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Looking for lesbian LoL ERP. Abuse both mental and physical, torture, rape, snuff, various other things. Most notable turn offs are necrophilia and scat. Not opposed to male characters if, for example, someone was being whored out, or forced into pregnancy, etc.

I have tons of detailed scenarios in mind, and am very looking forward to working something out together. I'm willing to play either the abuser or the abused, and to play more than one character if it gets detailed/long enough. Shorter stuff is fine, but longer, more convoluted, long-term stuff is also nice.

Particularly characters of interest are Ahri, Annie, Fiora, Jynx, Lux, Riven, Sona, and Vi, though I'm open to just about any of them, I think.

Skype is prefered, IRC is acceptable substitute. Contact me by email first, though.


Address was too long for the email field. It's although I guess that would be pretty obvious.

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