to how fucking worthless she is. I can hear her sobbing underneath my wet pussy, my juices mixing with her tears. As I cum, drenching her cute face with my pussy juice, my legs tighten around her head making it impossible for her to breathe. Once satisfied I stand up and back up from her, making sure to kick her head as I step back. "Don't cry, you are amazing! You've already managed to make me cum twice! It would be a shame not to get a souvenir from you. What do you think? What should I get? An ear? No... it wouldn't last long and it's not really my style. I need something more permanent and useful. You are good at getting me off. I should make a dildo out of a part from you. What do you say? A rib? Femur? Or maybe an arm bone... what's it's name... humerus, right? Yes! Sounds amazing! But I can't decide on which one I want so I'm going to take all three and see which one is the best hehe" I smile as I go to get the rock I hit her on the back of the head with.

I pick up the rock and start heading towards Emily. She doesn't seem to have energy to even cry anymore. I blow her a kiss "Stay strong Champ, the fun is just getting started". I position myself between her broken legs and notice she has a pretty nice pussy. "Oh, that's beautiful! I should do you a favor! I've been using you for my pleasure until now, I think it's time for you get some as well." I lean down and start eating her out. She is pretty tasty. Maybe I should keep the pussy to myself. After a bout two minutes of eating her out I stand up "You are not into it, are you? YOU UNGRATEFUL BITCH! I'm here trying to do you a favor here and you act like that!?!? I should just bite your fucking clit off!!! I don't even know what I was thinking doing something for you!" I pick up the rock and start violently smashing it against her pussy "Die you fucking cunt! You don't deserve anything! Dumb! Useless! Fucking! Whore! Die! Die! Die!". Blood starts spraying everywhere. I don't even know how many times I hit her, but my arm is hurting and I'm out of breath. Her pussy is a mangled pile of blood and flesh. It's not even recognizable anymore. "I hope you learned you lesson now, bitch. When you get given something for free you better accept it! Now..., where were we?"

In order to get her bone out of her leg I'll need to either cut it open and rip it out or break her hip, rip her leg out and figure it out from there. Since I didn't have a knife I decided to break her hip and see what happens afterwards. I get to work. With a smile on my face I start hitting the top of her hip in order to break it and trying to pull her leg out. It turns out it's way harder to do than I imagined. I put my foot on her mangled pussy for more support and pulled as hard as I can, but to no avail. I have some knives in the back of the car I was going to stab her with. I know I should have brought them with me. I look around for something I can use to cut her open. I see her rug sack and decide it's worth a shot. Apart from towels and clothes there is nothing else really there. Following a hunch I check the small pockets and I find a Swiss army knife. I guess that will have to do. I turn around and see her bleeding profusely. I don't want her to die of blood loss before I take out her bones so quickly run back to her and get to work. I start with the other leg this time because I figure that the bone I want will be broken from all the blunt hitting beforehand.

I start slicing up the skin and muscle on her left leg. It's was harder than I expected. The knife was either too dull or too small so I had to repeat many times over. Blood was flying everywhere and by this point Emily no longer had any energy to try and resist much. She would still twitch every now and then, but nothing major like before. That was my signal to hurry up. She was probably dying from blood loss. Good thing there was a little knife with teeth on it which helped me tear her ligaments and finally pull her leg out. I didn't have time to celebrate, so I quickly jumped up and started working on her right shoulder. On the way up, for some reason, I decided to cut off one of her nipples. I guess they were just too cute to ignore. It took me a while, but I managed to rip off her arm as well.

Feeling proud I look towards Emily with an accomplished look on my face. "I made it Emily! Only one bone left! Are you excited?........ Emily? Are you ok? Hey! Are you alive? Don't tell me you died just from that! Hey, wake up bitch! I thought you learned your lesson!" I stand up furious. The little slut died on me before I could finish gathering my dildo collection. "Hey, you little bitch!" I shout and stomp her face against the ground "Wake up! I'm not done yet!" I start stomping her face harder and harder. Her face starts to take a different shape with every stomp. Her nose broke long ago and now I can feel her skull giving in under the furious assault. I bend down and quickly take one of her eyes out. No reaction. She is dead. ......The nerve of that stupid, useless, worthless, fucking whore. How could she die on me so quickly? She only thought about herself even in death. I grab the rock and start smashing her skull in. Blood, bone and brain fly out in every direction. She no longer has a face, just a puddle of bloody mush. It's hard to differentiate what used to go where. I was planning on taking one of her ribs, but now that she's not alive I don't really feel like it. It's probably going to be too small anyway and with a weird shape to masturbate with. I guess the eye would be a good substitute.

Since I don't need any of her ribs anymore, might as well break them all. I start with taking the Swiss army knife and stabbing her many times all over her torso and belly. She used to be fit so the feeling of the knife going in and out of her stomach is great. I slice a nice big hole in her belly just for good measure and grab my favorite rock. I start smashing her rib cage with it, feeling all of her bones breaking on the inside. I'm no longer mad at her for dying quickly. It was still pretty fun. Now I'm thankful more than anything that I got to experience the joy of mutilating that disgusting whore.

All of a sudden I hear "HEY, WHO THE FUCK IS MAKING ALL THAT NOISE?!" and instantly freak out. "I'M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Did I make that much noise? I quickly run over and grab her rug sack. "I'M COMING DOWN AND IF I FIND YOU, YOU ARE FUCKING DEAD!" Quickly I empty it and shove her severed leg and arm inside, along with the knife and rock. I realize I don't need the rock, but I'm sure to get sentimental about my great time here when I see it. "30 FUCKING MINUTES ONLY BANGING AND SHOUTING AND SCREAMING! BANGING AND SHOUTING AND SCREAMING!!" The leg and hand don't really fit properly so I throw her clothes on top to hide them. I use one of her towels to cover my body as best I can and throw the other one over my head so people don't see my face. "DON'T YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO AT 2AM?!" I grab her eye and run out of there "FUCKING DUMB ASS SLUTS!! YOU ARE ALL FUCKING DEAD!!" I quickly get to my car, which was parked nearby, but out of sight of the hotel staff and drive off.

Since then I've preserved her eye in a jar and kept it in my room. I'm glad it turned out the way it did. I'm way more happy being able to look at her every day when I wake up. I separated the bones from the flesh and even had some Emily soup a couple of times. I had never gotten wet just from eating food before. The bones quickly became my favorite toys and because I took the whole limbs I managed to get more than I thought I would. I've even remodeled some of them to better fit my pussy and ass. Not a day goes by without me cumming all over at least one of them. I'm even happy I took the rock. It still smells like her brain and mangled flesh. It sure takes me back every time I catch a whiff of it and when I go and smell it up close I always get wet immediately. I miss slicing flesh though. I've tried cutting up animals, with the knife I kept, and even myself, but nothing compares to cutting up a little dirty slut that deserves to die.


as always I hope the post is understandable>. <I hope you like

Name: Serena
K / V: K
Age: 25
Sex: F
Characteristics: long brown hair tied in a bun when working otherwise keeps it loose. tall and athletic, green eyes. clear skin. He wears a bandage on his left eye, wearing panties and blacks lace bra. several straps on arms and legs where he keeps knives, blacks boots and a long black coat. (As when he goes to kill someone)
Scene: theater

Serena is in his car, put make-up while the tail of the eye looks the entrance of the park. Not much is missing now calculated to perfectly round that Gabby ago while going to run in the evening. the habits of the young have not changed from when killed and the police groping in the dark.

Some at the behest of the same killer, had a contract she was not the type, but she had put Emily the delicate skin on pretty face. Serena loved to kill and Givani beautiful girls and then ... well satisfy his insane needs.

the aim to Gabby was a sort of personal issue, not that she hated the girl for having blown the prey but it had left the shit taste in the mouth. and then he had to make up had given up every other sparrow to focus only on her, wanted a special appointment to get acquainted.

Here she seemed in great shape, he knew the feeling of omnipotence that gives you kill someone, must have felt just fine, even if she was surprised that with a breast of gender and provocative clothes so no one had ever tried to do something, if it was not actually post for that event probably she would never have noticed.

I get off the car while she goes oblivious of the danger entering the park aspect a few minutes while I settle long hair and change the medical bandage, from milky white to one with over drawn on a viewfinder. Gabby came out of my sight so I do not know that they have the keys of the park now I'm closing the exit behind him, when the park closed for work at least that we wrote.

I get in the car and do the rounds going the opposite side where Gabby usually comes out to open and close the gate now only two of us in the park and start to run to seek my prey.

we do not put much know by heart the path so the tracing does not yet seem coscente and that alone at night in a deserted park, it kicks a trash can and then retire in uscurita where he can not see me. A curse from the prte govane girl holding the chest, poor frightened sparrow ... from that moment begin to follow deliberately making noise but not show me openly.

Gabby start sweating, right hand tightens the chest to stop the heart beating like crazy restlessness and fear are painted on her face that excites me, the mocimenti her become more expansive, instinct and quite afraid it leaves the path, he continues to run using a road that would lead to the nearest exit. the girl goes to an open space used by children to play. He runs runs, finally finding the obstacle the fence and locked gate.

The girl gets on gate trying to open it but the padlock It prevents her from going out.

Call for help but no one listens to the deserted street and I invested a lot of money to be sure of not being interrupted as said do not do it for money but for pleasure.

He is trying to climb over the gate, but before you can even lift only a meter that are behind her and do the sensual speak "no, my little sparrow you can not go" before they can react I bump her forehead against the bars , Gabby groans, confused try to just get away for cicevere a punch on the cheek, loses his balance ending up on his generous backside, then shot point out teasser and I hit him on the neck, she emits a Verzo throttle ta while some of He drools dripping from his lips to end up on the ground in the grip of convulzioni. It is just stunned but not unconscious.

Rather, Serena does not want to wait for him to wake up and very excited, the Killer grabs short hair Gobby dragging it away from the edge of the park to bring in a more central point, kicking the girl and try to spzzare the taking of Serena that a knee on his temple to let her take it easy, this stuns again confused girl. that feels rest on wood. They are now on the bridge now Serene takes off his long black coat.

"Sorry darling. Soon the confusion will pass, you know I had chosen emily, to be my princess but you screwed me the opportunity amateur fucking. It will mean because you also kinda cute that take its place"

Gabby spits in the face Serena who backs giving the opportunity to the girl to get up then groped to take one of the knives tied to the thigh of assasina but the girl's wrist is then promptly grabbed a scorching dolire along the arm.

Serena quickly reacted by cutting the tendons of his right arm dangling Gabby inert at his side. "Whore maniac I'll kill you!" gabby screams but words vincgono strangled by a rope that is close ttorno neck and then a kick on the butt forces the prey to the ground again.

To the surprise of Gabby, Serena not indeed continues moves away, the young woman attempts to aprofitarne to escape but the rope pulls the neck cme a ghinzaglio dacendole strozato emit a noise to end up back on the floor the rope and tied for ends his neck for the other tied to a big rock.

The stone and the rope on the edge of the bridge passes attrravaerso bars and now Serena to hand among the rock. "20 kilograms, let's see if your neck is broken or you'll choke" Gabby can not even plead that sconosiuta drops from the stone bridge that carries velocemnte Gabby with though few seconds and the head passes through the bars of bonte shoulders bump vilentemente a strangled noise.

Gabby lying on your back begins to kick and squirm trying to free himself with his left hand while Serena hums.

It takes its time sitting down heavily on the legs of Gabby bloccandle then svilarle the pantoloncii and begin to lick her cunt. her body continues to move frantically in an attempt to escape the burden that's choking.

The choked cries of pain Gabby are music to Serena passing to palpate with arrogance breasts of his victim. not long before it takes to stand up and lean forward to see the red-faced girl haired blacks.

"More durable than I expected, and you're making me come, ok I'll give you a chance"

Serena shows a knife to Gabby and then run it on the belly of her cold flat of the blade hits the young body, it does not pass a second before the left hand circles the Czech knife. Serena will enjoy the show, Gabby stabs himself practically alone. not seeing where to cut and panicking about the prolonged absence of oxygen young Crne more cuts that the rope that makes you laugh with joy the killer.

The rope is cut at the end but gabby as he gets up with difficulty if his throat slit dripping blood a desperate attempt to vendirsi Gabby tries to stab Serena that easily disarms to take her wrist and a Finaco beginning to dance with the victim, now too weak to oppose Gabby merely confused babble while the warm blood running down the breast of both.

The dance continues for a good minute, Gaby's body is dragged with a bit of effort, the pretty black head oscillates lifeless and finally an elegant casche followed by a kiss.

"I had fun, now you come in my secret place, you know I colezziono of those who kill the body, you'll see I'm good and anoint people"

Serena cleans the blood and then cleans the same gabby then covering her with his black coat and picking her up and then lay it on the car seat as if he were sleeping. recovered all its toys Serena takes a spare coat to cover its forms and then headed to the port where he can not wait to add a new piece to his collection


Method: (I do not know if I should also add that I put it to safety.) Serena has quite a bit of money aside and likes to kill so extravagant and complicated, it does not have a fixed method will vary from person to person so enjoy ^ ^


File: 1482839680158.jpg (259.83 KB, 640x973, IMG_8382.JPG)

K/V: Victim
Name: Eileen
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: picture

I'm not very good with writing stories but I'd like to contribute Never the less. So someone can have fun killing me if they'd like


Ohhh this looks fun, let me try!

K/V: Victim
Name: Mila
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Shoulder length brunette hair, large brown eyes. She's got the figure of a dancer, thanks to years of doing ballet in high school. She wears a white blouse, tight jeans with navy blue lacy panties underneath. Mila is the sole female at her programming job, and as a result of that she's extremely popular among her male coworkers.

Scene: Home Invasion (she lives alone)


It was a cold and clear morning, an elderly street sweeper stumbled upon Eileen's battered body swinging from a rusty lamp post.

She was stripped bare, suspended from her wrists, which were firmly tied together with a single piece of rope. The poor girl's eyes were frozen in fear, and her mouth opened in a silent scream, exposing a gag that consisted of her own scrunched up panties (the pink waistband was a dead giveaway). Someone obvious didn't want her to make any of noise while they had their ways with her.

Streaks of dried semen ran down from her porcelain-like face, her exposed breasts, and her shapely inner thighs, it was obvious that she was raped and violated before being murdered by her attacker.

The most disturbing part of this crime scene was the steel pipe thrusted up her womanhood, it embedded itself so deep inside her body that a visible cylinder shaped budge protruded out between her well endowed breasts. Pushing something that deep inside a girl's body would have shredded her reproductive organs and intestines to ribbons, and doing so while she's still alive could only be done by a cruel and heartless murderer.

A small puddle of blood, viscera, and urine could be observed at the foot of Eileen, further supporting the conjecture that the violent insertion happened while she was still alive. Based on the amount of urine present, the attacker must have ruptured her bladder as he brutally fucked Eileen with his deadly steel dildo.

There was no eye witness to this tragedy, only the lamp post itself witnessed to the inhumane rape and murder of an innocent girl at the hands of a deranged serial killer.


File: 1482900982856.jpg (54.63 KB, 480x720, IMG_4767.JPG)

I like what happened to Eileen so I have another victim for you all if interested

K/V: Victim
Name: Tara
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: picture



It's not actually contributing if you just put a request without fulfilling the previous one; tbh, it's kind of bad form. But here you go. This is something slightly experimental inspired by a picture I saw at some point (probably on /g/).


NAME: [last name undisclosed], Tara
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 1.75m
WEIGHT: 61.8kg

HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Violet (glasses)
CHARGES: Seduction of state officials, Conspiracy, Treason
VERDICT: Death by hanging

DATE: 28.12.20XX
TIME: 18:00
PROCEDURE: Short drop hanging
t-minus: The subject is stripped, brought into position, and the noose placed around her neck. Last words: “Please don't do this! I'm innocent, I swear!”
t+0:00: The trapdoor opens and the subject is left hanging.
t+0:05: Subject immediately begins crying and choking.
t+0:30: Subject begins kicking violently.
t+1:50: Subject continues struggling and begins clawing at the noose.
t+3:20: Subject urinates, but continues struggling.
t+4:15: Subject's movements reduced to minor convulsions.
t+5:35: Subject goes limp
t+15:35: Medical staff is brought in and confirms death of subject.


File: 1482950892262.jpg (1.13 MB, 2000x1500, 1480255492874.jpg)

Here's something slightly different for the next one. (On an unrelated note, I hope someone does an interesting Killer request, I kinda want to try writing that)

K/V: Victim
Name: Lillith
Age: millennia
Characteristics: See picture for appearance. Naming herself after the Queen of Night, this ancient daemoness has been prowling the night and seducing mortals to drain their lifeforce for untold years.
Setting: For mortals to even be able to hurt her, she must have been weakened and trapped by a magic circle or holy place (or you could be a powerful angel, but those are forbidden from raping her or anything of the sort, lest they fall from grace and lose their powers).


“Hey, what are you doing in my house?” Shit, she wasn't supposed to be home right now. My intel was dodgy; then again, not like that never happened before, that's what I get for not double-checking everything. I would've liked to leave her alive, she has a pretty face; but my client was quite specific and said they'd pay for wetwork if they have to.

Instead of turning around, I raise my hands to the sides as I slowly back away from the PC – and closer to the woman standing behind me. “I-I'll call the police.”

“Listen, we can talk about this. There is no need to get the cops involved, nor anyone to get hurt.” She really should not be listening to me, but I shouldn't have been caught by her either; funny how two wrongs make a right sometimes.

“Who are you and what do you want here?” I can hear she's right behind me now. Bad move.

“Alright, alright. I was sent here-” Cutting myself off, I make a step backwards, sweeping my foot against her leg as I spin around, smashing the back of my hand against my target's cheek with full force. The impact makes the brunette stagger backwards and she audibly hits her head against the doorframe, sinking to the ground momentarily unconscious. It's funny how no one ever sees the attack coming while you're still talking.

I briefly double-check to confirm her identity. Mila Summers, aged 22, programmer for an IT company. And she has something on her hard drive someone is willing to pay a lot of money for. Which is where I come in.

A shame she had to be at home, though, but at least I get to have a little fun with her this way. ...After I have the hard drive; the job comes first. So I quickly place a piece of duct tape over her mouth, tie her wrists, ankles, arms and knees, and leave her lying on the floor as I return to her computer.

It only takes a few moments to open her PC, take out the hard drive, replace it with an empty one of the same make and leave a small modification to the cables, and by the time I'm done Mila is still unconscious. Did I actually kill her? That'd be unfortunate. But no, she's still breathing.

I take Mila and drag her onto her bed; she has a lean, toned build and even though she's somewhat tall is not too heavy, probably some kind of athlete or gymnast, definitely no martial artist, though. Now, to have some fun before I go... right, first things first. I take out my throwaway cell and dial a number on a secure line. “I have the hard drive. But there's been some complications. ...No, not at all. But I will need cleanup and disposal of a body, can you send someone? ...Yes, got it. I'll be waiting.” That gives me half an hour to enjoy myself, good enough.

I slap Mila's cheek a few times and she wakes up, her eyes glazed over for a short while before slowly regaining focus. Of course she starts to struggle against her bindings and screaming through the tape, but when she sees the pistol I'm holding, she quickly quiets down. I really should just put a bullet through her head and be done with it, but I haven't gotten laid in a whole month, so I'll damn well use this opportunity I'm given.

Drawing my knife, I cut open her blouse to reveal she's not wearing a bra, showing some nice, firm breasts, and as I squeeze one, Mila starts struggling again, but I just briefly have to hold the blade closer to her neck for her to stop. I continue, pulling down and cutting away her jeans too to bring some lacy, navy blue panties to light. Sexy.

Mila keeps squirming and making muffled noises through the tape, but there's no way she's escaping, so I take a moment to admire her body, before I suddenly get the perfect idea what to do. I start rubbing Mila's pussy through her panties, leveling the pistol at her with the other hand to make sure she stays in place, and she quickly starts sobbing, but can't do anything to stop her body's reaction as she slowly becomes aroused and soon enough her panties are soaked from her wet pussy.

I pause to cut open the sides of Mila's panties and pull them away, then tear off the tape over her mouth. “Why are you doing this?! Please- Mhm!” Her pleading is quickly cut off again as I stuff the panties into her mouth, gagging her.

I push her legs apart and lean forward, briefly playing with Mila's clit with my lips and tongue, before briefly brushing my teeth against them and she lets out a whimper, powerless to control her own body. I pull back to find her face flush in arousal, and continue working her with my fingers while rubbing myself through my pants with the other hand, and before long I myself am panting too, and if her reactions are any indication, Mila is about to come.

And not even a minute later she does, unable to stop herself from loudly moaning through her gag as she arches her back in orgasm, her pussy clenching around my fingers several times and squirting a fair amount all over my hand.

She slowly winds down, face red, panting heavily and weakly crying, but I'm not done yet, so I sit on her, pressing her thigh against my pussy as I start riding back and forth, squeezing her breasts as she futilely tries to get away from my hands. The fear and humiliation reflected in her face is just too hot, so it only take a little longer until I come too, completely soaking my panties as I moan, all but scream, out my climax for several beautiful seconds.

Mila is still crying as I get off her, cut free her feet and legs, and gesture towards her with my gun. “Go, get up. To the bathroom.” I know the cleaning guys are pros, but may as well make it easy on them, tiled floors are much better than carpet for that.

She staggers to her feet and shakily walks in front of me, entering the huge bathroom, and once there I shove her forward onto her knees, placing the gun against the back of her head as she starts sobbing uncontrollably, but there's nothing she can do to stop me pulling the trigger and with a neat little sound put a bullet into her head.

The small-caliber subsonic ammunition hardly makes a noise through my suppressor, and the projectile barely has enough power to penetrate her skull, and once inside, it doesn't exit again, instead ricocheting around and completely tearing through her brain. Mila twitches and shudders for a handful seconds, the puddle under her legs showing she peed herself, before she falls over, her last movements slowly dying down.

Well, that was fun. I pick up the casing, then get to planting a few more incendiary charges that are going to turn the whole house to cinders while looking like an unfortunate short-circuit or malfunction, while I wait for the cleaners to arrive, as well as someone to take that hard drive off my hands. I damn better get paid extra for all my effort, but I think I can definitely say this is a job well done.


First time Rper here, go easy on me~

>I hope someone does an interesting Killer request

I can make one after this.

K/V: Victim
Name: Lucy
Age: 23
Characteristics: A blonde girl with short creamy blonde hair, large hazel eyes, tall and slender, wearing heels, a tight little black dress. Amateur artist and part time clothing/woman's underwear model.
Scene: Model photo shoot session gone wrong.


"Is that... a real daemoness?" A young white-robed acolyte gasped as he caught a glimpse of the horned figure strapped onto the large crucifix behind the altar.

"That's a daemoness alright." The archdeacon's baritone voice reverberated from the walls of the chapel "This one calls herself Lilith, a cheap imitator of the Queen of the Night. Doesn't matter to me what they call themselves, they all burn the same."

He threw a cold glance at the bound daemoness; two large curved horns adorned her long straight hair, which was color of mulberry and wine. She was voluptuous, with large, full breasts, and a long, slender waist that curved gracefully out to ample hips.

A lesser clergyman would break his vow of chastity at the mere sight of her, but the archdeacon and his acolyte merely stared at her as if she's an object of filth.

Lilith was stark-naked apart from the iron collars around her neck and wrists, firmly securing her on the crucifix. Her shapely body glistened in the candlelights, upon closer inspection it looks like she's covered in oil. She desperately tried to wriggle herself free, only to be met with a dismissal sneer from the archdeacon.

"It's no use, you foul monster. All equipments used here have been treated with holy water drawn from the sacred city of Jerusalem. It'll be a lot less painless if you stop wriggling around like that." He paused for a moment, as if contemplating something "Unless you are one of those daemons who are into pain, in that case consider this my gift to you."

"What... what will happen to her?" The acolyte whispered in a barely audible voice. The archdeacon straightened his back, and replied in a booming voice.

"She will be cast back to burning pits of hell where she belongs. This shameless harlot was poisoning our beautiful village, threatening the body and soul of our men and children, our livestock and our purity. And there are many more like them. They are everywhere and they will never stop craving for our souls. For that, I, Francis Eisenhart, archdeacon of the church of Christ and defender of his flock, condemn her to death by purifying flames."

The acolyte was instructed to gather kindling and wood from the church's woodshed, and pile them around her feet. A torch was used to ignite the kindling. As the young acolyte watched fearfully, the dried wood caught and burst into flame.

Muffled screams escaped Lilith's throat as her lilac skin started to shrivel up and turn black and burn, sub-dermal fat and gristle would cook and flare up as they burnt. She kicked kicked backwards and forwards as a futile attempt to avoid the ravenous fire, but to no avail.

She died quickly but in great agony as the tongues of flame enveloped her. A great daemoness was soon reduced to nothing more than charred meat in the centre of her funeral pyre in a matter of minutes.

The archdeacon and his acolyte began their clean up, after all they have a Sunday service to prepare for tomorrow.


File: 1483087712123.jpg (1.83 MB, 1277x2103, 9c6e3135bd5c7e8187b854b148….jpg)


Great job. I'll admit I didn't even really think of this option, but that was a nice idea. Just two little bits of feedback: Her death could have been a little more drawn-out and in detail (but maybe that's just me); but much more importantly, watch your tenses. Choose either past tense or present tense, don't keep switching between the two (at one point even twice in a single sentence), that really hurts the flow of the story. But other than that, good work.


And once more I've got a slightly offbeat prompt (I hope fandom characters are okay):

K/V: Victim
Name: Kaguya
Age: centuries (physically around 19)
Characteristics: See picture for appearance. Blessed/Cursed with utter immortality, the moon princess Kaguya is also eternally bored, so recently she's taken to seeking out interesting means of death to keep herself entertained.
Setting: She's asked you to kill her in whatever way you can imagine. Her body is no stronger than any mortal's, but any injury on her will slowly regenerate, though she can still die like normal (it's just that that's not gonna stick, she can recover from a single cell, or even disintegration).
OR: If that one is too weird, just consider her actually 19 and mortal, the daughter of an upperclass family that somehow ended up in the wrong part of town (after a party, got lost, got drunk and passed out, took the wrong bus/taxi, etc).


“Hello, my name is Lucy, I saw your ad for a photo shoot in the newspaper.”

“Excellent.” The dark-haired man that had opened the door shook her hand. “You can call me Felix. Come in.”

She followed Felix into an open room with a black screen behind some decorations on one side, an expensive-looking camera setup on the other, and the blinds closed. When she entered, she noticed faint traces of a sharp smell, not unlike “Does it smell of bleach or something in here?”

“That would be cleaner, I made sure the room was in perfect shape just this morning. If you want, we can open the window for a moment.”

“No, it's not too bad, I'll just ignore it. Also it's freezing outside.”

“True, true. Now, here's what we're gonna do: I would like to take some nude photographs, but I wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable. So we're just gonna start like this, and you can take off as much clothing as you like, and we'll just see where you want to stop.”

“Um, okay.” So far Lucy had modeled underwear at best, but depending on the money involved, she might go further this time; paint and canvas didn't pay for themselves after all.

“Perfect. Then let's get started.”

“Excellent! Beautiful! The camera just loves you.” Felix praised as Lucy did another pose. She was naked save for her black lace panties, and she was having a great time, especially after Felix had brought out some wine with a long and expensive-sounding name. Part of her kept nagging in the back of her head this was a really stupid idea, but the amount of cash already waiting in her handbag, with the promise of still more to come proved it wrong.

After a few more shots Felix waved her over. “Great work already, but I was wondering if you were willing to do something for a ...special clientele.”

“What would that be?”

“Some people that are into, let's just call it kinky, things. I'd want to have chained up, or maybe bound and gagged for a few pictures.”

“Sorry, but no gags. I had a bad experience one time and almost choked to death.”

“Oh, dear. But how about fuzzy handcuffs?” From somewhere behind his back Felix produced a set of large handcuff adorned with a bunch of pink fuzz. “You just put your arms behind your back for a little and try to look scared. They don't even have locks, it's just a button on each one, look.” He demonstrated the opening mechanism, the large buttons situated so Lucy would easily be able to free herself, even with her hands behind her back. “And of course, I'd pay generously. You would not believe how hard it is to persuade people to do this.”

After a moment of deliberation and inspecting the handcuffs with her fingers, Lucy nodded. “Well, alright.” She turned around, let Felix place the handcuffs around her wrists, and after making sure she could open them herself, returned to the screen.


“Now, one more and I think we can be done here. Just stand straight right up against the wall, as if you're in a prison, lined up for inspection.” Or execution. Lucy though for some reason, but of course didn't say it. “Alright, just one last shot-”

BANG! Suddenly there was a loud noise and Lucy staggered backwards against the wall as something heavy hit her in the stomach. Gasping for air she looked down to find a small black spot just above her navel, that was slowly starting to bleed as a searing pain inside her set in, but it took a few more seconds of incredulous staring until her mind finally realized she had just been shot.

She wanted to scream, but her voice failed her and Lucy felt she was about to gag, when a second bullet hit her right below the ribs and her started rapidly filling with tears. “Yes, that's it! That pain and despair when they realize their fate. Show it to me!”

Another shot hit her just above the hip and Lucy staggered, almost falling over as her legs suddenly were about to give way. Her body felt as if it was on fire, and her mind was racing with thiscantbehappening and someonehelpme and ohmygodthishurts, when two more bullets struck her in the chest, tearing through her breasts before one embedded itself in a rib, but the other went straight through, piercing into her lung and making her start coughing and desperately gasping for air.

All of a sudden her strength left her and Lucy fell to her knees, leaning against the wall that was covered in her own blood, the red staining her blonde hair. Gritting her teeth in pain, even through the haze of her tears she saw Felix step closer, leveling a huge pistol against her forehead as she managed to barely produce words. “Wh-why?”

“It's easy. Money. People pay a ton of money for quality snuff photos, and I pride myself on being one of the best in business. I thank you for your contribution to the art, even if you won't be alive to share any of the profits. Farewell.”

Pleasedonthurt- BANG!


K/V: Victim
Name: Stephanie
Age: 13
Sex: F
Long black hair with green streaks, brown eyes, petite, Asian. Wearing a t-shirt with no bra, tight miniskirt, pink cotton panties, and sneakers.
Scene: At school, sitting on a toilet in the girl's bathroom.



(Going with option 2.)


From behind the bushes I watched the pretty young lady stumble across the empty street, with nothing but moonlight and a few streetlights illuminating her path. I knew that she must either be from out of town or another neighborhood. Every since I started my killings the girls of this neighborhood knew to stay off of the streets after dark. Hell, they wouldn't walk it alone during the day.

I quietly stepped out of the bushes and onto the sidewalk as she passed my location, wielding a small crossbow. I aimed it carefully; a rather annoying task when me and the target was moving, however steadily. Luckily the girl was too tired or too drunk (or both) to notice my presence.

I was aiming for my 10th headshot. I was less than a foot behind her; so close I could smell the perfume on her clothes and the high-dollar perfume in her hair. The end of the crossbow was close enough that it was almost touching her hair.

Before she decided to turn I fired. The bolt shattered her skull as it pieced the back of her head and embedded itself deep into her brains. She dropped to the ground and I knew, even as her body continued to twitch and spasm, that she was dead. She was the tenth person to be killed by him without ever even realizing that she was in peril.

I crouched over her body and took a good sniff. The smell of fancy perfume and shampoo quickly gave way to the smell of blood, urine, and shit. I grabbed the ass of her jeans to feel her ass and smear the shit in her panties. Then I grabbed her ass with both hands, lifting it, and pulled her pants down to her knees. The slut wasn't wearing any panties, and I could see the shit smeared all over her bare ass.

"Glad I'm wearing gloves," I muttered to myself as I started to smear the shit even more, getting some on her legs and up into her pussy.

After I was satisfied I removed the gloves and put em in a small Ziploc bag before putting on a clean pair. I checked her pockets, taking out a total of $475 and her ID card (for a trophy) before leaving the scene of the crime.

The next day I left the town for a new hunting ground. Early the next morning I watched the news reports talking about my latest murder.


Come on, guys. Someone make some Killer requests for a change.

K/V: Victim
Name: Keira
Age: 19
Characteristics: Green eyes, tomboyish short red hair and a personality to match. She wears black shorts, a black form-fitting tank top and practical low shoes.
Setting: Anything involving hanging/strangulation


Making sure no one sees me enter, I slide into the girl's restroom, silently locking the door behind me with the key I swiped from the janitor. It's just a few minutes after classes started, so I'm not really expecting to find too many people here right now. “Hello? Is anyone in here? There's been an emergency, you need to evacuate.”

“Yes. Just a second.” A single, young, voice answers. Perfect. Drawing my weapon I find the door the voice was coming from, and with one swift kick break it open, the cheap plywood giving way easily. “Eek! What are you-”

The black-haired girl's eyes widen in surprise, then fear as she sees me and I shoot, putting two bullets right into her stomach. Her voice failing, with a completely shocked expression, I give the girl a good few seconds to take everything in before placing the gun right against her forehead and putting her out of her misery.

She shudders and twitches for several seconds before slumping over motionless as a stream of yellow drips from her pussy; how convenient she already was sitting on a toilet.

Following my curiosity, I lift the girl's t-shirt to find she wasn't wearing a bra. She can't be much older than 12, 13, and her breasts are already clearly starting to show, small but firm; yet her pussy is still completely smooth.

A shame I had to be so hasty, she probably would have made a nice fuck. ...Then again, she probably still will. I've got plenty of time, nothing wrong with enjoying myself a little.

The girl is small and light, and from her face and skin tone probably of Asian descent, and I easily lift her body out of the bathroom stall and place her on the floor, her round, brown eyes blankly gazing through the ceiling. She's wearing a miniskirt that's kind of too risque for a girl her age, and pink panties, both dropped around her legs, so I just pull them off on one side.

As I open my trousers, pull out my already hard dick and enter the girl's still-warm, tight pussy, I muse how she should consider herself lucky; not only is she good enough to warrant my undivided attention, she also got to die quickly. The rest of the school won't be as fortunate.


File: 1483347976492.jpg (457.09 KB, 720x720, Aikoko sketch 1.jpg)


I've decided to put my response at the top and my character submission at the bottom as it seems more natural.

Stephanie hears someone walk into one of the bathroom stalls adjacent to hers, oblivious to the second person tiptoeing silently behind. Aiko proceeds with her act of making it sound like she's using the bathroom normally - she waits a few seconds, tears off a sheet of toilet paper, flushes the toilet, washes her hands, and walks out the door, "accidentally" turning the light off on the way out - by force of habit, she would say as an excuse. Except there's not much point excusing herself to someone who won't exist long enough to gossip about it.

Stephanie naturally calls out. "Hey! Someone's in here!"

There is no answer. She is forced to resign herself to finishing and wiping herself in the dark. She finds it surprisingly no more difficult than normal, save for having to wave her hand around a bit in search of the toilet paper. She stands up and opens the stall door.
Unfortunately, navigating the bathroom in the dark is a much more difficult task. She finds herself uncertain of the exact distance between the stall and the sinks, and she walks very slowly and cautiously for fear of tripping over some unforeseen obstacle.

As she nears the sink and begins to feel around for it, I noiselessly approach her from behind and breathe onto the back of her neck. Stephanie momentarily panics and whirls about, but this isn't my first rodeo and I've already moved well out of the way. I had prepared by wearing a thick blindfold for a full hour prior to this, thanks to which my eyes were already thoroughly adjusted to the darkness. Not so for her.

"Is someone there?" Her voice echoes fruitlessly off the walls. She lowers it to a whisper out of self-consciousness. "Hello?"

No answer again. She turns around and tries to regain her bearings and find the sink. The poor girl is hopelessly off track, though, and ends up walking parallel to the wall of sinks rather than toward it. I hang back, reach out to the side with the knife I've been carrying, and brush the tip against the wall ever so gently, making a brief, metallic hissing sound.

"Hello?!?" Stephanie calls again. By the point she's seriously spooked.

I continue to respond with nothing but silence and approach her again. I inch closer and closer. Stephanie can feel my presence but mentally assures herself that she's merely being paranoid and that there isn't actually anyone in the room with her. Surely if there were, they would have answered her, right?

I kick one of her heels out from under her and she falls to the ground, smacking the back of her head just hard enough to make her dizzy for a few moments. She debates with herself internally as to whether the kick she had felt was real or if perhaps she had just slipped. She doesn't get to finish, though, as in that moment I reveal myself by sitting right in the center of her belly and pressing my hand over her mouth, leaning over to make sure she doesn't wrestle free. My free hand wriggles off one of her shoes, peels off the sock underneath, and rolls it into a rough ball. I stuff it deep into her mouth until she starts to gag and convulse - perfect. She'll be deprived of oxygen to the point where she grows weak and irrational, but not enough to suffocate her outright. I top off the gag with the other sock. Stephanie naturally recoils at the taste of her own foot sweat in her mouth, but can hardly do anything about it.

Stephanie mumbles something fitting the cadence of "who are you" and "what are you doing to me," but receives no reply other than a hand reaching into her skirt and pulling down her panties and then two fingers stroking her pubic mound. By this point she begins to realize she's about to get violated, but of course the true extent of her violation still escapes her.

Aiko and I have always had a thing for eyes. A psychologist might come to the conclusion that it's a way of managing the fear of going blind, but the manner in which we've sexualized it goes a little beyond typical. I pry one of Stephanie's eyelids open. She has slowly begun to acclimate to the darkness, but save for the vague shape of the room and my silhouette she can't make out much. I bring my face up next to hers.

In a last-ditch attempt to save herself, Stephanie heaves her body and slaps me across the face. I react in a split second and stab my knife clean through her hand. I then put my knee on her other wrist, pinning it to the floor, and use the pain of the knife to guide her wounded hand toward the other. I then conclude by skewering her other hand, joining them together in a kind of hand-kabob. I press the knife down against the floor until the end of the blade bends to a ninety-degree angle. Why use handcuffs when you can rivet a girl's hands together and then lick the tears of despair and sheer pain off her face?

That's not all my tongue does, though. I pry her eye open again and start to French-kiss it and suck gently. Stephanie squirms in revulsion but doesn't accomplish much. I touch the eyeball with my finger briefly, then wedge my fingertip into the corner of her eye socket and start to work it behind the eyeball. Finally the eye comes out with a delightful squishing noise. I proceed to place it between her fingertips so she can grasp the severity of her situation in a rather literal sense. All the while she tries in vain to scream through the wad of socks in her mouth.

I perform a similar number on Stephanie's other eye, rendering her blind. I pull up her shirt and rub this one against her belly and then across both breasts before finally shoving it into her vagina. I push it in as deep as it can go and then nudge it a few times as if it's having sex with her. She thrashes rather violently for a few seconds, but then goes limp - she's apparently given up emotionally and forsaken herself to whatever fate awaits.

I complete my assault on her psyche by standing up and releasing her. She lies still for nearly a minute, confused, before weakly sitting up and turning her head this way and that in vain, as if that would let her see somehow. I wait while she awkwardly pushes herself up from the floor into a hunched standing position and starts trying to grope her way to the door. Just as she starts to regain her bearings, I stop her with my foot against her belly and then effortlessly push her over again. She stumbles and tries one last time to run, but I grab her foot and drag it to the side. I then turn her over facedown.

For the finale, I draw my second knife and slice cleanly along both sides of her spine. I dig my fingers into the wounds and pull the skin of her upper back out to the sides, revealing shiny bare muscle. I cut through this too, although it needs a bit of sawing. At last her ribs are visible. I caress them with both hands, feeling the shape and texture of the bones and the smooth muscles between them. She doesn't have as many nerve endings here as on her skin, but can still easily feel my touch as well as the acute pain it causes every millimeter of the way. Next I get an even deeper feel for her insides by rubbing my face across the contours of her ribcage and spine, meanwhile feeling up both of her breasts with my hands. Both of us are soaked in her blood by now, and there isn't much time left before she blacks out and goes into shock.

While I was letting her stumble about the bathroom blind and maimed, I went to the door and collected a heavy axe from Aiko. This I now pick up and, in a single difficult swing, lift over my head and yank down against the back of Stephanie's neck. Her head comes clean off in an instant, but doesn't expire just yet. I grab it and kiss it on the mouth, then lay it down gently in the gaping wound on the back of her body so Stephanie can spend her last second or two getting to know the inside of her chest cavity as I had been doing.

Aiko, who has been watching and trying not to finger herself the whole time, enters the bathroom and we proceed to strip naked and make love in the expanding puddle of blood on the floor. Then with a final kiss, I hand her the knife and leave her in the bathroom and make my getaway. In the meantime, Aiko waits for someone to walk by the bathroom and notice the scene, then stabs herself in the temple, perfectly faking a murder-suicide and activating her brain implant, which instantly transmits her mind to the new body waiting for her at home. A few minutes later I meet her there and together we set about planning our next adventure.

K/V: Killer
Name: Aikoko
Age: 2 (Biologically 24)
Sex: Oh yes plea- oh, um, female. Heh.
Characteristics: For some reason I look too muscular in this picture - my neck certainly isn't that think for instance. Meh, they can't all come out perfect. Anyway as you can see I'm a skinny, pasty little waif with green hair and light blue eyes.
Note that I'm mute due to a birth complication so while I'm glad to get suggestions on how to... "satisfy" my client I won't be much for conversation ;)
Scene: I've convinced you to join me and my sister Aiko on a road trip to the Burning Man festival, and along the way we took all of your clothes and disposed of them several miles back. We're currently in an RV deciding whether to pull over and camp out for the night or drive through the night and arrive at the festival early in the morning; you have the tiebreaking vote.


^ Oops, ninja'd. Guess that's what I get for making such a long post. What's the procedure for this? Fight to the death? Harakiri? Kill Stephanie again? xP


You want a killer? Here's a killer.

K/V: Killer
Name: Roman
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Characteristics: A charismatic Lecturer from Moscow's Institute of Technology with a sadistic secret. Short crew cut blonde hair, average height, bulky build. He have a dark obsession with extracting intestines or the female reproductive system from women before snuffing them, and storing the organs inside jars of formaldehyde, labelled with photos of their former owners as trophies.


1) He convinced you to help out with his research, you accidentally stumble upon his 'collection', he adds you to his collection.

2) You are an journalist/lawyer/police officer, you cross path with him during your investigation, he pays you a visit when you are least expecting him.

3) Be creative!

"Are you sure we are going the right way?" The redhead tomboy in the passenger's seat asked inquisitively as she casted a brief glance at her watch "The concert starts in 15 minutes."

"Any minute now, I'm taking a shortcut to beat the rush hour traffic." I replied with a tone of reassurance in my voice.

Let's get this straight. We weren't going to the concert, I'm not a real taxi driver, and she'll soon join my other victim - lifeless and stashed away in the boot.

I drove to a deserted street and parked the car beside a broken street lamp, everything's a lot less inconspicuous under the cover of darkness.

"What the fu-" Her angry voice trembled as she reached for the door handle, her eyes widened in surprise when she realized that the doors were locked, the expression of surprise was replaced with pure terror when I wrapped my glove clad hands around her tender little neck.

"LET GO OF ME YOU SICK FU- ARRGHHHH" A scream of agony escaped her lips as I clenched down on her windpipe, the sound of cartilage breaking inside her neck was music to my ears.

Another shrill croak of intense pain escaped the little redhead's throat when I further tightened my grip, tears of agony and regret flowed freely from her beautiful green eyes, and her cheeks began to sweat from the intensifying pain.

She struggled like an animal caught in a trap, legs kicking wildly while she clawed at my gloved hands with her well manicured nails (There's a reason I wore thick gloves). But her strength was fading fast, her struggle soon became mere shudders as her eyes lost focus and rolled upwards, her swollen tongue dangled out of her mouth.

She twitched violently for the last few seconds of her life, before slumping head first into the glovebox. A stream of clear urine ran down her toned thighs, sticking her black shorts to the contour of her legs.

I stuffed her piss stained corpse into the boot, and drove away into the night. Looking through her wallet, apparently her name was Keira, a cute name for a feisty redhead.


K/V: Victims
Name: Cynthia
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long hair dyed green, hazel eyes, short and athletic, mix of Chinese and Indian, nude.

Name: Alexandria
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short red hair, green eyes, petite, busty, nude

Scene: In a tent out in the woods, having sex.

(If placing two victims in the same scene is something you feel is against the rules of this post then simply pretend there's only one girl who's masturbating in her bedroom.)


Hi guys! ♡ Sorry, Ive been out of town and wont be back for another two weeks. When I get bsck, I'll see if zi can organize everything a little better and I'll go through and write stories for anyone who hasn't had one yet due to getting lost. ♡

I am dead now though, thanks to Gabby ♡ so I better go return back to my grave or the morgue or wherever my corpse is for now until I can clean things up a little. ♡



Oh my god, this is so embarrassing. Of course I just had to be an utter klutz and spill some red wine all over my blouse; and of course Roman just got up to get something from the cellar, and I have no idea where the bathroom is. Looks like I have no other choice. I get up and go down the stairs, past a bulky-looking metal door; what's he keeping down here, a collection of ages-old expensive wines?

“Roman? Are you there? I'm sorry, but where's the bathroom?” No answer. Of course. I walk down the hall to the only door with light behind it and enter the room. It's a small bare room with a huge metal table in the center, a row of jars with pictures on them on a shelf, and a faint but sharp smell in the air, not unlike some organic solvents I worked with before. Against better knowledge I walk closer to the shelf to inspect its contents.

What the fuck?! They look smaller than I would have thought, but unless my basic anatomy knowledge is failing me, those are several uteri, most with the ovaries and stuff still attached floating in what's probably formaldehyde. Why would someone like Roman have a collection of those in the cellar? That's a really macabre hobby. ...Or he's a serial killer. Yeah, right, I watch too many crime series, he- wait, that photo, that's Natalia, she went missing a few weeks ago. Don't tell me-

“I'm sorry you had to see this.” Roman's suave voice makes me flinch and spin around with a panicked expression to see him blocking the doorway.

“Roman! What's the meaning of this?”

“It means I can't let you leave. It's a shame, I was really looking forward to working with you. But alas...”

“No, I won't tell anyone, I swear! Please!”

“Sorry, but I can't take that risk.” His demeanor doesn't even change as Roman suddenly comes towards me, swinging a baseball bat I didn't even notice he had, and I can't stop it from hitting me in the side of the head and everything goes blank

I wake up with a throbbing pain in my head, but that quickly becomes the least of my concerns as I notice I'm also naked and strapped to a table chained at my wrists and ankles. I try to break myself free, but to no avail, the shackles won't even budge.

Just moments later Roman steps into view, wearing a bright green surgical gown and mask and carrying a tray full of metal tools. “You're awake. That means we can start with the procedure.”

“No, please! I swear to god I won't tell anyone about this! Just let me g-Aahhh!” My pleas are cut off into a scream of utter agony as Roman places a scalpel just above my pussy and brutally drags it upwards, cutting through my skin and the muscle below almost up to the navel, then adds a sideways cut to paint a huge bloody cross on my abdomen.

My voice fails and I'm reduced to low sobbing and whimpering as my eyes flood with tears and teeth clench so hard they might break. With a gloved hand, Roman folds away the sides of the cuts, literally opening my insides, and on top of the pain and fear, at the view of my internal organs I feel like I could throw up; I don't want to see this!

But when I look head away, the pain and the low squishy sounds without seeing what's happening is somehow are even worse, so after a few moments I return my gaze, to see Roman carefully cut something in the bloody mess that is my insides, before pulling at it, and a moment later with a sickening sound, it comes loose and I have to see my own uterus torn out from my body as the taste of bile fills my mouth.

The pain already is so bad I hardly notice a difference, yet it feels like there's a hole inside me, much larger than it should be, but I start hysterically sobbing and thrashing against my restraints, but it still doesn't do anything other than splash even more blood from my ravaged abdomen and even dripping out through my pussy.

By now part of me has probably realized I'm going to die here, but the rest of me still continues weakly fighting against the chains holding me even as the edges of my vision start to dim, no doubt due to blood loss. “Oh, you're still awake?” Roman turns around from whatever he was doing on that tray, his entire front splashed in blood, and walks up to me. “Allow me to put you out of your misery.”

“...!” I'm just about to say something when he leans forward and with a flash of metal there's a sharp pain across my neck, and all I can produce is a voiceless stutter as I feel a warm stream of liquid pour all over my neck, and some of the metallic taste even seeps into my mouth, making me cough. I struggle for a few seconds longer before all strength leaves my body and darkness quickly closes in on me and everything fades


In the interest of fairness, instead of my own request, I'll repost an earlier one (>>1905) because there were two replies to the same request, and of those, mine was the one that got used (this is just copy-pasted, I'm not perfectly sure what to make of it either ^^).

K/V: Killer
Name: Aikoko
Age: 2 (Biologically 24)
Sex: Oh yes plea- oh, um, female. Heh.
Characteristics: For some reason I look too muscular in this picture - my neck certainly isn't that think for instance. Meh, they can't all come out perfect. Anyway as you can see I'm a skinny, pasty little waif with green hair and light blue eyes.
Note that I'm mute due to a birth complication so while I'm glad to get suggestions on how to... "satisfy" my client I won't be much for conversation ;)
Scene: I've convinced you to join me and my sister Aiko on a road trip to the Burning Man festival, and along the way we took all of your clothes and disposed of them several miles back. We're currently in an RV deciding whether to pull over and camp out for the night or drive through the night and arrive at the festival early in the morning; you have the tiebreaking vote.


File: 1483676836906.jpg (85.58 KB, 640x640, Aikoko 640x640.jpg)


I think I've figured out why we're posting our characters at the top - they end up getting hidden when the post gets truncated. ^^; Anyway, thanks for reposting mine but you left out the picture so I have h4x0red it into being double-posted for everyone's convenience. ;P
This post is also an opportunity for me to mention that I somehow accidentally typed "think" instead of "thick" earlier and didn't notice in time. I was posting in character as Aikoko and mentioning that her neck isn't as *thick* as it is in my picture ;)
Oh, and I'm also bumping the thread xD


If I'm going to be the one killing the thread, then I'm also going to be the one necro-bumping it, mwahahahah... alone...


>>K/V: Killer
>>Name: Aikoko
>>Age: 2 (Biologically 24)
>>Sex: Oh yes plea- oh, um, female. Heh.
>>Characteristics: For some reason I look too muscular in this picture - my neck >>certainly isn't that think for instance. Meh, they can't all come out perfect. Anyway >>as you can see I'm a skinny, pasty little waif with green hair and light blue eyes.
>>Note that I'm mute due to a birth complication so while I'm glad to get suggestions >>on how to... "satisfy" my client I won't be much for conversation ;)
>>Scene: I've convinced you to join me and my sister Aiko on a road trip to the >>Burning Man festival, and along the way we took all of your clothes and disposed of >>them several miles back. We're currently in an RV deciding whether to pull over and >>camp out for the night or drive through the night and arrive at the festival early in >>the morning; you have the tiebreaking vote.

hmmm a beautiful female killer and her consort stripping me nude and torturing me to death? Ok!

"Tee hee!" They point at my tiny penis and laugh. Her bright blue eyes shine as she pokes it, I immediately spurt several loads. My hands are tied behind my back.

"What's it going to be, little boy?" Her friend asks, "Do we burn you to death at our destination, or do you want to freeze to death right now?" The giggle and elbow each others' ribs in jest.

"Oh! I've got it!" Yanking me by the arm, pushing me forward with a knife, the succubi shove and yank me around, leading me to the back of the RV.

"Please, no stop!" Tears pour from my puffy red face, "I'm sorry whatever I did I'm so sorry please onooohoo!!"

But it's not use. They tie me by my neck, ankles, and knees, so that I can only sit on the freezing ground. I start doing squats to avoid my butt touching the cold ground but my knees give in and I fall on my butt several times, much to the amusement of my vixen captors.

"AHAHAHAHAA! Look at that thing bounce!" They each have a camera to capture my humiliation and insane pain. "I don't know what's better, the way this small boy's butt bounces up and down or his even tinier penis! I love how it flops but his ass get smacked is the best!!"

They get back in the RV and start driving.

Killer. (Separate from the guy they killed.)
Name: Bobby Robber.
Age: 30.
Characteristics: Many scars. He wears a mask in his haunting grounds but usually walks around with a hoodie over his face. He's of average height or so and not heavily built but is very fit and athletic. Constantly nooses girls from trees and builds traps of many sorts. Loves sinister tricks.
Scene: Graveyard.


A full moon illuminated the cloudless night sky, all was still, all except for a young woman slowly making her way through the town's cemetery.

She stumbled out of a new year party in the early hours of the morning, little black dress fluttered in the cool evening breeze as her slender body staggered passed the moss coated tombstones.

She was about halfway through the graveyard when she caught a glimpse of movement in her peripheral vision, "Who's th-" A noose was placed around her soft neck and tightened before she could even finish her question, gagging and gurgling sounds escaped her throat as her body was slowly suspended in the air by the neck.

Her long slender legs kicked and twisted as she gasped desperately for air, as her vision fades, she saw a masked figure striding up to her, with what appears to be a remote control in hand.

Her body jerked and twisted as he ripped off her dress and fondle her perky breasts and the pink slit at the root of her toned thighs. A stream of warm urine ran down her thighs as her kicks were reduced to sporadic convulsions. In her final moments she saw the man unzipping his pants, and propping the lips of her pink opening against his large veiny cock.

Then she's no more.


K/V: Victim
Name: Francisca
Age: 28
Sex: F
An alluring news anchor with shoulder length blonde hair, hazel eyes, slender build, and a very well endowed chest (34E). Wears a white blouse, tight miniskirt, blue lacy bra and polka-dot cotton panties, stockings and heels.

Scene: Kidnapped by terrorists and brutally raped/executed, with her execution recorded and streamed online. Bonus points for debreasting her while she's still alive, or snuffing her in a cruel and creative manner.


File: 1484848714479.jpg (186.51 KB, 1000x1000, FlzHQSn.jpg)

>Bonus points for debreasting her while she's still alive, or snuffing her in a cruel and creative manner.

((Image not related, except as inspiration for this contraption!))

Bobby lowered the girl and tied her wrists to her shoulders and her ankles to her elbows, then dragged her to the inner area of the cemetery, where there were many crypts afforded by the wealthiest dead. Her skirt and shirt tore open and back as she slid ass first over gravel paths, and mud cracked between her buttocks and through her hair when he trailed her through unmarked paths.

She blurred into consciousness as he dragged her down a ramp to a hidden chamber below and behind one of the smaller tombs. She looked up at the cloaked man and panicked. patterpatterpatterpatter she slammed her knees and elbows on the floor, her tits swaying wildly and then popping out of bra. She screamed and begged "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" as he unsheathed what looked like a scythe sized for a small child. He struck her hips, just cutting deeply into skin, and yanked. Her panties were lorded over her, her skirt was crumpled on the floor.

Nothing was better than seeing that media-hand being made powerless, exposed over her entire rear side. Her big boobs flopping wildly and her hair muddy. She was shrieking in terror and scrambling like a puppy.

He stomped on the back of her neck and put the mini-scythe into her pussy, and raised it so slowly. She felt it biting into her and rose her ass high in the air. He spanked her with his other hand and she jolted at first, but then cut her cunt on the blade. She was spanked several minutes and tried her damnedest to not move at all, but eventually her body's primal side took over and she carved her cunt over his blade. "PLEASE PLEASE STOP IT HURTS IT HURTS! OHHHOHHHOH!"

He placed the scythe into her shirt and sliced down; her clothes fell, first from her chest, then draping from just her lower back, and then it all piled below her tummy, leaving her nude.

He put his scythe below her shoulder and kicked her over, so she laid on her back and stared at the ceiling, crying and wailing. "Shimmy that way." He pointed with his scythe. She looked, fearing her sight. It was many wires, thin and flexible but strong. Wither her knees in the air, she pattered her heels back and forth and rowed her elbows, essentially canoing her body over to her torture. As she got closer, she saw through her tears and noticed many cameras and other tools, such as scalpels and blowtorches.

Bobby Robber placed his hands under ass with her back cradled in his arms and her head scrunched up against his chest, facing camera. She was already famous, and now the whole world would see her like this.

"You see this liar?"

He slipped her around, and held her thighs, just above her knees, with her head scrunched down, and her muddy hair fell around his tummy.

"She's the reason for our persecution."

He flipped her up in the air for a second and slammed her onto the table she crawled to.

"This is what happens to those who hurt us."

He attached chains to her ankles, wrists, shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips. They were all spiked and dug into her skin, but the ones at her hips were the worst. She yelped at each one being clamped on her but screamed endlessly when the hip chains were hooked THROUGH HER FLESH. They weren't like the wrist clamps that simply had needles digging in, her hips were nailed through by the clamps themselves. The pain was unholy.

He undid the rope tying her elbows to her wrists and knees to feet, but she still couldn't move. But she couldn't not move either.

Anytime she did move, she pulled a trigger. But she was in such an awkward position that not moving was impractical. The only ropes that couldn't move were at her knees in her hips; Her ass was in the air and her knees were spread out from each other at a straight angle. Her knees and torso made a T.

She was perfectly still at first. But her lower legs would sway, and anytime they swayed just a millimeter too far, PAM her ass paddled. Each ankle triggered 2 implements from different angles- over the buttock of the same side with either a paddle straight down or a strap from the side- depending on if her ankle was too close or far from her ass. She couldn't keep still, especially when she was struck it she jolted and then jolted again in a horrible and humiliating cycle.

Her arms and the back off her head were all that touched the table, and anytime she moved her elbows or wrists out of place, BB and paintball guns shot her from her anus, breasts, face, and torso.

Her ass and thighs were held firmly in place, her legs and arms flailed around, and her chest swayed around in misery. Her boobs flopped about in her face and blood trickled down her body.


"Just stay still." Taking a much longer scythe, Bobby Robber gently put it into her back. She let loose a giant turd that slid down her pussy and fell onto her face as she urinated a spray of piss all over herself and the bloodied equipment. He carved her skin off, carved her left tit off. Then sliced her shins and carved some flesh from her thighs.

He stepped closer, unafraid of the ammo or fluids. With a small knife, he sliced her right nipple off, and proceeded to skin her arms and legs. He quickly put the knife away and picked up a hammer, smashing her teeth and nose. He plucked her tongue out and shoved red-hot needles in it, then sewed her lips shut around it.

He held a mirror up to her. She saw herself upside down, a trail of her own urine, scat, and blood running down herself, being paddled and strapped, swaying around against her own will, getting pelted by paint lead. Her cunt was gaping and her anus was puckered and incredibly bloody and bruised, occasionally gaping open to relax from tensing, and then swallowing paint and BB. Her lips sewn shut around her needled tongue. Her eyes sewn open.

Then he pointed at an open coffin filled with worms, maggots, and roaches. He threw her into the coffin and held the mirror above her, so she could get a full view of herself.

That, and the light of cameras, was the last thing she saw before he bugs crawled over her face. She tried to close her eyes but they were sewn open and just brought more blood thinly river down her face.

"Let me help you with that" He plucked her eyes out and she could feel the bugs run down into her face.

She could feel her tongue being cut off, but not all the way. Then bugs crawling down over her tongue and into her throat. SLAM

She simply suffered for an eternity, her every moment an intense pain of every sort. Bugs crawling into her every orifice and wound. She was blind and all she could hear was swarming roach hisses. She had moments of comparing her predicament to her life overall, but really just felt agony. Even death would be better than this, but wouldn't come soon enough.

Her entire existence in her final moments was only feeling agony.

Name: Elizabeth.
Age 18.
Characteristics: Virgin, Christian, good girl, dresses conservatively, really shy and easily embarrassed. Gets crushes but hates herself for it. Hates night time and is very afraid of most things.
Scene: Church!



The terrorist leader smiled down at his victim as his men set up the camera. He was a tall, dark haired and fit. He wore a black and red suit, his hair was in a ponytail. His eyes shined like gold. He was armed with an AR15, a 9mm handgun and combat knife.

"It's ready, boss."

The leader smiled. It was time. "Well, since no one listened to my demands, this young lady must suffer." He says, kneeling and looking her in the eyes. She was naked save her panties, and she had her arms chained behind her back. She had a ballgag in her mouth to prevent speech. He slides her panties to the side and the crew zoomed in on her wet pussy. "You know, women in my home don't have clots." He says as he draws out his knife. Fran shakes her head wildly in protest, but Chase doesn't care. He slices off her clit quickly, causing her to squeal in agony. She squirts a pained orgasm as well.

Chase laughs and gives her a moment to recover, then he steps back and aims his rifle at her pussy. Her eyes widen, but he fires before she can protest. She shrieks in absolute agony as her pussy is shredded by a single bullet. Chase smiles and moves behind her, grabbing her right tit in his hand and slices it off. Then the left. He laughs as she lies screaming in agony, leaving her to die a slow and horrible death. Later, he rapes the corpse on camera.


K/V: V
Name: Jim
Age: 8
Sex: M
Characteristics: Slim, brown hair and eyes, Wears a spiderman shirt and blue shorts.


>>K/V: V
>>Name: Jim
>>Age: 8
>>Sex: M
>>Characteristics: Slim, brown hair and eyes, Wears a spiderman shirt and blue >>shorts.

NORMALLY... I don't write for pedo shit but I'm evil anyway and we collided, so I'll handle one more story and then both our victims can get got.


"Hey little boy." The strange lady was tall and beautiful. Her skin was pale and her eyelashes were long and numerous. She wore black clothes, matching her straight silk, which draped over her big perky breasts. Her curvy ass was also large yet firm.

"Hello miss!" He was normally shy but started to grow very interested in her. She was always lurking in alleys and around corners. Sometimes they'd make eye-contact when he was with his oblivious mother in a coffee shop. Today hew wore his spider man t-shirt.

"Come home with me." She smiled. "I love spiderman."

"Oh, uh." He really wanted to, she was his crush. For that day and all eternity, as it would turn out.

"It wouldn't be a bad thing. Your mother and I see each other all the time."

"I guess she does know you. But I'm really supposed to come right home."

"Oh you can come right home alright..." She leaned in, her giant tits swaying in his face. The soft skin of her neck splashing into and over her collar bone and then her shoulders, like a skin waterfall; her veins were like streams of pure sugar in frosting of creamy cake.

"I'll give you a treat." She chirped, then swayed her breasts lightly.

"Oh, well I do love food!" He chirped, "I suppose just for a minute."

What would the harm be? She was beautiful and cool. Cool like his older sister's friend (who had warned him to stay away from her- she was a good Christian social conservative who hated drugs, but she wore dark clothes and argued with the elders a lot), or her other friend's cousin (whom he was also warned against and was far more of a rebel; Her clothes were black with twisted red symbols on them, she did drugs, drank, and fucked, and she had many tattoos and piercing- but she herself also warned him to stay away from this mysterious lady).

She brought him back to the basement she turned into a game room. He enjoyed playing games for some time, as she fed him finely cooked meats and sweets. He was so concentrated on gorging that he lost track of time.

"Oh!" He jumped up, "I m u s t . . uh" He stopped speaking as he realized the room was different. The walls. The walls were fuzzy and dark. There were patches of various brown and black shades shifting around. Spiders. "AAA AAAAAHHHAAAHHAAHHHH"

"It's okay." She walked around the corner into the doorway. She was naked.

A handful of tarantulas chilled at her feet, some brown recluses and black widows swam through her hair and many more hung from her nipples and pussy by their webs.

She was stunning in her beauty, and he was almost as aroused as he was horrified. His entire body shriveled and shook. He tried to run but as soon as he jolted he tripped over a web and slammed his head onto the ground. Now he saw her from upside down.

Several spiders climbed over his shorts, used their mandibles to cut through them, and stuck their webbing to it, before shooting for the ceiling and rising to pull his shorts slowly off.

He stared in horror as his shorts ascended to stick to the ceiling, then at the evil naked lady standing right above him, her legs in a wide stance and here pussy right above his splayed legs.

She put tongued his boyhood into her mouth and sucked his everything, then ran her tongue up and down his body. She took out her left eye; a small spider crawled out of it and onto his tiny penis, then hiked in spirals down his body to crawl into his ears. She knelt and kissed him, holding on his forehead, her fingers petting his soft brown hair. The spider marched back into her eyesocket. She stood above him and straddled his now erect cock. It took him not even moments to come. Spiders crawled out of her vagina and over the first erection of his life, making him cum again. Various spiders bit his tiny member to inject him with erection enhancement. Stood aside and spanked him, clawing at his ass and slapping his tummy over and over.


She stood with her vagina in his face; she held his head and danced, rubbing her puffy mound over his nose, eyes, and cheekbones, loving every contour of his face. Spiders crawled over his face and stuck to his hair, then brought it back with them into her ass. She turned around and rubbed her anus over his throat and eyes. She shook her ass for him and lowered her shoulders to the floor, bending over and looking back up at him, no longer screaming but still in terrified shock and utter confusion. She climbed up him backwards, putting her feet into the webbing and to cuddled him upside down, with his face in her breasts, and her chin nesting in his hair. His penis flopped down until it hardened again. She stroked his back and softly rubbed his bottom and thighs. She rubbed her pussy over his thighs and tummy.

She came again and again, and he did many times more. She took his shirt off and left him there naked. He starved to death, wondering if she'd ever come back for him or if anyone would ever find him, unable to scream due to the webbing over his mouth.


Name: Elizabeth.
Age 18.
Characteristics: Virgin, Christian, good girl, dresses conservatively, really shy and easily embarrassed. Gets crushes but hates herself for it. Hates night time and is very afraid of most things.
Scene: Church!



The young organist named Elizabeth caught his eye. She's beautiful, softly spoken, and carried an air of serenity and grace with her as her fingers danced on the ivory keys. There's something special about her, something innocent and pure.

He wanted her all to himself, he wanted to defile every orifice on her youthful body before sending her off to meet the almighty one.

*Later that evening*

"Wh-what... Who are you?" Cried Elizabeth as she opened her eyes to pitch blackness. "W-where am I? What's happening?!"

A startled shriek escaped her sensuous lips when she felt a large muscular figure pressed against the exposed skin of her back, pinning her against the cold wooden floor. His hands cupped around her modest breasts, his groin pressed between her slender thighs...

She's naked, and there's a man on top of her.

She desperately attempted to cover her nakedness, but to no avail. The grip around her chest tightened as the man clenched down on her pink nipples, and she could feel the throbbing veins on his fully erect cock pulsing against the exposed lips of her maidenhood.

"S-s-stop. What do you want?" She screamed in a shrill and terrified voice, her body trembled in fear as the man answered her question in a deep baritone voice.

"We are at your church Liz, the time is midnight. I drugged your water earlier today, brought you here and stripped you naked. What do I want? I've always wanted to fuck you ever since I laid my eyes on you, and shoot my load into that tight little body of your's and call you mine."

"Wh-what?! Please... " She whimpered "No no no... I'm saving myself fo-"

Her pleads fell upon deaf ears as he gripped her slender thighs and pushed them apart, and pressed his swollen cock against the tiny slit at the root of her thighs and rubbed it back and forth.

"Nooooo!!!" She screamed. "PLEASE ANYTH-"

Clenching onto her breasts with his sausage-like fingers, he shoved his thick cock into her dry, virgin passage. She cried and screamed as she felt a sharp tearing sensation when his cock ripped her hymen apart, and slid into the depth of her pussy.

"What a tight little snatch you have." He groaned. "I wonder how it'll clench around my cock when I do this..."

He reached into his pocket and produced a rusty screwdriver, all while sliding his bloodstained cock in and out of her bleeding passage. Pinning her head against the floor with one hand, he violently thrusted the screwdriver in her ear, penetrating the poor girl's eardrum and burying itself deep in her grey matters.

"P-please don't kill me... " She jerked her head back violently in agony, almost dislodging the invasive metal pole embedded in her head "Someone please help me..." she whimpered.

Wrenching the screwdriver in a twirling motion, he reduced the delicate inside of her cranium to shreds of brain tissue in a matter of seconds, sending waves of violent convulsions through her body as gurgling incomprehensible babble escaped her throat, causing her once virginal vaginal walls to clench onto his shaft as a warm stream of urine blasted out of her violated maidenhood.

Needless to say, it was heavenly down there.

Name: Lucie
Age 25
Characteristics: A fresh barrister at a law firm. Long blonde ponytail, sapphire blue eyes, office attire (white blouse, short pencil skirt, tights, heels), athletic build with petite perky breasts. She knows that she's got the body of a porn star, and she's not afraid to use it to get the men in her office to do her job.

Scene: Someone's had enough of her cock teasing, and decided to rape and snuff this little lawyer.


An organised crime group decided to make an example out of her for prosecuting one of their members.


File: 1484997729966.jpg (188.42 KB, 1000x1000, 1472721816501.jpg)


I kinda went with both options at once, because why the fuck not.


“I got your message, what's up?”

“There you are, Lucie. I just wanted to show you some numbers I got here and-” I lightly nudge the side of my computer and the conveniently loosened power supply falls out, causing the screen to instantly black out. “Oh come on!” I put on a brief show of pressing some more buttons, checking the cables which are of course a-okay and so on, before giving up. “I don't have the time for this, I'll just let IT deal with it on Monday. But I've got the data on my laptop in my car too, will you come with me?”

“Well, sure, as long as this doesn't take too long, I've got a date this evening.” Of course the little whore would, with 'date' being 'be treated to an expensive dinner in exchange for sleeping with someone'.

I do some small talk about nothing important until we get to the garage, my car parked on the far side, right next to a nondescript gray van. Just as we're walking past it, I fumble and drop my keys, briefly distracting Lucie when suddenly the doors of the van open and a hooded man throws a large back over her head, while I get up and push her towards him, and she vanishes inside the van within seconds, without time to struggle or even scream.

As the doors slam shut again, I calmly keep walking to my car as if nothing happened, then drive home and continue my evening, even though I just can't wait for what's about to happen. Later I meet up with some people, making sure I have an alibi, before changing cars a few times and eventually coming to an abandoned warehouse where, just as promised, I find that same van from this afternoon. I'm sure there's also some men nearby keeping guard, but that's not my problem.

I enter the back of the van, and after my eyes get used to the dim light within, I can see Lucie tied to some sort of low table or bench with her arms and legs. She's got a bag over her head, and from the sounds she makes when she hears me enter, she's also gagged.

When I pull the bag off her head, Lucie's eyes widen in surprise, then fear as she recognizes me and makes the connection. “So sorry, but you're not getting out of here alive. You being such a fucking cocktease day after day would almost be enough, but you also put one too many people with powerful friends behind bars. So his 'family' offered me this great opportunity.”

I've only got a kitchen knife with me, so it takes a little work to cut open Lucie's blouse as she predictably starts to struggle, but there's no way she's getting out of her restraints, and after cutting herself on the knife, drawing a neat red line over her belly, she calms down a little, but keeps sobbing, her eyes pleading for me stop and reveal that this was just a very bad joke.

But no such luck of course. I pull away her blouse to reveal her toned abdomen, the skin perfectly soft and well cared for. As I cut away Lucie's bra to bring her perky tits to light, she starts crying, and only intensifies as I lift her skirt to reveal she wasn't wearing panties in the first place, and her pussy is nice and shaved.

“You only fuck people if it will get you something, so I know I never had much of a shot, yet you keep teasing and trying to get all the men do menial jobs for you, so now I'm just taking it, you have no one to blame for this but yourself.”

I take out my dick and stroke it a few times to get hard, then just push inside Lucie's pussy, and she lets out a muffled scream through her gag as I start thrusting, her pussy quite nice and tight despite all the fucking around she does on a daily basis. Lucie starts thrashing against her restraints, and I just let her, ramming her harder and deeper until before long her resistance breaks and she goes almost limp, only weakly shuddering and sobbing as I continue raping her.

Just a little later I feel I'm about to cum, so I pause to take the gag from Lucie's mouth, but before she even has time to start screaming or begging, I take the length of thin wire I was supplied with and loop it around her neck. This is not some ordinary wire, though; it's so thin it's practically a blade, and without my thick leather gloves I'd be cutting off my own fingers right now.

It takes just a little pressure and the wire easily cuts into Lucie's skin, producing a huge gush of blood as it open her carotids, and only seconds later her scream is cut into a gurgling noise as it cuts into her trachea too.

Slowly pulling the rope tighter, I start fucking her again, and as the wire starts slicing through her neck Lucie starts frantically struggling and thrashing about, her pussy clenching around my dick in her convulsions, and before long I cum, shooting a huge load into her, just moments before she goes limp with one final drawn-out gasp, all but decapitated by the wire.

It takes a little more work to get through her spinal column, but finally Lucie's head comes off, dropping to the ground, her once pretty blue eyes blankly gazing at the ceiling, her face a grimace of utter agony and terror. Personally I wouldn't have made it quite as messy, but the boss wanted her to suffer, to make an example for anyone else who would prosecute his family. Well, not my problem; I got some revenge on this whore, and I even got paid for it, so everything's peachy.


K/V: Victim
Name: Yuki
Age: 14
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture
Scene: See picture; Yuki asked you stay after lessons, then tried to seduce you. She knew her first time might hurt a little, but she most certainly did not expect to be snuffed afterwards/during sex.




Dear diary,

Today I killed Yuki.

You see, I've always had a thing for her ever since I moved to this school, she sat next to me in almost every class, and there's something about her boyish physique, something charmingly alluring.

I guess you could imagine the look on my face when she asked me to stay behind to help her out with a film essay that's due tomorrow, apparently she brought 'study snacks' for both of us.

My heart raced at the thought of going on a study date with her, when she took me to a vacant classroom on the top floor and locked the door behind her, I knew things were about to get weird, fast.

She held my hand and leant in, pressing her modest chest against mine, her arms tightly wrapped around my body, the smell of her scent was utterly intoxicating, has she always smelled like fresh cherry blossoms? Her luscious lips were pressed against mine before I could even finish that train of thought.

One thing led to another, she pushed me up against a desk, her hips grinding against mine rhythmically. I could feel a hardness growing in pants, she obviously felt it too as she undid my belt, and pulled the pants down to my knees.

Before you know it, both of us were naked with our clothes littered across the empty classroom. A series of soft moans escaped her lips as I gently caressed her tiny slit between her slender thighs, her fingers curled, and her body convulsed in pleasure. She returned the service by wrapped her sweet little mouth around my fully erect cock, and sucked on it as if it was a lollipop, gone even as far as licking up my pre-cum while staring directly into my eyes.

Her nails dug into my exposed back when I popped her cherry, and they dug deeper as I wrapped my hands around her little neck. Her eyes widened in surprise, mouth gaped open in a stifled scream. I could feel her flat chest trembling beneath me when I clenched down on her larynx, and the way she bucked reminded me of a dying animal in a trap. Eventually, the light in her eyes vanished and was replaced with a lifeless glassy stare into the distance, her struggles soon became erratic spasms, a stream of bloodstained piss seeped down my legs as she lost control of her bladder before going completely stiff.

Some of you might be wondering why I killed her. Well, I've always had a sneaking suspicion that she was once a boy. With a box cutter in hand, I sliced her flat stomach open with a single stroke and pulled out globs of viscera until her underdeveloped womb popped into my view.

Damn, I was wrong, despite her boyish looks she was a girl all along.


K/V: Victim
Name: Elisa
Age: 26
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short blonde hair in French curls, hazel eyes, tall, normal build, recently gave birth, single mother, large breasts will lactate if stimulated, vaginal canal still loose from birthing.

Anything that involves hard rape and torture, ideally involving forced milking or extreme fisting.


I imagine that the last one is a bit too odd/specific for most people. So, in interest of keeping the thread alive, I'll add another one.

K/V: Victim
Name: Catherine Lynch
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, average height, curvy, busty, half-Indian(not Native American). Wearing a black gothic-style minidress, glasses, fishnet pantyhose, and black boots. No bra or panties.
Scene: Sneaking into her neighbor's house at 3:00 in the morning on the dare of her friends.



I just didn't want to hog up the thread, but I'll have a go at both.


K/V: Victim
Name: Elisa
Age: 26
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short blonde hair in French curls, hazel eyes, tall, normal build, recently gave birth, single mother, large breasts will lactate if stimulated, vaginal canal still loose from birthing.

Anything that involves hard rape and torture, ideally involving forced milking or extreme fisting.

I did my job well. I stuck my head out of cover when few others would. I fired at people I didn't know. I was patient, and spared people I hated... for as long as was needed.

All for my commanders to earn my loyalty in turn. They held up their end of the bargain. Most areas they dominated was a simple matter of pointing out who I hated, and they were skinned alive, but not all lands were taken. Some lands were supposedly neutral, or so they thought.

There she was. Elisa. Wife of my enemy. Mother of his bastard. I recorded the code she typed. Cameras facing the entrance meant my 2 best friends would come in handy. I waited until it started raining, I chose a stormy day.

"Destroy them." I pointed from my shaded spot at the cameras, and the ravens that stood on my shoulders flew and forward and smashed the cameras with their beaks. The last thing recorded would indicate a game of angry birds.

I walked up casually, nobody was around except for an old lady up the street carrying groceries into her house, probably didn't see me and definitely didn't get a good look, but it wouldn't matter. I was going to be long gone by the time anyone realized something horrible had happened.

I typed code and quietly opened the door, then walked inside, gripping the machine-pistol in my holster. I could hear her listening to music, some anchorwoman on T.V. Baby asleep in his mother's arms, dreaming together on the couch.

"Wake up." I commanded. Her eyes opened wide and then shock of being awoken turned to shock of fear.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"You're going to follow me, and I'm willing to die and kill your fucking baby, so don't be stupid. Do as I say, and you might live and your baby definitely will." I knew she had been trained to resist someone kidnapping her, but that was before she had a baby. "Your life will depend on your husband's ransom." I lied. He wasn't going to let her die for money. This wasn't about money, it was about bring him as much pain as I could.

I handcuffed her elbows to her opposite wrists and put a bag over her head, then threw her in the passenger seat. I held her baby in my lap. No one saw us leave her house and my car was only a black over. I had been promised that stoners in the area would keep the cops busy without putting anyone on high alert, and it had started thundering and the rain was heavy.

It wasn't long for us to get out of the city. I drove the directions I had been told. There was a friendly house in the area, one nobody would expect. It was a fucking church.

There was an old man standing in front of a garage next to it. He motioned at me.

"What?" I yelled.

"What are you doing here?" He was as unsure of me as I was of him.

"Can I show you some music?" That was the initial code question.

"What sort?" The response code question.

"New classic." The first code answer.

"If you must, show me your taste." The 2nd code answer.

"Domo Arigatu Mr. Robato." Completion. He let me park in the garage. Then we could start asking questions. He was definitely one of ours. We were careful to not give away information that was crucial until it was clear we were on the same side. To routinely put yourself in the way of execution and assassination, you need to have the right protocols and mindset.

We removed my cargo and brought them inside the church, then down to a basement, and then to a hidden room beneath that, filled with drinks and other luxuries, and then to a triply hidden vault behind the sub-basement.

"Holy shit." I was afraid.

"Oh shit." Elisa was terrified.

"Waaahhh!" the baby started crying.

"Do you like it?" The churchman was impressed with himself.

"This is..." I stammered. There were women with harnesses around their bellies hanging from the ceiling, lined up with their asses against the walls. Their arms and legs amputated and their tits were being milked into tubes. "Weird."

"The wives of CEO's, police captains, and gang leaders!" He pointed to a table in the center of the room, I was unsure of what the pile on top of it was. "That's all their children." Bones. Fucking baby bones.


"What did you do with them?" I couldn't believe this.

"I boiled them. And ate them. So tender. Went good with barbecue sauce." He was serious. Elisa couldn't stop screaming.

"We're not boiling this baby." Elisa stopped resisting when I said that and looked at me.

"Thank you! I love you! Please just don't hurt my child I'll do anything!" Elisa clearly didn't mean all of that.

"I'm going to raise him." That shut her up. Then she started sobbing.

"Okay," she caught her breath as she got hiccups, "please just don't hurt him."

"Don't tell me what to do." I kicked her cunt. We cut her clothes off and brought her in front of an older woman who longer produced milk according to the churchman. He put a bucket beneath her throat and slit it.

He threw her from the harness and put Elisa on it. I saw that there was a hole for their asses to excrete and urinate. There must be another room below this one, I thought. I remember distinctly feeling surreal at the realization that the complex could be incredible, but he later insisted it was only 2 other rooms I hadn't seen; there was a kitchen at the other side of the hidden luxury room and the waste-disposal beneath us.

"How do you know how to amputate them?"

"I was trained in a war. Won't say which one." Funny that he was a medic. Torturers tended to be better at keeping people alive, I guess, and medics are well-suited to that.

He stepped out momentarily and walked back in with surgical tools and got to work. He carved her arms and legs off, and she wouldn't stop screaming. He had used no anesthetic.

Before inserting her ass to the wall, he turned her around and took out his cockc. It was massive.

"Let me have her anus first, please." I stepped in and slapped her lower back. He stepped aside and motioned to go on. I'm not as well endowed, but enjoyed her tight anus all the same. It took me a good 10 minutes to jizz.

"Ahh.." I sighed, relaxed.

He took a hammer and smashed her teeth in. Again and again. Even I thought it was brutal.

"I'd like to be on my way," I paused as he spun her around and spun her around and started fucking her pussy. "So if that'd be all."

"Be on your way then asshole, I don't need nothing." HE started grunting and she was moaning. "Damn you're loose, I love good pussy, need some sizequeens and women who just gave birth I tell you, no other brat can fit me good." He spoke in the distance as I left, never to return or do another job after that. Or so I thought.


K/V: Victim
Name: Catherine Lynch
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, average height, curvy, busty, half-Indian(not Native American). Wearing a black gothic-style minidress, glasses, fishnet pantyhose, and black boots. No bra or panties.
Scene: Sneaking into her neighbor's house at 3:00 in the morning on the dare of her friends.


I saw her friends outside. They didn't seem to see me. I know they all think this house is haunted. It is, by me.

She sneaked in through an open window. I keep all my windows open. I don't even lock my front door or back. In truth, I have a house within my house. There's a layer of rooms between the outside and the inner core my home, where it's as breezy as outside. The inner core, however, is a fortress. The attic is an observatory, I'm always on my roof. The basement is a nuclear bunker with fish farms and gardens.

I'm cloaked in black, there are no lights except her flashlight. I see her from around the corner in a mirror. I stay perfectly still, lightly holding my scythe.

The thing about scythes as weapons is they weren't generally used as depicted in media. It was more often just a lot off revolutionaries rising up and using them in place of spears to cover the same roles, protect riflemen from calvary and hold off professional infantry. But you could use a scythe as personal weapon like a monk- if you train with it enough. I trained endlessly with this scythe. It was smooth and just as long as I needed it to be. The blade was perfect.

She got too close. Before she even turned the corner, I shoved the scythe to her ankles and swung it up and around, catching her left foot and bringing her to the ground. She gave a short scream as she fell, not even realizing yet that she was doomed.

She looked up and at me as I skinned her and carved her thighs, thrusting and yanking the scythe again and again. I sliced her clothes off and she was nude. She covered herself and then held her hands outstretched, begging for her life, but I did not listen.

Every time she tried to get up, I pulled her to the floor. I kept removing her flesh and skin like she was string cheese. She had a lovely asshole, and I enjoyed thrusting my blade in there and puncturing out of her asscheeks, then leaving a gaping wound when I unsheathed it from her bottom and another sliced off her other buttock. Her thighs were deliciously smooth. Her back was to easy, though my scythe did get caught in her ribs a couple off times.


I finished her off by thrusting the scythe into her neck at one side, then leaping to the other side yanking it with me while pushing it to the floor, beheading her.

Quickly, I grabbed her head and showed her the lifeless body that she used to be, and her wide eyed shock turned to mindlessness as her eyes rolled up inside her head.

Then I called the cops as I heard sirens in the distance. Doubtless, her screams motivated someone to call them, but I was well within my rights.


Killer: A revolutionary captain with 100 men under his command and no commander but those with the coin.
Age: 39.
Characteristics: Cynical, drastic, scarred, tactical.
Scene: A triangle of a park, a school, and some shops.



“Move bitches, your turn, hurry it up.” The armed soldiers usher us out of our cells and onto the town square, a small kind of triangle flanked by a nice little park, the grounds of a school, and the side of a shopping district. It's not like they'd need this many guards, we're unarmed and wearing nothing but some flimsy shirts to cover ourselves.

The square is covered in a thin layer of snow that is painfully cold under my bare feet, and as we get closer I can see that the Captain has all his men gathered. They used to be a hundred when they took over our small town weakened by the war and left with barely any men to defend it; after just two weeks there's only 78, while we only lost three of our own, in time the all-female resistance easily would have driven them off.

But somehow they found our hideout, and those not killed in the fight were captured. We went from 23 to 14, and they already took away five of us this morning, no doubt they are dead by now, if not worse.

As the soldiers line us up in the middle of the square, I notice a gallows with five naked, partially bloodied or bruised bodies hanging from it. That clears up that question. And there's a few more nooses free, if not enough for all of us.

From the crowd that's gathered, it appears like the Captain is making almost all of the town watch, and multiple of his soldiers are holding smartphones or video cameras too. If all of these people were to rise up now, the Captain and his men would literally be crushed, guns or no; but there is no way to rally them without just being shot instantly, or worse.

A fact that the Captain must be well aware of if he's making an example of us instead of just having us quietly shot in the head or something. I'm not really paying attention to his speech about junk like peace and order, until something makes me pay attention.

“Of course, this wouldn't have been possible without a little help from the inside telling us where to go.” Wait, what? He couldn't- “Step up, will you?” He pulls a blonde woman out of the row; I saw her before and fought side-by-side with her, but she never caught my attention beyond that. Did she really sell us out?

“You little bitch, I'll fucking kill you!” The tall brunette suddenly charges forward at the traitor, probably intending to kill her with her own hands, but she barely gets two steps forward before the two soldiers flanking the Captain open fire, the high-caliber bullets tearing huge bloody holes into her abdomen, and one hitting the side of her head, positively blasting it open, exposing her glistening brain as her body instantly stumbles to the ground, splattering the snow around it with red in its last shudders.

Ignoring the interruption, the Captain continues “So of course she will be rewarded as appropriate-” Suddenly he shifts, pulling a small knife from somewhere, jabbing it into the blonde's neck and tearing it out in a sideways motion, painting an arc of red onto the ground as she gasps in shock, reaching for her throat, the blood streaming freely through her hands.

“That's what you deserve.” The Captain pushes the woman onto her knees, then grinds her face into the dirt with his boot. “Traitors are the worst kind of scum. How could you ever expect anything else than betrayal in turn?”

Leaving the bitch to futilely struggle as she bleeds out, the Captain turns to the rest of us. “Of course, you will all die for your crimes, but merciful as I am, you will get a clean death. And what's more you may choose, do you want to be shot or hanged?”

Actually, for me this is not even a decision. After an incident involving a skipping rope when I was small, I have a kind of trauma involving any and all kinds of asphyxiation, I can barely hold my breath without starting to panic. So after a small moment, I step up. “Just shoot me and get it over with.”

“How brave to go first. Or is it cowardice so you won't have to see your comrades die? Either way. Strip.” I obey, taking off my flimsy excuse for a shirt to reveal my admittedly sizable chest, and the Captain lest out an appreciative whistle. “Not bad. Such a waste, really. You could have been the star of the whorehouse.”

Maybe. And it's not like I didn't put my looks to good use. A tall, busty redhead is sure to get some attention, and no less than three of his soldiers fell for me, only to wind up strangled or stabbed that night.

The Captain pushes me on my knees and I hear the telltale click of a pistol being readied, and a muzzle pressing against the back of my head. “Any last words?”

“I'll see you all in hell.”

“Well spoken, and I have no doubt about that. Farewell.”



File: 1486543037276.jpg (584.41 KB, 1200x1500, 8b299b102519a1ebf390efe06f….jpg)


Name: Lyria
Age: Impossible to tell with elves (maybe hundreds of years, but physically mid-twenties)
Appearance: See picture
Scene: See picture. During one of your hunting trips you come across a particularly careless wood elf. A shame the new king has decreed his woods be purged of all non-humans, and there is a huge bounty for their bodies. 'Busy' as she is, she doesn't notice you approaching until it's too late.



K/V: Victim
Name: Claire
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: Medium-length chestnut brown hair, 5'2" height, thin and wearing brown knee high boots with a white skirt and sky blue top.
Scene: Reading medical books in her dorm room

I remembered I have to go into the woods and hunt for some food today. I hate hunting, especially because I love animals so much, but I do need to eat if I wish to survive...And the majority of the plants here are poisonous.

I immediately departed into the woods, in hopes of some food for tonight.

"I can't believe how long it's been....Am I ever going to find anything I can
capture and eat...? It seems like it's been hours since I've been out here."

I take a seat near a tree, exhausted and wanting to take a nap. As I start to drift off into my dreams, I hear a very wet and rapid sound.

"It sounds like someone is masturbating..." I think to myself. "But who would do that out here? Although... I have to admit, that does sound pretty nice right about now."

My curiousity gets the best of me, and I start looking around for where the noise is coming from. Not far from me, I notice an elf pleasuring herself and clearly trying very hard not to moan.

"That poor girl is in danger! What is she doing out here? Especially while doing THAT!"

Then it dawns on me. If I can kill her, then the King will know I'm loyal and I'll never have to worry about dying other than from old age.

"Though...can I really do it? I've killed animals before so that I can eat and survive, so this is no different, right?" Trying to justify what I'm about to do.

Hesitant, I notice that she's wearing an adorable pair of white flats that even have some ribbons laced on top. They remind me of the ones my best friend used to wear all the time. The ones she wore when I had to helplessly watch her drown, since I'm unable to swim.

Suddenly, I had the urge to kill her. I've never had an urge like this before, but the thought of her dying sounded so pleasant. I remembered how wet I got when I watched my friend die, and I wanted to relive that day by killing this helpless elf. At this point, it doesn't make any sense to let her live. I win in three ways. Not only will my king know how loyal I am, I'll also get that huge bounty which means I might never have to hunt again. I might never have to hurt those animals again. I hate seeing them die, but seeing her die sounds fun! I'm just glad she hasn't spotted me yet. But how am I going to kill her?

I start to plan how I want her to die...My adrenaline starts kicking in more than I've ever known it to, and my lust for her blood deepens. Finally, I realize I can make use of the ribbon hanging around her neck. I sneak up behind the tree that she is leaning on as she pleases herself and I pull her ribbon and tie it around the tree as hard as I can.

I notice her start to clench at the ribbon, trying to pull it away from me as her eyes widen in horror and her feet kick aimlessly. I never know how rewarding it is watching someone in terror and fear for their life, as you dangle it front of them like a carrot in front of a hungry rabbit. She was my prey now, and I was determined to see the life fade from her eyes.

"Crap! I forgot to ask her name. I really want to be able to tell the king what the name of the whore is that I've brought for him." I thought

I let the ribbon loose for just a moment, and told her:

"If you tell me your name...I'll let you live."

The elf gasped with a sigh of relief amd a gleam of hope in her eyes "L-Lyria! My name is Lyria!"

"Sweetdreams, Lyria. Rest in peace." I told her as I began to tighten the ribbon again.

Lyria started to struggle again, kicking and flailing about - gasping for what little air she could get down her throat - until she finally went limp and died as her hands dropped to the ground and her feet became motionless. I went to check her pulse just to make sure she was dead, and was pleased with what I found, as I felt absolutely no pulse at all. I gave her eyes a kiss as they stared into nothingness and began to glaze over.

"It's a shame though, she didn't get to orgasm before she died. I should be nice and see if her body is still working enough to let her cum one last time, even if she won't be able to enjoy it. Infact, that makes it all the more fun to me. Knowing she won't be able to enjoy the state of ecstacy that follows an orgasm." I thought to myself.

I began to finger Lyria and massage her clit simultaneously, and before I kneww it I felt her vagina pulsate against my fingers. Just as I had thought, even though she was dead, her body was still functioning enough to have one final orgasm. Lyria's body spasmed as a result of the pleasure she was unable to experience.

I wanted to play with her some more, but I heard my stomach rumble a bit and remembered how hungry I was. I decided it would be best to take her back to the king now, but real fast I wanted to see if her shoes would fit me because I desperately wanted to steal them off of her lifeless, unresisting, and soon to be cold feet.

I pulled her limp foot next to mine to compare sizes, and it looked as though we matched perfectly. I was very excited to take them off of her as soon as i got back.

I started to drag her along by her ribbon necklace, but thankfully before she was able to get too dirty a nobleman had come riding on his horse.

"Did you kill that elf, girly?" the man asked me.

"I did!!!" I gleefully replied.

"How about I give you and that lousey thing's corpse a ride to the king? He will be very pleased with your work."

The nobleman took Lyria's corpse and draped her over the horse, and then welcomed me on. With each step the horse took, Lyria's limp body moved and jerked all about, her lips parted, and her eyes stared wide in horror.

"I'm sorry that it's a bit cramped, and that we have this disgusting elf's carcass with us, but the king will be ecstatic when he finds out." the nobleman told me.

After what felt like an eternity, we arrived at the castle and the nobleman carried Lyria's mostly naked body to the king, her feet dangling in her flats, and her neck and head leaning over the side of nobleman's arm, still with the deathstare on her face.

"Well done!!!" The king told me. "As promised, I have quite the reward for you. You will be given the bounty in full, and because you're the first to bring an elf's corpse to me, I'll even let you decide what happens to this thing's wretched body."

I had just the thing in mind.

"Um, I'd love if I could perform an autopsy on her...and then to keep her in my house? If that'd be okay...And, I know I might be over extending my invitation... but could I possibly keep her clothes?" I asked

"Ha! What clothes are you speaking of? She barely has anything on!" The king chuckled. "And you are not extending any invitation, do not worry. You have rid this forest, and this world of one less disgusting creature. You have every right to ask these things! You are welcome to the little clothes she has on. I do apologize, however, as I need to do one thing with her before I give you reign of her. But, after that you are welcome to perform an autopsy on her and keep her wherever you so desire. If you care to stay and watch, I will be done with her shortly."

The king pulled Lyria away and openned her mouth very wide, and began to give himself a blowjob using her cold head, as it stared into his crotch. He was rock solid and trembled, falling to his knees as he came inside of her mouth, cum dripping from her lips.

"I apologize" said the king, "a subject should never have to see her king on his knees. However, I am done with this creature, so are free to do with her what you will. If you wish, you may use the medical facilities here to perform the autopsy before you take her home."

"Thank you very much, your majesty!" I said as I bowed and eagerly dragged Lyria to the morgue inside of the castle.

I managed to lift her onto the table, which had a drain for any blood. I immediately untied the ribbons of her ballet flat shoes, and slipped them off her feet, as they jiggled around lifelessly. I slipped off my boots and slipped into her flats and tied up the ribbons, and marveled in how adorable I looked in my prey's attire. Her feet looked too barren now though, so I found some toetags lying around in the morgue and filled it out with what information I knew.

Name: Lyria
Race: Elf Sex: F Age: Appears to be in her 20s
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation
Place of Death: Forest
Comments: A slutty elf who deserved to die, and makes a much better corpse than breathing any of this planet's air.

I put the tag on the large toe of her right foot, and as I was about to cut into her I felt myself get wet again. I couldn't help but hop onto the table with her and play with her limp, unresisting, lifeless and cold body. I watched as I could control her head by just putting barely any force against it with even my pinky finger, and would lift her hands up and drop them over and over again. I snapped each of her finger's just to hear the sound of them breaking, and took those broken fingers and used them to please myself. As I came on her dilapidated fingers, I pulled her up towards me using the ribbon still around her neck - the one I had strangled her with. As she came to me without question, I kissed her now blue lips, although I got no return of affection from them, as she still stared helplessly and unblinking.

Finally, since I had calmed down, I got to work on her and dissected her, her body making slight movements and jerks everytime I cut into one of her organs. I made incisions in some of her major arteries and veins and drained her of all of her blood, and filled her instead with another fluid that was laying around, which gave her a small blue tint to her already pale and cold skin. I stitched her back up and took her home, placing her in my freezer - where I used to keep all of my game before I got the huge bounty placed on her head.

Now, every night I put on the flats that I stole from her corpse, take her out of my freezer, and use her body to help me orgasm so that I can sleep better. Sometimes I use her broken fingers, sometimes I'll even work with her toes, and other times I get off just by fingering her body and remembering her pathetic attempt at surviving. She still wears her toe tag and her ribbon scarf, and spends the majority of her time staring aimlessly into my freezer, her eyes glazing over more and more with each passing day.


File: 1486567049656.jpeg (113.59 KB, 724x1024, 387d61b1e9e14277d5b9e9583….jpeg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Sabrina
Age: 13
Appearance: See pic
Scene: (Consent scenario) Sabrina's boyfriend knocked her up and she has decided to not live anymore. She doesn't have the guts to do it herself, but luckily she stole enough money to hire a hitman to kill her. (If you want you can have it so she only has about half of the money, but the hitman will take sex to cover the other half.)


Claire was on the bed, laying on her stomach, reading and studying for a test the next day, when Robert slipped into her dorm. Everyone else was asleep and her door was unlocked, so I managed to make it in undetected. By the time I had closed the door behind me the girl was still unaware of my presence, and she gave not even a small glance from her studies.

Claire's father was a police officer who caused trouble for one of Robert's clients. Her father thought that by sending his kids off to far-away universities and losing all contact they would be safe. I was going to send a clear message that nowhere is safe.

Robert drew a 9mm Semi-Major pistol with a suppressor from his holster and crept closer to the bed. Claire remained clueless, and from what Robert could see she was starting to nod off; seems her schoolwork was a little too heavy.

As Robert's figure loomed and cast a shadow the girl finally looked up: an expression of absolute terror appeared on her face when she noticed the gun.

"Wh...who are you?" She asked weakly.

"Are you Claire Williams?" Robert asked politely, ignoring her question.

At first she seemed hesitant to answer, but nervously replied, "ye...yeah... I'm her." Then she quickly pleaded "'re not going to hurt me are you?"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I need to get paid." He raised the gun and aimed it at her forehead.

"Please no!" She nearly screamed seconds before a bullet pierced her skull and tore through her brain. Her head jerked back before it collapsed onto the book she was reading; blood gushing from the wound soaked into the book and into the bed sheets. A dark wet spot also formed underneath her skirt, near the crotch; this puddle had the distinct smell of warm piss.

Robert grabbed Claire's body by the waist and turned her over onto her back. He raised her shirt up over her shoulder and lifted her skirt up. She wasn't wearing a bra or panties, so her shaved pussy and her plump breasts. He raised the gun again; even though a headshot is almost always fatal, Robert's clients requests multiple shots as a way of insurance.

He really only needed one extra shot to the head, but Robert preferred a barrage of bullets to the torso. He fired at least twenty rounds into her bare flesh; ten going into her chest, eight into her soft belly, and the last two into her cunt.

Certain there was no chance of survival, Robert left her to be found by her friends the next morning. By the time her dear ol' dad received the news he had received his payment and was planning a vacation in Tokyo.


File: 1486629419615.jpg (375.75 KB, 800x721, 328648.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Julie
Age: Appears to be in her early 20s
Appearance: See pic
Scene: Julie is a lustful fairy who feels the heat at an inopportune moment. She's flying through the forest when she feels her pussy getting wet, she lands and begins to finger herself in the open. It doesn't take long to make herself squirt. Unfortunately, she had an audience... ((Bonus points if you wound her pussy while she's cumming. Even more if you debreast her and cut her clit off after))

Chase smiled as he crept into the 13 year olds room with his pistol. He slipped over to her as she lay on the couch, pressing the weapon against her sleeping pussy.

"What the..."

She tried to speak, but was cut of in a shriek of pure agony as Chase put a round into her cunt, the bullet embedding itself in her womb. After a moment she lay there panting with blood pouring out of her pussy. Chase just smiled and pushed the gun into her, moving it in and out roughly. Sabrina let out moans of agony and pleasure as he fucked her with the gun.

"Y-you must be the hitman... Money is in the desk... You shot my pussy...."

She panted as he pumped the gun in and out. She began to feel weak, then she had the best orgasm of her life. She moaned in pure extacy as cum squirted out of her pussy. She heard the trigger begin to pull.

"N-no wait! Let me fin-""

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chase emptied the clip, killing her as she came...

((Sorry for the short one, my phone is dying))


K/V: Victim
Name: Sarah
Age: 10
Appearance: Sarah is very thin and lithe. She is 1.3m with 28kg. Her waist is narrowed down by almost constantly wearing a corset. She has big blue-green eyes and a button nose with soft naturally red lips. Her hair reaches the small of her back in soft white-blond curls.
Scene: Living in a lesbian harem as one of the slavegirls. Killed to make room for a new slave. (Might be served to her replacement and the other girls in the end as supper.)

Darn you beat me to her! I´ll still post my method and do you too.

Getting out of my car I check again the e-mail from one of my agents on my mobile.


Meet me at point 6, at Beta time.

Possible job offer to be discussed."

I slowly go in the supermarket, that sits opposite from a nice calm park, and buy a pack of cigarettes and a coffee to go. Getting out I walk into the park. I´m here early slowly walking around and sipping my coffee. Occasionally stopping and looking carefully around. Making sure that no one is trailing or watching me. My steps lead me to an playground in the center of the park and I go to one of the benches sitting down I light a smoke. My contact, who I´m sure did his own perimeter check, approaches me and sits down next to me.

"Hi Camelion I got a request for your service. A girl want´s to end someone and says she has your money ready."

"Well who is the target?"

"She didn´t say yet but as usual she paid half up front. So you can be sure she is serious."

He places a brown envelop on the bank between us and it quickly vanishes in my purse. I don´t need to check it. I have worked with him before so I know it is all there.

"Okay where do I meet her to discuss final arrangements?"

He looks over to the swings and smiling calls out,

"Sabrina come and meet your babysitter for tonight, uncle Bob has to go to work now so hurry up girl!"

A young girl get´s up from the swings and starts to come over. She has short black hair and her A-line dress reveals a pair of cute small tits.

When she reaches us she politely smiles at me and we shake hands. My contact hugs her and bids his good bye then. I look at her and motion for her to follow me to my car.

We don´t talk at all on the way only once we are seated and buckled up she starts to speak.

"I want you to kill me! My fucking boyfriend knocked me up and then he ran, my Dad is furious and Mom is pushing him to use me as a whore and breeder since that is all I´m now good for. I don´t want to be constantly preggo and milked for some perverts! Please Ma'am kill me! I would do it myself but I´m to scared to do it myself cause that would for sure send me to hell!"

I look at her a bit surprised but then a smile comes to my face. This will be a very easy job! I might even make it home and watch the next local "Miss Preteen Princess Contest"

"Of course I can kill you Sabrina! Just hand me the remaining money and we drive into the woods and get this done!"

Sabrina smiles at first but then she looks down and the smile fades.

"I don´t have any more money Ma'am. I was thinking that the Man would get a male and I could pay with sex. Please Ma'am don´t throw me out! You can use me in any way you want if you promise me to kill me before that thing crawls out of me."

My grip on the wheel tightens and if I wouldn´d wear my gloves she would see my knuckles turning white. The little bitch hires a hitman and doesn´t have enough money? Anger wells up in me and I´m close to throwing her out and driving away. But then I register the rest she is saying and an idea forms in my head.

"You will do whatever I say?"

"Yes Ma'am."

She answers in a tiny but hope filled voice.

This vice let´s a shiver run down my spine

"Mhm okay!"

I start up the car and drive us to my home. With a short stop to change the license plates and placing her in the trunk, on the way of course. As my Daddy always said,

"Safety First!"

Inside my garage I carefully close the gate and then pop my trunk open.

"Okay Slut get out and not a single sound!"

Sabrina get´s silently out of the trunk. And I step to her. Grabbing her arm I pull her along and into my kitchen. I don´t stop until we reach the basement door. Pulling it open I lead her down into the dark room. The kitchen light just illuminates the stairs and small piece of the grey concrete floor. Grabbing the light string and pulling on it I blink into the now lit room. There is a small gasp from her as she looks around. It is empty except for a big bed, a small dog cage in one corner, a sink, a bucket and a shelve full of toys and torture tools. In one wall is a door that leads into a second room.

"How far along are you Slut?"

"I´m around four month now Ma'am."

Shoving her in the cage I smile cruelly at her.

"Welcome to hell and the last fife month of your life!"

I close the cage and lock it.

"I´ll use you for some live torture shows to get my money and then I´ll keep the baby if it´s a girl or grind it up and stuff it down your throat if it´s a boy! See you in the morning!"

Getting out and up I start my TV and a microwave dinner for me. While I watch the little sluts show themselves of on stage I call another agent to set up the live shows.

Over the next five month I make triple what she owes me with her pain and humiliation. I let the viewers suggest and vote on the way I torture her nubile preggo body.

Then it´s time for her final show. Her belly is swollen to the breaking point and I just injected her with the drug that will induce her labour and keep her conscious no matter what.

The side room has been set up as the stage and five video cameras will cover the action. One in each corner and the last pointing down from the ceiling above an elevated wooden cross in the centre of the room and next to it stands on one side a cradle and on the other a meat grinder and a table with toys and tools.

Starting the cameras I pull the Slut in. She is not wearing anything except for a wide black leather collar that covers her whole delicate throat. I´m also naked except for a mask that covers my face.

She has no fight left in her as I drag her to the cross and roughly tie her to it spread eagle.

"Time to see if you will just die or get fed one last time Slut!"

Before she can answer I shove a gag into her mouth and strap it into place.

Turning to one camera I start to address the audience!

"Good afternoon and welcome to Slut´s last live show! She will shortly give birth and then we will see if we will have a torture bunny to grow up or if the meat grinder will get some work! You are invited to suggest your snuff methods for the next five minutes and then there will be 5 minutes of voting time to see which one it will be. I hope you will enjoy our show!"

I step over to her and pick up an blow torch from the table. Lighting it I whisper into her ear,

"This is it Slut the moment you were hoping for the last five month! The time for you to die!"

With no hesitation I direct the flame onto her right milk filled nipple. The Slut screams at the pain and the air is filled with the smell of boiling milk and burning flesh. Cruelly I I keep the flame until her leaking nipple is just a black memory. Then I lift it and do the same to her left nipple.

While I burn her nipples the votes have come in. And the final decision is made.

Death by slow strangulation with the baby´s umbilical cord!

I look into her wide awake eyes and hear her whimper into her gag. Tears run down her face and into her unkept now shoulder long black hair.

"This is all your own fault Slut! You know if you had had the money back then it would have been a clean snapped neck in the woods!"

Picking up an screwdriver in my free hand I step between her wide oped legs. I aim the flame at the tip of the screwdriver until it is glowing almost white.

"Since the drugs don´t seem to work I will get things along a different way!"

I say to the audience. One look at the big screen on the ceiling above the slut shows me that the audience is busy chatting with each other while watching.

I ram the glowing iron up the Slut's asshole and press it down to not harm the baby just yet. That brings the desired effect! While she screams from the burning contractions run along her tummy. And her water breaks.

Pulling the screwdriver out and placing it back on the table while we all watch her body go into labour. Pain filled screeches are all she can emit as her body tries to push out the baby.

But it´s a slow process and I see on the screen that the people get anxious for the final. So I pick up a scalpel next. Not announcing what I´m going to do I step at her sine and cut her belly open. Blood pours out as it splits and reveals not one but two baby´s. New cries fill the room as I pull them out of the womb by their legs. Showing them to the camera's but not their crying mother I place them in the cradle. I take the blowtorch and cauterise the wound to minimize the blood loss. Since she has to die by strangulation and not bleed out.

I tie the umbilical cord of on one of the crying baby´s and cut it. Then stepping to Mom I remove the collar and wrap it around her throat. I see it in her eyes that she is expecting me to kill her now but I smile at her and leave it loose!

"Not so fast Slut! Congratulations! You have a baby girl and boy! So we all get something!"

I take the boy baby and drop it into the grinder's feeder feet first. It is wailing and wiggling. Bloody and slimy it's feet are cut at the sharp still blades with every wiggle.

At the output of the grinder is a hose connected. Taking the gag out of her mouth I shove the hose in and start the grinder! There is an even louder cry from the boy as it's little feet are ripped off by the blades and soon the hose starts to fill with a red mass of blood, flesh and bone! It´s being pumed into the Sluts mouth and she has to swallow it down. When nothing comes and only the cries of the baby girl are heard I drop the hose and take the ends of the umbilical cord wrapped around her throat. I pull on them shutting of her air supply.

We watch as her face slowly turns blue and her eyes start to glass over. I release the cord and she gaspes involuntarily for air. I let her take two breath and then pull again. Repeating this a few times. But then looking up I see that the first started to log out and I hold it. I keep the cord tight until Sabrina the Slut is just a cooling corpse and memory!


I´m out hunting with my crossbow in the woods that adjoin the castle of my father the lord of this county. I have been at it for almost all day but nothing interesting came across my way. Silently I walk through the undergrowth approaching a clearing that is often frequented by deer.

When I see the edge of the clearing I start to hear and ominous sound. Moans fill the air!

Sneaking up to the tree line I look around the clearing and see a young woman resting naked against a tree. A small bundle of clothes are dropped a few meters away. Her eyes are closed and when she turns her head I can see the pointed tips of a fairy through her brown hair.

Open mouthed I stare at her watching her finger herself. Bringing my crossbow up I aim at her cunt and wait. My father has the head and tit´s of a fairy as his most treasured hunting trophies. Always boasting how he and ten of his men had hunted her down and killed her after days! If I bring this fairie's boobs and head home I can show him that I´m a better hunter than he is!

Carefully I aim and just as her pleasure filled shrieks fill the air I pull the trigger. The arrow flies the short distance and nails her hand to her cunt. Blood spurts out of her cunt and she cries out in pain!

Getting up I pull my knife. Running over to her I step on her good hand and grab her by her hair. I hold her head still and look in her eyes.

"What´s your name Fairy?"

"It´s Julie you human bastard! Get over with it and kill me fast!"

I let go of her head and grab one of her tits with it.

"Not to fast I need those first!"


She screams as I bring the knife around and start to cut her tit of her. First one and then the other. I show each of them to her before dropping them into the grass. Then grabbing her hair with my bloody hand again I slice her throat with slow sawing cuts. Working my way through her troat to her neck. Cutting her neck off then lifting her dead head up and kissing her dead lips.

Placing the boobs and the head in a small bag I wipe my hands on my skirts. At least today my Father will be proud of his daughter!


K/V: Killer
Name: Heather
Age: 29
Appearance: 155 cm, 49.7 kg, small breasts. Red hair wavy hair that falls to her shoulder and green eyes. Dressed casual with a green polo shirt and miniskirt, knee-high socks, leather boots, and leather gloves. A large purse with a handgun, a silencer, and several boxes of ammunition.
Scene: Heather, a professional hitwoman, has been hired to kill the daughter of a police officer while she is home alone, in retaliation for his arrest of a powerful drug dealer.


Sarah walked into the headmistress's chamber obediently when her name was called over the intercom system.

"Yes Mistress Kari? How may I please you?" The little girl asked.

Kari was always impressed by Sarah, and because of her unquestioned loyalty she was Karin's favorite out of the girls under her command. Sarah was only ten, yet she was easily the most beautiful. She was a slender, petite girl who weighed no more than 28 kilograms, had naturally red lips, large blue-green eyes, and white-blonde that reached the small of her back in curls. He breasts were just starting to bud, and were no more than nubs at this stage.

Sarah had a look of innocence and cuteness that Kari adored, which Sarah maintained even when she was being a real slut in the Chamber of Pleasure. It almost made me feel guilty about what I was going to do to her.

"Well, I'm sure you remember last week that the Council of Sexual Servants has assigned a new slave girl to our care. We ran a lottery to see who would be terminated so we could make room for her..."

"And the system selected me," Sarah finished the sentence, matter-of-factly without any hint of fear or worry.

Kari only shook her head in confirmation.

"How soon am I today?" She pondered.

"Well, as soon as you select your method of execution and fulfill your last request," She replied.

Sarah bit her lip, and Kari for the first time expected defiance from her favorite girl. Then she said, "Do I have to die before Pleasure Hour, Mistress?" She asked, almost whimpering.

"Hehe" Kari replied, "I don't wanna wait that long, but if you want I can call someone in here to eat your pussy one last time before you die. Why not let that be your last request?"

Sarah thought for a moment, then her face lit up and she exclaimed, "Okay!", happily.

"That's a good little slut," Kari said, patting Sarah on the head and stroking her head. "Who do you want to eat you out?"

Sarah didn't have to think long before she replied: "Lucia!"

"Okay then. Now, how do you want to die? Shotgun, noose, or guillotine?"

"The guillotine!" Sarah replied. "I want it to be quick, and I want no holes in my head when it goes on the wall."

Kari wanted to hug her. Never before has her slaves been this brave when they learned that they had been selected to die.

At the Mistress's order, Sarah stripped down nude. Kari ordered called Katelyn to the Execution Chamber and then guided Sarah to that same room.

They entered the Chamber to see Lucia standing in there with a look of fear on her face. She was a pretty Latina of fourteen, with perfect dark-caramel skin, chestnut brown hair flowing over her shoulders and down to her ass, and gorgeous brown eyes. Like all of the girls she wore a black-and-pink corset that covered her stomach, and barely hid her large firm breasts.

"Don't worry Lucia, it's not your day to die," Kari said as she walked in.

"Then... then why am I in here?" She asked timidly, looking around at the various execution devices and gun racks situated in the chamber.

"You will be giving Sarah's pussy a tongue bath. She's going to die in a few minutes, so she asked this for her last request,"

"Aww! You're gonna kill my little Sarah? Why?" Lucia whined, looking over at the preteen with concern.

"Lottery picked her to make room for the new slave," Kari explained.

"Oh well," Lucia replied, "at least I can be the one to see you off."

Kari led Sarah over to one of the guillotines and raised the lunette. When Sarah placed her head in Kari locked it.

"Okay, now get to licking. As soon as she cums I'm dropping the blade," Kari ordered.

Lucia did not hesitate to get on the floor and stick her tongue between Sarah's labia and start lapping away at her pussy.

Sarah closed her eyes and started moaning as her slavemate's tongue went deeper and faster. Lucia occasionally switched to the her asshole, tasting both holes while pleasure and a building orgasm filled every fiber of Sarah's existence.

Lucia wrapped her arms around Sarah's legs and burried her face in tween asshole, licking and sucking and nibbling pussy and asshole fervently as the preteen literally screamed in pleasure. Before either of them knew it

Sarah screamed even louder as her cunt juice sprayed inside of Lucia's mouth and onto her face. Kari gave her five seconds to enjoy her last orgasm before she pulled the lever and the blade separated Sarah's head from the rest of her. Sarah's body jerked and twitched sporadically as her cunt sprayed piss onto Lucia's face; yet the Latina continued munching on Sarah's dead pussy for another thirty seconds before she pulled herself away.

Lucia got up, wiping Sarah's fluids off on her fingers before licking her fingers clean.

"Now what do we do with the body?" Lucia asked.

"Well, we will stuff the head have it displayed in my chamber. The body will be cleaned for a feast tonight; gotta welcome our new girl after all." Kari replied, smiling



Heather sat motionless in the girl's wardrobe, for nearly two hours she waited in complete silence for her mark to return home, alone and vulnerable.

The daughter of Constable Nyugen was her latest mark, she was instructed to slay his only daughter in retaliation for the arrest of a prominent dealer in the area.

Her heart jumped at the sound of keys in the door, her slender fingers reached for the silenced pistol concealed in the thick waistband of her miniskirt, and slowly disengaged the safety on it when she heard the unmistakable creaking sound of her bedroom door being opened.

Kicking down the wardrobe door, Heather swiftly brought the silenced pistol to eye level and pointed it at the terrified Asian girl in the center of the room, she could not have been older than 18, straight shoulder length long black adorned a delicate face with minimal makeup. The poor girl was in the process of slipping out of her school uniform when Heather struck, and the merciless hitwoman pulled the trigger on her pistol before the poor thing could even scream for help.

The first bullet struck her in her windpipe, sending a hoarse gasp of surprise out of her mouth as she staggered backwards, before losing her balance and falling on her back. A rivulet of crimson seeped out of the bullet wound as only wheezes and gurgling noises escaped her luscious lips.

The petite asian girl frantically struggled to get up, only to have the joints in her limbs blown out by four well-placed shots from an expert markswoman. Tears flowed freely from the dying girl's face, her adolescent brain's completely incapable of understanding why she's subjected to something like this, she closed her eyes briefly and prayed that it was all a dream, and when she opened them everything would return to normal.

Except she never had the chance to open them again. As she closed her eyes, Heather levelled her pistol against the girl's forehead and pulled the trigger, sending messy clumps of hair, viscera, and bits of pink and white brain tissues splattered all over the wooden floor.

K/V: Killer
Name: Felix
Age: 30
Characteristics: 185 cm, 80kg, ex-SAS, serial killer. An imposing bald man with lifeless brown eyes. He prefers to snuff his targets with his bare hands, often by brutally beating his victims to death or strangling them to death with their own undergarments after subjecting them to forced sex and sodomy.

1) You are a flight attendant, he followed you to your hotel room and a night of excitement ensued.

2) You are a young professional woman, he meets you on a dating website under a fake alias and pays you a visit when you are least expecting him.

3) Write your own scene!


K/V: Victim
Name: Agnes
Age: 17
Appearance: She is of medium height and average body build. She has waist-long brown hair. She is wearing an typical school uniform - a black skirt, a white shirt and a tie.
Scene: You happened to ran into her while she was going home - she of course apologised and hurried away, but you can't let that go unpunished, so you followed her. Now that she has finally reached her home, it looks like she the only one inside. How do you punish her?

Since she was still free, I've decided to take care of >>2092

As I was walking around in the forest, searching for some creature to kill for the day, I suddenly heard some moans coming away from a distance. I instantly moved towards the place the moans were coming from, and soon enough I saw the source of those moans: a naked human sized fairy sitting under a tree and fingerings herself.

"Good enough for a day's kill." I though to myself and immediately started my preparations for killing her. First, I took a crossbow from my back and placed it on some tree branches, stabilising it and making sure it was targeting the creature's pussy. Then I tied a rope to the trigger, and started unrolling it as I sneaked around the clearing she was in.

I got to the other side, careful not to alert her of my presence yet. I was now just a few metres from her, hiding behind a bush and waiting for my moment. Her moans were getting louder second by second, and I knew it would soon be the time to act.

Finally, her moans reached the peak. As soon as I heard it, I pulled on my rope, firing a shot from the crossbow. The targeting was perfect, and it skewered the fairy's hand as it buried itself in her pussy. She screamed in pain, her orgasm painfully interrupted, and looked around, trying to find out who was attacking her.

I silently moved the final steps to her, getting a knife ready on the go.The woman got up, trying to find the one who was attacking her with her hand still stuck to her pussy. I grabbed her mouth from behind, while the other hand pressed the knife against her throat.

"Hello, dear. That was quite a performance you put up for me, and I must say it was pretty arousing. Since you are the one who aroused me, it is only right that I'll use your body to relieve myself a bit." As I finished, I let go of her mouth and she started screaming in pain. I unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall down, then pushed my hard cock against her asshole aa her pussy was too damaged by now.

"Please, don't do it!" She tried to beg me, but I simply respond by pressing the knife harder against her neck and letting a small trickle of blood out. I pushed my dick harder into her ass, and it went in. Although her asshole was pretty tight, it was not that hard to start slamming my cock further and further in. The bitch started to cry now, but she had no idea what was in store for her yet.

As I was raping her, I used my free hand to play with her breasts a bit. I also ran my fingers along her pointy ears, and enjoyed the shiver that ran through her body as I did that.

As I was slowly getting closer to my orgasm, I knew I had to wound her again. I grabbed her left breast by the nipple, stretching it out from the body, and moved the knife away from her throat. She was obviously relieved for a moment, until she realised what I were doing.

"What are you-AAAAAHHH!" She screamed in pain as I cut her tit off with as cut of the knife. The breast fell to the ground, but I ignored it for now and quickly pulled her other tit forward. Another cut, and her chest was now significantly lighter than before. As she was screaming her head off I finally blew my load inside her ass.

I pulled out, and she turned around and looked at me, with visible terror in her eyes. "Will... you let me go now?" She asked me desperately. I only laughed back in her face.

"Of course not, you slut. Creatures like you should all be exterminated, and I'm surely not letting you go just if you make some pretty eyes at me." After my response she fell to her knees, begging me not to kill her either tears in her eyes. I only smiled and slit her throat with my knife.

As her body collapsed, twitching on the ground in her death throes, I knelt and picked up both of her breasts, putting them inside my satchel. I looked at her body oj the ground once again, them with a few more cuts completely cut her head off, also putting it inside my satchel.

I gave her body a final kick to say goodbye to her, then I left the clearing to pick up my crossbow. Today was really an entertaining day.



K/V: Victim
Name: Jane
Age: 9
Sex: F
Characteristics: Petite, flat chested, shoulder-length red hair, and blue eyes. She's wearing a tight belly shirt and miniskirt, no panties. Virgin, but over-eager for sex and has learned plenty from watching porn.
Scene: She has seduced a teenage boy, and they agreed to meet at a private place in the park at midnight so she can lose her virginity. However, she gets lost and runs into you instead.

Optional: Have her accept her doom and beg for you to at least take her virginity before she you kill her.


K/V: Victim
Name: Agnes
Age: 17
Appearance: She is of medium height and average body build. She has waist-long brown hair. She is wearing an typical school uniform - a black skirt, a white shirt and a tie.
Scene: You happened to ran into her while she was going home - she of course apologised and hurried away, but you can't let that go unpunished, so you followed her. Now that she has finally reached her home, it looks like she the only one inside. How do you punish her?

Hot clumsy girls always think that being pretty makes them entitled to forgiveness. Take for example, the dumb teenage girl who ran into walking home, spilling the contents of my bag all over the ground. She apologized, but still left me to clean up the mess.

That one small mistake would cost her dearly. I followed her home, intent on setting an example. If her family got in the way they would suffer too. But when I got to her home I quickly realized that she would be alone, but I had to work fast.

Being the dumb girl she was, she neglected to lock the front door behind her. I waited a few minutes to make sure she was in her bedroom before letting myself in. I took a detour into the kitchen to grab the sharpest knife I could find before quietly making my way to her bedroom.

When I entered she was sitting at the desk in her panties; her uniform and bra was scattered messily on the bed. She had headphones over her head and was clearly too engrossed in whatever was on her laptop to notice me.

I crept across and stopped right behind her chair. Either due to the heat radiating from my body, my steady breathing, or perhaps my oder, she looked up after a few seconds. Before she could scream I grabbed her waist-length brown hair and made a deep slash across her throat.

Blood sprayed the computer screen, and her attempts to scream became hoarse gasps as blood poured from her mouth.

Dragging her by the hair, I pulled her out of the chair, causing her computer to crash to the floor before the headphones finally came loose. She tried to struggle, but I managed to force her onto the bed and onto her back.

She tried to struggle as I ripped her panties off, but she was already too weak to fight back. Then I clenched the knife and stabbed her bald pussy, forcing the blade all the way into her pink cunt. I pulled the knife out and repeated the process a dozen times, ripping her formerly-perfect pussy into gory ribbons of flesh.

Tears flows freely as she tried to comprehend what she could have done to deserve what I was doing to her, possibly realizing that it had to do with bumping into me.

She wouldn't contemplate this for long; she wasn't long for the world. Before she lost consciousness I grabbed her perky right breast by the nipple and used the knife to slice it off and repeated the process with the other breast.

I clenched the knife one last time and burried the blade into her lower stomach, then carved up until I reached her lower chest. By that point she stopped breathing, and her punishment was complete.

After cleaning up any evidence I went home. Her mother would find her body after returning home from work three hours later, and I would hear about it again on the news for the next few weeks.


File: 1487098032442.jpg (109.96 KB, 800x600, a8783f37586650cce384f57640….jpg)

first I want to tell you that I loved the story. Nearly exactly what I was looking for. Would you be willing to write an alternative version with a few tweaks in Lit?

K/V: Victim
Name: Julie
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Pretty much like the pic, but DD breasts and blonde
Scene: She has been raised as a "Prey-girl" in an era where wen are hunted for sport. You're the hunter.

Optional: Bonus points if, again, you wound her cunt and take off her breasts and clit. Even more bonus points if she's made to die slowly from the wounds, after being caught either kissing or masturbating in the woods. Max points if you cook her cunt in front of her and make her eat with you.

K/V: Victim
Name: Jane
Age: 9
Sex: F
Characteristics: Petite, flat chested, shoulder-length red hair, and blue eyes. She's wearing a tight belly shirt and miniskirt, no panties. Virgin, but over-eager for sex and has learned plenty from watching porn.
Scene: She has seduced a teenage boy, and they agreed to meet at a private place in the park at midnight so she can lose her virginity. However, she gets lost and runs into you instead.

Optional: Have her accept her doom and beg for you to at least take her virginity before she you kill her.

Chase smile as he saw the little girl. He knelt down as he pulled a knife from her pocket. He was a tall, black furred wolf furry wearing a red spandex suit. "It's dangerous for you to be out so late in Lust Angeles. Don't you know there's noblaw against rape and murder here?"

Jane's eyes go wide with fear, but she feels her pussy get wet. "i-it isn't rape if I let you... Please fuck me before you kill me... Please.. I'm a virgin.... " She begs, lifting her skirt and showing him her white panties.

Chase laughs. "As you wish~" He plunges his knife through her panties and into her virgin cunt, causing her to cry out and look down in shock, making no further noise. "B-but you said....." She shudders as an orgasm rolls through her body, her panties growing crimson around the blade. She begins to sink to her knees, unable to believe what has just happened.

Chase slides the knife out, cutting off her panties as she stares at her ruined pussy in disbelief. He undoes his zipper quietly as she reaches to finger herself, crying in pain. But she doesn't stop. Somehow enjoying this. Sudddenly he grabs her and bends her over, ramming his cock into her pussy and causing her to shriek in pleasure and pain. While he begins raping her dying pussy, he messes with her nipples. Squeezing, pulling and twisting them. A crowd begins to develop, and she becomes embarrassed. He rapes her for about an hour before he cums in her pussy and pulls out. But before he leaves her, he plunges the knife in between her pussy and thigh, cutting around in a circle and removing her pussy. "This will make a nice steak..." He says as he walks away, leaving her to bleed out.


File: 1487108875296.jpg (96.77 KB, 850x637, sample_8193d72e8d1e35a40df….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Melissa & Amy
Age: 12
Sex: F
Characteristics: See the picture.
Scene: You have been left in charge of your younger twin sisters. However, your parents are unaware of the illegal career path you have gotten involved in.

While on the phone talking about career-related stuff you go to use the bathroom. You are so focused on the phone you fail to notice the girls are in the shower, and they are too busy to notice you. By the time you notice it's too late and they overhead important information, so you have to make sure that they can never snitch.

Optional: Have at least one of them beg for their life at first, but after accepting her fate simply begs for you to take her virginity before she dies.

(If you don't want to do two girls you can pretend there's only one.)


The unsuspecting prey-girl, a busty blonde no older than 16, was moving up and down with a thick tree branch in her bald pink cunt when I found her in the woods. I aimed my hunting rifle at her head and readied to shoot, but I realized that our positions gave the perfect opportunity. So I lowered my aim at her crotch and fired.

The bullet, tipped with explosives, penetrated her cunt and was half-way through the tree branch she was riding before it exploded. Her womanhood disintegrated into fountains of blood and labia chunks as shrapnel from the bullet and exploded branch destroyed her pelvis and shredded her womb and lower intestines.

"Well, she won't ever have to worry about getting pregnant," I amused to myself as I lowered my rifle and walked over to the girl.

I shouldered my rifle and pulled out my hunting knife. Her screams echoed throughout the forest, sending birds and other animals fleeing.

"Please sir," she groaned, "please end it quickly."

"I'll end it however I see fit, prey girl."

She groaned in response.

I ripped off her bra and took one of her DD tits in my hand and clenched the knife with the other. She cringed as I brought the blade against her soft tit-flesh, and started screaming again as I sliced and sawed at the flesh until her boob came off. Ignoring her screams and pleas for a quick merciful death, I grabbed her other tit and repeated the process.

"Please!" She managed to cry out. "Just end me!"

I looked at her crotch and used the knife to cut off a piece of loose-hanging labia and impaled it on the knife. Then I took out lighter and held it under the piece of cunt-flesh for about two minutes, all the while she begged to be put down.

He put the cooked meat in front of her face. "Eat this and I will hasten your death," I told her, grinning.

Without a word or hesitation she ate the meat, and quite enthusiastically. After she swallowed the meat I took the knife and stuck it in the side of her stomach.

"I thought you said!" She started to scream.

"I said I would hasten the process of death, not make it instant," I interrupted, grinning.

I slashed up her chest, then across her stomach and back down to just above her pelvis. One more slash across the bottom of her soft belly and then, soliciting more screams of agony from my victim, I pulled the flesh off slowly to reveal the organs underneath.

I lifted her up and layed her backside-up across two tree stumps, allowing her internal organs to hang down. Most of them were already damaged from the exploding bullets, with pieces of shrapnel and wood embedded in them.

I sit back and watch for fifteen minutes as she expires from the blood loss and extensive damage done to her organs. She takes one final gasp and falls still. I clean out her torso and make that, along with her arms and legs, into meat, while placing her head on my wall.



I can do a tweaked story, although I will have to make time. It probably won't be posted too soon, but when it does it will be in my thread.


Thanks, I quite enjoyed it. More or less when I say altered I just wabtbto see her live a bit longer, and her spread herself as she squirts. Allowing her pussy to be hurt without hurting her hand.


File: 1487508562617.jpg (265.04 KB, 546x831, gue1.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Dubhe
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Like on the photo, looks older than she is.
Scene: (Medival times) You have been watching her for some time. She lives alone in cave near city, she is well trained assasin but stopped killing after her master died.
She works as a thief but takes her dagger everywhere she goes.
She is lonely but still very dangerious. You can tell she will fight to the end.
After she stole form the wrong person, you have been payd to make her suffer. "Do what you want but bring a proof that she died to me." client said. "Than we will pay you second half"


>>2111 Glad that you liked it, I'm not really that much into pussy stabbing though so wondered if I did good ^^ Also happy that someone's going to tweak it - I wouldn't do it, so feel free to do so

K/V: Victim
Name: Inez
Age: 17
Appearance: Short and petite, with her black hair reaching about middle her back. She's wearing some high boots, a grey pleated skirt and a black blouse.
Scene: You were walking home, but the girl caught your eye. As you followed her, you noticed she was walking towards an alley that'd be perfect for you to ambush her. What are you going to do to her?


As I headed toward the cave, I recalled what I knew about my target.

“Name’s Dubhe, she’s been trained as an assassin. People say she stopped killing by now, but I’m sure that if I attack her she won’t hold back. That just means I have to knock her out before she can attack me.”

Since I was pretty close now, I looked around for any traps she might have laid out. Since I found none, I carefully entered her cave.

There were some traps inside, but nothing that could stop or even hurt me. After a short walk I found my target. She was sleeping on some pretty rough-looking bed. I took a look around to check if anything was standing out to me. A cloak was hanging near the door I was standing in.

The girl was holding a knife close to her chest as she slept, but there didn’t seem to be any other weapons or traps. I turn my attention back to her, and noticed although she’s wearing some armor, she had her armpits exposed. I silently moved towards her bed, while reading my own two daggers in my hands.

When I got close, I stabbed her through both of her armpits, then immediately pulled them away. She immediately woke up, instinctively trying to get away, but her arms had already gone limp. She got away from me, looking at me and considering her chances, as her dagger slipped down out of her hands.

“What do you want from me?” She asked angrily as she desperately looked for any chance of escape.

“You have angered some rather powerful people, Dubhe. And since you didn’t think your thefts targets through, you will now have to pay the price for it.” I coldly told her while getting around the bed.

“You want money then? If you let me go, I will return the money. I will even throw something extra, and even something for you, too.” She tried to calm herself down while offering me a bribe. I only smiled at her in response.

“No, girl. I am simply here to make you suffer.” With that, I stabbed her through her left hand, pinning her to the wall.

She didn’t scream in pain, though. She simply nodded, probably recalling a simple lesson from her time as an assassin – loyalty to the client was always most important, and if they wanted her dead she couldn’t convince me.

I grabbed her other hand and held it against the wall before stabbing through it too. She was now held by the daggers in a T-like figure. She probably expected me to finish her off now.

Instead, I grabbed her dagger from the bed, and cut through her clothes. First I got her shirt, then her pants off. She didn’t wear a bra, and her panties, which were also blue, followed soon after.

“Just kill me already.” She asked me as I was undressing her. I didn’t reply, happily noticing that fear now started to creep inside her eyes.

With her clothes taken care of, I pulled my own pants down and moved towards her. She opened her mouth to say something, but reconsidered it. I pushed myself inside her warm pussy, noticing the small trickle of blood flowing from her.

As I was pushing in and out, I started stabbing her with her dagger. Numerous wound appeared on her arms and chest, with her breasts cut in multiple places. Her cold façade was falling her now, and tears started to appear in her eyes. A few more stabs and I was on my edge. I filled her virgin pussy full of cum, and pulled out.

She looked in my eyes through her tears now, asking: “Are you done?”

“Yes I am.” I simply answered her. Then I drove her knife through her neck. She gurgled out some more blood, and went limp as her body hung on the knives. I pulled her head up by the braid, and finished the cut. The rest of her body fell back down and the head stayed in my hands.

I walked out of the room, searching for the supposed things she’s stolen. I found a bag with the name of my employee on it, and opened it. Some gold and an expensive looking signet – Is it really worth dying for something like that? I put her head and dagger inside, then tied the bag up again. Then I took most of the other bags with nametags on them – Returning them to those nobles she’s stolen from would earn me some favors later.

I left the cave and headed back towards the city. A target like that was always fun to have.



K/V: Victim
Name: Mellody
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Wavy red hair falling to her thighs, green eyes, short and athletic, busty. A white bra and pink panties.
Scene: Sitting on her bed reading a book after a long day of school. Her parents are out, and she will be alone until early the next morning. You stalked her home after watching her walk from school, what are you going to do to her?


Inez waved to her friends as she left class and started her way home.

"I'll be at your house at six, Nezzy!" Her redheaded friend shouted as she opened the main doors. Inez waved back, to confirm that she heard.

Inez stepped onto the sidewalk and started on her usual route home. Her waist-length black hair and grey skirt blew around lightly in the breeze, and attracted all sort of attention from boys and men as she walked past. She found herself lost in thought and failed to notice the man following in a distant.

Inez decided to take her usual shortcut through an alley between the general store and the Mexican restaurant. It was narrow, long, and mostly empty, but it always cut her walking-time by fifteen minutes. After taking this shortcut for three years, she never worried about anything bad happening.

Her daydreaming abruptly ended when someone struck her hard in the back, knocking the wind out of her lungs, and nearly sent her sprawling to the ground. Before she could even respond an arm wrapped around her waist hard and then a sausage-like hand fell over her mouth.

The heavy body now holding her forced her to the ground, the hand around her waist removed itself; she couldn't move with the weight on top of her. Another hand appeared in front of her, holding a hunting knife two inches from her eyes.

"See that? If you scream or fight I will hurt you bad. Understood?" He growled.

She shook her head, and noticed that tears were welling up in her eyes. The man took his hand from her mouth and, despite the overwhelming urge to do so, she didn't scream. She only managed to sqeak, "please don't hurt me," and then she started sobbing and shaking.

The man lifted his weight off of her slightly. Then she felt him raise her skirt and use the knife to cut off her panties.

"Please no," Inez squeaked.

He ignored her please, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out his cock. An audible gasp escaped her lips as his member touched her hairless slit, and she let out a sharp squeak when it pushed through. He felt a trickle of blood and heard an even louder, sharper squeak when his cock broke through her hymen and buried itself deep into her tight hole.

He thrust his shaft in and out of her virgin pussy, getting deeper with each thrust, until the head of his cock struck her cervix. With each increase in depth or speed Inez let out sharper and louder moans, a few times causing the man to remind her to "be quiet or else."

As soon as her assailant felt he couldn't hold it any longer he clenched the blade of the knife. With one hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back.

"I thought you were just... aughlugh." He sunk the blade deep into the teen's soft throat and tore a large gash from one side to the other. She tried to scream, but only managed to gurgle as blood spilled from her mouth.

The man laid the knife on the ground and continued to fuck Inez's dying cunt, this time showing no restraint. He placed both hands under her blouse, pushed her bra up, and held onto her small, firm breasts.

Just as the man's seed sprayed into her womb, Inez's consciousness faded. By the time the last strings of cum left his cock she was dead.

He removed his member from the poor teen's cooling womanhood and zipped up his pants, and left the cum-oozing corpse to be found the early the next morning by the search party.


You guys totally left that request open because someone else posted a new one without filling the one before (which is very much poor etiquette), so here it is.


“Big brother? Who were you talking to just now?” I flinch and look up to see the face of one of my sisters peeking behind the shower curtain. “That sounded like something forbidden, are you in trouble?” How the fuck did I miss her – and the other one too, probably – being in here? I was talking with the Boss, and this was a secure line, so I didn't bother using code or whatever, I didn't think the girls would even be here. Now I am in trouble.

“...I'll explain in just a moment, stay right here.”

I leave the bathroom and dial another number. “There's a problem. I was careless and there's two witnesses. ...Both are twelve, I doubt they understand what it's really about. ...I don't know. ...Okay, if I have to. ...No, it's no problem. Just make sure I have an alibi right now, and send a cleanup crew to my location, I won't take long.”

Well, that's a bit of a shame. Melissa and Amy aren't my sisters by blood, but after dad remarried, my new mom brought them along with her. And while it's not like I dislike them, they're still at an age where they can be way bratty and annoying. But they're also past the age of the Westermarck effect, so in a few years' time, I might have gotten both of them in bed, possibly at the same time, a twin step-sisters threesome would have been quite the feat. But as it stands, I only know them for like a year, and at this point the job still comes first, so they both have to die.

I return to the bathroom, to find both of them still in tub, completely naked. “Alright, I'll tell you about that phone call you just overheard.” They at least have the decency to look guilty for eavesdropping, not that it will save them. “Actually... Melly, can you come out and stand in front of me?”

She complies with a slightly confused expression, the water running down her perfectly smooth skin, her body not quite a woman's, but not entirely a girl's anymore either, with the undeniable hint of a curve to her hips, and small, petite breasts glistening under the small droplets of water. Too bad really.

I take Melissa's shoulders to gently turn her around so she's facing the bathtub again – and away from me, as I reach around her head with both hands, one holding her chin and the other the top of her head, then twist and pull just like I was taught.

Crack. Just a moment later, the girl's neck audibly breaks and she instantly goes limp as I drop her body to the floor, twitching a few seconds longer before dying down, a yellow puddle forming between her legs.

As soon as she realizes what just happened, Amy shrieks and backs against the wall, trying to get away from me, but there's nowhere to run. “P-please, don't kill me! I won't tell anyone, I swear!”

“Sorry, but I have no choice. And if I don't obey, I'll probably be killed instead. And then they'll send someone else after you anyways.” Okay, that's overdoing it a bit, the Boss wouldn't kill anyone for something this trivial, he'd only dock my pay for a while, and maybe have me beaten up a little. He would send someone else, though. “But I can promise I'll make it quick at least. Just stand right here.”

“U-um, would you... fuck me before I die? I'm still a virgin, and I really don't want to die without knowing what sex feels like at least once.” Huh, looks like at least half of my twin threesome fantasy may come true, I really should have asked Melly if she was in too before killing her.

“And I'm not too young or whatever,” Amy continues. “I watched a bunch of porn with Melly together, so I know what to do.” To prove her point, Amy approaches me, then opens my zipper and reaches into my underpants to pull out my dick, and after stroking it a few times to get it hard, lowers her lips around it, sucking and licking the tip far more expertly than any twelve year-old would have any right to know, but I won't complain.

After a few more moments I stop her. “Come out, turn around, and get on your knees, we'll do it doggy style.”

“Okay.” Amy does as she's told, her midriff resting on the edge of the bathtub as she presents her ass and pussy to me, still dripping with water of course, but I can't shake the feeling she's the other kind of wet too. I briefly spread her labia with my fingers, then enter her, quickly encountering resistance as Amy winces. “Your first time is supposed to hurt a little, don't worry.” I keep pushing until her virginity gives way and Amy lets out a squeak as I enter her all the way.

“I-it's pretty big...”

“Thank you. A man always likes hearing that.” I start moving back and forth, and quickly Amy's whimpers turn into moans as she starts moving along with me. However I still have a job to do, so just a bit later, once I'm sure Amy has really gotten into it, I lean forward, briefly caressing her nice, firm tits, then suddenly shove her arms away, and lean on the back of her head, pressing it underwater.

Of course Amy immediately starts struggling, but there's no way she can escape as I continue fucking her even as I'm drowning her. She's thrashing and kicking, splashing water everywhere, but it doesn't take too long for her movements to first ramp up in intensity, but then quickly start to weaken as I already feel my orgasm nearing, Amy's desperate struggles are really quite hot, and her pussy is nice and tight.

Barely a minute later, Amy's movements die down for good, and just in time, as I cum moments later, slightly groaning as I fill her pussy, then after slowly winding down I pull out of her, causing a bit of cum to drip out of her pussy for the classic creampie.

Now to keep myself entertained until the cleanup gets here. ...Actually, I still have enough endurance left for another go, and I'm pretty sure Melissa is still warm, so I lift her lifeless body, then sit on the toilet lid as I lower it onto my dick, the girl's vacant eyes staring at the ceiling. This may not be quite the twin threesome I had hoped for, but suppose close still counts.


So that no one gets left out or whatever, instead of a new request, I'll just reiterate the previous one >>2126


2100 is still open if anyone's interested in a killer.


K/V: Victim
Name: Agathe
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: She has short hair that is dyed pink. She's wearing a white camisole and black shorts, She's wearing no bra, and has black lacy panties on.

Scene: She's went for an early round of running at 6 AM. Her trip brought her near your cabin in the forest, and you noticed her long before she tripped and fell, spraing her ankle. As she's getting up, you approach her. A perfect opportunity like that doesn't come up often, How do you play with her before her inevitable death?

A redheaded girl caught my eye while I was taking a walk. I decided to follow her, and watched her as she walked home. I enjoyed the sight of her athletic form running up the hill , her long hair flowing around her and her breasts bouncing despite a shirt.

She soon stopped in front of a detached house, and walked inside. I decided to wait outside and consider if I wanted to kill her. My patience paid out a few minutes later, as I saw her through one of the windows.

I watched her take off her clothes, leaving her in just a white bra and pink panties. I waited for a few more minutes, and saw some older women walking into the room and giving her a kiss on the forehead, before leaving. The woman walked outside and got into the car that was standing in front of the house, and drove away, leaving the girl alone. And as a perfect victim.

I waited a few more minutes to make sure she wasn’t coming back, then got to my work. The lock on the door was a fairly typical one, so unlocking it wasn’t hard. Once inside, I found my way to the room I saw the girl in before. As I peeked through a crack in the door, I saw her on bed, reading a book.

I kicked the door open, and ran towards her. Before she had a chance to react, I hit her in the temple, not giving her the time to scream for help. As she laid senseless, I walked to the window and pulled the blinds down – I didn’t want anyone to watch what was about to happen.

With that done, I turned my attention back to the teen before me. A better look at her body only proved that she was the right choice for today, with her athletic build and sizeable breasts already turning me on. Not wanting to waste any more time, I tore her white bra off, and her breasts sprung free. I took them in my hands and squeezed them hard, then tickled her nipples for a moment.

My dick was rock hard now. I freed it from my pants, then I slapped her in the face a few times so that she woke up. As she opened her eyes and noticed me, she opened her mouth and started screaming. However, she was immediately muffled by my dick as I roughly pushed it inside her mouth.

“I wouldn’t recommend biting me, girl, unless you want to feel a lot worse than you do now.” Her eyes widened at the threat, and she slowly ran her tongue against my dick. Perhaps she was hoping that if she pleased me I would go easy on her.

I could easily tell it was her first time sucking a man off. Even if it was funny to feel her hopeless tries, I decided to take action and started pushing my cock deeper inside her mouth and down her throat. Her face started turning a bit red at the abuse and the breathing troubles, giving me an idea for later. I grabbed her head, and pulled her all the way to my crotch, with my balls slamming against her chin.

She squirmed a bit, but I could tell she was doing her best to remain still. I found it adorable that she was trying her best even though I was raping her. After a few more minutes of violating her mouth I blew my load inside her. As I pulled my dick out, I could see she was barely hanging on to her consciousness.

Surprised by her endurance, I looked around to see if I could find any reasons. A few diplomas hung on the walls, and from those I understood she practiced swimming. I also checked out the book she was reading, and found a dedication inside – “To Mellody from Inez – with love”. So her name was Mellody then. As I found out more about her, I felt I was ready to kill her.

I looked at her once again. She has already pretty much recovered, but she was trying to avoid my eyes as I ogled her body once again. My eyes stopped at her pink panties. I was ready for the main course now.

“Take off your pretty panties, Mellody.” I asked her and she obeyed, but not without surprise that I knew her name. She slowly slid them down her athletic legs, and I could clearly see her neatly trimmed slit. As she moved her panties past her feet, I walked to her and took them from her hands, laying them aside on her bed.

She eagerly spread her legs for me as I did, and once again I couldn’t help but adore her kind heart – no hate towards me whatsoever, instead she only helped me get all the pleasure I could.

My cock slid quite easily inside, and I could no hymen inside, meaning she wasn’t a virgin. Too bad, but there must have been some catch. Since it wasn’t her first time though, her pussy allowed me to pound her quite fast. As I could sense herstarting to enjoy the sex too, I knew it was the time to finish her.

She had her eyes closed now, so she was caught by surprise as I closed both my hands on her throat. She snapped them open right away, so I could get a long look into her green eyes as I was strangling her. At first she tried struggling a bit, her swimming giving her more energy compared to an usual girl, but she couldn’t keep it up for long. After she stopped struggling, she let go of her instincts and her body started to buckle against me, synching with my thrusts. I could tell she was trying to get one final orgasm before she died, so I went a bit easier on her throat until I could feel her pussy clenching down on my cock. The sensation drove me over the edge, and I came a second time, filling her pussy with semen. I never let go of her throat though, and when my orgasm was gone, the last lights of life were already gone from her green eyes.

I took her panties and her bra with me, along with the book and a swimsuit I grabbed from her wardrobe. I also grabbed a picture of her dead body on my phone, so that I could easily remind myself of the outstanding athlete whose life I’d ended. When her mother returned home the next day, her body had already cooled down.

Not that much into writing a killer story, but I had the girl strangled with bare hands as in the description, so at least i tried



K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: Hip-length black hair in two braided pigtails, Asian, short, average body, and large breasts. Wearing a black t-shirt with no bra, black miniskirt, and white panties
Scene: She stayed late at school to act in a school play, and decided to walk home alone at 11:00 at night.


The pink-haired girl didn't notice me watching from the window as she zipped past my cabin early that morning. Most usually miss it, due to it being well hidden in vegetation. I used that to watch for prey.

That morning I was distracted by an itch on my foot, and failed to aim my rifle before she was out of sight. Ever persistent, I shouldered my rifle, grabbed a hunting knife, and stepped out into the woods surrounding my home.

The hunt didn't take long; she cried out and, as I approached, I heard moans of pain. She tripped over a rock in the trail and, from the looks of it, sprained her ankle. She was trying to stand up when I stepped out from behind a tree.

"Please... Ouw... Help me!" She cried out when she noticed me.

"I'll help you alright," I promised her, and laughed as I approached her.

"T-thanks," she replied; I could tell that my laugh had put her on edge.

Her eyes grew wide when I grabbed the rifle strapped to my back and aimed it at the young lady.

"What the hell are you doing?" She screamed out, and tried harder than ever to lift herself up.

She never made it off the ground, because I shot her a few seconds later. The bullet struck her in the upper chest, just between the sternum and her throat. She staggered back as blood poured from the wound like water from a faucet. She tried to scream, but only managed to make a gargling sound as blood welled up in her throat and mouth, before spilling out onto her chin and face.

I slung the rifle back over my shoulder and pulled down my pants, and pulled my erect cock out of my briefs. Then I dropped to my knees, crouched over the dying girl.

"Be grateful that you get to have one last fuck. My prey is usually not that lucky."

She kicked and squirmed when I grabbed the hem of her black shorts, but she was powerless to stop me from forcing them down to her ankles and dragged them off her feet. I simply ripped her black lacy panties to shreds. I forced her legs apart and placed the head of my swollen member against her pussy lips and roughly pushed it into her cunt.

She squirmed and gargled more blood as I slid in and out of her. Either because she was starting to fade from consciousness or she was starting to enjoy the sex, she stopped fighting and layed back as I fucked her harder. Soon I could feel her moving her pelvis, and it was clear she was trying to orgasm before she died.

I grabbed the hem of her white camisole and lifted it. She even lifted herself slightly and allowed me to pull it off. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her small firm breasts were fully exposed to me.

I was close to orgasm, so I wrapped my arms around her torso and pounded her pussy hard. She must've been close too, because a few seconds later I felt her pussy clench around my shaft. She tried to moan, but there ended up coughing up globs of blood in painful, spasming fits. At the same time I came, and filled her pussy with semen.

When our orgasms died down I stood up and pulled up my pants. The girl was still coughing up blood, and her firm tits heaved up and down. I was impressed with her endurance, but she would probably drown on her blood soon. I didn't want to wait around and risk being caught, so I pointed the gun at her forehead and pulled the trigger, and splattered her brain matter on the dirt.

I cleaned up the area as quickly as possible and dragged the carcass back to my cabin and added her to my meat supplies.


I can't think of killing someone. I tried but stories look embarrassing. Still if anybody is interested I'd like to share my victim. Have fun with her.

K/V: Victim
Name: Sally
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Asian-European, brown hair, black eyes, wearing: underwear, dressing-gown and leather necklace.

Scene: You are head of brutal gang. Sally was a member of your organization until she tired to poison you. After that you've made her a sex slave and closed her in your torture dungeon. Unfortunately just week later she have escaped.
Two years have passed and your best hunters have found her. She lives on an old ship berthed in harbour. She probably sells her body to sailors for food and fuel. From time to time she unmoor and sails away in the see for a few days.
You and some other gang members have sneaked in her ship before her trip and waited for ship to leave the harbour. (you can take some equipment if you want)
Now is the time for action. Make her up for those two years...


K/V: Victim
Name: Annice
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: She has long black hair tied in a ponytail. She's wearing a navy blue t-shirt and blue jeans. She also has a pink bra and matching pink panties.

Scene: She has gone out late at night with a telescope to stargaze. She’s so preoccupied that she didn’t notice you as you walked by.

K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: Hip-length black hair in two braided pigtails, Asian, short, average body, and large breasts. Wearing a black t-shirt with no bra, black miniskirt, and white panties
Scene: She stayed late at school to act in a school play, and decided to walk home alone at 11:00 at night.

Walking alone late at night might be dangerous, but not for me. In fact, I’m one of the reasons for why it’s dangerous in my neighborhood. Some Asian girl that I just found was about to find out about it the hard way.

A black miniskirt and a black t-shirt made her hard to notice, but when I did I immediately followed her. Her huge tits were barely contained by her t-shirt, and I found it hard to believe she was just a schoolgirl. The bag in her hands told me otherwise though.

She went towards the park now, so I ran ahead to set up my trap. There was only one way she could take, and I knew just a perfect ambush spot on it. I hid myself behind a tree, and waited for her to come. A lantern was set up a couple meters away, filling the place with warm light. As she walked past me, I got behind her and closed my hand over her mouth, then kneed her in the back.

She tried to scream, but my attak knocked the breath out of her. With one hand still over her mouth, I dragged her over to the site, throwing her on the ground behind some bushes.
“I recommend you to stay quiet, girly. This place isn’t visited often anyways, but if someone was to stumble over here and find us… Let’s just say things would get ugly.” With that, I lifted my shirt a bit, showing her the gun I hand tucked up there. Her eyes widened as she realized I wasn’t joking, and simply nodded at me.

“Now that we understand each other, we can get to the enjoyable part. Show me those tits of yours, girl.” I ordered her, and she somewhat reluctantly grabbed her black t-shirt by the hem and slowly lifted it over her breasts, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra.
“Take it off.” I told her as I savored the sight of her sizeable breasts. As it was quite cold now, I could see her nipples slowly going erect. I moved towards her and placed my hands on her tits, feeling her up to check if her tits were real. She tried moving away a bit, but I ignored her and just squeezed her breasts a bit more.

As I could tell she was getting used to it, I suddenly punched her in the gut. As she was bending over, I walked past her and pushed her to the ground. She fell on her face with her ass high in the ground, and her skirt falling over her ass. Her white panties were clearly visible to me now, but I didn’t care for them now. I pulled them down her legs with one hand, with the other freeing my own cock from my pants.

As she could sense what I was doing, she begged me: “Please don’t, I’m still a virgin.” Even though she couldn’t see my face, I grinned at her voice, and simply pushed my dick inside her. The blood and the feeling of tearing coming from inside her confirmed to me that she was telling the truth, but it only made me feel better. Her tight virgin pussy was clenching to my cock, and I quickly picked up my pace.

As I was pounding her, she quietly sobbed underneath me. I didn’t stop with that though. I grabbed her twin braids and started feeling them up. The texture of her hair was quite pleasant to touch. Since her sobs were starting to quiet down now, I decided I should carry on.

I bent over her with the braids in my hands, and with a quick move I wrapped them both around her neck, forming a makeshift garrote. Her sobs cut off instantly, and instead I could hear her choking. I pulled harder on her braids, and she started thrashing on the ground beneath me. The additional stimulation proved to be enough to make me cum, and so I blew my load up her virgin pussy.

By the time I was finished, her body has already gone limp. I left her on the ground and check her bag. “Her name was Courtney.” I said as I checked her ID. I took whatever money she had in her wallet, and tore the panties away from her legs, then headed home.

She was found the next morning by some other girl that was walking her dog and it led her there. However, they had no way to trace it to me. And so my murderous streak continued…

K/V: Victim
Name: Sally
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Asian-European, brown hair, black eyes, wearing: underwear, dressing-gown and leather necklace.

Scene: You are the head of a brutal gang. Sally was a member of your organization until she tried to poison you. After that you've made her a sex slave and locked her up in your torture dungeon. Unfortunately just a week later she escaped.
Two years have passed and now your best hunters have found her. She lives on an old ship berthed in a harbor. She probably sells her body to sailors for food and fuel. From time to time she unmoors and sails away in the sea for a few days.
You and some other gang members have sneaked onto her ship before her trip and waited for the ship to leave the harbor. (You can take some equipment if you want)
Now is the time for action. Make up with her for those two years...

“Okay guys, everyone remembers the plan?” I asked my team as we were preparing to go into action. That bitch didn’t notice that we were on board yet, and we were a few hours from the shore now.

“Yea boss we get it.” Of course, as they were some of my best men. We walked out from the cargo bay with our guns and machetes. One of us went to sabotage the radio and any other means of communication, while I lead the team searching for Sally.

We finally found her on the main deck. The bitch was sunbathing on a deck chair, and a dressing gown was slumped on another one along with her bra. I didn’t notice her panties on it though, so I walked around to check it. Even with her breasts uncovered, she still had her panties on. She had her eyes closed, but the her hair and the necklace on the chair convinced me that even if she had grown a bit, it was still the slut that once tried to poison me.

I walked towards her, obscuring the sun from her. As she opened her eyes, I shot her a deadly glare.

“Hello, Sally. It is quite impolite to leave without saying goodbye.” She started screaming at this point, but a slap from one of my soldiers shut her up.

“In fact, I was going to give you a second chance back then if you showed you could still be useful. Instead, you ran away, and for a while it worked. It took us a long time to finally track you down, but it was worth it. No one can defy me twice and then expect to get away with it.”

At this point, two of my grunts forced her off the chair and a third one pulled her panties away, revealing her hairless cunt. “Still in the whore business, I see. Some things never change.” I pulled my cock out of my pants, and as the men were spreading her for me I immediately pushed in.

She was much looser than I remembered, but those two years as a whore must have stretched her out a bit. As I pounded her, I commented on that.
“I was considering keeping you even now, but those two years changed you and you aren’t even a good fuck now. I detest you.” I told her, and I could see the last flicker of hope dying in her eyes. I continued to rape her, and as I was about to come, I pulled out and covered her belly with it. Her pussy didn’t deserve my cum anymore.

“You can have some fun with her now guys. I will go check up on what the others have found.”
As I left, I could see Sally being forced to entertain all 3 cocks of them at once. Since her ship was quite small, I almost immediately bumped into another one of my gang members. “The ship’s ready to blow up, sir!” He reported. “And we also found out the bitch was keeping a diary.” He handed me a notebook. “Nothing more to report.”

I opened the notebook and glanced through it. It turned out the bitch was stupid enough to write the names of people who helped her inside, meaning she signed a death warrant for all of them.
“Thank you for your discovery, it has some very important information. You can go join the others on the deck.” I also returned with him, and continued to watch as Sally was humiliated by further rape.

As the last one of them finished, I looked at her again.
“All things must come to an end someday, and your life is no different, Sally.” I told her, and pulled out my machete from my back. As I could see tears forming in her eyes, I decided to break her further. “Just letting you know that all of those who helped you will be dead soon. You are the one who killed them by writing their names down though.” With that said, I swung the machete at her head. It went through quite easily, and both her body and the head fell on the deck.

One of my men picked the head up while the other threw her body overboard. I took out my phone and called for a helicopter to get us out of there. A few minutes later we were flying away as the ship started to blow up.


K/V: Killer
Name: Mindy
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Ear-length blonde hair, petite, small, firm, breasts. Wearing a pink t-shirt, pink miniskirt, boots. Carrying a .500 S&W Magnum handgun and a 10-inch carving knife.
Scene: Mindy has discovered that her long-time girlfriend has been having sex with another girl. So she grabbed her dad's gun and a knife and headed to confront her girlfriend and her new lover.



A week after arriving I set out on my first nightly prowl in this new town. It was over a thousand miles from the last population I called my range, and did not know to take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming my prey. There was no curfew, warnings to watch for strangers, or to travel in pairs.

I walked past my first victim at around midnight. A girl, probably not older than 18, walked past wearing a navy blue t-shirt and blue jeans, and carrying a telescope. I slowed my stride slightly, and watched her walk by me with her long, black ponytail trailing behind her in the breeze. After I was sure that she didn't notice me I slowly turned around and followed her.

I tread behind her, and made sure to stay far enough away that I would be unrecognizable if she were to turn around. When we stepped off of the well-lit avenue and onto a dirt road I decided to close the gap to just out of hearing distance.

The prey made her way onto a trail that brought us up to a tall hill. I lost sight of her in the bushes, but luckily the trail was one-way. I followed the girl along elevating path for ten minutes before I finally turned around a tree to see her setting up a telescope at the top of the hill.

I hid behind the tree and watched as she got her herself engrossed in stargazing.

When I drew the hunting knife from its sheath and screamed she jerked her head in my direction. I ran towards her like a maniac with the knife and, before she could scream, I grabbed her behind the back and slipped the blade into her flat stomach.

I held the blade in her abdomen as she slumped weakly against me for several seconds before I shoved her, tearing the blade from her flesh. She staggered and swayed, with tears running down her angelic face as her innocent mind tried to comprehend why this happened, before collapsing on her side.

She looked up at me through her teary eyes; I could tell she wanted to scream, but she was clearly in too much pain.

"Here, let me ease your suffering," She squirmed and whimpered when I grabbed her ponytail and forced her up. I wrapped my right arm around her torso and cusped her left breast, then placed the blade against her throat.

Instead of killing her immediately, I held her in my brace for several minutes, until she started hyperventilating. As I squeezed her heaving breast we both looked down at the sound of some liquid pouring onto the ground. Her jeans all the way down were soaked and dripping with piss.

While the embarrassment of having pissed herself was running through her mind I dug the knife into the flesh of her throat and opened a deep gash. Her whimpering became wet gargling sounds as warm blood sprayed from her neck.

I dropped her to the ground and stood over her as she squirmed and clawed at her throat. She continued for several minutes as her life blood poured from her body. Her squirming slowed and then she finally went limp.

After I was certain she was dead I proceeded to undress the corpse. First her blood-stained shirt and pants came off. Then her pink bra and panties came off and ended up in a sack.

Then I took out my high quality camera and started taking pictures of the body.

"What a shame; still a virgin," I thought to myself when as I spread her pussy lips and noticed her labia was still intact.

I took a few more body, then continued feeling her body. Then I used the knife to carve off her breasts as souvenirs and headed home. Her body was discovered by a junior high class that next day, and that evening I learned her name was Annice on the evening news.


I'll drop a Victim so that there's both a killer and a victim in here

K/V: Victim
Name: Andrea
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Brown straight hair that reaches down to her ass. A fit body because of her ballet lessons. She's wearing a black blouse and black pants, a black bra and black panties.
Scene: You watched her perform on the stage, and was so touched by her performance that you knew you had to have her. She quickly changed into her normal clothes and left without telling anyone, and you followed close behind, but she still didn't notice you. Now, what will you do to her?


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File: 1489832632577.jpg (125.36 KB, 823x1646, 61bf05994a4bf3e47f9704719b….jpg)

(Since the thread needs some simulation I'm uploading another scenario. If you want you guys may ignore my previous entry.)

K/V: Victim
Name: Juanita
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture, her clothes are torn and in much worse shape than the image.
Scene: Seeking a better life, Juanita decided to enter the United States illegally, but she unfortunately came across you as soon as she got across the border. What will you do to her?


File: 1489867530465.jpg (206.72 KB, 850x1359, jw8AXT9.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Wanda (yes, that wanda)
Age: 23
Sex: F
Scenario: You've just captured the Scarlet Witch. And its time to make her pay for everything she's done.

Working boarder patrol can be damn boring. Lots of long, cold nights starring a a computer screen or driving slowly along the boarder, tapping thumbs on the steering wheel of a truck, waiting to see if someone was dumb enough to run the boarder. Wasn't all that often on this stretch of the dust covered stretch of existence. Much easier placed to get over, more cover, less difficult terrain, that kind of thing. So it was few and far between that someone would make a break for it, at least here. And when they did, we never reported it. We just had ourselves some fun.

But it'd been well over two months since we'd seen hide or tail of anyone trying to make it across here. So imagine my surprise when this little beauty runs right past my truck, there were it sat with the lights off and the engine cold. Just stumbled on, quick as you please. I could see her jacket was ragged and her shirt was torn, knees scuffed, probably from climbing. it looked like she was missing a boot too. Hair was short, and a mess, twigs in it. Not surprising. No backpack - usually they carried supplies, change of clothing, something. Nada.

Well, unfortunately for her, she wasn't going to be getting very far. If she had come over the boarder a bit further west, someone would have snagged her and sent her back. But here, well, no catch and release, thank you very much. I twisted the key in the ignition and the car roared to life. I could see her jump as i turned on the high beams. Blasted her right in that cute face of hers. Nearly sent her to her butt, but she kept her feet and started ruin. Dumb little thing. Hot, but dumb. Last mistake she'd ever make.

Gunning the engine, the truck lept forward, chasing her down over rocky desert faster than she could flee. I could have hit her with the bumper but i decided to pull up, gun in hand, window down. I shouted, she couldn't hear, I didn't care. Its hard to shoot a gun with your off hand while youre driving. Damn hard. But I'm a damn good shot. and the bullet blew out her right kneecap pretty as could be. You could hear the scream a mile away as she dropped, rolling and clutching her destroyed limb. Unfortunately for her, the closest human being other than me was about 5 miles back down the road. Oops.

I pulled the truck over so that I could see her, parking it with the lights still on. She was a fucking mess, trying to crawl away, babbling and betting. Funny thing - I don't speak a lick of Spanish. Couldn't understand a word she said. Can't say I much cared either. There was a long stain of blood from where she'd dragged herself along. Got guts, I'd give her that. Wouldn't save her though. but man, she was a fine piece of ass. So fine in fact...I walked up to her, easy as could be - hard to out run me when she was missing a knee. Reached won while she shouted and begged, and jerked her tight little shorts off. Goddamn that wa an ass.

Her eyes went wide when she heard my zipper pull down. She knew what was coming and she screamed and tried to get away. So I put my boot on her wounded knee, or the mess that was left of it. Put a stop to that as she howled. And pissed herself. Well, that was a damn mess. Should have seen it coming, not the first time ,but still. Good thing i wasn't interested in her cunt. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice cunt, probably tight, bit of fuzz down there to show she trimmed, but didn't do the full shave. But it was all piss stained now.

Beside, her ass was her best feature. "Try to enjoy it, senorita," I coo'd, flashed my gun, and spit on my cock, getting it nice and wet. Would hurt like a bitch for her but no reason I should hurt too. I pulled them brown cheeks apart, lined up, and swift as you pleased shoved right in. You'd've thought I'd shot her again with how she howled. She was so tight i was kinda wondering if she'd never had it in her ass before. Butt like that, you'd think someone would have taken a crack at it, but hell, maybe they did things differently over there.

Didn't bother taking things slow. Why? Wasn't for her enjoyment. I just reamed out out, grunting and having my way as she clamped down, eyes full of fear, babbling a mile a minute. Tears stained her face, there was dirt and blood on her lips. She struggled but hell, I was older and stronger and didnt have a bullet in my leg. I didn't last long either - with an ass like that squeezing my fat cock, how could I? I just kept right on thrusting till i couldn't hold it anymore, then blew my load. And it had been a while since i'd been laid, so it was a pretty damn heavy load. And wouldn't you know, I could feel her stiffen up, sob, and then moan when I pumped into her. Maybe she had been fucked here before. I just know plenty of hot cum slipped out of her ass when I pulled out.

Still pretty hard, I moved around and grabbed her hair, jerking her head up. My cock was slick with cum, and I shoved it against her face. "Suck it clean," i told her, gun pointing at her. Guess she understood that. Crying, gagging, she sucked and licked , making a hell of a face when her tongue first touched it. Guess she didn't like the taste of her own ass. She did it anyway. maybe she thought I'd let her live. Her only reward was choking down my second load. Hadn't expected to cum again but like I said, it had been a while.

She was still coughing up my cum when I put the barel of my gun against her forehead and blew her brains out the back of her skull. Her body gave a hell of at twitch, voided itself there in the dessert, and then that was that. I'd leave it there as a warning to anyone else dumb enough to come over the boarder.


K/V: Victim
Name: Alice
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: European, blonde wavy shoulder length hair, blue eyes. She's wearing a white shirt, a black skirt and a black tie.
Scenario: She's an intern at your lawyer company while studying. She somehow stumbled over some sensitive information, and you have to kill her to keep her quiet


I grinned as I looked at the chained form of the Scarlet Witch. Capturing her wasn't easy, but attacking her after she was exhausted from some extensive fighting proved to be successful. She was now unconscious, and she was wearing a black dress and black ripped stockings.

As I didn't want to wait any longer, I grabbed a long knife and cut through the front of her dress. It slid on both sides of her body, falling around her feet. It turned out she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, her sizeable breasts springing free as I touched them. Her pussy was covered by a pair of lacy red panties that I left on for now.

I played with her breasts for a while, until I heard her waking up. As soon as she was awake, she angrily scowled at me.
"What the fuck you think you're doing, bastard! You will not get away with it!" Even though she had a sexy voice, her angry comments only annoyed me. I also knew I couldn't let her focus on getting away, so instead of replying I simply stabbed her belly with my knife.

Her eyes widened immediately in shock. Perhaps she wasn't taking my seriously before, only now realising she was in real danger. She didn't scream in pain, but she thrashed against her bindings, probably to test if they were strong enough to contain her.

"Oh Wanda, I don't think you're in any position to threaten me now." I replied to her as I twisted the knife, trying to get an expression of pain from her. She let out a small pained moan, and I pulled out the knife, satisfied for now.

Before torturing her any further, I ripped her panties away. She didn't even flinch as I examined her shaved cunt, so I punched her in the face to break her focus on any spells she was trying to cast. While she was stunned, I pulled my erect cock out of my pants and shoved it inside her.

She wasn't a virgin, but her pussy was pretty tight nonetheless. As I was pounding her, I used the knife to play with her breasts, pressing the cold metal against her nipples and giving her small cuts. As I was raping her, I could slowly feel her body starting to move against mine, probably against her will. Before I came inside her, she was quietly moaning and I knew she was enjoying it.

She orgasmed right before I did, and as I released my load inside her I looked for any signs that she was trying to do any of her magic. As I saw her doing some mysterious gestures, I pinched her nipple while pulling the breast forward. It distracted her again, and I used that cut cut her breast off with my knife. She screamed in pain, but I knew she still wasn't harmless. As my cock was still pretty hard, I pulled out of her and touched her face with my other hand.

"You know, your power is a fascinating one. What exactly caused you to have such an interesting power? I believe it's something inside your brain. Let's test that theory now, shall we?" I forced her head lower, and lined one of her green eyes up with my dick. I could tell she was petrified with fear now.

As I pushed in, I could feel her eye breaking. Ocular fluid gushed out from the wound, lubricating my cock as I slid inside her. As I pushed further in, I could see her other eye rolling back, telling me I got to her brain. Her body was slowly giving up, and she pissed herself as I was turning her brain into paste with my thrusts.

When I finally came, she was already dead. Her body was still twitching though. As I pulled out, I gave her body another look. I grabbed my knife and cut her head off to take it with me. I left the rest of her body there, not caring if anyone found her afterwards.

>>2148 is still open if anyone's interested


File: 1489962586800.jpg (385.91 KB, 900x1200, 515600c779f9344c4387e935ae….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Brianna
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture.
Scene: The Academy rules dictate that any student having sex in public areas must be executed on sight. This girl was having sex with a boy when you turned the corner. He escaped before you could catch him, but she's not so lucky.


I guess I'll get both.


The night's ballet performance was superb, and all of the girls were amazing. But none impressed me more than Andrea; a gorgeous teen with long brown hair and a perfectly toned body. I wanted her, and I knew I would try to get her before the night was over. The moment she stepped out on that stage and wooed me with her glamorous and majestic performance she was going to be the night's prey.

When her performance was over I watched her go back stage I slipped out of the auditorium, which was too crowded for anyone to notice anyone leaving, with the intention of finding another way backstage. But before I could search far the door swung open and Andrea stepped out. She already changed out of her ballet uniform and into an all-black outfit consisting of a blouse, pants, and boots. She was too busy talking on her phone to notice my presence, and so kept on walking.

I waited until she turned the nearest corner and followed her. She went into the theater's underground parking garage and remotely unlocked a red 2015 Honda Civic.

At first I stopped and realized that I didn't have any plans for following her if she drove. By the time I reached my car she was bound to be long gone. Just as I tried to think up a plan to stop her from leaving I heard her yell, "Shit!", before turning back around.

I had to quickly duck underneath another car to keep her from seeing me on her way out. When I couldn't see her anymore I climbed out from underneath the car and walked over to the Honda.

I was just going to stand there until she came back, but then I realized she forgot to lock the doors back. I opened the back door and slipped inside where I hid in the floorboard.

She returned no later than ten minutes and, to my luck, climbed in the front seat without checking the back. She started the car and soon we were on the road.

She was still talking to someone, and switched to speaker mode to drive, and I was able to gather some useful information. She had to leave early from her ballet performance due to the untimely death of her sister in a car crash, and her parents wanted her to pick up something at the house before going to meet up with them at a relative's house.

She pulled into the garage ten minutes later and climbed out of the car. While she was in the house I climbed out and, after closing the garage door, grabbed a sledgehammer from a shelf. When I heard Andrea coming back out I stood by the door and, when she stepped into the garage, swung the hammer down.

There was a heavy this following by the sound of bones cracking as the hammer struck the top of her head. Her eyes rolled back into their sockets and she dropped to the ground like a sack of bricks.

I set the hammer down and set to work removing her clothes. First to come off was her black blouse, followed by the black bra underneath.

"I wonder if she's wearing black panties?" I mumbled to myself.

I cusped her small, firm tits in my palms and pushed them together. I clenched my teeth on each of her soft nipples and sucked on them. Then I grabbed the side of her head and pulled her face towards mine. I placed my mouth over hers and slipped my tongue in, twirling it around hers.

As I tongue kissed her I felt her body stir and weak moaning sounds escaped her lips regardless of the tongue fondling around in her mouth.

I pulled back from her lips and looked into her green eyes for a few seconds before forcefully slamming her head back against the concrete. Hard enough to send her unconscious again, but not to kill her.

I pulled off her boots and grabbed the top of her pants and pulled them off.

"I knew it," I muttered when I saw that she was wearing black panties. I grabbed them and pulled them off with her pants. I tossed them to the side and spread her legs.

I ran my forefinger through the trimmed fuzz on her crotch while my thumb prodded her tight slit. I stopped and placed my lips against her mound, then slowly started running my tongue up and down her coin slot until her womanhood was nice and wet. I stood up and unzipped my jeans, and moments later my erect cock sprung out.

When I mounted her and pressed my fat member against her pussy and pushed through her tight hole she let out an audible gasp, then started to moan again. Her eyes flew open when I broke through her hymen and blood trickled out; unexpected, as I'd have thought her ballet would've broken it by now.

She quickly regained consciousness and I considered knocking her out again, but I figured she might as well enjoy the only fuck she was ever going to get. Before she could gain enough strength to fight back, I grabbed her hands and pinned them over her mouth; killing two birds with one stone, although her muffled screams became audible as I thrust in and out of her pussy harder.

She tried to struggle, and even bite her own hands, but nothing she did helped her scape. Her squirming, kicking legs only turned me on even more, as it increased movement of her pelvis. Because of that I didn't last long, and before either of us knew it my warm, sticky load was squirting up into her belly. A few seconds later I felt her cunt squeeze my fat cock and, whether because of the orgasm alone or shame at being raped, or both, her muffled screams could probably be heard by someone if they were standing right outside of the garage door.

I finished and pulled my cock out, panting heavily as I stood up. When I freed Andrea's hands I expected her to scream out, but she could only lay there, shaking and tears flowing like water from her eyes.

Those tearful eyes widened with fear when they saw me pick up the hammer, and she did scream when I swung it at her face. The blow struck hard in the center of her forehead, and another cracking sound rung out from her skull. Her attempts at screams, or pleas, or whatever, became slurred, incoherent babbles, and her legs and arms twitched wildly.

I swung the hammer again, shattering her nose, then her jaw, and half of her teath. A few more strikes at her skull and it split open, pouring out globs of blood and revealing pink brain tissue below. Piss sprayed from her urethra into a steadily-growing puddle on the cement.

I put the hammer down and pulled a pencil out of my pocket. I grabbed both ends and broke it in two, then took one half. I jammed the broken, jagged end into her brain and left it there. Her body jerked violently and released a final torrent of urine.

I left her body to be discovered by her mother two hours later, when she failed to turn up at the family meeting.


"What the hell are you doing in my stuff?"

The young woman in my office, bent over and looking through the special file cabinet, cowered away from me. Whatever she expected out of me, it wasn't anger.

Alice was my favorite intern. She's a sweet young woman from Hungary, and gorgeous with short blonde hair to boot. Since I've known her I admired her for her amazing work ethic, and he was always lax around her. Which made what he was going to have to do more difficult.

"I-I am so sorry," she squeaked in her East European accent, which I normally found hard to resist.

"Sorry won't help you much, I wish it would, believe me," I told her grimly as I closed and locked the door. "What's in that drawer is confidential."

Tearfully, she asked, "how much trouble will I get in?"

"A lot, Alice, a lot." I walked over to the desk and unlocked a drawer.

Alice was about to say something, but stopped mid-breath when I pulled out a silenced pistol.

"A-are you going to kill me?" She asked, and looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Please reconsider," not even giving me time to answer. "I-I didn't even read anything in those files. I was busy looking for something else, I promise."

I wanted to believe her, but there was just too much at stake.

"I'm sorry, I promise to be quick. Just a shot to the head. The bullets are special in that they explode after impact, so you won't have to worry about surviving with brain damage."

"Come on, I will offer you anything if you don't kill me," and to my surprise she unfastened the too buttons on her shirt, showing her cleavage. "I know that you think I'm sexy."

I wasn't able to hide the intrigue on my face. I knew she was a little tease around the office, and she probably did see me looking her over from time to time, but I never expected her to try and seduce me. Though, she probably never thought I would kill her, either.

"You want?" She said, winking, before placing her hands onto her skirt and forcing it, and her panties, to her ankles before kicking them off. At the sight of her shaved cunt I felt a throbbing sensation in my crotch.

I stared for several minutes and then shook my head. I had to resist, and that unfortunately required me to break my promise of a quick death. I raised the gun and fired two rounds into the patch of fuzz on her crotch.

The bullets, as promised, exploded in her cunt and shredded her womanhood into a faucet of blood and torn flesh. She collapsed back against the wall and sunk to the floor, screaming and clutching what remained of her vagina.

"Sorry, but destroying your pussy is the only way that I'd be able to kill you without hesitation."

The look of pain in her pretty blue eyes as she stared at me made me hate my illegal jobs for the moment.

"Please hurry up and end me, this hurts. Please make the pain stop," she pleaded.

"I'm sorry," I told her and aimed the pistol at her forehead. She closed her eyes as my finger closed on the trigger. I fired and a single bullet flew from the barrel and tore through her skull. It sank into her brain before exploding into hundreds of pieces of shrapnel, which shredded her grey matter.

Her head lolled forward and blood trickled from the wound, joining the puddle of blood from her ruined pussy.

Although her pussy was no longer intact, I soon found myself playing with her breasts until cleanup arrived.


File: 1490035517593.jpg (128.54 KB, 714x1000, sample-b7376246fe1d04f2624….jpg)

K/V: Victims
Name: Clarice (the blonde one) & Andra (the brown haired one)
Age: 19 & 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: see image;
Scene: You have bought these two young sluts from the sex slaves black market. They are waiting in your play room, thinking they'll only get fucked. Give them a surprise :)
Alternatively, you may send them to wait for you in any other location of your mansion, that's better suited for other kinds of fun (there's a nice firing range in the back ;) )

As I make my rounds around campus, I hear from around the corner two voices. One is female and appears to be moaning, the other belongs to a young man who is probably the one doing the fucking... They suddenly stop, probably hearing my steps. As I take the corner I see only see a young girl, kneeling. The boy must have ran and left her. I am a campus guard and this means I have to enforce the rules. I recognize the girl to be Briana, a model student... It's quite a shame she decided to take such actions, but the rules are the rules.

The young and promiscuous slut is staring at me with doe eyes. She knows that she broke one of the main tenets from Campus Regulations, but she still hopes she'll get out of this alive by using her feminine charm. For her age, she's got quite the pair of breasts and the nicest nipples I've seen so far.

I'm stuck watching her nubile body, tits sprayed with cum, lay kneeling before me. I am torn between taking advantage of her position to enjoy her cunt and tender lips and killing her. Technically I'm not a student, so that rule doesn't apply to me...

"D-d-do you...want me to...m-m-maybe I can please you...J-just p-p-please don't hurt m-m-me" she says, her voice trembling in fear.

A young succulent morsel with despair in her eyes and dick couldn't get any harder. I decide to take advantage of her position and let her blow me, before I blow her... with my pistol. I unzip my trousers, allowing my member to spring out gloriously. I walk towards her and while caressing her forehead with my hand I say
"Go on."
She starts sucking me right away, using her tongue with phenomenal dexterity and helping herself with her hands. It feels divine and so it doesn't take me long to cum inside her mouth. I'm done, now I have to fulfill my duty.

"A-a-am I free to go now?" she asks a bit less afraid, thinking that she did good enough to be spared.
"Yes. You're free to go..." I say as I wrap my hands around her neck.

"To HELL!" as I say this I begin to strangle her.

I don't use too much pressure initially as to not crush her larynx. I choke young little Briana with just enough force to make her gasp for air. I let her get a bit of air every once in a while as I deeply enjoy her struggle for life. I enjoy seeing her young tits bounce and brush againt me, I enjoy feeling the warmth of her neck and staring into her blue and yellow eyes as they search in despair for a way out. A good ten minutes pass with her in this struggle, but I decide it's time for her to go... I release her from the chokehold and throw her against the ground, she's too oxygen deprived to be running anywhere. I take out my revolver. She's barely conscious but she sees me and immediately panics, her eyes dilating even more than I thought they could. But where to shoot...
"Where would you like it?" I ask her coldly, a clear sadistic pleasure emanating from my tone.
She flutters her arms a bit in panic, but they then fall across her tits, defeated. Is she trying to cover herself...? I don't know. I lean over her, sitting myself on her stomach and shoving her hands away. I fondle her big boobs with my hands and with the gun for a bit, then place the muzzle of the gun over her right nipple, angling the gun so it shoots towards her heart. I feel her breast with my other hand, so that when I shoot I'll feel the vibrations of her flesh in my arm, as the bullet ends her life.
"Good bye, Brianna" I say as I squeeze the trigger.

There's a thunderous sound and a flash, followed by a blood curdling scream. All it took was only a brief moment for her heart to implode after the bullet perforated it. Her glorious nipple was burned away instantly, leaving only a black stain that was oozing crimson red blood.

In a matter of seconds she passed away. I waited for the wound to stop bleeding so heavily then zipped back my pants and mounted her corpse on my back so that I may register her as a sex in public offender. The guys at the office will probably let me keep her body for myself... I'll probably fuck her a few more times today, while she's fresh... then I'll cook her remains. I look forward to digging into that succulent cunt of hers.


K/V: Victim
Name: Jade
Age: 10
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture, although her underwear are off.
Scene: Jade decided to find a secluded spot in the woods to masturbate. Unknown to her, she somehow ended up in a classified location. You, a guard for the place, discover her while on patrol. How will you deal with this intruder?


I entered my play room to see that the two slave girls, each around eighteen or nineteen, that I had ordered were laying on the bed in the center of the room. One was a chesty blonde known as Clarice, and the other a brunette with small, but firm, tits; she was Andrea. Both were naked, except for a pair of stockings each, and seemed eager for me to play with them.

Clarice sat up and watched me intensely as I walked across the room, while Andrea moved her foot back and forth excitedly, like a dog wagging its tail.

Before I could play I had to get somethings. I walked over to a drawer and pulled out a camera and something else. I put the camera on record and placed it on a nightstand next to the bed. The other object, a Glock 19, went into my back pocket for the moment.

"It's play time, who wants some cock?" I pointed my finger and gestured for them to come over.

Clarice jumped off the bed excitedly, shouting "yay!, while Andrea rolled off and hit the floor. Clarice kneeled before me and started to fumble with my jeans, until my erect cock sprang out and hit her mouth.

"Good girl," I said, petting her head as she took the shaft in her palm and the tip in her mouth. Her tongue swirled around and covered my dick in saliva. I groaned in pleasure as she tickled and rubbed the shaft.

Andrea climbed up off the floor and threw herself against me and threw her arms around me. Her hazel eyes looked up into mine, then closed softly when her lips touched mine. Our lips parted and our tongues slid over each other. While we kissed my hand ran up and down her back a few times before I placed it between her legs and inserted my fingers into her wet cunt. She gasped into my mouth as my fingers probed further and further into her womanhood. For ten minutes her tongue danced around mine while I fingered her cunt and the blonde sucked on the tip of my cock. When I edged close to cumming I told them to stop. They both whimpered as I pulled away, but did as I requested.

"Let's go get back on the bed, I'll join you this time."

I repositioned the camera and dropped my pants. Not letting the girls see the gun, I shoved the jeans underneath the pillow before laying down on the bed.

Clarice mounted my cock, while Andrea mounted my face. I wrapped my arms around Andrea's pelvis and pressed her crotch against my face. Clarice started going up and down on my cock about the same time my tongue slid through Andrea's labia and danced softly over her clit.

Both girls moaned in pleasure as I enjoyed their cunts, and Andrea started slowly moving her cunt back and forth while I sucked her clit. Andrea then threw her arms around Clarice, who did the same in return; both girls locked lips and slurped each others' tongues.

I was the first to cum, and pumped hot, sticky globs of semen into Clarice's cunt. Her eyes flew open as I filled her, but she kept fucking my cock.

When the girls moaning became louder and more frequent, and they started breathing heavily, I carefully reached under the pillow and grabbed the gun. A few seconds later Andrea screamed as she came, squirting into my face. I lapped and slurped her pussy until every last drop of cunt juice was in my mouth or on my face, then I brought out the gun.

Neither of them had time to react; I pulled the gun out from under the bet and swung it around. Andrea was still panting heavily into Clarice's mouth, who was having a hard time kissing as she edged close to orgasming herself, when I pointed the gun up at her head. I pulled the trigger.

The bullet tore through the back of Andrea's skull and ripped a hole through her brain. Clarice started screaming as Andrea collapsed against my stomach, before I pushed her off the bed and onto the floor. She lay twitching with steadily-growing puddles: one of blood and one of piss.

Tears flew from Clarice's eyes as fear washed over her, yet, either because she was a loyal slave, or fight-or-flight hadn't set in, she continued riding my cock as if nothing had happened; perhaps she was just eager to cum before dying.

She came a few seconds herself, and I felt her cunt seize up around my member. I didn't give her much time to enjoy it, before I pointed the gun at her and put four bullets into her belly. A bone shattering scream of agony filled the room and she clutched at her stomach, which was quickly becoming coated in blood. I pulled the trigger again and put four rounds into each of her breasts before sending the last two in her throat.

She collapsed against my chest, gurgling and spitting up blood onto my shirt and letting tears run like water from her eyes. She probably couldn't fathom why I was doing this to her, but, amazingly enough, she was still slowly moving her lower torso up and down on my cock; or she was just squirming from the agony. It didn't matter, because a few seconds later that motion caused me to cum again and squirt another load of cum into her.

After I was satisfied I threw Clarice to the floor on top of Andrea's corpse. I grabbed more ammo from the drawer and reloaded the gun. I emptied ten rounds into her cum-oozing cunt and five more into her thread. She expired ten seconds later.

My cleanup crew took care of the mess while I processed the footage, and that afternoon I went online to purchase a more slaves.


File: 1490128499206.jpeg (144.1 KB, 888x1243, 1dcbbec50c5b211ded8679ba0….jpeg)

Forgot the image. :/


K/V: Victims
Name: Agnes & Anne
Age: 18 & 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Agnes's short and her hair is dyed in the colors of the rainbow, Anne's blonde and tall. Agnes is busty and fit, Anna is a bit plump and her breaststroke are small. Agnes is wearing a black bra and white panties, Anne has only pink panties on.
Scene: You are at a party. As you're friends with the host you know it isn't rare to have a few dead bodies show up after such a party. You've had your eyes on Agnes ever since she entered the building, and you finally noticed her going upstairs. As you follow her, you see her enter a room. When you open the door, you see her making out with a blonde girl, most of their clothes already on the floor. No one warned the girls that dead bodies often show up after parties like this though...

Today I got patrol duty again. The chance of someone stumbling through our borders is extremely low, so usually it means just boring hours of walking around. Without much enthusiasm I headed out, carrying a machete and a rifle with me.

After a few hours my boredom was interrupted, though. As I was walking, I heard some quiet moans. I immediately turned towards the source of those moans and slowly approached it, careful not to alert them of my presence.

The source turned out to be some young girl. She had brown hair, and wore glasses. Her chest was covered by a white shirt, but she didn't wear anything over her legs or pussy. I could clearly see her snitch without a single hair, and I could also see why was she moaning. The girl was touching herself there with both hands, and because of that her eyes were closed.

As I watched her I could slowly feel an erection growing, suddenly thankful for the guard duty. As the girl was focused on her pussy, I slowly approached her, eventually stopping so that she was in the range of my machete. Our rules say that all trespassers must be killed, and even though she probably didn't see anything, I couldn't let her go.

As her moans were reaching the peak, I reading my machete. After I saw her getting to her last orgasm, I stabbed her in the abdomen with my machete. She immediately opened her eyes and screamed in fear and pain, while I pulled my machete, with remains of her womb wrapped over it.

"Girl, you must have a really bad eyesight if you didn't notice the "No trespassers." signs. Still, the rules are the rules, so you're no more than dead meat now. If you weren't playing with yourself before, you'd already be dead, but since your moans managed to give me a hard on, I'll use your mouth to take care of it."

I didn't give her the chance to reply, and pushed my dick inside her mouth. I reached her throat almost immediately, finding out she was incredibly tight. As I fucked get face, I could slowly watch her face turning more and more red - I must have been cutting her breath off.

When I came, she had already lost consciousness. She was still alive though, for I could still hear her heart beating. I grabbed the machete again, and cut her shirt in half, freeing her of it. She wasn't wearing a bra, as it wouldn't cover anything anyways - her breasts were almost nonexistent.

A bit disappointed, I cut her chest open. Now I could see her weakly beating heart. Without wasting any more time, I reached inside and pulled it out. Her body gave a few final spasms before going limp.

I carried the body towards a near river and threw it inside - a fair warning to everyone not to come close to our grounds. I took her backpack back to the Base when I finished my watch. From the bag we learned that her name was Jade, and that she was on on a trip with her parents. We sent the parents a mail to stop them from looking for her. Her heart was shot apart at our practice range, and I got to like the patrol duty a bit more. Too bad those accidents didn't happen more often...



K/V: Victims
Name: Jane and Vanessa
Age: 12(Jane) and 14(Vanessa).
Sex: F
Jane is a petite Asian with ass-length hair dyed purple, a completely flat chest, and a hairless mons the legs. She's only wearing a white shirt and brown skirt, with no bra or panties.
Vanessa is a Hispanic girl with short black hair, an athletic build, and small, firm, breasts. She's wearing a matching outfit to Jane's, including no bra or panties.
Scene: Both girls go to a secluded tunnel near the park to make love. They've hanging out there for six years, and as such don't expect to find anyone. Unfortunately, for them, you have been hiding out there all night after robbing a bank. You wake up to see Vanessa with her head buried under Jane's skirt, eating her pussy.


I was never much of a party person, yet for a year now I've been attending parties as often as I could get invited. If I wasn't invited I could usually sneak in after everyone was already having a good time and too drunk to really notice any unusual guests: if they did notice me all I had to do is leave.

That's where I was last Friday; at a party. The sound of whatever music that was popular vibrated the walls of the house, and pretty much everyone was wasted or high at that point. Having only consumed pizza, and sweet tea that I had in a backpack, I was probably the only one completely sober. As everyone else became more intoxicated I found them less interesting to socialize with.

I wasn't interested in socializing anyways. No, my eyes that evening fell on a young beauty named Agnes. She was a short girl with a perfectly fit figure and rainbow-colored hair that fell over her shoulders like a colorful waterfall down to her waist. She was wearing a rather tight shirt that outlined her busty chest perfectly, and a miniskirt that barely hid her white panties. She was moving around flirting with men and women alike; she flirted with me the moment she came in the door, but it unfortunately led to nothing. It failed, but I was determined to have her before the night was done.

Around midnight I saw her step out of the living room and go up the stairs. I knew it would be the best chance to get her alone; well, not alone, as I suspected that she was going up there to have sex with some guy: I would deal with her lover if the need came about. So I trotted up the stairs after her and watched as she entered a bedroom near the end of the long hallway.

I sat my bag down and opened it up: tea wasn't the only thing I brought along. First I pulled out a pair of leather gloves and slipped them on. Then I pulled out a small crossbow pistol and an unopened package of pens. I opened the pens and loaded one of them into the crossbow before slinging the pack back over my shoulder. I continued down the hall as quietly as possible: not that the drunkards downstairs could hear me anyways over their loud-ass music: but it never hurts to be cautious anyways.

The door was slightly ajar, so I hoped that I could sneak in without making a sound. Even with the loud noises downstairs I wanted to reduce the possibility that they might scream when they see me come in; all too often I had to fuck a corpse because the whore wouldn't stop screaming until I killed her. I don't mind the occasional dead babe, but I like some live victims too.

The door creaked a few times as I pushed it open, but I didn't hear any screams or audible reactions.

Agnes had slipped out of her shirt and skirt, and both were scattered across the bedroom floor along with a green t-shirt and blue jean shorts, as well as two sets of flip-flops. Agnes on the bed at the other end of the room; she was laying on top of another woman wearing only a black bra and her white panties. Her lips were locked to the other woman's lips, with one hand rubbing the girl's crotch through her pink panties.

The girl, who I believe was Anne, was a sweet, short-haired blonde who just turned twenty. She came with her sister, who brought her so she could hopefully lose her virginity, or so I was told. I imagine that she didn't expect to lose it to another girl. She had a cute plump ass and body, as well as a innocent-looking face. She was topless, and her small, firm breasts were on display.

So far, neither girl noticed the door opening. The hallway was too dark and the room was only lit by light from the street. I watched from the shadows with lust, and a growing erection, as the two continued to make out. Agnes raised her head, and at first I thought they noticed my presence, but she moved to Anne's breasts and started sucking on her nipples. Then her hand slid beneath Anne's panties, and in a matter of seconds the virgin blonde was softly moaning.

I wanted to end Anne's life immediately so I could move on to raping and killing Agnes. Then I decided to at least let her have one orgasm before she dies. I could've fucked them both, and Anne was a pretty girl, but I really just wanted Agnes; and I didn't want the hassle of keeping both of them under control. If I had a gun instead of a crossbow it'd be better. So for some time I watched from the doorway as Agnes stimulated her new lover.

After a minute of fingering Anne's pussy, Anne lifted her legs and allowed Agnes to remove the pink panties and toss them aside, revealing Anne's hairy cunt.

"Ready to really lose your virginity?" Agnes asked, teasingly.

"Oh God, yes! I'm very ready!" Anne replied as she spread her legs.

Agnes lowered her head between Anne's legs and very softly started eating out her pussy. Anne screamed in pleasure and started moaning loudly as Agnes licked her pussy much more furiously.

"You are...amazing!" Anne moaned and softly stroked Agnes's hair.

It didn't take long for Anne to cum. After only a few more minutes her belly arced up and she threw her head back, before letting out an enormous scream of pleasure: her cum sprayed onto Agnes's face and into her mouth.

Agnes didn't flinch when Anne squirted on her face, and in fact she just continued lapping at her pussy. She continued even when her moans started to die down to their normal frequencies. She was probably hoping for another orgasm. I wasn't patient enough for that, however. It was time for me to enjoy Agnes.

I leveled the crossbow and aimed it at Anne's head. I fired and the pen flew out and slammed into the side of her head, just above the ear. It sunk a little more than an inch into her skull, and the tip pierced her brains. Her body convulsed violently, and a torrent of piss sprayed out from her urethra and onto Agnes's face.

"What the hell Anne?" Agnes yelled, spitting piss and scrambling away from Anne's pussy. "Why did you do...?"

When she noticed the pen sticking in Anne's head her hands went to her mouth as she tried to come to terms with what she was seeing. "What-what is...?" Tears flooded her eyes and started to roll down her cheeks.

"Don't scream!" I warned her, and entered the room after loading another pen into the crossbow.

"W-why the fuck did you do that to her?" She asked in a shrilled voice.

I ignored her and positioned the crossbow a few inches from Anne's ear. She was still twitching and jerking wildly, and I assumed that the pen didn't penetrate deep enough to kill her instantly. I pulled the trigger and this time the pen went into her ear canal and embedded itself deep into her brain. Another fountain of piss squirted from her cunt and she went limp.

Agnes sat at the other end of the bed, shaking and sobbing as I snuffed out Anne's life before her eyes. I thought it was amusing that she probably could've ran away while I reloaded the crossbow, but she was too traumatized to even attempt to move an inch.

"Now, let's go to the bathroom," I ordered her and pointed the crossbow at her.

I expected some resistance, but she slowly climbed off the bed without saying a word or cringing up.

"If you try to run or anything, I will make sure you suffer before you die," I threatened.

"I-I won't resist or run. If you're going to kill me just please don't make it hurt."

I walked back towards the door and into the hall, with her following. I kept an eye on her with every step: ready for any sudden movements.

We slowly moved it down the hall. I made opened the bathroom door, and she went in closely followed by me. I shut the door and flipped on the light, and turned my attention towards my quarry.

"Step into the shower and remove the rest of your clothes."

Agnes pulled the sliding door and stepped into the shower. She stopped and looked back, and asked through the tears in her eyes, "Why are you doing this? If you wanted to fuck me you could've asked me earlier when we talked. I'm not that hard to get in bed."

I laughed. "I was going to kill you regardless of whether we had sex consensually or not. It's how I get off."

"I-I would have preferred it that way. Dying really doesn't bother me that much," she said bitterly as she removed her bra.

"So, why does it matter if I kill you after raping you as opposed to killing you after making out?" I asked, curiously. Though, part of me knew the answer.

"Because Anne didn't deserve to die. I'm okay with dying, but not watching someone else die," she continued, but her words became incoherent as she broke into sobs.

"At least she didn't have to die a virgin," I joked, which only caused her hysterical sobbing to become even more hysterical.

She pushed her panties down to her ankles and tossed them aside. She stood with her hands against the wall and spread her legs apart, presenting her ass and pussy to me.

"If you're going through all of this trouble just to have sex with me, at least make me orgasm before I die," she sniffed before closing her eyes.

"If you can cum before I do then you'll get your last orgasm. But since you're being so brave I'll do something different for you."

I placed the crossbow next to the sink, followed by my backpack. I opened it and pulled out a sharp hunting knife.

Agnes shuttered when I stepped into the shower and mounted her naked body. I pulled out my cock and placed the tip of my member against her pussy and thrust forward, eliciting a sharp gasp. I wrapped my left arm around her waist and grabbed one of her huge tits. With the other one I held the knife against her throat.

"Shit it's big!" She moaned as I thrust in and out of her womanhood.

"Better enjoy it, slut. This is the last cock you'll ever have," I whispered into her ears.

I was so horny that it didn't take me long to cum, though Agnes wasn't far behind, and as we got closer we were both panting heavily.

"I'm about to come too... agghk!"

I came first, and as soon as I felt my cum squirting into her cunt I clenched the knife and pulled it across her throat, opening a huge gash in her perfect flesh.

Blood sprayed on the wall and she started gasping in vain for air. Seconds later I felt her twat seize up around my cock. She came for the last time in her life. As she came I continued slashing her throat until I reached the other end, and then with a strong yank pulled her head off as I pulled my cock out.

Her headless corpse fell to the ground twitching, and a torrent of piss sprayed from her urethra. I lifted her head and turned it to face mine, and looked directly into her rapidly-blinking eyes. I locked my lips on her dead ones and slipped my tongue into her mouth. I kissed her dead mouth for a minute before dropping it to the floor.

I cleaned the knife with some chemicals I found under the sink and placed everything back in my bag. I shut the light off and slipped out of the party. The bodies went undiscovered until Monday, and Agnes and Anne joined the other 67 people who died attending a party with me.


File: 1490646406382.jpg (295.82 KB, 1190x625, zzzz.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Lucy
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: a stunning redhead, wearing a pair of white panties and a transparent undershirt covering her generous heaving breasts.
Scene: Napping after long day of work on her delicious abs and ass. Lucy has a contract for a snuff film on her head. Well, it's just a recorded assassination, but it might as well be a snuff film, you think to yourself.


"Mind if I join?" I say, unzipping my pants, my erect cock blasting out.

Agnes pauses and gazes at my member a bit.
"Hmm, let's see what we can do. Come on over here" she says giggling in a girlish voice filled with lust.

A few minutes later I'm pounding Anne's tight young cunt while she's playing with her tongue in Agne's pussy. We form a triangle on the bed, as I embrace Agnes and kiss her passionately while I fondle her tits. The sex feels good but I get bored rather fast. I take one hand off Agne's ample and nubile flesh orbs and take grab my knife from a backpocket of my jacket that's still on me. I put my other hand over her mouth.

"Darlin, you're divine" I say to Agnes as I slash her throat, her velvety red blood pouring out fast over her delicious tits.

Agnes starts squirming and shivering and tries to scream, but I've put the knife away and am now fully dedicated to concealing her screams as she heaves in her death throes. Anne probably thinks she's doing a very good job, as Agnes's muffled screams sound like moans and her squirming feel to her as if her friend is having an earth shattering orgasm. After about twenty seconds, Agnes doesn't move anymore and she slumps ahead, I embrace her limb, dying body and play with her bloodied tits, yanking them and pulling them with all my force, almost rpping her flesh away from her chest, while pounding more viciously Anne's love cannal.

Anne is now probably past the curiosity part as to what liquid was pouring onto her tummy. She takes her gaze out of Agne's cunt and notices that there are red stains all over the sheets and she's covered in it too. at that point I shove Agnes's corpse over to the side of the bed.
Anne starts to scream, but nobody from the ground floor is going to hear her while there's music blasting at max volume and she's at the second floor. I place my left hand over her neck to restrain her and fuck her unabated. Her pussy is going haywire over my cock as her struggle mounts up....even though she doesn't have any success in stopping me, or even inconveniencing me.

Her small breasts are not anything special, but her pink nipples and white skin make for a very enticing sight. I take my knife and play with it for a while, dragging it over her nipples, hardening them even more with the touch of the cold steel. A few second pass and then I take my first stab, right through her right nipple, penetrating her soft tissue and her lung. She tries to scream but her throat no air gets from her lungs past her neck. I stab her right breast two more times, each time with bated anticipation. I now release her chokehold, only to see her cough up blood and struggle to cover her wound. I edge closer and closer to climax so I take a final stab: at the side of her head, setting her on a really fast course to ceasing to exist. Her body spasms chaotically as soon as I plant the blade in her...the closest part of her body that is to being her. I fill her pussy full of my seed as she heaves then lay over her body for a few seconds, caressing and kissing her body.

I leave the room, get to the bathroom to get washed and changed then enjoy the rest of the party, leaving as soon as the sun comes up. It was quite the night.


Sorry if it's kinda rushed but I had to do it in under an hour.


(Since mine was skipped I'll repost it.)

K/V: Victims
Name: Jane and Vanessa
Age: 12(Jane) and 14(Vanessa).
Sex: F
Jane is a petite Asian with ass-length hair dyed purple, a completely flat chest, and a hairless mons the legs. She's only wearing a white shirt and brown skirt, with no bra or panties.
Vanessa is a Hispanic girl with short black hair, an athletic build, and small, firm, breasts. She's wearing a matching outfit to Jane's, including no bra or panties.
Scene: Both girls go to a secluded tunnel near the park to make love. They've hanging out there for six years, and as such don't expect to find anyone. Unfortunately, for them, you have been hiding out there all night after robbing a bank. You wake up to see Vanessa with her head buried under Jane's skirt, eating her pussy.


Lucy is sprawled across the bed napping when I enter her bedroom. The busty redhead is the latest whore I'm being paid to assassinate. This is where I'd normally pull out a pistol and put a few bullets in her head, but my client wants more. I have to film her masturbating before I kill her for a bonus payment, which quite frankly makes things a little more of a hassle.

It doesn't matter, though. She's rather attractive; her huge tits are barely hidden underneath a transparent shirt and her panties were on her thighs, displaying her fire-red bush and her slit. She's very athletic as I can see from her abs and toned legs. So I'll be getting a nice snuff video for myself on top of what I'm getting paid.

I pull a high-resolution camera and turn it on. Instead of shooting her in the head, I pull out a pistol and take aim at her legs. BAM! Her eyes fly open as the bullet tears through her thigh; she jumps up screaming in pain, and instinctively tries to run away, only to collapse to the floor when the pain in her leg is too much for her to stand.

"What the fuck! This hurts! Please make it stop hurting!" She screams, clutching at her wounded leg.

"Do as I say and I'll make the pain stop."

"Who the fuck are you? Why the hell did you shoot me, you sick fucker! What do you want?"

"I want you to die, but first I need you to take off your panties and rub your clit," I reply.

"Why the hell would I masturbate for you if you're just going to kill me regardless?"

I stand over her and aim the gun at her breasts, angling it such that it won't go into her chest. He fires six bullets into the side of her breasts. She screams again while cusping her ruined tits, looking at them in horror and disbelief.

"If you masturbate for me I'll kill you instantly, and the pain will be over. If you don't I'll make sure it's a very drawn out, painful death."

She looks at me with hate-filled eyes, but she decides against further rebellion and rolls onto her back. She pulls her panties off, wincing as they slide past the bullet wound in her leg. She spreads her labia and places her index finger on her clit and starts rubbing it.

"I'm doing this for me, not you. If I'm going to die might as well enjoy my final moments. Just promise not to shoot me before I cum."

"I'll shoot in two minutes regardless of whether or not you cum." Then I start counting down in my head.

She closed her eyes shut and focuses on her masturbation, eager to get her last orgasm before she dies. I don't know what she fantasizes about, but soon she's panting heavily and her blood-soaked tits are heaving rapidly.

As my count reaches one minute and fifty-eight seconds she throws her head back and arcs of cum shoot from her urethra. While her orgasm is unraveling I reach the two-minute mark.

I press the gun against the bottom of her chin, "I hope you enjoyed it, goodbye," and pull the trigger. The bullet goes up through her mouth and nasal cavity before embedding itself in her brain. Piss flows from her cunt as she lays there twitching.

I aim the gun again and fire another bullet into her skull, and she finally goes completely limp.

"No reason to waste the opportunity," I mutter to myself as I shut off the camera and place it on a nightstand.

I grab Lucy's corpse and hoist it on the bed. Then I rip the fabric of her see-through shirt until her tits are completely exposed, and start squeezing them and sticking my fingers in the bullet holes, not even bothered by the blood sticking to my gloves. Her right tit has four holes going all the way through: the second one has six holes in it, four only go halfway with bullets embedded in them, while the other two went all the way through.

I unzip my pants and pull out my erect cock, before mounting Lucy's body. My dick goes between her tits and I squeeze them around my member, and I start fucking her dead boobs. I thrust my cock back and forth between her tits for several minutes, getting it soaked in blood. After ten minutes I come, squirting my seed onto her neck and chin.

I clean my cock off on her panties and zip up my pants. After phoning for my cleanup crew I fondle her tits and pussy until they arrive.


If I was into loli I'd probably write up somethin up your alley. I'm into shooting too.



I guess I'll throw out one for those who don't want to do younger girls. This is a killer, since we haven't had one in awhile.

K/V: Killer
Name: Ashton
Age: 20
Sex: M
Characteristics: Muscular, with black messy hair. He's wearing a camouflage shirt and pants, and a bulletproof vest underneath. He's armed with two Glock 18s, a backpack full of ammo, and a hunting knife.
Scene: A bunch of teenage girls have decided to camp in the forest he's been living in for years. During their third night there, Ashton discovers the group in the middle of the night. What does he do to them?


In an attempt to revive this, I'll add another entry. As before, you guys may ignore my previous ones.

K/V: Victim
Name: Cassandra
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair up in a bun, slender frame, huge natural breasts. She's only wearing panties.
Scene: You break into the Parker Family's house in the middle of the afternoon. Nobody is supposed to be there, but you see Cassandra is home sick, and sleeping on the bed as you come through her window. You make too much noise and she wakes up; you impulsively tell her to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, she recognized your voice, and your cover is blown.


K/V: Victim
Name: Paula
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: Blue t-shirt; black jeans; no bra; hair dyed blue, shoulder-long;
Asian, quite fit;
Scene: Paula recently moved in to the house next to yours. No one told her, why the houses next to yours have been standing empty despite being so cheap. That the inhabitants disappear in mysterious circumstances. And now it's her turn to disappear.


As I'm sneaking through the window, I notice Cassandra Parker on her bed only in her panties. The sight of her huge beasts distracts me, and I accidentally place my hand on some shaky nightstand, knocking it over. A half-full bottle of wine drops to the ground, shattering into a thousand pieces and creating enough noise to wake Cassandra up.

"What's going oooon?" She asks meekly, still very much in her dream world.
"Don't worry Cassandra, you can go back to sleep." My mouth opens before I can think about it, and she shifts on bed, seemingly convinced.

I start to move, but she suddenly springs up. "Wait, I know you. You're a friend of my parents. Why are you here now though?" She notices the open window. "Did you break into our house?" She asks, and then remembers she's not wearing a bra. Blushing heavily, she covers her huge tits, with her hands, and shudders a bit as she sees my erection through my pants.

"It'd be far better for you if you really went to sleep as I told you, Cassie. Since you didn't, things are about to get ugly. I can't have you tell anyone you saw me, and there's only one way to make sure of that." I walk back towards her, and she starts to scream. "Don't get any closer! Do you have any idea what will happen if you even lay a finger on me?" She tries to intimidate me, but I ignore her. As I advance, I pick up a big piece of the shattered bottle.

She looks at the peace with fear, but that's not going to help her now. As I'm standing next to her, she bursts into tears.
"Please, don't kill me. I'll do anything." She stops covering her breasts, and frees my cock from my pants with one hand while the other pulls down her panties. "You can take my virgin pussy, and I know you want to."
Her hopes are brutally shattered as I stab her in the gut with the shattered bottle, broken glass easily cutting through her. "I can do just the same after I kill you." I stab her a few more times, going lower and lower then stabbing her through her cunt. As she's screaming again, I finally grow tired of her constant screams and stab her one final time through her neck. Her body thrashes for a moment, then goes limp. I take the occasion to fondle her huge tits, then grab a photo of he read body.

Finally, I take her down from the bed and lay her down in the middle of all the glass shards. I hit her hard on the side of the head with the nightstand, and place the glass shards inside of here wounds. Since her death is now looking like accident, I can resume my mission. I am long gone from the house at the point her parents come back and find her body.


K/V: Victims
Name: Rachael and Callie
Age: 9 (or 15 if you prefer older)
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Picture (If you prefer older, they are taller and have naturally large tits.)
Scene: Rachel and Callie talked their older brother, Robert, into taking their virginity. As they were having their fun you walked into the room talking loudly about illegal activities you and him are involved with. You stop when you see Robert has company. Unfortunately, the girls heard too much and must be terminated.


Last week another unfortunate girl moved into the neighborhood. Paula, a pretty Asian with shoulder-length hair, eagerly rented the house because of its rather low price. The neighborhood was empty, which she thought was kind of odd, but nobody told her why. It wouldn't have helped; Paula was a very down-to-earth girl who rarely paid attention to superstitions and ghost stories. She certainly would never have believed that someone like me even existed, much less existed in a seemingly random neighborhood.

I watched Paula from the moment she moved in with lust and eagerness. She noticed my presence, because she usually looked up or shivered when my manifestations shifted the air temperature, but she never suspected that she was being watched. You see, I wasn't a human anymore. I'm not really a ghost, either, because I wasn't dead. I did exist as pure spirit, but I was able to fabricate a physical body for short periods of time. Since a ritual ten years ago my spirit became a sort of energy field that was spread through the neighborhood. In some ways, you could say I WAS the neighborhood. My existence is certainly what kept all of the homes in good shape, even after years of being abandoned.

But, unlike a true ghost, I needed to feed. Paula, being the first person to move in after months, was an irresistible morsel. Not only that, but as it's been awhile since something this pretty lived in the area, I needed her to take care of something else; a strong urge that unfortunately carried over from my life as a normal human.

One night Paula was sitting on her bed reading a book when I manifested in her room. Like always she shifted her position after my sudden presence shifted the air; she couldn't exactly see me yet, because I hadn't fully materialized yet. But I would have her that night.

Paula was laying on her back with the book propped up in her hands. She was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of black jeans, and her hair was dyed a bright blue since I visited her last. Her nipples poked through her shirt, signaling the lack of a bra. Like most nights, I spent a few hours admiring her perfectly toned body and large, firm breasts. Unlike most of the prey I get, Paula intrigued me enough to survive a whole week; most of the people foolish enough to stay here disappeared during the first or second night.

Around midnight, though, her time was up. Suddenly Paula's eyes flew open and she tossed the book across the room when she felt something warm and hand-like cusp her breasts. She started whimpering as I squeezed and fumbled her milk sacks. Then, without warning, I fully materialized in the form of a man. Paula screamed as my naked figure appeared on top of her; her hands instinctively shot out against my muscular chest to push me off, but then she felt the air pressure around her wrists tighten and then force her hands back against the bed.

"Please... whatever you are... please don't hurt me!" She screamed, then closed her eyes, "You're not real, this is a bad dream! Now go away!"

I ignored her pleas, and a second I grabbed the neckline of her shirt and pulled the fabric. I ripped her shirt all the way to the bottom. She wasn't wearing a bra as I suspected, and her two large breasts bounced out of her shirt as it was torn. Then I grab my huge cock and slap it hard between her mammaries. The same force binding her hands manifested around her breasts and squeezed them around my cock as I started sliding it up and down her cleavage.

"Please... no... PLEASE! LET ME WAKE UP!" Paula broke down crying, and slightly panicked when she couldn't bury her face in her hands.

Even if I wanted to say something, whether to reassure her or just tease her, I couldn't; speech is the one thing I couldn't do, regardless of having proper anatomy or not. So I quietly continued fucking her tits as she laid there sobbing and pleading for mercy. When I felt close to cumming I pulled my dick out and started to stroke my member. After a few seconds she cried in disgust as my first load squirted all over her tits and face.

Paula started to scream again when I moved off and her body started levitating over the bed. She lingered in the air then I grabbed the hem of her jeans and pulled them off. Like with her shirt, she wasn't wearing anything under her pants either, and her nice shaved pussy was on full display. Her body dropped to the bed, and once again I manipulated the air telekinetically into restraining her arms, before using the technique to force her legs apart. She screamed and shook her head fanatically as I placed the tip of my cock against her labia.

"No! No! You can't do this! I'm a virgin, and I'm saving myself for Jake. Please! Stoooop!"

I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me, then I pushed my dick through her slit, and a trickle of blood flowed as I broke her hymen.

"This... this has to be a fucking nightmare," and Paula resolved to sobbing as I fucked her virgin cunt.

Paula must have resolved herself to the idea that this was nothing more than a bad dream, because she didn't resist when I placed my lips over hers and slipped my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue danced around mind, and I could feel her lightly sucking on mine. As I thrust in and out of her cunt I started to feel her breathing with a heavy rhythm into my mouth as an orgasm started to build. I was building up as well, but I was silent during the whole time. We both came at the same time minutes later, and I felt her cunt clench up around my cock as cum squirted up into her pussy.

My physical form disappeared and the pressure holding her limbs disappeared, and Paula laid on the bed with her breasts heaving and taking long, deep breaths, while white sticky cum oozed from her pussy. Paula was lightly sobbing, but she was glad the worst part was over; however, she had no idea how she would prove to her boyfriend that she was raped by a ghost.

That became a distant concern, because soon the air pressure started to increase around her head. At first it felt like someone grabbing her head, but soon the sensation became more extreme. She started screaming and grabbed her head as the pressure increased more, and she felt her skull start to cave in. Although it was only ten seconds, Paula felt as if it was days as the most horrific pain she ever experienced pulsed out from her skull in waves; she kicked and thrashed wildly, and piss squirted out from her urethra. Then the sides of her head imploded, while a volcano of brain, skull fragments, and blood exploded out of the top of her head and splattered on the wall. Another torrent of piss flowed from her cunt, and her body twitched on the bed for a few minutes before finally going still.

I got what I needed; not the meat and flesh of her body, but her spirit as it left her body. The corpse laid in the bed for nearly a month. Paula's boyfriend and sister were the ones to find her rotten body after they became concerned when she suddenly stopped communicating with everyone.



This is the image for the above prompt.



(The image seems to be too large, so I'm redoing the prompt.)

K/V: Victims
Name: Rachael and Callie
Age: 9, or 15 if you prefer older.
Sex: F
If 9: Short brown hair in ponytails, blue eyes, flat chests, bald virgin pussies. Both are nude.
If 15: Same as above, but taller, large, firm breasts, and their virgin pussies have nicely groomed of fuzz.
Scene: You need to talk to your friend Robert about some illegal activities you two are involved in, but you didn't know his younger sisters talked him into taking their virginity. You walk in blabbing about business, and stop when you see them. Callie is sitting on Robert's face getting her ass and pussy eaten out while Rachel is sucking his dick. Unfortunately, the girls overhead too much, and have to be eliminated.


K/V: Victim
Name: Ness
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair falling down to her shapely ass covered in black pants. Burgundy red buttoned up shirt and a white bra covering huge tits.
Scene: She's been studying at the library for far too long. You've come to read, but her body was too much of an distraction. You tried striking conversation with her, but she was too absorbed with her studies. When she finally left it was already dark. You knew you wouldn't be able to focus today on anything else anyways, so you followed her. What do you do to her now?


Going for the 15 year old version

"Heya Rob, next shipment's coming in 3 days so we really need to get prepared if we wanna steal it too." As I walked inside Robert's room, I was speaking about out next heist. "So get off your lazy ass so we can-" I stopped abruptly after noticing who was with him - he was eating out some naked girl while another one, looking similar to the first, was sucking him off.

He got his head free from that pussy, and looked at me. "Oh come on man, can't this wait? I've got two 15 years old sluts begging me to take their virginity here. The one sucking my dick is Rachel, while the other girly here is Callie."

Callie blew me a kiss, so I looked at her. She had brown hair in a ponytail, and a sizeable chest. Her pussy had a nicely trimmed bush, and her blue lust-filled eyes almost made me feel bad about what I knew I had to do.

"Sure Rob, but there's a little problem - we both know no one can know about it, and they heard too much already." Rob was a bit annoyed by now, so he replied a bit harshly:
"Do whatever you want to them - the quicker we take care of them, the faster we can talk about it. Rachel, go please our guest."
At this point the other girl let go of his cock, and she smiled at me invitingly. She didn't follow the conversation until she heard her name, so she was completely oblivious to what was going to happen to her.

Without waiting much longer I freed my dick from my pants and rammed it inside her. I could feel her hymen being torn as I pushed further in, but she only gave our pleasured moans as I started pounding her. Rob was still taking his time with Callie, his hands on her breasts as they were making out. I gave her tits a few squeezes, then moved my hand behind me. I knew Robert had one of his guns hidden somewhere around there, and I feel amazing as I find it. The thought of shooting her aroused me enough that I come inside her. She seemed to already had her own orgasm, and willingly bounced on my cock trying to milk as much cum from it as she could.

As my orgasm was dying down, I caressed her face with one hand. She looked back at me, and I pressed the gun against her forehead. She had just enough time to realise what I was doing before I pulled the trigger. Her shattered bones and brain matter stained the cushion on Rob's bed, and as her body was twitching beneath me I looked at Rob.

He was now having Callie ride him cowgirl style. She had her eyes closed, and her breasts were bouncing heavily as she rode him. I walked behind her, and pushed my cock inside her ass. She moved a bit, surprised by the double penetration, but quickly resumed riding us. Her mind was far too focused on the pleasure to be troubled by me, and I was sure she didn't notice what happened to her twin sister yet.

As we were both pounding her, I decided something slower that a gunshot would fit her better. I put the gun down and procured a knife. After I felt both her and Rob having their orgasms, I knew the time was right. With a quick move I placed the knife on one side of her throat and pulled to the other side, opening a red gash as she started to violently twitch between us.

After her body stopped moving, we both pulled out of her. "Too bad, I liked them." Rob commented as we were preparing to dispose of the bodies.


(Test Poste) And if this works I would take the one above me


It worked. We're waiting.



I have a story ready, but I'll hold off on posting it until Sunday to give you time.


File: 1492925705574.jpg (715.86 KB, 750x1000, 27f0c8ac165ecc9d444d62d5b7….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Sophia
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: (See Pic)
Scene: The young, inexperienced, and naive mage has wondered into the cave you've been hiding in for years. What is her fate?

I waited until Sunday like I said.


Melissa Coss stepped into the public library to check out the latest mystery novel from her favorite author. She grabbed that, along with a number of other books she thought would be interesting, and sat down at the closet table to read through the first few pages to decide if they're worth checking out. As Melissa took her seat something quite pleasant caught her eyes.

Sitting across from her, but on the opposite side of the table, was a young beauty, probably either seventeen or eighteen, studying and working on homework. The girl had long black hair and a burgundy button down shirt that curved nicely over her huge breasts. Melissa could see her white bra underneath.

"Studying hard?" Melissa asked, trying to strike up a conversation with the young beauty.

The girl looked up and smiled at Melissa. "Yeah, I gotta keep up if I wanna graduate at top of my class."

The girl had a pleasant, soft, and gentle voice, and Melissa was eager to hear it some more. "Graduating soon? Have any plans for after high school?"

"I'm going off to a university, I've been accepted into quite a few already," she said proudly, "but I'm not sure which one I want yet. There's so many options it's hard to choose," she finished.

"So, uhm, do you have a name name?" Melissa asked.

"Nope, my parents designated me as Girl1917424," she replied sarcastically.

Melissa detected her sarcasm and burst out laughing. "That was great," she blurted out. "No, but really, what's your name?" Melissa insisted as she calmed down.

"I'm Ness," the girl responded, reaching out her hand. As Melissa shook it, Ness asked with more sarcasm, "do you have a name?"

"I'm Woman666," Melissa replied, laughing. Ness let out the cutest little laugh in response. She thought solemnly about it for a few months, "I'm Stephanie Desmond," she lied.

"Nice to meet you, Stephanie," Ness replied.

"You too," Melissa said before they broke their handshake.

Melissa was about to say something else when Ness's phone rang and she answered it.

"Hello... So I have to walk home by myself again?... Whatever, bye!"

Ness put the phone down hard and started packing her stuff with slight anger in her movements.

"Uh-oh, trouble?" Melissa asked, feigning concern.

"Yeah. My stupid boyfriend got arrested for tickets and now I have to walk home alone," Ness replied, frustrated.

"Boys," Melissa and Ness sighed in unison.

"I'm leaving early so I don't have to walk home alone in the dark," Ness told her as she zipped up her backpack and flung it over her shoulders.

"Is it because of the murders?" Melissa asked, with a barely-detectable hint of pride in her voice.

"Yeah," Ness replied, "My mom and boyfriend say I'm too paranoid, and I probably am, but there's still a chance he might show up." She laughed nervously.

"It doesn't hurt to be cautious."

"So, is anyone going to make sure you get home?" Ness asked.

"Myself," Melissa replied confidently.

"You aren't worried about the killer?" Ness asked, a little concerned.

Melissa had to repress a laugh. Melissa Coss was afraid of no serial killer: Melissa Coss was the serial killer. Of course, she wasn't about to tell Ness that: not yet, anyways. So she settled for another lie.

Melissa shook her head dismissively and said, "I always carry a can of pepper spray in my purse," and pulled a can of it out of her purse.

"Oh," Ness replied. Melissa thought she was going to ask if she could walk with her, but only said, "be careful," before she turned around and walked out of the library. Melissa couldn't help but watch her leave; Ness's nice round ass bulged perfectly against her tight black jeans.

When Ness left her sight, Melissa didn't plan to kill her just then. But, like her last targets, once the girl was in her thoughts she couldn't stop thinking about her. When Melissa turned back to examining her books she found her mind imagining Ness's plump ass or huge tits in her hands as her life faded from her. No matter her effort, Ness's image couldn't be banished from her mind, and she lost the ability to focus completely.

Less than two minutes after Ness left, Melissa checked out her books and went out through the same front doors. Ness didn't get far, and Melissa could see the faint outline of her in the distance. Melissa followed the teen for several blocks, getting closer with every step. Although Ness looked around several times, not once did she show any signs that she felt concerned; either Ness​ didn't see Melissa, or simply didn't perceive her as a threat. It would prove to be a fatal mistake.

Ness walked for half an hour with Melissa on her tail. Melissa closed the distance between her and her pray quite a bit, and when Ness looked back Melissa could clearly see the panic flare up on her face. Ness had no idea why the lady from the library was following her home, but she clearly didn't want to find out. Melissa watched the girl sprint as fast as she could, but she didn't go too far; Ness ran almost to the end of the block before turning right and bolting through the front door of the second house to the street corner.

Melissa could've caught her before she reached the house, but she let the busty little squirt go for now. She merely glanced at the address long enough to store it in her memory and kept walking to make it seem as if she was heading in that direction anyways.


Had to split the story in two to post it. :/


Melissa caught a bus back to her part of town a little past Ness's house. She changed into a green low-cut blouse and a short checkered miniskirt, no bra and no panties. Melissa's hid her waist-length blonde hair underneath a wig of short bright-red hair. Then she grabbed her backpack and, after filling it with certain objects, slung it over her shoulders and walked out the door.

When she stepped out of the house an hour later the sun was already setting over the horizon. Melissa wanted it to be a little darker before she reached the unfortunate girl's house, so skipped out on another bus ride and just walked the entire distance.

This would be her second on-impulse victim, not including when she killed her wife. Melissa became aware of just how risky it could be with Natalia, and this would be much harder with the victim at home. Sure she has murdered girls in their homes before, but only after a week or two of planning; this time Melissa planned to invade Ness's house and kill her without any prior planning. Her lust and overconfidence were just too strong.

When Melissa arrived at Ness's house she was pleased to see the driveway was empty, but the garage door was closed and there wasn't any guarantees that the girl's parents hadn't a car parked in there. More encouraging, however, was the fact that the only light was coming a second floor window. If her family was home they must enjoy sitting around in the dark.

Melissa tried the door, but as she expected, it was locked. So she tried something that she hasn't done yet: she knocked. No response. Melissa knocked again, this louder, and kept knocking until she heard movement from upstairs followed by that same pleasant voice she heard at the library.

"Alright, I'm coming as fast as I can!"

As the footsteps got closer Melissa pulled the can of pepper spray and a knife from her bag. A few minutes later Melissa heard the clicks of her unlocking the door and then it swung open. Ness stood in the doorway with her ebony hair swaying in the nightly air and a look of bewilderment on her face. She only had a few seconds for her expression to change into terror at the sight of Melissa's knife, before Melissa raised the can of pepper spray and shot it straight into the unsuspecting teen's eyes.

Ness immediately clutched at her face frantically and collapsed to the floor, screaming, as Melissa forced her way through the door. She grabbed the teen, who was jerking wildly, and pressed the sharp end of the knife against the small of her back.

"Now let's go to your room before I run you through," Melissa whispered dangerously into her ear, "and you better stop screaming," she continued.

Ness, although able to control to her screaming, sobbed and squealed as Melissa prodded her up the stairs. She walked blindly with her hands desperately rubbing and clawing her face, and struggled with every bit of her fiber against the urge to just curl up on the floor until the burning in and around her eyes stopped; the pain, which was unlike anything she had ever experienced, was so bad that part of her wanted to let her assailant just kill her and get it over with.

The door to her bedroom was already opened, so Melissa just pushed Ness forward and then kicked her hard in the back, sending her stumbling onto her queen-sized bed in the center of the room.

"Now, start undressing!" Melissa barked as she kicked the door shut and clicked the locks.

Ness was barely able to open her eyes, and struggled to unfasten each button on her shirt.

"Hurry up, now!" Melissa ordered as if she were a coach. "If you have to just rip it off."

Melissa watched in amusement as the teen continued to struggle with her buttons, before she gave up and started tearing the fabric of the shirt. She cried as she tossed the pieces of shirt to the floor like ripped paper.

"Mmhmm, nice," Melissa said softly and reached out her hand against Ness's soft teenage belly.

"How are you doing this to another woman?" Ness asked in a thin, croaky voice.

"Because I'm a very sick bitch," Melissa replied, smiling.

"I don't wanna be raped!" She replied; she tried to scream the words, but the words only came out as a weak, shrill squeak. "Please don't!"

Melissa pulled the center strap with her index finger and, with a flick of the knife, opened her bra and let her big tits bounce out.

"Stop whining and keep undressing. If I have to remove your pants for you I just might slice up your pussy and legs!" Melissa threatened.

Ness once again obeyed, and pushed her pants and panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Then she sat on the bed and bent over to remove her pink socks, but Melissa interrupted:

"Keep those, I think you'll be cuter with them on," Melissa piped up, "now lay back and spread your legs."

As she did so Melissa took the time to fully enjoy Ness's exposed pussy. Her mons was plump, nicely shaved, and her hairless slit was so inviting.

"How much further are you going to take this?"

"Hmm. I was thinking all the way until I kill you," Melissa replied and shot her a cold smile.

"You're not serious... I don't wanna die! Just rape me as hard as you like, but please don't kill me!" Ness whined.

"Sorry dear, but what I really want is to rape you softly and kill you after. I promise to make it as painless as possible," Melissa replied callously.

"What if I scream? If you're going to just kill me why should I let you rape me?"

"Well, for one your sinuses haven't recovered enough from that pepper spray I hit you with earlier. Then there's the fact that I can have your internal organs out of your belly before anyone could even respond. So if you're ready to die sooner, and in a much more agonizing method, than I have in mind, go right ahead."

Ness thought about it for a few seconds, then realized that Melissa was right, and remained quiet.

"Since you have a boyfriend I must assume that you know a little bit about sex?" Melissa asked curiously.

"W-we haven't done anything yet. I-I'm still a virgin," she replied sincerely, with a hint of regret in her voice.

"That's a bummer," Melissa replied disappointingly, "Do you at least masturbate?" Melissa was hopeful that she wouldn't have to explain too much.

"Eeh-yeah, several times a week in fact," this reply came with a little humbleness.

Melissa lifted up her skirt and climbed on the bed, on top of Ness. Melissa sat up on her knees with her ass and pussy just a few inches from Ness's face, with her miniskirt draped nicely over her face.

"If you know how to pleasure yourself then you should have an idea of how to pleasure another woman. Only, pleasure me with your tongue instead of your fingers. If you can eat me out I promise to give you a quick death. If you stop before I come, or you do anything to hurt me down there, I will stick my knife deep into your pussy." Melissa told her.

Melissa honestly expected her to protest, like her last victim, but she didn't. Melissa did feel Ness's body shaking, as well as hear muffled sobbing underneath her skirt, but after a few seconds the teen's soft tongue slipped through her labia and started softly dancing around her clit.

"Good girl!" Melissa moaned. Ness may be new to oral sex, but she was doing a fairly decent job. Ness switched between lapping her tongue into Melissa's cunt hole and flicking it back and forth across her clitoris. From her moans of disgust coming from Ness's mouth, Melissa was certain that she wasn't too thrilled by the taste of cunt, but Ness still performed her best; although, it was probably because she was scared to death, not because she really wanted to.

Melissa started to slowly move her pelvis back and forth, rubbing her soft labia against Ness's mouth, and providing further stimulus. Melissa arched her back and threw her head back. The walls practically vibrated as she howled in pleasure at the ceiling.

"Oooooh..." Melissa fell forward, wrapped her arms around Ness's thighs and laid her head between her legs. Her hands stretched out against the teen's smooth skin and her legs kicked out as she edged closer. She moved her cunt back and forth across Ness's face faster; Ness had to wrap her own hands around Melissa's ass and pull her face against her crotch to keep her tongue in Melissa's pussy. Ness's tongue was now buried deep inside of Melissa's vaginal entrance flicking back and forth in circular patterns.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oooooh! Stoooop good!" Melissa screamed in orgasm as waves of pleasure crashed over her body. "Don't stop just yet, we're... Oooooh... Yeah... we're almost there!" As Melissa's orgasm unveiled her legs squeezed tightly around Ness's head and thrust her pelvis so hard that she forced Ness's head back with each thrust.

Melissa collapsed on top of Ness and laid there panting for a few minutes. Although Melissa orgasmed, Ness was still too afraid to disobey, and her tongue continued to whisk back and forth across Melissa's slit.

"You can stop now," Melissa huffed as she lifted herself up and climbed off the bed. She sat the backpack on the floor and started rummaging through it.

Ness laid there shaking and sobbing; she felt violated and disgusted. Her face was wet and shiny, completely drenched, with Melissa's pussy juice literally dripping down the sides of her face. The taste of woman cum in her mouth made her nausea, and she was certain that she'd throw up before long. Ness could only pray for her nightmare to end, but she knew very well that her ordeal was far from over and that it was going to get much worse.

To exemplify the coming humiliation, Melissa emerged with a massive emerged from her bag with a two-sided strap on, with 9-inch purple dildos on both sides.

"I want you on your knees with your ass in the air, now," Melissa demanded as she pulled off her skirt.

"Please just let this stop," Ness cried as she sat up and repositioned herself as Melissa ordered.

"The longer i rape you, the longer you get to live. If you're ready to die we can stop this," Melissa said coldly.

"Just let me go! I'm just a week from being eighteen, and I-I'm going to college next year! I haven't even gotten to experience my life properly yet. Why do you have to kill me?" Ness's whiney babbling of pity turned into incoherent wailing of pity as she dug her face into the fabric of her sheets.

"Most of the girls I've killed so far were much younger than you," Melissa replied as she strapped the harness around her crotch, gasping as she inserted the entire 9-inches of dildo in her tight hole.

Eagerly she climbed on the bed and placed her hands on Ness's plump ass. Using her fingers, Melissa spread her ass cheeks apart and stuck her tongue between her crack. She started slowly moving up the length of Ness's ass crack; she flicked her tongue and swirled it around, tasting every bit of the teen's intoxicating flavors.

"Please stop it!" Ness cried, "Please stop!"

Ignoring the teen's pleas again, Melissa started to move down as her tongue continued to dance around in her intergluteal cleft until it reached her anus. Ness started breathing a soft whimper as Melissa's tongue swirled around her hole.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Please! Ooooooooooooooh! Stop it!" Ness screamed when Melissa pulled her anus open with her index fingers and inserted her tongue into her rectum. Melissa thrust her tongue back and forth. "Nooooooo! I don't like this!"

"You should enjoy it, as it's the only sex you'll ever have," Melissa taunted.

"Oooooooh! Stooooooop!"

For another minute, Melissa ate out her asshole. Then she pulled away and put her thumbs on Ness's swollen labia and spread her pussy lips apart. Then she placed her nose up against the teen's clit

"Mmmmmmmm! Soooooo lovely," Melissa breathed as she inhaled the fragrances of her teenage sex. Then she slipped her tongue against her clit and started softly flicking it back and forth.

"Please just stop!!" Ness cried out.

"You ready to die, then?" Melissa taunted.

"No! Just stop and leave me alone!" She whined.

"Nah. But if you want me to stop having sex with you, just say, ‘I'm ready to die' and I'll end it all for you. You've already pleased me enough for a quick death. So, are you ready?"

"Noooooooo! Please! I don't want to die" Ness wailed.

Melissa shook her head and went back to licking Ness's clit. Ness soon started to feel the effects of Melissa's caressing tongue, and started digging her fingernails into the sheet. The teen was still wailing, but her breathing became more rhythmic.

Melissa's kissed Ness's vaginal entrance and slipped her tongue deep in her love hole, pulled it out, and sucked in her pussy juices like an oyster. She repeated the process, twirling her tongue around Ness's tight cunt. Ness's legs and arms stretched and cringed up, and her body was literally shaking as she edged closer to her orgasm.


But before she could cum, Melissa stopped.

"I think you're lubricated enough," Melissa told Ness while licking her lips.

Melissa grabbed the knife and grabbed the teen's hair, pulling her head back.

"Please don't! I don't wanna die, please don't kill.... ahhhhhh!"

Ness's pleas became wet gurgling noises and blood squirted from her mouth as Melissa plunged the knife into the right side of her throat and forced it out through the other side. She yanked the blade forward, slicing a big gash in her throat as she pulled out the knife. Fountains of blood sprayed out, soaking into the sheets on Ness's bed.

Melissa put the knife to the side and grabbed the dildo on the end of her strap-on and lined it up with Ness's cunt. She clutched Ness's torso to stabilize the spasming teen, and placed both hands on her breasts, then thrust her pelvis forward. The dildo penetrated her virgin cunt, broke through the hymen, and kept going until it hit the cervix. Melissa back and forth like a jack hammer, pounding both of their cunts.

The blood lost and the oxygen deprivation to the brain took their toll on Ness's body. Within fifteen seconds her spasming stopped and she fell unconscious; Melissa couldn't tell if she managed to orgasm or not beforehand, but she was positive that she did. A second after Ness lost consciousness, Melissa felt something wet and warm running down her legs and a strong ammonia smell hit her nostrils.

"Guess that means she's gone," Melissa bemused as she continued fucking Ness's dead cunt with her dildo. "But I guess it won't hurt to make sure," she finished cheerfully.

Melissa grabbed the knife and pulled Ness's head back. She cut deeper and deeper into her neck, and pulled her head back, tearing flesh. The most difficult part was cutting through the spine, but she managed it; Ness's bladder released a few more squirts of piss onto Melissa's legs as the blade went through. After another minute Ness's headless body fell to the bed, still slightly twitching, and Melissa held her head in the air.

After a few seconds she kissed Ness on the lips, and slipped her tongue into the dead girl's mouth. She held it there for a few minutes, tasting her mouth, before tossing it down on the bed.

It didn't take long; after riding Ness's headless body for another six minutes with her two-sided dildo another orgasm crashed over her. Melissa collapsed on top of the corpse panting, and holding the teen's dead body tightly.

After at least ten minutes she got up from the bed and pulled some cleaning supplies from her backpack. Melissa made sure to clean everything with any of her fluids on it. Then she pulled out the same pink panties she stole from Natalia two weeks prior and stuffed them as far inside of Ness's tight cunt as she could. After getting dressed and gathering her stuff Melissa went home.

Ness's mother came home later that night, but went straight to bed. The following morning she found her daughter's decapitated body after the school called about her absence.


File: 1495386652097.jpg (550.57 KB, 2085x3508, 1475634551783.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Mia
Age: about 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: red hairs, Asian-European, short, young, smart, virgin, well trained, strong willed
Background story: You have been hired by Russian mafia boss to take care of Mia, young Yakuza member. She is big pain in the ass for him.
She lives alone in big house near lake with forest around.
Your job is to record how you rape/torture/break/kill her, to make an example for her organization to not fuck with Russians.
Give her the worst shit you can imagine. Her death must be as painful and humiliating as possible.


Shitpost incoming.

She was cute, but the little bitch had to suffer. And die.

I looked down at her flushed face. Her chin lightly bled from being scraped on the gravel we dragged her over. Her arms were tied behond her back, with barbed wire. Her legs were spread apart and her feet raised high on metal stakes, jutting up through the soles. The steel rods were run over with her blood.

A camera was set up to view her. She saw that camera. But there were others, too.

"Here Baby, eat this. " I spanked her and poured liquid laxative into her anus, held open with a funnel. I pinched her anus closed to sew it shut.

"Please. Please I'm so sorry." I began spanking her, drumming on her asscheeks as she squirmed, cutting her arms and back with razor wire. "Ow OWWW oh pleheez." She sobbed.

"You hurt already, just wait." I pointed at the ceiling. "You're going to shoot those down to crawl over them." Glass bottles, filled with alcohol, dangled in the hundreds. "I'll cut you down after you shoot them down, and you can crawl home after you crawl over glass." I dragged that last word out and laughed. But if you poop at all in that time, I'll make it even harder for you." I had plenty more barbed wire, bladed chains, and spiked weights to pierced her thighs, arms, and not-yet-prolapsed rectum with.

She sobbed and pleaded, but her agony was just beginning. "The world will see this from every angle." She looked at me, her head contorted on her neck, wide eyed, "But how can you worry about that?" Indeed, it seemed she agreed, albeit only by her wailing. Still, I was surprised, pleasntly, that she wasn't already in too much pain to comprehend consequences or contemplate humiliation.

(Will continue in a bit).


K/V: Victim
Name: Kaori
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: She’s of medium height and moderate fitness, her hair is shoulder-long, and dyed bright red. She’s wearing a pink see-through t-shirt though which you can see her black bra, black pants and pink panties.

Scene: She’s an acquaintance of yours. You tried asking her out, but she turned you down, claiming she’s a lesbian. No isn’t an answer for you, though – If she’s not with you, she might as well be dead. How do you punish her for rejecting you?


I’ve been living in this case for several years. It’s pretty secluded, but it didn’t stop it from acquiring a very specific reputation – that of a place you should ever go to if you value your life. Occasionally I let someone go – usually a man, but also a few girls I found not interesting. The others still had their bodies preserved in one of the deepest rooms of the cave.
That was the fate which awaited the redhead that just walked into the cave. Her long her fell down her back and also covered her huge breasts. The girl wore glasses, and also had a sparkling pink dress that barely covered her huge tits, though it cascaded down to her feet. She was barefoot, and the quiet sound of her steps against the cold stone sounded out as she slowly walked further into the cave.
I sensed straight away that she was a mage, but with no trouble I found out she wasn’t very skilled. There was no chance she could detect me before I wanted, so I decided to shift the corridor she was about to enter so that it lead towards some basic traps to check how she’d handle them.
She entered the corridor without any fear. Only when the entrance suddenly cut off behind her I could sense some fear in her. She turned around and looked at the solid wall that was now covering the entrance, then shrugged and turned back again. She took a few steps before triggering my first trap.
It was really simple - a single blade sprung from the wall at the height of her abdomen, cutting her dress open there and leaving a small cut on her flat belly. She jumped back with a cry of pain, and looked around more carefully. Only now did she try to find more traps with her magic. Although her attempt was laughable at best, I let her find some of the traps. She regained some confidence before walking down the corridor again, avoiding the traps she could sense.
I let her continue a bit further, then fired another trap at her. It was a simple fire spell that flew towards her. To my surprise, she didn’t it notice until it hit her. Her dress caught on fire instantly, and she screamed in shock again. She cast a fairly decent spell to quench the flames, and it put the fire out, but the damage was done. Most of her dress burned away, leaving her breasts exposed as she wasn’t wearing a bra. The scraps of her dress fell to her feet, revealing she wore purple panties beneath it.
She was a bit startled by her sudden nakedness, but she probably concluded no one was watching her. With a sudden movement, she pulled her panties down, too. As I saw her shaved pussy for the first time, I could her melodious voice.
“I’m probably far enough now. No one will hear me.” As I wondered what she was planning to do, she used some summoning magic and created a purple dildo for herself. She shoved it inside her pussy, and started moaning as she moved it in and out, her back pressed against the wall.
I watched her touch herself with interest. She closed her eyes and her face was getting red now, while her moans were increasing in volume. I quietly moved the room she was in deeper into the base, bringing her right in front of me. I watched silently as she brought herself to an orgasm, and she finally opened her eyes to get rid of the dildo.
As she did, she finally noticed me. She immediately screamed in fear, her hands moving to cover both her pussy and breasts.
“No need to cover yourself now, slut. You walked into my cave and shamelessly masturbated in front of me. That means you’re not allowed to hide anything from me.” With a gesture, I called for some magic. My spell severed both of her arms at her shoulders, making them drop and expose her most private parts again.
“Much better. Now that we have that out of the way, I should probably tell you what I’ll do to you. It’s pretty straightforward, really. I am going to rape you, and then I’ll kill you.” At this point she broke into tears, and she tried to beg.
“Please, don’t do it to meee! It was a simple bet with some of my frieeeends! I didn’t mean to trespass. Forgive me, pleaseeeee!” Even if her voice was pretty, at this point it only aroused me to hear her like this. I unbuckled my pants, uncovering my huge dick. Her eyes were immediately glued to it, and I could tell she wanted to feel it inside her.
That was a wish I could grant her. With a quick shove, I buried my cock deep inside her pussy. She was pretty tight, and her moans were telling me she enjoyed it as much as I did. Because of that, it didn’t take me long to come inside her. She came a bit earlier, too.
After I filled her pussy with semen, I pulled my cock out of her. The lust in her eyes was replaced with fear now, and she looked at my face again.
“It felt great, right? If you let me go, I’ll come back here later and let you fuck me again.” She tried to convince me, but I only laughed. “You’re not really going to kill me, aren’t you?” She tried to reassure herself.
Instead of answering, I pulled out a beautifully engraved knife. The magic within it allowed me to bind souls as I wished. Usually I didn’t use it on my victims, but she really felt great to fuck. I stabbed her with the knife, burying it between her tits. She screamed in pain as she felt her soul slowly being torn away from her body. Her body started spasming as she was losing control of it, as I stabbed her through her heart.
It didn’t take long to tear her soul away. It was put inside a ruby crystal that turned to the shade of her hair as it was put there. I looked at her lifeless body again. With a quick slice, I cut her head off. I shoved the crystal inside one of her eyeholes, and her head sprung back to life.
“What’s going on?” She asked, but was silenced as I forced my cock inside her mouth. Its tip came out of her neck stump, and I turned towards her body so she could see it. Then, I used her head to jerk myself off, covering her headless body in cum.

I put her head inside a container, and occasionally had her grow a new body, that I’d rape before snuffing her again. Her body joined the others in my trophy room, and when her friends came to look for her, I had my fun with them, too. But that’s a story for another time…


Ok its been a week so I'll get on it today.


I stuck a gun barrel into her ass, with a bullet belt between her legs and the trigger inside of her. They were far from lethal but enough to shatter thin glass, not that she'd be able to aim behind herself.

(my laptop is burning but I'll get back to this later again I swear to Dark Chaos God Emperor of the Greater Good)


File: 1496933548319.jpg (74.28 KB, 572x800, fbc7124fbc9a513d9fcf775da5….jpg)

Hey all, I do apologise first off for not quite following protocol but I was sent here as I have requested a custom story to be done as a fantasy of a character who matches my gf. Apparently real pictures can't be used so pic is as similar as I can find. For some reason I find it ridiculously hot but of course just fantasy as I know some find it strange that I want the story to be about my gf.
Story wise I love the thought of the extreme sexual torture by older guys, always liked older guys looking at her sexually.
K/V: Victim
Name: olive
Age: 23
Sex: F
Characteristics: 5ft 3, long blonde hair, dancer background so toned stomach small c cup boobs with solid legs and ass. Quite flexible. Very friendly and chatty to everyone. Quite sexually reserved in public unless drunk but quite slutty behind closed doors. Nice tight pussy with a shaved landing strip, has done anal 3 or 4 times but doesn't enjoy it due to the tightness. Enjoys light bondage.


The very point of this thread is for you to fulfill the previous story request before posting your own. However I'm a writer too, and I'm always open for requests, so I could totally write this. So if you'd like, feel free to hit me up in my thread ( so we can figure out a bit more details (also, even if you can't upload an actual picture, you could just upload it to imgur or something and post the link).


She was contorted upside down with her arms tied behind her back and her legs spread apart, and she was looking at the glass bottles hanging from the ceiling as she shimmied her ass to aim the gun sticking out of it. She was holding so much shit, and her body was in so much pain from the beating she took as well the stressful position she was in. She shimmied her butt around, farting as little jets of poop flung out. Everytime she took aim, I could see her buttocks straining, letting small black rovers flow down her bum and over her hips. POW splrt thlp "AH!" She shrieked, farted and shat with every shot. But she did eventually- after many long hours of crying and moaning "wuhuhhughuuhhh" and begging "pleeeasse sirrr I'm sawwrrryyy, make it stopp!" in addition to her increasingly dire shitting- get every glass bottle.

So I held up my end of the bargain. I set her feet on fire.

She instantly started screaming for me to just kill her. Her screams had already gotten shrill but this was new. She had been able to withstand beatings and torture stretches very well but this was new. I grabbed a scimitar and slowly sawed away at her legs, first slicing her shins and calves and then her thighs.

Eventually I simply sliced her ankles away and she fell ass up into puddles of her own shit, flinging ricers of feces around as she slammed her bloody mangled legs into her putrid wastes.

"Get arouns. Now." I kicked her with my brown and now black boot. "Youdon't have forever. So this and go." I think she doubted me but I knew she wasn't giving up, despite having begged for death.

She turned, with her hands still behing her back, "ow
Ah ow oh ah aowww ahh ah. OhHhhOhj." She whimpered.

"Wait." I stood on her back pour some liquid on her hands.


I took out a lighter. "Don't get your hands on the ground or you die."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING PLEASE NO!" She screamed "AAAHHHHHHHHHJAAAAAKKKNNnn" She hit a moment of shock, frozen in place, as her mind registered that her hands were now dealing with exceptional pain while the Phantom limb pain of her feet and the rest of her body radiated sorrow. She still had a gun sticking out of her ass, with no kore bullets since I removed the chain ammo and replaced it with weights.

Ahe screamed and svreamed and screamed. Ahe kept waddling, crawling on the floor. Her every motion puntuated with a shriek. Her hands on fire on her back, her ass leaving a trail of shit, and her legs leaving trails of blood as she waddled through alcohol and glass. The shards got stuck in her soft breasts before anything, then shoulders and next the rest of her chest, until she was covered in them and could only shake and ahimmy innpmace, trying to not roll with her hands onto the fuel.

She kicked her legs around rolled about trying to not get set on fire and mitigate the pain of glass.

She failed.

Once she was unable to move forward and could only rock side to side and squirm in place, flexing her knees and hips, I knew it was over. Her hands touched the floor as she instinctively rolled on her back and then the floor was covered in fire. I was at a safe distance to watch her struggle, kicking her legs in the air like she was riding a bike and side to side, moving every sort of way, and simply screaming.

She struggled, kicking and shrieking, for several minutes it seemed, before her muscles gave in and she finally met the mercy, Death.


File: 1498225256542.jpg (88.96 KB, 426x600, 4c43882be4ff6b4e2a7468e7ac….jpg)

Since the guy above forgot to add another prompt, I'll do it.

K/V: Victim
Name: Saundra Francis (Yup, I give mine full names.)
Age: 11
Sex: F
Characteristics: (See pic)

Scene: Saundra is spending the day out at a quiet and unused beach near her home.


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File: 1498269844197.jpg (909.75 KB, 1412x1000, a83879bb9165a6d5c17e10bb7f….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Inés
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: (See pic)

Scene: She’s just finished high school, and she’s decided to lie in her bed wearing her uniform for the last time. The dorms are pretty much empty now, so no one noticed that you followed her. How do you ensure it’s the last thing she will ever wear?

Walking in the seaside always helped me relax. Since this week has been quite stressful, I’d went for a walk along the sea. I quickly left the crowded beaches, and soon I was alone with the waves’ gentle flow. Just as I finally began to calm down, I noticed a girl in a white dress ahead of me. A grin crept onto my face. Oh, this walk was really going to help me relax!
I backed out a bit to make sure she didn’t notice me. Since she continued to do whatever she was doing, I knew she hadn’t seen me. I watched her for some time. She looked about 11 or 12. She had beautiful short blonde hair, and her white dress reached just pass her knees. I could see a tattoo on one of her hands, and she was barefoot. She was playing without a care in the world, climbing rocks and jumping through the waves, getting her dress wet in the process. When the water turned her dress nearly transparent, I decided it was time for me to act.
I approached her again, and this time she noticed me. She waved at me, and shouted. “Hello Mister! Do you like my secret beach spot?”
“It’s really nice, girl. Can you tell what your name is?” I asked her politely while smiling at her, her nearly flat chest and perky nipples visible through her dress.
“Saundra Francis, Mister. Do you want to play with me?” She asked me, her voice so sweet and innocent.
“That’s just what I wanted to do, Saundra.” I gave her another smile, and walked the last few steps to her. She turned her head upwards to look at me, and I smiled at her again.
“Tell me Saundra, do you know what a ‘blowjob’ is?” As she shook her head, I flashed my teeth at her. “That’s okay, I’ll show you.”
I pulled my shorts down, freeing my erect cock. She looked at it with curiosity, as I placed my hands on her head, gently leading her mouth to it. She eagerly opened it, and I showed it all the way in. She tried to struggle at first, but she quickly gave in. Within a couple thrusts I buried my cock all the way in. I could tell she was troubles breathing, so I withdrew a bit to let her breathe.
I continued to fuck her face for the next few minutes, letting her breathe just enough so that she didn’t pass out. As I came, I pulled out, spraying her face with some of my semen.
“Did you like it, Saundra?” I asked her when she regained her breath.
“It hurt at first, Mister, but later it was fun!” She answered me, and I laughed. She was so naïve, it almost felt bad knowing what I’d do next.
“Now, Saundra, I am going to teach you something else. Sex.” I told her, then I grabbed the straps of her dress, and pulled them to the side. She understood what I wanted, and let me undress her completely. I knew she didn’t wear a bra already, so the lack of panties didn’t surprise me that much. She had a small patch of blonde pubic hair, but her small slit still looked encouraging.
I grabbed her by the hand, and made her kneel in front of me, with her back towards me. Then I knelt myself, and pressed my cock against the crack of her ass. She shifted a bit in front of me, then I pushed it in. As she cried out in pain when I broke her hymen, I pushed her head forward with both hands. She flipped forward without any resistance, and I leaned in to press her head against the sand. I pushed her head into the sand until it covered her entire face, then just held her.
At first she didn’t react, assuming it was similar to when I choked her with my cock – that I’d let her breathe when it became too hard for her. Instead, I just pounded her virgin pussy, pushing deeper and deeper with every thrust. When she started struggling, it was already too late – her head was fully submerged.
It didn’t take long for her to stop struggling, nut I held her until her body stopped completely. Then, just to be sure, I grabbed her head and twisted it all the way towards me, snapping her neck. Her golden eyes were filled with shock at what I did to her, and the look on her face was enough to make me cum.
I pulled out from her, and I pulled my shorts up. Her lifeless body lay on the sand, and I had no more intention of touching it. I grabbed her dress as a memento, folded it neatly so that it’d fit inside my pocket, and left.



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Some stats:
In those 100 posts, there were 52 victims and only 9 killers. (I'm not counting >>2430)
We wrote 59 stories, and 5 of them reused victims.
Out of the 9 killers, 4 didn't receive a story:
From all the victims, only 3 didn't receive a story:
There was only one male victim
The average victim age was about 17,4 years



I guess perhaps we should give them stories before making any more new ones. As a lot of the prompts without replies were mine, however, I can only do a few.



I can work on these three if someone gets the rest.>>


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I'll do >>2144 but it may take a few days, I'm somewhat busy atm.

Also for convenience, here are the last two unclaimed ones:

K/V: Killer
Name: Ashton
Age: 20
Sex: M
Characteristics: Muscular, with black messy hair. He's wearing a camouflage shirt and pants, and a bulletproof vest underneath. He's armed with two Glock 18s, a backpack full of ammo, and a hunting knife.
Scene: A bunch of teenage girls have decided to camp in the forest he's been living in for years. During their third night there, Ashton discovers the group in the middle of the night. What does he do to them?

K/V: Victims
Name: Jane and Vanessa
Age: 12(Jane) and 14(Vanessa).
Sex: F
Jane is a petite Asian with ass-length hair dyed purple, a completely flat chest, and a hairless mons the legs. She's only wearing a white shirt and brown skirt, with no bra or panties.
Vanessa is a Hispanic girl with short black hair, an athletic build, and small, firm, breasts. She's wearing a matching outfit to Jane's, including no bra or panties.
Scene: Both girls go to a secluded tunnel near the park to make love. They've hanging out there for six years, and as such don't expect to find anyone. Unfortunately, for them, you have been hiding out there all night after robbing a bank. You wake up to see Vanessa with her head buried under Jane's skirt, eating her pussy.


Here's >>2222

The bank robbery didn’t go as well as I wanted it too – they’ve seen my face and now I had to hide. Fortunately, I’ve found an abandoned tunnel – one that the police wouldn’t be able to find. At first I kept watch, but eventually I decided to get some sleep.

I woke up a few hours later. First thing I noticed that it was day already, and I could feel the sun shining. I looked towards the entrance of the cave, and froze right away. Someone was there! I pulled out my gun instinctively, and took aim. Only then I realized that it was a young girl, 12 or 13 years old, her long purple hair just made me think she was older and possibly dangerous. Her body didn’t look that dangerous though – She was completely flat. She seemed preoccupied with something else anyways. With some surprise I realized she was moaning. She wore a typical school uniform, with a white shirt and a brown skirt. I moved closer to take a better look, careful not to alert her.

She didn’t notice me, and as I got close I realized there was another girl in front of me. She looked a bit older, possibly 14 or 15, and she wore a similar uniform. Currently her head was buried between the other girl’s thighs, obviously eating her out. I watched them for a while, but I knew it couldn’t last very long. The girls must have obviously seen my face on the news already, so if they noticed me, they’d probably run away and lead the police to me again. I couldn’t have that happening, so I grabbed my gun again and aimed it towards the top girl’s head.

“Vanessa! Oh my god Vanessa! This feels amazing! I’m coming!” The purple haired girl screamed at the top of her lungs, and I could see her body shaking in an orgasm. So I pulled the trigger. A red ring appeared between her eyes and I could tell the orgasm turned into deathly spasms. She collapsed forwards, exposing the second girl’s face to me. She had short black hair, and her face looked Hispanic. She was obviously thinking that the orgasm she gave her lover was just very powerful – how could she realize she was actually dead?

“See, Jane? I told you it would feel fantastic. Now get up so you can return the favor.” She said towards the corpse with a playful tone in her voice. She got up, and looked at Jane’s body, her expression changing to shock as she noticed the bloody hole in the back of Jane’s head and the blood all around them.

“Jane? Are you okay?” She screamed and lunged forward to check her pulse. As she bent over Jane’s body, she gave me a clear view of her pussy, as she didn’t wear any panties. That also spurred me to action. I pointed the gun towards her, and spoke calmly:
“Don’t move, Vanessa. And don’t scream.” I could see her body tensing in fear, but she obeyed me.
“Turn around. Slowly.” I told her, and she rose from Jane’s body and looked at me.
“Do you know who I am?” I asked her, and she nodded through tears.
“You’re that guy that was in the news – wanted for bank robbery and murder of some of the bank’s employees.”
“Stupid sluts didn’t want to give me the money. I had to teach them a lesson.” I could see her shaking in fear.
“Please, let me go. I won’t tell anyone about you. Just let me live!” She begged, and I simply laughed.
“That’s not going to happen, Vanessa. But if you do as I tell, I’ll give you a quick death.” She nodded with resignation, and I grinned. She understood her situation fairly quickly.

“Now, come here and take your shirt off.” She walked towards me while unbuttoning the shirt, then threw it to the ground. She didn’t wear a bra, so I was given a pleasant view of her firm tits. They weren’t that big, but at least she had them, unlike her dead friend. I grabbed and squeezed them, then pulled her skirt a bit upwards.
“Please, I have never been with a man before.” She tried to beg again, but I was having none of that.

I pulled my pants down, exposing my already erect cock, and shoved it inside her. She screamed in pain, more tears rolling down her face, as I broke her hymen. However, she quickly overcame her pain and I could tell she was trying to enjoy it.

“You really are a slut, aren’t you?” I asked her as she came, then blew my load inside her. When her orgasm died down, I could tell she was afraid again. She knew I’d kill her now. So I pulled out my gun, and pressed it right between her eyes.

“Jane. I’ll be joining you now.” She spoke as I pulled the trigger. Her brain sprayed the walls of the tunnel, but I didn’t care. I grabbed her body before it fell to the ground, and tore off her skirt. Then I did the same with Jane’s body, stashing them both inside one of the bags with money. I pulled a fistful of dollars and stuffed some into both of their pussies, then removed Jane’s shirt. I placed the two in a 69 position on the ground, with Vanessa on top, then I grabbed the rest of my stuff and headed out.

Their bodies were found a few days later, and the dollars I left made sure they were recognized as my victims. But by then I was already out of the country.


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With the sound of a ringing doorbell, Zara hopped up from the couch and rushed to the front door, and a range of emotions from nervousness to delight increased the blood pressure inside of her heart and body; the moment she was waiting for all week was finally here.

Zara met a boy, going by the name Elvis Watson, in a chat room, and she quickly fell in love. At first she flirted with him, and he started flirting back. After two weeks the she started exchanging pictures with him; first modest, non-sexual images, but very quickly turning teasing and then raunchy. After a month, Elvis had seen Zara's firm, medium-sized tits, and she had seen his medium-sized cock. Last week she discovered that he lived in London, the same as her. She told him that her parents were celebrating their anniversary with a week in the Caribbean, and that he could drop by her house the day after they left.

Zara sat in the living room for most of the evening, waiting for him to arrive. For their first meeting, Zara's​ outfit consisted of a black low-cut tank top that left everything below her boobs exposed, and a very short black​ miniskirt, with no bra or panties underneath; everything her parents believed that a fifteen-year-old like her should never wear.. Her wavy, golden blonde, hair was tied up into thick ponytail that fell to her waist.

Zara ran with excitement to the front door, her little skirt flapping enough that if anyone was sitting they could get a good view of her womanhood. She opened the door with a huge grin on her face, which quickly faded.

The figure standing at her front door, an imposing baldheaded man, was not the handsome dark-haired boy she spoke to. Before Zara had a chance to say anything, his massive fist flew up and connected with the center of her forehead. Her consciousness​ became fuzzy, and she vaguely registered someone pushing her hard, before she passed out. She fully regained her consciousness after​ an unknown amount of time, with a massive headache pulsating through her skull, and she couldn't​ feel her feet.

"Uggh..." She mumbled groggily, as she slowly rose up. She rubbed her eyes and looked up, then started screaming, then a large hand fell hard against the left side of her face.

"Hello, Zara Evans," the man sitting on her feet at the other end of the couch boomed.

With tears welling up in her eyes, and her left hand on her sore cheek, asked, "Wh-who are you, and how do you know my name?"

"I'm the last person you will ever be in the company of," he replied, chuckling slightly.

"Please don't hurt me! Y-you can rape me if you want, but please don't kill me! I-I won't tell, I promise" Zara pleaded.

"I'd rather do both," he replied with another laugh.

"Please! Just rape me! Take my virginity and leave! If you wait too long my boyfriend will save me. He-he'll be here tonight, and you'll be sorry," she threatened, more to reassure herself​ than to scare him.

The man looked at her, "How dense can ya be?" He laughed, and leaned in close enough that his face was centimeters from hers'. "Do you think it was a coincidence that I showed up at the time you expected a boy named Elvis Watson? Think!" He tapped his temple as a big Cheshire cat grin appeared on his face.

"You-you-you're..." The man watched as Zara's face contorted, as understanding washed over her along with an immense fear, and the utter collapse of any hope she had left.

"That's right, I am Elvis Watson," and he laughed as Zara's started to shutter and sob. "Though, technically, I'm Felix, but, yes, I am the one you have been talking to in that chatroom."

Felix lifted himself up from the couch, relieving the pressure on Zara's feet, and saying "enough chit chat, let's get this show on the road, now take off your top."

Zara only moved to place her feet on the floor; either she didn't register Felix's order, or she had a enough will in her to resist: probably a bit of both. So Felix slapped her on the right cheek.

"I suggest you fucking cooperate. The longer you do, the longer you get to live. I have no problem fucking your corpse, so unless you want to die a virgin, you best do as I tell you. Now take off your goddamned shirt, bitch."

Zara, reluctantly, but without the willpower to offer any further resistance, pulled her shirt up over her head and let it fall to the floor. Then she sat there sobbing, unable to contemplate just how much more horrifying that night would become.

"These are very lovely." Zara took a deep breath as Felix's large hands cupped and squeezed her breasts. "Just like in your pictures...," he muttered to himself.

He lowered his head and placed his lips over one of her pink, perky, nipples, and started softly flicking his tongue around it. Zara sobbed harder and cringed up, but at the same time her breathing became more rythemic; moans started to escape her lips between sobs. Felix's tongue caressed her nipple for a minute, before switching over to the other one. He delicately moved his hands across the surface of her soft teenage skin, feeling up every inch of her body. As pleasure overpowered her sense of fear, Zara's​ sobbing started slowly becoming replaced by moans and increasingly-heavy rythemic breathing. After a full minute he pulled away, giving her nipple one final loud, wet, slurp.

As Zara sat on the couch, slowly coming back from her pleasure trip, Felix unfastened his belt and pushed his pants and underwear off; Zara's eyes widened slightly when his 9-inch member sprang forward. Although he could tell she was still scared about what was going to happen to her, he could see a glint of hunger in her expression.

"Suck me off," he ordered and thrust his pelvis forward, so that the tip of his penis touched her mouth. Zara looked at it for a second, then parted her lips to allow his member to slide in. Slowly she started moving her head back and forth, taking his cock in deeper and deeper into her throat. Felix grabbed the back of her head and buried his dick as far in as it would go, causing her to gag. After a few minutes he let her up for air, and resumed letting her suck him off at her own accelerating pace.

As Zara sucked his cock, Felix started feeling up her hot teenage body; brushing his hands against her face and cusping her petite shoulders, and sliding his hands around her smooth back before returning to the front to squeeze and massage her firm breasts. Her perky nipples were hard as he passed over them, and he couldn't resist the urge to pinch and twist them in his fingers.

Felix grabbed the sides of her face and let out a big long groan as he started to climax. Just as sticky warm globs of cum shot out of his member, he shoved his dick as far down her throat as possible; Zara gagged and choked as he emptied most of his load down her esophagus. He pulled out and the last bit of jizz squirted all over her pretty face.

Felix stepped back, admiring the young and beautiful Zara; topless and breathing heavily, with cum dripping from her mouth and down her chin. He picked up his pants and pulled a camera out.

"Oooooh nooooo...," Zara groaned weakly as she realized what he was going to do.

After getting quite a few decent shots of her topless and cum-dripping figure, he placed the camera on a table and turned his attention back to Zara, who knew full well what would come next.

She screamed as Felix grabbed her petite frame and threw her face-up onto the hardwood floor. Zara groaned as soreness spread across her back, but that rapidly rushed from her thoughts when she saw Felix get onto his knees and lift her skirt with his right hand.

"This looks lovely," he moaned as he leaned forward and placed his lips up against her perfectly-shaved pussy.

"Ooooooh!" Zara cried out as she felt his tongue slip through her labia.

Slowly he flicked his tongue. Zara moaned wildly and her legs and arms moved around; her hands slowly clenched and unclenched each time his tongue brushed across her clit. Then he wrapped his arms tightly around her thighs and spread them apart, before starting to lick her pussy wildly; her moans were almost screams as his tongue rapidly slurped up and down inside of her teenage girlhood, and every bit of her body​ cringed up as sensations she never experienced before took hold of her.

It didn't take long at full-throttle for Zara to climax. She let another loud, screaming, moan, and Felix had to steady her body as her pelvis and stomach arced up.

"Oooooooh! Yes! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Zara screamed as she came, in an orgasm that lasted for a full minute before she started to calm down. Even after her orgasm died down, Felix continued slowly licking her pussy for a few minutes as she basked in the afterglow.

Felix raised his head and looked at her face, with a mouth dripping with her cunt juice. He grabbed his cock and positioned himself with the head against her labia, and brushed it against her cunt for a few seconds.

"Aaaaaah! God! Ooooh! My!" Zara screamed as his cock plunged through her virginal hole. A trickle of blood soaked his manhood soon after he broke through her hymen, but he ignored it and kept on going.

Felix pushed all the way to her cervix, watching her cringe up as he did so, and slowly pulled back. He thrust in and out of her cunt slowly at first, but quickly picked up speed. After a few minutes he was pounding her cunt like a machine gun, and they were both panting and moaning. Felix grabbed her tight around the torso and pulled her​ body against his, nearly crushing her as he fucked the virginity out of her. Both of them were fully into it, and to his surprise, Zara threw her arms around his upper torso and started kissing him. Most likely, he assumed, that she hoped that by cooperating Felix would change his mind, or she was just trying to enjoy the only sex she would ever have; or, perhaps, the excitement of the moment drove her mind from reality temporarily, and her fear would return as soon as they finished.

It didn't take long for them to finish, either. The first to reach ​their second orgasm. She breathed her loud moans into Felix's mouth, and he felt her tight little cunt compress around his cock, stimulating it further, and causing him to climax. He continued to fuck her pussy as his warm seed shot up into her teenage womb, until they both collapsed to the floor.

After a minute of heavy breathing, Felix pushed himself up and grabbed the phone to take some photos of her cum-drenched pussy, before setting it down again.

"W-will you let me live now? I did good, didn't I?" Zara piped up.

Felix shook his head, "Sorry babe, but I think I'm still going to kill you."

"Nooooo! I don't want to die! Please, I'm to young to... Uwugh!" Zara's breath flew out of her lungs when Felix's body crashed down on top of her chest, crushing her ribs and sending a sharp wave of pain coursing through her chest.

Zara wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, but she couldn't draw enough air without it hurting. Then Felix sat on top of her pelvis, and started raining down powerful blows onto her stomach. His punches went deep, as well, rupturing her internal organs and shattering more of her rib cage and even her sternum; blood rushed up her esophagus and trickled from her lips, and a puddle of piss started to form between her legs and underneath her buttocks. Zara was starting to fade from consciousness after a few minutes, as the agony of Felix's relentless barrage overwhelmed her adolescent mind.

He raised himself up and planted his ass on top of Zara's badly-damaged belly, and started to punch the shit out of her face. Her nose, jaw, and cheek bone were broken, and he knocked most of her teeth down her throat. He then punched her head as hard as possible against the floor for a minute before stopping.

Felix sat to the side and looked at Zara's broken body. He could tell that she was barely breathing, and would probably die in the next few minutes.

"But, I have to do one more, sweetie," he muttered to himself.

He reached over and removed her right eyeball, observed it in his fingers for a few seconds, and then crushed it into a jelly. Zara's body jolted when he did that. He repeated the process with her left eye before getting back on his feet.

Felix snapped a few photos of Zara's dying body. Then he lifted her up and hid her body in a closet with Christmas decorations, and then he left. Her corpse was found over a week later by her mother, who rumor has it screamed herself into a near-fatal heart attack.


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K/V: Killer
Name: Kurt Harrison
Age: 17
Sex: M
Characteristics: 155 cm tall, weighs 86 kg, black hair, shaved face, and green eyes. He's wearing a grey shirt, cargo shorts, and camouflage boots. He's armed with a silenced 9mm semi-automatic and a butcher's knife.
Scene: He's sitting on one of the toilets in the girl's bathroom at his high school, waiting for whoever comes in. (You can decide if he just kills one, or several.)


Ralph Holland sat in the seat of his car holding his dad's .500 S&W Magnum, looking at the weapon as he turned it over in his hands. Fear, resentment, lust, and just about every negative emotion he could think of clouded his mind and thoughts.

"Fucking stupid bitch," he muttered to himself.

Kaori, his high school crush and long-time close friend, his lovely Kaori Harada, occupied his thoughts. Her face, once the angelic figure in his fantasies when he masturbated, now only sent him into uncontrollable rage. Earlier that day he finally got up the courage to ask her out; not only did she flat out​ reject him, but told him that she was a lesbian and seeing someone. In the length of ten minutes his years of dreams and hopes came crashing down, and that drove him into a state of resentment that wouldn't be calmed until he had some form of retribution.

That's why he was sitting in his car out in front of her apartment with a gun. He was sitting there for at least thirty minutes, and he was sure he seen her peaking through the blinds a few times. He almost expected her to call the cops at some point, but, to his surprise, they never showed up.

After turning the gun over for half​ an hour, he opened a box of ammunition and stuffed as many bullets into the pockets of his cargo pants as he could carry. Then, holding the gun behind his back​, he stepped out of the car. He stuffed the gun into the back of his pants and pulled his long shirt over it to make sure it was well hidden, then walked up to Kaori's doorway.

Before he could knock, the door swung open and Kaori stood in the doorway.

"Ralph," she greeted, without much enthusiasm.

The eighteen-year-old​ Japanese girl gazed at Ralph nervously through her deep brown eyes as her shoulder-length bright-red hair flittered in the breeze. She was wearing a pink see-through t-shirt, which fully displayed the black bra and toned belly underneath, and black pants.

"Can I come in for a minute? I'd like to talk," he requested, nervously.

"Uhm, yeah, sure, alright... come on in." She stepped aside, allowing Ralph stepped over the threshold and into her apartment.

"Hi Ralph," another voice said as he walked in; a voice that was less nervous than Kaori's​.

"Hi Nor," Ralph weakly replied.

Kaori's roommate, Nora Hampton, better known as Nor, was standing by the entrance to the hallway. She was slightly curvy with wavy blonde hair nestled around a pudgy, innocent-looking​ face. Her outfit consisted of a white polo shirt that perfectly outlined her large breasts, brown shorts, and the nerdiest glasses.

Ralph knew that she had a liking for him. He thought she was attractive and, were it not for his fascination with Kaori, he probably would have asked her out years ago.

"How's it going, Ralphie?" Nora asked in her sweetest voice.

"Fine, I guess..." He muttered in response.

Nora's expression became one of concern, but before she could say anything, Kaori interrupted.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" She asked.

"I, uhm, you know..."

"Alright Kah, I'm going to be in the shower if you two need me," Nora interrupted hastily and rushed out of the living room. Neither Ralph nor Kaori paid much attention, as they were too focused on each other.

"So," Ralph shuffled his hands, "who's the lucky lady you're with, anyways?" He asked. "Do I know her?"

"No, you never met her, but she's very nice."

"Can you tell me where she lives?" He asked, with his malice intent seeping into his voice.


"I'd like to know where she lives," Ralph reiterated, a little more demanding than requesting this time.

"Can we change the subject?" Kaori let out another nervous laugh, one that displayed her concern.

"We can talk about something else after you tell me where that bitch lives," he demanded with an anger that sent chills down Kaori's spine.

"Leave if you're not going to change the subject! Why can't you just be fucking happy for me and not be a jealous self-entitled dick?" She snapped, and turned to walk away with teary eyes.

"I'm not going anywhere until you give me your girlfriend's name and address! Do it now!" Ralph bellowed.

"Get out now, I'm calling the cops!" She went to grab her phone from a table in the center of the living room.

In panic, Ralph pulled the gun from his pants, aimed, and pulled the trigger, just as Kaori started to dial the number. A crack of thunder filled the living room and blood and brain tissue sprayed the table; Kaori fell forward, sending her phone flying into the wall.

"What... what have I... what?" Ralph gasped, backing up slightly before slowly starting towards her.

When he reached her body he placed the gun on the floor and crouched down next to her.

"Kaori..." He muttered.

There was a hole in the back of her skull, and Ralph knew that she was gone, but that fact didn't stop him from turning her over so he could feel her heart. He didn't have to, however; a massive exit wound filled with mushy​ brain matter and shattered bone fragments occupied the center of her forehead, with a diameter from the top of her head to the bridge of her nose.

Ralph's stomach lurched, and he thought he was going to vomit. His mind seemed to fade in and out of reality, and he didn't notice someone else enter the living room.

(This is the part of the story concerning Kaori, I'll link to the full story when and if Asstr can stop being a pain. The full story contains three bonus snuffs alongside Kaori's.)


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Kurt Harrison was waiting in the girl’s bathroom in his high school. He had a silenced pistol and a knife with him, and on his phone he had a live feed from a camera he placed at the corridor, so he knew exactly who was going to come in. As the classes were already over, he was pretty sure no one he didn’t want to would bother him now. However, there were a few school clubs that still had their meetings ongoing – he wanted to prey on those girls. Everyone was thinking he was at home right now, as he didn’t come to school for the last few days – providing him with a wonderful alibi.
He saw something moving on the screen, so he immediately focused. The girl on the screen was Natasha, and she was heading his way. From what he knew, she was a transfer student from Russia. She was very short, but he also knew that she had a wonderful-looking ass from all the working out she did. She was a year older than him, and she was on the school’s volleyball team, and because of that she had her long brown hair tied in a ponytail. She was obviously coming from the practice now, since she had the PE uniform on – shorts and a t-shirt that exposed her midriff.

Just as he finished remembering what he could about her, he could hear the door to the toilet room open. Since he changed all the stalls to be in use before except for the one he was hiding in, he was certain she’d come to him. She could hear her footsteps on the tiles now, and soon she stopped at his door.
The moment she opened the door, Kurt shot her right through her heart, hoping that her body would stop the bullet. She didn’t even have a chance to react as she collapsed forwards, and Kurt caught her falling body. He placed her on the toilet seat, careful not to spill a lot of blood on the floor. Some droplets still fell to the ground, so he tore off her t-shirt and used it to wipe them away. He then turned back towards Natasha’s dying body, getting a look at her pale small breasts – she wore no bra because of their size. He watched her pass away, then took a few pictures of her dead body. After he was done, he closed the door and changed the stall so that it looked like it was occupied.

He then unlocked another one and got in, then he resumed his wait. It didn’t take long for another girl to appear – her name was Mia. She was also on the volleyball team, but she was almost a direct opposite of Natasha. Tall, Indian, with very short hair that was dyed blue just to contrast Natasha’s brown. She also carried huge tits, unlike Natasha. From what Kurt knew, the two girls had a rivalry going on between them – so since Natasha wasn’t coming back, Mia wouldn’t pass a chance to go for her and call her out for it. And it was what would cause her to die, too.
However, Kurt didn’t want to kill her straight away. Him killing Natasha, and the sight of the sweaty busty beauty on his screen caused his dick to get hard. And since he was going to kill Mia, he could first use her a bit without any consequences.

Mia was approaching him fast. Her heavy breathing told him she ran all the way here, and only slowed down now. She had entered the toilet already, and he prepared himself to attack her when she opened his door. However, she passed it, and walked a bit further.
“Natasha! Where are you, you stupid bitch? The coach’s getting worried about you and she send me to haul your lazy ass back to the practice.” Mia’s angry voice reached Kurt immediately, and he was glad that nobody else was around as Mia’s shouts would certainly draw their attention otherwise.
He stepped out of the stall he was hiding in, and pointed the gun at the back of Mia’s head. When she heard the squeak of the door opening, she assumed it was Natasha. “Good, bitch. Now follow me-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” Mia turned around and screamed mid-word as she saw Kurt. Since she was in his class, she knew he was supposed to be home. She knew that him being there with a gun pointed at her was a really bad sign.

Mia briefly considered attacking Kurt – she was certain she could overpower him, since he was shorter than she was, but she didn’t want to risk him shooting her. “What do you want, Kurt?” She asked him after she calmed down a bit, and her voice almost didn’t show how afraid she was.
“First, take your top off.” Mia closed her eyes as she did what she was told to. It’s not that she didn’t like Kurt, he was quite handsome too, but the circumstances of this were far worse than what she’d want them to be. “The bra goes off, too.” With a sigh she took the bra off, freeing her sizeable breasts for Kurt to enjoy. She opened her eyes now, to look at his face, and calmed down a bit at the lust she saw on his face. It was a sign to her that he probably wouldn’t kill her.
“Get in there. Now.” Kurt told Mia that as he pointed with the gun towards the open stall he was in earlier. Mia walked there a bit too eagerly for his liking, then turned around to face him. “Get on your knees now.” Kurt told her as he pulled down his pants and freed his cock from them. Mia’s eyes immediately snapped towards it, and as he walked into the stall as well and closed the door behind him, she already had her hands on his dick.

Kurt moaned quietly as Mia started working on his dick with quite the expertise. He pushed his cock forwards and she took in inside her mouth, with her tongue working on it immediately. He was surprised with the lack of her resistance, so he pushed the barrel of his gun against the top of her head. “If you try anything, I’m gonna immediately blow your brains out.” Mia tensed a bit as she heard it, but assumed it was just an empty threat and continued working on his cock.
It didn’t take Kurt too long to get close to coming. Just as he was about to, however, he heard another voice. “I know what the two of you are up to in there. However, if you come out quickly, I’ll let you go free without any trouble.” The voice belonged to the volleyball coach – she was looking for Mia and Natasha, and she was convinced she found at least one now.
Mia looked at Kurt with questions in her eyes, so he just pushed his cock in again, telling her to carry on. “Just a second, please!” Kurt answered the teacher, then finally came down Mia’s throat. After he was done, he waited to calm down a bit as he pulled out from Mia’s mouth. He glared at her to tell her to stay quiet, then turned towards the door.

When he was sure he was ready, he punched the door open, searching for the teacher with his gun. He found her, but not before she opened her mouth. “Is that a gun? What are you doing?” Kurt ignored her questions and just pulled the trigger. A cloud of blood emerged from the back of the teacher’s head, and she fell to her knees with a hole in her head. He knew that his shot was lethal, but he kneeled next to her to check her pulse. Gone. He stood up, and turned around towards Mia.
Any sympathy Mia felt for the boy evaporated as she saw him blow the head of her coach off. She was now crying, forcing herself into the corner of the stall, scared out of her mind.
“Please, don’t kill meee! I did what you asked of meeee, so don’t do iiiiit!” She screamed when she saw Kurt looking towards her. Kurt decided she wouldn’t be a threat to him, and grabbed the teacher’s body. As he dragged it towards another unused stall, he barked an order to Mia. “Take off your shorts and use them to wipe away the blood from the ground.” With tears in her eyes, Mia did as she was told while Kurt put the teacher’s body inside the stall, but not before tearing her shirt and bra off as well, and getting a few pictures of her dead body.

Mia sobbed as she washed the floor. She already took her panties off, assuming that’s what Kurt was going for next, so she did that just in her knee-length socks and her sport shoes. When Kurt finally let go of the teacher’s body, she was also nearly done with the floor. Kurt walked over and pat her on the head, commending her on the good job she did, then told her to go into yet another unused stall.
As she expected, Kurt forced his cock inside her pussy now, pleasantly surprised she already wore no panties. All in all, he didn’t really want to kill her that much now – she did just what he asked her of, and she was quite a good fuck, too. Because of that, after he filled her pussy with cum, he decided to let her go. “All right Mia, you worked hard for your survival. I’ll let you go now, but only if you pretend to by my girlfriend from now on. And do whatever I tell you to.”
Mia nodded. She’d do anything to stay alive, and he wasn’t that bad of a fuck anyways. She walked free from the toilet room, and snuck back towards the gym. She made sure no one saw her as she got herself a new uniform – Kurt took the old one since it was stained with blood, and she couldn’t wear it because it would link her to the murders. She finally got back into practice, and faked surprise that the coach wasn’t there. “I didn’t meet Natasha nor the coach – I couldn’t find Natasha even though I checked everywhere.”

Kurt stayed in the WC for a bit more. He knew he had to leave soon, before the janitors started to clean as they would find him, but now he had to wait. He checked the timetables before, and he knew the drama club just finished – if he left now, he’d surely bump into some of the students.

After waiting some more time, playing with Natasha’s dead body as he did, he decided it was enough. He dressed normally, hid the gun and the knife in his pants, then left the stall. Hust as he was to exit the WC, the door opened. Through the door walked a girl he knew all too well. Hannah, with whom he’d been friends since grade school. And a member of the drama club.
“Kurt? Why are you here? Weren’t you staying home this week?” The blonde haired girl asked him as he stared at her. He knew he couldn’t let anyone who’d seen him live… But Hannah was his oldest friend. With a heavy heart, he forced a smile onto his face. “I’ll tell you in a minute. Before I do, can you come inside?” She smiled at him as she entered, her eyes filled with trust. That he was about to betray violently.
“Okay, now can you tell me?” Hannah asked him again as he closed the door behind her. Her eyes widened when instead of speaking, Kurt pulled out the knife he had. “Sorry, Hannah, but I can’t let anyone who’d seen me live.” And he knew he couldn’t scare her into not talking, that’s just how her personality was.
“What are you saying?” She screamed as he started to walk towards her. She tried walking backwards away from him, but her back was soon pressed against the back wall of the room.
“Come on, put the knife down and just tell me what’s going on!” She demanded with a note of fear in her voice.

“The truth is, I killed two people now. I can’t let you live, because you’d testify that you’d seen me.” Kurt told her as he got to her. Twin tears ran down her face as she listened to him. “Just make it quick, then.” She asked him, and he reached with his hand towards her neck. He moved the golden blonde hair out of the way, then looked into her blue eyes as he cut with the knife with his other hand. It didn’t cut as clean as he hoped, but he quickly cut again, severing her head completely. Her body started jerking wildly as it fell to the floor. Kurt stuffed the head into a plastic bag, which he put inside a bad he’d take the rest of evidence with him.
Kurt looked at Hannah’s body again, and decided he’d take pictures of her as well. He quickly did away with her school uniform and her bra, exposing her medium sized breasts. He took a few pictures of her headless body, then left. He made sure no one had seen him, and he quickly returned home. His parents were away for a week, so he easily could leave the evidence at his home and no one would find it there. As he browsed through the pictures on his phone while jerking off using Hannah’s head, he smiled that everything had worked out perfectly.

The police investigation was far too diligent than Kurt expected. The police quickly found out that Mia had disappeared around the time of the incident. She insisted she was gone to meet up with her secret boyfriend, and the police seemed to believe her, but Kurt wasn’t sure she wouldn’t rat him out sooner or later. He realized she also had to die. “Damn shame, she was a really good fuck.” He thought to himself as he called her phone and told her to meet him. She died without knowing what happened, with his dick buried deep inside her pussy. Getting rid of her body wasn’t very hard, either – though he kept her head as well. The police assumed she ran away after committing triple murder, and that was the end of the case.


File: 1500066131221.jpg (323.51 KB, 1320x1657, 4340dc70819dbd13d281f7226d….jpg)

K/V: Victims
Name: Kristina Maisel (left) and Melissa Maisel (right)
Age: 10 (Kristina), 16 (Melissa)
Sex: F
Characteristics: (See Pic)
Scene: When Melissa was twelve, she found a strange headband with antlers that, when worn, allowed her to transport herself to a mystical world that was a long stretch of beach in front of an infinite ocean. Being the nudist she was, she spent hours walking this beach in nothing but her skin. Eventually she started getting her sister, who enjoyed wearing nothing just as much as she did, to hang out with her. They thought they were alone, but another entity existed in that realm and has been watching them with hunger and lust.


K/V: Victim
Name: Alissa Coss
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: (I don't see any rules against this, so please forgive me if this isn't allowed.
Scene: You're​ captured by a paramilitary group and manage to escape, but she spots her. You have to kill her to get to freedom.


I posted the above because the other one, also posted by me, was too out there and obviously killing the thread.


File: 1502517475175.jpg (170.75 KB, 547x900, 60084560_p4.jpg)

I slowly picked at a crack in the wall. Over the last month, I had been slowly enlarging it with a broken piece of rebar I had managed to scavenge from the debris laden corridor outside my cell. A frission of excitement ran through my body as I began to see pinpricks of light coming from outside through the crack. I was close, so very close to getting out. I gave it one last solid strike with the rebar, and the crack became a hole. Just large enough to let me through.
I was pretty thin, even before the months of prisoner food had dropped my BMI down from my usual western standards, so I slid through the hole just fine.

There was a small drop down, maybe a foot or so, but in my weakened state, I still managed to fuck the landing, and fell forward into a pile of boxes. The sudden commotion elevated my heart rate, and I lay still, straining my ears for any sign of activity. A minute passed, and I could hear nothing, so I calmed myself down.
There was a rifle sticking butt first out of one of the boxes I had fallen on, and I went and picked it up.

Due to my upbringing in the Midwest, I was no stranger to firearms, and this one was an AK of some sort. There was a magazine already inserted. I clicked the safety lever off, held the firearm by the handguard with my non-dominant hand, and pulled back the charging handle a tiny bit. There was a dull grey cartridge in the chamber. I then let the handle go forward gently (so as not to make any noise) and removed the magazine, giving it a probing shake. It was (or felt) full, so I rocked it back into the rifle.

Suddenly, I heard a female voice call out to me. I couldn't understand what she said exactly, but I knew I was in deep shit. I put the rifle down, and slowly turned around, hands held high. I saw a young woman, wearing paramilitary clothing, and pointing a rifle at me. She seemed extremely nervous, her chestnut colored eyes flicking back and forth between me and the rifle, and she kept shouting at me. I slowly knelt down on the dirt floor. She moved closer, with her rifle at the low ready, closer, closer. Now.

I suddenly launched myself forward, grabbing her firearm by the handguard with my left hand and shoving it down so it would pose no immediate threat. In the very same move, I formed an upright palm, fingers curled, and gave her a vicious strike to the nose with my dominant hand. She fell down with a deep guttural cry of pain. Both her hands were occupied with holding her shattered nose, so I took my chance and availed myself with the rifle she had been carrying. She looked up into the barrel of her firearm pointed at her face. She began to say something, perhaps to plead for her life, or maybe to show some bravado before her end. I squeezed two rounds into her forehead before she could. Her head jerked back, a spray of blood and brains painting the dirt. Her body crumpled over itself, and a puddle of blood began pooling around her head. I didn't have time to give her body a full examination, but I took the time to pat the corpse down for spare magazines, which let me cop a feel of her breasts. Perky and palm sized. My hands moved downwards, towards her crotch. Nothing of value, except for a rather sizable piss stain darkening her combat trousers.

Her comrades were fully awake now, and rather agitated, judging by the sounds coming from the center of the complex. I made my way out by getting down and dirty through the open sewage ditch running out the back of the prison ward area, and began a hike back to the nearest town.


K/V: Victim
Name: Samantha Green
Age: 18
Characteristics: refer to the picture, personality is extremely cheerful and upbeat
Setting: At home, relaxing, and with her guard down


File: 1502625264266.jpg (533.88 KB, 1600x900, anuriel_and_thelema_by_per….jpg)


Ah, I still remember one of my first contracts... a low risk, average pay assassination of a nubile and dumb college girl. Samantha Green. That was her name.

I had spied on her for a few days, to figure out the best approach. She was living with 2 other girls in a rented flat, near her college.

It happened on a friday night, at the end of the week. Her flatmates went to a party, but she decided to get drunk alone and relax with some funky music. I had waited until she seemed wasted and would barely react to my presence. I entered through a window in the kitchen, that she had left open. I didn't have a plan at the time, but I had my knife and could strangle or beat her to death at any time, so I wasn't all that worried.

From the entrance to her room, I could see her laying on a couch, with her headphones on and a bottle of booze in her hand, whistling some tunes and looking really happy. She was wearing only a thin t-shirt that molded around her shapely chest and a pair of black panties that barely concealed anything.

"Is that you, Josh?" she asked, probably noticing my presence.

I panicked for a short time, then thought she wasn't seeing me well so she had me confused for one of her college friends.

"Yeah. I thought I'd see what you're up to. You haven't shown up at the party." I replied.

"Come on in. Have some J&B and let's relax together." she said with a smile on her face, dangling her head to the music and not realizing I wasn't Josh and that I was going to kill her.

'A tempting offer, maybe it won't compromise my mission' I thought to myself

"What you listening to?" I asked.

"The Apprentice. A new single by Gorillaz. You should try it." she said, extending me one of her ear pieces.

I leaned over her, our bodies touching and I plugged in the ear piece, and started listening.

"Not bad. I prefer their older work though." I said to her. She was too deep in the vibe to care though.

I could tell she was getting horny though. She was looking at me, standing over her and her eyes were dead set on mine.

"Come on. Put the music on the stereo and let's enjoy ourselves." I told her, while groping and massaging her massive tits.

She gave me a kiss then graciously got up, plugged in the speakers and started her favorite tunes playlist, then did a pirouette and started to dance provocatively, while I watched her from the couch. Her moves were fluid and her protruding nipples didn't stay concealed for very much, as she removed her t-shirt and thrown it away, revealing the full splendor of her tits and toned belly.

"Wooo, go Sammie, go!" I cheered at her, almost forgetting that I had to kill her. Ten grand was quite a bit of money for something that would only take me five minutes at most and I had little empathy left.

She got closer and closer, teasing me with peeks at her pussy, until my boner was clearly pointing out. She was now grinding on my lap, with her back at me. I could've strangled her right there and be done with it, but I decided to see what she felt like so I let her proceed and unzip my pants with her nimble hands, while I kissed the nape of her neck and played with her massive tits. She was teasing me with her ass, grinding up against my bare cock. I decided to tease her in return, by rubbing her young and tender pussy with my hands until she lifted herself up a bit and let my member slide inside her.

"That's it, Josh! I'm all yours. FUCK ME PLEEEASE. FUCK ME HARD!" she said to me, in an uncontrollable urge to feel pleasure.

I began pounding her cunt like an unstoppable machine... all my training and stamina put to use on something other than killing people.

"I'm your little slut, Josh. FASTER. FASTER." she moaned.

Her sexy moans of pleasure and yelling made something switch in me at that point. My reproductive instincts were shut off and my predatory ones took over. I put my left hand around her lower neck, restraining her, while I kept hammering her warm and tight cunt. As I was closing in on orgasming I began choking her. This made her quiver with pleasure, as she turned out to be quite the submissive little cunt. She was grasping for air, her face turned red when I came inside her and she left out all her remaining air with a long moan, feeling my warm load inside her uterus.

'SHIT, I wasn't wearing a condom...' I thought to myself.

"Time to sleep now, Sammie." I told her and then snapped her neck, killing the cheerful slut.

In her last brief moments of consciousness, I held her head in my arms and looked in her eyes as their light slowly dimmed and her stare became blank. I closed her eyelids with my hands and then realized I had done one more mistake...I hadn't worn any gloves. There was now a pile of evidence left behind, fingerprints, saliva and her cunt was dripping with my seed. I relaxed on the coach, feeling her limp body for a while and formulating my plan. Her body was still warm and very sexy, but it wasn't animated anymore. The ghost had left the shell.

I carried her body to the bathroom and laid it in the bathtub. I then came back to the room and carefully wiped the places I had touched, yet I couldn't really wipe away the cumstains from the couch. My safest choice was to burn the place down. I saw some flammable body oil laying around so I dosed the couch and then went to Samantha in the bathtub. I rubbed her corpse all around, feeling her belly, massive tits and her sex in the process. I couldn't be too sure that the fire will burn all the evidence, so I decided to carve out her cunt entirely with my knife. I then put it in an evidence bag so that I would present it as evidence to my employer and lighted her corpse on fire then the rest of the building and left out the front door, as if nothing happened.

As the flames engulfed the house, the music from the speakers become more and more distorted. I was long gone when the firefighters arrived.

Name: Anuriel(right) and Thelema(left)
Age: who knows? damned elves could be centuries old and still be bangable
Sex: take a guess.
Characteristics: see the picture
Scene: You're a young, inexperienced scout (race not specified) and are patrolling the Ashenvale Forest. You are intrigued by a small cabin, from which your hear the moans of two entities. You had heard stories of nymphs of the woods, attracting young men with their irresistible bodies and ending their lives as part of their games. You approach and gaze through the window, seeing these two night elves.

"Come inside..." says the one on the left.

"Don't be shy, we don't bite" says the other with a devilish smile.

What do you do?


File: 1502681983651.jpeg (94.74 KB, 637x900, e5df5725cbc2f325ba67c88be….jpeg)


I jump a bit, surprised that the pair noticed me - I thought I moved without a sound. I considered my options for a second - if they noticed me, turning my back on them and running probably would only let them shoot me in the back. With my heart pounding, I walked towards the door and opened it, then slowly walked in.

The two elves stopped their shagging for a moment, and I could feel the eyes of both pointy-eared sluts scanning my entire body. Finally the blue haired one spoke: "I'm Anuriel, and this is Thelema. We were just waiting for a strong, handsome man like you to come." And the green haired one finished enthusiastically: "So that he would fuck us!"

As I step inside, the two elves immediately come to me, and I could clearly see their naked pussies were already wet. Anuriel undid my belt and set my sword down on a table. Before I had a chance to worry, Thelema pulled my breeches down and grabbed my dick with her gloved hands. She quickly stroked my cock to full length, and she led me towards the cots. Anuriel walked behind me, her hands working on undoing the straps of my armor.

I was far too focused on Thelema to care now. Her hands let go of my cock, bit not before she led it towards her pussy. I had mixed feelings about it, my thoughts going towards the girl I loved back home, but she was chased away as Anuriel pushed me from behind, forcing my cock inside the other elf. She was done with my armor now, and as pleasure and warmness encompassed my dick she ran her hands down my now naked back.

A shiver ran down my spine as she did. Anuriel chuckled, then moved a bit to my side. Her hands turned my head towards her, and she pulled me for a passionate kiss. I kissed her back, my mind slowly giving in to my lusts. She quickly climbed over Thelema's face, letting her eat her out as our three bodies formed a triangle.

It was obvious that Anuriel was the more skillful lover out of the two, but with the pleasure I was getting I barely noticed. With all the stimulation it didn't take me long to cum, and I filled Thelema's puss with my seed. The two elves quickly switched their positions, and I found myself making out with Thelema as Anuriel's incredibly tight pussy took over my cock. The pleasure was almost mind numbing, and I closed my eyes so that I could focus at least a bit.

When I opened my eyes, I was surprised by a knife that was about to stab into my chest. My hands moved instinctively, and I caught Thelema's wrist just as it touched my skin. The knife opened a small cut with blood from it running down my chest.

My eyes filled with fear as u looked into the purple eyes, eyes that were now burning with a desire to kill. Anuriel didn't seem to notice anything was happening as I fought with all my might to keep the knife from cutting me. I couldn't stop fucking Anuriel or she'd notice, but despite that I somehow managed to take the knife from Thelema's hand. Her eyes now filled with fear, and I felt a desire for vengeance. With a laugh, I swung the knife towards her, and it cut a slice in her chest, just beneath her breasts. Blood trickled down from it and onto Anuriel's belly as I swung the knife again.

This time I forced it right through Thelema's throat. The green-haired elf gurgled in pain as blood filled her mouth, and she fell backwards with the knife sticking out of her neck. I knew her wound was fatal, and the realisation she'd die pushed me over for another orgasm.

After I came, Anuriel immediately jumped away from me and kicked me in the chest, sending me backwards and onto the wooden floor. My body was still numb from my orgasm, so I could only stare as a wave of green magic hit me, and roots raised from the planks, binding me in place.

"Stupid girl wanted to get her first kill - and look where it led her. To her death. But I won't come down so easily." Anuriel's voice was different from earlier, filled with much venom as she stared at my restrained form. She straddled my body, with my dick filling her pussy once again. She somehow found a new knife, and I could only watch and struggle as she stabbed me in the chest. The pain was terrible, and I couldn't help screaming as she carved a mark in my chest.

When she finished that, Anuriel buried the knife in my chest again, and her other hand grabbed my exposed heart. Without Without a word, the blue-haired elf pulled it out. As I stared at the bloody organ in her hand, I felt everything going black. My final thought went towards the that just killed me. Her naked, covered in blood body was the last thing I saw.

Anuriel continued to ride the dead male's body, sending some magic to keep his cock erect until she came. After she was done, she got up and walked towards Thelema's body. She muttered an elvish prayer over her body, then decided to leave. She had to find a new playmate.

K/V: Victim
Name: Aggie Club
Age: 17
Characteristics: Like in the picture, except she's not walking around with ger tits out. She's very energetic, and she has a tomboyish personality.
Scene: She's on a school trip. She decided to hiking on a spur and left without telling anyone. She got tired and decided to return, but she got lost on the way back. That's when you find her.


Heh... so you were both a killer(in self defene though) and a victim.


File: 1503079414604.jpg (2.52 MB, 3000x2980, t36.jpg)


K/V: Victim
Name: Katie Morris
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Pic
Scene: Katie is dorky, intelligent, friendly, but also extremely arrogant about her intellectual capabilities. Hoping to secure funds for college, she signs up for a game of chess against you after you offer $500,000 to whoever can defeat you. Of course, the consequences for losing is execution, but she was confident in her ability to win. She lost, and now it's time for you to end her life.

Bonus Scenario: When she realizes that she lost, she asks you to take her virginity before killing her. You can either deny her request out of cruelty, or give in to satisfy your own sexual lust.


Snuff, teen, nosex, ws.

“You’re not supposed to be here, ma'am!” I yelled when I saw a young lady walking down the dirt road.
Startled, the girl jumped back and, upon seeing me standing there with an assault rifle and military-grade gear, bolted. Unfortunately, she did not run away, but right past me and further down the trail. I ran after her, but she made it to within view of our camp of operations before I could catch up to her and tackle her to the ground.
It was clear from her uniform that she was just a student on a school trip who got lost. Whether it was her pretty, innocent, face, or the magenta ribbon in her long dark-brown hair, my decision to make the call instead of just letting her go haunts me.
“Hey, some girl went the wrong way and ended up near our camp. Should I just let her go or would that cause problems?” I said into my handheld radio after pinning her down.
“Did she see see the camp?” A voice on the other end asked.
“Unfortunately, yeah. When she saw me she got spooked and practically ran into it.”
“It’s regrettable, but you will have to take her out.” The man sighed, and added, “If the bastards responsible for security would hurry their asses about getting that electric fence installed this wouldn’t happen.”
“Are you sure, sir? I doubt she would tell anyone.”
“I’m sorry, but it has to be done. Even if the chance that she will reveal our operations to the general public is less than one percent, it’s unacceptable risk. I regret it as much as you, but ignoring protocol could get us killed instead.”
I sighed. “I understand, sir.”
“On your knees,” I said, and pulled the girl up by her arms. She tried to fight against me, but her strength wasn’t enough to overcome mine. I pulled her up, but she fell back to the dirt as soon as I released her arm to aim my gun.
“Please don’t kill me! I-I won’t tell anyone! Please, I swear!”
“I’m sorry, but orders are orders,” I said and yanked her up again.
“Please! I’m only seventeen, I-I’m still a virgin! I can’t die without making love at least!”
Then, to my surprise, she unbuttoned her shirt and pushed her bra down, displaying her massive breasts.
“I-if you don’t kill m-me, I’ll let you have sex with me! Please take my offer!”
“I’m sorry. Those are very nice, but I’m still going to follow my orders. Now I’d suggest putting them back unless you want to die with your breasts out like that.”
“Noooo! Please! I don’t want to die!”
“I’m sorry.”
She grabbed the hem of her blue checkered skirt and started to lift it, but before she could say anything I fired. The girl danced and convulsed as thirty rounds tore through her breasts; her heart and lungs were shredded and blood poured from her mouth. Her body collapsed to the ground where she writhed in a steadily-growing puddle of blood.
I walked over to her and forced her onto her back with my left boot. She was still trying to breathe and spitting up fountains of blood in the process. I drew my 9 millimeter handgun and pressed it against her forehead. With one pull of the trigger her suffering came to an end. A damp spot appeared on her skirt, signaling that her bladder released its contents for the last time.


K/V: Killer
Name: Nisroth
Age: 49
Sex: Male. Worgen. Druid
Characteristics: Menacing three inch incisor fangs in his normal, worgen form. Slightly bigger in cat and bear form, not to mention the claws. Black and smooth fur, wearing formal noble attire. Eyes like that of Sauron (lol), covered by stylish glasses. Has a cane.
Scene: Walking down through a forest. You try to ambush him and steal his belongings, as he looks rich.

Alternate scene: He's hungry and prowling through Silverpine forest, looking for prey. He stumbles upon you.

slight disclaimer: i'm no fan of furries, but I was curious about a scenario involving my druid and some hard vore.

I usually don't do underaged victims, 16 is as low as I'll go. Her face was too nice to pass up though.

Petite Katie loses the Game

(sex, beheading)

The game was over. In less than 15 minutes, young and bright Katie Morris had been check mated. I turned off the live stream and was now alone with her in my mansion.

"Are you really going to do me...? make me disappear?" asks the beautiful Katie in a voice as seductive as she could muster, unbuttoning her shirt as she was looking me in the eyes.

I'm not moving, not even flinching. I scan her beautiful teen body, thinking how I'd go about killing her. She has a beyond beautiful face - slick, warm red lips, blond short and delightful hair and a smile that could probably melt even my frozen heart if I was exposed for too much. I'd definitely keep her around as a live companion - she's pretty intelligent and shows promise - but she lost the game... and the rules were set from the beginning. I try to keep my own bargains... even when it's this hard.

I begin to imagine how I'd smash her pretty teenage face to bloody bits, with my knuckles. First few punches would smash her nose, and a trickle of blood would run down her frowned face. After a few more hits she'd have her eyes ruined, bits of her glasses would be stuck in her face. I'd end her life by stomping on her petite head with my heavy military boots, then I'd defile her young, untouched cunt.

"TA DAAAAAA" she exclaims as she finishes unbuttoning her shirt and revealing her developing chest.

She isn't wearing a bra - it would be redundant for tits as small as hers. They're topped with beautiful, prominent and perky bright red nipples. I could probably bite off each of her tits in one go. The thought lingers for a bit, before it's interrupted.

"Come on! I know you want to feel them..." says Katie standing in front of my chair, fiddling with her small feminine appendages, provoking me.

I picture how it would be to have a nice, heavy double barreled shotgun and blow a hole in her belly, then another in her face, splattering her young, bright mind all over. 'No... that wouldn't do her justice' I say to myself, leaving my chair to approach her.

"Yes. I do." I say to her, cupping her delicate meat orbs.

They're smaller than my massive hands, but they are still pleasant to the touch - they feel soft and mushy to my touch. I pinch her nipples pretty hard, until a look of mixed pleasure and pain takes over her innocent face. I then slide my hands upwards, to her shoulders, massaging her fair skin. I then move my hands down, along hers - removing her attire.

"I want to feel all of you." I say confidently, smiling back at her and grasping her jean covered ass, pulling her closer to me.

Her hands immediately go down to unbutton the jeans. She's blushing and her face is red with excitement. She probably really is virgin. I help her remove her jeans.

She's almost naked now. Only a thin cotton panty covers her young, untouched sex. I can feel her pulsating with desire as she rubs herself with one hand and sucks the finger of her other hand, standing a mere feet away from me, watching as a bulge appears in my pants. I move towards her and grab the hand whose finger she suggestively sucks.

I drag her towards my queen-sized bed as she oozes excitement, murmurs of pleasure escaping her lips every now and then. We're now in front of the bed. I seize the opportunity to gently caress her hair to the side, then place my hand behind the nape of her neck and bring her closer to me. I kiss her passionately for a minute or so, while caressing her slender neck and delicate shoulders. I could probably snap her neck like a twig, but that would serve no purpose, not now.
I end the kiss with a little playful bite of her sweet red lower lip.

"Undress me." I say commandingly.

She obeys without hesitation, her nimble hands making short work of my trousers. I decide to speed things up a bit and throw away my shirt. I'm almost as nude as her now. I then place my hands on her tiny tits and push her over on the bed. She's now sitting on her elbows, with her legs spread.... waiting for the ritual to begin. She's staring at my thick cock, probably thinking if it will hurt, but also anticipating the pleasure I'd give her.

I lean over her, grasping her slim waist with my hands and rubbing my member against her thinly covered cunt. The tease doesn't last long as I tear her undergarment away in a brutal jerk, revealing her pink young cunt. Her clit and labias weren't really prominent, they were still folded inside her. I slip the tip of my cock inside her tight teen cunt and lean over her so that I can kiss her while I slowly move inside her, getting her juices going for proper fucking.

"AAARGH, DON'T STOP NOW... [B]PLEASE MORE[\B]." She cries out, moaning as her unused cunt slips a few drops of blood.

She had probably masturbated in the past, even used a few sex toys, but it didn't compare to my warm, long and thick shaft - penetrating her deeply. I stop kissing her, lift myself a bit and slap her tits hard, leaving them a shade redder than they already were. I squeeze and tug them, almost to the point of tearing her breasts away. This causes her great pain and she lashes out with her hands, removing them from her pussy. She was massaging her belly and cunt, moving her hands along the deformity that was my dick inside her. I pull out of her and am now laying on my back.

"Ride me Katie." I say, avoiding too much conversation.

She slides down, until her cunt's lips are upon my foreskin. I grab her waist and ease her down as far as she goes. I'm barely over two thirds in her and I already feel the tip of my dick touching her cervix. If I slammed her down hard enough I could probably rupture it and cause her to bleed internally.
I fuck her faster and faster, slapping and groping her round and jiggly ass as I watch her innocent looking face express pure pleasure and joy.

"YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSS." she moans loudly, the orgasm taking hold of her.

As she orgasms, her thighs and legs quiver and her cunt twitches around my member, almost making me cum. I pull out and instead make her suck me until I explode, guzzling cum down her throat and on her petite face after I pull out.

"You're a good girl Katie." I say as I brush away the spunk from her cute face. She's now lying on the bed, still feeling the orgasm.

"I'll end your life quickly."

She probably doesn't fully register what I just said. Before she realizes what's coming, I have already grabbed my medieval sword that was on display above the bed. It was already stained red from other executions, but little Katie probably didn't notice it when I dragged her towards the bed - she was too hot and exited to lose her virginity.

I raise the sword over her. She sees it and panics.

"Good bye!" I tell her.

I swing it over her neck, severing her head and cutting deep into the mattress.
A clean swing from a heavy two hander makes short work of her young and delicate neck. A shame about the bed that is now being progressively stained in blood as her neck oozes big trickles of blood. I put the sword away and grab Katie's head.

She's probably very dizzy by now from the oxygen deprivation. I kiss her one last time as she fades away. Well, last time for her, I'll probably use her pristine head at least a dozen more times. I'll be keeping it as a trophy.


Holy shit, sorry for that pentapost, never experienced this bug before. Any admin that sees this, please delete my extra posts, I couldn't... even though I'm in the same session and I've set no password.


K/V: Victim
Name: Nina Pole
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Characteristics: Long black hair, blue eyes. Huge breasts and a shapely ass. She's wearing a green dress with huge cleavage that clearly shows she's wearing no bra, and which also hugs her ass tightly. Under it she wears white panties. Her image is accented by her black high heels.
Her personality is quite different from what her clothes would suggest. She's very shy and calm, and she'd never think of dressing that way usually.
Scene: Her best friend, worried that she was still a virgin, convinced her to dress like that and go to a party with her. She quickly left poor her alone, disappearing with some stranger. Scared of the crowd, she quickly got away herself. She was taking a walk to calm down, but she didn't know someone followed her, eager to take her virginity and life.

First time writing Victim POV in first person, it was pretty fun

I, a blood elf rogue in my 20s, was obly barely allowed to leave our homeland of Quel'Thalas. I went on a journey to Undercity first, and then I made my way south towards the border of Gilneas. Currently I was following a worgen I noticed near the border.

I stopped as the black-furred worgen stopped a couple meters ahead of me. I'd been following him for some time now, as he seemed a perfect target. His rich clothes suggested I could get quite a lot from him, and the cane was telling me he wasn't very capable physically. As he resumed walking, I decided to strike.

I was wearing black leather skintight pants and black leather armor. It, along with the shadow of the night, perfectly concealed me from being seen. Since I moved silently, I was sure I'd get the drop on him. My long red ponytail was swinging behind me as I approached him, moonlight reflecting in the blades of my daggers.

Just as I was about to touch him, suddenly he turned and grabbed me by my arm, throwing me forward and making me slam into the ground with great force. He growled - but it sounded as laughter, and I realised I completely forgot about the near-perfect worgen sense of smell. He always knew I was following him.

I wasn't out of the fight yet, and I sprung back to my feet. As I was about to attack him again, he shapeshifted into Beart Form. I realised he was a druid and instinctively jumped away as his claws dig into my thigh, easily cutting through the leather. It was never designed to withstand that kind of attacks, so no wonder he tore through it so easily. I barely jumped back to dodge another of his lunges, my mind realising I was probably screwed now.

As if to confirm my thoughts, he shapeshifted into Cat Form. He jumped towards my arm, and I could do nothing to avoid his fangs sinking into my arm. What I didn't expect was them completely tearing through both my armor and my flesh. Another surprise came when he jumped away from me, with my arm following with him. I stared at the bleeding stump for a few seconds, until my mind processed what just happened - that he'd bitten my arm off. My green glowing eyes turned towards the worgen.

As I looked at him, he let go of the arm and stared back at me. I slowly rose my remaining hand and threw my dagger to the ground as a sign of me surrendering. I could easily get my arm back if I made it to a city, but if the battle continued I was sure he'd easily kill me. Combat wasn't my thing, I rather preferred to kill stealthily.

The druid morphed back into his worgen form. His clothes were gone, and I could help but stare at his cock for a moment. His words snapped me back to reality. "So, what do you have to have for yourself, you elvish bitch?" I tried to sound sorry as I replied: "I made a mistake, and I apologise. I thought you'd be an easy man to mug, but I was taught a lesson. With apologies, I'll be going now." I tried to slowly back off as I was speaking, and I broke into a run as I finished, hoping to get away.

"Oh, you're not going anywhere, slut." He replied with an amused howl. His hands glowed green as a few branches swung towards me, knocking me off my feet. "W-What will you do to me?" I asked him with a bit of fear in my voice as I rose to my fours.

"I've been wanting a mate for some time now." He replied, and my eyes moved towards his cock again. A flicker of list appeared in my mind for a moment, but was brutally chased away as he growled. "And I'm quite hungry now too."

He walked to me again, and with a kick he flipped me so that I was lying on my back. He bent over me. With a quick slice of his claws, he shredded the leather over my chest, and my moderately sized breasts sprung free - I didn't wear a bra. He squeezed them with his long, cold claws and I couldn't help but shudder - though I was also aroused a bit. With a few more slices my armor was gone, and he moved on to my legs. Since it was already cut a bit from his earlier attack, he easily tore it away. My naked pussy was exposed to him along with the entirety of my legs, as I didn't bother wearing any panties either.

I laid naked on the forest floor, and his beastly cock approached my virgin slit. I masturbated on occasion, but never actually had sex before. I guess I should at least be glad that I was given that chance. His massive prick pierced through my hymen, and I let out a cry of pain and scratched the ground with my remaining fingers. I could feel my pussy stretching to house his cock, but he withdrew slightly and then pushed with more force. I could feel him breaking through my cervix, and I let out another cry of pain, but I also saw that it allowed him to bury his cock fully inside me.

He began pumping his dick in and out of me, and I couldn't help feeling pleasure as he did. Soon I was moaning underneath him, bucking my hips in sync with his massive prick. What worried me, however, was the saliva leaking from his mouth onto my tits.

Soon enough I came, my pussy leaking all over the forest floor. I also squeezed his cock tighter, and he howled in pleasure.

As I was experiencing the afterglow of my orgasm, predatory lights appeared in his eyes. He bared his teeth as he rose his head, and sudden pain erupted in my chest as he bit down on one of my breasts. Tears flashed in my green eyes as he tore it away, blood flowing freely from the stump. I could see his throat bulging as he swallowed it whole, and I closed my eyes as I saw him look at my other boob. I could still feel him chewing into it, and it was also torn away and swallowed.

His thrusts never slowed down through all that, but all my pleasure was gone now. I could sense he was close to his own orgasm, as his thrusts were becoming more erratic. After a few more, I could feel his hot cum erupting in my uterus, along with an extended howl of pleasure. Just as I thought I'd get a moment of rest, his fangs closed over my remaining arm, close to my shoulder. The familiar pain of losing a limb returned to me for a moment, and I watched as he swallowed my arm whole.

At this point he withdrew from my pussy, leaving it dripping with blood and semen, and stood up to take a look over my ravaged body. I was heavily bleeding now, and I expected to bleed out soon - hoping for the sweet release of death. It came sooner than I thought. He kneeled over my chest, pinning me to the ground. And his fangs tore into my neck. The powerful bite easily severed my head from the rest of my body. My body suddenly felt a lot lighter than before. I felt I was going up, and I realised he grabbed my head by the ponytail. He allowed me to take a final look at my dead body, and then his long claws pierced through my eyes and all the way to my brain, ending my life.

Nisroth looked at the dead elf lying at his feet. He stared at it for a moment, then began to work on it. With a few strong slices and bites he severed both of her legs, leaving her limbless and headless torso. He searched the remains of her clothes for anything valuable, then packed up the legs with some magic. Her thighs looked delicious, so he decided to keep them until he got hungry again. The rest of the body would serve as a warning. He grabbed the first arm he bit off, and shoved it inside her cunt as far as he could, then stabbed her through the breast stumps with both knives. He'd keep her head as a trophy, though. He cast some magic to preserve it, then sent it away to his home while conjuring himself new clothes and another cane. He was ready to resume his journey.


Also, could I ask you (I assume it was you who wrote it) to post the entirety of >>2515 ?



I was going to post in in Literature a few weeks ago, but before I could finish I accidentally deleted the file. Since a decent portion of the story is saved here I will rewrite it after I finish my current projects.


K/V: Victims
Name: Reiko Dean and Chloe Dean
Age: 23 (Reiko), 19 (Chloe)
Sex: F (Both)
Asian with hip-length black hair, athletic build, and medium-sized breasts.
She's only wearing white panties, and nothing else.
A pale complexion, shoulder-length fiery-red ponytail, green eyes, average, and large breasts.
She's wearing a pink blouse and miniskirt, without any panties.
Scene: Reiko, your wife, knows that you will kill her if she cheats on you. However, she thinks that you'll only kill her for having sex with guys, and that other girls are fair game. So she starts seducing your younger sister, and one day you come home early to find them having sex in your bed. How will you punish them?



The reply to this is in the lit thread linked above.


I can't yet, but I want to do this one please...



Alright, although it depends on how quickly you can make something, because I'm not sure if I can guarantee that someone​ else won't get it first.



Since you called dibs on that one, I'll post another prompt for anyone else who wants to do one.

K/V: Killer, at least two victims, and further optional victims.
Name: Matthew Fisher (Killer), Kayleigh Sanford, and Nora Martinez (Victims)
Matthew: 36
Kayleigh: 23
Nora: 21
Sex: M (Matthew), F (Kayleigh and Nora)

Matthew: Tall, broad, and muscular, with short black hair, and a neatly shaved beard and mustache. His outfit is a brown tank top and cargo pants, and black boots. Belts crisscrossing his waist hold two 9mm semi-automatic pistols, a machete, and ammunition; an assault rifle is slung over his back.

Kayleigh: Sandy brown chest-length hair worn in a ponytail, athletic, and large breasts. Her outfit is a black crop top that exposes her midriff and ample cleavage, with black skin-tight Latex shorts that hug her ass, and high-heeled boots. She wears a bra, but no panties.

Nora: Hip-length black hair, petite, and small breasts. She wears a black shirt and jacket that cuts off to expose her midriff, and a black miniskirt, and large round glasses. She's not wearing anything underneath.

Scene: Matthew is hired for legal games and shows that require the death of participants, and recently he's been hired out to more private venues.

Nora always talked about how she would love to be killed while having sex. To celebrate her 21st Birthday, Kayleigh, her girlfriend, hired Matthew to kill Nora while she ate her pussy; and to make sure it was as painful as possible. Kayleigh wanted to die after, but she would prefer a quick death.

Optional: Kayleigh​ and Nora invite friends over for the party, with Matthew being paid to kill them too. You can decide how many, and whether or not they consented to be a part of this.


I forgot I started writing this for like a month x.x


My hunting realm was just a simple beach along an seemingly infinite ocean. My way of operating was simple – let someone stumble onto an item that would bring them to me, and then kill them. However, when the blonde haired girl found her way into my realm four years ago, I decided I would let her live. She hadn’t really matured into a women back then her breasts were just tiny bumps on her chest and her hips lacked any curves. Over these past four years I was given a chance to watch her develop from that into a wonderful young woman – one with breasts that one would have a hard time finding on any other 16-year-old. She used to come to my realm every free moment she got, so a lot of my magic got absorbed into her body, causing her breasts to grow to this size.
In those four years, I found out pretty quickly that the girl’s name was Melissa, and that she was a nudist. I found it surprising at first that she never brought anyone with her, but I get used to it quickly. It only meant I had her alone just for myself. I could only look – I have lost my physical form a long time ago. Recently, however, Melissa started bringing her younger sister with her – just after she died the tips of her long blonde hair pink. The sister was also a nudist, and her body was similarly undeveloped as when Melissa first came to my domain.
Today, it seemed Melissa decided to teach her sister about female sexuality. Currently, the two of them were sitting on a towel, and Melissa was telling her sister to close her mouth around one of her nipples. As I watched them with increasing lust, I remembered that a long time passed since I last fed – Melissa was the only prey that I let live after coming to my domain, but no one seemed to come recently, except for her. And that was when I decided – both Melissa and her sister would become my next victims.
Before that, I had to satisfy my lust. After four years of watching I simply had to fuck that amazing body. And since she brought her sister with her, I had just the vessel to do that. Having no corporeal form, I had to posses Melissa’s sister. As I took over her body, I grew a cock between her legs for me to use. Both girls were completely surprised by the sudden appearance of that piece of meat, but Melissa was surprised even further when her lovely little sister threw her body against her. With inhuman strength, the possessed Kristina overpowered Melissa and pinned her down at the sand.
“Kristi, what are you doing?” Melissa asked her sister with fear, but I didn’t let Kristina answer. Instead, I had her force her cock inside Melissa’s virgin pussy, breaking her hymen – with a satisfying shriek of pain from her as I did. Melissa didn’t know why her sister was doing that, and she broke into tears as she was raped by one person she never thought would do that. I used Kristina’s body to get into a nice rhythm, then continued along with my plan. Melissa gave up on struggling by then, so I had Kristina grab the two longest strands of Melissa’s hair. And then wrapped them both around her throat.
As her air was cut off, Melissa renewed her struggles, but I strengthened my control over Kristina’s body and she was able to easily keep her sister in place. Melissa’s struggles didn’t last that long – her face quickly turned to the pink of her hair, then to even darker red. I could feel her bladder releasing piss towards Kristina’s body, and her pussy started wonderfully quenching over my/Kristina’s cock. Her deathly squirms caused me to come, and I released a bountiful load of spunk inside Melissa’s slit. After I was done, I released my control over Kristina, but not before having her take the horned headband, also causing the cock to shrink back and disappear.
I briefly considered letting Kristina go if she escaped right away, but after I released my control over her, she just collapsed over her sister’s body, sobbing. “Oh Melly, why did this happen?” She was legitimately heartbroken by what happened. As she hugged the dead body, I started absorbing the energy from it and it quickly dissipated. I felt a surge of energy from Melissa’s body coursing through me. Kristina just stared at the bones that were now all that remained of her sister.
Since she didn’t run, she’d soon join her sister. I called upon my power and summoned multiple tentacles that sprung from the ground around Kristina. She looked at them with fear, and I unleashed them at her. The tentacles quickly latched onto her body, with two of them sucking at her underdeveloped nipples. Another two forced themselves into her virgin pussy and asshole, and she cried out in pain. As they started sucking out the energy from her body, another two appeared before her blue eyes. She looked at them with a bit of curiosity, but that soon disappeared as the two tentacles pushed through her eyes. Blood started running down her face as her eyes were reduces to paste. The tentacles didn’t stop at just the eye sockets – they pushed further in through the back of them, all the way to her brain.
At this point her body was jerking wildly, but the tentacles held her firmly in place. She died before she was drained dry, but the tentacles continued to gather energy from her until she was reduced into a pile of bones. As I recalled the tentacles, savoring the energy rush I got from her body, Kristina’s skeleton fell apart, her bones mixing with Melissa’s. My magic lifted the headband, and sent it away to another world, so that another victim would find it.



If you check my Lit thread, you'll see that I rewrote the story and finished it.


File: 1504458831517.png (858.91 KB, 844x1084, d868c52194d2c4aa6bd00921e1….png)


K/V: Victim
Name: Abigail Cane
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Picture, intelligent, energetic and ambitious. Completely not experienced with sex at all
Scene: The lovely Computer Science student moved back into the dorm a few days before other students would move in. She’s been walking through the empty campus alone at night, not aware that you’re following her. Teach the nerd a lesson in sex before taking her life!

Matthew arrived at the location he was provided by his employer. As he parked his car, he recalled the information he was provided. Kayleigh Sanford hired him to kill her girlfriend, Nora Martinez. He understood the girl just turned 21, and the one wanted to give her an once-in-a-lifetime gift before dying herself. He recalled the extra details in the requests – Nora was to be killed in a painful way, while Kayleigh wanted a quick death. The assignment also let him do as he wanted with any other girl he met – but that’d come after the job was done.
Before him stood a small villa at the side of a small lake. He walked up to the front door, and pushed it open – it was unlocked, just as in his briefing. He entered and walked through a small corridor to the main room. As he entered, he saw three girls, but none were his targets so he ignored them. Two, 16 or 17 year old girls were making out on a sofa. One had a pretty average body, short blonde hair and her two piece swimsuit was blue, while the other was a tall and busty redhead wearing a grey bikini.

The third one, a slightly older short beauty with her hair dyed green let go of her ebook, setting down her wine glass as well, and walked to him.

“You must be Matthew, right? Kay told my you were coming. Follow me, I will show you where they are.” As Matthew followed her, his eyes ogled her shapely ass covered by a lovely lime green summer dress. He hoped he’d get a chance to get his way with her after the job. “That is a very nice outfit you have. Didn’t knew Nora was into that, but hiring a cosplayer seems like a very cool idea to me.” The girl told him as they walked. He didn’t reply, but he gave her a smile – the girl clearly didn’t knew what was about to happen.
“Here they are. I’ll be off now. See you later!” She told him as she returned to the lobby, leaving him in front of a closed bedroom door. It was unlocked too, so he entered without knocking. Inside, he saw his two targets, kissing and groping each other on the bed – still in their clothes. The two girls moved as they heard him coming, with the black haired one he recognized as Nora going “I told you to stay out- Who are you?”
Matthew could see Nora’s eyes widen as she saw his guns and machete. “Don’t worry Nora, I asked Matthew to come.” Kayleigh’s voice helped Nora calm down, and fires of lust lit up in her eyes. She squealed in pleasure as she understood what he was here for, and the two broke away.
“Thanks Kayleigh, I sooo love you.” Nora told her as the pair sat on the bed, staring at him expectantly. Matthew walked over to them, while drawing his machete. With a quick vertical slash across Nora’s chest, her shirt and jacket falling down around her. As her small tits were exposed, Matthew punched her in the face, breaking her glasses. The shards of glass cut her face, and with another punch he forced them into Nora’s eyes. She fell down onto the bed, but a blissful expression covered her face.

“You wanted to lick her cunt, right? Get on it then.” Matthew told Kayleigh, as the athletic girl pulled off her top, wanting to share the nakedness with her lover. Her huge boobs bounced as she took off her bra. She nodded, then got on her fours with her ass at the level of Matthew’s crotch and pulled Nora’s miniskirt down her legs. The black haired girl couldn’t see anymore, but her sense of touch and hearing were still working, so she knew what to expect. As soon as Kayleigh’s tongue touched her clit, Nora moaned loudly as she came for the first time.
Kayleigh didn’t stop with that, continuing to eat Nora out. Her fingers moved to masturbate through her skintight shorts. Matthew watched her for a moment, then decided to continue. He walked over to Nora’s left side, and lined up his machete with her shoulder. Nora’s hands were currently digging into the sheets, spread to her sides as she experienced pleasure far greater than usual, so it allowed him to cleanly cut the entire arm off. Nora let out a louder moan as she felt the blade slide into her flesh, but she felt far too good to care that it was gone forever. The same followed for her second arm, and the even as the bleeding from her stumps weakened her, she just continued to buckle her hips against Kayleigh’s face even harder.
The brown haired girl was clearly aroused now too, since she could see what Matthew was doing to her lover. She had her pants lowered down her shapely ass, and her fingers were still working on her damp clit. Her shapely ass proved too much for Matthew to resist, and he pulled his pants down as he stabbed Nora through her abdomen. Another cry of pleasure came from her as she orgasmed again. Kayleigh shifted as her ass was filled with Matthew’s cock, and her face was sprayed with Nora’s cum at the same time. Nora’s two orgasms and her loss of blood tired her out, but Kayleigh still continued lapping at her pussy.

Matthew left his machete sticking out of Nora’s belly, and pulled out his two pistols. As he thrust into Kayleigh’s asshole again, he fired from both guns a couple times. Red marks appeared in Nora’s small tits, with blood coming from her mouth.
“Thanks… for making… my dream… a reality… I love you, Kay.” Nora coughed out with what strength still remained in her. Matthew aimed the guns at her forehead, and fired them both at the same time. Twin marks appeared as both bullets raced to her brain, ending her life. Her body started twitching wildly, but Kayleigh continued to eat her pussy out until a spray of urine hit her. Matthew continued to pound her asshole, and Kayleigh came underneath him as her fingers still worked on her pussy.
Matthew came soon after, and as he pulled out Kayleigh turned around to face him. “Guess it’s my turn now. Remember, I asked you to do it quic-“ Before she finished speaking, a bullet from his pistol pierced her heart, ripping it apart. She died in an instant. Matthew walked over and pulled the sword out of Nora’s belly, then wiped the blood off it into the sheets that weren’t stained yet. He laid her arms parallel to her body, but with a slight gap between the stumps and the arms. He reloaded his pistols, pulled his pants back up, and then left to look for the other girls.

As he returned to the lobby, he saw the girl from before. He considered killing her now, but decided to leave her as the dessert.
“Where are the other two? I was asked to find them.” Matthew lied to her as she kept looking at her phone, visibly more drunk and sadder than before. “The’ left for th’ lake” she replied without raising her head.
He left without a word, grabbing the rifle from his back. As he headed for the lake, he found discarded swimsuit tops and a grey bottom. Soon he found the two in knee-deep water. They were both soaking with water. The redhead had her hand buried in the blonde’s pussy, and a blue swimsuit bottom was floating close to them. They clearly were too distracted by each other to notice him. He walked onto the shore, and fired a few well aimed shots. The redhead’s head burst into a bloody explosion, and the blonde suddenly turned towards him. Instead of panicking, she just moved the dead hand out of her pussy and started to masturbate furiously. Matthew knew that the girl was also probably informed of his job, and he decided to let her cum. As he saw the girl orgasm, he shot her through the neck, leaving a clear line across her neck.
As her body collapsed, the head fell away from the rest of the body. He left the two bodies floating in the water, then returned to the villa. He put his guns back in the car, and walked in with just a machete. As he entered, the final girl noticed him.
“Come here sexy, let’s have some fun.” She told him with what she thought was a seductive grin.
“My boyfriend left me for another girl last week, and Kay told me she’d find a man for me at her party. Since you’re the only man here, I guess that means it’s you.” She told him while walking to him, swaying slightly as she walked. She tried to kiss him when she got to him, and although she tried a bit sloppily, Matthew still kissed her back. He tore the dress away from her body, but she just laughed when they broke for air. “I’ll get another one later… one that doesn’t remind me of that bastard.” Under the dress she wore a front-tie bra that matched her green hair perfectly, but her pussy wasn’t covered, and her pubic hair –dyed green as well – was perfectly trimmed. Her hands pulled his pants down, and his cock was freed, fully erect. She pulled him for another kiss, and guided his cock towards her pussy. Her breath reeked of alcohol, but Matthew didn’t care.
The pair moved onto the sofa as he penetrated her. She moaned loudly as she settled onto a comfortable position on it, breaking the kiss. Matthew’s hands moved towards her breasts, and he quickly undid the knot, freeing her sizeable breasts. He squeezed them, enjoying what he felt as he moved his cock in and out. She let out another moan from the stimulation, and he buried his entire length inside her.
Now, Matthew let go of her breasts and grabbed the handle of his machete. She looked at it with some curiosity, as she still thought he was just a hired cosplayer. Her pleasure was brutally cut short as Matthew lined the machete up with one of her breasts, and cut it off. She started screaming, and tried to get away from him, but the older man easily overpowered her. She began crying as Matthew removed her other breast, but his steady thrusts managed to make her climax. As he felt her coming under him, he swung the machete at her head. It was a very clean slice, and the head was easily cut off. It slid off her body, falling next to it on the sofa as Matthew continued to fuck her body. He fucked her until he came.
After coming, he picked up the head. The girl’s story seemed a bit sad to him, with Kayleigh probably only inviting her so that he’d kill her so that she stopped feeling so depressed about her break-up. He went to collect the heads of Nora and Kayleigh as well, so that all three could be mounted on one of his trophy walls. Before leaving, he left the agreement with Kayleigh as well as his signature, so that whoever found the body knew it was all completely legal.


File: 1504769133707.jpg (291.27 KB, 620x877, 62102389_p0.jpg)


K/V: Victim
Name: Sheryl Gurevich
Age: 27
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Location: A seaside resort, on a hot summer day

Her name was Abigail, Abigail Cane. I've been observing her daily motions the last few weeks, ever since she and I bumped into each other by accident at the cafeteria on campus. She had stammered out an apology and scurried off, but I was captivated by her. Abigail was a beauty, and the brief physical contact I had tasted gave me a hunger for more intimacy. It had been a while since I last felt this way about a girl, and so I began to lay the groundwork for this new target.

I began to shadow her around, as she walked around campus. She was very fond of late night walks, better to gather her busy thoughts, I presumed. Well, she needn't worry about that much longer.

I began to plan and prepare for my date. I bought drab, used clothes from a Salvation Army located a few hours away, and mapped out a route from the campus parking lot to an isolated location, where I could enjoy her, and burn any evidence in peace.
I still had some leftover supplies from the last date, including zip ties, a Taser Bolt and plenty of duct tape, so I didn't worry about that. Now all I needed was a time and a place.

Abigail breathed in the cool night air, then exhaled, long and slow. She was stressed, stressed beyond belief. Her final exams of the semester were coming up, and the toll of nonstop studying was taxing. Absentmindedly playing with her lustrous long raven hair, she began to walk back across the parking lot towards the university dorms, not noticing the shadowy figure waiting behind a white flat panel van. Before she could even react, the figure leapt out at her, and jabbed her with 50,000 volts. Abigail went rigid, her central nervous system overloaded by the taser shot. I quickly secured her hands behind her back with a ziptie, and ensured her silence with a few pieces of duct tape, before shoving her in the back of the van, and making a quick escape. As I drove, that familiar adrenaline rush washed over me. Deep breaths, deep breaths, I reminded myself. No time to make a rookie mistake here.

The isolated spot I had mapped out earlier was a plot of woodland far out in the countryside. I had inherited it from a distant relative years ago, and had since then constructed a comfy little cabin, with a special basement for my hobbies. After pulling up to the front of the cabin, I opened up the back of the van to carry my prize in. Abigail had recovered from the taser shock by that time, and tried to bolt past me. I had anticipated that, and with a fresh charge in the taser, zapped her again. She clumsily fell to the ground, body stiffened by the taser shot. Now that she was more or less out again, I gathered her up, and carried her in.

Once inside and down in the basement, I secured her unconscious body to a chair, and began to strip her of her clothes. I admired her soft and curvy body. Despite her obviously sedentary lifestyle, she hadn't turned into an utter whale like some of her fellow Computer Science students. I got to her underwear, with a quick motion, I cut through her bra straps, letting the cups fall away as her pendulous breasts let gravity take hold. Good lord, they were things of beauty. Similiarly, I cut through her panties, revealing a gloriously unshaven bush. I tossed the clothes into a garbage bag for later disposal, and just stood there, drinking in her beauty. Abigail had by then, regained consciousness, and was in the midst of having a fear induced breakdown. Her chestnut eyes were zipping around, and everything they laid a bead on increased her terror. She began to hyperventilate when she noticed the array of saws and knives hanging on pegs imbedded into the wall. The autopsy table and meat hooks probably didn't help her calm down.

Picking up a camera, I began to take photos of Abigail. Every concievable angle and portion of her body, I documented. I told her to calm down, that this was her final photoshoot in this world and why would you mess up such a beautiful face with tears and snot? I set the camera up on a tripod and set it to videorecord mode. This was the best part. I took off my jeans and began to rub my cock on her face. The warm wetness of her tear streaked cheeks made my dick rock hard. I squeezed and pulled on her tits, enjoying the grunts and wimpering emanating from behind her taped up mouth. With one hand on her crotch, I ripped off the tape, leaving her gasping. The last girl had tried to bite me all while screaming and threatening to kill me when I did that, but Abigail just looked down and began to sob. Nothing wrong with that, fighters are only fun in moderation. I grasped her chin, and forced her head up to look at her killer.
Any last words, Abigail? Her soft lips trembled. The sight of her terrified face was almost enough to let my load loose. I turned around and picked my favorite tool from the wall, a vicious looking combat knife. This blade had tasted the blood of many young women. I remember each one of them with perfect clarity, the way they had reacted as the knife sank into their bodies, the noises they made as they realized that this really was their demise, that there would be no last minute rescue or change of heart on my part.

Abigail closed her eyes when the man turned away. Her heart pounded away in her chest, each beat as loud as thunder in her ears, while her mouth felt drier than the Nevadan desert she had grown up by. She prayed that the next few minutes wouldn't hurt too much. She opened her eyes again, and what she saw made her blood run cold. The man was softly polishing a dully gleaming knife with an extreme serrated edge. He looked at her, and the smile on his face was one of contentment. Abigail let her bladder go, but she didn't even feel the warm urine soaking the seat and dripping down her soft thighs and long legs. She was simply paralyzed with terror. The man said something about relaxing, before he took one hand off the knife to grab her by her hair. He yanked her head back, exposing her pale, quivering throat. With a relaxed motion, he placed the tip of the knife on the left side of her neck, and pushed it in to the hilt. Abigail twitched. The man yanked the blade all the way around until it was stuck under her right ear, and then pulled it out with a flourish. Blood sprayed out of the humongous gash in Abigail's neck, the furthest spurt reaching the far wall, at least 7 feet away from the chair. He took a damp cloth, and wiped Abigail's blood off the blade, before gently placing it on its peg.

Abigail gurgled in panic, as blood flowed into her mouth like a fountain. Blood dripped from her nose, and poured out between her open mouth, splattering all over her crotch and thighs, while it streamed down her chest, crimson rivulets flowing down her breasts and slightly chubby stomach. Sucking sounds emanated from the slit in her neck, as she tried to breathe. Her heart slowly began to slow down, and her mind began to go blank. The last thing she saw as her body shut down was the man walk up to her with his erect penis, and the last thing she felt was hot cum spatter her face and chest. Grief, fear, and regret swirled through her dying mind, then nothing.



V/K: Killer
Name: Lucille Wagner
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair in a hime cut, 36B round breasts, 5'5 petite complexion, green eyes, pale skin. Wearing gray sweatpants with white cotton panties, and a tight tank top with a black bra.
Setting:Totally oblivious to sex and anything related to it, never gets dirty jokes or innuendos. On vacation from college, she decided to go out camping in the middle of the woods, far away from the city.

In this country, crimes are never reported, and if they are, the investigation never takes place or gets archived, because the police know this place is a lost cause. That's why I made my research, investigating all I could before coming here, Azure Resort, a wonderful five-star resort by the beach, in order to finally make my deepest wish come true: commit murder. This wasn't easy at all, after trying to battle the thought for months, I finally gave up an looked up the place with the worst law enforcement. Saved a lot of money and left my well-paid job, as this dream vacation was going to need at least a month before finding the ideal victim. My criteria included only women, with good body and travelling alone, so their disappearance wouldn't be investigated right away. The selection process was tricky, as there were a lot of potential candidates. I spent my days walking around the resort and visiting its restaurants, with my eyes wide open and constantly looking for the perfect victim until I found Sheryl Gurevich.

I found her while making my routine search with binoculars, enjoying a nap on her room balcony, wearing a black-and-white striped bikini.
Curious as to who she was, I started scouting the zone around her building, eventually following her from afar and finding out her room number. Later I bribed the receptionist to tell me who was in room number 406.

I had it all planned. I would wait until she went for a walk (She always went for walks at the beach at noon) and follow her until we were far enough from society, somewhere in the island.
I packed my backpack with all the things I would need (things I bought upon arrival): a small shovel, a knife, two gigantic dildos, ropes, water, a plastic bag, fresh clothes and a plastic bag.

I kept watching her from a distance, on a specially hot summer day. The anticipation was eating me alive. Ready to go outside and carry on with my plan, I kept my sight on her until she came out of her room, at 12:05 PM. I followed her under the sun, this time she was wearing a white bodysuit which showed all of her back, as well as some sideboob.

The time came where we got far enough for anyone to see. And then she noticed I was following her, as we were the only ones on that part of the beach. She started walking a bit faster, trying to conceal her fear.
Bit by bit, she started running, as I did too. She thought she could get away, but she wasn't very athletic, so she lost speed in about two minutes. Probably a smoker. I outran her easily, wrapping my arms around her and tackling her face down to the hot summer sand. I was wearing swimming shorts and hiking boots, so the sand wasn't really a problem for me.

She was struggling to get rid of me, shaking and moving her arms all over the place. I kept holding her down, pushing a massive boner through the clothes between her buttcheeks. She suddenly stopped moving "P-please! Don't hurt me! I can pay you if that's what you want, just let me free" She said, her voice cracking. I got up, pretending to have acceded. She was starting to get up when I kicked her face with force, breaking her nose. She lay down in the ground, crying in desperation. I kneeled down, smiling. My dream was coming true. I kicked her again, this time in the stomach. She shrieked in pain, shrinking herself and covering her head and torso with her arms. "Please stop!" She begged.

I was very aroused nonetheless so I walked over behind her and crushed her right foot with force, spraining her ankle. She couldn't run now. Crying and all red, she started to accept her faith, knowing that trying to talk me out of it wouldn't work. I took my swimming shorts just to reveal a huge erection. My 10 inch dick was ready to get inside her. I tied her hands nicely and turned her over to her side. I took her leg and raised it over my shoulder. Her bodysuit was covering her unshaved pussy. I just moved it aside and went on with my business, penetrating her tight, dry pussy. Moving back and forth intensely, her crying in pain and despair only turned me on more. I used her as a living plaything, until I was about to cum. I pulled out and began with the next part of my plan: killing her. But first I had to have some fun. I kicked her breasts, and then her cunt, and then her face repeatedly. Her face was already a purple bruised and disfigured mess covered in blood, sweat and tears.

I carried her over my shoulders and threw her some meter ahead of me, near a rock. I took her head and smashed it against the rock a couple times. She was still alive so it was very fun. I took her leg and started pulling it over her back, in an unnatural position, until it finally separated from her pelvis with a loud noise. She stopped crying. The pain was too much to process. She just lay there, looking at nothing. I penetrated her again, on her side, while holding my knife. As I was about to cum, I started slashing her neck, just to let some blood drip. She started gurgling as her life was slowly fading away. I came buckets and pulled off, cum dripping over the hot sand. Her body was now en empty shell, her muscles deactivated, making her bladder empty itself, peeing all over the blood, the sand and the cum.

Once I finished, I let out sigh of relief, and started burying the body deep into the sand. Someone would probably find it, but that was none of my business.


File: 1505023804607.jpg (407.02 KB, 879x1003, 55758399_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Michelle
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: see image, just turned 18 last week, a highschool student doing some enjo kosai for extra cash. She talks tough.
Scene: in a dingy motel in a sleazy part of town

Lucille adjusted the windage on the scope, before shifting her head back down to get her sight picture. She exhaled, slowly. Her trigger finger curled around the match trigger and began to exert pressure.

A couple days ago, she got a package in the mail. Inside was a photo of a young girl. In the photo, she was grinning, sweat running down her darkly tanned face. Her curly black hair was cut short, and her hazel eyes seemed to flash with mischief, The photo seemed to have been taken at a school track and field event. The girl was in her school track uniform, a t-shirt (drenched in sweat), and some shorts. On the back of the photo was a simple note.

"Kill Sayaka Johnson".
Below that,
"Apartment B45, Rosemont Heights, Alameda, New Mexico".

Lucille had to do a bit of work, observing her target for several weeks. The kid had a daily schedule, and seemed to stick to it. Wake up at 8:00 in the morning, have breakfast, brush teeth, rush off to school. Come home at 4:00 in the evening, do homework, then have an evening jog around the apartment block, before coming home for dinner. Rinse and repeat, bar the weekend, when she had some friends over for videogames or study sessions.

Lucille didn't ask why she was being tasked to end the life of some schoolgirl. In her line of work, those people didn't last long. She just went about the job with detached professionalism.

Lucille mapped out the apartment complex, and decided to eliminate her target from a wooded hill nearby. Plenty of scraggly brush and large tree stands meant traces of her presence would be harder to detect. Now, the only thing left was to decide the tools. Since the target would be at least 900 meters, she needed something with reach, and accuracy. She also needed the ability to suppress, and the ability to use single shots, and the ability to eject spent cartridges at her discretion. That ruled out semi automatic rifles. She eventually chose an old favorite, her custom Remington 700. This one had been passed down to her, and it showed the dings and scratches of decades of hard use. She had its muzzle threaded a few years ago, so it could take suppressors, and the bolt action meant she could catch and keep hold of spent cartridge cases. For this job, she'd use Federal .308 Winchester with a 168 grain boat tail payload.

It was evening.
The cool autumn breeze ruffled the branches of the trees above Lucille, a few remaining leaves fluttering to the ground every once in a while. The sun had just slipped past the horizon, its bright orange light bouncing off the cloud cover slipping in.
Lucille kept her rifle snug against her shooting shoulder, its sling wrapped around her offhand. She used her pack as a makeshift rest, keeping the stock steady. Lucille looked through the Nightforce scope, the steady pump of her lungs shifting the reticle of the optic slowly up and down.

Sayaka had just come back from her jog. Her breath clouded against the chill of the night. Her mind was tired from a long day at school, and she enjoyed the blankness of simple physical exertion. She skipped up the stairs, then slowed down to a slow walk as she neared her apartment door. Her mind drifted to the dinner being made by mom, as she came to a stop in front of Apartment B45. Her hand reached for the keys.

900 meters away, on a wooded hillside, Lucille saw the girl stop in front of the door. Her predator heart had fully kicked in. She had ice running through her veins. She exerted more pressure on the trigger, slowly reaching the break. She reached it, and pulled past it. The recoil kicked against her shoulder, as the projectile emerged from the suppressor at a steady 2600 feet per second. All Lucille heard was a snap from the suppressor. She tracked the projectile without emotion, watching it arc towards its destination.

Sayaka had just closed her fingers around the keys to the door when Lucille's bullet reached the back of her head. The round punched through her skull, the impact deforming the nose of the bullet and sending it into a slight tumble. The travel path of the bullet sent it out through Sayaka's left cheek, blowing it open and exposing her jawbone, now sporting a neat .308 sized hole. Her left eye bulged out of its cavity, while chunks of her brain slid out through the meaty mess of her face.
The young girl seemed to just stand there, her hand still in her hoody pocket, while blood poured out of her entrance and exit wounds. She fell forward, just as her mom opened the door. Mrs. Johnson caught her daughter's corpse in her arms, and screamed.

Lucille was already in her getaway car, driving towards the city limits. She had another car waiting for her at a junkyard, where she'd exchange cars and drive towards state lines back home.
In a few weeks, she'd receive a nice fat purse for another job well done.


File: 1505261455028.jpg (89.54 KB, 563x787, 63123922_p0.jpg)


K/V: Victims
Name: Isabelle (Left) Agatha (Right)
Age: 19 (Isabelle) 18 (Agatha)
Sex: F
Characteristics: see image, the two are roommates in a high-school dorm, close friends. Isabelle is more shy while Agatha is more outgoing.
Scene: The pair is so close, that they do everything together. You went with Agatha hoping for some sex and a nice kill, and instead got offered a threesome. And a second victim.

After paying Michelle the initial price, she asked me to follow her. We went on a walk and finally arrived at a cheap-looking motel. While walking there we passed several prostitutes, but we both knew she was a far better choice than any of them. She knew she had a hot, young body, and she wasn’t afraid of showing it, with her low-cut shirt showing her huge tits. I was sure she noticed me staring at them, but it seemed she didn’t care.

As we entered, the blonde beauty just nodded at the receptionist and was given the key. She led me to a pretty small room, one with a pretty sizeable bed. "That’s all your money’s good for!” She told me as she sat on the bed, her green panties clearly visible to me as she spread her legs a bit. “You can still get more! You only have to pay!” She laughed at me. I just kept staring at her body, so she decided she needed to push a bit more. “I know you wanna fuck me, and it can happen!” She said as she pulled out a pack of condoms and threw it towards me. I called a smile onto my face, and reached for my wallet. I handed her a few notes, and she put threw them onto the bed as well, her expression turning to what she though was seductive.
"I'm all yours, bad boy." She spoke as she took her shirt off. Her bra was the matching color to her panties, and it barely covered anything of her massive cleavage. She also pulled her miniskirt and the belt down her amazing legs, leaving her just in her underwear.

I removed my pants, my erection catching her eye. She moved her hands to touch it, and I could feel her fingers gently sliding on it. I took her hands and forced her onto the bed, my erection approaching her pussy. With her panties being similarly revealing as her bra, all it took was a small tug to the side and her shaved pussy was mine.

"I'm gonna charge you extra for no condom-" She spoke, but I interrupted her by just shoving my cock in. Her pussy was pretty tight, as expected from a barely adult girl, and we both moaned in pleasure. I continued to use her pussy as she kept moaning. My hands pulled the bra down, freeing her tits. I groped and squeezed them, only gaining further moans from her. She orgasmed underneath me, obviously enjoying herself a lot.

Finally I came inside her, and that perhaps snapped her out of it - she wouldn't want to get pregnant. She angrily tried to break away, but I was far stronger than her and just forced her to take all of my semen. She was probably thinking about just charging me extra for that, but it was not going to happen.

As I pulled my cock out of her, she opened her mouth and tried to speak. I ignored her words and grabbed the belt she discarded earlier. As she tried to undestand what I was trying to do with it, I approached her again and wrapped it around her throat.

"What the fuck, man? I'm not into any sick-" I tightened the belt, cutting her off mid-word. She still wasn't expecting me to kill her, and her mind was still thinking about the money.

As I continued strangling her, she started to realize I might not stop. When she concluded that, it was already far too late. Her face was blue from oxygen deprivation, and her body was to weak to struggle now. Her strong legs tried to kick me, her lovely fingers tried to pull at the belt, but it was all for nothing. After a few more minutes, her body let out a final jerk as a stream of piss stained the sheet yellow.

I let go of the belt, then broke her neck just to be sure. I forced her panties and bra into my bag, along with all the money she had - both mine and hers.
Her dead body lay on the bed, with her ass invitingly up in the air. With her head twisted all the way to the back, I was able to watch her dead face as my cock rammed her rectum - even tighter than her pussy.

As I fucked her ass, I thought about the escape route. Burning this place down seemed like the perfect idea, as it seemed no one would even care about that. After filling her ass with my semen as well, I took my time to set up the fire, then escaped through the window. I was sure that her body would burn completely, but my trophies I took would keep her in my memory for some more time.


File: 1505284004215.jpg (404.83 KB, 708x1000, 22903530_p2.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Fucktoy
Age: 30
Sex: F
Characteristics: Compliant submissive
Scene: I am due for retirement so Master has sent me you vacuum sealed via a slave delivery service. You may preserve my head or body for display or as a sex toy.


File: 1505459969953.jpg (250.51 KB, 797x1080, 44351440_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Samantha Marcowicz
Age: 18
Characteristics: See image, her personality is cool and slightly stuck up, although she does get flustered easily.
Scene: You encounter her alone in the local community swimming pool changing rooms, late at night.

I unboxed my gift.
A naked woman was wrapped in a vacuum sealed bag.
There was a sticker on her, stating only that her name was "Fucktoy", and that she was 30 years old. Along with the woman, I also recieved a revival kit. In it was a syringe filled with some kinda green fluid.

I began to score open the bag, taking care not to damage the skin. I peeled it apart, and took stock. She was an attractive lady, with a full figure, soft looking lips, and luscious brown hair. There was a purple vibrator stuck in her vagina. Yanking it out with a wet schlurp, I leaned down next to her chest. Checked for a heart beat. Nothing. She had asphyxiated during transit.
I took the syringe, and jabbed it into her neck.

A minute later, and she had regained consciousness, and was kneeling, her slender hands on her soft thighs.
"Hey fucktoy", I prodded her.
"Yes, sir?" she mumbled, carefully avoiding my gaze.
"I'm supposed to dispose of you", I said with a grin "How do you feel about that?".
She only looked down at her lap.
"You have any preferences?" I ask her. I don't expect a reply.
I grab her hands, and ziptie them together. "Stand up, fucktoy", I demand. I give her a little kick, to encourage her. She yelps, but she stands up.

I take her to the disposal room. A 10 foot by 10 foot square cube, concrete walls chipped and cracking. There was a single lamp hanging from the ceiling. Not very cheerful, but then again, the people who end up here usually aren't in a cheerful mood.

Fucktoy kept silent while I chained her ziptied hands to a hook hanging from the ceiling. There was already a RED 8k movie camera set up on a tripod facing her. Snuff movies were a lucrative side business, and provided me with enough dough to keep adding new toys to my collection.

"I think I'll title this one Fruit Ninja", I said to Fucktoy, bending over to pick up my Swiss made vibration blade. I waved the blade around, watching it shimmer in the air. This bad boy cost 10,000 USD, and it was worth every penny. Damn thing cut through 3 inch metal armor plating like it was hot butter. I turn around, and walk up to Fucktoy. Her ample chest was heaving, her face was flushed, sweat dripping off her brow. "S-sir, before you kill me, please let me have one last request" she stammered. I listened intently.
"I-if you could, let me have on last orgasm, p-p-please", she whispered. I could see the desperation in her eyes.
I shrugged, "Nah, don't feel like it much" I say to her "You're not exactly my type".
She slumped.

Ah screw it. I whip the blade through the middle of her toned belly.
Fucktoy gasps in shock. A clean line appears where the blade separated her in half. Her lower torso, with her wide hips and long legs, slowly slide down. Blood pours from the ever widening gap.
Fucktoy vomits blood, her chin is slick with with the crimson stuff.
Her eyes begin to roll back. Her lower half finally separates, dragging loops of intestine with it. It falls, splattering a rather pretty pattern of blood and guts across the cold concrete.
A final stool of shit emerges from her thick ass.
Her upper torso is swinging around, wriggling in agony. I walk up to the upper torso, wiping a sweatslick bang of hair away from her face and kiss her on the lips, licking at the salty iron streaks of blood. I feel her tongue weakly move in response. Her eyes are half lidded, pupils dilated. Her mouth opens, her pink tongue flopping out rather lewdly. Gripping my vibration blade, I lightly slide it under her chin, and push through her neck. Her head topples off, landing face down on the pile of guts and feces lying by her lower torso. I slice at the arms, causing the upper torso to join the rest of her on the floor.

Christ, what a mess.


K/V: Killer
Name: Ken Hood
Age: 26
Sex: M
Characteristics: Formal suit, black latex gloves, and glasses. Short brown hair, light neatly-trimmed facial hair, and the stocky build. He's armed with a silenced automatic pistol and a combat knife. He's stern during his work, although he generally likes to undress and take images of attractive targets after killing them.
Scene: A young girl lost a beauty pageant, and her father hired Ken to kill the girls who scored higher than her before the next pageant. (You can decide if the girls are preteens or underage teens. The number of victims, and whether or not Ken kills them all in one setting, is also up to you.)


Fuck Sisters and Kill

Incest, Snuff, MF+

“You’re late!” A young woman giggled as Daniel pulled up to the curb.

The woman was slim with short brown hair, and the lovely hazel eyes. She was wearing what looked like a school uniform, with black thigh highs and dress shoes; but the skirt barely touched her upper thighs, while the white top and blue tie cut off just above her midriff.

“Got a little lost, I’m not familiar with this town after all, but I’m here,” Daniel replied enthusiastically.

“Come on,” the girl said as she dragged another girl, who looked so much similar that Daniel thought he must be hallucinating, to the truck.

“So, Agatha, who’s this?” Daniel asked, surprised, but interested.

“Oh, this is Isabelle. Remember me telling you that I had a surprise?” Agatha replied and winked suggestively as she climbed into the vehicle. “You don’t mind, do you?” Agatha asked.

Daniel laughed. “No, I don’t mind at all. More is merrier, I say.”

“Hear that? Climb in, sis!” Agatha urged the girl.
Isabelle got in nervously as Agatha scooted over towards Daniel, and closed the door.

“So, Isabelle, I guess it’s safe to assume that you’re Agatha’s twin,” Daniel asked, beaming at Isabelle.

Isabelle shook her head, and squeaked a “no.”

“Huh? I couldn’t hear you?” Daniel replied.

“Oh, we’re not twins,” Agatha cut in, “Sorry about Isabelle, she’s a little shy about meeting new people,” she continued.

“It’s cool. I was shy once, so I know what it’s like,” Daniel replied, “but, are you two related?” he asked.

“We are, but I’m eighteen and she’s nineteen,” Agatha replied.

“Do you two, uhm, you know…”

“Have sex?” Agatha interrupted, giggling.

“Yeah, sorry if that’s too personal.”

“We do,” Agatha replied as Isabelle’s face turned red.

“That’s hot.”

Agatha broke into a fit if giggles and said, “I know. Isn’t it?”

“So, do you girls have any idea on what you want to do tonight? Like, where do you wanna go?”

“Well, unless you’re hungry, I kinda wanted to skip the romantic date part and find somewhere for the three of us to make out. How’s that sound?”

“I’m certainly down for that. What about you, Isabelle?”

“Oh, uhm, yeah. I’m okay with it,” she replied before turning her gaze out the window.

“Do you girls have an apartment or something, or would you rather rent a motel for this?” He asked.

“Actually, I know a spot on the edge of town. It’s up in the mountains,” Agatha suggested, “me and Agatha used to go there before we moved out on our own. Nobody ever goes up there,” she explained.

“I love the idea. A threesome under the stars it is,” Daniel shouted.

After thirty minutes, Henry’s stopped under a thick canopy of trees with the two sisters. They got out and walked around.

“Ready to get started?” Agatha asked seductively.
“One second,” Daniel replied as he started to walk around, “I want to admire the scenery first. Nature is kind of my thing.”

Agatha only groaned, while Isabelle sat quietly on the tailgate.

“I won’t be long,” he insured the girls.

While part of him did enjoy natural scenery, Daniel’s real motive was that he needed to scope out the area. They took a dirt road, which was at least a mile behind, up the mountain. Ahead, in what seemed to be a clearing, was a steep drop-off; by Daniel’s on estimates, the drop was at least one-thousand feet. About twelve feet below was what appeared to be a deep crevice in the side of the mountain. He took note of it and returned to his dates.

“Alright, who's horny?” Daniel shouted.

“I am!” Agatha replied. Immediately she pulled her shirt off, and stood proudly with her large perfectly-round breasts exposed in the cool night air.

“Lovely,” Daniel complimented.

Agatha giggled and skipped over to Isabelle.

“You’re next.”

“Oh…,” Isabelle piped as her sister started to lift up her shirt. Isabelle raised her arms, allowing Agatha to pull the top off.

Isabelle’s breasts were almost the exact shape of Agatha’s, but Isabelle’s nipples were perkier.

“Alright, Daniel, lay on the ground,” Agatha said nudged him off his balance, “and please take out your cock,” she continued seductively, and kissed him on the lips before nudging him some more.
Daniel went to the ground without protest, and immediately fumbled with his pants until finally his erect member sprang forward. Agatha went to her knees and placed her left hand on the ground next to his leg, for support, while she slowly started to stroke his dick with her right hand. Then she placed her mouth over the tip, sucking on at as her hand worked the shaft.

Agatha slurped noisily, then looked up at Isabelle and asked, “Why don’t you come and join us? I’m sure Daniel here would love for you to sit on his face.”

“Yeah… Okay,” Isabelle replied and nervously walked over.

Isabelle stood over Daniel, giving him a full view up her skirt; because she was not wearing panties, the view included her narrow hairless slit. She sat down slowly onto his chest and raised her skirt, then placed his hands on her back to guide her crotch closer to his mouth.

“Ooh!” she grunted when Daniel started licking her labia. His tongue brushed around her sex, teasing her, and her body shifted forward with her hands on the ground. Her lower body moved rhythmically with his tongue, as he continued to probe around her hole. Finally, his tongue slid between her pussy lips and her moans became screams. He slurped the juices from her moist pussy as his tongue danced around inside of her. Every muscles inside of Isabelle’s body stretched out in response.

As Daniel ate Isabelle’s pussy, Agatha continued to suck his dick. She went from nibbling on the tip to taking the entire shaft down her throat, while her fingers were gently massaging his balls. Fucking the two sisters, he soon felt himself edging towards orgasm quickly. Agatha slurped down pre cum as he inched closer.

“I’m going to cum ladies!” He warned as his seed sprayed into the back of Agatha’s throat.

She jerked her head back, but quickly put her lips back over his cock and slurped down every drop of his cum. Daniel let off a muffled, but loud, groan into Isabelle’s pussy as he came; yet, he managed to continue licking her pussy as he did so.

Isabelle was, herself, on the verge of orgasm. Then, a loud moan pierced the sky and her fingernails dug into the dirt as pleasure engulfed her whole body. Daniel felt her pussy pulsating around his tongue, and her legs began to tighten up around his face. Fluids gushed out of her womanhood and onto Daniel’s face and tongue; he made sure to savor every bit. Then, as it died down, she rolled off of Daniel and laid next to him, heavily breathing as she basked in the afterglow.

Agatha crawled over to Isabelle and threw her arms around her sister, before grabbing her face and kissing her deeply. They kissed for several minutes, and Isabelle’s tongue tasted what remained of Daniel’s inside of Agatha’s mouth. Then the two broke away momentarily.

Agatha looked at Daniel and said, “Now it’s turn to cum.”

“Right,” he said as he got up.

Daniel mounted Agatha, lifted her skirt, then guided his member to her slit, and thrust into her womanhood. Agatha planted her lips onto her sister’s and slipped her tongue through hers', and muffled moaning sounds escaped her lips as Daniel’s cock jackhammered her pussy. Both of them were so aroused that it did not take long for the familiar sensation of a coming orgasm welling up.

When Daniel felt his second orgasm start to unveil, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife; the sisters were too engaged to the moment to notice. The knife was small, with only two inches on the blade, but it was sharp and weighted enough for the job, and Daniel’s own strength would help.

Agatha came first, and Daniel felt the muscles inside of her love hole squeeze his cock. He came at this same time, and his load squirted up her clenching sex and into her womb. Loud groans from both of them echoed up and down the mountain.

As the orgasm took hold, Daniel clenched the knife and slammed the blade into Agatha’s right ear; it tore through her flesh and skull in a wet, slushy, thud, before piercing her brain. Her body collapsed into Isabelle’s, twitching, as her dying cunt squeezed the last few globs of cum from his testicles.

Isabelle let out a faint whining noise when Agatha stopped, then blood started to drip on her face and her eyes flew wide open. After the few milliseconds needed to process what she was seeing, Isabelle screamed and, despite the differences in body weight, push Agatha’s body and Daniel off.

She sprinted away as fast as she could, but she barely made it ten yards before Daniel zipped up his pants and came after her. Daniel thought that she was going to his truck and drive it down the mountain, in which case he would have been fucked. Fortunately, for him, in her state of panic she sprinted past the truck. Daniel quickly closed the distance and tackled the girl; she was slammed head-first into a tree, and fell out of consciousness.

Daniel carried Isabelle back over to her sister’s body and laid her next to it. Then he went to the truck and came back with several strands of rope and a roll of duct tape. Starting with Isabelle, he used the smaller ropes to bind their legs and feet together, and then taped Isabelle’s mouth shut. After some difficulty and wet suction noises, Daniel managed to pry the bloody knife from Agatha’s head and lay it on the ground.

He tied his two longer ropes, which were about twenty feet each, to the ones binding their bodies. He waited several minutes, until Isabelle came to. Her eyes opened and she spoke unintelligible words into the tape. Before her awareness could fully return, he picked up the knife and stuck it in her belly, just below her sternum. Her body convulsed and she let out muffled screams beneath the tape as Daniel sliced down, cutting open her soft stomach; all the way to her pelvis, before pulling the knife out.

Then he dragged her over to the edge of the cliff. Holding onto the rope, he lowered her down until her body was inside of the crevice. He let go of the rope and watched it fall into the cave, until it disappeared seconds before he heard a faint thump from the bottom. He repeated the process with Agatha’s body.

Daniel looked at the streaks of blood trickling down the side of the mountain; normally leaving this much behind worried him, but he knew it was supposed to start raining before dawn. He grabbed their discarded tops and threw them into the floorboard of the truck, before driving off.



Bumping this, and reminding everyone that these are still unclaimed.


File: 1508023612111.jpg (442.88 KB, 656x982, 64998786_p0.jpg)


K/V: Killer
Name: Nancy
Age: 20
Characteristics: Image, eager and forceful. She’s happily obeying her orders as a soldier, taking pleasure in her work.
Scene: The army she’s in has won an important battle, and the leaders have ordered them to grabbed civilian houses for housing. If the people object to that, the soldiers are allowed to kill them. And people in the house she chose are refusing to let her in. She’s about to kill them for that – and no one would bat an eye if she raped any of them before that…

This day at the community pool was pretty boring. Nothing really happened, and adding to that, there weren’t many sexy swimmers I could ogle safely from my seat as a lifeguard. In the evening, however, a beautiful brown haired girl walked in. She looked about 17 or 18 years old, and her petite body was beautifully tanned. She wore a single-piece blue and yellow swimsuit, and she stayed well into the evening. She looked in my direction a few times, but ignored me and just lost herself in the swimming. She probably noticed that I was checking out her shapely ass and her strong thighs.
Soon, I had to tell her to leave the pool since I was supposed to close it after a certain hour. I waited well past that to make sure everyone else left. I watched her walk into the changing rooms, with water dripping off her and her ass swinging as she walked. I moved over to the lifeguards’ room and grabbed the stuff I needed, then walked into the female changing room as well.
The girl had already taken her swimsuit halfway off, and I was given a nice look at her petite tits. She turned towards me immediately, covering herself up with one arm before she noticed me.
“Oh, it’s you. Sorry, you kinda scared me there!” She told me while still covering herself. I simply smiled at her. “Don’t be shy, tell me your name!” I told her as I undid the top of my swimsuit with one hand. Her eyes locked onto my breasts, which a bit larger than hers, so she didn’t notice when my other hand locked the door behind me. “I-I’m Samantha.” She replied, her eyes shifting towards the ground as she uncovered her breasts as well.
“You’re really passionate about swimming, aren’t you?” I asked her as I walked over to her, and laid my bag onto the bench next to her stuff, undoing my hair and letting it cascade down my back. She nodded at me, and I could sense her easing up to me a bit. “And because of that, your body is quite hot.” She blushed as she heard me, but I continued. “And I’d quite like to play with that body of yours – what do you say?” I told her as I placed a hand on her shoulder. She jumped away, blushing even heavier than before. “I… I can’t! I have nothing against you, but I’m already seeing someone!” My fist collided with her belly as she said that, and she dropped to her knees, both hands pressed against where I hit her.
“I was going to have my fun anyways, just hoped to save you some pain.” I told her with a sadistic grin and kicked her in her face, breaking her nose and throwing her to the ground. Tears appeared in her cyan eyes as she fell, and she tried to crawl away from me. She tried calling for help, but her cries only amused me and she realized no one was going to come help her quickly.
As she was on the ground, I opened my bag and took out a strap-on. I pulled the bottom of my swimsuit off, and quickly put my part of the strap-on in my pussy. I moaned quietly as I did, then I turned back towards Samantha. She was now clawing hopelessly at the door, but it was not going to help her. I knelt next to her, and her eyes widened as she noticed the huge green dildo at my crotch.
“No! Please, don’t rape me!” She begged as I pulled the rest of her swimsuit down her legs. She was probably afraid I’d hit her if she disobeyed me much, so she let me do that. I forced her on her knees, then traced a line with my fingers down the crack of her ass. I pushed my finger into her asshole, and she groaned in pain a bit. It felt pretty tight, but also a bit lubricated by the water from the pool. I pulled my finger out and continued moving my finger until I reached her slit. She let out another moan as I forced my finger inside, but I quickly withdrew it after confirming she was already pretty wet down there. I squeezed both her shapely asscheeks, then stood up and lined up my dildo with her anus.
“Not there, please! AAAH!” Samantha screamed as she felt what I was doing, but I ignored her and forced the dildo inside her. It must have been very painful for her, but I continued to push the dildo deeper and deeper inside her, the resistance transferred by it to my own snatch. After a couple more thrusts, I bent over and grabbed her breasts from behind. Even if they were small, they still felt pretty good in my hands as I squeezed them in my hands. Using them as handles, I rammed into her asshole even harder, and the girl started sobbing, her spirit broken now.
It didn’t take me long enough to come, and as I did, I let go of Samantha’s breasts. I bent over her again, and placed one hand on the back of her head, the other grabbing her chin. Then, with a quick pull, I twisted her head so that I could see her face, breaking her neck. I could feel her piss spraying onto my legs, mixing with my cum as it dripped down my legs. I looked straight into her eyes as life left them, and she slumped down beneath me.


File: 1512439608506.jpg (7.52 KB, 166x303, yea.jpg)

I guess this post kind of died so I feel obligated to revive it fresh since the concept is pretty neat.

K/V: Victim
Name: Riven
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture provided or just look up "Riven" online
Scene: Up to you!



File: 1513258003174.jpeg (125.39 KB, 561x1100, image.jpeg)

K/V: Killer
Name: Angela
Age: 23
Sex: F
Angela took a glimpse down at her newest trophy she found on the streets. The terror filled eyes exited her. "Now my dear, lets get started on the procedure." She stated calmly as the currently restrained and gagged patient thrashed on the table her muffled screams comming from the gag. Angela softly ran her gloved hand down the woman's chest, taking in the size of them before picking up a scalpel and repeating the motion, only this time it wasent nearly as pleasing for the patient as it tore through her flesh eaisly. The pained screams filling the room. Angela softly hummed as she went over the cut a total of three times to make it finally get through all of her muscle and fat. A wide smile formed under the surgical mask as she pushed the flesh to the sides with her hands, revealing a bloody rib cage and a fresh beating heart. "Ahh, seems to be a bit fast. I wonder why?" She joked as she reached into the cavity gently holding the beating organ as she held it up pulling it out of your body as far as your arterys would allow without it ripping. Sadly this time the struggling didn't work out for the woman as she wound up ripping a artery, instantly causing blood to spray everywhere as the beating organ began to quickly die. "Oh, dear I wanted you to see more but I guess this is eneough." Angela said softly as she yanked, snapping the rest of the arterys, this time only a bit of blood came out since your heart wasent pumping it anymore. The look of terror freezing forever on that beautiful face. Angela set the now dead organ in a awaiting trey as she moved a step up to the woman's scalp. She quickly worked, cutting just below the scalp all the way around, removing her hair and finally the skin in one part. She flicked the bunny ears that were attached to the scalp she just cut off with a smile. "This will fit nicely on my little slave..."

((Please tell me what you think! ^-^ it's my first time trying this thing... But certainly not killing! Hehe... Anyone want to rp please message me at: Angela_The_Sadist on KIK ))


(Oh I frogot a thing or two... Hehe...)
Appearance: brown hair with light red eyes. Green surgical scrubs with latex gloves.
Setting: fully equipped Operating room


You've completely missed the point of this thread.


The point was to write a story for someone not for yourself


File: 1515384286691.png (411.66 KB, 849x900, 1419099__safe_artist-colon….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Faith
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture provided
Scene: Late at night, as she is tending to her cute little kittens.


>>3511 It's time to write of my worst fears (I love cats! D';)


A mom and her daughter are playing together, with 3 kittens. Why? They're both so stupid. How do they enjoy each other's company?

They don't know me, or anything about me. I read her blog. She's 22 and lives wih just her mom. Tragedy struck a year ago when her dad died, so she dropped out of college. Thinking of going back, she says on her blog.

She's not going anywhere. She wondered on her last post how sad it is that people like me exist. Whatever her exact words were, she didn't get how someone who only loves himself can have a happy life. Actually she was talking about her boyfriend, and she has never met someone like me, who really has no love of others.

I'll show her how.

I have skills. I am invulnerable. I can go where I want. Any food, any substance, I can buy it. I don't even have to be polite, just hand or cash and don't get caught.

And why do I live for this? It's a rush. She's the fifth. Some city girls people think just ran away.. this one is difficult. Her people care about her. I'll admit I wonder what that's like, but people care about me. I'm useful. They want me on their team. That's sensible, unlike... her. She's useless. What good does she do besides for some cats?

Stupid fucks look so fucking safe. Man it'll get me hot.

I cut the power, then kill their cellphone batteries with the same tech that corrupt cops used in the Dakota pipeline protests.

"Hold on hunny, I'll be right back.." God I hate how her mom speaks. So drawn out. She rounds the corner and I tackle her. First thing I do js gag her and bring her to the ground.
She's no match, forget about defeating me, she can't even escape. Four seconds. The girl is listening to music and watching some baby cats.
No neighbors have a view of her backyard. I get an unpleasant view of her body's backyard. Gross old woman, how did you make such an attractive little bitch with your nasty cunt?

"You have a choice." That always gets them. "Obey and suffer, or suffer and die."

I cuff her hands to her elbows behind her back, then tie her knees to her neck and her ankles together.
I walk alertly inside.
I already saw through all their webcams. Even if any turn on, I won't be seen- not that some hacker in Asia is going to turn me in.

Spotting the girl, I instantly tackle her. She sees me for a plit second before I nab her.
The adrenaline rush as I grapple and gag her is God. It's better than. Well everything. The physical rush and the knowledge of power and pain... of her suffering.

I tell her what I told her mother. "Obey or die, you'll suffer either way. You should want to live." They don't reaist when I tie them to their chairs. Did I over do it? I like not taking too long but security is key. This has to be done right.

The mom is tied in her chair with her arms still crossed behind herself, and her knees still at her neck, but now rope rounds her hips and the chair's back, and her ankles tied to the top of the back chair legs.

Her daughter is more lewdly displayed.


File: 1515474040361.jpg (1.38 MB, 1912x2544, T0004.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Julia Brooke
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic
Scene: Julia, on a field trip in the mountains, finds herself separated from the rest of her classmates, and ends up getting lost.


When the seemingly-endless barrage of bombs and shooting ended, and the news of surrender pulsated across the formerly-prosperous Fort Simmons, many of its' residents believed that the worst was over. Many of their neighbors thought they could get on with their lives after two weeks of constant terror; even if their side was defeated, as very few residents of Fort Simmons had any love for their incompetent government, the atmosphere seemed ambitious. The post-battle seemed to be particularly hopeful for Hailey Cook and her daughters when they emerged from their makeshift bomb shelter to find their home relatively intact. Their optimistic outlook would be cut short when the enemy’s forces began its’ occupation of the town.
The family immediately set out to typical household activities. Lisa and Mary, her seven-year old twins, were playing in the living room. Her middle girls, twelve-year-old Nadia and fourteen-year-old Lilia, decided to take a bath when they realized the water was still running. Her oldest, seventeen-year-old Katie, went up to her bedroom to sleep. Hailey herself went to make dinner, and that’s when she noticed a several soldiers were marching down the street.
When she first saw them her only thought was to cover the windows, mostly due to the fact that she and the twins were just in their underwear; they had forgone the rest of their clothes to keep them from getting too dirty, and since it was just girls down in the shelter. As she went to close the window, however, she saw two of the soldiers pull a young woman from a house across the street and throw her to the ground before firing their weapons into the back of her head.
Hailey stood there watching as soldiers forcefully entered her neighbors' houses, and killing any occupants that resisted. Then she remembered her daughters as two female soldiers approached her house. The defensive mother grabbed a small handgun and rushed to the door, where she stood with her eye on the peephole, watching the two soldiers approach her walkway.
The women turned and started walking towards her house. In the heat of the moment, rational thought fled Hailey’s mind, and instead of shooting from one of the windows, she choose a more confrontational and unwise move. The front door swung open, and the furious mother ran out in her bra and panties firing at the soldiers. One of them, a petite lady with bright red hair and freckles, was struck in the right breast by the first bullet, and then the center of the forehead by the second one, before they could respond. The two girls were taken completely by surprise by the suddenness, and both would have gone down if Hailey’s luck continued. When she turned her fired on the other one, the gun only made clicking sounds; there was only TWO bullets in this thing she thought to herself as despair overtook her.
The second soldier regained her composure in a blink of an eye. Hailey’s last thought, as she observed the woman who was now aiming an assault rifle at her, at the woman’s angelic and youthful face, and sleek black hair, how her soon-to-be killer could hardly be much older than Katie. Then the soldier opened fire, and pain filled her existence as at least thirty bullets tore through her belly and chest. Hailey dropped to the ground, writhing and coughing up blood; it took only a few seconds for her killer to draw a handgun from the holster on her leg to send a bullet through the back of her head, but from Hailey’s perspective those few seconds before oblivion seemed to last several days.


Wow I really liked that one.

>>3511 I will continue
>>3514 in a bit. Sorry my phone's browser got fucked up. I was just almost done with the second piece... I think you'll like it.


File: 1515530926218.jpg (3.04 MB, 2894x4093, 65798461_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Lucia Parish
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic
Scene: Lucia’s cleaning her dorm room, waiting for her new roommate to come.

The young Mercy cosplayer was too caught up in her gaming console to notice as her classmates went off in a different direction than where she was going. Only after bumping into a tree was Julia brought out of her stupor. “Guys? Are you there?” She called out, hoping someone would hear her. Since no reply came back to her, the blonde turned back, trying to go back exactly the way she was going forward. However, since she didn’t focus on the way when walking, she ended up completely losing any idea of where she was supposed to go. Her blonde hairstyle got messed up by the tree branches as she was walking, the twigs hitting her a few times.
When Julie realized she had no clue how to get back, she decided to just go in one direction. She complained about not taking a map with her, while slowly making her way up the slope of one mountains in her way.
Unbeknown to Julia, someone had been following up the hill. The man has been hiding in these mountains since he murdered his wife two weeks before. Even if that murder was a spur-of-the-moment act, the thrill of killing someone turned out to be quite addicting. He convinced himself that he had to kill the girl or else she would cause the authorities to find him, since the girl was going towards his hut. She stopped upon reaching the top, looking at his home curiously.
“Hello? Is anyone here? My name is Julie Brooke, and I kinda got lost.” She called out while approaching it, knocking on the door. That was the cue for the man to act. Before Julie could open her mouth again, pain exploded in the back of her head, and she passed out.
Having knocked her out, the man opened the door, and dragged Julie’s unconscious body inside. While walking uphill, he got the perfect view of her shapely ass, with it bouncing nicely in her form-fitting pants. That made him revise his original plan, and once the door closed behind him, he immediately got to work on that. Grabbing a knife from one of the tables, he kneeled next to her, and flipped her so that she laid on her front. Once that was done, he pulled her pants down, and sliced off her panties, revealing her ass to him. He buried his face between her buttcheeks, his tongue licking her anus for a moment, causing her unconscious form to emit a slight groan. Once he was sure she was sufficiently lubricated, he whipped out his cock, and penetrated her asshole.
Her ass was nicely tight, so he enjoyed it while pushing his dick further and further in. The pain caused from it having to stretch to accommodate him eventually managed to bring her back to her senses. However, he didn’t know that until the girl started to sob under him. Her quiet sobs helped him to his orgasm, and he blew her load inside her anus.
Once he was gone, he pulled out, and flipped Julie over again, checking out her pussy, with a hairy bush above it. Julie looked like she wanted to say something, but before she opened her mouth, he forced two of his fingers inside her snatch. Whatever words she had were replaced with an unwanted moan, a moan that turned into more sobbing.
His other hand grabbed the zipper of her sweatshirt, pulling it down and undoing it. He forced it to the side, then grabbed the knife again and cut through her blue undershirt. Underneath it, she wore a white bra, which he also cut through. “No, please don’t…” She cried out when he did that, then another moan escaped her lips.
Having exposed her small breasts, the man was satisfied with that for a moment. He just continued to finger her, until Julie was brought to her first and last orgasm. Once he felt her squirm under him, he grabbed the knife again, stabbing her straight through her chest. Just as he wanted, the knife cut through her heart. Her body shook for a moment, a streak of piss escaping her as well. Once she stopped shaking, he climbed over her and slid his cock inside her pussy. He continued to enjoy her dead body for some more time, before taking it to some hidden cave he found in the mountains – one with a temperature that would preserve her body for quite a long time, so he could use it again if he wished to.


File: 1515807811111.jpeg (335.77 KB, 720x960, L0020.jpeg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 11 (Hope you guys don't mind a loli. Don't think we've snuffed one in awhile.)
Sex: F
Characteristics: see pic.
Scene: Emily is in her room masturbating.


If you check my thread in Lit you'll find the rest of it. :)

>>3524 I uploaded my response to my site.


I need to write something. So I'll be responding to this soon, have something mostly written.


What's it titled (if you're referring to >>3511)



No, I mean my response to >>3077.

The title is "Occupation."


Ah, okay.


File: 1515868463311.jpg (118.97 KB, 850x608, 2201515.jpg)

So, I wrote this piece from the perspective of the character I'm suggesting. I hope that's alright, but I'd also love to see as many other people's versions of her as possible both as killer and victim. So even if she's already been used by other writers please feel free to write for her as you like.

K/V: Killer
Name: Lance
Age: 13
Sex: F
Characteristics: Despite her age she can be extremely sexy even to those who wouldn’t usually go for girls her age. And the knowledge of this is reflected in her attitude.
Scene: Lance learned recently that she cannot die, at least not for long. Each time her body is damaged or destroyed she heals quickly or awakes perhaps an hour later and within one hundred yards. While curious about why this is, the biggest change this has brought to Lance’s behaviour is a brashness and fearlessness she previously lacked. Encouraging self destructive behaviour in order to seek entertainment, usually at the more permanent expense of others.

Have Fun.


Emily doesn’t know I’m home, I can tell by the whimpering sounds coming from her room. She recently discovered masturbation and still doesn’t think I know. Every day for the past week when coming home from school she’s gone to her room, taken off her uniform and started touching herself. When she knows that I’m home she locks the door and stays as quiet as she can, but I can still hear her most days anyway. When she doesn’t think anyone’s home she leaves her door open and is as loud as she wants, which varies from the subtle whimpers and moans of today, to full on screaming.

I’ve been with this foster family for almost a year now, and they were getting boring until this development. I made sure to stay home from school myself today because Mr. And Mrs. Railond were going to the next city over for some furniture auction. Or maybe it was lawn ornaments. Whatever, the important part is that now I’m alone in the house with my foster sister until late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Now girls my age aren’t usually my thing. I prefer women with a little more on them, more to hold onto and more to take off. But when a little treasure like this falls into my lap I don’t question it. Well, question it is the first thing I do, but that’s just my paranoia talking. Whatever, what I mean to say is that I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. And Emily is fucking cute, vulnerable, and alone for probably another twelve hours.

I do a little preparation, it wouldn’t do to scare her too quickly. All this really requires is prettying myself up, which I usually do before school anyway. A little blush there, just a tad of eyeshadow here. A tiny bit of contouring to my face and body to make me seem that much more appealing.

Then I lay out in my bed and start to masturbate as well. Though I’m only two years older than Emily, I know that I’m a lot better at it than she is. And I’ve learned how to make it look and sound enticing. I slide a single slickened finger into myself and release a small, stuttering moan that I know will carry through the house.

I smile just slightly when I hear Emily stop, probably freezing on her bed. But I keep going, pushing the digit into myself again and again, each movement elicits a slightly exaggerated moan and arch of my body from my sheets.

My door is wide open, and I can hear Emily trying clumsily to sneak across the hall. I’m facing the door on my bed, my pale legs spread as I push another finger into myself just as Emily comes into view. She stands in my doorway, staring at me. She’s wearing an open shirt, part of her school uniform, a barely necessary upper undergarment and stockings. Nothing else. She’s staring at my pussy with wide eyes and her mouth hanging open. I’m just staring at her, fingering myself and waiting for her to realise I’ve seen her already.

It doesn’t take her long. She lets out a squeak and looks like she’s about to run when she pauses, clearly putting together my small smile and the fact that I haven’t stopped even though she can see me. I can see her swallow fearfully before bucking the courage to come into my room. I’d been hoping for that. Emily’s an adventurous girl, almost as fearless as myself, but not quite and not particularly clever either.

She stares at me while moving closer slowly, as though she’d afraid I’m going to scream at her, hit her, tell her to leave or that I’d tell her parents. But she crawls onto my bed with none of this happening. She’s kneeling between my legs and her gaze moves back down to my pussy. When it does, I pull my fingers from myself, glistening with my moistness.

“I know you wanna touch me.” Is all I say. She doesn’t even look up at me, just stares down at my slightly open sex. Then, to my surprise she leans down and licks my lower lips up to my still mostly hidden clit. I gasp and arch my back, it’s exaggerated to make her feel better about herself, but I’m too surprised to pile it on too much. She must have seen some lesbian porn on her tablet or phone.

She sits up, smacking her lips together and looking a little unsure of how it tasted. She leans down and tries it again, drawing another not as exaggerated as I’d like to think sound from me. “It doesn’t taste very good.” She points out. “Not bad... but not good either.”

I laugh, sitting up and pushing my hand through her hair. “That’s not the point of tasting it, silly. The point is making you and someone else feel good. And it tastes better the more you do it. Trust me.” I finish with a wry grin, not that I plan on letting her get used to the taste. She surprises me again by leaning forward and pressing her lips against mine. It isn’t nearly as surprising as the last thing she did with her mouth, and it’s somehow more sloppy her mouth is open and her tongue moves over my face like she learned to kiss from some bad porn actress.

I need to take control of the situation back. Not really because it’s really in any risk of her taking over, just because I NEED to control it myself. It’s a flaw. Maybe. Regardless, even though I don’t move away from her kiss I lift my hand and bring it into her cheek in a light but still stinging slap that causes her to recoil, looking at me like I bit her, her confused expression deepening when she sees my smile still there.

“Did I say you could kiss me?” I ask, smirking at the younger girl.

“I-I thought-“ I cut her off with another slap. I’m not hitting her hard, but the surprise and meaning behind being slapped is still making her look like she’s about to cry. I hit her again.

“Kiss me.” I say in a commanding tone. There are tears on her face now, though she isn’t trying to get away.

“Stop hitting me.” She whines, holding the cheek been consistently slapping. I hit the other one.

“Kiss me.” I say again in a more harsh tone than before, making her eyes widen. She’d get it eventually. She leans forward and kisses me softly, clearly realizing that I’ll hit her again if she doesn’t. Yet still she doesn’t run, though her kiss is a lot more forceful now.

I lean into this one, letting my lips part and pressing my body against her. She seems to forget my hitting her quickly as it hadn’t hurt her anyway, just shocked her. The point wasn’t to hurt, yet at least. Just let her know I was in charge, and now she knows.

When I pull back and smile at her, she smiles fearfully in return. “Go down there and start licking me again.” I say in that same, commanding tone, though I lace my voice with sweetness as well. She moves eagerly down my body, staring at it still with wonder as she does. Her tongue finds my flower easily this time, eagerly lapping at it and her hands wrapping around my thighs and allowing her to burry her face in my pussy.

One of my hands finds her hair, holding her against me as I moan and cry out occasionally when her tongue finds my clit. My other hand snakes under my pillow and finds the long handled fishing knife I carried with me everywhere. It’s a silly thing really, styled after an eagle’s talon. But I’ve carried it for years.

I feel myself about to cum and yank her head from my pussy, throwing her onto her back on the floor and position myself over her face. She screams at first, but doesn’t notice the knife in my hand and continues licking eagerly at my cunt when it’s offered to her.

I hadn’t been expecting that. But it’s nice as it means I’m already cumming, screaming as she’s sprayed with my juices when I bring the knife down into her belly. I don’t think she’s noticed yet, she still licking me, though there is a hesitance in it, as though she knows something is wrong even though her brain hasn’t caught up with the fact that there’s a shard of metal sticking into her tummy.

She screams, finally, when I wrench the knife upward until it hits the bottom of her sternum, pushing at me. I let her shove me off of her, allowing her to see the blood and innards well up out of her little body. I sit on the floor next to her, staring between her face and the wound I’ve inflicted while she whimpers, eyes wide and staring at the knife’s handle. She takes it in her hands, slick with my juices and tried to pull it out, but it hurts too much and she stops looking to me with panic.

She tries to say something, but only doubles over coughing and blood coming from her mouth, drawing a smile to my own lips. I lift myself, straddling her struggling body and lower myself onto the handle of the knife, penetrating myself with it as I lean forward and kiss her, licking the blood from her lips.

Emily simply writhes beneath me, unable to do anything due to the burning agony in her stomach as I slowly move myself up and down the handle of the blade. We lay like that for some time until she passes out beneath me.

I sit up on top of her, still moving the blade back and forth with my gyrating hips, looking down at her pale face, flecked with blood. It’s the perfect sight, I think. She’s dying for me. At my whim. I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world. I sit up off of her and pull the knife from her belly, watching as her eyes flutter open, tears filling them as she stares up at me.

“I love you.” I whisper. It’s true, oddly enough. I feel like a god, accepting a sacrifice from her subject. Her eyes water but in her delirium she still smiles at the comforting words, her expression only changes when I drive my blade through her right temple. It’s harder than I thought it would be, but it moves in smoothly one I break through that thin bone plate. Her right eye rolls lazily up into her hear, the other twitching slightly, staring at me and dilating while her mouth falls open. I hold the knife fully in her skull for a moment, then twist. Her body gives a final, brutal heave and then falls still. I pull the knife from her head, kiss her one final time and walk out of the house. It’s the first time I’ve done something that could easily identify me as the culprit. But it was worth it, I think.


K/V: Victim
Name: Christina Tran
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black hair, brown eyes, athletic, medium breasts, smooth pussy. Wearing a tight sleeveless black dress, white thigh-high stocking, black nylon bra and panties, black hi-tops, and a purple fedora.
Scene: Sitting on a park bench at 11 PM for her lover.


File: 1516234397615.png (2.47 MB, 1623x2000, T0038.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Chelsea Sweet
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic.
Scene: Chelsea's in her apartment watching a movie alone. She falls asleep with the front door unlocked, waiting for her boyfriend to come home, and didn't see the text stating that he will have to wait until tomorrow due to car problems.


>>3564 Response is here.


File: 1516593814601.png (2.12 MB, 2313x3081, 1636872__safe_artist-colon….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Mary
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Pic seen here. She's the silent type, mostly hums or moans to communicate.
Scene: In a grassy field on a hill.



V/K: Killer
Name: Jake
Age: 19
Sex: M
Characteristics: Black hair, green eyes, big and strong, wears a dark blue long sleeves shirt, dark pants, and a skull mask when he's killing.

Jake had tracked her down since weeks now. He spotted her in a bar and immediately thought she was probably the cuttest girl he's ever seen and how much he wanted to hear her scream. He had chosen his next victim. He usually doesn't choose his victim that way, he'd rather snuff girls in his school, or their mothers, or sisters, just for his personal excitement, but this girl he knew nothing about was just perfect. And now, it was time. She was all alone in a field, on a hill where no one could see her die. He grinned, holding his knife tightly.

He put his mask on and approched slowly. He had learned to move without a sound, that's how he always catched his victims. He had killed 12 girls, the youngest being 11 years old, Rita. She was the little sister of his girlfriend, the sweetest, cuttest and most giggling kid he had ever seen. Her screams were beautiful. He made sure to savor this moment, torturing her for a hour before snapping her delicate neck. He never felt so good. He wondered how this one would act. She looked so weak. He got closer. She was sleeping.

So in the nick of time, he mounted her, grabbing her neck with one hand, squeezing tightly. She gasped for air, her eyes opening widely in a surprise. She didn't realise what was happening. When she did, the surprise in her eyes turned into terror. She started struggling, but it was no use. The killer was too strong and her to weak. Seeing her cute face so terrified excited him more than anything. He kept applying pression on her neck, but not to kill. He wanted to play with her a bit before cutting her throat. It took only a few minutes before she passed out.

He then released her. He took the time to admire his beautiful victim. Her cute face, her beautiful hair, and her beautiful body. If he wasn't a gentleman, he would have raped her unconscious body right away. But he was killer, not a monster. He had standards. He undressed the girl, like he always had with every other girls, cuffed her, tied her legs together and kissed her. A gentle kiss. Her lips tasted wonderful.

He waited for her to wake up. Slowly she did. When she realised she was tied up, she struggled, and when she saw Jake, her struggles intensified. "Rise and shine sweetheart~" he said. She screamed for help, but there was no one in this field but them. Her screams were the most beautiful he ever heard. Even Rita wasn't as great compared to her. "It's no use beautiful~ It's only you and me~" he smirked. She was terrified to whatever he would do to her.

He grabbed his knife. He forced her to open her legs and got between them. Then her got in a position like he wzs about to rape her, but it was just to scare her. He put his knife against her throat, but then aimed to her arm. He plunged the knife into it, earning some beautiful screams.

He kept playing with her for a few hours, cutting her body and breaking some bones. He could get enough of her. But he kept her face intact. Her cute little face. Then, as the night was falling, he decided to end her life. He kissed her gently. The pain made her unable to resist. She was surprised by this gentle move coming from her murderer. Then he put his knife aside on the grass and grabbed her head with one hand and her chin with the other, ready to snap her neck. He always gave his victim a quick death. "Goodbye Mary~ You've been my favourite~" He then jerked off her neck roughly on the side, snapping it in a quick movement. She died instantly. Her eyes fixed nothing, her mouth stayed open, drooling, and the light in her eyes left forever. Her body went limp.

He took a good look at her body, trying her breast a little and feeling her firm butt. She was perfect. He then took some pictures of her dead body. He grabbed an axe in his bag and aimed for her throat. He always brought the head of his victims and conserved them in his basement. He decapitated her with a few swings and put her head in his bag. Then he gave a glance at her beheaded dead body. He wanted to rape her. But he's a gentleman, and it would be bad...

He grinned and took his penis out. He aligned it with her vagina. He usually never rape them. But he couldn't resist, just like when he couldn't resist fucking Rita's childish corpse. He shoved it in and it felt good. Very good. He suddenly felt a hot sensation on his cock and saw a stream of blood leaking from her pussy. Died a virgin. What a shame.

He thrusted, slowly at first but then pumping rougher and rougher. He couldn't get enough of her. It didn't last long before he came inside of her. But he didn't have enough. He pulled her body closer and humped her more and more. He came a second time. He was panting heavily. Then he pulled it out and put his dick back in his pants. He grabbed his knife, his bag and his axe, and left, letting Mary's corpse on the hill, before getting to his car to return home.


File: 1521815062979.jpg (35.01 KB, 500x707, 42590164841b1a577d59b2902c….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Tiffany
Age: 10
Sex: F
Scene: Alone at home


File: 1521938687241.jpg (280.29 KB, 640x900, original.jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Charlotte
Age: 16
Sex: F

Tiffany was Charlotte's sister-in-law. She hated Tiffany. Once daddy loved her. But now he prefered Tiffany. She had stolen her daddy from her. All she dreamt of was to make her suffer for that. She dreamt of strangling her, stabbing her to death, feeding her to the angry dogs of their neighbours or break her fragile neck slowly and painfully. She wanted her dead. So one day, she decided she would kill Tiffany. She knew 10 years old Tiffany had to be alone in the house this night, so she volunteered to babysit her. But her parents refused. Instead they asked her to call a true babysitter and leave Tiffany alone for God knows why. But I didn't. I wanted Tiffany alone. So I snuck in the house when I was supposed to be out. I approached het from behind and chloroformed her while she was watching tv. Surpeised, she tried to struggle and break free, but she was just a child. It didn't take long before she passed out. When she went limp, Charlotte picked her up and brought her to the balcony. She took a hanging cord from her bag and put it around Tiffany's neck, tightening it. She then attached the other side to the balcony. She had decided to hang her sister-in-law. It would be painful and agonising, exactly what she deserved. Charlotte then tied Tiffany's wrists and legs together. She picked her up, and as her sister-in-law started to wake up, she didn't have the time to realise what was happening that she was threw over the balcony. The fall was long, bit eventually, the cord stopped her and hang her. But contrairely to what Charlotte thought, the fall was so long that instead of simply hanging her and making yer agonising slowly, the cord snapped her neck, killing her immediately. Damn it. She didn't think about that. Nevermind. Tiffany was dead anyway. Her body was limp, balancing at the other side of rhe cord like a ragdoll. She even pissed herself, which made Charlotte grin evilly. She was so happy to see her little sister dead that she didn't noticed the presence of a mysterious person approaching behind her slowly...


File: 1521963052888.jpg (222.54 KB, 746x1000, ce0db22f6d07740472db97d2f7….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Officer Karen Yamazaki
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short brown hair, thick eyebrows, large breasts, a loyal and dedicated policewoman with a tough as nails personality.
Scene: A bank robbery is taking place, and Officer Karen Yamazaki is first on the scene. Will she stop the bank robbers, or will they stop her?

The man had been contracted to kill Mr. and Mrs. Sherbrook. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong day to pay a visit, arriving just in time to notice their car pulling away. He briefly toyed with the idea of following them, but dismissed it. They would come back, and he could have the luxury of setting up the house for their return.
He went around to the backyard, and set down his box of tricks.
The man fiddled with the lock on the back door, before hearing a click as his multitool unlocked it. He stood up, and retrieved a knife and a suppressed handgun from his tool box. Just in case, he thought. He wandered around the kitchen and living room, before hearing a struggle upstairs. His pulse quickened. The Sherbrooks had two daughters, and it appeared that they hadn't taken them on their night out. He carefully performed a press check on his handgun, and moved swiftly and silently up the stairs.
The man managed to arrive to the balcony just in time to see Charlotte perform a long drop hanging on her little step sister.
The older daughter leaned over the balcony to observe her handiwork, which suited the man just fine. She was obviously not alert to her surroundings, caught up in the thrill of snuffing out a life.
The girl was attractive, with her slender arms, shapely legs, wide hips, and slight chest. Her long red hair seemed to shine in the pale moonlight. The man would have liked to have had more time to play, but tonight was running on a schedule, and it would not do to have the neighbors notice, or to have the Sherbrooks return home in the midst of his fun. He crept up to her, and roughly pulled her back into the house, gloved hands covering her soft little mouth, while his knife sank into her tender throat, cutting through her trachea and arteries. It was a mortal wound.
Charlotte's eyes widened in agony and terror, and arterial blood sprayed from the large opening in her neck, painting the white walls and carpet crimson. Her chest heaved, and her long legs kicked, while her hands grabbed and scratched at the man's forearms. The man held on to her mouth, Charlotte's blood seeping through his gloves. Charlotte managed to fight for half a minute before blood loss and shock began to set in. It took another minute for her heart to stop. Her eyes stared up at the ceiling, blank and unseeing. Her muscles loosened, releasing the contents of her bladder into the crotch of her Daisy Dukes.
The man let go of her mouth, and gently laid the corpse down. He went outside and pulled Tiffany up, laying the younger girls body next to her older step sister.
He closed the balcony door, and drew the shades on the windows.
The house may have been isolated from the neighbors by the large trees bordering the property, but he didn't want to run the risk.
The man wandered back down, and sat down on the living room couch. He settled in for a long wait.


K/V: Killer
Name: Mark
Age: 24
Sex: M
Characteristic: He's the robber

He heard someone sneaking in the bank. It was a cop
A very, very, attractive. He imagined himself fucking her hot ass while she was begging him to fuck her more. But he snapped out of his daydreaming when he remembered this robbery had to be successful. Else the boss would be really mad. So he silently followed her. And when she pointed her gun to his accomplices abd told them to put their guns down, he put his hand on her mouth and shot her right through the heart, killing her instantly. She went limp and Mark let her fall head first on the ground. Such a sex girl... What a shame.


File: 1521975614951.jpg (49.22 KB, 446x900, drawn-amour-male-anime-5.jpg)

Been a while since the last boy victim. So here's a cute femboy.

V/K: Victim
Name: Yuki
Age: 15
Sex: M


File: 1522052802411.jpg (612.68 KB, 625x750, 43661906_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Helena
Age: 27
Sex: F
Characteristics: Amazonian soldier, extremely fit, agressive and dominating in personality.
Scene: Sneakily eliminate her, or confront her head on in a battle to the death, your choice.

The Species Purity Council had declared open season on all animal/human hybrids, and Rentaro needed the money. The current price was $5,000 per head. He had tracked down one, a boy called Yuki, into the open plains outside of the city. Rentaro cradled his .45-70 lever action, while scanning the plains with his binoculars.
He spotted movement amongst a small outcrop of rock jutting from the dry summer grasses. Rentaro put down his binoculars, and lifted his rifle up, aiming through the magnified scope. It was definitely his target.

Yuki lay against the rocks, panting. He wiped his brow of sweat, and picked himself up. He was determined to reach the safety of the Republic, where he would be safe from the reach of the Council's tyranny. Yuki stood up, and reached for his water gourd on his belt. At that moment, Rentaro fired. The .45-70 cartridge was a large, low velocity projectile designed to put down large game. It punched through Yuki's slender neck. The boy's head drooped down, hanging from a few strands of muscle and skin, while twin jets of blood spurted from the ruins of his neck. His corpse immediately dropped to the ground.
Rentaro cycled the action, ejecting the empty case with a practiced throw of the lever. He got back on his ATV, and drove over to the body. The hunter dismounted, kneeled down and closed Yuki's widened eyes. He was willing to kill these creatures, but he still felt a pang of empathy. They didn't choose to be freaks, and this one in particular looked just like any normal human boy. Rentaro sighed, and grabbed his machete. With a single slice, he cut through the skin and muscle, and threw the head into the cooler box mounted on the back of the ATV. Rentaro rummaged through the dog boy's backpack, finding a half finished sandwich and spare clothes. He dug through the pockets on the boy's cargo shorts, finding candy wrappers and a worn wallet containing a few crumpled dollar bills. This prey wasn't very high value, he thought to himself, but it was an easy target. Rentaro mounted his ATV, and drove off, leaving the headless corpse to be picked apart by the wildlife.


Ouch. Poor boy.


File: 1522078274541.jpg (90.56 KB, 640x800, 018afe5ba0aec6a106e70caed4….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Asriel
Age: 12
Sex: M

K/V: Victim
Name: Chara
Age: 12
Sex: F

Scene: You've been hired by a human to kill the Dreemurr family. You sneak in, but see that the Queen and the King aren't home. Still you hear noises coming from the kids room. You know it means the kids are here. You open the door, and you're surprised to see the two Dreemurr children banging against a wardrobe. You quickly remember why you're here. The kids didn't notice you, too concentrate in the moment. They're turning your back on you. Now act.


You know you're supposed to participate by writing a story involving a previous posters character, right?
This isn't a request thread.


Whoops. Didn't see that one.


File: 1522160514330.png (94.44 KB, 179x350, anime__fight_girl_by_kiyos….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Cassandra
Age: 18
Sex: F

The amazon had been really hard to beat. She was way stronger than her. But Cassy was faster and she had won. Cassy wondered what to do next. Should she kill her ? Well, the Amazon sure tried to decapitate her more than one, almost succeeding each times. So why should she be merciful ?

Cassy approached her fallen opponent, who was panting on her knees, deeply injured. She readied her kick. The Amazon didn't have the time to realise what she was about to do. Cassy quickly delivered a powerful kick who went right through the Amazon's head, destroying her brain and face. Her body was twitching, not completely dead. Cassy then put her kick out, letting her opponent's face (at least what was left of it) on the ground. Wow. It had been her greatest fight ever ! She felt so powerful. She relaxed, laying on the ground, exhausted. She could now that the fight was over.

But it wasn't over. A new challenger was approaching.


File: 1522277660613.jpg (1.52 MB, 2508x3541, 67039182_p12.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Kei Littleton
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: A good natured young woman finishing her final year of highschool. The product of a mixed marriage between a US Marine and a Japanese woman. As a result, she is well versed in self defence techniques. A tough target to take down.

Cassandra got back up to face the next opponent. Something zipped past her face, too fast for Cassandra to track. She turned around, frantically looking for the thing that had gone by. Suddenly, she felt a cool breeze upon her skin. Cassandra looked down, and saw that her sweat pants and hoodie had fallen off her body in thin ribbons. She took a step forward, and then her upper body tumbled downward in a shower of blood and viscera. Her lower body managed to stay standing for a second more, before joining its owner on the ground. Cassandra was still conscious, though rapidly fading away. She pulled herself forward, leaving a trail of intestines behind. The cybernetic assassin disabled the thermoptic cloak, and wiped his carbon ceramic blade on Cassandra's shapely rear. He walked forward, quickly reaching the dying girl, who eyed her killer with bravado that barely masked her terror. He grabbed her silky blonde hair, and raised her head up, forcing her to look at him in the eyes. Cassandra retched, blood pouring forth from her mouth. "Any last words, kid?" the assassin asked in a gentle tone. Her eyes flickered with pain and regret. "P-please, make it quick", she coughed. The assassin nodded, and plunged his blade into her right breast. The advanced combat blade separated skin, fat, and muscle. It slid past Cassandra's ribs, piercing her rapidly beating heart. Cassandra gasped, her mouth forming an O shape, and her eyes widened. Her hands gripped the assassin's arm for a couple seconds, then relaxed. Her eyes remained open, staring up at the assassin's face. The assassin tugged at his blade, finally getting it out of the girl's chest with a wet sucking sound. He sighed, and wiped the blade clean on the girl's left breast.


File: 1522452317988.jpg (90.8 KB, 418x577, spy_girl_by_shandyrp.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Katia
Age: 28
Sex: F

Katia is a pro assassin. She has been hired to kill a young teen who just finished her final year in highschool. She had been warned her target would be tough. She knew how to fight. So she decided she would play dirty. She brought a gun and a taser gun to knock her out. She wanted to play with her before killing her. It was why she was doing her job. She wanted to snuff cute girls. She had ended so many young life, always remembering them. Betty, Tiffany, Alicia, Samantha, Charlotte, ... Now she wanted to had this sweet Kei to her list. So she was following her around, until one day, she approached her and punched her right in the stomach. She gasped in surprise but as Katia was about to stryke again, she punched her right in the face. Katia knew it would be tough. But she was definitely going to add her head to her collection. So when Kei charged, trying to kick her assassin, Katia dodged and hit her roughly in the pussy. Kei went on her knees, shivering in pain. Katia then uppercut the poor teen. She fell backward. As Katia mount her to strangle her, Kei uppercut Katia roughly and pinned her, now strangling the assassin. Katia was lacking air. No one had ever strangled her. So that a child could defeat her and kill her like she was an animal... She couldn't accept that. She gave another hit on Kei's scrotch, then pinned her and started beating her shit up. She couldn't react and could only receive the blows.When Katia was done hitting the poor student, she started tasing her. Then for her own enjoyment, she stripped her victim, who could barely react. She started sucking Kei's nipples, and this bitch couldn't help but moan like a slut. Katia kept playing with her body for a few more minutes. Then she played with Kei's pussy, rubbing and licking it, until she orgasmed loudly. She was panting heavily. My fun was now over. She wouldn't need the gun after all. While Kei was still in a gaze, Katia grabbed Kei's head and twisted her head, ending her yound life. Katia was satisfied. But she still needed to do something. She took her sharp knife and started cutting her throat and then her head, taking it off. She kissed the teen's head and finally left to collect her money.


File: 1522552497950.jpg (940.79 KB, 1240x1754, 67702012_p0.jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Emma
Age: 26
Sex: F
Characteristics: A secretary for one of the most powerful executives in the UK. This executive has been running some less than legal business ventures however, which the young woman has uncovered by accident. She's terrified but determined to expose the wrongdoing being committed. Its up to you to end her before she does.
Scene: She has just woken up in a hotel room.

Katia ran down the dark alleyway. The buzz of search drones echoed behind her, steadily increasing in volume. Katia took a left turn, only to come to a halt.
It was a dead end. She turned around, only to find the glare of a dozen spot lights beaming down on her. Above, a network of unmanned aerial vehicles swarmed in a circle. The plucky assassin cursed, and took off at a sprint towards the exit to the alley. She made it 2 feet before one of the drones peeled off from the group and made a beeline for the hitwoman's center mass. The drone punched through her firm torso, then detonated, scattering Katia across the length of the alleyway.
When morning came, and the police had taped off the scene, they found her head in a trashcan about 20 feet from the blast point, its blue eyes vacantly staring at an old issue of the local newspaper, as if reading the frontline story on the murder of a young schoolgirl last week.


File: 1522788945808.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1696, 398574 breasts ki….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Kayleigh Harris
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture. She normally prefers to stay inside behind a computer, and is socially awkward around people in real life.
Scene: She's taking out the trash. You notice her when she bends over to pick up a bag she dropped, and accidentally shows you her breasts.


Peter Sullivan worked as the receptionist for Golden Crowns Hotel for a week. It was a fancy, expensive, hotel located in Manhattan where CEOs, celebrities, and other well-off people stayed. According to official documents, and co-workers, however, he was known as Jake Dent. He wore a wig, to disguise his blond hair with brown. He also wore a mask and pair of gloves that, without extremely close inspection, were realistic enough to pass off as his own face and hands. He made sure that the rest of his skin was covered to hide the slight difference in skin texture. All of this was for his real job as an assassin.

His target was a twenty-six year old secretary from the United Kingdom, known Emma Walters. According to his client, she threatened to expose some of the illegal business practices that his company is involved in, and she needed to be silenced before she could go to the authorities. He learned through research that Emma always used this particular hotel whenever she visited New York, and discovered that she planned to vacation in Manhattan this month. So Peter forged some documents and got a job at the hotel.

Emma arrived at the hotel late in the evening. Peter recognized her immediately from the description and photographs given to him by his client. She had short brown hair, although her eyes were maroon rather than blue; he figured that she had to be wearing colored contacts. She wore an maroon kimono, which was open at the neck to display her bra straps and her rather prominent cleavage. She approached the desk, and I assigned her a room.

Five hours later, Emma was passed out on the bed; she only wore a pair of black panties, with her giant breasts on full display. Her kimono and bra were laid out over a chair.

The door opened slowly, and Peter Sullivan crept in. He pulled a M&P22 out of his pants pocket, then attached a suppressor. He closed the door and softly walked over to Emma with the gun raised. She slowly opened her eyes just as he reached the bed.

“Stay asleep. It will be easier for you,” he whispered.

“Sure. That’ll be fine.” Emma yawned and closed her eyes, after slightly adjusting her position on the pillow.

Before she could awake any further, Peter aimed the gun at her chest and fired ten rounds between her massive breasts. Emma’s eyes shot open as the first bullet pierced her ribs. Her body jerked as each round tore through her heart and lungs. Emma gave several wheezy coughs, sending droplets of blood from her throat, and a crimson stream flowed from the sides of her mouth. Then her body went limp, her head lolled back against the pillow and seemed to stare into space with her now-vacant eyes. A sloshing sound caught Peter’s attention; Emma’s panties were soaked and a torrent of piss spilled out into the blanket, creating a dark spot that was rapidly growing beneath her.

Peter placed the gun back into his pocket and left the premises. When her body was discovered hours later, Peter had already burned everything related to his disguise and left New York to collect his payment.


File: 1522915476258.jpg (141.02 KB, 641x896, 35fcd55b3ee1d0d7de446d8e13….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Jamie Duvall
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A complete tomboy who was the star pitcher of her highschool baseball team, she's been convicted of murder after beating the alleged rapist of her best friend to death with a baseball bat. Despite her tough exterior, she's a sensitive and emotionally vulnerable young woman.
Scene: Death row

Kayleigh Harris typed away at her keyboard, occasionally grunting in annoyance. Hacking into the Las Angelinas Cartel network was taking way longer than she had estimated.

A knocking on her door startled her, breaking her concentration. "Take out the trash, sweetie" an irritated voice on the other side of the door continued "it's beginning to smell like a dumpster in there".

"Okay mom", the young woman sighed. She got out of her chair and slogged her way through piles of unwashed clothes and fast food wrappers. A few minutes later, she stepped outside lugging a garbage bag overflowing with refuse.

James and Chester waited in a car outside of the Harris household. They were dressed in nondescript business suits, one holding a briefcase. Chester was watching the house, while James read a paper. Chester nudged his partner in the elbow when Kayleigh stepped out. They both watched the girl unwittingly bended over, exposing her firm young chest to the world. "For some pasty nerd shut in, she's pretty fine" James muttered. Chester grunted in affirmation, and press checked his handgun.

Kayleigh dropped the trash off at the garbage pickup point, and walked back inside, unaware of her impending doom. The two assassins waited until she had gone back inside before they donned balaclavas and gloves. They got out of their car and quickly moved up to the front door. Chester took out a multitool and picked the lock, opening up the door. James unholstered his own favored house clearing tool, a compact integrally suppressed Sig MPX carbine.

The first thing the two assassins came across was Kayleigh's mom, who dropped the plate she was washing in shock as two armed strangers walked into the kitchen. She started to raise her hands in the air when James brought up his carbine and clinically put two rounds in between her large breasts.

In the space of a half-second, the two hollowpoint rounds expanded as they punched through her skin and muscle, digging a large wound channel through her central cavity with pieces of bullet shearing off and penetrating multiple organs. She staggered back, one hand clutching at the gunshot wounds, blood soaking into her clean white sweater. Her mouth opened. James shifted his point of aim, and drilled one more bullet into her forehead. The woman immediately dropped to the floor, vacant eyes staring at the tile pattern while blood pooled around her still form.

Chester motioned to James, and they moved in perfect unison. They slowly advanced out of the kitchen, across the dining room, and made their way down into the basement. As they moved further down, they could hear the clickityclack of a keyboard, interspersed with brief bursts of cursing. James slowly gripped the doorhandle with one hand, the other firmly keeping the stock of his carbine pushed against his shoulder, and pushed it open.

The two hitmen found the girl hunched over a keyboard typing furiously. James stepped aside, letting Chester do the target.
Chester always preferred a hands on approach. He holstered his gun and unsheathed a large combat knife. Its serrated edge gleamed under the flourescent light of the basement. He crept up to Kayleigh, and roughly grabbed her by the hair, pulling her out of her seat.

The shocked girl didn't even have time to shout before Chester plunged the knife into her soft throat and dragged it from ear to ear, opening up her entire neck. Blood sprayed all over her PC, and Kayleigh struggled, her legs kicking against the floor. Kayleigh's heart was young and strong, so it pumped blood out through the wound in steady pulses. It took a minute before the blood flow began to slow, and another minute before it stopped.

During that time, Kayleigh slowly faded. Her eyes wandered around before locking on to her killer. Chester stared back, drinking in the fear and agony filling her large doe eyes. He could feel the tremors and quivers running through her muscles as the young girls body shut down. An acrid smell wafted up from the crotch of her sweatpants, as her bladder relaxed. He looked up at James, who nodded.

Chester gripped the handle of the knife, still stuck in her throat, and began to saw away at the rest of the neck. The knife chewed through flesh and cartilage and bone, finally separating Kayleigh's head from her torso. The leaders of Las Angelinas had a hobby of collecting the heads of their victims. Some cute gringo girl would probably add a bit of variety.


File: 1523037620879.jpg (5.3 KB, 289x174, 47.jpg)

K/V: Killer
Name: 47
Age: 54
Sex: M
Characteristics: One bold and bald genetically engineered assassin motherfucker. Equipped with garroting fiber wire and a pair of trusty silverballers. He can also turn anything into a weapon
Scene: wherever a contract appears.


Having friends in high places surely pays off. After I helped local oil tycoon by assassinating key members of his competing businesses, he put me in touch with another very powerful and well connected man - Carl. Or at least that's the moniker he goes by. Carl owns a series of private prisons. What most people don't know is that capital punishment is legal in 31 states in the US. He's well connected with the local authorities and so all death row prisoners from around the country end up in his prisons. What goes on in these prisons isn't hard to imagine.

"I just received a gorgeous young brunette. Firm tits, short hair and blue eyes. Are you interested? "

That's what Carl told me yesterday. I told him to get her prepared and let the guards have fun with her, but no damaging the merchandise.

Now I'm entering the prison. The guards know not to ask any ID from me, because it would be futile anyway. I have a brief talk with the warden and find out more details about the girl. Turns out Jamie wanted to take justice in her own hands one night, but that didn't really turn out well for her. I see a few videos of her getting raped by the prison wardens, to wet my appetite and then proceed to the electrocution room, where she's waiting - tied up in the chair. She's sobbing violently.

"This..This can't be happening....P-p-p-leeeeassseeee. I haven't....I h-" she cries out, unable to accept her fate.

I give them the order to jolt her a bit, nothing lethal. For extra effect there's a countdown in front of her. The fear she's feeling can't be described, as her eyes dart hopeful ahead. Jamie shakes her head in disbelief and continues to cry. Suddenly the current goes live and she spasms in the chair like a movie prop from some cheap slasher flick.

"Okay. That's enough." I tell the guard that was administering the shock. "I'll take it from here."

I go in Jamie's room. She's breathing heavily, her body lightly damaged by the very low amperage current. I kneel ahead of her and lift her chin up.

"Don't worry. It will all be fine. Alison hired the best lawyer in this state and he's overturned your death penalty sentence." I lie to her.

Her eyes light up with joy and hope. She stares at me in disbelief for a few seconds, then smiles warmly. The betrayal she'll feel in a few minutes will be monumental. I undo her bindings and help her up.

"W-will...will I go home now? Have I been freed?" she asks still confused.

"We'll have to see about that. For now we need to get you showered and rushed to the medic to make sure you're alright." I tell her, my arm stretching around her supportively as I lead her to the showers.

She looks up smiling, almost like thanking God.

" saved. Just like Dostoevsky..." she says, letting out a lighthearted giggle.

I lead her to the shower's front door and instruct her to get clean, so she could receive new clothes. She loses her uniform, revealing her marvelous young breasts and toned body. She gets in the shower room, and doesn't even notice the bloodied tiles under her feet. The room is perfect for bloody executions, because it's fitted with gutters, sinks and shower heads. I look at her supple body for a few minutes, as one of the guards fetches the weapon I've requested. She's overcome with happiness and joy, as she thinks she's just dodged death.

I get myself a nylon apron and then grab the spiked bat brought in by the guard. I open the door to the shower room slowly, so she doesn't hear me. She's singing some joyous song that I don't recognize as her arms stretch in the air and water splashes on her face. I'm standing right behind her. I get tired of staring at her shapely ass and slap her so she turns around. She's startled, shocked. I seize the opportunity to swing the bat right at her belly, perforating it with the dozen nails that are sticking out the bat. Blood and screams gush out in droves as I jam the bat out and strike again, this time smashing one of her knees.

"*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH*" she roars with agony, stumbling down.

She's on her ass, clutching her shattered knee with her nimble hands.

"B..b.buut you told me..." she exclaims, shocked to the core of her being.

My reply comes as another swing with the bat, right on her hands. Her arms are not little more than a sack of flesh and broken bones.

I let her simmer in pain for a while, contemplating my next hit.

"Coooooooooooooooooooooooome oooooooooooon. This can't... this can't be real...."

"Fine. It's not real. I'll end this dream real quick for you." I reply, getting a bit sentimental about her suffering.

I stroke her head gently with my hand, then prepare to swing.

Jamie's vision goes blank as a deafening ringing sound steals the colors away from her eyes. The bat had sunk its nails into her young mind and broken the circuit the held her conscious. A few seconds pass and her body is still twitching on the ground, blood gushing from her hands, knee and head. I swing the bat two more times at her head, caving in her skull and turning her beautiful face into a gory mess.

I leave the scene thinking I should have fucked her first, but there will be others. Carl always provides good entertainment.


File: 1526140720084.png (214.66 KB, 777x1004, Untitled11-1-1.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Monica Kelly
Age: 12
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture.
Scene: Monica and her friends frequently play around an old abandoned hospital near her house. One evening, with her friends still either busy with homework or grounded, she finds herself playing in there alone.


File: 1526495570864.png (784.17 KB, 776x1100, d01720bc0b6e3ec85e012cc394….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Kisaragi
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Picture
Scene: Just enjoying a walk in the park.


Don't just dump a request and leave, contribute a story for one of the posters before.
Seriously, it can't be THAT hard to read the OP, can it?



47 saw her only after Jazz Ezzkaloy saw him- a feat not accomplished by most of his targets- and Jazz was well suited to stunning escapes. As soon as an assassin was in the door he was out the window and in the air, then rolling down a wall and fimally running for the hills.
Jazz had a much younger sister, however, that had just messaged him.

beeepbeeepbeeep ding. The sadistic assassin turns his attention to the abandoned computer.
"Let's grab lunch." 47 added some lines about when and where. He nabbed her quick. He thought he had collateral. He didn't know she really had no informatiom for him, but could guess that might be the case. He didn't account for her brother being so full of hate that he'd welcome the chance to make her burn. Jazz was forced to adopt his younger sister when their larents died and he was a legal adult with a bratty nonchild parasite. While it was fun to spank her and make ber dance naked with a big red bottom, ending her life was too good to pass up, but even he was pleasantly shocked at what extent his just turned 18 sister was going to be pained.

Tied naked to a chair and gagged, she sat sweat covered and stressing to not piss herself.

She's short, about 5' and flat chested but with a wonderful ass. Her shredded clothes circle her. Her nipples are massive and quivering. She shakes her head around, her wide sharp wet eyes dart everywhere and her body is sweating. Ttptptppt the chair legs tap.

47 slices 2 thin lines close a centieter apart on her inner thigh. She squealed in extreme terror as he casually took his time slicing into her. Each line ended at her pelvis and met at a curve before her knee.
"Where's Jazz?"
The shred was slowly removed. She immediately peed herself. Her neck crinkled and her eyes started to bleed. Her whole body was tense and she momentarily went blind and deaf from the straining tension. Her muffled screams sang as a proclamation of truth but 47 knew some agent ladies who could perform as well but hide crucial info.
He made several more cuts. Then ungagged her.
"PLEASE I DON'T KNOW!" She was instantly gagged again. Each of the other 3 pairs of cuts was rolled back, and after some minutes, she had 2 lone lanes of skinless flesh bared in each leg.


I want to feel a deviation through guro RP ;)
guro subreddit gave me a strange illusion...
I am a tiny Korean girl i lives in Korea.
How could you ... I wonder if you want to torture me.
It is very deviant but I think it will be exciting for me.....
If you have the RP you think
I want to hear more about which RP you want to try!
I want to feel fear and thrill when I am brutally tortured.....

kik : hyeon9191


File: 1527001036522.jpg (281.18 KB, 645x911, DbYZezNV0AAbYME.jpg large.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Misa Sagawa
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Characteristics: see image, busty tanned tomboy
Scene: Dark abandoned street at night, she's coming home after club practice and is exhausted.

It was a normal day for Ms. Kisaragi, 18 year old college student. The weather had been rather nice, so she decided to take a break from her studies. She walked out the door, umbrella tucked underneath her elbow. What young Ms. Kisaragi didn't know was that today would be her very last day on Earth.

She walked along the road that wound down to the park by her apartment complex. Kisaragi whistled to herself. She didn't hear the soft *phut* of a tranquilizer gun being fired. She did feel the dart punch into her slender neck. She staggered along, one hand reaching up for the dart, and then collapsed. A van pulled up beside her, and two men jumped out and grabbed her unconscious form. They hurriedly restrained her, and then threw her into the back of the van. The van accelerated away, leaving no witnesses.

Kisaragi woke up tied to a chair. A piece of duct tape had been affixed over her mouth. There was a strange collar around her neck. She began to squirm and struggle. No good, the plastic zip ties holding her arms and legs to the chair were well secured. She looked around the room she was in. Bare concrete, a drain, and a single flourescent light. No windows. There was a bare metal door, but it had a keypad. She looked up, and noticed a CCTV camera pointed at her. Suddenly, the collar emitted a beep. Then another beep. Soon, it was beeping every second. Ms. Kisaragi's anxiety levels rose with every beep. Sweat poured down her furrowed brow, and she began to rock the chair back and forth. All the while, the collar beeped. Then it booped, and the shaped plastic explosive charge inside the collar (shaped in a way to direct the blast upwards) detonated. Her head disappeared in the explosion.

The smoke cleared away after half a minute. The corpse of Ms. Kisaragi slumped over, her neck stump resembling an overcooked steak. Her head was painted across the ceiling. The rest of her body was intact. The two men from before came into the room and surveyed the scene. "We might have to rethink this doggy collar security device design, Chuck", the older of the two announced.
"Perhaps", conceded the younger. "You know what that means though, we're gonna have to harvest more test subjects". The older one nodded "Well, that's why ACME pays us the big bucks".

The two untied Ms. Kisaragi from the chair, and lugged the headless body to the disposal chute outside the room. They tipped the corpse in, and watched it tumble into the ACME organic matter reorganizer. "Come Sunday, and someone'll be having that in their breakfast power bar", Chuck wisecracked. The two laughed, and walked off back to the van.


File: 1527639630466.jpg (140.46 KB, 480x843, my_feet_are_to_die_for_ver….jpg)

If you are into fetish involved a sexy mature woman snapping necks using my feet. I love snapping necks with my feet.



This is not the thread for that.


File: 1533556825707.png (1.82 MB, 1563x886, filesize.png)

I don't know why i'm doing this beyond an impulsive moment of fascination... i don't know how to write a killer so umm i'm just gonna post my details and say that whoever reads this should consider doing one of the previous victims first for the sake of fairness and i'll just wait for a good opportunity to give back a little.

K/V: Victim
Name: Jean
Age: 24
Sex: F
Characteristics: See attached... Dark Brown (Near black) hair, cleavage-length and mostly straight. Dull green-blue eyes. Casual wear includes tan shin-length jeans and a blue tee shirt, with light blue/pink-patterned underwear. Pale skin, freckled. Kinky and very masochistic but shy. Amateur contortionist.
Scene: Something industrial like an automated factory line, or choose your own.
Optional extras: include one or more of the following kinks if you share them and think they would enhance the scene... Hypnosis, dismemberment, contortion, body modification or fleshcrafting, scat or ws (any type), inflation/deflation/popping/pregnancy/oviposition, aural penetration, all-the-way-through, cockvore, compaction, object-stuffing.


How could she have known? She's not responsible. She was just a shy girl working where they'd pay her so she could eat and live.
That won't save her. She'll suffer.

The factory had been taken. She worked there, made friends there, sometimes napped there, and now was to be tortured there.
My men, blessed with a victory after a long costly battle, demanded to have their fun. I'd long ago given up on trying care for prisoners. Food alone was too much, let alone any meaningful placement for them. But they'd grown more and more bloodthirsty, tiring of standard executions, which were unpleasant for me. Seeing mothers have their throats sliced open for loving their sons has haunted me every dream since.
I thought they'd tire of executions and want better for this world, but they tired only of mercy and repetition.

Now this poor girl was their fix.

"NO PLEASE!" SMACK instantly she was slapped for not complying.
Naked and mortified, she reached a realization as we reached our destination.

She wore only the ropes binding her wrists in front of her to a car. We all had trucks to ride in, she had been marching at a speedy hustle for several hours now. Nobody spoke to her except to taunt her.

Her bubbling bowels had let loose endless streams of diarrhea and a big turd, as her diet had been... sad.

"Well, we could spare her for some time at least." My right hand man, a skilled technician and fighter, and the same man who sat on the back of our truck and had slapped her for begging, decided she could be paraded around the factory for some time. His driver accelerated until she tripped and was dragged on the ground for a time before being forced to stand again.

"Come now, we'll get back to this. We need her legs to have a break." I told my second.
"Always the softy." My men chuckled.

We brought her inside the factory. She was cold and nude, eyeing the assembly belt and it's refurbished workings.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


Contact my Facebook for pictures of real dead girls.


The heck? This ain't the place for this sorta thing, is it? This is a nice wholesome snuff-story-game thread rooted in fantasy. Go make your own thread.



He has.

Over on /lit/.

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<<To be fair, I am going to continue the Thread, from the last person who actually followed Emily Grave, the OP’s, rule set.

K/V: Killer
Name: Barik Avarice
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Characteristics: Short brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Muscular Build. Body covered in scars. Mostly wears tattered jeans and hoodie.

Misa Sagaw’s flat shoes sloshed against the wet surface of broken concrete, as she walked down an all too familiar alley. No one ever walked this path, due to heavy air of isolation, that seemed to choke any passerbys with anxiety. Anything could happen on this street, and no one would know for days, before some homeless person might pass by, and even it might not report the travisty.
But, this forgotten old street, just happened to be the fastest way from Misa’s Club, to her apartment. Misa always gave it her all, whenever she attended Club Practice, exhausting her just about to her limit. That, and the heavy down poor that day, having forgot her Umbrella, she refused to take the hour long detour. So, here she was again, alone, and practically soaked. She’d started by running, but exhaustion took over quite soon, and figured it wouldn’t make any difference, really. She was soaked, no changing that by running. The burning in her thighs were strong motivators to walk, as well.

Today, however, her loneliness wasn’t as prudent, as it used to be. The feeling of being watched, crept up her spine, sending a shiver through her body, as she looked around. Subconsciously, she might have been able to hear the heavy footsteps behind her, but not reacted to it before her body had the feeling, but now, seeing the feet, she heard it.
At first, she quickly looked away, her heart thumping at a faster pace, the surprise of another’s presence, shocking her. It was just someone else, who’d decided to traverse the dark, abandoned street this night, nothing to worry about. She told herself this, but her step still quickened, the sloshing of her feet growing with intensity.

Splish, Splosh, Splish, Splosh…

The other’s feet quickened as well. Misa’s eyes widened with the realization, slowly looking over her shoulder again, just in time to see the man behind her, set into a sprint. Gasping, she did the same, the heavy downpour pelting her face as she ran. The searing of her thighs were quick to remind her, that she was already too exhausted for this, and her mind raced to think of alternative routes to take. There were no exits. There were no entrances. All the doors of the street were always locked, or bolted shut, and she wouldn’t be able to outrun her pursuer. She had to act.
Slowing down her pace, pretending she was going out of breath, she let the man following her catch up at a faster rate, as she tightened her right first, narrowing her eyes. Her heart was beating at an alarming pace, fear stricking at her tear ducts already, though invisible because of the rain.

“Stop.. Following me!” Misa screamed, setting her right foot down, and twisting her body in an instant, her short black hair swinging in a circle as she did. Swinging out her right fist, it quickly connected with her pursuer’s face, causing the man to groan, hiding the rest of his face with both his hands. Unable to stop his momentum, he stumbled forward a few more steps, growling in a low tone, as he fell to his knees.
“Th.. That is what you get.. For following a lonely girl, down a dark street at night, you fucking creep!” Misa growled at him, raising her fist threateningly, blood pouring down her knuckle. The punch hurt, but did not break her skin, so the blood had to be her pursuers.
A low, gutteral chuckle imminated from the man, as he slowly got back up on his feet, still holding one hand to his face as he turned around.
“You’ve.. Done worse. Misa..” The man exclaimed, slowly lowering his hand, revealing the bloodied nose behind, as well as the scarred face. Misa didn’t recognize the man at first, narrowing her eyes to stare him down. Something unnerved her about the cold stare of his dark brown eyes.
“Who are you? What do you mean? I don’t know you?” Misa questioned, taking a faltering step back. Her falter, as well as her words, sent the man into a burning rage, as he quickly leaped towards her. The Tomboy attempted to stop the man in his attack with another right hook, but the man’s hand quickly deflected it. Using his momentum, and her lack of reaction time, he swung a punch straight to Misa’s gut. Exclaiming in pain, Misa’s legs started giving in under her, and she faltered another step backwards, whimpering softly.
“Don’t play coy, you little bitch! We both know, the agony you put me through, on that field!” The man roared, tightening his grip of her fist, as his other and quickly stopped the desperate attempt from Misa’s left arm, to strike back.

Having lost the ability to defend herself with either hand, Misa coughed painfully, looking up at her attack with frightened eyes, narrowing them slightly. She recognized him now. He was the janitor of the school. A Veteran, honorably discharged after sustaining mayor wounds in combat.
“M.. Mr. Avarice? What.. What do you mean? I.. I never.. Did anything to you!” Misa protested, trying to pull her hands to herself, groaning in pain. Barick’s dark eyes widened, thundering with such wroth, Misa had never seen. His grip of her hand tightened, before the grip of her wrist let go. With quick hands, Barick grabbed her upper arm, now forcing them both down to their knees, swiftly lowering her right arm over his right knee.
A loud popping, followed by several cracks, and Misa’s arm was bent out of shape, her elbow snapped backwards. Misa’s eyes went wide, her jaw shaking as it dropped in a mix of awe, surprise and pain. About to scream, Barick quickly muffled her lips with his right hand, forcing Misa backwards, and onto the ground with a painful thud.
“You keep.. Playing dumb.. You.. Gave me these scars, Hannah! Took away my career! I told you.. That I was going to make you pay for it… For everything! Time, to collect!” Avarice sneered, keeping Misa from defending herself verbally, as her eyes turned red with fear, and tears. Her right arm dropped limp by her side, moving it being far too painful, as her left started punching away at Barick’s chest. His heavy frame straddling her hips, made it impossible for her to get a good kick in, but it didn’t stop her from trying to shove him off.

Barick groaned, when an attack struck his temple, turning his head away for a moment, before grabbing at her left arm.
“Struggle all you like, Hannah! You aren’t getting out of this one!” He growled, grabbing her left arm, and quickly working to move her body around. Misa struggled, but could do little against the strong man above her. Misa was no push-over, but this man had trained his entire life, to outmatch stronger people than her, and exhaustion was wearing her down. Adrenaline had kicked in, but it still wasn’t nearly enough, as she was propped on her stomach, still straddled by the hips.
“I.. I’m.. I’m not.. This Hannah! P.. Please! Mr…” She pleaded with him, now that his hand had let go of her mouth, to start ripping at her clothes. She was interrupted, as his right hand grabbed at her hair, raising her head, to slamming her ear down on the concrete. A painful ringing ran through her head, as a short, guttural whimper escaped her lips, and her, yet unhurt arm, paused it’s attempt to push him away.
“Quit your lies, Hannah! I’ll never forget your face, when I starred it down on that field, as you cut my cuts out!” Barick sneered at deaf ears, as he ripped her skirt up, proceeding to string her panties to it’s limit, before it snapped. Barick refused to see reason. That Misa couldn’t possibly have been the woman, who scared him on that battlefield. She was hardly a teenager, when it happened.
“P.. Please..” Misa whimpered, as she slowly raised her right arm, and Barick revealed his throbbing manhood. Moving his hands, he placed both on her exposed rear, spreading apart her cheeks, nudging against the wet rear entrance of her body. Shoving both thumbs inside of her puckered hole, stretching it slightly, only to nudge the erect coil against it, and hammer himself as deep as he could. Misa’s eyes went wide again, as she screamed in agony once more. Her eyes rolled back in her head, as her left arm reach back once more, attempting to twat her attacker away.
“Argh! Stop! Stop! Nngh.. Stop!” Her body tearing, blood trickled from her puckered hole, as a swipe of her arm managed to strike the side of Baricks head.

Pausing, Barick sneered, before he reach for his hoodies pocket, bringing out a long, thin string. Giving Misa no time to react, her plummeted over her body, starting to move his hips in harsh little thrusts, causing further tears in her rear. Swift hands lead the thin string around Misa’s neck, and quickly pulled out to each side, an almost visible twang as it tightened around her neck, pushing in her skin. Eyes going wide again, Misa gurgled in shock, as her left hand reached out for the string, trying her best to break, or loosen it. Barick tightened it further, as his thrusts grew in strength, their bodies causing ripples in the puddle of rain water they lay in.
“Finally.. Finally… Fearing death? See, how it feels? Isn’t great, is it?” Barick whispered into Misa’s ear, as the string tightened even further, a trickle of blood rippling down her throat, as it cut skin. Still gurgling as her body twitched, Misa’s fingers started scratching and clawing at Baricks hand, her right, broken arm even throbbing around with the adrenaline. Her breath was stolen, discoloration across her face as she gagged and gurgled for her breath.

Slapping sounds, as Barick continued ravaging Misa’s twitching body. Her eyes started rolling back, the ringing of her ears slowly subsiding, as her vision darkened. Her fingers now twitched around Baricks whitened knuckles, clutching harshly onto the string, cutting the young, innocent woman’s life short. Her jaw twitched, as the last of her life was drained, her eyes remaining wide, as the attackers coil continued to throb inside her tightening hole. Feeling her body start to convulse, Barick quickly pulled out, and moved her body around, only to thrust inside her quivering pussy, spreading her legs wide as his fingers, needlessly joined the string. Pressing down hard on the woman’s neck, her face turned a dark blue, her eyes back in their sockets, an audible snap joined the mess of noises, as he broke his neck in the process as well.
Growling loudly, Barick succumbed to the stimulation of her convulsions, filling the dead body with his seed, as his own legs started twitching as well.

Panting, Barick stared down at the lifeless face of his victim, narrowing his eyes with a harsh sneer.
“And so.. Revenge.. Again…” Barick whispered, lifting Misa’s head off of the ground, and close to his face. “You.. Will never fool me.. Hannah.. I know.. Which bodies.. You reside in.. And I’ll find them all…” He growled, the derange man pushing Misa’s dead body to the ground, watching it slump over.
Slowly staggering to his feet, Barick took a few steps back, staring down the object of his nightmares. The deranged man saw the face of his molester, in most women he passed by. Finally, he’d let his rage loose. Finally, he’d exacted his revenge.

A part of him knew, though.. This, wouldn’t be enough...


>>4179 is me, and I apologize for taking so long. Also, what the fuck. GC needs a good cleaning of its wounds.

"No... what is this... why are these things.." Jean's voice trailed. She saw the small circular platform on the assembly line in front of her, with 4 shackles on its rim and a giant metal H jutting out of it.
And the background behind it: the massive chamber filled by many paddles and hollowed rods, lingering above the not-yet-moving belt.

"Put her on." My men hoisted her as she screamed.
Her leg was just the same length as the metal post. Her ankles and wrists were shackled and her waist.

The circular platform started rotating, and then the assembly belt started moving.
{{OK. I need to go soon and don't have much time so this will be an ending that only sums up what happens and then, when I ever if in this life get the chance, write out this story again in much more detail.}}
One scream after another and endless pleading. It started... "slow" though she wouldn't call it that. Her body was shaking fast. As soon as the belt was moving, she was facing a guantlet of men who spanked her bum and slapped her face, but only a smack every few minutes on her first ride. It only got worse from there.

On her second orbit, the whips came out, and her back was flogged. Then we'd eventually pause the belt, and she just spun in place getting whipped. Many maggots and earthworms and then a massive rod was shoved into her ass. The other end of it was clamped by basically a an industrial vibrator, turning the whole rod sticking from her ass into a giant shaking metal stick.
Near the end of her 2nd orbit, a lot of freezing water was poured on her.
At the same point during the 3rd orbit, it was steaming hot. It was pouring like a waterfall for her to slowly spin through.
Eventually it was oil we just surprised her with.

Once she was sufficiently broken but not fatally wounded, we let her just spin around in her merry-go-round of Hell for 12 unsupervised hours, and the latter 11 of them she had to see many awful things besides the tools of her torments... the bodies of her loved ones hung upside down from the ceiling kept her company. Of course there were cameras the whole while.

We finally promised her that she could die and unbound her from the metal H posted in her spinning Hell. She thanked us immensely for finally freeing her from Life and then we tied her back on, except facing up so her belly was facing up and her head was looking up to face outwards. Her torture continued again, and this time, we didn't turn the machine off. We sometimes paused it, to operate complex machinery, and fed her or hosed her down over the rest of her life to keep her in pain.


Detectors all jammed. Airspace clear of anything looking at me. No cameras around. Even in the modern age, if you're good enough, you can get away with it all.

She's cute. She voted. That's not why I'm killing her, but it's something I note she wears, that funny little sticker. Good for you girl. You voted for someone. I'm vote for your death, and our actions are the election.

She's on her phone. She doesn't see me, but her phone's camera might if I'm not careful. Some hacker could see through it. Good thing they won't see much. Just a dark dude, maybe this or that race, in some outfit like many outfits. Probably won't be someone who cares anyway but I don't take those chances.

I go up behind her and leap forward. She couldn't hear me over the moderate rain in the alley. I move quick. If anyone saw anything, it was a glimpse and they'll not be sure. I choke her before she can even gasp in surprise. I leap backwards into a much thinner alley only a couple of meters away. Seconds ago she was texting and smiling but now she is choking in my arms behind a dumpster.

I quickly hogtie her and tape her jaw shut, then carry her in a black bag under my big cloak.

My car isn't far but I won't use it. I go straight upstairs, my is home a block away.


File: 1534513284617.png (472.8 KB, 671x1024, 153596df-1ea1-47d9-9040-d3….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Eli Aizawa
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Characteristics: medium length dark brown hair, pulled to the left with a white scrunchie. Standing at 5'5", with a modest, slim build, breasts big enough to fit in your hand but not too big. Green eyes and glasses, normally wears jeans and a white turtleneck.
Scene: Eli rejected you a few weeks ago, acting all nice about it but you know she looks down on you for not being good looking enough for her. Who does she think she is? You're going to make her pay. You memorized her schedule, and you know she gets home late, and has to walk down streets that are less than well lit. This is your night.


yayyy thanks for making her 20 and 23 I get to take 2 of her lives!

"Evil fucking bitch. grumble grumble grumble." I scratch my asshole and yank a dingleberry. "I did so many things for her! And without her even asking! And she still won't suck my cock!!" I growl. "rrraaAHAHHHHH I JUST WANA HER SUCK MY COOOCKK!" I throw my remote at my television. I wasn't watching it anyway. It was already broken- like everything in my home- from punching it a year ago. Why do I still keep it? Oh yeah the pet rats live in it. I toss them some of my chicken sandwich and they have at it.

"hmmm... you know, I know her so well... that's why I love her... Yes I'll make her meinnnn. hmm" I pet the rats. Then I leave.

Waiting outside of her place, a few blocks down, I've thought about it a million times. I have tools for the job.

This one street is pretty wide. But it's dark. The lights were broken a week ago by hoodlums and nobody repairs them. Those townhouses are all abandoned. They were sold to a developer or something. This whole place is fucked.
If Eli was smarter, she'd take the longer way around. She lives in the gentrified area. Why not just demolish all this shit? It's just waste. Like her beautiful pussy. Just wasted space that could've been put to good use.

I stay completely still. By a lamppost, I unmovingly observe her in my peripheral. She comes up to me, not even realizing she's so predicable. The exact same path she always takes, to the inch. She always steps right here, and now she notices me. Does she recognize me in that moment that her eyes go wide? I know not, but as soon as they open, I swing my garrote upon her and kick her ankles, then yank her in the direction she leaps towards, slamming her to the ground.

Kneeling on her, I note that I'm in view of whoever crosses this street. The only sound made so far is the thud of her fall. Not likely to elicit attention but it's time to go. Her feet start banging and she quickly realizes her punches are ineffective with my knees on her shoulders, so she slaps the ground as well.
I leap up and carry her, sprinting as she fights me. She lands a decent kick so I spin and slam her head into the wall.
"Don't move. If you want to live." Shit, I just made a promise. I'll have to make sure she moves when I tell her not to.

I put her in the trunk of my car. Her arms aren't taped or anything. I speed down some blocks to the garage of my apartment, I have tape there. I can hear her banging. Shit, those stoners. Oh they're here just smoking some pot. Would they care? Fuck it, I'll go up a couple of floors. We make eye contact and I know they hear banging. That'll hear a girl was missing, will they say anything about me? Will it matter?

Up 2 floors in the garage, I instantly slap her mouth shut after I open the trunk and point my knife firmly into her belly.
"Don't move." I put a sheet of tape over her eyes. "Put your hands together. Lift your legs." I have several ropes already tied into nooses, I'm good with that, but not most other knots. Her legs and arms I quickly cover in nooses and she's bound but she could scream if she wanted to. I can tell she feels doom. Some duct tape over her mouth fixes that.
Her legs are tied together and her knees are bent, and another noose running over her thighs and around her back keep her knees to her neck. That's 3 ropes for her legs and one more to keep her forearms straight out in front of her, like an elephant's trunk.
Wow, she's small. She could actually fit in my dufflebag. It took minute to get that done but it felt like an hour. The ride before it was like a schoolday. And waiting on her? Well I just need to get in my apartment and it'll be worthwhile.

She's light as I expected but I'm actually not so built, though I workout enough that I can accomplish this. Walk past parking spaces into the stairwell and down a floor. Open the hallway door. Walk past a few doors. Unlock my door. Walk in. Feel her rumbling and hear her soft weeping. Drop her on my bed.
I turn the bathtub on. The radio is running, the television is on, though the screen is still just showing static. The audio is as fucked as ever. It's all not too loud though. Just enough that nobody would know...

My roll of duct tape is ready. I unzip my bag and roll so much more tape over her mouth. Just a long roll of tape all over her jaw.
I put in my bathtub and cut away her pants, then hold her ankles in the air.


yayyy thanks for making her 20 and 23 I get to take 2 of her lives!

"Evil fucking bitch. grumble grumble grumble." I scratch my asshole and yank a dingleberry. "I did so many things for her! And without her even asking! And she still won't suck my cock!!" I growl. "rrraaAHAHHHHH I JUST WANA HER SUCK MY COOOCKK!" I throw my remote at my television. I wasn't watching it anyway. It was already broken- like everything in my home- from punching it a year ago. Why do I still keep it? Oh yeah the pet rats live in it. I toss them some of my chicken sandwich and they have at it.

"hmmm... you know, I know her so well... that's why I love her... Yes I'll make her meinnnn. hmm" I pet the rats. Then I leave.

Waiting outside of her place, a few blocks down, I've thought about it a million times. I have tools for the job.

This one street is pretty wide. But it's dark. The lights were broken a week ago by hoodlums and nobody repairs them. Those townhouses are all abandoned. They were sold to a developer or something. This whole place is fucked.
If Eli was smarter, she'd take the longer way around. She lives in the gentrified area. Why not just demolish all this shit? It's just waste. Like her beautiful pussy. Just wasted space that could've been put to good use.

I stay completely still. By a lamppost, I unmovingly observe her in my peripheral. She comes up to me, not even realizing she's so predicable. The exact same path she always takes, to the inch. She always steps right here, and now she notices me. Does she recognize me in that moment that her eyes go wide? I know not, but as soon as they open, I swing my garrote upon her and kick her ankles, then yank her in the direction she leaps towards, slamming her to the ground.

Kneeling on her, I note that I'm in view of whoever crosses this street. The only sound made so far is the thud of her fall. Not likely to elicit attention but it's time to go. Her feet start banging and she quickly realizes her punches are ineffective with my knees on her shoulders, so she slaps the ground as well.
I leap up and carry her, sprinting as she fights me. She lands a decent kick so I spin and slam her head into the wall.
"Don't move. If you want to live." Shit, I just made a promise. I'll have to make sure she moves when I tell her not to.

I put her in the trunk of my car. Her arms aren't taped or anything. I speed down some blocks to the garage of my apartment, I have tape there. I can hear her banging. Shit, those stoners. Oh they're here just smoking some pot. Would they care? Fuck it, I'll go up a couple of floors. We make eye contact and I know they hear banging. That'll hear a girl was missing, will they say anything about me? Will it matter?

Up 2 floors in the garage, I instantly slap her mouth shut after I open the trunk and point my knife firmly into her belly.
"Don't move." I put a sheet of tape over her eyes. "Put your hands together. Lift your legs." I have several ropes already tied into nooses, I'm good with that, but not most other knots. Her legs and arms I quickly cover in nooses and she's bound but she could scream if she wanted to. I can tell she feels doom. Some duct tape over her mouth fixes that.
Her legs are tied together and her knees are bent, and another noose running over her thighs and around her back keep her knees to her neck. That's 3 ropes for her legs and one more to keep her forearms straight out in front of her, like an elephant's trunk.
Wow, she's small. She could actually fit in my dufflebag. It took minute to get that done but it felt like an hour. The ride before it was like a schoolday. And waiting on her? Well I just need to get in my apartment and it'll be worthwhile.

She's light as I expected but I'm actually not so built, though I workout enough that I can accomplish this. Walk past parking spaces into the stairwell and down a floor. Open the hallway door. Walk past a few doors. Unlock my door. Walk in. Feel her rumbling and hear her soft weeping. Drop her on my bed.
I turn the bathtub on. The radio is running, the television is on, though the screen is still just showing static. The audio is as fucked as ever. It's all not too loud though. Just enough that nobody would know...

My roll of duct tape is ready. I unzip my bag and roll so much more tape over her mouth. Just a long roll of tape all over her jaw.
I put in my bathtub and cut away her pants, then hold her ankles in the air.


File: 1534528506538.jpeg (1.42 MB, 2378x3644, 6bcf9dd98aabc57a9467ee16c….jpeg)

I take a deep drag from my cigarette, and exhale. I take one last chamber check of my silenced Ruger Buckmark, and slip it back into my coat. Ms. Aizawa exits the diner she works at. I follow her, a couple meters behind. I slip my hoodie on and place one hand on the gun.
She turns a corner into a deserted back alley. My gun is cool and heavy in my sweaty hands. I turn the corner, and take aim.

PHUT PHUT, two shots into her legs. She screams in shock and collapses. I walk up to her. She's got both hands applying pressure to her wounds. She looks up at me, recognition sparking behind her tears. "Why?" she asks plaintively. "You know why", I answer.
I raise my gun and point it at her face. She raises a hand and opens her mouth to plead.

PHUT. The .22LR round punches through the center of her forehead, scrambling 23 years of memories and experiences in an instant.

Her body goes limp. Blood trickles out the corner of her mouth and ears. The hapa whore pisses herself in death, a large damp spot appearing on the crotch of her jeans.

I take a knife and saw away at her neck. I cut away the last string of skin and muscle, and hold her head up. Her soft lips are slightly parted. Her eyes are frozen, staring at nothing. Her lips are slightly parted. I gently pull down her jaw and stare inside. I think about the men she's had in her mouth, her tongue wrapping itself around hundreds of cocks, except mine. I toss her head into a plastic bag. I'll mail the head to her parents a week from now.

I shift my focus back to her body. I strip it carefully, wearing gloves so as not to leave any DNA traces. Her pale white skin almost seems to shine in the moonlight. I trace a hand over her stomach, sensing tight abdominal muscles beneath her smooth flawless skin. I give her breasts a squeeze, enjoying their firm pliability. I fantasize. If only she had accepted me, those tits could have fed our baby.I look down at her pubic region. Shaved, naked. I push a finger into her vagina, feeling its looseness. Goddamn slut.

I wrap the body up in a couple layers of garbage bag, tying it up with rope. I dispose of it in the bayou outside the city. The gators will clean it up for me.

K/V: Victim
Name: Michelle Bernstein
Age: 33
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic. A bombshell teacher with an ice queen personality that demands perfection from her students. The Bitch of Bosworth High is her nickname.
Scene: She's caught you cheating on your test, and is threatening you with expulsion. You're alone with her, in her office.


File: 1534528525263.jpg (264.92 KB, 724x1024, d7d5de4ae40b8bd0e72bd98b0b….jpg)

Since the last person didn't leave a character, I will; this thread is, unfortunately, too much of a mess to determine if there's any unclaimed.

K/V: Victim
Name: Angela Washington
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Scene: Angela took the bus after she left her night class and got off a few stops too soon. Too tired to walk the rest of the way, she decided to wait at the poorly-lit bus stop for the next bus, but quickly fell asleep. You notice her still sleeping at the bench at two in the morning.


Never mind. >>4237 ninja's me. You should get their character first.


>>4237 I decided to go ahead and do it.

Rodney twirled the pencil in his hand, while his fingernails, desperately in need of clipping, picked bits of eraser off the end and threw it on the floor. He looked, face red and eyes narrowed, at Miss Bernstein. Her eyes glared firmly across the desk back at Rodney, who hoped she failed to notice that he was glimpsing more of her cleavage than her face.

"So, Mister Nguyen, do you know why I have called you in here?"

Of course he knew; his bitch of a sister was a snitch. However, he nodded his head and continued fidgeting with his pencil.

"Your sister informed me that you kept peaking at her test and copying her answers, and that you threatened to hit her if she tried to stop you."

Rodney broke off the rest of his eraser and threw it under her desk. His fist tightened around the pencil. Miss Bernstein tried to look into his eyes, as if to read his mind.

"I don't know how many times have you been caught cheating in my class alone? How many times since you have been going to this school? Principal Smith warned you that you would be expelled if he receives one more report about you. You are eighteen now, and this school is under no legal obligations to keep you here."

She reached into a bowl of chocolates and shoved a handful into her mouth, then picked up the phone. Rodney's eyes widened.

"My dad will kill me if I get expelled. Let me slide, please."

"If I let you slide, I'd have to let everyone slide. You're not special. Just like I tell every student, you need to think about the consequences of your actions before you carry them out."

Miss Bernstein stuffed her mouth with another handful of chocolates and started to dial numbers.

Rodney's memories of the following second would be blurry whenever he tried to recall them; his left hand shot out to grab the phone, while his right hand shot out, with what he remembered was the intent to punch her in the face. Miss Bernsteins eyes widened in terror, and the next sight Rodney could recall was the chocolates she just shoved into her mouth dropping out of her mouth, coated red with blood. Blood also sprayed from her throat. The pencil in the grip of his right hand, with half of it buried in the teacher's throat.

Simultaneously, Miss Bernstein dropped the phone just as Rodney loosened his grip on the pencil. She let out a croaking, gurgling, scream, and both hands gripped the the pencil. She panicked, and broke off the end, with the remaining piece still lodged in her throat. She collapsed onto the floor. Rodney just stood in front of her desk, his body shaking and eyes twitching, as his teacher died on the other side. He saw her hand grab slap the desk in an attempt to pull herself up four times, only to collapse back to the floor.

After ten minutes of silence, Rodney broke from his stasis and looked over on the other side. Miss Bernstein was flat on her back, and unmistakably dead. Her mouth gapped open, with her tongue lolling out of her mouth, and blood still oozing from her lips. Her top was ripped down the middle, with one bare breast hanging out of her bra. She pissed herself; a large puddle of piss mixed with the puddle of blood pooling around and beneath her corpse.

Rodney Nguyen's family called the police when he failed to return home. They found him sitting next to the corpse of Michelle Bernstein, lifting the dead woman's exposed breast and watching it fall, at one in the morning.


File: 1534546248743.jpg (621.81 KB, 1256x2000, d86cce3bd2c961bd95887dbe12….jpg)

2:00 AM, Tuesday.
A deserted Louisiana road.

Tyler Dupree hummed along to the radio when he noticed the young black girl dozing at the bus stop out of the corner of his eye. It was a sudden impulsive act to stop. He pulled over to the side of the road, and turned off his engine. He sat there for a while as his truck ticked over.

Tyler reached into his pocket and took a swig of whiskey. Wiping his mouth, he got out, reached over into the bed of his pickup, and retrieved a loop of rope. He quickly tied a noose, and walked over to the girl. Tyler restrained the sleeping girl's arms and legs. He noosed the girl, and threw the rope over the top of the bus stop shelter roof. He walked around, and tied the end of the rope to his truck.

Angela had woken up by the time Tyler had finished. She struggled against her restraints. Tyler walked back to her. She looked at him with fear. He ripped open her shirt, revealing two perky C cup breasts. "Please don't do this, please!" she screamed.

Angela closed her eyes and sobbed. She heard the man walk back to the truck without a word. She heard the door slam, and the engine start. Angela panicked, and struggled harder against the ropes. She felt the noose finally tighten and dig into her neck as the truck drove away. The ground was a few inches away, but try as she might, she just couldn't get into contact with it.

Tyler got out of the truck and cracked open a beer. He watched the black girl swing and smiled.

Angela was nearing the end. Her eyes rolled up and her mouth hung slack, tongue lolling out. Her white trousers had a noticeable wet stain extending from its crotch all the way to the legs. Her slender fingers twitched. An almost silent exhale emerged from her still chest, and her eyes slowly closed. Angela Washington would never celebrate her 20th birthday.

Tyler cut her down and stripped the rest of her clothes off. He got a machete, and sliced open the girl's stomach. Pink tubes of intestines and red organs tumbled out. Tyler reached into her chest cavity, and removed her heart. The organ was still beating when he stomped it beneath his boot. "Fuckin niggers", he grunted.

K/V: Victim
Name: Private Mai Ishikawa
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: Youthful patriotic zeal, fanatical loyalty to the Emperor. Hates the Americans for killing her family during firebombing raids.
Scene: Your squad is ambushed by the Japs, but you manage to fight back. You and a young Japanese soldier are the only survivors. Kill or be killed.


File: 1534577515263.jpg (404.93 KB, 680x850, Aoki_Reika.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Aoki Reika
Age: 14
Sex: F
Characteristics: The head of the student council, she is both elegant and kind.
Scene: You are hired to assassinate this girl and display her corpse as a warning to her comrades.


David flinched as another bullet thudded into the tree he was huddled behind, tightening his grip on his rifle, which he was unfortunately out of ammo for. He clenched his teeth as he glanced at the still forms of the rest of his squad, most of them wiped out by the explosion that had signaled the beginning of the Japanese ambush.

David and the sergeant had managed to hunker down and take down the majority of the enemy squad before the officer was killed, leaving David as the sole survivor of his squad. Luckily, he was pretty sure there was only one Jap left too, judging from the drastically decreased enemy fire. Unluckily, with his lack of ammo, David was pretty much just a sitting duck, with only his rifle bayonet and his knife as weapons.

Knowing this, he waited until the next bullet hit the tree, then immediately sprinted out from behind cover and charged the last enemy soldier with his bayonet thrust forward. As he got closer, David was surprised to see that the Jap was female, and fortunately for him, happened to be reloading her rifle at that particular time.

Clearly surprised by David’s sudden appearance, the Jap girl still managed to drop her rifle and twist out of the way of David’s bayonet, causing it to embed itself into the tree behind her. David saw the girl reach for her sidearm, and with the bayonet still stuck deep in the tree, quickly let go of his rifle and tackled the girl. They wrestled on the ground for a while for a brief moment, but David was larger and stronger, and managed to snatch her pistol away. He quickly pointed the pistol at her head, and she froze.

“Surrender”, David said in a tired voice. He untangled himself from the girl, then gestured at her to stand up as well, keeping the gun trained on her. She slowly got to her knees, and then in one quick motion, drew a hidden knife and sprang at him, while screaming something in Japanese.

David quickly stumbled back and loosed a single shot that hit the girl in the head, causing it to snap backwards, her body pausing briefly before slumping to the ground. He sighed as he walked up to the girl’s corpse, noting the bullet wound in her forehead, as well as the dark stain now spreading across the crotch of her pants. Now that he had time to inspect her outside of the heat of battle, David realized that the girl was quite beautiful, with a nice figure and shapely breasts.

It had been quite a while since he had been with a girl, and there was no one around to judge. David quickly began stripping her, starting with her pants and piss-soaked panties, before proceeding to the rest of her uniform, leaving her lying on the ground naked. He gently caressed her face, staring into her rolled up eyes, before kissing her slack mouth, being careful not to get any blood from the bullet wound on his face.

David pushed apart the girl’s legs and slowly entered her, savoring her tightness. He stroked her breasts as he continued to fuck her, occasionally shifting her into new positions as he explored her body. After nearly half an hour, David finally finished, leaving the Jap girl’s pussy and mouth filled with cum.

Having had his fun, David began salvaging equipment from both squads, preparing to find a boat and head back to the nearest American base. Before he left, he took his knife and hacked off the Japanese girl’s head, admiring the tears, blood, and cum coated on her face, and impaled it on a spike next to her naked and headless corpse, leaving a gruesome display for the Japanese soldiers to find.


File: 1535046842553.jpg (111.17 KB, 864x1396, 4abbc505ac2f53958ca597ca13….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Catherine Hewitt
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Busty beyond belief, short messy hair, distant personality. She's a smart cookie, but her head is buried in the clouds.
Scene: Her father messed with the wrong mobsters. Kill his only daughter and make him suffer.

I took out the photograph given to me by the client, and wondered what the smiling young girl with bright blue eyes did to warrant death. My target was Aoki Reika, a 14 year old schoolgirl. This job would give me enough to finally retire, so I took it, but now I was beginning to have second thoughts. My victim was the same age as my daughter, and I kept seeing Claire's smiling face over Reika's.

I sat down at a bench, and took a look around. This park was a favorite shortcut of Reika's, and this bench was hidden from the street and nearby houses by heavy foliage cover. I'd make my move as she walked by, then bag her corpse up for delivery to my client.

I bent my head down at the newspaper in my hands. Soon enough, I heard footsteps.

Reika walked past, listening to her MP3 player. She was oblivious to the world. I moved quickly and slipped out my knife. I placed one gloved hand over her mouth, wrenched her head back and sliced her pale neck open.

Her blue eyes widened and her slender hands shot up to her throat, as if she could hold back the jets of blood. She switched to scratching at my arms in a final attempt to get me off. It was too late for that. She was losing way too much blood, way too fast. It sprayed out, pouring all over the front of her school uniform and dripping on the ground.

I felt her struggles weaken and I lowered her to the ground. Her eyes looked up at me, terrified. Panicked gurgles. She weakly raised one hand and pawed at my face. Tears ran down her young face.

She finally closed her eyes for the last time, and her body fell limp. I dragged her corpse into the bushes and wrapped her up in a large plastic bag. I felt relieved. No more killing after this.


File: 1536866752883.png (676.64 KB, 800x600, feef54c46a11957f10b77052ed….png)

Name: Ashley Fields
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: After your wife died and you lost your job, you got involved with organized crime to provide for your family. You are on the phone with your boss about a shipment, forgetting that your oldest daughter was home because of a fever. She comes in to tell you that she will be in the shower. After she leaves the room, your boss asks who you were talking to. He orders you to kill her, or he will wipe out you and your entire family. (Thought a reluctant killer scenario might be fun.)

Catherine left school earlier than usual due to anime club being cancelled; the portable they were assigned to was burned down after being struck by lightning. Her mother was out of town and her father wouldn’t leave the police station until after midnight, so she decided to walk home.

After thirty minutes, she turned the corner onto her street. Catherine noted that her driveway was empty as expected. She was surprised by the sight of a black Kia Soul in the driveway across the street, but quickly forgot about it as she walked across the lawn to the front door; they were just getting new neighbors, she thought to herself. The afternoon to herself was of greater interest to her

“I’m home!” Catherine yelled, even though she knew that nobody was there.

Catherine trotted up to her room and threw her backpack onto the bed.

“Now to let you girls out for some air,” she said, looking down at her chest.

Catherine took off the bowtie and unfastened the buttons on her shirt. The top fell to the floor, and her bra quickly followed; her massive breasts seemed to spring out. She started to remove her skirt, but stopped with it halfway to her ankles, when the door to her closet swung open. A man, in his early thirties, emerged clutching a suppressed Beretta 92.

Before Catherine could scream or run, the man pointed the gun and started firing. She felt the first hit the center of her throat and rip through larynx. Six hit her breasts, turning them into a bloody, fleshy, Swiss cheese, and piercing her lungs. Catherine fell to the floor, where she writhed and grasped her throat; she tried to scream, but only wet gurgling noises, followed by globs of blood, escaped her lips. Her chest heaved violently as she tried to draw breath into her collapsing lungs.

The man stepped forward, and a gloved hand grabbed a tuff of her short, yet messy, green hair, and forced her to look up. Tears filled her dark brown eyes, seeming to plead for mercy, as Catherine tried to contemplate why this was happening to her. When her mouth opened for another fruitless attempt to either scream or take in air, the man shoved the gun into her mouth. She let out a muffled, gurgled, screech and tried to push him away. He then fired five rounds into her brain. He removed the gun from her mouth and let her corpse fall to the floor. Her panties turned yellow and a dark spot formed in the carpet she was laying on.

Her killer put the gun in his pocket and pulled out a digital camera. He snapped several dozen images as proof for his client, then left. Due to her father’s busy schedule, her body wasn’t found until her mother returned from her trip and noticed a strong smell in the house.


File: 1536872239647.jpg (1.05 MB, 1043x1500, e5d71d3e74a1b081440b750a11….jpg)


Name: Ella Conrad, nicknamed "The Bloody Belle of West Texas" due to her extraordinary kill count and disarmingly cute and attractive features.
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: In the middle of town at high noon. Lets hope you can shoot well.

I was in the middle of a conference call with my boss when my eldest daughter walked in. I turned to her and desperately motioned at her to go away. "Hey dad, I'm gonna be in the shower for a while" she yelled, not noticing my frantic gestures. She turned and walked away to the bathroom.

Frank, my boss, was silent. "Who was that?" he asked in a menacing tone. "Just my daughter, sir, no need to do anything, sir" I answered nervously. "You know how I feel about anyone...non-essential listening to our conversations" Frank whispered. I could feel his coldness through the phone, and shivered. "What do you want?" I asked. "I think you should to your daughter, get her to pipe down for a while. Or else, your whole family might get a noise complaint, we wouldn't want that, would we?" Frank then hung up.

I began to sweat profusely. I knew what he wanted me to do, and every fiber of my being fought against it. Ashley was my oldest daughter, she was my flesh and blood. How could I kill her? But Frank was always serious about his threats. I thought about my wife, and my three younger daughters. Claire, Trish, Anna were all at elementary school right now. I had time to kill Ashley, dispose of her body, and clean up the evidence.

Trembling, I went to my room, and unlocked my gun case. A silenced .22 pistol gleamed dully under the fading afternoon light. I picked it up, pulled the slide back, and saw a round in the chamber. This was insane, I was really going to kill my own daughter. But it was to save the rest of my kids. I'm sure Ashley would understand, she loved her little sisters.

I could hear Ashley humming to herself in the shower. I slowly opened the door. Steam fogged up my glasses.
Ashley had gotten out of the stall and was drying herself off. Her adolescent body was wrapped in a towel, showing off her growing curves. I hated myself for what I was going to do to my kid.

"What are you doing da-?" Ashley was cut off as two .22LR rounds punched through her forehead. She fell back, smacking her head against the rim of the toilet. Blood splattered against the porcelain, and more blood began to pool under her head. Her eyes were frozen in shock. "Oh God, Ashley, please forgive me" I whisper in her ear. I tenderly wrap her head in a plastic bag. Gently, I pick her up and carry her to the basement.

I kept a lot of equipment for the mob there, including things they used to get rid of bodies. Slowly, I lower her corpse into a barrel of acid. In 24 hours, there will be nothing left of my beloved Ashley. Tears ran down my face, yet I dutifully head back up to clean the blood out of the bathroom.

One day, I'll get my revenge on Frank, I promise to myself. He'll feel the same pain I feel. But for now, I remain a loyal little mobster.


File: 1536911312024.png (2.64 MB, 1280x720, 9adc45695614856b4cad3414a0….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Yui
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A somewhat shy, but usually very polite and diligent girl.
Scene: You're the rich owner (can be of either gender) of a huge mansion with numerous maids in your employ. But now you come across this one shamelessly playing with herself and making a mess, when she should be cleaning. Punish her and make an example out of her to all the other maids.


“You know how this goes.” The busty blonde smirks at me. “Ten paces, turn around, draw.”

“I know, I know. Ain't my first duel, missy.” But it's likely going to be her last. It's just about High Noon, so we both stand back to back, then start slowly walking, counting loudly.

Ella Conrad, the 'Bloody Belle of West Texas'. Her M.O. is as simple as it's effective. Using her charm and ...womanly attributes – and quite a nice pair of attributes at that – she'd sweet-talk and seduce others to get what she wants, be it money, information, or the opportunity to easily kill them, and if a man rebuffed her, she'd just challenge him to a duel. If he accepted, she'd take him out, if he refused, she'd just shoot then and there, sometimes aided by her flimsy top conveniently coming loose to give her a moment's distraction.

But none of that is about to work on me. Sure, I know the allure of an attractive woman – and by Jove, she's indeed attractive – as good as the next cowboy, but I just as well know the allure of bringing an outlaw to justice, but if this turns out to be my funeral instead, oh well, what can ya do.

“Ten.” We both turn around, glaring at each other hands at our colts...

Ella shoots first, and I let her, I found the trick is not to shoot first, but to shoot better. Leaning and twisting my upped body to the side as soon as I see her hand twitch, drawing my own revolver at the same time, I manage to only take a grazing hit to my arm. Gritting my teeth I fire back, the first bullet landing in Ella's lower stomach and the second shooting out her left knee, and she sinks to the ground, dropping her gun as she clutches her stomach. Looks like this duel's over.

I could have gone for her heart or even head, but I'd rather have the opportunity to see justice served, and given how many people she killed, that would have far too quick an end for her. Instead as the townsfolk slowly come out of their houses again, I walk up to Ella, picking up her gun on the way, and the outlaw looks up as she notices my shadow. There's a trickle of blood running from her mouth and face is slightly pale already, without a doctor she's as good as dead. “W-what are you waiting for? Finish me. Or are you suddenly feeling merciful, asshole.”

“You won't get no mercy from me, wench.” I briefly look around until I spot the owner of the convenience store. “Bring me some nice, sturdy rope, will ya? And someone get my horse! ...And a glass of bourbon.” The wound in my arm does hurt quite a bit, but the bleeding is not so bad, so I think I can wait a few minutes to see the doctor.

A few minutes later the store owner returns, already having had the foresight to tie the rope into a nice hangman's noose, and just in time for the boy from the bar to bring me my horse and a nice double of bourbon that I down in one go, before pulling Ella up by her arm, making her gasp in pain as she has to put weight onto her injured leg again. Supporting her just enough so she can walk, I lead Ella to an old nearby tree, followed by quite a few of townsfolk that by now seem to have figured out my intention.

The bar boy helps me lift Ella onto my horse's back, then I throw the rope over a branch hanging at just about the right height, place the noose around Ella's neck and tie the other end down. Finally I tear away her excuse for a top, letting her large, supple breasts bounce free, much to the appreciative sounds of the audience, all of which Ella only weakly seems to register; yeah, she'd definitely be done for anyways, with that injury. “Any last words?” No reply other than Ella looking up and glaring at me. “Didn't think so. May the Lord have mercy on your soul.”

I beckon my horse and he obediently starts walking, Ella leaning backwards in the saddle until she's finally pulled off completely and left hanging in the noose. The fall isn't nearly long enough to break her neck, so she immediately starts struggling and flailing, making her bountiful breasts sway rather nicely.

For someone who was just on the verge of death, Ella seems to have some energy left as she continues kicking, her legs stretching for the ground that's just out of reach, and her hands clawing at the noose digging into her neck. Her struggles keep on for several minutes, her desperate, choked gasps and the faint creaking of the rope the only sounds over the silence of the captivated audience.

Finally it looks like her struggles are slowly starting to weaken, even if she's still gasping for air and wildly shuddering, but it becomes clear she's slowly running out of strength with every passing moment. And indeed not before long her body goes limp, a dark wet sport growing in her shorts as she soils herself in death, much to the laughter of the audience.

“Justice has been served! The Bloody Belle of West Texas is dead!” I announce, eliciting a wave of cheers from the audience. After getting the local sheriff to sign me a letter that the body is indeed who she is, I take Ella down, then just lay her limp body over the back of my horse while I pay my tabs, then go on my way. I need to turn her in at the next big city for the bounty, but of course that's not to say I won't have some opportunities to enjoy her body on the way there.


File: 1536916226844.jpg (544.65 KB, 715x900, 55792901_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Emma
Age: 38
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic
Scene: You've broken into a home that you were certain was empty, looking to steal any valuables not bolted down. Unfortunately, you weren't as attentive as you thought, and you come across a woman in the bathroom. She's a witness, end her without alerting the neighbours.

I look down on the shivering young girl in a maid uniform and cross my arms. My newest employee had been only on the job for a couple of months before I found out she had a penchant for pleasuring herself within my house. Such filthy habits could not be allowed on my property, and due to some recent employment law reforms, I had the legal authority to punish her as I saw fit for violating her employment contract.

My private security team strips the teenager naked. They tie her hands behind her back before forcing the girl to her knees. One of the guards sets up a videocamera to record her punishment. The video will be used to remind my remaining maids about maintaining proper decorum.

Yui begs for forgiveness, her big doe eyes brimming with tears. Her small, firm breasts rise and fall as she begins to hyperventilate. A puddle of urine pools around her knees as she empties her bladder. Shame and fear flicker across her face.

I rise from my chair, and pick up an impressive looking blade from the table next to me. This sword has been in my family for well over 4 centuries, and it still looks as sharp as the day it came out of the blacksmith's shop. I give it a couple swings, getting a feel for its weight and center of gravity.

I motion to one of the guards, and he scurries over and forces Yui's head down. He grabs a fistful of her bright pink hair with one hand, and took hold of both her twintails with the other. The guard stretches both forward, clearing them away from Yui's slender young neck.

I rest the sword on her neck, taking pleasure from the way she twitches and gasps in shock at the sudden coolness of the metal. I observe her final moments, every micro movement, every breath and fidgeting motion as she strains against her restraints. With a swift motion, I raise the sword. Yui knows its the end, and she utters a long shrill scream, mindless and terrified.

The sword falls, neatly separating the young girl's head from her body. Her scream is cut off abruptly, replaced by a low whistle as her larynx loses contact with her lungs. Hot crimson blood sprays forth from the stump of neck, followed by a stream of vomit burbling from the cross section of her throat. Yui's body drops forward, smearing blood and puke across the carpet.

I step over her rapidly expelled bodily fluids and with one foot, I roll her headless corpse over. The private security goon who had held her hair gingerly places her head on top of her modest chest. Yui's final expression is a mixture of horror and shock. Dumb little whore, I think to myself. I call for the maids to come clean the mess up. Its hard getting good help these days.


File: 1536947992027.png (1.06 MB, 800x1131, 6ccb00b3f0386fc0631cda5858….png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Alexandria Brown
Age: 14
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Pic
Scene: While playing next to a creek, Alexandria finds you hiding in a makeshift tent in a thicket of trees. Unfortunately, for her, you are a convicted murderer who just managed to break out of prison several states over. You can't let a witness reveal your current location.


Our biggest operation was supposed to be quick, easy, and profitable. Pretty much the entire neighborhood – some upper class suburb full of rich snobs – was somewhere else for the Holidays. Ten of arrived in two different vans, and each person was supposed to break into a house and steal as much as possible. We hoped to make enough money to retire from our life of crime and live comfortably until we died. Most importantly, nobody was meant to get hurt.

For everyone else, things went smoothly. They looted their designated house, and emerged clutching bags full of expensive jewelry, gadgets, and even cash. I emerged with riches as well, but it came with guilt that would hang over my head to this day.

I swept through each room, tossing whatever looked valuable into one of the three burlap sacks I was carrying. I just finished ransacking the master bedroom and made my way to the bathroom. Before I could reach the door, the knob turned a woman emerged wrapped in a towel. She and I both stopped in our tracks and let out an audible gasp. In her state of shock the woman failed to notice the towel around her falling, and accidentally gave me a full view of her naked, wet, body.

Not that I particularly cared. In my own state of panic, sex was not on my mind. My thoughts were, "why was she there?", and "I need to get rid of her." Since we expected nobody to be home, none of us brought any firearms. I could have strangled her, but a struggle brought the risk of leaving hairs or DNA. It was my luck that whoever owned the room I just robbed had a large collection of daggers and swords.

I pulled one of the daggers from the sack, but hesitated – perhaps I could tie her up until we left?

I never got the chance to try. The initial shock wore off quickly, and she started huffing; I knew she was about to start screaming. Before she could, I slashed at her with the dagger. It ran across her throat, and blood sprayed everywhere. She collapsed to the floor with both hands over her throat, writhing and kicking her feet. She looked up at me, her brown eyes soaked with tears; she tried to say something, but an unintelligible gurgle was the only sound to escape her lips.

I merely stood there, mouth agape, as the poor woman thrashed about in a growing puddle of her own blood. Part of me wanted to call an ambulance, but I was too much of a coward to face the consequences. Another part of me wanted to jam the blade through her skull, to end her suffering. I just stood there, too scared to move, shivering like a child, and watched the life drain from her body. Her thrashing eventually slowed and stopped, replaced by the occasional spasm, before her body became completely still. It was the pitter-patter of piss hitting the floor, as her bladder emptied its' contents. Shit dripped from her asshole, and I decided at that point I was done; screw the contents of the bathroom.

Before I left the house, I went down to the kitchen to clean off as much blood as possible. I was the last one out – another minute and they probably would have left without me. There was a few specks of blood on my shirt, but it was dark and nobody said a thing.

By the time her body was found, about three weeks later, I had already relocated to Oregon. The news about the murder of Emma Simpson and the mass burglary filled the news slots for several weeks, before fading into history.


File: 1537168930978.jpg (208.06 KB, 1800x2600, 60117580_p2.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Szofia Fazekas, rank: Corporal
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Personality: Rough spoken, extroverted, with a deep sense of insecurity for being one of the few females in her platoon. Extremely loyal to her friends.
Scene: Her company has been ordered to take part in a suicidal all out frontal attack against an impenetrable mountain fortress.


It had been weeks since I escaped the penitentiary. I was several states away, laying low in a public park far from any trails or camp sites. I had made it a habit to not stay too long in any single spot, and it was getting time for me to move again. Or at least, that's what I had planned for that fateful day.

The burbling creek ran, fat with winter run off from the mountains. I was filling up water bottles in preparation for my next move when the girl stumbled upon my little hideaway. The first thing I noticed was the tell tale sound of branches and leaves brushing against fabric, and then humming.

I hunched down low, and placed one hand on the revolver I kept in my waistband holster. Then I heard a young girl's voice right behind me. "Hey mister, whatcha doin?"

I almost fell over in surprise and twirled around. The girl was facing me, her hands filled with a bundle of sticks and twigs.
She dropped the sticks when she saw the gun in my hand. I moved almost automatically. In a flash, I tackled her. Slamming her into the ground, she exhaled dramatically and I took the opportunity to shove the barrel of the revolver under her chin.

Her blue eyes widened in shock. She kept her mouth shut, clever girl. Not that it would do her any good, but I wouldn't make it hard on her. "What's your name?" I ask her in a low voice.
"A-Alexandria", she whispered, her voice slightly cracking in adolescent fear. "How old are you, Alexandria?" I ask another question. "I'm fourteen, sir", she answered, again in a small voice.

There was a part of me that screamed, telling me to kill the kid and get the fuck out before her parents came looking. The sensible part of me. There was another darker part of me that whispered in my ear. Alexandria was a very pretty girl. Her eyes were large and soulful, lush lips that trembled in barely suppressed terror, her body still childishly slender, yet she had curves filling out in all the right places. It had been so long since I had been with a woman.

I take out my switchblade and cut open her t-shirt. Another cut took away her bra, revealing a modest bust. Alexandria closes her eyes and places her arms above her face, her entire body shivering with a misture of fear and disgust. I squeeze and fondle her immature tits, provoking squeaks and moans from the young teen.

I move my attention lower down, my knife making short work of her shorts and panties. There her vagina glistens, a thin tuft of pubic hair crowning her pussy. I take out my cock, already rock hard, and shove it forcefully in. I place one hand over Alexandria's mouth at the same time, while firmly pressing my revolver into her ribcage. A muffled scream comes as I break her hymen, her eyes are clenched shut now, tears streaming down her cheeks. I pump rythmically, almost robotically. I'm tearing at her vagina. Her hands scratch at my arms, but I don't notice. Alexandria is the tightest snatch I've ever been in and I enjoy my time with her immensely.
Like all good things though, my time with her was short. Alexandria notices my pumping frequency suddenly increase. She's no dummy, she puts two and two together. The girl begins battering at my arms and chest, her big blue eyes pleading with me. I ignore her. With a grunt, I come deep inside her womb.

Unfortunately, my orgasm also caused my trigger finger to slip.
The revolver thunders, spitting a .357 slug into the side of Alexandria's ribcage. The hollowpoint round expands almost immediately, slivers and chunks of the bullet tearing through the young girl's vital organs. Alexandria's eyes widen, then roll up. Crimson liquid drips and sprays past my fingers as blood pours from her mouth and nose. Her hands fall limply to her side, a few fingers twitching here and there. I pull out of her cooling pussy and light a ciggy.

A few hours later and I finally finish packing up. I wipe my brow and look over at the smouldering remains of the bonfire. Human bodies are surprisingly hard to break down, and I can still see glints of white bone amongst the blackened charcoal, brush and ash. I puff on the end of my cig one last time, and throw it in the middle of the bonfire pit. It bounces off what used to be Alexandria Brown's femur. I turn and walk away, already thinking about the next camp site.


File: 1537210918452.jpg (111.4 KB, 1400x1050, HI0108.jpg)

K/V: Victim (Consensual)
Name: Trinity Barker
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Image
Scene: Your daughter has a bad habit of laying around in skimpy outfits. You told her several times that you would kill her if she didn't stop. She knows you're serious, since she had a sister five years back who learned that lesson the hard way; you shot her, had her body stuffed, and sold to some perverts.

You assume Trinity isn't taking you seriously, but she is. In fact, she hopes you will. The idea of being killed by her father and sold as a sex doll is something she finds thrilling. So, she keeps dressing like a slut, and one day you come home to her on the couch like this.


During the last months of the Secessionist War, I witnessed some of the most desperate acts one could imagine. They knew defeat was inevitable, and most of their good soldiers died long ago. As we moved into their home island, they began to launch suicide attacks – some were successful, but most were not. Their raid on the Zaukaz Mountain Fortress was not only the least successful, but a wasteful use of an opportunity on their part.

Their navy successfully slipped past our detection and landed a few hundred soldiers with a small nuclear warhead deep within our territory. Rather than destroy a port city nearby, they chose to attack our strategic command center. They appearantly thought they could storm the place and set off their weapon underneath the mountain. We detected them before we were in range of any of their weapons.

It was an army of children, with most around fifteen, and the youngest probably not even thirteen. It should not have been a surprise, since we knew the secessionists were recruiting young, but I personally never fought them until that attack. Children or not, our artillery mercilessly fire cut them to ribbons, obliterating dozens every shot. Taking the fortress was impossible, and they probably knew it as well; less than a minute into the engagement, their warhead was detonated. In a blinding flash, the entire army turned to dust. The Zaukaz Fortress, built into solid granite and kilometers from the epicenter, barely felt it. Unfortunately, the town that developed around the fortress was not so lucky; over ten-thousand of my fellow countrymen were killed.

During the cleanup and rescue operation, I found a surviving secessionist taking refuge in one of the empty houses we planned to use for a temporary shelter. I entered the house and found her on the floor in the kitchen, eating a can of rations. She was probably between sixteen and seventeen, certainty below eighteen. Petite, with brown hair that barely touched the base of her neck. Her uniform was the traditional woman's Talisian dress shirt, miniskirt, and boots.

"Stand up!" I told her, with an assault rifle pointed at her back.

The girl turned around to look at me and started to reach for the gun on the floor.

"Don't think about it, sweetie."

Her hand stopped and she stood up. The soldier turned around to face me with her hands in front.

"Too bad, you are very pretty. I have a daughter at home who looks just like you, hairstyle and all." I stepped closer and she moved back against the wall, "A girl like you should be at school, flirting with boys and going shopping with your friends, not playing with weapons of mass destruction and killing so some old geezer can fulfill his dreams."

The female soldier backed against the wall. My eyes shifted up and down her body; from her scared, hateful, eyes, to her soft, firm, legs.

"It would be such a shame to let a beautiful thing like you go to waste, but it would be treason to pleasure you after killing thousands of innocent civilians."

I opened fire, and thirty bullets tore through her abdomen. She fell back and slid down the wall, and left a pasty streak of blood and intestine pieces. She coughed and spatters of blood dripped from her mouth. I drew my sidearm and pointed it at the center of her forehead; I waited for several seconds, as she coughed up more blood, then pulled the trigger.

The bullet punctured her skull and exited through then back; pieces of brain splattered against the wall. Her head tilted to the side and her eyes were vacant. A drizzle of piss flowed between her legs, and grew into a large puddle on the floor.

I slipped out of the house and sent to inspect another one in the area. Luckily, the nobody else checked to see if that house was suitable for survivors to take shelter. The entire population eventually relocated, so her remains are probably still rotting in there.


File: 1537232955473.jpg (263.43 KB, 730x960, 46833655_p0.jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: April
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A delinquent girl who avoids going home in order to escape her abusive father.
Scene: Abandoned car park at midnight.

"Trinity Williams Barker, this is it! I'm done with your slutty ass laying around", Mr. Barker yells in frustration. His daughter Trinity lazily turns her head to face him as he enters the living room. "You gonna do somethin' about it, daddy?" she drawls. "I'm going to kill you and mount your head on the fucking wall next to my fucking Singing Trout", Mr. Barker huffs. He turns around and leaves the living room.

Trinity couldn't believe her luck. Her most intense memory was of the time dad had snuffed little Mikayla, only 10 years old at the time. He had tied her hands and legs together, before inserting his prized Remington Auto-5 up her ass. Mikayla had bawled her eyes out, begging daddy not to kill her. Trinity shivered as she recalled the image of the little girl mewling in pain, the remains of her stomach cavity blown all across the backyard. Ever since then, it had been her strongest desire to be killed by daddy.

A short while later, he returns. He has a rather elegant looking katana sheathed at his side. "Alright, little missy, we're going outside. I don't want your blood to stain my couch", he orders Trinity in a stern voice. Trinity slowly uncurls and stands up. She stretches her arms and legs, then looks up at her father with a playful smile. "I've been waiting for this moment", she sighs.
Mr. Barker just grabs her by the arm and forcefully pulls her to the backyard.

Once outside, Mr. Barker forces Trinity to her knees. He unsheathes the sword, and places the blade right by his teen daughter's neck.
The 17 year old ties up her long brunette hair into a bun, and cranes her neck forward. Her plump breasts rise and fall as she breathes shakily in anticipation. Mr. Barker sighs as his daughter moans in the most slutty way he's ever heard. He can't stand to watch this, and with a practiced swing, he slices Trinity's head from her shoulders.

Trinity's head tumbles forward in a spray of blood. Her body slumps forward, shivering and pouring blood all over the lawn. Urine trickles past her spasming fingers.
Mr. Barker leans down and picks up his daughter's head from the ground by her hair. Her eyes stare forward, her mouth slightly parted. "You sure took this better than your little sister, she wouldn't stop crying and begging" he grudgingly admits to the decapitated head.


File: 1537472827388.jpg (164.39 KB, 605x312, JanJenTing.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Elsa
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long red hair, blue eyes, 1.74m tall, wearing, pink underwear (bra, slip)

K/V: Victim
Name: Ting
Age: 15
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long black, brown eyes, 1.62m tall, wearing black lingerie (bra, slip)

K/V: Victim
Name: Jennifer
Age: 12
Sex: F
Characteristics: short red hair, blue eyes, 1.45 m tall, wearing a pokemon shirt and a short skirt, no panties.

Scene: At home. Out of boredom the bisexual Elsa and her girlfriend Ting try to "introduce" Jenny to the joys of sex, but they are surprised by a serial rapist and killer.


It was one of those places in the outskirts of the suburbs which were just there, but no one ever visited them, if they didn’t want to hide from the world. One would rather drive by on the on the highway that passed in a few hundred meters distance, towards the glittering lights of the city. The economy had long moved on and left the carpark in its misery. Grass had overgrown much of the place, its three stories crumbling and littered with trash, its walls covered in grafitti tags. The pungent stench of old urine and barf was most prominent in places next to empty beer bottles, cans or needles, left here by junkies who sought the loneliness to get their fix.
There were some derelict cars, there were always some in this kind of places, left to rust by their owners, some outside the car park, rusty brown and with milky windows, some in the car park itself, not looking better. The old van I was driving was not in the best shape itself, and would be even worse after I would light it up to cover the tracks of my crimes. In between those cars that were already here, it wouldn’t attract attention until I was long gone. Three dead bodies lay on its backseats, a daddy, a mummy and a girl daughter, murdered, and, in case of the two females, abused and raped. I really had raped the shit out of that little girl, before I cut her throat in front of her mommy.

I returned to the car and sat down in its driver seat once again, door closed but window half open to catch some air. I allowed myself to relax for a moment and closed my eyes. It was only when I heard the metal clanking of a can being kicked around, that my eyes shot open. My gaze roamed over to the clock, which showed 0:02, so I had dozed off barely 15 minutes. Nevertheless I scolded myself for not being attentive enough. I couldn’t risk being seen. Fortunately the Van was black, and I had switched off the light, so it was barely visible here far in the back of the second story of the car park.

Her white shirt was clearly visible in the dank darkness, reflecting the dim light of a distant flickering lantern and the full moon, and revealing the curvy shape of the girl which I estimated at 15 or 16 years old. My own darkish grey pullover and pants in contrast made me almost vanish inside the old van. She hadn’t seen me, or even the van, so I exhaled and took my hand from the gun which I had grabbed almost instinctively.

She lethargically chewed on a chewing gum and generally gave a rather unmotivated impression, as she kicked the can around a little further and sat down on a huge heap of rubble, which had come down as some of the ceiling collapsed, and from which several long rusty metal bars stuck out in different directions.

My instincts awoke, and I knew that I had to have her. I rarely had the chance for another victim in phases when I was on the run, so I promised myself to enjoy this even more. I reached behind the passenger seat, past the severed head of the dead girl, grabbed my backpack with all my weapons and tools. I watched her a little longer, staring into the darkness, saw how she grabbed a stone from the heap and threw it over the balustrade. I switched of the interior light, so it wouldn’t alert her to my presence once I, slowly, very slowly, opened the door. Carefully i took out the blue pills, the rope, the handkerchiefs and the Chloroform from the black backpack, closed it again and snuck out of the car.
It were my last Viagra, so I would have to murder another pharmacist girl soon, because Viagra made the whole ordeal even better: It allowed to stay hard, even when the object of desire had been raped and murdered already hours ago. Nothing beats chemically induced stamina meeting the desire to fuck dead bodies.

She opened her eyes again, but only to sigh. She didn’t really feel comfortable in this cold wet place, yet she didn't want to go home either, I could sense that, there was this special kind of undecidedness to her attitude. And she wouldn't. She would never go anywhere again. As I watched her, while circling her in the darkness, I felt my cock, pressing hard against the zipper from the inside of my pants. One could have meant that the Viagra was already working, but I knew that this was still all natural. The Viagra would kick in later. It was the expectation of another brutal murder, the fantasy of taking her life in the most brutal way possible while raping her senseless. The beast had awoken again and it would be fed.

I was almost there, already behind the big heap of rubble, when she prepared to get up. She did sit on a rusty metal grate that had been part of the rubble too, and she had to lean on some of the bigger concrete pieces, giving me a window of opportunity, as she sought for support to get up easier.

Without hesitation I jumped out of my hideout and then forward, reaching out and pressing the chloroform filled handkerchief onto her face. She struggled for a few seconds in my grasp before the Chloroform did its job and the girl sank down into my arms unconsciously.

At first I had thought about carrying her to the van and rape her between the corpses of its owners, but seeing the spiky heap of concrete, with the rusty grate and the metal bars another idea came to mind. Biting my lips in anticipation, I removed her skirt and shirt, and uncovered red long stripes running over her back, thick enough to be the remainder of a belt or a particular broad stick. So that was the reason she was not going home… most likely the work of her daddy. What an amateur. Much less bad than what I had in mind for that bitch.

I was about to throw away the skirt, as I felt a little weight in it. Feeling for it I found a small pocket and a purse inside. Pure sadistic joy made me open it and rummage through whatever was inside. No pictures, change and two ID Cards. One Students ID, and a library card. April. Sweet 16…. And what a nice name. April, sweet little sixteen, who died in September. Story of a Summer. I grinned. It was always better to know their names.

With that stupid grin of evil anticipation, I took out the rope and bound the unconscious girl by ankles and wrists onto the rusty grate, in the probably most uncomfortable position possible. Her back rested hard against sharp cold metal, while her legs, spread eagled, were bound tightly to the metal bars that stuck out of the heap of concrete, leaving her open to any violation which I would have in store for the cunt that waited beneath the bluish fabric of her slip.

The sudden rush of violence took hold again. I tore her bra apart, and then her slip, and while I did so I recognized how the cold finally did its work already and made her hairs stick out… but also her nipples. I held her slip under my nose and inhaled her female scent for a few seconds before pushing the fabric into her half open mouth and binding the makeshift gag in place with the remainder of her bra. Looking down the body of the bitch, I joyfully recognized that she sported a cleanly shaven cunt. With impish evil joy I licked her left teat and then her right, and couldn’t help it, so I bit into her nipple, which made her exhale and groan painfully in her chloroform induced haze, letting a small cloud appear in front of her lips. She groaned, and I knew the cold and the uncomfortable resting place would make her wake up soon, now as the chloroform lost its effect, so I had to hurry.

I slipped out of the backpack, let it fall onto the ground with a thudding noise, opened it, took out my “tools” and put them next to her bound naked body: A small saw, a combat knife, more rope… a pickaxe. I didn’t know yet which one I would use later, each kill was a spontaneous decision, but better to have them in place rather then have the rummage through the stuff later. Then I unbuckled my belt, and stepped out of the pants after letting them glide down my legs. I took the belt out of the pants, and began to caress her breasts with its leather.

“Mhmmm….“ I moaned. “…Let’s start with something you know…”

My cock stood erect beneath my black underwear, spanning it like a tent, as I hauled off and let the leather belt swat on the skin of her giant tits with full force.

Her eyes shot open.

She wanted to scream, but only muffled moans came from her gagged mouth. I beat her again, and again… and again. And while I did so, my left hand pushed down my underwear and exposed my cock to her. She would know what was about to happen. And she shook her head. Frantically. With wide open eyes that were filled with panic. I loved it.

Again I hit her tits and torso with the belt, exerting all my strength and leaving another long red mark on her once flawless titty skin. Tears of pain welled up in the corners of her eyes and I heard her whimper, muffled by the makeshift gag. I didn’t care. I loved it.

I leaned in and whispered into her ear “You should have gone home April… the flogging that your dad would have given you, is nothing compared to the pain that I will make you suffer while I… RAPE … you. And then I will…” I waited for a moment to ensure that I owned all her attention, before I continued with pleasure in my voice, even prolonging the words in order to enjoy the situation and my power over the helpless girl:”...muuuurdeerrrrr youuuu...!”

She immediately began to struggle against the ropes as survival instinct set in, but they were bound too tightly. I put the belt aside for a moment, grabbed her waist with both of my hand, and lined my raging hard cock up to her pussy.

“But first you cunt shall be raped, and hard!” I hissed into her face, which stared back at me with wide open eyes full of frantic fear. Her breath was squeaking and rustling with shock, but this only made it better. I loved it when the fear became physical. It made the whole ordeal so much more real.

Then I pushed my hip and drove my hardon into her tight pussy. Again. Again. Deeper! Each time I leant in, put all my weight into the thrust, not only because I wanted it so much but, also to ensure that the metal in her back would dig deep into her flesh. Again… HARD! Another PUSH. Her eyes were red with tears, and her whimpers of pain and fear connected with the shallow breath of shock. I grinned and shoved my cock in deep, pushing her torso down and making it scrape over the rusty grate, while her tits bounced up and down for my enjoyment. Again… HARD! AGAIN! I was in heaven.

“Yes Bitch... how do you like that, hunh?” I grunted, staring at her tits which jumped up and down in the rhythm of the rape, then leading my gaze upwards until I stared into her crying face that was a testament of fear. My right hand sought for the leather belt that I had put aside, but I needed a few moments before it finally found it. Enough to enhance her fear even more.

“You know what I really like, April? I like it when my victims die while I rape them. I love it when their last spasms milk my seed from my cock… but first… first I make them suffer!”

I hauled off and beat her with the belt. Again. Again. Again. Again… Each time that I drove my hardon into her cunt, the leather belt hit her flawless skin and made it flawed. More and more red streaks appeared while I fucked her with ever faster pace, together with bluish brown bruises in places where the belt buckle hit. She screamed into her gag full force, pain and fear mixing in this special cocktail that turned me on so much. Each thrust made her scrape over the metal grate, and I felt how my left hand was getting wet from the blood that was running down her back. “Does that hurt April? I hope it hurts…” I grunted into her face just to mock her pain, and tell her how I felt about her. She existed only to satisfy my violent urges. She was there to die for me. Again I hit her with the belt and then again, working it like a whip, and enjoying every moment of her painful muffled screams.

When my first climax approached I paused for a moment, staring down on her hapless body trying to wriggle out of the tight ropes. She twitched from a near nervous breakdown and from exhaustion. I grinned. I slung my belt round her neck, led it back through its buckle and then I pulled. Further… and further… until the leather strap clasped about her neck tightly, choking her. I pulled harder, until no sound was coming from her mouth anymore, before I removed the gag and witnessed her struggle against the asphyxiation.

“Time to ride you bitch proper…” I grunted, and grabbed her waist with my bloody left hand again, leaving red bloody stripes on a torso that was fully covered in marks and bruises. Then I pushed her onto my cock by tugging on that belt around her neck, using it at the same time for support and balance like a rodeo rider. And then again. Her panic grew, the fear of suffocating driving her into that special place where her mind was blanking, falling back into the fight or flight instinct, which made her tear on the ropes without sense and made them cut deep into her wrists. She was beyond pain. She was dying and she knew it. I didn’t care. I didn’t stop… “Die… you bitch… Die…” I hissed into her face and rode her further, pulling myself forward at the belt that was suffocating her. I was so close to cumming. Cumming in her pussy. Cumming in her cunt. I saw her stare at me. I stared back, eyes wild with sadistic pleasure, savoring every second of her death struggle. She twitched. Her body cramped, tried to arch but couldn’t. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, whose lips had turned purple for oxygen deprivation and then… just when I was about to come, her eyes went blank, rolled back. She was dead.

I came.

I held the belt further with one hand while I rode her corpse like a rodeo horse. Later I cut of her head and fucked that. Then I raped her headless body again.

When I returned to the car, tugging her corpse on its feet with my left hand and holding her head on its hair with my right, the clock showed 4:30. I stuffed her into the back to the other corpses and covered them with gasoline from the gas canister. The car burnt good, but I didn’t stay. I changed into something that was not bloody and washed myself with the contents of a water bottle. I had to find a pharmacy and a new car.


File: 1537479321933.jpg (194.4 KB, 500x643, large.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Anna
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long brown hair, clear blue, 1.74m, wearing a blue jeans shirt, black trousers, white and pink sneakers.

Scene: An abandoned depot at the harbour, where Anna wakes up from a drug indused sleep, to face her killer, a serial rapist and murderer.


I turned the photo in my hand, as I silently opened the front door of the big suburban house… which was almost a villa. Two redhead girls and an asian girl with glasses. The text on the back was written in an exceptionally beautiful handwriting.

It said

Thank you MissParker for being so understanding about Janines choice. You are a great woman.

Ting Wang

Ting Wang , the name of the Asian girl… most likely Chinese or taiwanese, it had such a ring to it. The other two girls were Janine and Jennifer I presumed, I knew that from the earthen sign that hung on a small hook on the Pillars in front of the garden gate. It had shown four persons as little figures with names over their heads. One male and three female. The males name was John, the largest females name Clara. The names over the next smaller female figure was Janine, and the name over the smallest was Jennifer. It also showed the family name: Perkins.

Well… John and Clara may have been awesome, but they were also very dead already. They did park at the wrong diner in the wrong part of the country… my part, or at least the part where I temporarily resided. It was dark already and a little chilly due to the November weather when I got to them. They were on their way away from home, I figured that out from the side of the road at which the diner was located and the home address that was stored in the navigation. And they seemed to plan to attend to a classic concert… Schubert… according to the tickets which I found in the woman’s handbag, in the city, and it hadn’t started yet when I got to them. It was always nice to piece together something about their lives after I took them... it made the whole ordeal more special.

When I first saw them, he had taken a piss and came from the toilet… while she had gotten herself a coke from the diner. While she drank, they were talking about their three daughters. Their bad luck was only, that they chose the wrong diner for their short rest.

I followed them to their car… a van... family car… and then I snuffed them. First him and then her.

His tuxedo was obviously tailor made, while her evening gown was red with a lot of cleavage, yet still very wearable, blood red, so it remained only marginally spoilt by the blood of her husband and her own cut carotid artery as she gurgled blood while I raped her over her husband’s corpse. I still remember the feeling when her body cramped due to the blood loss around my hard dick, making her body milk me for my seed, and the moment her gaze went rigid and dull while she fell limp almost immediately before I came in her.

A nice car they had too… with a lot of space. I used it to drive to their home. At first, before I found the photo with their daughters, I almost doubted if my lust hadn’t been quenched already… yet as I saw the two redhead girls… they clearly resembled their mom… especially the oldest redhead teen. I estimated her at 17 and the younger one, with the short hair and the braces, at 12… probably 13. The asiabitch in the back could have been 16 or 20… those asia girls were always looking young for a long time… so she was probably older than I guessed at first.

In order to be prepared, I took Viagra, I didn’t need it for medical reasons, yet a prolonged session of sex with these two hotties… and I wanted it to be prolonged… called for severe measures. And severe they were… 100mg… the largest dose… easy to obtain if you snuff the right apothecary, and definitely worth every milligram of it.

I smiled in anticipation while driving with a hardon. Also… I thought that the whole idea to go there was born from practical considerations. If I killed them too… it would give me a few more days, before anyone would miss the parents. I knew deep inside that this was not the REAL reason I was driving there… but it was a reason… and that was all I needed.

Standing before the door now,I saw that there was light in the back, but the hallway seemed to be dark, so I turned the keys in the lock silently, entered silently and carefully snuck through the hallway illuminated only by my flashlight.

I heard moaning sounds, definitely sexual and high pitched like the asia bitches tend to do. I remembered the Asian girl from the picture, Ting?. Could I really be this lucky? It seemed so… I took my breath slowly, and moved forward even more carefully. But if she was here… then the younger sister would have to be in bed already… this early? Was her bigger sister really this selfish? If it was as I thought I would have to find the young one first and gag her in order not to alert her sister… or kill her immediately, but that would be a waste if I couldn’t rape her.

As I approached the living room, I switched off my flashlight., The light was on in there anyway and I didn’t want to alert them of my presence…yet.

“Hmhmmm… Dear god… Ting… you eat her out so good….” I heard one voice say, and another one answered, with a slight Chinese accent… “We… should have done this earliar Janine… she is so ready…” Then the first voice again…: “What do you say Sis… are you ready… shall I get my strapon and deflower my own sister in front of my girlfriend?”

Another voice, definitely younger, answered, slightly unsure, but definitely intrigued “I… I… should we really… ? I mean…. uhmm …okay… I think yes… I really would like you to be the one… Sis… oh dear … this… feels so wrong…, what if Mom and Dad…“ to which her sister answered: “Mom and dad won’t be home for hours… trust me… they are still on their way to the concert…”

Well that was half right. They won’t be home soon… or anytime ever. I disposed their corpses in some wilderness. I realized my hardon now, brought upon by the dirty talk of the three girls and the Viagra. Goddamnit, they were really seducing the younger sister to a fuck…

I heard the younger voice again, this time with a slightly lewd undertone though “Then.. let’s do it sis… fuck my virginity out of me…” to which her sister answered “Ooookay… I am gonna get the tools of the trade…”

I was so hard… my prick poked against my jeans almost painfully, almost distracting me from the task at hand. I couldn’t listen to its urges though, I had to concentrate. I quickly withdrew through a door just before the lights in the hallway went on, closing it up to a slit through which I saw the gorgeous redhead teen, Janine, pass by and vanish through the opposite door into the bathroom. She wore nothing but her pink bra, and I could see her sex exposed from behind between her well rounded buttocks. She had freckles on the small of her back, probably more of them further up, but they would be hidden under her straight ginger hair. She also had them on her face. I knew that from the photo.

In the living room I heard her sister moaning while…well… obviously Ting was doing something to her… most likely something involving her tongue… or so I imagined.

As the older redhead sister halfway closed the door behind her, I slipped out of my room, snuck to the living room door and closed it silently, such that, whatever noise Janine would make when I overpower her… it would not alert Ting and Jennifer. Then I produced a handkerchief from my pocket and soaked it in some chloroform out of my backpack, from which I also took two ropes… Things that were actually my “tool of the trade”, and snuck over to the bathroom door, just in time to hear Janine contently claim “Ah… there it is…”
Then everything had to happen quickly. I caught a glimpse of her as I opened the door, and before she was able to shriek I put my hand with the handkerchief on her face: She was strong, yet I, having done this time and time again, was more skilled and stronger. I turned her towards the mirror, and saw her eyes widen as she could see us, my scarred face behind her, my black hair that was slowly turning grey, and my eyes with their cold gaze of grey steel staring back at hers. I smiled… she panicked.

She struggled, her wide eyes showing the panic that she was going through, I could literally see how her mind connected the dots, and what would happen to her and her sister and girlfriend. No sound escaped her though, even if it was hard for me to hold her and prevent her from topping over anything that could alert Ting or Jennifer of anything suspicious if it broke audibly.
I held her… felt her strength fade in the same way I saw her fear increase in her eyes…. My smile got broader… I enjoyed this sight. I would have preferred not to use the chloroform, but I deemed it too dangerous that one of them could escape if I had to handle them all at once,so I had t take themout one by one and secure them for later handling.

Only when she let go on the strapon, a blackish thing with a HUGE dildo, I would let go of her and let her slide to the ground slowly. “You wanted to fuck your virgin sis with that? You are almost as sadist as I am girl…” I whispered into her ear, imagining she would hear it through her drug induced haze, but knowing it was just my imagination. It was more for my own gratification than for her. Quickly I turned her body so it would lie on the stomach and bound her hands and feet with the ropes from my backpack. Uncomfy things, prone to let her chafe her wrists, but Janine would become a lot more uncomfortable and much more hurt anyway…

I also noticed her scent, how similar it was to her mothers, the same sweat, the same strawberry shampoo. Freckles all over. I couldn’t resist and gave her pussy a good lick, which I extended over her belly and then up to her neck ending it at her lips which I kissed in lewd anticipation… Then I hid her in the shower which was located behind the door if it was opened, so one wouldn’t see her if one came in. I hid with her, knowing well that soon her girlfriend would look for her, giving me the opportunity to catch her too.
Divide and Conquer. Easy. I still felt the lust, the rush and the anticipation, but now I had to concentrate and I did.

The moaning stopped… a door in the hallway opened, and a voice “Janine? “ her girlfriends voice, just as I anticipated. Steps closing in, the sound of bare feet on the tiles of the hallway… then a shadow as the smallish asian teen entered. She adjusted her glasses, looking left and right and then when her gaze turned for the mirror, I pushed the door to the side, leapt out and put the chloroform handkerchief onto her face too… shifting her glasses into a skewed angle, such that it almost fell off during the following struggle… yet only almost. Sexy nerd… I thought to myself. The chinese hottie was not nearly as strong as her girlfriend, so she seemed to be the beau and Janine most likely the butch, the masculine side of their budding but soon to be cut short relationship.

Also that job would be taken now, for the rest of their last miserable remaining hours…

When the chloroform did its job finally, and Ting fell asleep in my arms, I draped her over Janines body, face to face, before binding her hands behind her back with the soft belt of one of the two pinkish bathrobes that were hanging next to the shower, Janines and Jennifers, according to the names that were embellished. I bound her ankles with the other one, tested the knot and then, content with my work, turned for the living room.

On my way I unbuckled my belt, and let my pants slide through the ground, the clinking sound very audible as it hit the tiles. I grunted… subdued as it may be, but probably audible even by the girl that waited patiently in her parents living room. There I stood in the hallway, blackish pullover, but nude from my waist downwards, my rigid cock poking in anticipation about what I was about to do. I knelt and took my combat knife from my pants girdle…

“Uhm.. Janine? Ting? Did you want to trick me? This is not funny… this is no prank is it?” I heard from the living room, Jennifers sweet teen voice even infuriating the lust in me more. I was rock hard… due to Viagra and anticipation.

The odd noise from the hallway must have alerted the naïve thirteen year old… and so the voice of Jennifer changed… anger made way for anxiousness… “Janine? “She asked… then “Ting?” I grinned. This was what I wanted. This was what turned me on. Her sister and her sisters girlfriend were in the bathroom, asleep still, and bound if they woke up… giving me plenty of time to “care” for this little slut.

I stepped through the door and into the living room. Allowing the nubile young girl to see me, and me to see her. She had a pokemon shirt on, a little skirt, yet nothing underneath, I could see it, the way she sat on the floor. Her pink panties were removed and lay next to her on the floor. A little wet spot in the greyish rug betrayed the act that she and her sisters girlfriend had performed and I am absolutely sure it was not all saliva that had tarnished the fabric…

“No… No prank… but fear not… you WILL lose your virginity today… while I murder you… and it will hurt“ I heard myself say, and in this moment she began to scream… and what a nice scream it was, high pitched and full of terror,

I leapt and caught her just as she tried to get up, pressed her down easily with my weight and held my knife to her throat…. “Your sister can’t help you now… little girl… no one can… I am gonna rape you now and if you don’t behave I will kill you right now and then rape your little corpse… do you understand?”

Her eyes welled up in tears yet she nodded. I brought the knife to her chest, slicing the yellow body of Pikachu in two halves. I tore on the shirt with my other hand and the weakened fabric tore open, revealing her tiny nipples on her juvenile tits. “B cup… at least. If you would live longer, I would say you could grow as big as your sister… ”

“No.. please no mister…” I heard her whimpering sobbing voice,” let me go please… I will do anything…”

I had heard this before, but it had the same sweet tone as always to me… even more so now that it came from such a young beauty. I smirked wickedly, signalizing her that I did not care in any way for what she wanted… that I even enjoyed her fear… before I licked her face with my tongue… like an animal that was testing his prey.

“Yes.. you will Jennifer. If you want or not…”

“Mom and dad will be home soon… please mister…”

“Mom is dead… and your dad too… how do you think I got the keys and address?...But rest assured, your death will not be any less painful than your moms… or even less degrading…”

Then she started crying… uncontrolled and almost violently, while I pushed up her skirt and put my dick to her pussylips… hard as hell and throobing already… “But first things first… you ought to be be raped… otherwise it would be only half the fun wouldn’t it you dirtly little rape cunt?” Then I pushed and she screamed. She was tight as hell, and I never had a girl this young so I was… pleasantly… surprised. “Hmm… “ I moaned…. “I think I just deflowered you…” I said, snow holding the knife to her throat again, and holding her down with my other arm. “You little slut… wanted to have sex with your sister hmm? Now you gonna get it… I am gonna fuck your pussy and cum in it and then I am gonna cut your beautiful little head off and fuck your gullet and cum through it into your mouth too… hmmm…”

She screamed...

“Noooo please… MOM… DAD…. JANINE!!! “, she screamed, sobbing tears audible through her broken voice. I estimated that her sister would wake up soon, given how strong she was… and then she would be forced to listen how her sister was being raped and murdered by a serial killer… I imagined the horror it would infuse her with, and felt how I became even harder and more aroused, now within the little sluts pussy.

I fucked Jennifer violently, raped her almost carelessly, pushed my cock into the little teen cunt again and again while she cried and cried and cried… “hmmm yes… cry little girl… let your sister know how much you suffer…” I said, and ran the knife over her tits, cutting into her skin and releasing small rivulets of blood that ran down her freckled skin until they colored the two tattered remains of her whitish pokemon t-shirt red.

Then I heard her sister… she had woken up…


This was the right time…i just waited for one last scream of the little fuckslut which I raped the shit out right now…


It was cut short and ended in gurgling. Loud enough that even her sister would know… I had cut the little girls throat mid word, and blood was spraying all over me and her, coming from her punctured carotid… I saw the terror in the little girls eyes as the knowledge that she would die was dawning on her… she would try to scream but could only gurgle… She would try to breathe but for no effort, her throat was cut and blood sprayed from it in the rhythm of her heartbeat,

I fucked her even harder, made her body shake with the impacts of my cock deep in her pussy. “NIKRRKRKKGLGLCHHHH” came from the little girls mouth, blood bubbling form her lips, kissed away by me as I intensified my ride… and then I felt it.. felt my approaching orgasm…

“mhmm… probably you can do what your mom couldn’t while I raped her on your fathers corpse… probably you can feel me fill you… before …you…DIE… Jennifer…“

Her eyes were wide with terror, she sobbed gurgling bloody tears from her mouth, while I pushed my cock into her wet twat relentlessly.

I grunted like an animal, barely able to form the words :”Yes… Die you little slut...die while I fuck you…unh…unh…unh… die while I cream in you… unh..unh…unh”

I knew her sister would hear my words, try to escape the knots with which I had tied her ankles and wrists, yet for no avail, panicking as she heard her little sister die at the hand of a serial rapist and killer, yet unable to do anything to save her.

It made me cum.

I grunted my orgasm into the living room, and saw how the little girls eyes flickered in her last attempts to stay alive, breathing with gurgling, smacking and squishing sounds through the new hole in her throat… while blood formed a pool under her, completely spoiling the rug beneath her, blood that ran over her nubile body in rivers, until soon the rhythmical pulsating of the fountain at her the throat, which fed the flow, subsided…
Soon it became a steady flow, followed by her cramping violently as her brain released some last epileptic orders…. Legs.. arms twitching, body tensing and milking sperm from my cock and into her dying body. And then, when the little girls eyes finally turned blank and rigid, when she finally died, even though her muscles were still twitching… I came the last drop of my orgasm into her cramping pussy.

“Yess….” I groaned.

“YOU…YOU… I WILL KILL YOU!” I heard from the bath. Given how there was no sound coming from her little sister anymore, and how even my primeval grunting was gone, Janine would, deep inside of her, know that the deed was done. Her little sister was dead. There was still a little hope to cling to though… everyone would have it… some last… “probably it’s just a trick to make us docile” or something. A nagging insecurity that would just enhance her fear.

I decided to ease said insecurity…

I raised from the corpse of the litte teen and grabbed it by its hair, which was short, but long enough to allow for this. Then I went for the bath, dragging the lifeless body behind me. The sounds alone, as I dragged the corpse through the hallway of their home, must have been unnerving for her sister… because what else could… or would… I drag with me…

Then I entered the bath and positioned me, so Janine could see me, past the head of Ting who was draped on her and who was still sleeping due to the chloroform, even despite Janines heartwrenching screams:“No…. god… NOOOO…NOOOO… JENNIFER!!!” which subsided into violent crying when I let her dead little sister’s corpse fall to the ground, and she finally realized the truth. Jennifer was gone. It was always something else if one finally saw it. She broke… one could almost hear it in her sobbing.

“NOOOAHHAHAAHHHHHAHHAHHHH!” she cried, eyes red and swollen, yet still, in an inexplicable way sexy… at least to me. She was laying there in a corner, her girlfriend on top of her, so she wouldn’t have a good sight at all. I had to change that. I took Ting and draped her over the rim of the bathtub, head inside… feet outside. She was still asleep, even though she would also wake up soon. She had just been smaller and thus the drugs had a bigger impact on her. Not for long anymore. Then I turned for Janine, an evil smile on my face, which was very much sprinkled by her sister’s blood., and dragged her over to the toilet where I left her lying with the best view on what I would do to her girlfriend, and the corpse of her little sister.

With a few pushes I got rid of my shirt and pullover, showing my tattoo covered upper body. Not the nice kind of tats though, the one you got from very evil places. A women fucked on a guillotine while her head was already in the basket… a woman fucked while hanging… the sentence: “Die bitch die” in large gothic letters written over my upper torso… all this and an evil smirk on my lips and an insane fire in my eyes would tell her what kind of person I was…

Well I had just murdered her sister… so she would know anyway.

The Chinese slut was hanging over the bathtubs edge, not the most comfortable of places… but it would soon be even more uncomfortable. She moved as I approached her but her bound ankles and wrists cared made it impossible to get far.

“What…? Where…?” where the first words that the chinabitch spoke.

“In Hell…” I answered while I opened up the tap, and closed the drain. Janine stared at me, shook her head and begged me “No..please no… do with me as you like… just…please let Ting go…”

True love… I was almost jealous. Take me instead… a plea aiming to create compassion, while in fact only creating more lust in me to destroy her…

With my left I held Ting on the bathtubs edge, even as she started struggling. With the right I shoved the tab lever to the deep red hot side.

“No.. NOOO!!” both girs wailed in unison. Janine added “please…please mister… No… take me… don’t hurt her please…” Yet I didn’t listen. I ripped down Tings black panty, which was part of a very tasteful black lingerie… definitely something the china-bitch wouldn’t have thought she would die in, revealing her shaved cunt with a carefully left out little strip of black hair remaining… “Tasteful…very civilized” I commented. “Someone who is as tasteful as you Ting, will be horrified to die in this bestial and painful way…” I added, just to make it more gruesome. Then I stepped behind her and rammed my raging cock into her cunt.

Soon steam was coming from the bathtub as the water turned cooking hot. Ting struggled, but I held her firmly with my left while I raped her violently, looking over to Janine with a smirk on my face, from time to time.

When the water reached her brow, Ting started screaming, and her struggling gained a desperate note. I laughed… and fucked her even harder… ramming my cock in. I pounded the asian cunt with relentless fervour, knowing that this would hurt her too.

”Yes bitch… suffer… the heat will cook your face while I rape you…hmmm” I shouted, and behind me Janine answered “No..PLEASE… NO…. MISTER….yet the sentence got drowned in her tears already.

I answered her plea with “Yes… you chink bitch… die, die, DIE!…” as I was already caught in a relentless raping frenzy. Ting would die… and Janine would be forced to watch.

Soon Tings voice was only gurgling her screams, as the hot water reached her mouth. I didn’t stop. I fucked her cunt and then switched to her ass… only to go back to her cunt again. Harder and harder she did struggle, and her girlfriend screamed curses at me from behind… that she would kill me… that she would cut off my balls, only to fall back to begging for her girlfriends life again, almost without time in between. I took myself some “pity” as I felt how soon Ting would drown… this was too quick anyway… and lifted her head from the boiling water, almost burning my fingers in the process, by pulling on her long black hair.

She sucked in the air like a … well… drowning person… one big gasp… rattling and hoarse… she had a beet red face due to the heat… Then I laughed and released her head, letting it fall back into the steaming hot water again.

“Oh Janine… she suffers terribly… you should see her struggling under water… Shall I rather fuck her from behind and make her kiss your sisters lips? Make her spit my seed onto your dead sisters tongue? “ I asked… with a terribly sadistic plan in my head.

The answer came immediately “Yes.. please… do that. Just stop please… don’t kill her…”
A spark of hope….

That was about to be quenched…

I laughed as I pounded the asia bitch. “I will… but not as you think…” I answered Janine’s desperate plea with gruesome sadistic pleasure. Ting’s struggles subsided, I felt, that she was a goner soon, and so I answered “Oh… I will do both… murder her and make her spit out my seed…” My hands grabbed the Chinese teen girl waist and I fucked it without restraint, her meat being my fucktoy... and nothing more… not stopping as I felt her struggles getting desperate, not stopping as she cramped in deathfight, and not stopping after her body went limp and I saw her breathe out her last breath in bubbles…

Janine screamed. “you Monster… You Monster!!!” while I fucked her… former… girlfriends corpse further…Then I came in the corpse that had been Ting and grunted my unending sadistic pleasure into the foggy bathroom air.

“NOOOO… YOU PROMISED…You promised!!!”

I turned away from the lifeless asian teen and let her corpse slide to the floor next to the bathtub. I had enough of Janines voice for now. She was way too demanding anyway. As if I would listen to anything she said… I ripped off her bra, lifted it up and gagged her with the pinkish fabric. “Patience… you will see… I am a man of my word…” I heard myself say, yet the redhead must have thought I would have lost my mind already… Ting was dead… she wouldn’t do anything anymore. I heard her moaning, most probably cursing me through the fabric of her own bra… yet I didn’t care. I grinned at her.

“I am a man of my word…so now I will fuck her and make her spit my seed onto your sisters tongue… “

I went into the kitchen and got myself a meat cleaver from the drawers. When I returned I saw Janine staring at her little sisters, and her girlfriends, corpse. She was in shock… eyes wide and panicking. Slowly she must realize that she would be next. I didn’t care. I took the meat cleaver and hacked through her sister’s neck first. Then I did the same to Ting, whose body, now dead, lost less blood than Janines sister had done… yet leaked enough still to form a puddle on the bathrooms floor. Janines face was pale already, and Tings was paling too. It was still warm though, which was nice, knowing what I would do.

While I did all this Janine stared at me disbelieving, shaking her head, as if she wanted to wake up from a very bad nightmare. Yet she wouldn’t… from this nightmare only her death would release her.

Viagra took care of me still remaining hard as I turned for Janine, holding Jennifers head in my right, and Tings in my left. I stood before her and savoured the shock and fear in the eyes of the ginger sexbomb, the absolute disbelief that this was really happening and the slow realization that it was anyway. “Promise is promise” I stated, almost factually, before taking Tings head and pushing my cock through her gullet until I could see the cocktip almost leave her lips. I grunted while fucking her head through her neck, enjoying the slick grip her esophagus had on my rigid cock, and pushing through until my cockhead parted her lips from behind. I did this right in front of Janine who was beyond words due to the perversion and brutality of the act. At least I heard no moans of protest, yet most likely because she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Faster and faster I moved her girlfriends head up and down my cock, like a masturbation tool that was still very warm from the hot water and thus a pleasure to my meat as it was plowing through her gullet and mouth cavity. The sensation of her lips parting for my cock was especially nice…

I had held Jennifers head in my other hand, her dead open eyes like silent observers. With a swift movement I pushed my long cock through Tings mouth and made it stickout from her lips as far as possible. Then I took Jennifers head and pushed her head with its mouth over my cocktip and the rest of what was sticking out between the lips of the dead Asian bitch,until both heads kissed. I pushed on the back of Jennifers head to make the “kiss” last while I fucked her mouth through the head of her sisters girlfriend.

The sheer obscenity of the act, the fact that Janine as watching all of this in terror, and the warmth of Tings throat, while Jennifer was already growing cold, drove me to another climax. This time I felt it down to my balls, painful even as I had cum twice already within the last hour, as I shot my seed into the young teen girls dead mouth. I withdrew quickly to also grant Tings tongue some of my sour sperm. It was enough though. As I lifted Tings head from my now bloody cock with slurping smacking noises, a few gobs of sperm ran out of her dead mouth and over her lips, which were turning pale from bloodloss already.

I showed it to Janine, held it in front of her, turned Tings head such that the droplet would run from her lips, and into the half open mouth of Jennifers severed head, where it cot caught by Jennifers bracelets before seeping through the little gaps between her teeth. “See… she did spit it into her mouth… very obediently…”

I put Janine in between the corpses of her sister and her girlfriend, and even positioned the heads of the two girls such that Janine must stare into their dead faces. Then I bound her restraints, the one holding her ankles and the one holding her wrists together, such that she wouldn’t flee. I stared into her eyes one time again, saw them swollen with tears and wide with fear. Her whole body was trembling for fear actually. One last smirk and I went for the kitchen and grabbed some snacks from the fridge. I was hungry… my body needed some nutrients to replenish seed and vigor. All the time I heard how Janine tried to get up, heard her groaning in exaggeration, yet I knew it was for no avail. She would just chafe her wrists… stupid bitch.

After plundering the fridge, I wandered through the house, it was really big and of the rich kind. The family had money… well… did have money… and I would take at least a few things with me. Yet at the moment my mind was set on finding other things. The basement would have what I needed I figured… And I was right… down there it took me only a few minutes to find the right door. Daddy’s toolroom… bingo.

I took a medium sized hammer and a little wood saw,,, I saw more tools too, even a motorized hedge trimmer and a chain saw… but I didn’t take them yet. I reminded myself to come down here again later, before I left. For now though those two tools, Saw and Hammer… would suffice. I still fetched my combat-knife from the living room though, as a plan had taken hold in me, as I returned upstairs.

It was my shadow that first alerted Janine of my presence. The bra in her mouth was wet with saliva, glistening as she tried to get rid of it yet couldn’t as I did bind it profoundly.
There she lay… legs bound to her ankles… and panicked as I approached her, with those tool in my hand. Knife and Saw fell to the ground… clanking as they hit the blood red tiles, while I swung the hammer… I wanted to rape her, I wanted to fuck her and be between her legs, yet bound like this it was not possible.

I would make it possible though.

I knelt next to her, nude, my hard-on poking upwards, bloody still from her sisters and girlfriends blood, and swung my hammer. “There…” I shouted, as I hit her ankle with the hammerhead. Then again, harder… and then again harder, until I could hear a crack. I hit her again, with force, broke her feet and her lower legs, smashed them with this blunt tool. She cried, screamed, yet her screams were muffled through the pink bra that now worked as her gag. I saw how her lower leg and ankle started to turn blue, and then continued the process with the other leg. “YES…” I screamed, while hitting…”YES…JANINE… I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER…” Kneecaps broke, as did elbows, as I continued with her arms, while I shouted obscenities, grunted at her like a wild animal, saliva dripping from my mouth, spitting into her face as I crunched legs and arms with her father’s hammer. In the end, her hands, arms, feet and legs were broken, battered, blue and useless. With those she wouldn’t go anywhere soon. Or do anything stupid. Then I finally released her from the rope, and her limbs immediately fell to the side.. making her groan in pain as they hit the floor. As I anticipated… not usable anymore… but hurting like hell at the slightest movement.

I spread her thighs, rubbed her slit. She wanted to squirm but every movement did put her into a world of pain. I took my knife and cut the bra from her lips, accidently slicing her lip, such that a droplet of blood quelled on it which I kissed away. She was a sobbing mess… her chest raising suddenly with every breath that she took, with breathes coming in staccato rhythm…

On a whim I rammed the knifes thick sharp blade into her right tit, right into the large areola around her nipple. I would have preferred to slice her nipple too, but the movement was too fast.. too careless and so I punctured her teatskin next to the bud… shifted it to the right, while I put my weight into this stab. The metal sunk deep into her titflesh, and then even deeper into her chest, between two ribs. Then I turned, cut her flesh and cut a hole into her right tit… cut out her areola and tore the flesh out, leaving a gaping hole that was of undeniable attraction to my hard cock. Meanwhile I heard er rustling breath. I knew that one of her lungs did just collapse and that she was only breathing with the one side that was still intact. The wounds were severe enough to kill her if I just left her, be it from the bloodloss, or blood running into her areolas… And this turned me on … knowing that I already murdered her if she remained unattended…

Anyway… I wouldn’t leave it to chance. I would decide how she would die. I would murder her proper.

I knelt over her and grabbed her head, pulled at her hair, which she, beneath all that pain, barely noticed, or so I thought. Then I led my cock to the bloody gaping hole in her chest and pushed it in. It was quite wide already, so it felt more like her moms cunt then her sisters, definitely not as tight as I would have wished, yet it made up for it by the feeling of her raising chest and her heartbeat within. Further and further I penetrated her tit and chest, until I could feel my cockhead stroke her beating heart inside… or at least flesh that was directy connected to it. Then I started fucking her… raping her titflesh, harder and harder, until her body bounced back and forth, limp arms hitting the tiles with each merciless push of my hips.

She groaned in pain, having ran out of tears, and her body trembled too ,signalizing the sheer agony through which I put her.

I meanwhile felt her beating heart against my cock, knowing that I would snuff this little bitch and make it stop, and this thought finally made me cum, made me cream in her chest cavity and onto her beating heart… I hadn’t thought that I still had so much cum in me, yet I was pleasantly surprised of course… even more so as I heard her gurgling voice. She had coughed blood already, her lips were red with her own blood and glistening with slimy secretion, some mucuous from her severed lung, that should have never left her body, yet did so because of me.

Through all this her rustling voice said… lowly…

“Kill… me”

“No… “ I answered. I got up, and left her on the floor, she wasn’t able to go anywhere anyway. “No… not yet…” I added, and her rustling breath and the mixed in sobs infuriated my sadism even more.

“Please…” she said… yet id didn’t listen.

I went to the kitchen and got salt, pepper and vinegar. The vinegar I poured over the black giant dildo of her strapon, which was still lying n the bathrooms floor where Janine dropped it as I overpowered her. Then i poured salt and pepper over it, which stuck to it due to the vineage in a layer of white and brownish yellow.

“Please…mister… kill me…”

I positioned myself between her legs, positioned the strapon to the right and the woodsaw to the left of her body. My hard cock found its way against her womanhood… Yet… I found it needed more lubrication. Her body was in shock, fighting for its life and not in the mood for sex. Her cunt was dry.

I would rape her anyway…

Tools of the trade… k-jelly... I went back to my backpack and got it.

After I had soaked my cock with k-jelly from my backpack, another indispensable tool for all serial rape-murderers, the penetration was considerably more easy. I pressed my cock in, past her cramping pussylips and further…

Inch by inch I opened her up, which must have been awfully painful in its own right, yet nothing against what her arms and chest were putting her through of course. I raped her so, that her arms and legs, which I draped around my waist as if they were the legs of a lover, where shaking violently and thus adding the pain of being forced to move severely broken limb into the mix of agony.

Her face betrayed it. Her breath was fast, coming in barely controlled staccato like rhythm, and her body was tense, to counter the pain. Then my right hand grabbed the strapon with the vinegar, salt and pepper coating and plugged it into her newly cut out tit-cunt.

She screamed… not loud, due to the state of her lungs, yet I knew it was the absolute maximum she could muster after all I had done to her. Satisfying.

Again and again I removed and pushed the starpons dildo into her tit, while I did the same in her cunt with my rigid prick… hard, relentless. I saw, by her grimace of pain, by the way her gaze went into the void, that the act.. that the pain almost cost her mind…

“Yes… I screamed, and soon the strapon in her tit became something to hold on, as I started to rape her body proper. A handle whose long plastic “root” with salt and vinegar on it moved through her chest cavity with every push in which I forced my meat through her tight pussy.

“Please…Mister… kill me…” She begged…

And I smiled.

My left grabbed the woodsaw and while I rode her like a rodeo horse, holding the strapon with my right hand like a cowboy was holding the handle on the saddle, while I made her legs and arms flail uncontrollably, and rubbed burning salt and vinegar and pepper into her chest wound and bloody titflesh, thus leaving her in a world of pain, I prepared to snuff her.

I put the sawblade to her throat and groaned “Now… Slut… Now, you will die!”

Then one sawing motion and another one …One sawing each time I pushed, and the drawing back each time I withdrew. Three pushes until a fountain of blood sprung from her throat, spraying her red lifejuice against me, covering my chest, my lips and my face with its hot presence. More fucking… more sawing… I was halfway through her neck when her body cramped and twitched in its very last fits. It made me cum. There was not much cum left , but what I could muster I spat into her dying cunt, increasing the pressure on her neck while I came, such that it only took two more sawing motions until the head rolled off into the puddle of blood that was hers, her sisters, and her girlfriends.

I collapsed on her corpse.

It took me almost two hours before I finally was able to get up…calm down. I did murder them all.

I took a shower, and even washed their bodies and heads, which were now pale and dead, and with bluish lips. Then I clad myself, and collected all things which I thought could be useful or valuable.

I waited till way past midnight before I carried their corpses out to the car and stowed them in the trunk together with their heads so i would have fun with them for at least a few days before I would leave them to the maggots and got me other playtoys.

Then I took my loot, stored it on the backseat, and drove off…


File: 1537712952167.jpg (13.86 KB, 236x331, 094c11fbe9bd3ea427ae953695….jpg)

K/V: Killer
Name: The Romanian
Age: 32
Sex: M

((See also the answerpost below to get an idea about how the Romanian ticks. There it is him who rapes, torments and murders an innocent girl))

Short hair, cold grey eyes. Usually he wears a military look, but he takes it off once he starts to “treat” his victims. He is not above using drugs to enhance his “stamina”. He is not really from Romania, but in order to escape prosecution, he hides out there, before choosing a new city which he can haunt.
The Romanian is an utter sadist and desires to kill his victims in the most horrifying ways possible. He considers himself an artist, but in fact he is into it to rape the women or girls and then murder them, enjoying the feeling of power and lust that he can get from the act. He loves his victims to beg, but he never listens. He also enjoys his victims to know that they will die. He deeply enjoys causing pain, and loves to desecrate the corpses even after death, in order to debase them further.

Scene: You wake up from being drugged by the Romanian. You don’t know where you are, it seems to be a remote place, derelict, and sure enough distant enough so no one can hear you. You are bound. How will he torment, rape and murder you?

The chain on which Anna’s unconscious body hung rustled, when she made her first attempts to wake up. She was nude, 16, and her flawless skin was sporting the most intense goose bumps I had seen in a long time. Due to the cold in the abandoned warehouse, not because of fear or pain. That would come later. Her nips weren’t bad either.

Once the building had been a meat factory, with cold rooms and long meat processing production lines, of which only some old hooks and hoists remained, which had been kept and used by the later owner. It also had a cellar, where the workers had their locker room, and even 2 more cold rooms. This was 30 years ago, then came the crisis and later the whole building was refurbished into a warehouse. Yet even that was abandoned now. Just another warehouse at the harbour where no one even knew who the owner was. Unimportant enough to keep standing. Too costly to tear down. Those things where you return to a city after 30 years, and they are still there, with more grass overgrowing the concrete floor. It was impossible to even tell, if more graffitis had been added, because on the inside as well as the outside there were no free spaces left. Only tags though, no art.

There was no sense to create something beautiful here, the whole place spoilt it by just... being itself. For terror and fear it was near perfect though.
When I “moved in”, I had repaired the electric network just as much, that I could get the cold room to work again, fed by a stack of car batteries, which in store I recharged from time to time with a generator with gasoline, for which I paid with cash from the wallets of my victims, whose corpses were stored here, in the room for which only I had the key.

I loved it when they stayed fresh for a long time. I always spared the face, although I occasionally cut of their heads. The bodies had been raped, flayed and abused beyond recognition. They were very dead. And pale. And cold. Sometimes I just went down there and looked at their faces, each a testament of the fear and pain they suffered in their last moments, some begging, some dreadfully acceptant, usually crying and horrified. I never washed their faces afterwards, so many sported smeared mascara. And blood. The face exactly as they died. That was important.
Not Anna though. She hung upstairs, at handcuffs slung over an old hook, that was part of a hoist which itself was operated by a crank at a nearby steel pillar. It was the chilly November air that made her hair stick out, and not the artificial deep freeze of the cold storage room below. You went under the earth when you are dead. There had to be principles.

She would be my prize work. Her face was perfect, her reddish-brown hair just the right length and bound to a braid. Her lips symmetric and full, her eyes of the clearest blue I had ever seen. I had seen her first in a club, found out her name as her friend called her. Diverging her up from her friends had been a clever combination of drugs and camouflage. I knew she was visiting the club every Saturday, and I knew it had to be her, who was my masterpiece. Simply talking to her, a few weeks ago, had earned me a “Shut up, creep and hide in the hole from which you crept!”. Which I did, staring at the dead faces of my other victims, until I knew exactly how I would kidnap and then murder her.

It took two drugs: One which made her feel nauseous, letting her call a taxi, the other a slow but strong sleep inducer, from which she was recovering now after sleeping in on the backseat of my taxi. Days earlier I had hijacked a Toyota and repainted it. I had mounted a stolen taxi sign on its roof, and then the only thing I had to do was beat the real taxi to it, once she called for it to go home , because she didn’t feel so well. Easy enough, as I had been the one spicing her drinks, and thus had the shortest way: I was already there when she came out of the club. She was already too tired and nauseous to recognize that the taxi sign wasn’t even glowing. She just entered and sealed her fate.

Now she hung here, nude and vulnerable and the sleep drug I had injecting her with over the last days was wearing off. She moaned as I unpacked the doctors bag: the bullwhip, the brass knuckles and the combat knife, more I wouldn’t use on her, at least until she was dead.

I had whipped her nude body 4 times already, before the adrenaline overpowered the remaining sleep drugs enough to make her scream. Her eyes shot open and she saw me now, circling her, whipping her with the long black bullwhip in my right, which also held the brass knuckles, while my left clenched onto the combat knife. I was nude and sporting a raging hardon, half driven by the arousal that I felt torturing her, knowing that I would rape her soon, half by doping with nice blue pills.

I hit her again, leaving a red bloody gash over her supple tits, and again, this time over her ass. She sobbed and screamed, but the time between each whiplash didn’t give her time to talk. Another whipping, another wailing scream. Tears ran down her face and smeared mascara over its perfect skin. Another whiplash over her belly, leaving a long red mark, another pain filled wail as I flayed her.

“Suffer, bitch... suffer...” I hissed, allowing her to catch enough breath for a sobbed
“Please... mister Noooooahaaahaaaa..” that transitioned into another scream of agony as I hit her again. And again. And again, covering her perfect body with red bloody stripes and gashes.

“It will kill you, Anna...” I groaned as my lust and arousal reached new heights. “I will rape your flayed body, and then I will cut you open...”

I dawned on her. She wouldn’t survive this evening. Terror... disbelief... eyes wide in shock... how could this happen... that was the expression I wanted, and she was delivering. I whipped her further while she wailed in agony:

“No.. Oh God mister*crack*Aaaaaaaaaahhh, ahahahaaaa...pulease*crack*ahaaaahaaaaa...”

she screamed, sobbed, begged... she wanted to live, wanted to find a way, but each time her mind cleared, I drowned it with another wave of pain, giving her just enough time to really suffer the next lash, fear it, regain clarity that she will die today, before the pain would hit her. Again I whip her... Again...

I whip myself into a frenzy. I laugh as I torment her, as I cover her body with marks and bloody gashes. Blood runs in rivulets over her tits and belly, thighs and calves, drips from her feet into the dark grey gravel, colouring it dark crimson, which, in the dim light, looks deeply black. Again I hit her... and then again until her screams became inconsistent and weaker. I walk over to the crank and lower her. Just a little, so I can rape her while standing but preventing her feet from touching the ground, even when stretching. Nevertheless she stretches, tries to reach, moaning weakly as she tries to regain senses in a fog of pain. What an impressive will.

I drop the whip and release the knife, which keeps on dangling on its leather strap as a slope around my wrist.

“Let’s rape you now” I announce, and she stares at me. Fear. Pain. Disbelief. Begging. All these expressions mix in her beautiful face. That was what I wanted to see. I grab her waist, and she groans as my rough fingers press into the gashes that the whip left on them.

“Pleas...Mister... no.. please...” she whimpers.

“Yes. Anna...Yes!!!” I answer and wipe blood from her belly skin to lubricate my cock, smearing it over her belly in the process. “YESSS....” I hiss at her and spit onto her bloody left teat before wiping it off with my other hand to collect more crimson lubricate. After applying it on my raging hardon I massage my cocktip against her slit, probe it. She shakes her head... struggles...

“Nooo...” she wails.

“Yesss” I grunt and hit her with the brass knuckle directly into her belly. She coughs and retches, and I use the time to lift her onto my cock. She struggles further which earns her another hit, another bruise and then another, until I finally manage to push between her legs and penetrate her.

It is hard. She is tight. I stare into her face. She stares back. Shame. That was missing. Now its there.

“No.. not like this...” she groans in her haze of burning pain.

“Yess like this...” I grunt as I realize that she is still a virgin. “Enjoy the only sex that you will ever get” i add and then I thrust., carelessly, uncaring for how much it hurts her. Then again, deeper...

“Nooooahahnooooo” she whimpers, gaze averting mine.

“Yes...Yes...Yes... “ I answer, hitting her chest with the knuckle and pushing the air of her lungs, breaking a rib in the process... at least according to the sound and the feel...
“Yessss... suffer and die while I rape you Anna.”

I shout into her face after turning it forcefully towards me. Held by the chain and supported by my left, I begin to fuck her in a steady rhythm. She groans. Her breath rattles. She bawls and coughs whenever I land another blow with my brass knuckle enforced right on her torso.

“No, please noooo.... please....” she sobs while I rape her pussy.
“yes.. oh yes” I answer, ramming my cock in with even more fervour, just to make her suffer. I grab her bloody waist with both hands and begin to fuck her flayed, bruised and battered body. She cries. I am in heaven.

“I will rape you, and I will cut you open...” I grunt, and while I still keep holding her waist with my right, my left hand now encompasses the hilt of the combat knife, that dangles from the wrist and swung in the rhythm of the rape before. I lead it up to her belly, just between sternum and bellybutton. I make her feel its cold tip. Her face turns for me, transfixes me. She shakes her head.

“Please no... please...please...please” she pleads through sobbing spit bubbles on her lips.

“You are gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiie....” I answer and push the knife down, feeling the resistance which her taut belly muscles provide, while at the same time thrusting her up with a particularly hard thrust of my cock into her sex. The sharp knife glides into her belly and blood gushes from the wound immediately, covering her belly before running down her pelvis and onto our meeting genitals.

“Noarghgggh” she ends a scream with rattling voice, while I fuck her harder and pull the knife down leaving a deep cut that runs down her belly and ends below her belly button. She panics. I see it in her eyes. She will die, she realizes that through pain and shame, and glides into the terror of imminent death. Blood gushes from her belly, her head shakes disbelieving. How could this happen to her?

“mgawwd” she sobs through spitbubbles formed by tears.

“You have no idea...” I grunt, lean forwards kissing her mouth and leaving my own spit on those perfect lips. Then I take out the knife grab her with both hands again to rape her proper, while feeling how the blood that gushes from her belly lubricates the assault with fresh bubbly fluid. Her gaze was that of pure terror, complete disbelief. I knew it, Her mind was receding to a place where all these things weren’t really happening.

“Stay...” i said.

I released the brass knuckle and grabbed inside the open gash in her belly, tearing out her bowels, while still raping her pussy.

“uoorrkkssss” she rattles, retches. She would puke on me now, but she hung here for several days. There was nothing left in her bowels to puke out.
“Mhmmmmm.... yes you felt that” I hissed as her eyes fixated on me again. I grinned and pulled out more and more of her guts, while Anna was caught between retching, rattling breath and groaning.


“You will die here... bitch “ I shouted, as I felt my approaching orgasm.
“Here... feel that...” I added, as my right clasped about her bloody waist, pushing her down on my rigid cock. “Die while being raped”

“Nuarrgggghhlll” she answered.

For a short moment I released her from my grip, yet she was already too weak to struggle anyway.

I held her up by pure virtue of my cock in her pussy... well supported her, as the chain on her hands carried the brunt of her body, that was light anyway. Quickly I pulled out the remaining guts, and cut them off, leaving her lower belly empty besides....
“I am gonna masturbate myself with your cunt... cunt” I grunted, and while again supporting her with my left beneath her bloody ass, my right hand grabbed inside her belly, poked around until l found the soft flesh that was enclosing my rigid cock. I squeezed and she reacted:

“Aaaargggggghhhh..” she answered

“Yes you felt that” I replied, and grabbed around the flesh encompassing my cock. I thrust my hip, and press my hand. She whimpers lowly as I rape her, while at the same time masturbating myself with her pussyflesh, sensing the spongy meat of her womb at the back of my hand while I do it.

Faster and faster I fuck her dying body, staring into her blue, shocked eyes in a face that is simultaneously a grimace of pain, horror and resignation. I begin to feel my own orgasm approach again, almost unexpectedly early, as I really would have liked her to die when I cum. So I release her butt, but keep supporting her body by holding onto my throbbing cock through her vaginal flesh. My left clenches about the hilt of the combat knife again as I lift it...

“NOW I AM GONNA MURDER YOU...” I shout, and ram the knife into her neck, pull it out through the front, and like this release a shower of blood that gushes over us. She retches and her tongue lolls out, but she doesn’t seem to have the strength or nervous connections anymore to pull it back in.

“Die... Anna... Die...” I shout as I rape her further, fixating her eyes to catch the moment when she finally dies and I have succeeded murdering her. I ram the knife into her tit and use it as leverage raping her, then again, again. I hear her shallow breath rustling and rattling through the new holes in her neck and breast as her right lung collapses. I don’t stop. Again I stab her tit, rape her cunt and masturbate myself by it.

“Die... you bitch...diiiiie” I grunt and shove the blade through her tit deep into her chest while fucking her.

She begins to spasm and cramp, all over her body, as her brain, due to blood deprivation, releases some last incoherent orders. Another sensation that drives me towards orgasm. Then her breath stops, her blue eyes widen.... and go expressionless.
She dies, just as I cum in her.

“Yesssss...” I grunt into the chilly air of the abandoned warehouse, finally content.

Later I still had fun with her corpse. First I cut her head off. It really had the perfect expression between fear and pain, disbelief and utter horror, frozen by death like a three dimensional photo that could be touched. Absolute beauty met absolute horror. Her eyes were wide open, her face a grimace of terror, and her tongue had lolled out. She was dead like a doorknob, but that had never stopped me from abusing them further. I fucked her head through the esophagus and came in her dead mouth, aiming to make it look as if she had let the sperm run down her lolled out tongue. It took me some efforts of balancing the head back and forth and shooting two more orgasms through her dead gullet, but in the end I was content. I called this decoration work, even if it was barely work. I just loved how even in death I could debase them further. Now that rigor mortis was setting in it kept her gullet open though, which was a nice side effect, as it worked into my second planned decoration.

I cut out her womb and vaginal channel close to the “entrance”. With some fervor, I then cut off excess meat until I only held the meat pocket with womb and ovaries attached. Inspecting it , and also it’s insides, iI realize that her cervix was high, exposed and round. I had shot my own white juice onto it so I wasn’t sure if any of the whitish mucus was hers, but seeing her cervix I bet it was. So she had been fertile.

“Do you wonder if you already shot your load, Anna?. Do you think my fellas are fertilizing your egg, just so it can die later and join you?”

No answer of course. I had murdered her.

Grabbing into my doctor bag I pulled out thread, needles and a metal counterweight. I led the thread through the counterweight and bound them together. I took two hands length of thread and sewed it to her vaginal meatpocket, before taking up her head again. My sperm had dried on her dead tongue and made one wonder if she had just been a harlot that loved sperm games. Exactly the impression I had been going for. Rigor mortis had locked her mouth open in eternal terror, and because I had fucked it from behind when it set in, her gullet was wide open too. I sunk the counterweight in her throat, and as expected it came out from her open gullethole beneath. It allowed me to pull her cuntcanal through, and sew its entrance to the entrance of her esophagus, giving the bitch a nice neck cunt. I ordered the womb in her mouth, where it stuck far in the back beneath her soft palate. I put one of the whitish ovaries left, one to the right of her teeth to give it symmetry. They still hung on the pear sized womb, whose slimy and bloody top now clogged her gap, leaving her cervix to be somewhere down the back of her throat. Just to keep the impression I masturbated onto her lolled out tongue again, the blood of the wombflesh had wiped away some of my sperm. She was a harlot. She deserved this.

I gave her neck cunt a test drive and another one, unbelievably tight and satisfying, especially seeing her womb and ovaries rock and twitch in her mouth whenever I sunk my member especially hard. At last I open her belly up a little further and stuff her head inside, using the thread and counterweight, which were still dangling from her neck cunt, to line them up against her original cunthole. I sewed them together again, vaginal channel stuck in esophagus, to the opening of her cunt from which it was originally taken.

Then I fucked her. Her dead pale head with the lolled out tongue stared at me from the inside of her belly. Her ovaries in her mouth twitched with every thrust I did, as did the reddish womb. I came. I was in heaven. But my work wasn’t done.
First I carried her corpse down to meet all the other women inside the cold storage room. She really was a masterpiece. But so were the others. Raped and killed in the most horrifying ways possible. Here she would stay fresh until the preparations were finished. It was decomposable art, so every minute counted.

I went into the bureau and wrote a letter on the old typewriter, just as I had done with all the other girls. I wrote about her agony, her fear, her gruesome death in explicit detail, and also left out nothing about what I had done to her corpse afterwards. Her parents would love it. Then I sealed it in waterproof shrink wrap plastic and went back down into the cooling chamber, where I tacked the “report” to Anna’s flayed and bloody body, just like as I had done with all the other girls. She stared at me from her belly. I kissed her goodbye. Number 149. .. the number was on the report. It was important to keep track. Who would have thought that so many corpses could be stored here, when I began my work.

Next Saturday I will bring them all up into the big hall. Anna will be the central piece, hanging, where I killed her, just as every girl will be set up where she was raped and murdered. Then I go to the airport, take my flight back to my homecountry in eastern europe, and once I am there, I will send an anonymous tip to the city police.
There was no sense to create something beautiful in the abandoned warehouse, the whole place spoilt it by just... being itself. For terror and fear it was near perfect though.For my art it was the perfect exhibition room, and soon everyone would see.

I think about returning already. Start a new exhibition. In another city.


File: 1537922431924.jpg (68.68 KB, 503x800, 4375f28cc9ac4b857d30b38a6a….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Valeria
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: A gladiatrix fights to her death.

The Romanian dragged the unconscious woman into the room. The room was devoid of objects, except for a chair and a suitcase.
The woman was lifted up and lowered into the chair. The Romanian tied her hands behind her back, and tied her legs to the frame of the chair. He unrolled a strip of duct tape and planted it across her mouth. She groaned, her voice muffled by the tape.

The Romanian dug through the woman's purse. He flipped through her wallet, smiling. Ramona Williams, 25 years old, a native of Williamsburg, VA. A tape recorder and notepad was also found. A journalist. He grimaced, journalists were never his favorite. "Far away from home, aren't you?", he muttered to himself. He turned back towards the girl and sized her up.

She was dressed in a business suit, her pants and shirt were about a size too small, they hugged her voluptious body tightly. Her blonde hair was tied up into a neat ponytail. He walked over and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing a toned midriff. She began to stir. Her blue eyes slowly opened. She looked over at The Romanian, then realized she was was tied up. Her eyes shot wide open, and she began to scream. Or at least, she tried to scream. The tape was doing its job quite effectively.

"Shhhhhh", The Romanian shushed her, like a parent shushing his child. "Its no use screaming or crying. This is an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. No one will pass by, much less get in here." He motioned at the empty room. "Its all concrete, we are buttoned up tight." The man grinned at her, baring his teeth.

Ramona struggled against the restraints, her mind flooded with panic. The Romanian frowned, and slapped her across the cheek. "Please don't make it difficult for me, your fate is already decided."
He opened up the suitcase, and twirled it around so Ramona could see. A row of gleaming blades, each one more twisted looking than the last was inside.

"In my country, they would gut sheep with this one." The Romanian said, picking up a long, curved knife. He gently placed the tip at the bottom of her ribcage. The point indented her pale skin. Ramona didn't dare breath, sweat pouring down her face and chest. She looked at The Romanian, her eyes pleading with him.
He smiled, and pulled the knife down her torso, stopping at her pelvis. Ramona looked down in disbelief as her guts bulged out of the slit. Blood poured down from the wound and began to pool around her feet.

The Romanian placed the knife down, and reached into Ramona.
With a grunt, he widened the slit, allowing the rest of the unfortunate young woman's internal organs to tumble out onto her lap. She moaned in pain and terror. The Romanian took a smaller blade and expertly sliced away, disconnecting her guts from her body. He dumped the pile of viscera into a garbage bag. Ramona's eyes rolled upwards, her mind already slipping.

The Romanian knew the girl was dying fast, and he acted fast. He reached back in, and felt around. Her heart was still beating, although it was slowing down. He squeezed it, earning a gasp from Ramona, who was still conscious. He continued squeezing it, feeling the beat fade away. Ramona's body tensed, and arched its back, her strong legs pulling against its restraints. Finally, her heart went limp. He leaned in close, and heard Ramona's final exhale as she slumped forward. "Americans just don't seem to last as long as the girls in the old country" The Romanian sighed.

He sliced away at her heart, and dropped it into a jar of solution.
With a flourish, he wrote Ramona's name and age on the jar. This would be his 3rd heart in this city. He had a goal of at least 10.

The Romanian went back to the corpse, and began to saw at her neck. With a twist, he wrenched her head around, and pulled it away with a cracking sound. He put it down, and continued dismantling the body. He reached down, and cut away at her vagina, pulling her ovaries and womb out. He stuffed Ramona's sex organs into her mouth, and placed the head in her stomach cavity.

He lit a cigarette, took a drag, and exhaled. A sense of self satisfaction settled over him. He had ended another soul. At this same time yesterday, Ramona was probably getting ready for bed, clueless that her time on Earth would be cut short. He chuckled, and untied the corpse, rolling it into the garbage bag containing her guts. "You have a date with the incinerator, young miss", he whispered to the dead girl.


File: 1538065946436.png (1.05 MB, 1300x1600, MarySue.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Mary Kycilia Price
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: A young fighter, Mary has trained all her life to be a Sex Kombatant studying at the Cunt Prep School for Sex Fighters. She has dark hair and dazzling green eyes and prefers a fairly showy lewd style of fighting. For an outfit she usually prefers a school girl skirt and top combo but occasionally may dress as in a Fuchsia MK2-style Ninja Outfit if it fits the theme. A more physical opponent she likes to smash into her opponent with her ass and smother them with her breasts. She also has a bit of a small obsession with panties.

Scene: A Mortal Kombat style fight taking place in an arena similar to Kahn's Arena from MK2 but with an empty throne and 'bed' platforms at ends of the arena. Lewd showy acts during the match to entertain the crowd are highly encouraged if you don't want the guards to punish you for a boring fight.

The air was chilly and overcast as Silvia Livona stepped out into the Londinium Arena. It was always that way in Londinium on that cursed island at the edge of the world. Londinium was a highly barbaric place and the arena was a shoddy imitation of better facilities elsewear in the empire.

The famed gladiatrix Silvia Livona surveyed the crowd with contempt - a few expats and a number of barely civilized barbarian Celts, a crowd hardly worth the effort but she was on tour and the show had to go on. Silvia was dressed as a retiarius possessing a net and trident for this battle. Wearing just a loincloth and bound breasts her agility would be key in the upcoming fight. It also showed off her beautiful olive skin, dark hair, gleaming green eyes, and athletic figure better which was important for entertaining the crowd.

He opponent into the arena, a local 'champion' (or what passed for a champion in this backwater outpost of Empire) 'Valeria' dressed as a Murmillo - a theme inspired by the mormylos, the sea fish. A heavily armored theme but very limited by the bulky armor, she did have a more versatile weapon in the gladius though. In any case the ancient battle between fisher and sea monster was about to begin.

"We who are about to die salute you" she shouted along with this 'Valeria' in the direction of the local administrator and then Silvia turned as steeled herself for battle.

Valeria decided to try to strike first with a rather foolish headlong change that Silvia was able to sidestep and deftly toss her net over the poor fighter. Valeria crashed to the ground tangled in the net. Silvia scoffed this fighter was beyond pathetic and she could end the fight right now as the wrench struggled. She had a duty to entertain the crowd though and might as well as give these expats and barbarians a hell of a show at Valeria's expense.

"Pathetic!", Silvia yelled dramatically, "Let's see if you are even a REAL WOMAN!". Reaching through the net Silvia ripped off Valeria's loin cloth revealing her woman hood and unbound her breasts which flopped pleasingly. She next knocked off the helmet revealing a teary eyed and shocked blond hared blue eyed barbarian woman.

"Crying?", Silva mocked, "Did some arena sand get up in your cunt!? You need to train and steel yourself for a fight!". With that Silva picked up a handful of arena sand and stuffed it up into her opponent's womanhood as the crowd howled with laughter. Silva then spied her opponent's gladius nearby and picked it up.

"Foolish girl!", Silvia mocked again, "Don't you know that you should always return your gladius to it's sheath when you are done with it?!" With a deft move Silva then stabbed Valeria's gladius deep into her pussy. Valeria cried out in an ear-shattering scream as the gladius hit home and began crying harder. The crowd cheered and laughed wildly.

Silvia then pulled the net off her opponent and stood her on her knees. Standing behind her she took a Gladius offered by a stage hand and placed it at the shocked and crying Valeria's throat. The crowd was very displeased with Valeria and called out for Silvia to end this "Champion's" career.

"Sorry Sister," Silvia whispered in Valeria, "but those are the breaks... and sorry for what is to come I have to put on a good show and you didn't help at all."

Silvia cleared her throat.

"This wrench wasn't even a real woman!", Silvia yelled to the crowd, "She already has a gladius in her crotch, she might as well as die a boy and not defame the womanhood!"

Silvia then with a couple of deft moves used the razor sharp Gladius to slice off her screaming opponent's breasts and then she cut off Valeria's long blond hair leaving it short and boyish as the crowd continued reeling with laughter.

"Say hello to plouton for me!" Silvia jeered as with a swift motion she beheaded the disgraced Valeria. The crowd cheered but Silvia knew she had to pad out a bit more time to keep the crowd entertained and perhaps earn some gifts from fans.

"Such an exhausting effort!", Silvia sighed, "I need to let loose some steam now and it looks like I have an eager boy here!"

Silvia then seductively pulled off her loincoth showing off her womanhood and unbound her breasts as the crowd cheered wildly. Silvia seductively stretched and moaned before sitting down next to her fallen opponent. She then grabbed Valeria's head and rubbed it against her crotch miming that it was giving her head.

"Yes! Yes!", She screamed, "Valeria you're a much better lover than a fighter!" The crowd continued to howl with laughter. Silvia continued to pleasure herself with Valeria's head moaning pleasingly.

Finally Silvia gripped Valeria's head in her mighty thigh and mimed a mighty orgasm as she crushed the poor barbarian girls head into to pulp between her mighty thighs.

The crowd cheered wildly as Silvia stumbled up right and brushed off some of the gore from her crotch and thighs. She then lifted a sword into the air in triumph and then bowed before walking off stage. Another successful fight - even if the other performer was terrible she could hold the crowd on her own with her special talents and assets...


File: 1538092464230.jpg (83.97 KB, 850x850, sample_0dd8fc79cc22d2b51e9….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Emma
Age: 31
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: You are a cartel hitman sent to kill the wife of a police chief

Today was the first match of the year long World Death Fight Tournament. My opponent was a young woman named Mary Kycilia Price. I was quite a few years older, and a veteran of these lethal matches. She was dressed in a schoolgirls uniform, but even then I could see she was extremely fit. Her thighs and arms were sculpted from muscle. Mary moved with a feline like gracefulness, her long raven hair tied into a pony tail.

She bowed, and I bowed back. The gong was rung, and the fight was on. Mary circled around me, her arms raised in a fighting stance. I kept my hands by my sides, waiting to see if she would strike. She moved in, her hands whipping towards my throat.
I shifted balance and dodged her attack.

She yelped in surprise as I grabbed her in a chokehold, and slammed her into the ground. She was young and fit, but I had experience. I steadily squeezed my arms around her neck. Her hands beat and scratched at my face and forearms, but I ignored it. Her green eyes filled with panic as she slowly asphyxiated under my stranglehold. The acrid scent of urine filled the air as she pissed herself, and her eyes began to roll up. Her mouth opened wide in a desperate attempt to suck in oxygen and her legs strained as she tried to wrench herself out of my grasp.

Mary's body went limp as she lost consciousness. I immediately relaxed my grip, letting the girl collapse. I placed one finger on her neck. There was a pulse still. Perfect for me, I could have some fun with her. I unbuttoned her school uniform, revealing a voluptious body, with a pair of soft, large breasts, milky white skin, and a firm belly. I ran my hand down her toned abdomen. Her warmth and feminine smell aroused me, and my hands continued down until they met the damp crotch of her piss soaked panties. I pulled them down and inserted two fingers into her pussy. Mary groaned as I dug in. Astonishingly, her hymen was still intact.

I pulled down my shorts, revealing my own rather stiff erection. I lifted her pelvis and planted my cock into her virgin pussy. Mary's eyes opened, and she squeaked as I roughly pumped in and out of her sex. Her face flushed and she gripped my shoulders, her nails sinking into my flesh. With a grunt, I came. Mary moaned, a mixture of shame and pleasure crossing her face. While she laid still, her chest heaving, I once again wrapped my forearms around her neck. "Enjoy that while you can." I whisper in her ears, before twisting my arms. Her body twitched as her head was wrenched almost 90 degrees to the side. Her emerald green eyes widened, then dulled as Death came for her soul. I kissed her soft, pink lips and closed her eyelids. I gently laid her corpse down, and rose to my feet.
I turned to the cameras, and bowed.


File: 1538166910793.jpg (203.98 KB, 768x1200, 654a5a72e66cea05c4eaea6ef4….jpg)

Name: Jasmine Vincent
Age: 24
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Image
Scene: She is a YouTube star who has recently spoken out against your client's underground sex trafficking. He wants you to force her to strip on camera and kill her painfully, then use her computer to upload the footage to her channel. You will be paid extra if you can force her to masturbate before being snuffed.


Last night I pulled my SUV into the driveway of a vacant house, right across the street from the home of my latest target, and slept in the backseat. I awoke at dawn and watched through my back window as the family of Jerry Chang left for their daily routine. Of course, they couldn't see me as the window was tinted, but Jerry, the first to get up and leave for work, glared at me for several minutes before he drove off. With him being a cop, I marked it off as him being paranoid, plus if I killed him I wouldn't get paid; my client wanted him filled with grief, not bullets.

My target, a busty blonde of thirty-one, emerged from the house an hour later in a grey shirt and cargo shorts, with three kids – all between the ages of nine and thirteen. In my earlier days I probably would have felt a twinge of guilt at robbing children of their parents, but my years of killing had desensitized me to such an extent that I considered whether or not I should check for potential witnesses and gun them all down right there. I was only hired to kill the woman, though, and I hated doing more work than I was being paid for. So I just waited until the kids got on a school bus and their mother went back in the house.

After she went in I climbed to the front of the vehicle and, after checking to see if everything was clear, got out and walked across the street. I drew a 9mm pistol from my jacket and attached a suppressor as I crossed the yard. A slow turn of the knob revealed it to be unlocked, so I let myself in.

She was sitting on the couch with a remote in her hand, wearing nothing but her panties; the shirt and cargo shorts were bundled up at the left end of the couch. Her head turned towards me, her eyes wide, and she desperately reached for her clothes.

"Who the hell..."

Her screech was cut off as I fired two rounds into her forehead. Her head jerked back as specks of blood flew into the air, then drooped forward as her body collapsed onto the floor.

I left and shut the door behind me. Her body was found that afternoon when her oldest daughter returned home from school.


File: 1538197723061.jpg (1.98 MB, 1446x2046, 3b50c0a43811c009ba89dc79be….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Jennifer Devereux
Age: 26
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. After two tours in the Middle East, she left the Marines and joined a private military firm. Tough, cunning, dedicated to her job. Has a young daughter back in the States that she supports with her mercenary pay.
Scene: You've been hired to assassinate the head of state of a West African state. Unfortunately, a western PMC has been hired as bodyguards. Deal with them before eliminating your target.


Ben slowly pushed opened the door to the bedroom and crept in, his hand firmly gripping a silenced Colt Woodsman. The bubbly young blonde was in the midst of playing some kind of videogame while blathering on into a mic. There was a webcam set up above her PC monitor. Ben smiled to himself. Perfect, there was already a web stream set up. That bonus was his.

He padded over to the girl and jammed the gun against her neck. She shrieked and twirled around, her hands flying up. "What the fu-" she cried, before Ben grabbed her by the hem of her T-shirt and threw her to the other side of the bedroom. She stood up, hands raised in a pathetic attempt to protect herself. "Please don't hurt me!" she squealed.

"Strip", he commanded. The blubbering girl immediately took off her shirt, revealing a perky pair of tits. She fumbled with her skinny jeans, hurriedly stripping them down, along with her panties. A neatly trimmed patch of golden fuzz topped her vagina.
She covered herself with her hands and glared at Ben, blushing furiously. He turned the webcam toward her, pistol still leveled towards her chest. "Masturbate", he ordered.

Jasmine obliged. Her slender hand reached down and began to rub her pussy. Her other hand grasped her right tit and squeezed. The young woman bit her lower lip as her rubbing intensified, her fear mixing with intense arousal. Ben could see a clear liquid drip down from Jasmine's vagina. She finally reached orgasm and gasped, squirting all over her fingers.

Dispassionately, Ben squeezed his trigger finger four times in rapid succession, four small holes appearing in a tight grouping between Jasmine's firm, perfectly shaped tits. The young woman fell back, her sky blue eyes wide in shock. Slowly, she slumped down, leaving a trail of blood on the wall. Her hands clasped at her chest, but Ben knew that her wounds were fatal. The rounds would have penetrated her lungs, heart, and spinal column. He walked over to the dying girl, knelt down, and forced her face up. He stared into her eyes, and she stared back. Tears slipped down her cheeks as her soft lips parted, blood pouring forth. She mouthed a question, her eyes filled with fear and sadness. Ben shook his head. The girl closed her eyes and exhaled. She never inhaled again.

Ben let go of her head, and the body fell over on its side, blood pooling around it. As he stepped out of the room, he took on last glance at the PC monitor. The stream chat was on fire, dozens of comments being made each second. Ben knew that the police were on their way. He saluted the webcam and exited the room.


File: 1545019340143.jpg (610.92 KB, 1600x1200, 01c663cb557a03c05a878779fb….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Nila Oakwood
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A skilled swordswoman, and proud of it.
Scene: Goblin attack on her hometown.

Abdullah slowly crept up on the dozing American mercenary, his combat knife at the ready. The woman had leaned her rifle on the wall, and her sidearm was in its shoulder holster. She slept, seated in a plastic lawn chair inside the guard hut. Abdullah smiled at his good fortune. His fellow assassins were dealing with the other guards and would soon kill their primary target. All he had to do was deal with the western beauty in charge of the PM's security detail.

The assassin placed his gloved hand over her mouth and pulled her back. At the same time, he swiftly stabbed the woman in the chest, sinking his blade deep into her firm flesh. Her eyes shot wide open and she emitted a muffled scream. Abdullah kept a firm grip on her mouth and his knife as her hands scrabbled at his face and arm.

Unfortunately, Abdullah's knife had punctured her heart. After a few frantic seconds, her fit body relaxed. Abdullah felt the woman's last breath exhale into his palm and saw her bright blue eyes roll up as death took her. Her muscular arms dropped to her side as her head fell forward. He held her in place for a minute, breathing in the scent of her perfume, sweat and blood. His earpiece crackled as the primary team reported their success. Abdullah let go of the woman, her corpse dropping limply to the floor. He knelt down and pulled the knife out of her chest, wiping the blood off with her tight fitting shirt.


File: 1545046771611.jpg (369.89 KB, 707x1000, 33.jpg)


Goblin corpses littered the cobblestone clad streets, the pungent scent of spilt blood wafted in the air. Amidst the chaos, Nila fought on.

The beautiful young swordswoman has already proven her worth against the initial wave of goblin onslaught, carrying an air of elegance and grace, she weaved between the goblin ranks and left nothing but swift death in her wake.

There's something special about her, soon the goblins realised that they were no match for the skilled sword mistress, and they'll need someone of her calibre to take her down. With a shrill battlecry, the goblins called for reinforcements.


Gigantic, brutish creatures with streaks of sadism that would even put a horde of goblins to shame.

The ogres drooled at the sight of the armoured girl, undressing her with their bloodshot eyes as they charged towards her with a bellowing howl.

Even the mightiest warrior would have trouble taking on that many ogres at once, soon poor Nila was disarmed, with her trusty blade ripped from her grasp and tossed aside. A sharp gasp escaped her lips when an ogre tackled her from behind, pinning her against the bloodstained pavements. He grabbed a handful of her armour and began tearing them apart as if they were made out of paper, his face pressed against her's, she could feel his hot, putrid breath against her neck.

The poor girl's soon stripped completely naked, surrounded by four ogres with one directly on top of her.

"No! Please! Not like this!" She shrieked, the once proud swordswoman bucked and flailed beneath the ogre's overwhelming bulk, but to no avail. Her futile struggle only seemed to arouse the beast even further as he placed the tip of his fully erect cock, which is the size of a man's arm, covered in sharp barbs and bluish veins, against the opening of her anus.

"N-NO!" She screamed. "SOMEONE HEL-"

Wrapping his muscular arm around the poor girl's narrow waist, the ogre impaled his throbbing into Nila's virgin anal canal without an ounce of tenderness. A banshee-like wail came ripping out of her throat as she felt the lower part of her body was being torn apart when the monster's cock literally split her pelvic bone in two pieces.

Thrusting in and out of her ruined ass, the ogre reduced the innards of the poor girl to tiny shreds of gore with his shaft, ripping large globs of viscera and internal organs out of the fist sized hole that was once Nila's anus. A warm stream of bloodied urine came oozing out of her unviolated womanhood as she final expired.

Nila's body was worn as a cocksleeve for the victorious ogre for days, after her demise, the town finally fell to the hands of the goblins. Every man, woman and child were either slain or ritualistically sacrificed to the dark gods worshiped by the goblins.

There were no survivors.

K/V: Victim
Name: Sophie
Age: 24
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image attached. A charismatic lawyer, proud of her well-endowed breasts.
Scene: She's working on a sadistic serial rapist-murder case, little did she know she will be his next victim.


File: 1545075946929.jpg (370.89 KB, 506x785, 71934597_p0.jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 26
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A PE teacher for a mid-sized suburban highschool.
Scene: A disgruntled former student vents his rage against the unfortunate teacher

Sophie struggled against her restraints as masked man ripped open the front of her blouse. Her breasts popped out, bouncing as she desperately tried to recoil away from the roaming hands of her abductor. "Please, let me go", she pleaded as the man groped her tits. He stayed silent, his hands strayed further down her curvaceous body.

Sophie closed her eyes and sobbed as she felt those hands pull down her skirt and panties. Something cold and metallic was inserted into her privates, and she slowly opened her eyes. A long cylinder with a single flashing red LED was jammed into her vagina. The man was nowhere to be seen.

"W-wha-?" was all she could utter before the cylinder exploded. Everything below Sophie's ribcage disappeared in a flash of light. Sophie's eyes bulged. Blood squirted out of her mouth and nose in a burst of crimson. Her organs drooped out, no longer supported by muscle and skin. A vast lake of blood and meat chunks were all that was left of her legs and lower torso. "Ooh god", Sophie uttered in disbelief. Her head slumped, as the young lawyer's heart stilled from sheer shock.


File: 1545190014671.png (1.19 MB, 1300x1600, 18a691455ade79cd23ce6d4bd2….png)

K/V: Killer
Name: Mary Kycilia Price
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: A young fighter, Mary has trained all her life to be a Sexy Kombatant. She has dark brown hair and dazzling green eyes and prefers a fairly showy lewd style of fighting. For an outfit she wears a school girl skirt and top combo. A more physical opponent she likes to smash into her opponent with her ass and smother them with her breasts but isn't opposed to some gore if it entertains the crowd. She also has a bit of a small obsession with panties.

Scene: A Mortal Kombat style fight taking place in an arena of her opponent's choosing.

(Yeah, I did her before months ago as a victim but we haven't had a Killer for a bit and it seems fun.)

It was another fine day at Reliant high school as Emily Kirk walked into her darkened gym. A few minutes ago she had received a text message from her lover and principle of the school Kevin Marcus suggesting they meet in the Gym for a "wrestling match" on the mats.

Emily felt herself get wet as the shadowed form of a man approached. he and got closer and closer. Suddenly she felt a great blow to her midsection as the mysterious figure delivered a powerful gut punch.

Emily fell to the ground and looked up in shock as the lights came on. Before her was Nicholas Kahn, an old student of hers, who had once been a weakling nerd but was now well muscled and powerful looking… and as Emily had to admit looking very sexy in an open chested jacket.

"Ah, Emily… my 'old teacher'." Kahn said looking down at Emily. "Do you know the Sicilian proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold? It is very cold… in this gym."

"Where's Kevin?", Emily asked in a start.

"Marcus has been dealt with." Khan indicated to a corner of the gym where Marcus' corpse lay.

"NO!!!", Emily cried as she saw the twisted remains of her lover.

"It seems I've hurt you." Kahn sneered, "And I wish to go on… hurting you. You who ruined me when you forgot me while on a school trip to Sicily. For five years I roamed the streets as a beggar until a group of mad scientists adopted and improved me with their genetic experiments. I am no longer a weakling you can just forget."

With that Kahn pounced on Emily and got on top of her. With a number of rapid punches he began rapidly punching her breasts.

Emily started moaning as the pain drove her exicitement and her panties became soaked.

"Wait!" Khan said with surprise, "You're getting turned on by this?"

Emily grimaced through the pain and nodded. Pain was one of her turn ons and being dominated by a well muscled man was invigorating.

With a roar Khan tore Emily's clothes off and pointed at a safety cone.

"I want to see you do some squats" Kahn demanded.

With eager excitement Emily positioned herself over the cone and squatted. The plastic cone penetrated her womanhood as she flushed with excitement. She rose and fell faster and faster on the cone as her heart beat got faster and faster. She felt herself getting close to an orgasm when a right hook connected with her face and she was sent flying back.

Emily looked up woozily as Khan removed his jacket and pants revealing his enormous cock.

"Excellent, my dear." Khan thanted, "Now there is ample space for my seed."

Khan then pounced on Emily and Emily grimaced as Khan roughly slammed his manhood like a torpedo into her abused pussy. Khan drilled her deep and it was too much for Emily as the shields of what little dignity she had left fell. She surrendered into the throes of passion as her body clenched. She then felt a wave of passion build up in her as Kahn came into her, filling her womb with so much seed that she thought that the structual integrity of her body might fail and she would pop like a balloon.

"While for some this might be the Genesis of new life…", Khan said with steely eyes staring deep into Emily's own, "this is instead the Genesis of my revenge."

With that Khan's muscular hands grasped Emily's neck. Emily tried to struggle and gasp for breath but Khan was just too strong for her.

"Your air should be getting quite thin by now." Khan mocked

Slowly the world faded away as all went dark for Emily.

Khan kept hold of Emily's corpse until it had grown cold and then with a heft tossed her corpse up and into a basketball goal where her body was found the next day hanging from the rim nude and covered in dried cum.


File: 1545220628278.jpg (152.32 KB, 1200x858, 5242.jpg)


K/V: Victim
Name: Ludmila
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: A talented young Russian ballerina, Ludmila was called to a 'private audition' by her agent. She was not told that the audition involves being raped and snuffed by for wealthy oligarchs in extremely sadistic manners.
(Be creative!)

Today marked the quarter-final match of the Iron Lady Cup. Two gorgeous contestants strided into the haunted Colosseum arena silently, accompanied by the roaring cheers from the ghostly audience.

From the east gate entered Mary Kycilia Price, a muscular raven haired young lass donning a schoolgirl uniform, her well endowed breasts jiggled as she raised her arms in the air and saluted the cheering crowd. Her opponent for this match was a princess from a tiny east European country, a lithe and beautiful blonde clad in a navy blue leotard, leaving very little of her well sculpted physique to imagination.

The kombatants moved into their starting position, the masked referee raised a pistol towards the heavens and pulled the trigger.

The fight's on.

The young princess dashed towards Mary with a feline-like grace, hands clenched in fists and held at eye level, letting out a high-pitched battle cry as she lunged towards Mary with a well placed punch. The schoolgirl nimbly weaved herself out of harm's way, then planted one hand on the inside of the attacking girl's forearm and another on the outside of her forearm. Before the princess could even react, Mary pushed in both directions simultaneously and snapped the poor girl's arm like a matchstick.

The girl shrieked in pain, with one arm dangling beside her slim body she attempted to knee Mary in the stomach - but her attack was swiftly intercepted as the schoolgirl forcefully popped her femur of her pelvis with a mighty tug, yielding yet another horrific scream from the leotard-clad princess. Tears rolled down her face as the feeling of undeniable fear of death began to surface in the depth of her mind.

*Snap* *Crack* *Pop*

A scream, then, whimpers.

It didn't take long at all for Mary to break all of the poor girl's limbs. Despite her best efforts, the princess's years of dedicated training was no match for Mary's lifetime of experience, with her victim utterly defenseless and only capable of squirming on the ground like a dying fish out of water, Mary decided to finish the job. She unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her large, creamy breasts, then accompanied by the cheering crowd, she straddled the ragdoll of a woman on the ground and planted her large breasts over her face.

The girl's sapphire eyes widened with fear as muffled screams escaped her lips, with all of her limbs out of commission, there's nothing she could do to wrench herself out of Mary's deadly embrace. Her large, beguiling eyes soon rolled up as a thin puddle of urine leaked out between her shapely thighs.

Mary could feel the girl's struggles weakening with every passing second, just when the girl's about to expire she grabbed her head, and ripped it cleanly off her body. As the girl's headless body spasmed and squirted blood all over the arena, Mary stood up triumphant, with her victim's head in one hand she turned to the crowd, and raised it high in the air.


File: 1545651404153.jpg (2.13 MB, 1913x2922, 71657235_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Emi
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic

Vladimir took a sip of scotch and relaxed. This was the third year he had held this private get together in his lodge located in the wilds of Siberia. Only his closest friends were invited. All of them extremely wealthy, extremely brutal men. Their shared experiences in the violence of the chaotic 90's gave them a taste for the extreme and illegal. Vladimir smiled as he thought of the surprise he had in store for them.

The surprise timidly entered the room. The laughter and chatter stopped abruptly. "Gentlemen, this here is Ludmila Grigoryev, a very talented ballet dancer from Moscow", Vladimir introduced the girl. She was a beauty, soft brown eyes, brunette hair tied up in a neat bun, graceful limbs that hinted at muscular power, and flawless pale skin that seemed to glow under the lights. "How old are you again, Ludmila?", Vladimir asked paternally. "I turned 21 last week", she murmured. Her voice was almost angelic in its softness. Vladimir felt his dick twitch as he imagined how they would maker that beautiful voice cry for the mercy of death.

The men slowly surrounded Ludmila, their eyes filled with barely disguised lust. The girl realized too late that this was no ordinary audition. She twirled around, looking for an exit and Misha, her agent, but to no avail. Both had disappeared.
Greedy, powerful hands stripped Ludmila of her ballet uniform, tearing it to shreds. Ludmila cried out in fear and pain as she was pushed down to the floor. Tears welled in her big brown eyes.

"Alright, my friends. Enough with this playtime stuff, you want to see the real show, yes?", Vladimir shouted. Cheers rose up from the men as they all marched up to join him at the bar. Ludmila curled up into a fetal position, sobbing. Vladimir's thugs came and dragged her down to the pit, then forced her to spread her legs. Her arms were tied to a pole embedded into the wall. They scurried away to join their boss.

The siberian tiger had been deliberately starved for two days. It stepped into the pit, eyes locked onto the shivering young woman. Ludmila felt warm piss run down her legs as she stared down the vicious predator cat. The tiger pounced, its razor sharp claws slicing open Ludmila's taut belly. Her guts burst out as the starved animal buried its muzzle deep into Ludmila's organs.

She screamed in agony and terror, her eyes bulging. In sheer bestial desperation, she kicked at the tiger, her powerful dancers legs managing to push the tiger away for a moment. The big cat roared, more in annoyance than anything else. Ludmila tried to back away, but her restraints kept her in place. The tiger leapt forward once more, this time clamping its jaws around Ludmila's left breast. It tore the fatty lump off her chest with ease. "Mama, mama, it hurts, it huuurts so much", the girl whined. Her face was pale as she slowly bled out. The tiger resumed its feeding, tugging at ropes of intestine as it satiated its hunger. Ludmila finally passed away from blood loss and shock, 20 minutes after getting attacked.

Grigor turned to Vladimir and chuckled. "Oh that was good, my friend. I can't wait for you to one up yourself next year!"
Vladimir smiled, and raised a cup towards the still remains of the girl.
"She was a good performer, wasn't she?".


File: 1545695694422.png (331.93 KB, 900x698, A_Gift.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Unnamed
Age: 19, probably.
Sex/Characteristics: see for yourself.
Scene: You're a Consigliere for a powerful Mafia boss in the early 70's. Your boss knows you have a thing for cute short haired brunettes with ample chests.
He also knows you might have darker desires. You've helped him build his empire and now he's offering you his appreciation in the form of this gift - a tied girl and a dark basement full of [i]tools[/i]. Whether she'll only get a scare tonight or will be handed over to some Soldiers - in a bodybag - is up to you.

Alternate scenario: come up with your own.


11:49 AM, Quebec, Canada

Though I do not see the point of it, Diana ordered me to take some time off and relax for a while - as there are no high profile targets currently available for me.

So I am relaxing, I guess - walking down the streets and honing my socialization skills.

I get on a bus. It's nearly empty, but there's a young school girl with abnormally large breasts and the seat next to her is empty.

I take it.

"Your back must be killing you." I told the girl next to me in the bus, in an exercise of empathy.

She blushed.

"Yes… it used to be a pain when I was growing, but it got better with exercise." she said shyly, putting on a smile.

I talked with her until she got off the bus. Emi was a high-school senior, living alone in a condo on the top floor. Her shyness must have been an act, since by the end of our 10 minute conversation she had no issue inviting me over to her place for a few drinks and fun. Her overly developed female body and lack of parental guidance probably steered her down a path of promiscuity. Due to my hairless head she probably couldn't tell my age, but my sculpted body must have piqued her female mate seeking algorithms. I said I'd call her and planted a tracking device on her as she left.

Practice makes perfect. Assassinating young Emi will be a breeze.


Emi is in her living room, slouched on her sofa and swiping away on her phone like a drone. She must have just gotten home, because she's still wearing her school uniform - her obnoxiously large tits nearly unbuttoning her shirt. In her current position I can't get a clean shot through both her breasts. She keeps her legs crossed and constantly plays with them, making a clean shot in her cunt also unlikely. She's giving me sniper blue balls.

I decide to call her.

She picks up.

"Hey Emi. What's up?" I ask innocuously.

"Oh, nothing much…I'm just chilling… home… all alone." she says, suggestively.

"That's a bit sad… I've been thinking about you all day - your young athletic body drives me… [i]ballistic[/i]."

"Oh…" she says and puts her free hand on her heaving chest.

"Tell me, what do you like about my body?" she asks, lightly moaning while she stimulates herself.

"Isn't it obvious?" I ask her playfully, as she unbuttons her shirt.

"My big, juicy and perky tits ?" she asks, pinching her massive nipples.

"Oh. I'd shoot all sorts of stuff on those… through those… but I like your cute smile and your apparent innocence even more." I tell her.

"I'm thinking about you too." she says and moans into the phone like a cow. "Where are you?"

"On my way to you, Emi. I'm about to ravage that teen little pussy of yours." I say, provoking her to masturbate.

She doesn't say anything for a few seconds. The only things I can hear from her are light exhales and a faint shlick as she starts fingering herself. The little slut isn't even wearing panties under her dress. Her gigantic fat sacs are moving on her chest like mountains of jello, jolting with every quiver of her meaty thighs. Her reddish brown slit is fully visible through the window. Her sex is begging to be penetrated, but probably not by a 7.62x51 NATO.

"I'll be… wet and waiting." she says and hungs up, probably wanting both her hands free.

I'm on the rooftop of the adjacent building, about 50 meters away. From my position I could probably take off the top of her right tit and still splatter her brain. I decide to watch her masturbate a bit more, maybe an even better shot will present itself.




She started suckling at her own big fatty mammary, stimulating her nipple. I draw in air and hold my breath as I slowly squeeze the trigger, aim on the center of her glob of jello. Moments before her demise, Emi pushes her pelvis upwards, propping herself on her feet and frantically fingers her mound down bellow - probably on the edge of an orgasm. My reflexes kick in and I switch the target to the middle of her sex.


I've fired the Walther WA2000 countless times and can completely ignore it's recoil and muzzle flash. My eyes only capture the few frames in which Emi suddenly drops on the couch and stops moving. Her face goes through a myriad of quick contortions before it stops on an expression of ecstasy, her mouth open wide and her eyes rolled over. I can picture the scene in slow motion. The bullet must have brutally parted the lips of her sex, then effortlessly penetrated through her cervix, leaving only a searing path in her womb, then exiting through her lower belly. The second stop in the bullet's route was Emi's chin. It went through her lower chin, probably passing through her tongue, before forcing it's way through her cranium - splintering the bone and sending splinters through her brain, while the sheer kinetic force compacted the soft mushy tissue of her brain, interrupting normal functioning in a large conic area around the bullet's trail. Considering the caliber and the angle, it went out the other side and did a mess on the couch, before also penetrating it and finding it's final resting place in the floor. All of this took under 0.2 seconds - considering muzzle velocity and distance. I fired a solid steel bullet, so there wouldn't be any fragments and I'd more easily retrieve the bullet and hide any evidence.

I pause to look at Emi's breathless body as it lays slumped on the couch, one leg on it and one leg hanging on the floor. A stream of blood is freely pouring from her sex as her heart is probably still pumping - not having received the update of the brain's death yet. I contemplate firing into her huge tits, but I realize the bullet would just pass through and it wouldn't be much fun to see them bounce a little, instead of being completely destroyed. It would only damage the window further and increase the odds of my gun being identified. Furthermore, the neighbors won't bat an eye to one odd suppressed noise, but more might send some alarm. As it is now, it is a perfect one shot clean kill. My reflexes have certainly been tested this night.

I'll remove the bullet from the scene and leave Emi to rest for a while. She probably will rot for a few days before anyone realizes she's missing - or maybe I'm wrong and they'll notice… not like it matters.


File: 1545776529339.jpg (91.27 KB, 678x1068, 26822737_p11.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Luca
Age: 14
Sex: M
Characteristics: See image.
Scene: In a dimly lit park, a gang of punks decide to have a little fun with a young crossdresser.

She was just his type. Short dark hair, slender frame, big juicy tits.
He didn't know her name, and he didn't really care. Another lost 18 year old girl, in with the wrong crowd, at the wrong place, and in the wrong time.

Gently, he pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. He took a vibrator and inserted it into her pussy, flicking the switch on. The girl moaned through her gag, her body twitching in equal amounts of pleasure and fear.

He ran a hand over the rough wooden handle of the axe. Its blade was chipped and worn from years of use.
The man turned to the girl, who was just on the edge of orgasm.

The teenager arched her back as she came, straining against the ropes binding her hands and legs as waves of ecstatic release crashed over her. She opened her eyes and saw the man standing over her, axe raised above his head.

He swung down. A meaty thud reverberated around the cellar.

The girl's head rolled away, leaving a trail of blood that lead back to her torso. Her truncated neck squirted a jet of blood that splashed bright red against the cool grey concrete floor. That soon became a mere dribble as her heart stopped pumping.

The man unzipped his pants and grabbed his rock hard cock. He only had to jerk it 4-5 times before he exploded, off-white cum splattering over the deceased girl's cooling breasts.


File: 1546578097129.png (121.87 KB, 317x376, 7807122.png)

K/V: Victim
Age: 17
Sex: F


Bad form to do a request without writing a piece for the previous post.


Honestly if he just at writing, then thanks for not going for it and giving us options. Someone can always pick up the red head step daughter.


File: 1546833390816.jpg (43.34 KB, 540x764, e91d56db290bb4668d68b10865….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Sarah
Age: 20
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic

She watched from the far corner of the room hiding in the shadows. The beautiful red head bound in chains, her cries echoing off the stone walls. She came closer dragging her axe behind her, the horrid scrapping noises causing the girl and flinch and scream louder. This only lasted a few more seconds before the axe cleaved her head in two, her body now hanging limp from her restrains as blood gushes down her body. She drops the axe and gets closer to the still warm body, twitching as it's last bit of life is drained from her. Unlocking the chains she lets the body fall to the floor as she strips herself. Crawling on top of the body she begins to furiously finger herself as she licks the dead corpse from head to toe. Until a violent orgasm overcomes her and she squirts all over the dead corpse.


File: 1546836531850.jpg (85.42 KB, 628x1000, sample-b682e0baf581e343a8d….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Elena
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: While her friends have gone out drinking, Elena has opted to stay in her dorm room, all alone.


He watched Sarah sit in her usual spot at the Starbucks, a vente mocha latte in one hand, her phone in the other, earbuds plugged in. The young woman was smiling, and the man imagined what she was feeling happy about. Perhaps a text from her boyfriend? Maybe something from her mom?

He sighed. There was that feeling again, the same feeling he got every time he was "on the job". He lifted his head and peered down the magnified optic, keeping the crosshairs squarely on Sarah's chest. Center mass, the cluster of vital organs that would guarantee a fatal wound.

The man exhaled, and slowly squeezed the trigger until he felt the clean break. The point of no return. The firing pin struck the primer, sending a .30 calibre projectile flying down range. The rifle kicked, a flat POP emanating from the fat silencer attached to the muzzle.

The round cleared 800 feet in under a second, punching into Sarah's chest and drilling through her sternum main body. The jacketed soft point projectile began to expand, carving a large wound cavity through her heart and right lung before exiting out her back in a spray of blood. The young woman flew back, knocking over her chair and crashing into a young couple entering the coffee shop.

Even from his sniping spot, the man could hear the shocked screams. He smiled, and collected his rifle, ejecting the spent case and dropping it into a nearby dumpster.
Another hit completed.


File: 1546905771082.jpg (94.93 KB, 552x1500, nurse.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Ellie
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: A kindhearted volunteer nurse in a warzone, her hospital has fallen to the brutal and sadistic invaders.


The masked man hid beneath the Elena's bed and listened intently. A cruel smile slowly appeared on his face when he heard Elena wishing her friends a good time before closing and chaining the door. A deep silence washed over the dorm.

She's all alone now, all alone and vulnerable, like a stray lamb in the company of wolves.

His heart raced when he heard the unmistakable creaky sound of the room door being opened, his knuckles whitened as he tightened the grip on his knife - Tonight she will be his, and he will have his trophy.

He could see her carelessly walking into the room, utterly unaware of what horror awaits her. The masked man's mouth salivated in delight as she stopped in front of her dress closet and pondered which dress she should wear for her tinder date tomorrow evening. With her back against him, he knew it's either now or never, slithering silently out from under the bed, he grabbed the young blonde from behind and effortlessly tossed her onto the bed.

She screamed, shrill and loud. She thought he was going to rape her the moment he climbed on top of her, sitting on her well-endowed chest and wedged her arms between the soft mattress of her bed and his muscular thighs. If she knew what he had in store for her she would be begging him to rape her.

The man placed a hand on her forehead and pinned it against her pillow, before slowly making a small cut above her temple with his knife, then with a skill that came with practice, he slid the steel under her skin and began slowly moving the blade in a circular motion, severing the poor girl's face from her head. She squirmed and screamed as blood seeped into her eyes, down her cheeks and onto the pink bedsheet, staining it a ghastly hue of crimson, but to no avail. The man will has his trophy.

After he had completed a full incision around her youthful face, the masked man placed the knife on her bedside table, he slowly pushed his fingers beneath the flap of skin that was once Elena's beautiful face and tore it off in one smooth motion, sending tiny droplets of blood sailing in the air, splattering onto the poor girl's bedroom wall. He turned to look at the faceless splayed lifelessly over the bed, the sheer trauma of procedure must've done her in.

He carefully pocketed the bloodied flap of facial skin and climb out of the open window, into the moonless night.

He got what he came for.


File: 1546919689721.jpg (779 KB, 1920x1080, 1546591928928.jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Rena
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: In a dingy highschool washroom

The men dragged Ellie into the hospital parking lot by her hair. The nurse was dazed from the constant artillery shelling of the past day and could only stare numbly at the rebel soldiers gathered around.

"Strip", their leader ordered. Ellie simply looked at him, confused. The man took his rifle and savagely smashed the buttstock against her stomach. The young woman doubled over, gasping in pain.

Two soldiers grabbed her and began tearing her nursing uniform off, revealing a voluptuous, nubile young body. She was the antithesis of the local girls the soldiers had raped during the siege. Pale white skin, unblemished by disease or malnutrition, soft plump breasts, a stomach that had never known the deprivations of starvation. The leader barked a command in the native tongue, and the soldiers sullenly backed off the girl. Ellie covered her tits and genitals with her hands, shaking in fear. "Let me go!", she pleaded, tears streaming down her cheeks. The rebel commander simply laughed.

"You westerners are so funny, thinking you can just talk your way out of a bad situation." he chuckled. His tone hardened "No, I think not. The men haven't had a white woman before, it'll raise morale if they release their energies on you". He unzipped his trousers, his cock pouncing out erect. "Now suck."

Ellie gingerly took the man's penis in her mouth, slowly moving her head up and down, running her tongue around the head of his dick. The commander grunted and grabbed Ellie by the back of her head. She closed her eyes as he shoved his penis deep, blasting hot cum down her throat. She pushed the man away, gagging and coughing as strings of semen and drool dripped onto the concrete. Ellie looked up and saw the rest of the rebels crowd around, their own cocks out. Her eyes widened in terror.

For the last two hours of her life, Ellie was gangraped by 20 different men, sucking, jerking, and fucking in a desperate attempt to stay alive. After the last rebel had emptied his balls in her tight pussy, they dragged the nurse over two an open pit dug outside the hospital entrance.

She sobbed in terror as they prodded her towards the hole. Flies buzzed around the bloated and rotting corpses left abandoned in the pit as she trembled, cum dripping out of her vagina. "Kneel", the commander ordered. She knelt. All she could hear was the sound of her heart racing.

The rebel commander shouldered his rifle and fired a 3 shot burst into the back of Ellie's head. She jerked and fell forward into the pit, her pretty face mangled into a pulp by the exit wound cavities of three 7.62x51mm NATO rounds. Piss squirted out of her cooling slit, mixing with the liquid shit and semen as Ellie's muscles relaxed. The rebels laughed, some taking pictures of her corpse.


Hey buddy, you know photographs of real people aren't allowed on gurochan, right?


Whoa who is she


File: 1547412223489.png (62.31 KB, 640x640, Untitled117.png)

Seems that the last guy's prompt was deleted, so.

V/K: Victim
Name: Vanessa Trevino
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: A serial killer has murdered six girls at Richmond High. During a school play, the killer makes use of an opportunity in which the star, Vanessa, will be back stage for twenty minutes alone before her next scene.


I just realized that his response to >>4747 got deleted as well. I'll get it before I go to bed or in the morning.



The sound of rain tapping against stone crept into my dreams, until finally I awoke; almost tried rise to my feet, but the underside of the concrete bench caught my notice before I demolished my head against it. Water was falling down around the bench, and I realized that I must have ended up in a public shower. Memories of the night before hit me, and I knew where I was: the old high school showers. I took refuge in the building after robbing a nearby bank, and my getaway driver bailed when he heard sirens. I hastily grabbed my face, feeling the fabric of the mask I wore still there, and confirmed that the robbery was definitely not a dream.

I poked my head out; only one girl was taking a shower, scrubbing her short black hair and seemingly relaxed as the warm water cascaded down her nubile body, and oblivious to the grown man beneath her. A knot formed in my gut as I quickly devised an escape plan, as I realized that she was probably no more than seventeen or eighteen. She would definitely scream if I tried to get her attention long enough to reason with her, and then escape would be virtually impossible.

My weapons included the 9mm pistol I held up the bank with, and a large kitchen knife. I shook my head; couldn't even give her a quick death without drawing attention. So I clutched the handle of the knife and crawled out from under the bench, then quickly jumped to my feet. Her eyes widened and mouth gaped open; I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me, and thrust forward. A long raspy gurgle escaped her lips as the knife sank into her throat. Blood poured from her mouth as she crumpled to the floor.

My own eyes widened, transfixed as I watched her flail violently on the floor; a quickly expanding puddle of blood pooled around her as it sprayed from her neck. Her thrashing slowed until she only occasionally twitched. A puddle of piss and shit formed between her legs, mixing with her blood, as her body relaxed and released the remnants of her bodily wastes, before she became perfectly still.

I stood there looking down at her dead, naked, body, for at least five more minutes, before I came to my senses to leave. I slipped out of the school and made my way back to my house, only to realize that I left the money I stole under the bench.


File: 1547537046907.jpg (67.31 KB, 707x1000, sample-4baf736762cbf286bbe….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Crystal
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Scene: Behind a sleazy motel

Vanessa ran to the school restroom, her bladder near bursting. She slammed through the door, rocketed to the nearest booth and slid her panties down to her knees.

She sighed in relief as the warm feeling of release washed over her. The 17 year old glanced at her watch. There were still 15 minutes left until the break was over, plenty of time to kill.

Her hands slipped down to her pussy. Vanessa began to pant as she rubbed, her mind wandering to that cute quarterback who had winked to her in the audience. She came, letting loose a gasp of pleasure just as the door to the restroom creaked open. Vanessa clamped her wet hands over her mouth, eyes wide.

Someone entered the restroom. Someone decidedly NOT a teen girl, judging by the heavy footsteps and large black combat boots. Vanessa held her breath anxiously, hoping that whoever it was hadn't noticed her conspicuous moans.

Unfortunately, she was out of luck. The door to her booth was ripped open, revealing the owner of the boots. A large heavyset man with a balaclava and wielding a silenced MAC-11 stood in front of the terrified teen.

Vanessa inhaled, ready to let loose a scream, but the man was faster. He snapped up the silenced submachine gun and let loose, unleashing all 16 rounds of .380 ACP into Vanessa's modest chest within a second.

The black girl groaned and slipped off the toilet seat, sliding down the divider before curling up on the dirty tile floor. Her eyes were staring straight ahead as her heart pumped madly away, blood pouring from her ragged chest wounds.

She weakly raised her head and looked up at her killer. The man calmly switched out the empty magazine for a fresh one, then racked the bolt handle back into position. "D-don't do this", Vanessa moaned through the blood filling up her throat. The man didn't say a word as he emptied another 16 rounds into her head. The girl's head slammed into the floor, both eyes bulging out of their sockets as her skull cracked open, splattering chunks of brain and skin across the wall. A final gurgle rattled out of her throat, and Vanessa Trevino was no more.


File: 1547740147825.jpg (218.25 KB, 850x1166, sample_7acff8eca1156bfe327….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Poppy
Age: 13
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Image
Scene: You (with optional other people) are not happy about high prices after the gangbang in the junkies' den.

It's been half an hour since Crystal's last customer. She looked at the time. It was already 2 AM. The streets got empty. She occasionaly saw some hobos and gang members, the only types of people who stays on the streets at night, but non of those people were interested in her. She heard a glass bottle breaking in the motel. She sometimes can sleep there, provided that she'd sleep on the owner's bed. But he looses interest quickly and he won't let her stay if she stays on the streets for more than an hour. Then she'd have to sleep in a trash bin.
-"How much for a blowjob?"
Deep voice interrupted her thoughts. She looked at him. It was some drunk hobo. His dark, messy hair was reaching his shoulders and his beard was still wet from the alcohol. He was wearing dirty, old coat, probably stolen from some junkie high on acid, and blue jeans with stains from alcohol and vomit. He was still holding the empty bottle of the cheapest vodka he could find in the shop.
Crystal smiled with an excitment in her eyes. After serving this guy, she'll be able to afford some cocaine from local dealer. She waited so long for getting her nose rubbered in her favorite white powder.
-"2 dollars" she replied.
Hobo reached for his pocket and unwillingly gave her the money. She kneeled on the pavement covered in a thin layer of booze, cum, and vomit and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his penis. It was dirty and hairy, but she didn't mind. She's been doing this many times. Too many to feel disgusted by his hideous dick.
She started licking the head intesively. She cleaned his cock from the filth. It tasted awful, but after so many years, she started to find this taste arousing. Finally, she put the whole thing in her mouth and started sucking it. She moved her lips more and more furiously. She was so eager to finally relax with some coke in her nose she could even swallow a dozen of dicks. Finally, she felt his dick pulsing in her mouth. She swallowed his cock so deeply she could feel her nose entering the jungle of hair he keeps in his pants. She felt a warm liquid in her throat. She choked on his prick so she had to pull it off her mouth. While coughing, some of his cum landed on her tongue. The taste of sperm of an alcoholic reminded her of her father, who used to cum in her mouth in between destroying her ass with his cock and beating her when she was little.
She got up from her knees, removing a condom which stuck to her ankle. She swallowed the rest of the load and quickly towards the drug dealer's house.
-"Not so fast, whore!" She heard while the hobo grabbed her throat.
-"It would be cheaper to murder you!"
The bum broke the glass bottle on the nearby dumpster. Crystal widened her eyes. She tried to run, but the grip was too strong. He shoved the bottle into her stomach. She felt breathtaking sharp pain. Tears started to fall on hobo's arm. He stabbed her again, releaving her intestines. She lost her strength. Her arms loosely fallen and her legs stopped moving. He lifted her towards the moon and threw her into the thrash bin, like a used toy.
She was still alive till the morning. She finally bleeded to death, when the sun touched her pale skin. Her body was lying in the dumpster for the next two days, when the motel owner noticed the stench. She was then burned with the trash her body was surrounded by.


File: 1547749315099.png (2.18 MB, 1191x1684, 71700861_p0.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Angie
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Scene: Walking home from school

"Alright guys, that'll be 250 for each one of you", the under aged whore smiled nervously as she zipped up her skimpy shorts. The three men stared at her, unblinking. "That's way too high", the large one in the middle growled. His two friends nodded their heads in agreement.

Poppy gulped, suddenly aware of how she was alone and out of sight. Then, the two skinnier men pounced, grabbing her wrists and ankles. She squealed and began to kick and squirm. The large leader of the group got up and grabbed a roll of duct tape, teared off a strip and slapped it over her mouth. Poppy's eyes widened in fear.

"You aren't worth anything, you little shit", the man on the left grunted. "Keep her steady, Frank!", the big one yelled as he rustled through a large cardboard box. "Sure Paul, she's not going anywhere!" Frank answered back. "Aha, there it is", Paul mumbled to himself, before fishing a machete out of the box. The knife was brown with rust, and the edge was chipped and scored from years of neglect.

He turned to Poppy and smiled. Poppy knew at that moment she would never see another sunrise. Paul lumbered over to the bed, pressed one hand down on Poppy's flat chest, and ripped off her shorts. His cock was already stiff as he pressed it against Poppy's tight cunt. With a grunt, he shoved it in. A muffled scream emerged from Poppy. Paul pressed one hand down on her flat chest, savoring the feeling of her heart beat pounding against his palm.

He raised the machete as he fucked the girl, the intoxicating sensation of god-like power flowing through him.

Poppy closed her eyes tight.

The machete slammed down, punching through her ribcage and slicing into her heart. The young girl arched her back, a tremedous muffled scream ripping through her throat. Her eyes shot open, and her skinny legs trembled. Paul groaned as her pussy clamped around his cock. He came, filling her dying womb with his cum.

He exhaled, and pulled his limp dick out of the slit. He tossed the machete over to Frank, who began to hack away at her arm. "Dump her in the usual place?", Frank asked. "Yeah, sure", Paul grunted.


K/V: Victim
Name: Claire
Age: 35
Sex: F
Characteristics: Professional fighter

Angie had been saving for a new bag for weeks. The odd favour here and there just wasn't cutting it. Mid July, the ball was less than a month away and she was still 50 short. The dry warm air breezed through her thighs beneath her skirt and across the sides of her neck as she slowly wandered home, pondering how she was going to earn that remaining cash.

"Hey, psst" a deep voice from a nearby alleyway emerged, calming yet assertively. "Don't s'pose you fancy earning a hundred doing something for me? You look like a smart girl".

She froze, her interest piqued. Angie only needed 50, but 100 would give her some spare for other accessories. She turned to find the source of the voice, to see a silhouette of a man standing just inside a dark alley, little more than a few meters away.

"Doing what exactly?" she enquired while slowly moving towards the stranger.

"The name's David, if you don't ask questions I'll raise it-" he mumbled for a moment "to 150".

"Tell me the nature of what you want and I'll take 130 with no more questions" surely she's onto a winner, this man seems desperate for her help. He probably just want's to get laid or a blowjob, it's nothing Angie hasn't done before with guys from school.

There was a short pause before David's response, only a few seconds but the air became tense.

"Fine, it's something sexual and that's all I can say." He shifted in a slight uncomfortable manner. "Now come this way please", he turned and lead the way down the alley, and Angie followed, uncertain of what would be required of her, yet complacent that she could afford that bag in time for the ball. Once her eyes adjusted out of the sun she could make his clothes out from behind as she followed in silence. He clearly had some money to throw around, wearing a dark short sleeved shirt, with an expensive looking gold watch, and expensive branded shoes.





After just a couple of minutes of walking in silence they reached an old abandoned looking door, which he unlocked and led her into. The place which would soon become her tomb. He locked the door behind them, and glanced around the few windows to ensure they were still blacked out before pulling a cord to illuminate the small dusty room.

Angie glanced around and while initially disappointed, she lit up at the sight of a small wooden pillory on a pair of posts, to the one side of the room. It was quite robust, and had one hole in the centre with a metal rim. She had never gotten to try restraint, but the idea aroused her. So she pointed.

"Would you like me in that?" trying to hide her eagerness.

"Yes, but no questions" he asserted as he walked towards it and began unfastening the latch on the side to allow for her neck to be placed in its grasp. "Remove all of your clothes, and come here" he ordered. Angie shuddered as her arousal grew. She couldn't feel it yet but knew she was moistened, and she could feel her nipples beginning to press the fabric of her school uniform.

Without delay, she meandered over to a small table in the corner where she proceeded to slip out of her black shoes and socks, balled them and placed them neatly on the slightly dusty surface of the table. She glanced seductively across to David over her left shoulder, who was waiting anxiously by the pillory, before she raised her arms and removed her top, allowing her c-cup breasts to almost fall. The delicate nipples brushed against the fabric, sending a shiver down her spine just before they dropped and bounced. She never wore a bra during the warmer weather, it always made her uncomfortable.

Turning now to face David, who was proceeding to slowly remove his shirt and revealing a nicely toned torso, she unfastened her skirt, allowing it to descend gracefully to the floor, leaving just one item. A laced purple thong, darkening at the centre. She steps out of her skirt and walks slowly towards the pillory, unaware of what excitement David has planned. Whatever it is, it'll be worth it for that bag. As she approaches the device, she notices a pair of small metal rings on either side of the pillory, David stops her.

"The money is in my wallet, you can have it when we're done. Now kneel behind here" He explained.

She did as he said.

He opened the pillory and gently guided her neck into place with his coarse leathery hands, before closing it around her and latching it shut but being careful to keep her ponytail out of the restraint. She raised her arms to hold onto the sides of the pillory, remembering the metal rings, David stops her once more.

"Don't touch those, they're for me, you'll just have to balance" His mood switched, from the quiet and unsure tone emerged a more sinister malicious one. "You're now mine, and you will do as I tell you, understood?"

"Yes" she uttered in shock, as he removed his trousers directly in front of the restraints, allowing his cock to bound free, mere inches from her face.




"Open your mouth and suck on it", She did as she was told. She opened her mouth and allowed him to slide his cock in. It was a perfect fit, any wider and he wouldn't get past her teeth. He gripped her ponytail with his left hand and placed the other on her shoulders, pressing down firmly so that she couldn't breathe, while he thrust himself against the back of her mouth repeatedly. She flailed her arms in panic, trying to gasp for air until she began to feel faint. When he released the pressure and allowed her the breath her body craved, but he continued thrusting deep into her mouth, bulging harder and larger than before.

He began thrusting faster, but let go of her hair and instead grabbed the metal rings on either side of the pillory.

"When I pull these two rings", he calmly explained while defiling her mouth, "A thin razor sharp steel wire will protrude from that neck restraint". Her eyes widened in horror upon hearing this news. "Assuming I pull it quickly, you'll find yourself free of your restraints" he grinned menacingly as his breathing quickened.

Angie panicked, she could hear her pulse in her ears, and attempted to reach his arms or his legs to stop what he had planned. But it was futile. She could feel his cock getting harder. Larger. Throbbing. She knew she had moments left to live. Even in this moment of impending mortality, she found herself feeling flushed. The powerlessness had brought her to the edge, her nipples could cut steel. Her body began shaking as she convulsed through the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Ever will have. He groaned.

As his cock began to erupt in her mouth, filling it with hot seed, she felt a slight pain around her neck, and heard a loud thud. He had pulled the two metal rings effortlessly. cruelly drawing the thin wire through her neck. Allowing her convulsing mostly nude body to hit the floor now free of the restraint, and her head. He let go of the rings and held her head as he continued to fill her mouth, still pulsating within her severed head, blood and semen dripping out below. Angie's vision begins to fade, as her final dying thoughts leave her mind, she thought to herself:

"I'll never get that fucking bag".


File: 1549845440860.jpeg (978.03 KB, 1500x1333, 95e9bbb0f46762dfd00727ea2….jpeg)

Name: Nancy
Age: 42
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image
Location: Hotel room

Claire wheezed as her opponent viciously pummeled her abdomen. She collapsed onto the dingy rubber mat, gasping for air. Her opponent, a larger African American woman, grinned, bloodlust in her eyes. Claire struggled to get up. The black woman grabbed Claire by her pony tail and yanked her head back, causing Claire to groan in pain. Thick, muscular arms wrapped themselves around Claire's neck and head. Claire closed her eyes, her heart pounding in terror. These underground death matches were merciless, only drawing the most desperate of fighting women. Claire herself had killed her fair share of ladies. She knew there was no chance her opponent would let her off.
The black woman swiftly twisted Claire's head, a clean snap echoing through the dimly lit room. Claire's fit, wiry body jerked as the connection between brain and body was severed. A damp spot appeared in the crotch of Claire's bike shorts as her bladder relaxed. Her opponent sighed, letting go of Claire's limp corpse.


File: 1549992131235.png (148.52 KB, 1112x1536, Art007.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Ambika Jagessar
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: Hindu-American, see pic.
Scene: Sitting on a bench in a deserted park at midnight, watching the Moon as she waits for her boyfriend.


Ralph swiped the card and pulled the handle. An audible click told him he was in, and he pushed the door open.

"Just who the fuck do you think you are coming in here without knocking?" Ralph stopped in his stride when he noticed the overweight, forty-something, woman sitting in the middle of the room, half naked.

"This is my room. What the fuck are you doing here?"

She glared at him. "Excuse me, sir, but must be fucking stupid. This is my fucking room, and you better get the fuck out of here before I call the goddamned police."

Ralph shook his head and pulled a suppressed 9mm out of his coat pocket, and her eyes widened. "Probably a bitch in the computer. Too bad, but I can't leave witnesses."

He pulled the trigger, firing three bullets into her head. She fell back, eyes blank with a stream flowing from her urethra into a damp spot in the carpet.

Ralph placed a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and began setting up a sniper rifle near the window.

"I bloody hope this bastard shows soon. It's already starting to stink in here."


File: 1550430328154.jpg (220.25 KB, 647x1041, 16964130_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Fara
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image, a demi-human girl
Scene: Travelling down a bandit infested road

The Nightstalker Ninja crept up behind the oblivious girl. He grinned, slowly drawing his katana out of its sheath. The midnight moon shone down, giving the sword a dull silvery gleam.

The teen girl heard the rustling of the bushes and turned her head around. Her eyes widened as the Nightstalker stood up, his sword raised above his head. She didn't even have time to scream before the sword slashed down, bisecting her vertically, down the middle of her torso. Her two halves slumped and slouched on the park bench, blood pouring and pooling around. Her guts plopped out of their cavities as steam rose in the chill of the winter air.

The Nightstalker Ninja swiped his blade across her shirt and slid it back into its sheath. He retreated back into the shadows, another kill etched into his record. Poor Ambika would never live to see another day, and her remains would be found early next morning, frozen in place.


File: 1551260627740.jpg (23.91 KB, 600x720, i.jpg)


K/V: Victim
Name: Lucette
Age: 25
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image, a shy illustrator/cartoonist for a small town newspaper, living by herself in a tiny apartment unit.

Scene: Her latest illustration caused offence in a small group of extremists (or something else if that's too close to home). Home invasion or kidnapped on her way to a date.


A sizable group of Kobold bandits lurked within the overgrown bushes, their daggers and shivs gleamed in the afternoon sun, they remained completely silent and still as their one-eyed chief spied on Fara with a small spyglass - A large battle axe slung over her muscular shoulder, her long lupine ears twitched as she scanned her surroundings, her steely gaze looked left and right almost as she’s expecting an ambush in this narrow canyon.

The one-eyed chief smirked, knowing that she's merely a few steps away from the bear-trap buried in the sand by his men many moons ago. He’ll never understand why adventurers are ever so paranoid about ambushes, to the point where they are utterly oblivious to the traps beneath their feet. He held his breath as he continued to peer down the spyglass, she’s only a few steps away from the trap…

Three steps… Two…


A loud, metallic clank echoed between the canyon’s walls as the powerful bear trap snapped shut on Fara’s ankle, its jagged maw cleaved cleanly through her calf muscles and tendons, an agonising scream came ripping out of her lips as she tumbled forward and collapsed on the dirt path, her large battle axe fell beside her head with an audible thud.

With a shrill war cry from the bandit chief, two dozen kobolds lept out of the nearby undergrowths and dashed towards the injured adventurer. A look of horror filled her eyes as the swarm descended upon her, armed with small stabbing weapons the kobolds straddled her arms and legs, effectively pinning them to the ground and immobilising the muscular girl.

Then the stabbing began, accompanied by Fara’s desperate screams as multiple small blades punctured her body from all angles, one blade found its way through her sternum, another struck through her breast and narrowly missed her heart, another pierced her belly button and dragged out a clump of intestines upon withdraw.

In a matter of minutes, the once proud demi-human adventurer was reduced to a leaky sponge of flesh and bone. The kobold bandits eventually dragged Fara’s lifeless corpse to their cave to be eaten and baited their trustworthy bear trap with her massive battleaxe.

After all, no adventurer can resist free loot, right?


File: 1551295486005.jpg (257.56 KB, 542x1100, 11572561_p0.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Selena
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: A young female warrior (see pic)
Scene: Surrounded by the enemy, the final warrior of a proud tribe makes her last stand.

Ahmed focused the videocamera on the young blonde tied up in the chair. The single flourescent light flickered, its pale light casting shadows across the basement room.
He flicked the camera on and nodded to his compatriots. The leader of their group, Tristian gripped a combat knife as he stood beside the clearly terrified girl. "This whore has besmirched the name of our prophet. We will show what the enemies of our religion will face", he stated, barely contained anger rippling under his voice.

The girl shut her eyes, tears dripping down her cheeks as Tristian grabbed a hold of her hair and held the knife against her slender neck. Ahmed winced as the knife carved open their victim's throat, blood spurting forth from the gash and pouring down her chest. The woman gurgled, her eyes wide in horror. Tristian continued to slash and cut at her neck until Ahmed heard the scrape of the blade grinding against the spinal column. Even at this point, Lucelle had yet to die or lose consciousness.

Ahmed had to give it to the apostate whore, she had a will to live. Tristian put aside the knife and grabbed Lucelle's head with both hands. He wrenched it around, grunting in exertion. Another twist, and the head came free, blood dripping from every orifice on Lucelle's face. Tristian strode over to the camera and held the head up to the lens. Lucelle had mercifully passed away at around the time Tristian had severed her spinal cord. Her eyes were half lidded, and dull. Tristian opened her jaw and took out her soft pink tongue. He took the knife and sliced her tongue out, holding that up to the camera as well. "Watch your tongues, heretics", he warned.


File: 1551386367276.png (173.68 KB, 1167x1290, Art017.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Chloe Miller
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Pic
Scene: Her husband's ex is jealous that Chloe is pregnant with his baby, so has hired a hitman.


Selena knew since before she uttered her first word that this day would come. The Baby-Faced Demons, people who sold their souls and freedom to the Great Nemesis so that they may wield His wretched sorcery, would extinguish all that is good if allowed to do so, her master once said. The servants, as the prophesized by Sero—a messanger of the Lords—appeared in the East many generations ago and decimated the tribes, pushing them back towards the Endless Sea. Then, at dawn, they descended on their remaining villages, burning everything and slaughtering every last man, woman, and child.

Of the nearly eight-hundred inhabitants, Selena was the only surviving member of her people. The demon people surrounded the Temple she was directed to defend with her life. Her presence wasn’t known, as a tapestry obscured her from their sights, but Selena was too proud to hide for long; only long enough be able to strike the enemy.

Her target was a fierce woman with bright red hair, clad in a skin-tight fabric which matched her hair. Though her face was too smooth in Selena’s mind to be considered a true warrior, the posturing, and the six guards on each side following her every step, was enough to tell Selena that this was the leader of the murderers. Her guards wielded devil sticks; powerful staffs crafted with the Nemesis’s magic which could tear through flesh and bone without even making contact with the victim’s body. A coward’s weapon, but a deadly one that has slain more of her warriors than the Lords could count. That would not deter Selena, who believed that the Lords would return before the final warrior could fall and drive back the Nemesis’s forces and resurrect the fallen, ushering in eternal paradise.

“I’ll see you soon,” Selena muttered in her tongue.

The red-headed woman stepped next to the tapestry, and Selena burst forth, screaming and clutching an old dagger. The sharp metal sank between her bosoms and into her heart; her eyes widened as her body swayed. Selena removed the dagger and her enemy dropped to the floor, coughing up blood. Her guards pointed their sticks at her; a mighty crack like thunder from a nearby lightning bolt filled the temple as six holes appeared in her breasts. Selena joined her adversary on the ground, her chest burning as her lungs collapsed and filled with blood.

At least a dozen hands grabbed her, ripping off her clothes, and at least one stiff cock penetrated her dying cunt. Another woman stepped in front of her and pointed her stick directly at Serena’s forehead. She wondered if the Lords had forsaken her, just before all thoughts ceased as a bullet ripped through her brains. Her lifeless body was raped and molested by at least twenty men and two women, before being tossed into a shallow grave just outside of the village with everyone else.


File: 1551401746163.png (1005.83 KB, 1163x1668, 58956866_p0.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Fiona
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A female mercenary working in North Africa.
Scene: A desert highway.

Robert checked his watch. It was almost 5:30PM, about the time his target usually got home. He had taken the liberty of breaking in and waiting for her in the living room. Right on schedule, he heard the tinkling sound of keys being inserted into the door lock, the subtle squeak of the door opening and closing, and the rustling of plastic shopping bags.

22 year old Chloe Miller walked into the living room, absentmindedly staring at her phone. For a moment, she didn't even notice she had an uninvited visitor. She looked up, and her eyes widened.

Robert pointed his preferred weapon of choice, a silenced PPKS at her. FWUT FWUT FWUT, the gun whispered thrice.

Three holes appeared in the chest of the young mother-to-be. She fell back against a wall and slid down, smearing blood on the pale cream wallpaper.

Chloe clutched at her chest, a look of panic on her face. "Wh-why?", she gasped plaintively. Robert shrugged, and placed the muzzle of the handgun against Chloe's forehead.

She closed her eyes and looked away, hands raised in a futile sign of submission. The gun whispered again, and Chloe Miller was no more.

Robert picked up the four .380 shell casings and slid them into a plastic bag. He took an old Leica out of his bag and snapped three images of Chloe's corpse. He wrinkled his nose. The pregnant woman had emptied her bowels after death. How disgusting.

Robert was eating his breakfast in the motel room when the local news channel broke the story of the murdered housewife. He smiled, and spooned another bite of oatmeal into his mouth. That crazy ex of the husband had paid him handsomely for the job.


File: 1551439699722.jpg (43.43 KB, 500x667, 8609f81741dc4643fec8965b11….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Amanda
Age: 31
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A criminal psychologist.
Scene: A therapy appointment with a serial rapist-murderer turns lethal. (Bonus points if he does something to the tits)

Fiona dropped to her knee behind the wreckage of her patrol vehicle. Her icy blue eyes scanned her surroundings for the assailants that fired the fateful RPG round that took out the rest of her crew, with her rifle held firmly in lean and yet arms she carefully peered out from behind her cover, only to be forced back by a fusillade of AK-47 fire.

Bullets laced the reinforced metal humvee chassis as her assailants eagerly sprayed the burning vehicle with automated assault rifles, kicking up small clouds of dust around Fiona’s position. She gritted her teeth, her blue eyes narrowed with a mixture of fear and determination, she has already contacted HQ about her predicament, all she needs to do is to hold out until the inevitable air support arrives.

"Let's just hope they don't do anything stupid…" she thought to herself as leaned against her cover and reloaded her rifle. "… because I ain't got enough bullets for all of them."

It didn't take long before two balaclava-clad terrorists lept out of their cover and eagerly charged towards her location at the urge of their commander, only to be mercilessly cut down as Fiona’s bullets ripped through their foreheads, sending a spray of blood and brain matter arcing in the air as their lifeless bodies collapsed onto the sand. Not before one of them manages to lob a flash-bang grenade through the shattered windows of the humvee, it lightly bounced off the ground and landed merely a few inches from Fiona's position.


A blast of iridescent white light burned her retinas before she could even react, temporarily blinding the girl while her ears rang from the flashbang's explosion. In her delirious state, she could see the terrorists dashing towards her, one kicked the gun from her hand while the rest pointed their rifles at her. Fiona gritted her teeth, staggered to her feet and attempted to fight back, only to be knocked to the ground with a well-placed punch to her stomach. They spat on her, took turns kicking her as she squirmed on the smouldering asphalt pavement of the highway, heated by the merciless North African sun, some took great delight in stepping firmly on her fingers, then slowly turning their heel until her fingers snap from the pressure.

She felt like she’s going to die here.

They stripped her nude as she futilely struggled in their grasp, her muscular arms were bent behind her back and tied together with her own bra. At the signal of their leader, two terrorists grabbed Fiona’s legs and pulled them wide apart, exposing her crotch area invitingly as one picked up her weapon, barrel still warm from the firing, he carefully pressed it between the opening between her legs and slammed it inside, tearing massive gashes in her delicate vaginal tissues as the weaponized dildo forcefully penetrated her womanhood without an ounce of love. She shrieked and howled as her rifle eventually slammed into her cervix, just when she thought it couldn't get worse, it punctured through it and buried itself inside her womb.

Then, accompanied by innumerable voices of anger from the mob looming over her, she felt a stream of hot lead tearing her innards to shreds when her assailant finally pulled the trigger. The young woman thrashed and spasmed hopelessly on the ground for a few seconds before blissful oblivion finally took her.

Videos of Fiona's final moments, along with photos of her naked corpse hanging on a tree by the sling of her rifle were rated favourably on gore sites.


File: 1551622783414.jpg (355.41 KB, 863x1200, 73280386_p0_master1200.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Marie
Age: 20
Characteristics: see image.
Context: Marie is one of the maidens at your mansion. She's very cute, usually horny and air-headed. You can tolerate a few mishaps, but this is the third time you catch her taking selfies instead of doing her job. She tries to weasel her way out by flashing her tits and lifting her skirt, but she must be punished. How severely will Marie get it?

She probably feels safe because we're inside a prison and there are guards posted at the door. Amanda isn't aware, however, that this is my personal prison and she's here not to give me a psychological examination, but to satisfy my urge to extinguish beautiful women like her. The guards won't help her, but will surely enjoy her corpse once I'm done with her.

"Well, Andrew, what are you thinking about?" she utters, after a long pause of me staring at her voluptuous body.

She crosses her left leg and lifts her skirt a bit, revealing her thigh. Her cheeks flush a bit as she probably imagines what I'd to to her.

"It must be lonely in here, without women…" she says, eyeing the bulge in my trousers.

Amanda, like the bitch in heat she is, loses another button on her shirt - revealing the top side of her enormous jugs.

"Don't be shy. You can tell me. Tell me all that you want to do… Nothing you say will leave this room." she says and throws her clipboard on the table, freeing her hands to fondle herself.

"Well… Amanda… let's get started. You might not enjoy this as much as I will." I say as I graciously stand up from my chair and walk towards her.

A wave of panic washes over her as she registers what I said, but it dissipates as she takes a glance at the window on the door and sees a guardian. I gently caress her forehead and then lean closer, removing her glasses - her gaze locked unto mine. As I kiss her, my hands work quickly and tear down her shirt - revealing her soft, massive tits. Her little hands skitter across my abdomen, feeling the hard shapes underneath, making her way to my dick. We continue to kiss, filled with lust. I imagine all the ways I'll mutilate her nubile flesh. As she frees my dick, I drag down her skirt, revealing her shaved pinkish-red pussy. Despite her age, it looks very delicious. I grab her by the ass and lift her on the table, allowing for easy penetration.

"Yes. Yes. Yesss, fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME ALREADY!" she yells like a sow.

I won't deny myself the basic biological pleasure of a moist and presumably tight cunt so I line myself up and then thrust suddenly, viciously.

"AAARGH. YES!" she yells as she's penetrated.

Her ample tits jiggle wildly as I thrust into her. Amanda's nipples are very perky, towering a good centimeter above her fleshy aureolae. I slap them hard, prompting her to scream, in addition to her moaning.

"Punish me, yes. Squeeze me! Punish meeeee!" she yells, apparently enjoying it.

"Oh, Amanda. You have but to ask." I tell the little lamb as I squeeze her jugs. Tiny white streams ooze out of her nipples.

She leans back and thrusts her pelvis forward, impaling herself on my cock and squeezing like an octopus, her legs wrapped around my back. Amanda is quivering and moaning madly as she orgasms. I keep pounding, unabated - while slowly fetching a razor from the back pocket of my trousers.

Amanda suddenly screams and slumps back as her right arm gives way. With a swift move, I cut behind her shoulder, severing her arm nerves.

"Nnnnooo - Wha-What are yo-" she starts yelling with despair as I slice her other arm's nerves. The rush of her orgasm dissipates very fast and she starts flailing around, but her arms are dead weight.

"Guuuuaaaaards! HEEEEELP!" she yells.

"They wouldn't want to disturb my privacy. Your screams fall on deaf ears my dear." I tell her putting the razor away for now and grabbing her fragile neck.

I continue thrusting into her with more vigor than ever as I choke her to silence. Her lips tighten around my cock like a vise. The feeling of power as her eyes roll over, combined with the stimulus on my cock make me erupt inside her. My dick is throbbing like mad as I dump a huge load inside her sex and let go of her neck. She coughs and gasps for air, tears rolling down her face.

"Beg me to slice your throat and I'll finish you quickly, Amanda." I tell her, but she's still coughing - her visage, pure terror.

"Nooo, please don't… think about getting out of here… pleeeeeease!" she musters the fortitude to beg.


>>4848 Part 2
I cackle insanely.

"I am here for my own protection. I run my empire from here, you daft cunt!" I tell her, taking away any and all bargaining chips that she might hold for her life.

I grab the razor. She winces and starts begging as the cold metal touches her erect right nipple. The blade isn't sharp enough to cut just at a mere touch so it's only a tease. The many nerve endings atop her mammary gland get triggered and she begins lactating, slowly. Noticing, I give her jug a good squeeze, increasing the flow of warm white liquid. I lean forward and start licking - it tastes sweeter than cow's milk, yet kind of odd. This unexpected stimulation causes Amanda to become horny again and she starts moaning, seemingly with great pleasure. Outraged, I clamp down hard with my teeth, guillotining her perky nipple and causing blood to join the white stream of milk. Her reaction is instantaneous. Amanda starts to squirm and jerk around - in vain.

"Come now, I'm sure those huge tits must give you back aches. I'll help!" I say as I grab her opened tit and place the razor at the base.

As I plunge the blade inside, she gasps in horror. She probably realized she won't get out alive. With the razor fully inside her mammary, I start to cut around the center, blood flowing profusely and covering her stockings, while she serenades with melodious screams. One more sawing motion, a yank and her massive bloodied appendage is free from her chest. I'll make myself a milkshake later.
Cutting tits and hearing screams gets old pretty fast, though…

"Come on darling, next song already!" I say as I headbutt her pretty face, breaking her nose.

"Mmmmmmmmmnooo ,pleeeas-" I cut her short with an uppercut that slams her jaw closed and cuts off the tip of her tongue. The small piece of muscle flies across the room and makes a comedic splashing sound as it hits the cell door window.

"Ooh, don't worry, your face is still pretty. The guards will enjoy destroying it further! Let's see what else can be done in the meanwhile." I say, examining the rest of her untouched body.

Her survival instinct kicks in and she tries to fight back, using her legs - but I am too close for her to kick me.

"BEHAVE YOURSELF, AMANDA." I command her, while holding the razor at her throat.

She whimpers helplessly and ceases her hostility, afraid of her life ending. Though tempting to just slice her throat and be done with it, I resort to have some further fun with her twat. Her cum-dripping cunt just begs for some abuse. I place the razor at the top of her pubic mound. She only registers a cold metallic feeling before she starts screaming - being stabbed right through her pussy. The razor pierces through her clitoris with merciless precision. My eardrums barely make it through this scream. I resort to choking her again so she doesn't deafen me, while I start jabbing the razor all over her abdomen. I make sure I stab her uterus thoroughly, hitting both ovaries.

"Oops. Looks like that cunt of yours is no longer usable… I'll have to give the guards something else to fuck." I say, grabbing her other, intact tit.

Amanda is past the point of reaction - partly due to her lack of oxygen and partly due to all the pain she's already suffered. I jab the razor into her huge left tit and wiggle it a bit, making an incision. I then do the same with her navel.

"There, now you're fit to be fucked again. BOOOYS, COME IN!" I call in the two towering guards that had been waiting patiently outside for their turn.

"Ooooh boy. That's one damaged cunt - beautiful work boss!" one of them says while gazing at Amanda who lays bleeding on the table.

"I'm out to make myself a milkshake. I know you like live meat so I didn't finish her - there's a bat behind that counter, enjoy!" I tell the guards as I leave the room with Amanda's succulent right tit.


File: 1551640146434.jpg (78.51 KB, 600x947, 26906bd766eb9f9353261f4a90….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Kaoru
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. Pregnant teenage girl.
Scene: At home.

Marie smiled nervously, her hands slowly unbuttoning the front of her uniform. Her sizable breasts dropped out, swaying as her breathing quickened. "Would master like a taste?", she seductively purred. She continued her strip-tease, the apron and micro skirt falling around her long, slender legs. There the maid stood, in all her naked, nubile glory. Her flesh was pale, like ivory.

Marie slowly got on her knees, her face flushed. Slim fingers carefully unzipped the front of Masters pants, pulled aside his underwear, and cradled his erect cock. The girl closed her eyes and began to lick up and down the shaft of the penis. One hand cradled the balls, while the other descended down and began to rub at her moist pussy. Master moaned as Marie slid the head of the penis into her mouth and began to suck.

He grabbed her by the head and jammed her face against his crotch as he came, spurting cum deep into her throat. Master pushed Marie away, leaving the maid choking on his load, eyes watering up and strings of semen and drool dripping from her full lips. She looked up into the barrel of a snubnose revolver. "M-master?", she stuttered, a mixture of fear and surprise causing her voice to pitch up. "You might give good head, but I cannot tolerate a maid who slacks off at work", Master said in a deep baritone. Before Marie could plead, the revolver thundered. The single .357 wadcutter round planted itself into the center of her forehead, creating a neat circular hole. Marie's head whipped back, and she fell to the floor in a loose heap of limbs and hair. Master grabbed her by her glossy raven hair and pulled her head up. Her face was frozen in an expression of shock. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was agape. The wadcutter bullet left a clean mark, with no exit wound or expansion. Blood dripped from her nose and the entrance wound, mixing with the tears, drool, snot, and cum caked on her face.

He let go, and the head dropped down, a heavy thud echoing in the room. He surveyed the rest of her corpse, squeezing her firm breasts and savoring their warmth. "Ah, it is so hard to find good help these days", he whispered to himself.


File: 1551649641843.jpg (530.15 KB, 874x1200, 66940651_p0_master1200.jpg)

K/V: Possible Victims
Name: Rei(left) and Kasumi (right)
Age: 18(Rei) & 21.
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Context: Rei and Kasumi have been gifted to you, along with a request for peace from the neighboring kingdom that you have been at war with for over a decade, but are on the brink of defeating. They are waiting in your royal quarters. What's your response to this sexy delegation?


"Yes sir, confirming target. Short black hair, black eyes. Pregnant. Sending picture." the stationed sniper confirmed to his squad leader.

"That's her. Permission to liquidate - GRANTED. Terminate with extreme prejudice."

Kaoru was a low-life prostitue. She didn't know it, but she was bearing the illegitimate child of the prime minister. It was a loose end that could endanger his career - or at least that's how he saw it when he sent a covert operation with NKSOF soldiers to take her out.

She had an opened bottle of milk and was relaxing on the couch, listening to the radio, hearing the propaganda that was broadcasted about how great the DPRK was. The sniper put the sights on her stationary head. 'What a shame people's lives equal those of roaches when the Party is involved.' he thought as he pulled the trigger, sending a .308 FMJ towards Kaoru's head.

Kaoru's body suddenly jerked back violently against the couch. Her head got popped open like a watermelon - a gory watermelon. Bits of brain and bone could be seen adorning the walls through the sniper's scope, but her disfigured face wasn't visible. He sighed and shot at Kaoru's belly, aborting whatever life was still inside her. The hole left in her belly was clean and conical.

"Target eliminated. Send in the clean-up crew." he reported.

"Roger that, good job. This never happened." he heard back.


File: 1551729251149.jpg (83.49 KB, 485x711, KJePNok (copy 1).jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Franceska
Age: 29
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A Hollywood sweetheart loved by many.
Context: Kidnapped at a red carpet event.


I gazed down at the two young women gift wrapped in lingerie kneeling on the floor of my royal quarters, they slowly turned their head and looked up at me, clearly terrified.

"W-we've been sent here by his majesty, Lord Faulks himself, along with an offering for peace between our people. P-please considers this gesture of goodwill, my name is Rei and this is Kasum, together we… " She looked away and paused, blushing furiously as she bit her lower lips before continuing. "W-we will attend to your every need tonight, before returning to my lord with your response tomorrow morning."

With trembling hands, both girls began to undress. They looked genuinely afraid of me, as they should - I am the one that razed countless villages to the ground, enslaved their womenfolk and ordered the systemic extermination of their people.

They have every reason to be afraid.

As the evening passed, both girls were thoroughly fucked in every orifice, I'll never forget the way Rei screamed when I thrust myself into that little ass of hers, nor would I forget the look of disgust on Kasumi's face when I commanded her to clean my dick up afterwards with her the tip of her tongue.

At dawn break, blood and semen caked both girls' inner thighs, Kasumi's sizeable chest has been marred with red and purple fingermarks from my brutal manhandling while titty fucking her, while Rei's wide stretch anus may never go back to normal after I forcefully sodomised her with a brass candleholder.

The girls curled up in a fetal position, sobbing and weeping as I summoned my guards into the room. Their eyes widened in fear when I told the guards to deliver the peace offering to Lord Faulks, on the flayed skin of the women he sent to me.

As the sun rose, the girls were dragged out of my royal quarters, their agonising screams echoed in the valley as my chief torturer slowly peeled off the fair, delicate skin from their body while they're still alive and conscious. Using a thick brush, I penned my response on their smooth pelts. The message, along with girls' heads and their flimsy undergarment were packed in a wooden barrel, to be flung back into Lord Faulks' castle on a trebuchet.

It's good to be king.



Dang, I got ninja'd. Oh well, no new prompt from me then, but may as well share my reply anyways. It turned out fair bit longer, so it's in my thread over in /lit/:


Is thread kill? Should I provide a new victim?


K/V: Killer
Name: Tatha'caesh'aoniu (Shortened: Acaesha)
Age: 23
Sex: F
Species: Chiss (Star Wars)
Characteristics: Black, shoulder-length hair. Blue skin. Glowing red eyes. Casual sci-fi clothes.
Scene: Relaxing in her house on Coruscant after her workweek is over. She's a waitress.
(Unrelated to the murderer in this story, sorry.)

I checked the webcams before the show began, grinning as the men got ready. 'Fluffed', as it was called in the porn biz, by two young women I had trained to work for me. Their gags no longer had any affect and they were useful, so I no longer gave into my usual passions.
Franceska just staired in horror, bound as she was to the pole by her arms. Her wrists were tied firmly, her arms pulled behind her but given enough give that she could pull away somewhat. She had given up trying to resist, but couldn't fathom what was to come.
"Alright," I spoke. "You guys ready?"
The two men chuckled and slapped the girls away from their shafts before approaching the buxom redheaded beauty.
It was then that I turned on the webcams. I wasn't just hooked up to shady paysites, I was also live streaming to as many sites and stations as I could. I wanted people to see this, because I knew Franceska would want her last act to be public as well.
They tried to track me as the Hollywood sweetheart beloved by so many was raped. They took her with the passion of an animal as I watched her writhe and scream. She begged and I changed angles, zoomed in here and out there.
She was my masterpiece, for now, of all of my years in school to be a director. And my revenge for being laughed at when I asked to direct one of those new superhero movies, fresh from graduating.
As they came in her a third time, enjoying the tightness she gave when they were both in her, I tossed them a knife. I didn't have to say a word as they butchered her like a pig.
To end it all I decided to subvert audience expectations of it just ending. I shot the two stars before grabbing a camera and I captured the life leaving her eyes, her last breath fogging the camera lens.

I took my two slaves home after that. They wouldn't be able to track it and I filmed in a location nobody would look into for years. After a nice bath, maybe I'd go to a theater and watch her latest movie? I was such a fan of her work, after all.


File: 1553403552834.jpg (182.01 KB, 1142x1500, 73757039_p1.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Muriel
Age: 230
Sex: F