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File: 1481769100388.gif (877.05 KB, 6600x6600, Momo Internet Pet.gif)


Will you help take care of her?

Hunger: 3/5
Health: 5/5
Mood: Content


In this game you decide how you want to take care of a Net Pet and it will happen, no matter what the action.

Leave comments on tumblr or right here and I'll draw any way you interact with her.

Serve yourself, and have fun. :)


I want to strip her and put a collar and leash on


*A schedule that can tell the future. Some words may be censored until the action is complete.
Actions in queue:
“Can we _____________ her?” -An anonymous force
“I want to _________________” -Elf Girl

Actions completed:
None yet.

I created

It will let you know what requests have been accepted.

Remember, anything is allowed.


File: 1481955311661.gif (583.52 KB, 5074x5566, Collared_Pet.gif)

She seems... Greatful?

Health: 5/5
Hunger: 3/5
Mood: Embarrassed.

Future Calendar prediction: "Rough housing."


I aught to get faster at this. This took *almost* two days, not quite, but getting close.


Well how about Chaining her up from the celling by her wrists? Since she is hungry we should feed her some dog food after.


File: 1482129380378.jpg (893.16 KB, 3000x4000, Strangled Pet.jpg)

Health: Alive, taking damage
-Air: 4/5
-Blood: 5/5
-Organs: All in good health

Mood: Threatened, fear.

Hunger: 3/5


Your request is received.


How about we tighten that collar some more. Maybe a lot more.


Why did her hair go from red to pink?


I changed her design to find something cuter, calmer, more harmonious. But I couldn't find s candy red color that I felt was cute and soft. They all made her look a bit rough house.

I quit trying to make her monochrome (all reds) and went with a red yellow blue scheme, so I changed her hair to pink and was able to bring out her eyes with blue surrounded by gold. Copied on the collar.

There are even more color changes from the second image to the third, but they're less extreme.


while the collar is held tight. It might proedere with a deep kiss. making them still consume some oxygen, almost until they lose consciousness and then make her breathe.


Shove carrot up her mouth. with the collar tightened and mouth stuffed, she will suffocate.


Your art seemed to improve massively between the first one and the second and third.



Time. The first one took an hour, the others took 2 hours.

I'm also flatly improving. These are some of my first digitally colored pictures. Every time I take a few hours to watch a youtube tutorial or try a new technique, I get much better.


File: 1482565108233.jpg (484.92 KB, 1889x3002, Net Pet Ear Pliers.jpg)

Health: Shakey
Blood: 4/5
Breath: 3/5 *Tight collar
Organs: 5/5 *Partially deaf

Mood: Grief, fear

Hunger: 2/5


Feed her burgers and chips and pet her. Yeah i dont belong.


Give her the d. make her suffocate with your dick.


Cut her leg up into little chunks and force it down her throat.


Loosen the collar and rub her belly to make her feel better.


File: 1483161484492.jpg (811.78 KB, 1800x4263, IMG_2682.JPG)


-Air: 3/5

-Organs: 4/5 *Partially deaf *Hemorrhage.

-Blood: 4/5

Breath: 3/5 *Tight Collar

Hunger: 2/5 * Being fed


Stab her in her navel and make it a new fuckhole


Give her diuretics


lick the ear


Excuse my disappearance, let's get back to work.

My my, she needs air... But everyone wants to feed her? I wonder what will happen...



Quick give her some air! I don't want her to die so soon! D :


Strangle her with her collar!


File: 1485812667986.jpg (753.83 KB, 2935x3351, NetPet Carrot.jpg)


-Air: 2/5 *Tight Collar *Full throat

-Organs: 4/5 *Partially deaf

-Blood: 4/5 *Hemorrhage.

Mood: Begging, Mental Exhaustion

Hunger: 5/5 * Being fed


Take her half eaten carrot and put it up her ass.


Guiltstar, how do you choose which actions to do from the list?


I take a shit in her hair. A runny liquid fountain.


Stab her in the pussy?


Remove her eyeballs and force her to eat them.


Shoot her. Shoot her in the chest.


threaten with a pistol


I want to fuck the shit out of her


Pretty sure ears don't have bones in...

that's all I've got.

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