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I liked reading the finish her threads by elf and well then. So I wanted to give it a try.

Like elf's version of finish her. So here are the rules.

-A scene is set up and the said slut is slaughtered. The killer gets to choose the next victim.

-And then the next person to post must kill the new victim. Then they choose the next victim and so forth.

-please no loli's.


-Original characters or everyday style anime or game characters preferred.

Let me set the tone of slut sluaghter. Welcome to Wave City Florida a glitzy modern city by the sea. Known for crazy spring break parties massive beach raves and happening night clubs.

The city is filled some hot n' easy young women, and it is also filled with just as many sickos. And latly there has been a rash of horrible murders occuring through out the city.

I see young latina woman she has a pair incredible tits that makes my dick hard. She has short low pigtails and a tight fitting yellow swimsuit.
She wants to do some night swiming. I picked a good night to hunt tonight.

I wait unit she was close enough then I leap out to attack. She scream and that tight plump ass begins to run away. I catch up with her. And tackle her. I make a fist and clock her in the face leaving her dazed.

I take advantage of this moment and began to jerk the crotch of her swimsuit to the side. My hard cock pressed against my pants. My dick throbbed I couldn't wait to fuck this bitch.

I shoved my swollen dicker into her wet snatch. This surprise me. She was already wet!? There are more people about. Damn. I better make her quick!!

Rosita begins to scream again. So I begin to choke her while I fuck her silly. the sex was was fast and I came quickly. But my dick was still hard.

I stood up and begin to and placed my foot on her jaw and throat and picked up one of her legs. I began to pull with all of my strength she begins to choke and thrash about as I pull harder on the leg. I can feel her leg muscles tighten.

Then I felt the bone pop out of place and the seneu tear then if feel it all of itgive away. And with a fantastic rip. Her entire leg tears off leaving an entire hip one exposed. Rosita screams in a mix of terror and pain.

So I throw her leg aside and began to stomp on her face until her cute lil face became nothing but pink and red mush with bits of teeth and skull in it. I'm cock was a stiff as an oak tree. As I watch her body twitched and piss every where.

I began to stroke my throbbing member at the sight of this fucking mess.
I pull on my cock until I spunk on to her body. I hear people coming I better leave. Damn I could have did so much more with that cunt.



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A new lil tartlet is being spyed on. How are you gonna kill this cunt?


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The problem with this kind of thread is that most people who leave behind targets, pick targets that they would like to read about dying...and it's the thread that ends up dying, instead of the target. I like the idea of it, so I'll try to keep it alive, as long as there's sexy, mature girls for me to fantasize about. Here's my take on that bikini lady. I'd appreciate any feedback.


The sun is setting and the sky is of an eerie red. I'm strolling around the beach when I notice the red bikini clad girl. My keen worgen nose picks up her scent before she can notice me. I remain in my human form and approach her.

"It's pretty cold after the sunset...It would be a shame if a gorgeous lady like you gets ill." I open

"Oh, no worries, I'm not going into the water. I'm just enjoying an evening walk. The sounds of the sea are soothing to me." she replies, sezing me up in her sight.

"Dressed like that? You must like swimming or sunbathing - I suppose"

"Only skinny dipping. I wear it mostly so my skin gets tanned. Speaking of skin... I'd like to see more of yours." she replies daringly, giving me a seductive wink and smiling alluringly.

I take off my shirt, revealing my well toned body. I notice her face light up.
"Why don't we help each other keep warm? It's getting cold after all." I say as I grasp her in my arms.

She doesn't respond verbally, but begins kissing me. I reciprocate and, meanwhile, feel up her body with my hands. Ah, what tender flesh I shall be feasting upon tonight. Her breasts, pushed against my chest, feel warm and soft to the touch. I untie her bra. She reaches down inside my trousers and feels my erection with her delicate feminine hands. We stop kissing and undress ourselves fully. She's now standing a few feet away from me, nude and in full glory. We go down into the sand and begin fucking. First, she's on top of me - working my shaft with her tight little cunt while I lay back and enjoy. I slap her bouncing tits a few times and play with her thighs while she rides my cock. She's quite a vocal one. Her moans echo the beach, like screams - for now, of pleasure. I begin rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts with the other hand. It isn't long before she's climaxing like an orgasm starved whore after a long, bad shift. She quivers in pleasure and falls to the side, unmounting me, and then lays there like a dead starfish - feeling content with the sex she's just had.

But I'm not done. For me, it was just the beginning. I climb on top of her.
"How's that for warming up?" I ask
"THAT." she pauses
"That was TERRIFIC! You do know to please a woman." she exclaims ecstatically.
I lean over her and give her a long, passionate kiss, then whisper in her ear "I'm just getting started."

There's a 'Ooh, interesting' look on her face after I say this. She's probably boiling with anticipation as to what's next. As am I.

I pin her arms down with mine and insert my cock inside her again. She's now immobilized, but she doesn't seem startled yet.

I begin ramming her pussy with increasing speed and power.

She is liking it even more now that I'm being rough. Damn, how'd I get so lucky to find such an eager cunt. Her smile and lust seem to be fading away as I hold her arms tighter and ram her ever more powerfully. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it anymore.

"Argh, you're hurting me! Please stop being so brutal!" she says, while her body bounces back and forth with every thrust of my penis. I look in her eyes, enjoying her expression of discomfort and grin. A wide and sadistic grin.

"It's not funny. PLEEEASE STOP."

I begin changing into my werewolf form. Thick hair visibly and quickly begins growing on my skin. My grin is now revealing fully fledged dagger sharp fangs. My nails grow outwards and become sharp stilettos.

"Scream all you can, there's no one to hear you, darling. I sense no smell other than yours and mine on this beach."

She begins crying. She probably thinks that this is bad, but she doesn't realize the full extent of her situation. I stop thrusting into her for a few moments, to savor her fear and expression of dismay.

"Ahhh, human suffering and dread. The chemicals that make you feel these emotions also give your meat a taste...most exquisite."

"A, a, aare you going eat me?" she asks, full of dread.

"You've still got a few more minutes to live, enjoy them." - is the ultimatum I give her, so that her emotions reach a climax. I let her marinade in her fear.

"Pleeeeeeeease, I'll do anything. Leeeeeet me LIVE, PLEEEASE!" she begs for her life.

"Anything?" I toy with her.

"Yes, anything. I'm from a rich family, I can set you up for life, deliver you plenty of young women for you to enjoy. Cars, mansions, ANYTHING...pleaaaase, just let me live!" she pleads as I lick the tip of her breasts, full of anticipation and sniff her skin. I can feel the dread oozing out of her pores. She's definitely ripe, and of premium quality.

"Nothing in the world could rival what lies before me now - flesh so tender, a cunt so tight and inviting, breasts so soft and juicy. And besides, I don't like being fed, like a domesticated animal. I enjoy hunting dumb cunts like you - perhaps more than anything." I utter rarely, in a coarse voice.

She struggles, full of despair...unwilling to accept her fate. I grow tired of holding her down with both hands so I snap her arms just bellow the shoulders, but not so that her bones would stick out - I want to keep her alive for as long as possible, and any extra bleeding might impair that. Her screams of agony echo throughout the beach. They are alone, just like her. There's no salvation coming, no twist of fate to save her. Now that my arms are free, I can enjoy her body a bit more freely. I lean forward, saliva dripping from my mouth onto her twin jewels. I grab them in my hands and ruffle and squeeze them a bit. It amuses me to see that she tries to stop me, with her flailing, broken arms. Though her face is painted with fear, she seems yet unbroken, unwilling to accept reality.

"Let me help you accept your death" I say as I grab her right breast with my hand, so that my nails stab it at the base, giving her a new source of pain. I squeeze tight, deforming her nubile mammary then I yank hard. I rip her breast right off. She's in disbelief. I smother her face with her own teat, bloodying it, and then I begin chewing at the fatty gland.
"Good thing there's two of them. I could hardly satiate myself with just one." I say, ignoring her screams. I lean forward again and take the remaining breast in my sight. I do want to savor it as much as possible, so I lick her erect nipple - who knows why it's erect, the cold, the sex, the panic? questions that I don't really care to answer. I then grab it with my left hand, squeezing it at the base. I now graze her soft skin with my fangs, preparing to take a bite.

There's a 'CLUNK' sound as I snap my mouth shut. The upper half of her left breast is no more, replaced by a gaping hole, oozing blood and fat. I chew slowly, savoring every second, then take two more bites.

"Cut your hair short and you could pass for a boy now, hehe." I say to her, but she doesn't have any reaction, she's just sinking deeper and deeper into fear, but her cries have died down. She's probably tired of begging and her voice is coarse anyway.

"I think my cock has waited it's turn long enough, though." I say, realizing I'm still hard. I slap her face a few times to keep her attentive, then shift my gaze towards her pussy - her last remaining bastion of feminity. She's now panicking anew. Delightful.

"No...please, not there..." she finds strength to beg, though her voice is clearly cracked from all the crying.

"Don't worry, I won't bite. I can be a good dog from time to time." I say, admiring her view. Her clitoris stands like a pearl, atop her snatch. I can't control myself so I rub it a bit, to stimulate her female apparatus. I then stab it with one of my fingernail -causing her to let out a blood curdling scream of anguish - and thrust my cock inside her, but I don't want any conventional fucking. I massage her uterus a bit, getting a feel for where her cervix and my penis is. I then stab her with my claws, creating an opening in her lower belly, big enough for me to place my hand inside her. I grab my dick with her uterus wrapped around it and begin to stroke it. Her blood and juices lube my cock incredibly well. It feels divine, fucking her without any of us moving our pelvis. I go on for a few full minutes and then....crescendo - I bust my nuts inside her, filling her destroyed sex with my seed. The dopamine surge to my brain feels so good - a shame it only lasts a few seconds.

My senses retake control and now I'm a bit annoyed by her cries. Before fucking her, they would act as an aphrodisiac, but now they're just a nuisance. My hunger is far from sated, so I bite down ruthlessly at her neck, severing her arteries and silencing the sow. I let her blood run into my mouth for a good 20-30 seconds, until her arterial tension dissipates. I then snap off her pretty head, give her a goodbye kiss and toss it as far as I can into the waters. I snap her arms off and chew a bit on them. There isn't much to chew here, so I finish quickly. 'It's a shame most beautiful women are also, so skinny...but then again, I suppose I can't have it all.' are my last thoughts before I dig in to the rest of her body.

What a fulfilling night it's been.


It's night in Stormwind. A dark, impenetrable darkness looms over the city. You're in one of the warren, poor districts, waiting to mug or kill someone. You hear a draenei female voice, humming a tune. You peek around the corner and see her, a drunk hottie, barely dressed and coming your way. What will you do to her? Ambush, seduction, straight up mugging?


File: 1482940452187.png (201.84 KB, 600x1330, shih_na_by_mcmoontloz-da4v….png)

I'm a pretty bad writer, but I'll give this a go.

- - -

Aelzi had no time to react before the garrot was around her neck, cutting off her attempts to scream. As stoned as she was, the drainae could put up little resistance as she was dragged into a nearby building, and then down a flight of stairs into the basement.

She was on the verge of passing out when the man finally took the garrot from her throat, and he gave her several seconds to gasp for air before grabbing her and slamming her down on a table. Her left tit popped free of her skimpy top, joined soon by the other as he ripped of the garment. He groped her massive flesh mounds only briefly before flipping her over, revealing her firm, pale green as cheeks.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?!? GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!”

Ignoring Aelzi's screams, he took the edge of her panties and yanked them down. He fumbled with his belt briefly and then pulled his cock out, already hard. He bent over her, pressing her weight into her back and pinning her down, feeling her tail desperately thrash between his body and hers, and then shoved his cock into her cunt.


Aelzi was screaming through her gritted teeth as the muscles of her neck tightened. She grabbed the edges of the table with her hands digging her nails into the decaying wood, her knuckles turning white from the force. He slammed into her hard, the table being lifted an inch or so off the floor with each thrust.

Aelzi wailed as her rapist's muscles tensed, his cock unloading inside her pussy. After a few long seconds of ecstasy, the man fell forward, his weight pinning her to the table. Tears ran down her face as the man pulled out, but her sobs quickly turned into a scream before getting cut off by the garrot returning to her throat. It wasn't long before she was unconscious.


Aelzi awoke to find herself on a pallet of straw in a ruined dungeon, surrounded by a dozen or so brigands. But what truly captured her attention was a huge vat of bubbling oil with a fire under it - and a rope hanging down from a pulley in the ceiling with leather cuffs at the end.

The men dragged her to her feet and placed her in the cuffsattached to the ropes from the ceiling. Sobbing and pleading, she screamed as several men began to haul on the other end of the rope, pulling her arms into the air.
“Please don’t do this,” the the woman cried, struggling and staring terrified at the oil. “Someone, please help me…...please….” She started crying.

Her voliptuous body began glistening with sweat as she was positioned over the oil, her green body turning red from the intense heat. “OH GOD NOOOOOO PLEAAAASSSSEEEE,” the girl screamed. “HELLLLLLPPP SOMEONNNNNNE.” She struggled to hold her legs and tail above the oil, but it proved to be an impossible task, and her toes and tail soon began submerging into the oil, her pleads for mercy soon turning into screams of agony. Her massive tits bounce as the oil consumed her firm calves, then her silky thighs, her heart-shaped ass, and her taut stomach. Her body spun as her legs kicked until their muscles were destroyed, rendering such movement impossible. The men pulled her back up; everything below her breasts had been reduced to bloody tissue and bone.

She still lived when they lowered her back in and the oil swallowed her breasts, reducing the globes to a mass of melted fat. It wasn't until the oil reached the top of her neck that merciful death finally took Aelzi.


Woops, forgot to post information for the next victim. Interpol agent Shih-na is helping local police track track an international criminal thought to currently be in Wave City. Will she find him, or will he get her first? Or will she fall victim to the whims of the local serial killers?

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