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This is a little game I wanna try x3

Each person posts if they are a killer, or a victim, along with some characteristics. You can add a scene as well if you'd like. If you don't, then the next person gets to choose the scene.

If the person before you is a victim, then you write about how you kill them. You write their snuff story. In the story you write about their death, and get to control their actions. They just set up the character and possibly scene, and you do the rest.
So if you decide you want to strangle the victim, you can go ahead and write about how they struggle, if they escape or not (though every victim must die by the end of the story! ), etc. You can also write about what you do to them after their death, such as playing with them, raping them, preparing their funeral, etc. as long as they don't get brought back to life.

If the person above you is a killer, then you write about how they kill you. So you write your own snuff story, based on the information that the killer provides about themselves.

All stories are unrelated, so if you're a killer, and the person above you is a killer, then you still write about how they kill you. Then, the next person to reply will write about how you kill them.

And yes, if you're a victim but the person above you is also a victim, you first have to kill them, but it's okay, because the next person will kill you. ♥

As for scenes, if the person before you posts a scene, the story only needs start there or end there. So if someone posts that they're at a pool, you can choose to do the whole thing at the pool, or you can choose if they start out somewhere else and eventually end up in the pool, or if they start in the pool but end up elsewhere.

So, I'll start.

K/V: Victim
Name: Emily
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: Long brown hair, green eyes, very tall, wearing black flats, a grey skirt, light white shirt, and grey hair bow.
Scene: In a hotspring that is part of a rural hotel.
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K/V: Victim
Name: Chloe Miller
Age: 22
Sex: F
Characteristics: See Pic
Scene: Her husband's ex is jealous that Chloe is pregnant with his baby, so has hired a hitman.


Selena knew since before she uttered her first word that this day would come. The Baby-Faced Demons, people who sold their souls and freedom to the Great Nemesis so that they may wield His wretched sorcery, would extinguish all that is good if allowed to do so, her master once said. The servants, as the prophesized by Sero—a messanger of the Lords—appeared in the East many generations ago and decimated the tribes, pushing them back towards the Endless Sea. Then, at dawn, they descended on their remaining villages, burning everything and slaughtering every last man, woman, and child.

Of the nearly eight-hundred inhabitants, Selena was the only surviving member of her people. The demon people surrounded the Temple she was directed to defend with her life. Her presence wasn’t known, as a tapestry obscured her from their sights, but Selena was too proud to hide for long; only long enough be able to strike the enemy.

Her target was a fierce woman with bright red hair, clad in a skin-tight fabric which matched her hair. Though her face was too smooth in Selena’s mind to be considered a true warrior, the posturing, and the six guards on each side following her every step, was enough to tell Selena that this was the leader of the murderers. Her guards wielded devil sticks; powerful staffs crafted with the Nemesis’s magic which could tear through flesh and bone without even making contact with the victim’s body. A coward’s weapon, but a deadly one that has slain more of her warriors than the Lords could count. That would not deter Selena, who believed that the Lords would return before the final warrior could fall and drive back the Nemesis’s forces and resurrect the fallen, ushering in eternal paradise.

“I’ll see you soon,” Selena muttered in her tongue.

The red-headed woman stepped next to the tapestry, and Selena burst forth, screaming and clutching an old dagger. The sharp metal sank between her bosoms and into her heart; her eyes widened as her body swayed. Selena removed the dagger and her enemy dropped to the floor, coughing up blood. Her guards pointed their sticks at her; a mighty crack like thunder from a nearby lightning bolt filled the temple as six holes appeared in her breasts. Selena joined her adversary on the ground, her chest burning as her lungs collapsed and filled with blood.

At least a dozen hands grabbed her, ripping off her clothes, and at least one stiff cock penetrated her dying cunt. Another woman stepped in front of her and pointed her stick directly at Serena’s forehead. She wondered if the Lords had forsaken her, just before all thoughts ceased as a bullet ripped through her brains. Her lifeless body was raped and molested by at least twenty men and two women, before being tossed into a shallow grave just outside of the village with everyone else.


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K/V: Victim
Name: Fiona
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A female mercenary working in North Africa.
Scene: A desert highway.

Robert checked his watch. It was almost 5:30PM, about the time his target usually got home. He had taken the liberty of breaking in and waiting for her in the living room. Right on schedule, he heard the tinkling sound of keys being inserted into the door lock, the subtle squeak of the door opening and closing, and the rustling of plastic shopping bags.

22 year old Chloe Miller walked into the living room, absentmindedly staring at her phone. For a moment, she didn't even notice she had an uninvited visitor. She looked up, and her eyes widened.

Robert pointed his preferred weapon of choice, a silenced PPKS at her. FWUT FWUT FWUT, the gun whispered thrice.

Three holes appeared in the chest of the young mother-to-be. She fell back against a wall and slid down, smearing blood on the pale cream wallpaper.

Chloe clutched at her chest, a look of panic on her face. "Wh-why?", she gasped plaintively. Robert shrugged, and placed the muzzle of the handgun against Chloe's forehead.

She closed her eyes and looked away, hands raised in a futile sign of submission. The gun whispered again, and Chloe Miller was no more.

Robert picked up the four .380 shell casings and slid them into a plastic bag. He took an old Leica out of his bag and snapped three images of Chloe's corpse. He wrinkled his nose. The pregnant woman had emptied her bowels after death. How disgusting.

Robert was eating his breakfast in the motel room when the local news channel broke the story of the murdered housewife. He smiled, and spooned another bite of oatmeal into his mouth. That crazy ex of the husband had paid him handsomely for the job.


File: 1551439699722.jpg (43.43 KB, 500x667, 8609f81741dc4643fec8965b11….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Amanda
Age: 31
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A criminal psychologist.
Scene: A therapy appointment with a serial rapist-murderer turns lethal. (Bonus points if he does something to the tits)

Fiona dropped to her knee behind the wreckage of her patrol vehicle. Her icy blue eyes scanned her surroundings for the assailants that fired the fateful RPG round that took out the rest of her crew, with her rifle held firmly in lean and yet arms she carefully peered out from behind her cover, only to be forced back by a fusillade of AK-47 fire.

Bullets laced the reinforced metal humvee chassis as her assailants eagerly sprayed the burning vehicle with automated assault rifles, kicking up small clouds of dust around Fiona’s position. She gritted her teeth, her blue eyes narrowed with a mixture of fear and determination, she has already contacted HQ about her predicament, all she needs to do is to hold out until the inevitable air support arrives.

"Let's just hope they don't do anything stupid…" she thought to herself as leaned against her cover and reloaded her rifle. "… because I ain't got enough bullets for all of them."

It didn't take long before two balaclava-clad terrorists lept out of their cover and eagerly charged towards her location at the urge of their commander, only to be mercilessly cut down as Fiona’s bullets ripped through their foreheads, sending a spray of blood and brain matter arcing in the air as their lifeless bodies collapsed onto the sand. Not before one of them manages to lob a flash-bang grenade through the shattered windows of the humvee, it lightly bounced off the ground and landed merely a few inches from Fiona's position.


A blast of iridescent white light burned her retinas before she could even react, temporarily blinding the girl while her ears rang from the flashbang's explosion. In her delirious state, she could see the terrorists dashing towards her, one kicked the gun from her hand while the rest pointed their rifles at her. Fiona gritted her teeth, staggered to her feet and attempted to fight back, only to be knocked to the ground with a well-placed punch to her stomach. They spat on her, took turns kicking her as she squirmed on the smouldering asphalt pavement of the highway, heated by the merciless North African sun, some took great delight in stepping firmly on her fingers, then slowly turning their heel until her fingers snap from the pressure.

She felt like she’s going to die here.

They stripped her nude as she futilely struggled in their grasp, her muscular arms were bent behind her back and tied together with her own bra. At the signal of their leader, two terrorists grabbed Fiona’s legs and pulled them wide apart, exposing her crotch area invitingly as one picked up her weapon, barrel still warm from the firing, he carefully pressed it between the opening between her legs and slammed it inside, tearing massive gashes in her delicate vaginal tissues as the weaponized dildo forcefully penetrated her womanhood without an ounce of love. She shrieked and howled as her rifle eventually slammed into her cervix, just when she thought it couldn't get worse, it punctured through it and buried itself inside her womb.

Then, accompanied by innumerable voices of anger from the mob looming over her, she felt a stream of hot lead tearing her innards to shreds when her assailant finally pulled the trigger. The young woman thrashed and spasmed hopelessly on the ground for a few seconds before blissful oblivion finally took her.

Videos of Fiona's final moments, along with photos of her naked corpse hanging on a tree by the sling of her rifle were rated favourably on gore sites.


File: 1551622783414.jpg (355.41 KB, 863x1200, 73280386_p0_master1200.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Marie
Age: 20
Characteristics: see image.
Context: Marie is one of the maidens at your mansion. She's very cute, usually horny and air-headed. You can tolerate a few mishaps, but this is the third time you catch her taking selfies instead of doing her job. She tries to weasel her way out by flashing her tits and lifting her skirt, but she must be punished. How severely will Marie get it?

She probably feels safe because we're inside a prison and there are guards posted at the door. Amanda isn't aware, however, that this is my personal prison and she's here not to give me a psychological examination, but to satisfy my urge to extinguish beautiful women like her. The guards won't help her, but will surely enjoy her corpse once I'm done with her.

"Well, Andrew, what are you thinking about?" she utters, after a long pause of me staring at her voluptuous body.

She crosses her left leg and lifts her skirt a bit, revealing her thigh. Her cheeks flush a bit as she probably imagines what I'd to to her.

"It must be lonely in here, without women…" she says, eyeing the bulge in my trousers.

Amanda, like the bitch in heat she is, loses another button on her shirt - revealing the top side of her enormous jugs.

"Don't be shy. You can tell me. Tell me all that you want to do… Nothing you say will leave this room." she says and throws her clipboard on the table, freeing her hands to fondle herself.

"Well… Amanda… let's get started. You might not enjoy this as much as I will." I say as I graciously stand up from my chair and walk towards her.

A wave of panic washes over her as she registers what I said, but it dissipates as she takes a glance at the window on the door and sees a guardian. I gently caress her forehead and then lean closer, removing her glasses - her gaze locked unto mine. As I kiss her, my hands work quickly and tear down her shirt - revealing her soft, massive tits. Her little hands skitter across my abdomen, feeling the hard shapes underneath, making her way to my dick. We continue to kiss, filled with lust. I imagine all the ways I'll mutilate her nubile flesh. As she frees my dick, I drag down her skirt, revealing her shaved pinkish-red pussy. Despite her age, it looks very delicious. I grab her by the ass and lift her on the table, allowing for easy penetration.

"Yes. Yes. Yesss, fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME ALREADY!" she yells like a sow.

I won't deny myself the basic biological pleasure of a moist and presumably tight cunt so I line myself up and then thrust suddenly, viciously.

"AAARGH. YES!" she yells as she's penetrated.

Her ample tits jiggle wildly as I thrust into her. Amanda's nipples are very perky, towering a good centimeter above her fleshy aureolae. I slap them hard, prompting her to scream, in addition to her moaning.

"Punish me, yes. Squeeze me! Punish meeeee!" she yells, apparently enjoying it.

"Oh, Amanda. You have but to ask." I tell the little lamb as I squeeze her jugs. Tiny white streams ooze out of her nipples.

She leans back and thrusts her pelvis forward, impaling herself on my cock and squeezing like an octopus, her legs wrapped around my back. Amanda is quivering and moaning madly as she orgasms. I keep pounding, unabated - while slowly fetching a razor from the back pocket of my trousers.

Amanda suddenly screams and slumps back as her right arm gives way. With a swift move, I cut behind her shoulder, severing her arm nerves.

"Nnnnooo - Wha-What are yo-" she starts yelling with despair as I slice her other arm's nerves. The rush of her orgasm dissipates very fast and she starts flailing around, but her arms are dead weight.

"Guuuuaaaaards! HEEEEELP!" she yells.

"They wouldn't want to disturb my privacy. Your screams fall on deaf ears my dear." I tell her putting the razor away for now and grabbing her fragile neck.

I continue thrusting into her with more vigor than ever as I choke her to silence. Her lips tighten around my cock like a vise. The feeling of power as her eyes roll over, combined with the stimulus on my cock make me erupt inside her. My dick is throbbing like mad as I dump a huge load inside her sex and let go of her neck. She coughs and gasps for air, tears rolling down her face.

"Beg me to slice your throat and I'll finish you quickly, Amanda." I tell her, but she's still coughing - her visage, pure terror.

"Nooo, please don't… think about getting out of here… pleeeeeease!" she musters the fortitude to beg.


>>4848 Part 2
I cackle insanely.

"I am here for my own protection. I run my empire from here, you daft cunt!" I tell her, taking away any and all bargaining chips that she might hold for her life.

I grab the razor. She winces and starts begging as the cold metal touches her erect right nipple. The blade isn't sharp enough to cut just at a mere touch so it's only a tease. The many nerve endings atop her mammary gland get triggered and she begins lactating, slowly. Noticing, I give her jug a good squeeze, increasing the flow of warm white liquid. I lean forward and start licking - it tastes sweeter than cow's milk, yet kind of odd. This unexpected stimulation causes Amanda to become horny again and she starts moaning, seemingly with great pleasure. Outraged, I clamp down hard with my teeth, guillotining her perky nipple and causing blood to join the white stream of milk. Her reaction is instantaneous. Amanda starts to squirm and jerk around - in vain.

"Come now, I'm sure those huge tits must give you back aches. I'll help!" I say as I grab her opened tit and place the razor at the base.

As I plunge the blade inside, she gasps in horror. She probably realized she won't get out alive. With the razor fully inside her mammary, I start to cut around the center, blood flowing profusely and covering her stockings, while she serenades with melodious screams. One more sawing motion, a yank and her massive bloodied appendage is free from her chest. I'll make myself a milkshake later.
Cutting tits and hearing screams gets old pretty fast, though…

"Come on darling, next song already!" I say as I headbutt her pretty face, breaking her nose.

"Mmmmmmmmmnooo ,pleeeas-" I cut her short with an uppercut that slams her jaw closed and cuts off the tip of her tongue. The small piece of muscle flies across the room and makes a comedic splashing sound as it hits the cell door window.

"Ooh, don't worry, your face is still pretty. The guards will enjoy destroying it further! Let's see what else can be done in the meanwhile." I say, examining the rest of her untouched body.

Her survival instinct kicks in and she tries to fight back, using her legs - but I am too close for her to kick me.

"BEHAVE YOURSELF, AMANDA." I command her, while holding the razor at her throat.

She whimpers helplessly and ceases her hostility, afraid of her life ending. Though tempting to just slice her throat and be done with it, I resort to have some further fun with her twat. Her cum-dripping cunt just begs for some abuse. I place the razor at the top of her pubic mound. She only registers a cold metallic feeling before she starts screaming - being stabbed right through her pussy. The razor pierces through her clitoris with merciless precision. My eardrums barely make it through this scream. I resort to choking her again so she doesn't deafen me, while I start jabbing the razor all over her abdomen. I make sure I stab her uterus thoroughly, hitting both ovaries.

"Oops. Looks like that cunt of yours is no longer usable… I'll have to give the guards something else to fuck." I say, grabbing her other, intact tit.

Amanda is past the point of reaction - partly due to her lack of oxygen and partly due to all the pain she's already suffered. I jab the razor into her huge left tit and wiggle it a bit, making an incision. I then do the same with her navel.

"There, now you're fit to be fucked again. BOOOYS, COME IN!" I call in the two towering guards that had been waiting patiently outside for their turn.

"Ooooh boy. That's one damaged cunt - beautiful work boss!" one of them says while gazing at Amanda who lays bleeding on the table.

"I'm out to make myself a milkshake. I know you like live meat so I didn't finish her - there's a bat behind that counter, enjoy!" I tell the guards as I leave the room with Amanda's succulent right tit.


File: 1551640146434.jpg (78.51 KB, 600x947, 26906bd766eb9f9353261f4a90….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Kaoru
Age: 18
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. Pregnant teenage girl.
Scene: At home.

Marie smiled nervously, her hands slowly unbuttoning the front of her uniform. Her sizable breasts dropped out, swaying as her breathing quickened. "Would master like a taste?", she seductively purred. She continued her strip-tease, the apron and micro skirt falling around her long, slender legs. There the maid stood, in all her naked, nubile glory. Her flesh was pale, like ivory.

Marie slowly got on her knees, her face flushed. Slim fingers carefully unzipped the front of Masters pants, pulled aside his underwear, and cradled his erect cock. The girl closed her eyes and began to lick up and down the shaft of the penis. One hand cradled the balls, while the other descended down and began to rub at her moist pussy. Master moaned as Marie slid the head of the penis into her mouth and began to suck.

He grabbed her by the head and jammed her face against his crotch as he came, spurting cum deep into her throat. Master pushed Marie away, leaving the maid choking on his load, eyes watering up and strings of semen and drool dripping from her full lips. She looked up into the barrel of a snubnose revolver. "M-master?", she stuttered, a mixture of fear and surprise causing her voice to pitch up. "You might give good head, but I cannot tolerate a maid who slacks off at work", Master said in a deep baritone. Before Marie could plead, the revolver thundered. The single .357 wadcutter round planted itself into the center of her forehead, creating a neat circular hole. Marie's head whipped back, and she fell to the floor in a loose heap of limbs and hair. Master grabbed her by her glossy raven hair and pulled her head up. Her face was frozen in an expression of shock. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was agape. The wadcutter bullet left a clean mark, with no exit wound or expansion. Blood dripped from her nose and the entrance wound, mixing with the tears, drool, snot, and cum caked on her face.

He let go, and the head dropped down, a heavy thud echoing in the room. He surveyed the rest of her corpse, squeezing her firm breasts and savoring their warmth. "Ah, it is so hard to find good help these days", he whispered to himself.


File: 1551649641843.jpg (530.15 KB, 874x1200, 66940651_p0_master1200.jpg)

K/V: Possible Victims
Name: Rei(left) and Kasumi (right)
Age: 18(Rei) & 21.
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Context: Rei and Kasumi have been gifted to you, along with a request for peace from the neighboring kingdom that you have been at war with for over a decade, but are on the brink of defeating. They are waiting in your royal quarters. What's your response to this sexy delegation?


"Yes sir, confirming target. Short black hair, black eyes. Pregnant. Sending picture." the stationed sniper confirmed to his squad leader.

"That's her. Permission to liquidate - GRANTED. Terminate with extreme prejudice."

Kaoru was a low-life prostitue. She didn't know it, but she was bearing the illegitimate child of the prime minister. It was a loose end that could endanger his career - or at least that's how he saw it when he sent a covert operation with NKSOF soldiers to take her out.

She had an opened bottle of milk and was relaxing on the couch, listening to the radio, hearing the propaganda that was broadcasted about how great the DPRK was. The sniper put the sights on her stationary head. 'What a shame people's lives equal those of roaches when the Party is involved.' he thought as he pulled the trigger, sending a .308 FMJ towards Kaoru's head.

Kaoru's body suddenly jerked back violently against the couch. Her head got popped open like a watermelon - a gory watermelon. Bits of brain and bone could be seen adorning the walls through the sniper's scope, but her disfigured face wasn't visible. He sighed and shot at Kaoru's belly, aborting whatever life was still inside her. The hole left in her belly was clean and conical.

"Target eliminated. Send in the clean-up crew." he reported.

"Roger that, good job. This never happened." he heard back.


File: 1551729251149.jpg (83.49 KB, 485x711, KJePNok (copy 1).jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Franceska
Age: 29
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image. A Hollywood sweetheart loved by many.
Context: Kidnapped at a red carpet event.


I gazed down at the two young women gift wrapped in lingerie kneeling on the floor of my royal quarters, they slowly turned their head and looked up at me, clearly terrified.

"W-we've been sent here by his majesty, Lord Faulks himself, along with an offering for peace between our people. P-please considers this gesture of goodwill, my name is Rei and this is Kasum, together we… " She looked away and paused, blushing furiously as she bit her lower lips before continuing. "W-we will attend to your every need tonight, before returning to my lord with your response tomorrow morning."

With trembling hands, both girls began to undress. They looked genuinely afraid of me, as they should - I am the one that razed countless villages to the ground, enslaved their womenfolk and ordered the systemic extermination of their people.

They have every reason to be afraid.

As the evening passed, both girls were thoroughly fucked in every orifice, I'll never forget the way Rei screamed when I thrust myself into that little ass of hers, nor would I forget the look of disgust on Kasumi's face when I commanded her to clean my dick up afterwards with her the tip of her tongue.

At dawn break, blood and semen caked both girls' inner thighs, Kasumi's sizeable chest has been marred with red and purple fingermarks from my brutal manhandling while titty fucking her, while Rei's wide stretch anus may never go back to normal after I forcefully sodomised her with a brass candleholder.

The girls curled up in a fetal position, sobbing and weeping as I summoned my guards into the room. Their eyes widened in fear when I told the guards to deliver the peace offering to Lord Faulks, on the flayed skin of the women he sent to me.

As the sun rose, the girls were dragged out of my royal quarters, their agonising screams echoed in the valley as my chief torturer slowly peeled off the fair, delicate skin from their body while they're still alive and conscious. Using a thick brush, I penned my response on their smooth pelts. The message, along with girls' heads and their flimsy undergarment were packed in a wooden barrel, to be flung back into Lord Faulks' castle on a trebuchet.

It's good to be king.



Dang, I got ninja'd. Oh well, no new prompt from me then, but may as well share my reply anyways. It turned out fair bit longer, so it's in my thread over in /lit/:


Is thread kill? Should I provide a new victim?


K/V: Killer
Name: Tatha'caesh'aoniu (Shortened: Acaesha)
Age: 23
Sex: F
Species: Chiss (Star Wars)
Characteristics: Black, shoulder-length hair. Blue skin. Glowing red eyes. Casual sci-fi clothes.
Scene: Relaxing in her house on Coruscant after her workweek is over. She's a waitress.
(Unrelated to the murderer in this story, sorry.)

I checked the webcams before the show began, grinning as the men got ready. 'Fluffed', as it was called in the porn biz, by two young women I had trained to work for me. Their gags no longer had any affect and they were useful, so I no longer gave into my usual passions.
Franceska just staired in horror, bound as she was to the pole by her arms. Her wrists were tied firmly, her arms pulled behind her but given enough give that she could pull away somewhat. She had given up trying to resist, but couldn't fathom what was to come.
"Alright," I spoke. "You guys ready?"
The two men chuckled and slapped the girls away from their shafts before approaching the buxom redheaded beauty.
It was then that I turned on the webcams. I wasn't just hooked up to shady paysites, I was also live streaming to as many sites and stations as I could. I wanted people to see this, because I knew Franceska would want her last act to be public as well.
They tried to track me as the Hollywood sweetheart beloved by so many was raped. They took her with the passion of an animal as I watched her writhe and scream. She begged and I changed angles, zoomed in here and out there.
She was my masterpiece, for now, of all of my years in school to be a director. And my revenge for being laughed at when I asked to direct one of those new superhero movies, fresh from graduating.
As they came in her a third time, enjoying the tightness she gave when they were both in her, I tossed them a knife. I didn't have to say a word as they butchered her like a pig.
To end it all I decided to subvert audience expectations of it just ending. I shot the two stars before grabbing a camera and I captured the life leaving her eyes, her last breath fogging the camera lens.

I took my two slaves home after that. They wouldn't be able to track it and I filmed in a location nobody would look into for years. After a nice bath, maybe I'd go to a theater and watch her latest movie? I was such a fan of her work, after all.


File: 1553403552834.jpg (182.01 KB, 1142x1500, 73757039_p1.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Muriel
Age: 230
Sex: F
Characteristics: See pic, a busty brunette elven spy.
Scene: In a hotel room, trying to get classified info by offering sexual favors.


Acaesha slept peacefully, her slender naked body splayed out across her bed. The assassin crept in, softly padding around the discarded clothes and empty food cartons scattered across the apartment floor. He paused in front of his target and admired her. The Chiss were, as a race, naturally physically fit and Acaesha was no exception. Her toned arms, perky breasts, long, muscular legs, and the hint of abs under her taut belly belied a lifetime of physical activity. The young Chiss woman was woefully ignorant of her imminent demise, and the assassin aimed to keep it that way. Despite his fall from grace and turn to illegal work, the former Jedi still had a few shreds of humanity left in him. He didn't cause pain for his victims unless the client demanded it.

He switched on his lightsaber, the energy beam glowing, bathing the sleeping beauty's face in a soft mauve light. Acaesha stirred, groggily opening her crimson eyes as the low hum of the beam activating broke through the fog of sleep. She didn't even have time to register the stranger leaping at her before the lightsaber separated her head from her body. The head flew over to the far side of the room, while her body thrashed, rolling off the bed and onto the faux hardwood floor in a tangled pile of twitching limbs. The assassin turned off the lightsaber and leaned down to pick up Acaesha's head. As he had expected, the girl had died almost instantly, the loss of blood pressure causing her to lose consciousness within a second of decapitation. He dropped the head into his bag and left the apartment, already looking forward to the 200,000 credit payout.


Me thinks thread is kill.


Whew, this is gonna be a long one…
Christopher "The Killer" Miller
Characteristics: Light brown hair worn in a crew cut where the sides are just slightly shorter than the top, athletic, but slim build, green eyes, 185cm high, well kempt and mannered counter-intelligence/cleanup agent, speacializes in extracting info and forced disappearances. Wears a plain black hoodie with light blue jeans, sneakers and a mandatory pair of round shaped mirrored shades.
Next Assignment
Name: Unknown
Location: No-Tell Motel on 17 Nw Atari Rd, room 112
Objective: Intercept and terminate clandestine operator

Current Assignment
Name: Rachel Lumiérre aka "Muriel"
Location: 2 Alamo Street, Hotel Coral Essex, room 5042
Objective: Recover any information relating to stash of stolen data from Globoco Execs and terminate the subject

I walked up the stairs to room 5042 casually, checked my watch, 1800 hrs, I arrived punctually like I should. I knocked on the door, to which a soft female voice answered in a welcoming tone. "Come in."

I promptly entered the room and closed the door behind me, having hanged the "do not disturb" sign on the handle, I gently dropped my heavy sports bag and measured the scene.

"Muriel" was sitting on a bed, naked, her legs bent in a crescent beside her as she propped herself with her right arm. She took a most alluring position, it emphasised her exquisite bust quite very well. She knew her stuff. Her long brown hair fell over her breasts, covering her nipples, radiating shyness. Her gaze was that of a meek lamb, pleading for mercy, but ready to get none from the perverted sadomazochist she got hooked for tonight's trick. On paper that is. She was a dame to kill for, I could easily imagine her seduce the average pathetic suit, those hedonist fools will leak (among other things) their juiciest business infos to impress covetable courtesans like her. But not today.

"Parker is that you?" She asked smiling in confusion.

"Yes." I took off my sunglasses and put them down onto the coffee table next to the door. "I can't show up to dates in my suit, you surely understand that, don't you?"

"Of course." She kept her smile on.

"This is not how we discussed." I said in a disappointed, insisting tone. "You were supposed to be waiting for me shackled to the bed." I half kneeled and unzipped my sports bag, took four pairs of handcuffs and stood back up to face her.

"I'm sorry, Master, I thought I'd surprise you with something more romantic first." She lay back and started fingering herself. I realized what she was doing, she was provoking me to punish her, played along her role just fine…

"You are a bad little elf, you deserve punishment." I said as I grabbed her wrist and pulled it away from her dripping slit, she gasped when I snapped the cuff around her wrist and fastened it until it dug into her skin. I played rough, did the same to her her feet, then her other hand. I stretched them out to the four corners of the sturdy cast iron frame of the bed, making sure she can't move. She kept heaving and moaning, her entire body was relaying signals of anticipation, her lustful, helpless gaze, erect nipples and by now thoroughly lubricated, ruddy and beautiful generative organ were all calling me to give in to her charms. Such a waste of talent and experience. 230 years… I almost feel bad for her, but I consider myself a proffessional, there's no room for pity.

I walked to my bag and brought it closer, put it down on a chair I dragged along. I fished around in it, looking in her eyes, she observed my moves with great excitement, which only faded when I pulled out a syringe and a plainly labelled vial of transparent liquid.

"What is that?" She asked. Fear noticeably seeped into her voice as she realized the gig was up, but was still secretly hoping it would be some party drug I want her to take.

"This is an enhancer to make sure you feel everything with tripple intensity, but stay awake at the same time." She started fidgeting against the restraints. "I'm prepared to make a deal with you, Rachel."

"Oh yeah?" She asked, her voice laden with bitter sarcasm. "How about I scream for help? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!" Not a second later she yelled an ear shattering wail. "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! Then a second.
"SOMEBODY HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" I sat calmly beside her a stoic expression sitting on my face. When she noticed my lack of reaction, she stopped screaming.

"It's a soundproofed saferoom. Are you done?" I asked.

"Fuck you!" She spat at me that angry, rushed, dispersed spit of hatered. I didn't even bat an eyelid in response.

"So the deal is…" I pressed on the syringe to let the air out and shook it to make sure. Why I did this, I don't even know, was just a mechanical preparation. "I'll ask you about a stash of info you extracted from a Globoco exec, Charlotte Greene." I slipped the needle under the skin on her biceps. "If you tell me where it is, I promise to make it quick." Injected her then pulled it out and placed it on the night stand next to the bed. "If you won't answer me, or give unsatisfactory answers, I'll start removing bits and pieces of you, skin, nails, nipples, eyelids…" I stood up, pulled out a switchblade, slowly walked beside her while I kept adding to my list and caressed her shivering and sweating body with the tip of the blade down from her plump left breast to her left foot. "Ears? You got plenty of that…" I smiled.

"You know I can't do that…" She whimpered, curved her toes inwards when I reached her foot.

"You know you are going to die anyway. Why suffer in excess?" I asked her, standing at the end of the bed with the switchblade in my hands, a solemn expression across my face.

"I…" She was hesitating. I could see that she's afraid of pain and especially death. After 230 years one ought to cherish their lives.

Her excessive sweating was proof that the enhancer was kicking in. I decided not to dawdle and make my move, just inflict some light pain to make sure she understands what she's in for. I walked back to her head, got on the bed, took her between my legs and sat on her belly while I pressed my knee down on her arm to secure it. Her whimpering intensified with her fidgeting, by this time her actions only served to signal her panic and anguish, she definitely knew she wasn't getting out of her bonds. I cut into her arm, slightly above the point where I injected her and peeled a ribbon of skin from the top of her biceps all the way to her shoulder.

"HYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Her doleful wail echoed in my ear long after I was done with her, the first scream is always the most memorable one, reflecting on a fresh sensation of intense pain, coming from a body still full of energy, it's also where most rupture their throats and are unable to keep on, just gurgle and moan in a destroyed echo of a voice.

I watched her face contort with terror as I presented the ribbon of skin to her. She started puking, I quickly threw the piece of her away, turned her head sideways and made sure that she empties her throat. I also pulled away her hair with my other hand lest she soil it, still holding the switchblade between my fingers like it was a cigar. Yet again I don't know why I did these rather futile gestures, I guess I was still under her spell a little, she looked like an absolutely wild fuck. White foam bubbled forth from her mouth, no traces of food in her vomit. She cleared her belly beforehand, had possibly been expecting a wild throating.

"STOP, STOHOOOP PLEASE STOOHOOHOOOP!" She sobbed. Her voice was still soft, she was either pretending to be hurt or she had a really resilient vocal chord.

"The disks you got from Mrs. Greene, where are they?" I rephrased my question in a neutral, if a bit cold tone while I tied a turniquet around her arm to slow down her bleeding.

She made a well audible gulping sound as she swallowed whatever liuid was still in her mouth. "I…" She looked pleading into my emotionless eyes. "How are you going to kill me?" She asked, shutting her tearful lids close.

"I will inject you with a strong sleeping agent and then ziptie a plastic bag over your head."

"All right…" She said with a sour expression. "It's in a deposit at the Riker street Harvest & Trustee bank."

"Let's confirm that." I pulled out my phone and called my handler at the agency. "Hudson I got some intel from your girl, Muriel…" She watched me with a face of desperation while I talked to my superior, still sitting on her belly, ready to resume her torments if the info is bogus. "Well, Ms. Lumiérre, sadly, my boss just told me that Mrs. Greene caved and she pulled the lid off of everything about your deal." Her eyes widened in fright, she listened on in silence, her words were choked into her by fear. "He also said that the info you gave me was worthless and only served to buy time." Her expression slowly turned into a silent wail of panic and surrender.

"No, no, please!" She watched as I pulled a transparent plastic bag and a bundle of zipties from my bag.

"You were a bad little elf, you deserve punishment." I echoed my previous words, they took a rather twisted turn, but I saw no reason to go gentle on her and waste good sedative on a lying bitch. She was shaking her head madly, her long ears drilled into the pillow left and right, her ebony hair scrambled into a haystack, tufts stuck in her face and to her sweaty neck.

"NO, NO, NOOOOoohmmmmmmmmpf" I pulled the bag down onto her neck, made sure I got a long sleeve so it wouldn't slip out from under the ziptie no matter how she struggles, then zipped it shut below her chin and got off of her.

"Mmmmmmphfffffhmmmmmmpppmmmmmm!!!" Her muffled screams echoed in the silent room. Her body swayed wildly on the bed, her knees, torso and belly up and down, her ample breasts kept bouncing on her chest. She was banging and turning her head, in a vain and desperate attempt to get rid of the sack, which inflated and deflated at her mouth whenever she instinctively struggled for air. The cuffs tore into her skin, her limbs stiffened against the restraints, the bed creaked under the strain she put it through, her slender, shapely hands and feet turned purple and oozed blood where the metal of the cuff ground against them. Her abdominal muscles were outlined under her skin as she forcibly tried to breathe in. A stream of urine burst forth from her with a tremendous force and stained not only the sheets between her legs, but even the carpet in front of the bed, her body went all in.

Her strength ebbed in conjunction with the levels of oxygen in her lungs. Her torso fell back to a resting position, her breasts fell to the side like inert sacks of water, her head stopped moving and slowly slumped to the side. The constant wriggling of her arms and legs turned into a few occasional jerks as she slowly met her end. Looking at me through the plastic foil, she faded out, I couldn't see her blaming eyes from the steam sitting on the inside of the sack, it turned to an opalescent white color, only her ears and her nose were visible under it.

Mission accomplished. I waited for a few minutes, then unshackled her and took her to the bathtub, with the bag still on her limp head. Retrieved two bottles of the concentrated sulfuric acid and poured it onto her, then opened the tap just a little, lest its reaction with water throw the chemical out of the tub. Finally I switched the vent to max, admittedly I should have done this first, as the seering stench of the fumes were getting overwhelming in the room. Then I crossed my fingers, hoping that my department wasn't fucking with me when they said they installed an acid proof tub, and I won't end up pulling a Jessy Pinkman in a five star hotel.


File: 1556309696238.png (4.23 MB, 2022x1392, Muriel.png)

Here's a rather skittish post-mortem, I did for some quick practice. Way to waste an afternoon…


File: 1562600913396.jpg (145.3 KB, 799x1200, D-VZ6zHVUAAt-Gf.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Rachel
Age: 17
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image.
Scene: In a hotel room.

Christopher checked the magazine in his handgun, flicked the safety off, and screwed on a silencer. Opening the door with his off hand, he slowly entered the motel room. Padding through the entrance softly, he swept the gun around, the light from the torch attached to the frame of the pistol illuminating the dark room.

The target slept softly in the bed, a young woman. Some rookie from a rival agency, caught up in the wrong conspiracy. He crept over and carefully pulled the bed sheets off her naked body. She was petite, with slim legs, a soft, oval face peppered with freckles, short cropped red hair and a flat chest. If Chris didn't know better, he'd have thought she was a middle schooler instead of a recent graduate of Langley.

He placed the muzzle of the gun against her rising and falling chest. She stirred, and he squeezed the trigger three times. The silencer muffled the gunshots, and the target twitched as three 9mm JHP rounds blew through her heart and lungs. A faint sigh escaped her lips as she died.


Rachel lay down on the bed of her hotel room, staring at the ceiling. Her great blue eyes were smiling, framed by a cascade of blond hair. Seventeen years old, wide hips and busty breast, she was there for a little play with Micheal, her boyfriend. She was the unaware and innocent girl, he was the dangerous raper that broke in her room to rape her. She had already given him the key of the room, he would come, at a certain time of the night, playing his part. Rachel's part was to stay awake and to keep herself busy, better if in skimpy clothes. The thought of the night was already beginning to thrill her.

Rachel took a shower. She put on a reduced blue underwear and a light white t-shirt which she knotted under the breast. She ate something, watched a movie on tv, always with an eye to the clock. Micheal knew how to increase tension. Rachel started to browse Gurochan just to warm herself up a little.

It was 10:28 pm when she heard a key turn in the lock. There he is! She rose from the bed. She wanted to give him a position of advantage by giving her back to the door. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the man enter the door with padded step. She had to make an effort not to laugh, seeing him with black clothes and black balaclava, almost the parody of a thief.

He grabbed her from behind with force, Rachel had never been good at acting but did her best <Oh God! Please, please! Don't hurt me! I'll do whatever you want. Whatever!> Micheal didn't speak. Yanking her, he threw her on the bed belly down, he took out a pair of handcuff and tied her hands behind the back. Rachel liked the handcuffs, maybe these were a little tight but, after all, her role was the victim. It wasn't her who dictated the rules and she didn't have to be confortable. Obviously Micheal knew her limits, he knew what to do, what not to do and when to stop. Unfortunately for her, this man was not Micheal.

He turned her on the back and began to rub her breasts, Rachel shouted fake scream while the man explored her body with his hands. He tore off her underpants, leaving only one leg in the indument. She was starting to get wet. When his hands tightened around her neck she found nothing strange there. She liked it, the lack of air increased her pleasure, it was arousing. This time however Micheal squeezed more than usual. Feeling the lungs begin to burn, Rachel began to move uneasily.
"Micheal…" she managed to whisper
"It's too tight Micheal" on the contrary, he tightened his grip.
"Please Micheal, what are you doing?" No response.
"What are you doing Micheal?"

Panic exploded in Rachel's stomach, she started kicking <Xylophone! Xylophone!> not even their safeword could stop what she thought was Micheal. Her lungs were on fire, her legs kicked desperately. Too weak to talk, I don't want to die Micheal, please, I don't want to die! She wanted to scream but not a single breath could come out of her lips that were slowly turning blue.

Micheal… why…

The tongue slightly out of the mouth, her eyes red and wet, almost numb to the man's cock that violated her, too busy not to die. When she finally died, he certainly hadn't finished yet. He turned the body over and over again penetrating every orifice, spending more than one hour with the beautiful corpse of the girl.

When the real Micheal came, around half past midnight, he found Rachel's body on the bed, still tied, dirty with sweat and sperm, a red mark around her neck, her dead eyes, wide with terror.


K/V: Victim
Name: Sonya
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: Short girl, blonde hair, ponytail. Green big eyes, glasses, light blue sweater, jeans.
Scene: Secretary in a office, taken as a hostage. When the Special Force arrive, they have to be sure that she hasn't heard too much (this office deals shady deals). She must appear to be victim of the terrorists


File: 1565190795786.jpg (62.75 KB, 893x1155, 3222274 - Haley Joe_Randel….jpg)

When the unit from the Counter Terrorist Task Force, of the Army Special forces, stormed the corporate building, they came in like death on his silent, pale horse. The terrorist scum didn't know what hit them. Bandits, as the assault team called them, and not particularly smart ones at that. They didn't keep open channels on their walkie talkies. If they had, the leaders higher up might have heard the deaths of their patrol guards lower in the building. As it was, the mooks in the hostage room had no idea what was going to happen to them.

Doors were blown in, and suppressed guns rattled off. While getting outside support for hostage situations was not unusual, the rapid response of this elite unit was. The owners of the business had a deal with the Army, making certain things - certain camps - disappear from the records and keeping them supplied. The fight against Terrorism wasn't always pretty, and it wasn't always what the pukes in the capital could stomach. So when the black ops' favorite shell company got hit, they hit back hard as they could.

Unfortunately, one of the hostages was still a live. The commando leader sighed and shook his head. She was a pretty thing. Blonde. Big green eyes looking up from behind pretty glasses. Her hands were bound behind her back already, and she'd been stripped out of her sweater and jeans, and what underwear she'd worn under that was gone. A quick check showed she wasn't on the list. They had been given a set of names and pictures. If those persons were found alive, they were to be rescued. Some were in one of the other rooms even now being cleaned up and cared to. This girl however, was not on that list.

That made things difficult. No one had said the job was going to be easy (killing the mooks had been but still) and no one said he was going to have to like what he needed to do. She was there,bound, and gagged, looking up at him with those big eyes, pleading. The masked soldier gave a little nod, as if to reassure her, and walked around behind her. She couldn't turn to watch, of course, and that was for the best. A small mercy, he decided. He looked around as he walked behind the naked girl and saw what he was looking for.

It was long, and gleaming, with a defined curve on its single sharp edge, tapering to a finely honed point. A scimitar, the weapon of choice for this particular brand of bastard. Gesturing silently to one of the men, he pointed to the mans belt, and then made a jerking motion. The soldier understood. These bastards were known for how they defiled their prisoners. The younger soldier fished himself out and started a mechanical stroking, softly, so the hostage couldn't hear. Aloud, the bigger commander said. "We're looking for a key." The girl had been handcuffed after all, though her legs had been tied apart to stakes driven into the floor. How they'd managed that, the commando didn't know. If he'd really been intending to save the girl, he'd pick the sword up just as he was now, and use it on those ropes on her ankles.

Sadly for Sonya (according to the name tag on the floor by her clothes) this wasn't to be the case.

He held it with both hands, behind and out of sight, taking steady aim. Another nod, as the man jerking his cock stepped in closer. He was working fast now, and there was a rustling sound, no avoiding it. That confused the pretty blonde secretary, but up ahead one of the other soldiers called out, "Ma'am if you could look this way," and her head snapped up and over, reacting on instinct and impulse.


The sword swung in an arc, catching her just at the center of the back of her neck. Credit where it was due, this blade was perfectly honed and sharpened. No nicks in the metal, and expertly balanced for exactly this kind of thing. A well made weapon, frankly a piece of art that was too finely crafted for the hands of such scum. But it served its only true purpose well, cleaving the girls head from the rest of her body with one swift blow. The head arched up as the body fell forward, blood spraying. His men were out of the way of course, and the torso slumped to the floor before the head landed a few feet away, starring up with a startled, stupefied expression. the eyes blinked, once, and then stayed open, the light fading even as the other soldier stepped into the heads view.

The last thing that Sonya saw was the cock, pointed at her severed face, and the first spurt of white that landed on her skin. She never even had the time to think 'why', before the second load landed, and then third spurt. By the time the man was finished painting her face with cum - just like those scumbags would - she was dead, her eyes and face forever stained, her body shuddering behind her, voiding her bladder and bowels.

Nothing left for it, the man took the sword and drove it into the ground next to her. After the CSI had cleaned the place, he'd keep the blade. No one would ask why. There was a pause, and a picture was taken for his superiors.

Mission Accomplished.


K/V: Victim
Name: Haley
Age: 19
Sex: F
Characteristics: Average height girl with nice curves, long curly blonde hair and dark eyes.
Scene: Haley is a small town cam girl that loves to blog about life in her town, and post all sorts of horribly inappropriate photos online. Secure behind the belief that no one could find her she routinely taunts some of her clients, thinking they get off on that. But you found her, and now you're going to make sure she learns one final lesson about mocking her viewers.



Not really in beheading but the story and execution are adorable (including the final squeeze)


File: 1565246459322.png (430.44 KB, 754x1093, 75639077_p3.png)

K/V: Victim
Name: Francine
Age: 23
Sex: F
Characteristic: See image
Scene: Empty parking lot, late night

Martin drove down the logging trail, humming some old, half remembered country tune. Every so often, there'd be sporadic thumping as the cargo in the back of the truck struggled. He smiled at her persistence. The headlights flashed across an old signpost marking an offcut, and he turned the wheel, driving off the trail and into a small clearing. It was the dead of night, with sporadic cloud cover. Martin turned off the engine, letting it tick over for a couple seconds as he rubbed cold fingers in anticipation.

He inhaled and opened the door, stepping out into the cool night air. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a revolver. An old .357 with a snub barrel he'd gotten for a carpentry sidegig a couple of years ago. He held it in his right hand, reaching forward to unlock the rear latch of the cargo cab. It swung open as the girl inside made a mad dash for freedom. Martin had been anticipating that, and swiftly kneed her in the stomach as she scrambled out of the truck. She fell over wheezing, the air knocked out of her lungs.

Martin took a moment to appreciate the young woman's body. Slim, athletic body with barely an ounce of fat on it beyond her perky tits and shapely rear end. Golden blonde hair that shone under the moonlight, and a pair of dark blue eyes that shimmered with defiance. Her slender arms were ziptied behind her back. He made a mental note to restrain the legs next time, to prevent any unwanted last minute runaways. Her swearing and shouting was muffled by the multiple strips of tape wrapped around her mouth.

Haley, that was her name, he remembered. He had met her online, where she was advertising herself as a "massage therapist" and a photographer. Well, she had certainly massaged his penis, and had taken a lot of photos. Some of which had leaked online, along with some choice insults from Haley.

"Now, didn't your parents ever tell you about manners, young lady?", Martin asked the girl casually as he pressed the cylinder release latch and dumped out all 6 rounds of jacketed hollow point ammunition into his open palm. Her muffled threats slowly died away as she eyeballed the gun nervously. "Back in the day, when a girl sold herself she didn't have the balls to spread rumors and shit about clients, y'hear?", Martin continued as he pocketed 5 of the bullets and carefully slid the remaining one back into the cylinder. He gave the cylinder a little flick, letting it roll freely for a few seconds before shutting it and pointing the barrel at Haley. He pulled the trigger, and the hammer came down on an empty chamber.


Haley flinched.

Martin pulled the trigger again.


There was an acrid scent, and steam rose into the cool midnight air as Haley emptied her bladder in front of him, her piss jetting out all over her legs. Her eyes were clenched shut, tears rolling down her rosy cheeks.

Click. Click.

There was one last chamber to go. Martin got up, walked over to the shivering girl, and placed the muzzle directly against her breast. With his free hand, he ripped the tape away from her mouth. "Any last words? I'll be sure to tell your mom and dad at your funeral", he growled. Haley looked up at her killer and opened her mouth. "Please, don't do this", she whined breathlessly. "I-I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you!"

Martin slowly shook his head left to right. "Ahh, no can do kiddo".

He pulled the trigger.

The gun jumped in his hands, the bullet blasting through her left tit, blowing a grapefruit sized channel through her ribcage, left lung, and spinal cord. It punched out the small of her back in a shower of gore, coating the brush behind her in crimson red. For a moment, she sat still, a dumb expression on her face, as if she could barely believe that a giant hole was in the center of her chest. Then, blood burst from her nose and lips, her blue eyes rolled up, and she slumped over on her side. A pool grew around her torso as shivers wracked her body.

Martin went back to the truck and retrieved Haley's DSLR. He pointed it at the corpse of its former owner and snapped a couple images. He placed the camera back in the truck, hopped into the front seat and drove away, leaving Haley's body to be picked apart by the local animal population.


K/V: Victim
Name: Red
Age: 24
Sex: F
Characteristics: Medium Red hair, Hazel eyes, Green T-shirt, Sweatpants, Glasses, C-cup boobs, big butt.
Scene: Suspicious Mansion Party


Francine walked across the empty parking lot. Her car had broken down on her trip home, her phone was dead and she needed repairs. She only had a dim flashlight to illuminate her path as she came across an abandoned gas station. She tried the door to see if there was a phone available, but the door was locked shut. As she turned around, she noticed a vehicle was pulling up to the parking lot. She couldn't see what it was, only it's headlights. She waved to it, hoping to get it's attention.

The vehicle pulled up, and she noticed it moved strangely. The lights shining in her eyes, she could barely see what it was. However, as her eyes adjusted, she noticed it was a steamroller. She saw a shadowy figure in the cabin step out onto the pavement. She walked up to the figure, hoping to get some help, but instantly regretted it. The figure charged at her, and grabbed her arm. She screamed, and tried to pull away, but the figure, a young male with a bandana over his face shoved her to the ground. Her mouth hit the pavement, and she feels hands grasp her angles. Suddenly, a sharp pain shoots through her body as a knife is jabbed into the back of her heel, cutting through her achilees tendon. It happens again, slashing through her sock.

Francine continues to scream for help and trying to push the man off of her, but her attempts are futile. The man strips her down, starting with her shoes and ending with her bra and panties, tossing them into the cabin of his steamroller. Then, she feels her cheeks get spread apart as his dick penetrates her anus, and starts to rape her. His hand wraps around her black hair, and he forces her head to the pavement as he fills her young ass with his seed. Once cream-filled, Francine is let go, her tears dripping down her face, constantly sobbing.

Suddenly though, she hears the sound of the engine behind her, the man having gotten back in his vehicle. She desperately tries to stand, but immediately falls back down, scraping her knees and breasts. She tries to crawl, but she's too slow. The steamroller crushes her toes and Francine lets out a howl of pain. The steamroller continues, flattening her feet and then her calves into human jelly. She slaps her hand painfully against the ground, her face pale with pain and fear. Next, her thighs are smashed, leaving her unable to lift her body. Then, the steamroller runs over her ass, crushing her pelvis and squeezing the cum and shit in her rectum up through her intestines like a tube of toothpaste. Her spine cracks, causing her brain to go fuzzy and her arms to spasm. The steamroller continues up her body, cracking each of her ribs and causing a mixture of cum, blood and shit to fly out of her mouth as Francine finally stops thinking rationally, and becomes a flailing meat puppet.

Eventually, only her neck, head and arms are left. The man stops the steamroller, and pulls Francine's head from her 'body'. The neck part of her spinal cord comes with it. Her eyes are rolled in different directions, and her tongue is sticking out. He uses her mouth to clean his dick from earlier, leaving cum dripping from her dead face. He brings her head around to the back of his vehicle, and ties her up by her hair to the back, alongside another of his victims, also a young women. Then, he proceeds to smash the arms of the lifeless fucktoy, leaving her as a red stain, and a human pancake of skin on the ground. He drives off, Francine's head knocking against the other one like a pair of balls. Her body would go on to be devoured by crows, and her head would end up being dumped in a latrine, along with dozens of others.


I really enjoyed that, I'm always happy to see more squishing stories!


This is hot, I'm lurking here all the time, this is new to me. Never knew I would enjoy crushing this much. It would be interesting in another way if it was a creampie and the guy stop at her pelvis and turn around to crush from her head, leaving pelvis untouched then took it instead of heads. :D


I know promoting my own work is terribly immodest, but if you like crushing, you might want to check out my ongoing story here (if you haven't already):

It features a number of squishy deaths of various sorts, with more to come.

BTW, I like your idea of squishing everything but the pelvis – it does seem like the most useful part to leave intact. I might steal that!


File: 1565626157582.jpg (95.94 KB, 717x925, 2084461 - Ernie_Centofanti….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Marley
Age: 21
Sex: F
Characteristics: Wavy dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, white t-shirt, jeans, b cup breasts, wide hips/butt
Scene: Marley is an up and coming actress who thinks she's been invited to shoot for a new movie. She doesn't leave the lot alive.


Red should have known from the start that there was something off. She'd had a crush on Joey, the eldest son and heir of the Malone family that owned the big mansion on the hill since they'd been in high school. And when he came back from college broad, with that rakish hair cut and crisp trimmed goatee, she'd felt the hots all the more. Not that she thought he'd noticed her at all. But when he'd run into her in the grocery store and invited her to come hang out at a small party he was hosting for folks he knew in town - "A casual affair. Sweats and comfy clothes, because I rarely get to just relax with friends" - she should have known better.

But he'd smiled that smile and Red had gone as bright as her name, coloring up behind those glasses of hers. She'd nodded and whispered a throaty yes, and that was that.

And when Joey answered the door with some of his friends lingering about the big place, and passed a large drink into her hand, welcoming her with that smile that was bright -but didn't reach his eyes, she should have known. When she had the drink, and realized that there were no other girls, she should have known. When her body felt hot, and she'd told Joey, and he'd suggested she take her clothes of, she should have known.

When the men bent her over the table, and started taking turns with her, while the room swam, she should have know. Three of the boys fucked her cunt, one after the other, while a fourth had used her mouth. The taste of cum splattering down her throat really should have been the clue that this wasn't going to end well. Or perhaps, when another man held his cock right up to her face, and blasted her in the eye with a load, she should have realized she wasn't getting out of this.

Joey, sweet Joey, whom she had crushed on so hard, became the first of them - the first ever - to fuck her ass. That had hurt enough to momentarily shock her out of her drug induced stupor, for her to stop moaning pathetically and cry for help. All it had earned her was a savage blow from one of Joey's friends, that broke her nose, leaving a spurt of blood on her face and fresh tears pouring down her eyes. Joey laughed in her ear and called her a sow, good for fucking and nothing else. That hurt deeply, drugs and abuse non withstanding, that made Red shake and sob more. She barely even noticed when he fired off a huge load into her ass, and the next man took his place.

And the one after that.

And the one after that.

When Red was finally allowed to drop from the table, to the ground, laying on a tarp that had been placed over the floor, gasping, with cum leaking out of every hole, and caking her body, she should have known. When Joey knelt down and placed his cock in her mouth, telling her to suck and that it would be okay, she should have known. And when he drove the dagger that had been on the mantel up, between her ribs, slicing deep into her heart - when the blood poured out of her mouth, and his cock spurted one last time into it. Only then, her body sagging, voiding itself onto the tarp, the cold claiming her as she bled out with that mans dick still in her mouth….

Then, it was the last thing she ever knew.



Good story Crash. I love that the person who kill her it's the boy she had a crush.


File: 1565683755779.jpg (229.7 KB, 1200x1716, cbaa5e957f554da1ca10f6b53d….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Moira
Age: 31
Sex: F
Characteristics: See image, a young mother of three.
Scene: Home alone in the middle of a weekday.

The first thing Marley thought as she woke up, was that she should've trusted her instincts. The moment the man told her to come to film at 11:30PM, in a dusty industrial park in the middle of nowhere, with no one else around, she felt bad vibes coming out of every pore from his body. But, she needed the money bad. It was hard being a young aspiring actress in the City of Angels, and she wasn't desperate enough to start working at a titty bar. Not yet, anyhow.

Marley would've taken the titty bar job over her current predicament, however. She was laid spread eagle on a rusty steel bed frame, with nothing to cover her lithe, young body. Marley was a classic All American beauty, dirty blonde tresses that seemed to shimmer with stripes of gold in the sun, lightly tanned skin, shining baby blue eyes, a cute innie pussy with a neat patch of blonde fur, a bombshell waistline and perky B-cups capped by light pink nipples. She wriggled and squirmed, her heart pounding in nervous anticipation. Something bright lit up, causing her to squint.

Two men had entered the dingy warehouse and had turned on the lights. One of them Marley recognized as the guy who had met her outside in the parking lot. "Hey, asshole!", she screamed. "Let me out of here!" The men didn't respond, didn't even look her way. They set up lights, audio equipment, and a bunch of seriously high end looking film cameras. Marley was no camera geek, but even she knew a thing or two about videocameras, and what the two men had brought were capable of recording in 8k. Whoever was bankrolling this freakshow had some deep pockets.

The two men finished setting up. They walked past her without even taking a glance. A part of her was insulted by that, she had worked hard on keeping fit and they didn't even want to look? The door clattered open, and another man entered, alone.
She didn't recognize him either. Not that she could, as he was wearing a balaclava over his face and a white cooks apron over his chest and torso. He was carrying a duffel bag, which he dropped beside the bed frame. "Hey, lemme outta this!", Marley pleaded. The masked man turned and looked at her. Marley thought she saw a look of pity flash across his slate grey eyes, before he turned away. The man unzipped the duffel bag, reached in and pulled out a katana.

Marley's blood ran cold. The Japanese sword shone underneath the lights, reflecting the wavy pattern of the blade steel.
The man walked over to the camera set up, adjusted the angle and elevation, and hit record. He walked in front of the camera and bowed towards it. "H-hey, what the fuck is going on!?", Marley stuttered, her tongue tripping over itself as fear filled her mind. Paying no heed to her protests, the man walked over to her restrained body and placed the tip of the sword just above her neck. Marley turned her head away as she felt the cold steel touch her skin. The cold sensation went away as the man raised the sword above his head. Marley closed her eyes. This was all just a bad dream. She'd wake up right now, still in her bed, her pet cat curled up beside her.

The sword came down.

Marley's eyes opened for the last time. She tried to speak, but nothing came out. The man leaned over and grabbed a fistful of her dirty blonde bangs. The world swung around as her head was raised off the dirty concrete floor, blood pouring from the bottom of her neck stump. She tried to comprehend what was happening, but there was a mental fog slowing down her thought process. The man cradled her in his arms and walked towards the camera. He knelt down and presented the severed head to the lens. The last thing Marley saw was the reflection of her face in the camera lens, her mouth slack jawed in a comically stupid expression. Then, the lights went out.


File: 1565713231979.jpg (346.09 KB, 727x1028, 60817155_p14_master1200.jpg)

K/V: Your choice;
Name: 2B
Age: does not apply
Sex: Female Android
Characteristics: White short hair, wearing a black dress and having her eyes covered. Muscular physique. T H I C C ass and God tier pussy.
Scene: She's your combat partner. After your last fight it seems she has defective behavior and is acting strange. You're not sure if she'll attack you or wants to fuck you to high heaven.


Another day, another job…

I reach forward to knock on the door, but I'm stopped by the door being opened. She must have seen me coming through the door aperture.

"Hey there! Hello! You must be Andrew, the gas technician I contacted." the incredibly voluptous middle aged woman greets me.

She's wearing nothing but a pair of blue shorts and a green tank top that allows her huge erect nipples to be observed below the fabric. I stare in awe for a few seconds, then regain my senses.

"Indeed I am." I reply. "Let's see about that gas leak you mentioned."

The lone horny wife. They're kind of rare, but maybe this is one of my lucky days.

I follow her to the kitchen where she has her gas thermal power plant and notice how nice her buttocks jiggle up and down as she strides.

"O-over there. I heard the gas alarm go off and I was scared something bad might happen… so I… I looked online and found your number, Mr… Andrew. Please see if there's a leak - I couldn't sleep at night if something were to happen to me and my family!" she requests, fidgeting with her hair.

"Of course m'am. Don't you worry, if there's a leak - I'll patch it real quick." I say and begin my inspection.

There is indeed a faint methane smell in the air near the entry pipe. I don't have to even bring out my tools to see where the leak is originating from - the pipe screw nut has been tampered with and is partially undone. I whip up my one inch spanner and tighten it in just a few seconds.

"There… the nut was loose. Just air the room a for a few hours and everything will be alright. This will be $100, for the trip only - since there wasn't much to repair." I tell Moira as I pack in my tools.

She doesn't respond so I stand up and turn towards her.

"Oh… sorry to bother you for such a triffle." she says with a perverse smile on her face as she fondles her right breast through the tank top.

"I'm afraid my husband is out of town… and there's no money in the house…" she says, throwing out a hint to her offer.

"Ah. I see… perhaps you're looking to pay me in some other manner?" I ask, taking off my work cap and flexing my arm as I do it.

"Oh, mr. Andrew… I'm sure we'll be able to work out something… in the bedroom." she says, then sucks her index finger and motions me to follow.

This cunt thinks she'll get a free fuck… on my time. Oh well… might as well get my noodle wet before…

The bedroom has some quite lavish furniture. It's impossible she doesn't have money stashed in the house. As she sees me looking around, she feels neglected and proceeds to take her top off, letting her massive breasts free.

"Oh my…" I exclaim, feeling my cock harden.

I take off my suspender braces and drag down my overalls, not taking my eyes off the prize. Moira springs to me and helps me discard my garnments, pulling down my underwear and letting my bulging cock spring forth in all its average sized glory. I can tell she's one thirsty housewife since she immediately falls to her knees and begins licking my shaft with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh Moira… you're one naughty housewife!" I exclaim as I moan from the pleasure her deft hands and wet tongue bring.

Moira works my shaft like a pro - her probably decade long experience showing. Before I cum, I stop her by taking her hands into mine and prompting her up so we can get into the bed. Throwing her unto the bed, she props her pelvis up with her feet and takes off the thin shorts that barely masked her cunt - inviting me inside. The bed is pretty high, so I just grab her by the ankles and pull her towards me - impaling her cunt on my erected cock and making Moira scream with surprise.

Moira's pussy is warm and slippery as I begin thrusting, prompting her to moan like a cow in heat. Her humongous udders bounce like jello - up and down with the motion of me pushing and pulling. I work with my hands up from her hips towards her breasts as I lean forward, until I can properly grasp her funbags. Squeezing, I'm surprised to see milk oozing out, slowly but surely. I lean until I lose my balance and I plant my face right on her milk-oozing tits. As she feels my tongue licking on her stimulated nipples, Moira begins quivering - orgasming. Her cunt clenches even harder and I reach over the tipping point. Within a matter of seconds I'll cum.

I stop licking and immediately lock my hands around Moira's neck. As soon as my orgasm begins, my hands lock into a vice-like grip. The look on her face is one of pure confusion at first, as she feels her breath run out, while her pussy is pumped full of my seed. Her pussy tighens even more, along with my grip on her neck.

"That's what you get!" I yell hysterically as I pump more cum into her twitching cunt, while looking at her face of pure despair.

"NOT EVEN A HUNDRED BUCKS! Stingy fucking whore!" I continue while I crush her trachea with my thumbs.

My orgasm simmers down as Moira's face changes color, going bluer and bluer. I slam her up and down a few times on the bed, just to see her tits bounce.
Her eyes begin spasming left and right, death closing in. Her hands, which I didn't even notice were trying to undo my grip, suddenly fall down.

"Good. You've expired. Now time to get my money' worth…"

I scavange around and find jewelry worthy way more than $100, but the main prize I take with me is her splendid pair of tits, which I skilfully detach from her warm corpse with the help of a kitchen knife. Those puppies will be a healthy source of fat for at least four days - they're huge!

I cauterize her chest on the stove, dress her up, throw the bloodied laundry into the washing machine and leave the house with the gas turned on and a perfumed candle lit in the bedroom, with Moira's corpse safely tucked under a blanket. I also smash her phone with a hammer and take the remains with me so I can't easily be linked to this. I leave the house satisfied, the whole affair lasting less than an hour and me getting more than a month's salary in jewels, along with some top notch tits. Life is beautiful.




I hope I have guessed the kind of character you had in mind

K/V: Your choice;
Name: 2B
Age: does not apply
Sex: Female Android
Characteristics: White short hair, wearing a black dress and having her eyes covered. Muscular physique. T H I C C ass and God tier pussy.
Scene: She's your combat partner. After your last fight it seems she has defective behavior and is acting strange. You're not sure if she'll attack you or wants to fuck you to high heaven.

Watching 2B fighting was a feast for the eyes. The way that magnificent body rotated, in sync with her sharp Katana tearing to pieces the bodyguards of yet another warlord who had sent us to assassinate was almost hypnotic. Often it was enough for me not to get myself killed while 2B was slicing all those around us. With a fighting style reminiscent of the ancient Brazilian Capoeira, she fluttered in her reduced black suit showing to me and her enemies her wonderful ass. I bet at least one of her victims died with a huge erection in the pants.

"Mercy" the fat warlord was on his knees before her, every now and again I wondered how men could follow such individuals. The 2B’s katana fell from above by cutting the man's face in two, he fell without a groan.

I smiled at my favorite android, certainly not expecting to be reciprocated. 2B was a war machine and served well for heating the bed but was certainly not company. Unexpectedly, what looked like a sketch of a smile took shape between her lips. Surprised, I put my katana on hand, it was a rather unusual behavior on her part. Approaching me, she licked her lips. Definitely unusual. Despite the black bandage on her eyes, I knew she could see perfectly, even better than me, thanks to sensors all over the body. I will never understand certain strange details of the Androids Assemblers, evidently everyone has their own perversions.

When she arrived in front of me she put her hand on my cheek. Despite our past sexual intercourse, 2B had never shown signs of affection, only cold efficiency, as it was appropriate for a combat android. I began to fear that something had broken down, perhaps it had been hit at a delicate point that had somehow modified her guidelines. After all with her own model they also produce sexual androids, it wouldn't surprise me that both behaviors were set in the same case.

Maybe I was crazy to let myself be so touched by a defective android but I let her do it. I took a lock of her white hair from her face. She knelt down and took my member in her mouth as she had done so many times but this time it was another level: evidently the war androids only had basic programming on sexual matters, her whole mouth was engaged in pleasing me. It was the best blowjob anyone ever gave me. I came into her mouth and she swallowed everything without hesitation.

I thought it was over but she put her hands on my shoulders and leaned on my back giggling. I don't think I ever heard her laugh, she was disturbing in her own way. I was exhausted but after a couple of licks of her tongue, my member came back in force. I'll have an Assembler explain to me how certain things work. Regardless of the blood and corpses all around us, 2B started riding me, her divine pussy tight around my cock. She moaned like I had never heard her do before, as enthusiastic as a slut in an orgy. I didn't have to do anything, she thought of everything, I clasped her beautiful ass with both hands and let her do what she wanted.

I came again, emptying myself inside her. Also this time it was the best fuck I ever had. I smiled at her expecting a third round but looking up I saw her katana ready to hit me. I was quick to avoid the blow, swirled on myself, knocking her to the ground, I recovered my weapon just in time to avoid a direct blow to my arm "2B, deactivation" she did not listen to me, dammit! That blow must have upset her a lot. We started fighting without another word. I knew her moves, I had trained with her hundreds of times but now she really wanted me dead. I was sorry but the only way to stop her was to kill her.

I pushed back a few lunges waiting for a gap in her defenses. For a long time there were none, her technique was impressive, but all of a sudden, after having diverted yet another blow to my face, I saw an opportunity that I was quick to seize. I slashed the blade diagonally and tore through her stomach, blood and guts falling to the ground. This didn't stop her but slowed her down. Androids are formidable fighters but their bodies are human like anyone else's: despite some redundant systems, if you damage enough organs they fall to the ground dead.

Always on the defensive I watched her movements become slower due to the loss of blood. It wasn't long before I found another gap and hit her between the right shoulder and the neck, a powerful blow that sank for at least fifteen centimeters. By now the victory was mine, the way she held the katana was completely out of phase, her acrobatics became inaccurate, she fell several times. I plunged the blade into the diaphragm, then back into the stomach. In the back after a failed acrobatics, then a cut to the left side. Finally a knee cut took her leg away, the android fell into a pool of blood.

2B was on the ground, unable to get up. Erratic movements of her body and limbs told me she was still trying to fight. Nothing in her made me think of an android, she looked like a normal dying woman "I'll miss you 2B" I sank the katana in her chest, aiming at the heart. She opened her mouth looking for air for a few seconds before finally going out.

I watched her body still warm, her beautiful ass that I would never have been able to taste. By now, I might as well take a last turn, the fight had excited me. I leaned over her and penetrated her ass, came a little later always inside her. I stood up annoyed.

This whole thing had put me in a bad mood, 2B had been with me for six years, we were a close-knit team. I loaded her on my shoulder and headed for the exit.

I'll have to take a new War Android from the Assemblers, I hate dealing with those guys. It will cost me almost all the compensation of this last contract. And they will also have to explain to me what happened with 2B

A thought suddenly seized me

Maybe I could convince them to give me as a gift one of those sexual models

K/V: Victim;
Name: Kate
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Red, curly hair, green eyes. Slender physique suitable for a girl of her age, glasses and freckles, green shirt with half sleeves and jeans, backpack on her shoulder
K/V: Victim;
Scene: you always had a crush on Kate, your classmate. She's wonderful and she's always friendly towards you. Today you have decided to declare yourself along the road in the woods that she use every day to go home from school. If you want you can have a weapon with you (I won't ask for the reason)



File: 1570249778466.png (153.57 KB, 145x524, 20191005_062739.png)

I am new to this site and I have no idea weither this thread is still alive. But I like this kind of RP storytelling and I will give it a try. The last post was made by OfixN on 08/22/19, hope someone is still watching.


K/V: Victim;
Name: Kate
Age: 16
Sex: F
Characteristics: Red, curly hair, green eyes. Slender physique suitable for a girl of her age, glasses and freckles, green shirt with half sleeves and jeans, backpack on her shoulder
K/V: Victim;
Scene: you always had a crush on Kate, your classmate. She's wonderful and she's always friendly towards you. Today you have decided to declare yourself along the road in the woods that she use every day to go home from school. If you want you can have a weapon with you (I won't ask for the reason).

Today was one of the last days at school before the summer holidays. It has been exeptionally warm the whole week and everybody is done learning… Hell, even the teachers long for a break! It just was to hot to focus on all the boring stuff. But then again, it had been hard to focus on anything all year! I had been sitting behind Kate. A cute freckled ginger with a slender body and a surprisingly long neck… All about her was… well… joyfull! Her voice was pleasant, she was kind to everyone, her hair sparkled a golden red if the sun rays caressed her curly strands… Her smooth skin was a pearly white riddled with an amazing patern of freckles all over her body! Every day, when she took her seat in front of me a waft of flowery perfume filled my nostrils… And most important, she had always been friendly to me. Where I was shunned by most others, she would treat me no different and we even became friends. She made me feel alive.

Just like my family, her family recently moved to this part of the country. And we both lived in the small new neighbourhood on the other side of the woods. Our dads worked together as loggers. Hazardous work, low pay, lots of alcoholism, violence and more… So the regular 'old' stock shunned the newcomers. Before Kate became friends with me I was beaten up regularly and I felt desperate. After Kate came to school I still got beaten up, but now I put up a fight and felt better about myself. I was proud, full of life! And all because of Kate… I was head over heals in love with her, had been so from the first time I saw her, but didn't realise it, couldn't admit it…

But that changed a couple of weeks ago. Kate and I walked together to school every day. And after school we walked back the same road through the woods.
At the moment we were the only two kids from 'behind' the woods - 'Transsylvania' some smartasses called it… so we always walked alone, just the two of us. And Kate was always in a good mood, telling me her stories, me listening, smiling, nodding and laughing. But a couple of weeks ago she started touching me… grabbing my hand… pushing me and laughing hard at my stupid jokes… and her look changed… her eyes were normally bright and shiny, but now they looked deep into me… showing a weird eagerness… And then it struck me that she might like me… a LOT! And I suddenly felt that I not only liked her, but that I had an enormous crush on her! I wanted to be with her, kiss her, feel her skin, her body… A growing desire filled my entire being, untill I could not hold it any longer… Every time she touched me I thought I would explode! At night I couldn't sleep… I jerked off thinking of her… So I had to tell her! Whatever the consequences.

That day I finally had gathered enough courage, and I decided to tell her on the way home. After school I waited for her. As I always did. It was extremely hot and I was sweating like a pig. The heat was one thing, but the stress of telling Kate what I felt for her made my sweat glands go into overdrive. Finally Kate showed up. She was looking gorgeous! She had changed her school clothes, jeans and shirt, for a fresh summer dress. The green flower pattern made her curly hair stand out even more! She was clearly happy to see me as she laughed and touched me on the arm. Together we went on our way. Kate was cheerful as always. Chattering over all kinds of things. But finally, halfway into the woods I could take it no longer and I stopped. Kate looked surprised. Her big friendly eyes staring at me. And I stood there stammering… "Kate, I… I have to tell you… something…" Hearing those words, seeing me sweating, my red embarrassed face barely able to look at her, she stepped towards me and grabbed my hands, her face changed into a big smile… She put one finger on my lips… "Sssh… silly boy! I already know…" And she leaned further into me, kissing me full on the mouth, forcing her tongue between my lips…

I exploded inside. My embarrassment and hessitation instantly disappeared. I grabbed her by her shoulder and neck and answered her kiss. My tongue danced around hers, moving deep into her mouth. She softly moaned and threw her hands around my neck. As she pulled herself close to me, I could feel her hard nipples poking through her dress as her small but firm breasts brushed against my upper torso…
For a moment she stopped kissing and asked: "Will you take me into the woods?" I didn't have to think twice and I took her by her arm and together we left the road. The woods here are quite densely packed with all kinds of trees and shrubbery, so it didn't take long before we were completely surrounded by nature, far away from possible prying eyes, on a small open spot covered with a thick layer of moss…

I pulled her close again and we kissed, long and firm. As I put my arms around her sweaty body, I felt her hands caressing me, sliding down my sides and over my thighs, clearly curious about the bulging behind my fly. Surprised and happy about my arousel she started firmly caressing the front of my jeans. "Hmmm… you not only have to tell me something, you also have brought something to show me!" She teasingly cooed. I laughed and pulled her down upon me as I let myself tumble backwards onto the moss. She screamed with excitement, and kissed me some more while she feverishly started undoing my belt bucle… with some agile movement of her hands she had my trousers down in no time, and with a firm pull at my undies, my hard cock revealed itself… with hungry eyes she looked at my stiff meat popping out, agreeingly grunting softly… for a moment she let her moist hands run over it, before she suddenly jumped up a little, and leaning forward, hastily removed her panties. At the same time the straps of her dress slipped down, revealing her small yet firm tits, with her hard puffy nipples protruding…
Sun beams fell on Kate's body, filtered by the foliage, making the sweat on her body shine with a golden glow.
On all fours she slowly crawled up my body, heavily breathing… I felt her hairy mons rub over my stiff member… she spit in her hand and with a quick move she grabbed my cock, making him all wet… moaning I let my head fall back, and before I knew what happened she slid her swollen pussy over my throbing cock and she started riding me… slow at first, but soon faster and faster, grinding her cervix over my glans, her slender fingers dug deep into my sweaty shirt…
A loud panting transformed into heavy grunting as she started shaking and a first orgasm rolled through her body. I was stunned and amazed by her almost animal like behaviour… suddenly she stopped, jumped up and turned around, kneeling down on all fours, ass up in the air, presenting her wet leaking cunt… "Please fuck me!… Fuck me HARD!" And while I kneeled behind her and slid my cock back into her warm moist cunt, she took my belt and put it around her long slender neck. Breathing heavily she pulled the belt tight and handed it to me… At first I was completely baffled… but as she started fucking my cock, moaning harder and harder, I got my groove back and before long I pounded her as like a bunny. But apparently I didn't do it completely right… because she started begging: "Pull harder daddy, pleaaaassse… pull HARDER! Strangle me daddy!!! Strangle your little girl as you always do! Punish me daddy! I have been a bad girl! Pleaaaassse make the itching go away!!! I want to see the stars! You are my daddy aren't you?! Or are you a pussy!??? Now DO it!" She turned her head and looked at me with dark hate filled eyes… Kate was gone and I was fucking some demonic animal! The rumours I had heared were true… I could never believe it, but this proved that Kate had been used by her father for years…

"Strangle me you PUSSY!!!" she screamed… And at that moment something snapped inside me… I grabbed both her arms with one arm and pulled the belt with the other. With force I pressed her face against the ground, deep into the moss. And I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, all the time pulling the belt… She laughed and screamed "YESSSSS!!! Fuck me daddy! Haha! I am a naughty girl!" Pounding her tight cunt faster and faster. Her laughter turned into screams and shreeks… "Yyeeeeaaaassss!!!…" I got a red haze in front of my eyes as I pulled harder and harder, pressing her head into the moss. She started struggling and shaking, but only muffled gurgles came from deep out of the moss and I didn't notice that her encouraging cheers and screams were turning into frightened shreeks of panic. Only thing I noticed was her long slender neck… the long slender neck I had admired for so long… the neck of an angel… and now that image was spoiled! I finally completely lost it and grabbed that beautiful neck with both hands and I pressed as hard as I could… still fucking her from behind… She started shaking and convulsing as I pressed her throat shut, cutting of air and oxygen… her limbs going into spasms… inside me the rage mounted to boiling point and in a last fit of anger I twisted her head firmly sideways. A loud snap instantly brought me back… her broken neck stopped her shaking and convulsing… she had gone completely limp and her head stood at a weird angle… out of a moss covered face her green eyes stared into nothingness… the light fading fast… a few involuntary spasms and it was over.
I killed Kate…

- - - - -

Now for my own character:

K/V: Killer;
Name: Ulyana
Age: 27
Sex: F
Short blond hair, shaven into a sidecut. Cool grey eyes. Athletic build, powerfull through years of training as a soldier for the Ukrainian army. Years of war made her a coolblooded killer.
Now she is back home she suffers from an incontrolable urge to kill…
She dresses in a camouflaged special forces uniform when she goes out to hunt.
Ulyana has been stalking you for hours and finally makes her move after you return home after an evening drinking with your friends. She can't wait to see the lights in your eyes slowly fade… make her proud!


Just a reminder that posting photographs of people is not allowed on any of the boards on gurochan.


Finally someone took care of Kate! In a completely different way from the one I imagined but certainly fascinating. I had lost hope now


Mind using another handle here? I've been posting as M here (mainly in lit) for a few years and would like to avoid any confusion :)


Thanx for the info about the rules.
I wasn't aware of that.
Sorry for being ignorant.
I will keep that in mind.


OfixN, glad you liked the way Kate came to her end. Everybody has different ideas about the ending of characters I guess. I hope somebody will pick up the stick and think of a way to let their character be killed by Ulyana.


I will use x–M–x.


As I stumbled through my home trying not to wake up my daughter, I try to remember the women's name who gave me her number. It made me wet just by thinking about what I'd do to her in bed. I was out with "friends" drinking at the new club lickity-splits. She had a half shaved head, and even though she had a nice rack and ass her legs are what really caught my eye, she could of probably crushed my head between them! And she didn't look familiar, but she didn't speak with an American accent like most of the girls in the club.

As I floped in bed I thought I was seeing things because there she was sitting next to my bed. Then I realized that there was really wrong. My little Sue was there, silently crying, on her lap. That's when I noticed the gun with a silencer pressed against her head and her other hand was down her panties. I was mortified.

"Stay quiet and I'll leave the young one in one piece" she cooed. I could only nod in response. "There are four ropes on the other side of your bed, tie your feet to the bed post."

After I did what she told me she set sue down and stood up. The only thing that she was wearing was a gun holster that had a large pouch on it. She grabbed the rest of the rope a fastened my arms to the headboard. She was silent in her work telling me that she had done this before. Then reaching into the pouch she pulled out a ring gag, tieing it tightly to my face.

I expected her to climb on my face, but instead reached over and grabbed my daughter "you will eat me out as your daughter does you, if you cum before I do she dies,"then she pushes sue into my pussy, "if I don't see you licking her i will drown you in your mother's blood" I feel my daughter's wet and warm tongue start clumsily lapping at my hole. She only being 7 did not know how to get a woman off. I thought this might anger her but to my relief she paid no mind to it and moved up to me.
She positioned herself on top of my face gun pointing at my daughter with one hand. I immediately started licking her holes though the metal ring in my mouth, trying to appease her. I found that she was pierced in multiple places, her clit, lips and anus. I didn't even notice her reach into her pouch again pulling out needles. Pain shot though my my chest as she stabbed my breast over and over.

Her pussy moisten and her breath became labored. She was close to orgasming. Suddenly she stood up and reached in her pouch and pulled out a long wire wrap it around my neck.

"You're daughter may live tonight as promised but I will see the light fade from your eyes as I cum."

She yanked the wire up, forcing my head back between her legs as she sat and stared into my eyes. I was panicking against the ropes as she grinded against me squirting in my mouth and nose, she moaned as I tried to scream. And the last thing I thought of was why didn't sue stop licking me even after I voided my blater.


Ulyana stepped into the car after Lightning the fire to the house and looked over to the young little girl sitting next to her, still in just her panties.

"The academy is going to love you," pinching her nippers and kissed her lips still tasting like her mother's piss.


K/V: Killer;
Name: Jess & Mike Morningstar
Age: 10 & 31
Sex: g&M
Characteristics: father and daughter
Scene: when every slave in the Morningstar household reaches the age of 10 must loose her virginity to her own father, though her mother's mouth, or be sold to slavery.


Crazy hot writing. Would you be up to roleplay at all? Is there any way I could contact you to write for me? Happy to return the favour


File: 1575751367022.jpg (180.54 KB, 1269x1421, 1503577096770.jpg)

I have to say ty.
You heped me jump to top. I love you. I have nothing to do with any of the rest of this thread's conversation.
Your friend, Janitor, has captured a girl. The world is ending and you may as well.


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It's been a while, let's try to revive this thread. Starting with a simple one.

K/V: Victim
Name: Widowmaker (originally Amélie Lacroix)
Age: 33
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture. A cold-blooded, highly competent killer working for a powerful crime syndicate.
Scene: Who knew even brainwashed international assassins got time off for a tropical vacation? Widowmaker is completely alone at poolside, with her gear well out of reach, making for a prime opportunity to take her out.

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