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Hey there! Pansexual but feminine-preference sub/switch queer boy looking for guro friendly partners. I'm hoping to find someone fun to RP with, preferably a dominant/switch woman but I'm flexible. Looking for Con or DubCon scenes involving heavy, detailed gore, transformation, organ play, castration, amputation, beheading, brain play and all that good stuff. I love anything gory but I'm not interested in hyper violence, more interested in partners who get off on the very intimate, depraved act of sliding their hands around in another person's viscera and such.

Mostly interested in sexualised gore, so elements of BDSM, latex, fisting, etc would be welcome.

Fairly open minded but no young/ageplay or diapers.

Contact me by email and we can use a chat site or something similar.
Also have Skype kinkypainpig
F-list account available upon request


I am totally down for this.


If you're interested email me at or skype me x

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