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Hello, Im looking for a Dungeon Crawl type RP where my amazon warrior enters a dungeon filled with deadly traps and monsters. The thing is that she resurrected each death to start a new, some what like Darksouls. Im looking for snuff and smut in the RP, Im usualy Sub but we can throw dice rolling to make stuff even. I can play a female Or a futa and Im fine to play with any gender. If interested than send me an email so we can discuss more details, the RP itself would be on Google hangouts. (No email RPs, Im not gonna wait forever for replies.)


Hello lady hearts. I have the same thing going on. Would you entertain the idea of being the GM?


Hello lady hearts. I have the same thing going on. Would you entertain the idea of being the GM?


Get discord


Hey, sorry for my late respond. No, I dont like to be the GM. No, I wont get Discord. I wont RP on google either. I Will roleplay on chatzy or Roll20.


Chatzy sounds nice


Chatzy sounds nice


You could have left some details on how to contact you.


LadyHearts, if you are still interested I would be up for this on a chatzy page. This is a somewhat older post, but if you reply back that you are interested I will happily create a chatzy and email the address to you.


You can just email me... You do it by pressing my name and it should link my email to you.


I have to chime in because this seems like a sublime, popular, and yet unsolicited genre of RP among guro/eroge fans. So I'm just going to go ahead and plug in as well.

Skype: Bullion Bandit
I can also do Roll 20

Whether its an Amazon or otherwise a closely related humanoid heroine, I too am in the market for a Role Play partner DM or otherwise, I pitch both ways. It can be long term or instant chat. My interests are respectively similar as to LadyHearts. I'm a fan of gloriously under dressed heroines of a primitive or feral nature. Who also boast haughty or ornery personalities as the venture into perilous depths only to be gutted, dismembered or maimed in fountains of their own crimson red blood. The end result is to have them objectified, held captive and raped in any variety of ways or methods. I also enjoy the journey as much as I do the destination so if a detailed synopsis full of eroticized dialogue and immersion is what you enjoy hit me up!

As far as my dislikes go one could say I am "Vanilla Guro" if I can coin the term here and now. My heroines are to eventually meet their demise at the hands of a creature that is M or F or otherworldly, traps are wonderful as well. My only exception and turn offs include but may not be limited to: Scat, Loli, and toilet play.


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Shameless self-bump have a Jungle Girl ladies and gents


Im gonna bump this, too lazy to start a new thread. Im open for new Dungeon Crawl RP. I RP on chatzy or Roll20 only.

Email me for more details.


If only I could reliably use chatzy when you're on.


Thats why you send me an email and see when im online.


I just didn't want to spam you and I hate using e-mail but ok rainbow


I would be interested in DMing a campaign like this, either for a solo heroin or a group of heroins.

I am fine with doing it in whatever format you choose. e-mail me and we can work out the details.

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