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You can play as a killer. Or a sea monster able to come on land like a giant mutated crab. Or just your random beach goer looking to get laid.

I have a few original characters to kill off. Or they maybe even wanna fuck on the beach. Lol. But some gory chaos will ensue.

Ok here is one of the girls

Age: 21

A nasty so cal native. She came to the beach to find someone to have a good time withwill she find that someone or will she have to face the horrors of GURO BEACH!!!!!


File: 1477932187938.png (1.44 MB, 1604x3388, frgt5tygtrtg 001.png)

And here is another girl.

Age: 20

A sexy young latina woman. Rosita was always a nasty girl. And today she is scouting locations for the next porn flick she is gonna be in. She finds a part of the beach that looks perfect. Or is it?


File: 1477932744980.png (1.56 MB, 1940x3149, Noriko_the_beach_bum_by_fu….png)

Oh! And another girl has appeared!

Age: 20

Sweet and caring noriko came to the beach with her friend carmella. Hoping to find a quick summer romance with a special kinda guy.


File: 1477933919356.png (1.97 MB, 2425x3905, Ganguro_girl_by_fuuby.png)

The beach becomes a little more crowded as another girl shows up!

Age: 18

Barely legal and into Japanese pop culture amber tight young body shows up. She is looking for a good spot on the beach for her and her friends.the tiny lil young woman finds a good spot for her and her friends... Or did she?


File: 1477936588462.png (1.31 MB, 1326x2971, Girls_In_Swimsuit_mascot_g….png)

Another piece of ass strolls up to the now growing crowd of mainly hot young women in sexy tight fitting swimwear.

Age: 22

A collage gal well on her way to becoming an Olympic swimmer. Will she be able to make it to the next Olympic games? Or is guro beach her last stop?


File: 1477937346919.png (293.69 KB, 507x844, maxi_and_a_soldier__wip__b….png)

And now this is my Player Character. She is part of the story kinda heh. She is an MTV VJ.

Maxine love

The oldest girl so far on this beach. Maxine came down to guro beach to looks for a great spot. To film the latest TRL (Total Request Live). But yet Maxine can't keep her eyes off of the fine young tail roaming around.


File: 1478058112609.png (715.07 KB, 540x768, Aiko and Aikoko.png)

You can't have a guro party and not invite me and sis~! <3


Aiko and aikoko arrive on the beach and are greeted carmella.

"Hey you two! How are you gals. You guys know any cute boys? Because we just wanted a few of my girl friends and wanted to have a beach party but. Ugh there are no boys here."

She reaches into a cool and offers the twins a drink.


Aiko and Aikoko each take a can.
"I'm sure some boys are bound to turn up sooner or later. Experience tells me that whenever there's a bunch of cute girls in one place, boys are bound to come running sooner or later," Aiko answers.
Aikoko remains silent and merely smiles.
"In the meantime," Aiko continues, "are we planning to do anything specific besides stand around looking sexy? Oh, and by the way, I'm Aiko and this here's my twin sister Aikoko. She doesn't talk."


Carmella begins to feel awkward as aikoko stares wth a creepy smile on her face.
"Um cool! Uh you guise enjoy those beers" carmella then turns a walks away.

Maxine love and Rosita are standing off to the side. They see the two girls sitting with drinks on a few beach towels. Rosita calls out to the girls. Hey do you girls want to make some money?


(sorry for the lack of pictures)
Victor (22, russian aristocrat, pale, dancer's body, chiseled face, professional pianist and part time serial killer)
Shows up with:
Erika (awkward friend, not his partner, clueless/inexperienced, 21, unevenly tanned, slightly out of shape, likes beaches but is from the landlocked midwest)

Victor isn't very comfortable with beaches or informal parties in general, in fact he doesn't especially like bright outside light. But he has been dragged along by Erika, to meet their mutual childhood friend, Gina, who they have not seen in years.

Erika hurries up to introduce herself while Victor follows stiffly at a distance.


The two girl playfully squee at each other. Run to embrace each other. They giggle and reminisce about their past. Then Gina sees Victor
"Hey Vic! How are ya doing?" Gina yes out in a naisaly voice.

Viktor replies softly in a heavy Russian accent "da da I'm goot how have you been Gina?." Heh then began to shield his eyes from the intense sunlight. As a few more girls step into view.

Aiko and her twin aikoko step into view. Followed by Rosita. Aiko introduces herself to Viktor Gina and Erika. Aiko also introduces her sister. Whom smiles excitedly at the crowd of people.

Meanwhile. Maxine decides to leave to get her camera man for a new TV special.

Rosita spots out the guy in the crowd. She looks at the tall pale young Russian man. She begins to think to herself that this skinny white boy should be good for a few rounds of some sloppy beach sex. But would he be ok if we filmed it.


>>1685 You did what I was going to do anyway this time, but since you don't seem to know already, in roleplaying threads it's usually understood that a given character only does what the person who created or introduced them says in his or her own posts, unless otherwise specified. I'm not bothered per se but from here out I'd prefer to handle my own characters myself ;)

"You said something about making some money?" Aiko asks Rosita. After Carmella had walked away earlier she was starting to worry they'd scared her away like so many others before. Hopefully this girl would be more receptive, if she wasn't too distracted by that lanky guy lurking in the distance.


(I apologize for that I was trying to move the story along. For now on I will keep that in mind. I got carried away with the writing.)

Rosita looked cock happy. But still she shook it off and turned back to the twins.

"Well well well! You gals are interested huh.?" Rosita placed her hands on her hips and smirked.
"You gals don't mind if I try and find a boytoy to come play with us hmm?"


(yeah it's fine we need to get this moving but for future reference...)


Victor distractedly notices a gorgeous latina girl glancing at him across the beach, and gives her a stiff, mask-like smile.

But his eye has been immediately caught by a blue-haired girl (Noriko) hanging back shyly with her friends. So delicate...

As Erika chats with Gina he give the twins a long appraising glance.
Then steps closer to Aiko, to speak in a soft confidential tone:
"Big feesh en small pond. Eh?"
His smile this time is wide and vicious as he gestures inward between them and then expansively outward.


Where are you finding these weird characters? lol.


"Oh no, I don't mind at all. The more the merrier, right?" Aiko may have been the only one able to speak between them, but both she and her sister were wearing the same ravenous expression to the point they may as well have been chanting in unison.
"Big fish indeed!" she said to the tall stranger. "I'm Aiko, nice to meet you! This here's my sister Aikoko. She doesn't talk, but," she continued while turning back to Rosita, "we're both eager to find out what it is we're going to be doing that's going to be making us some money. Whom do I have to kill?"
She made it sound like she was joking, just in case, but secretly she hoped she actually would get to kill someone - Aikoko even more so, being the more sadistic of the two. Just killing each other over and over was getting boring, after all.

>>1695 We're making them up! Join us!


"Victor. I assure you, ze pleasure ez mine."
Then, to Aiko, in Russian, "Do you want her? A token of good will."
He turns his gaze to Rosita.
"Care to swim? Or should ve valk. Somehow I sink you know vhere you ah going."


Rosita responds With a snarky attitude. "Ugh you guys are weird. But what ever people like seeing weirdo fuck. Demon you guys the camera set up is over here."
Rosita leads Viktor and the twins to a camcorder set next to the camcorder was a box full of dildos lube and anal beads.

Rosita giggles "tee hee! Who goes first?" Rosita flips on the camcorder and stares at Viktor. She runs the crotch f her swimsuit and slightly bites her lip.

"Cmon white boy let's fuck she said softly."


Neither Aiko nor her sister are able to understand a word of Russian, but based on Vic's posture and tone they get the message he wants to be in cahoots with them at Rosita's expense.
For the time being they decide to play along with what appears to be Rosita's plan to film some amateur porn on the beach. Aiko begins rummaging through the box of sex toys in search of something she can abuse far beyond its design while Aikoko sidles up to Rosita and presses her small but soft chest into the side of Rosita's arm. She starts to nuzzle up to Rosita's ear as if about to lick her while her fingers crawl like spider legs toward Rosita's boobs. All the while she tries to catch the eyes of some of the other nearby girls and entice them to join in.


Victor stepped toward Rosita from the other side and traced his finger across the hollow of her throat to the back of her neck, and down her spine with firm pressure, to rest above her perfect ass.
"I have plenty planned for /you/" he said, biting her neck lightly.
"But first you'll need to ged zis off."
He plucked at her yellow one piece swimsuit.


Rosita felt excited as aikoko and Victor feel her up. Rosita turns to Victor "I'm wearing this for a reason silly. Hee hee why dont you fuck me from behind? While i make out with this one."

She reaches down and pulls the crotch of the swimsuit to the side. And pushes her full supple breasts out of the tight yellow swimsuit. And grabs aikoko's hands and places them on her breasts as she attempts to make out with aikoko.


While Aikoko keeps Rosita distracted from the front, Aiko is easily able to sneak up from behind and quickly tie a blindfold across Rosita's eyes.
Aikoko then bites Rosita's tongue hard enough to keep it from escaping her teeth, and almost hard enough to draw blood, but not quite. She carefully pulls back, stretching the tongue surprisingly far out of Rosita's mouth.
Aiko has a small folding knife prepared with which to carve out Rosita's tongue, but hesitates for a moment to gauge everyone's responses.


Victor holds her in place from behind, seemingly oblivious to her confused struggling, and grins at the twins, visibly turned on by what is about to happen.


^^oop dat was me =\


Rosita struggles some more she then begins to realize what's going on when she notices that Viktors grip wouldn't let up.

"What the fuck do you think youre doing lemme go!!"

She then looks at the twins seeing of they would help her break free of vikor's grasp.


Aikoko tightens her grip on Rosita's tongue enough for it to start seriously hurting.
Aiko starts to whisper in Rosita's ear:
"You talk so much, but you wouldn't talk to us. Why is that? Could it be that you were too distracted by this hunk here behind you? Does your mouth only exist to serve him? In that case, you should be excited - imagine how much of him is going to fit in here with this useless piece of meat out of the way..."
Aiko resumes her work and the small but razor-sharp knife begins to slice into the web of flesh on the underside of Rosita's tongue.


As aikoko begins to tear out Rosita's tounge. Rosita cries out in pain as Viktor tightens his grip on her twisting young supple body. She struggles as aiko and aikoko tear out her. Rosita begins to scream and gurggle in Pain.

With one final tug aiko pulls out Rosita's tounge she holds it in her hands as blood squirts out of Rosita's mouth.


>>1715 Again, no acting for me please. For all we know I was going to stop and change my mind at the last minute ;)

Aiko doesn't bother telling Rosita that she's probably only got a few minutes left before she dies of blood loss. Rather, she and Aikoko take advantage of Rosita's weakened state to push her down to her knees and force her to turn her head to face Victor's very inviting crotch.
"You're going to enjoy this only as much as you let yourself, so just relax and drink in the experience. And don't worry, your tongue can be reattached good as new as long as we keep it on ice for the next few hours," she lies in Rosita's ear. Rather than put it on ice, though, behind Rosita's back Aikoko reaches under the hem of her dress and starts pleasuring herself with the severed tongue. Fortunately her muteness prevents her from making any audible sexual moans for Rosita to overhear.


Before Rosita has much of a chance to react, Victor grabs her by the hair and forces his cock down her throat. As he begins to brutally face-fuck her, her own blood and saliva splatter all over her face.


Victor seeming to have Rosita handled for the time being, Aiko releases her grip and sits in the sand beside her twin sister. Both of them are in the thick of an intense sexual rush from what they've just done to the poor woman.
Aikoko closes her eyes and starts to lose herself in ecstasy. Aiko reaches across her shoulders and pulls Aikoko's dress off over her head. Aikoko doesn't resist other than to squirm and fight to keep at least one hand at work on her crotch whenever possible, only letting it go unattended for a single second while Aiko pulls the dress free of her arms.
When the dress comes free after barely three seconds, Aikoko's body is revealed in full naked glory, Aikoko (in fact both sisters) having neglected to bother putting on a swimsuit underneath. She scarcely takes notice though.


Aiko reaches through the fourth wall and bumps the thread. ;P


*likes this thread so far but is waiting for Fuuby*


Rosita begins to choke oh her own blood and the juzz now dribbling out of her mouth. She became light headed and looked over at the twins pleasuring themselves. Rosita felt too weak to escape so she flopped to her side and began to scream for help.

Amber and carmella were getting to know each other until they heard some distant screaming.

The girls begin to walk towards the screaming.


Aikoko has moved on to start servicing Aiko with her mouth. Aiko looks around to make sure nobody's coming after them just yet - it would suck if the adventure had to end after just one victim!
Most of the beachgoers are far enough away not to have noticed them yet, but two of the girls they'd met a few minutes prior had turned and started walking toward them. Fortunately they hadn't produced much of any incriminating evidence just yet - Rosita was coughing out a bit of blood but not enough to be obvious from a distance. In fact with a bit of luck they might even be able to pass it off as someone's popped cherry.
"Well Vic," Aiko pants between heavy breaths, "which one do you wanna do next?"


Victor withdraws himself from Rosita, knees her forcefully in the stomach, soccer kicks her in the chin, and then casually stands on her neck, forcing her face into the sand.

"I em not sure," he muses, running his hand along the back of his neck.
Then gestures towards Amber.
"Zat one ez so small; we zshould break her bones."

He nudges Rosita with his foot.

"But perhaps I zshould take care of zis one first?"


Behold me bumping the thread so it doesn't think it was last updated in 2008 xD


Thank you kindly.
*doesn't understand how the fuck this would've happened or why the thread disappeared*


Rosita slowly dies on the beach after the sever stomp to the neck. Her limpbody lays on the ground. She then begins to piss on herself.


"Finished already?"
Victor sounds disappointed. Crouching, he runs his finger along the corpse's still warm neck, then twists quickly, fracturing the vertebrae with a wet snapping noise. Victor lets his hand linger between her shoulder blades as the body twitches briefly, then straightens.


Fortunately for Victor and the twins, there is a grove of trees not even a stone's throw away. Aiko and Aikoko pick up Rosita by the arms and make a fake show of walking her into the trees as if, rather than dead, she's merely exhausted or drunk. With any luck it looks believable enough to the people in the distance.
There they dump her and quickly cover her up with loose leaves and a bit of sand. They both wonder how many days it will take for someone to discover the corpse, and whether it would be by happening to spot it, the smell, or some scavenging animal finding it.
As for the blood they simply throw an oversized beach towel on top of where she had been blowing Victor. Like most of their furniture at home, the towel is a dark brownish red to hide blood stains.
Walking back to Victor, who's certain to be impressed by their well-practiced, if hasty, cleanup procedure, Aiko resumes the discussion.
"So. Breaking her bones, is it? You wouldn't happen to have brought a sledgehammer, would you?"


The water at this beach was relatively clear of wildlife, save for the very small. The creature responsible for that, however, was still hungry.

Somewhere beneath the waves, just beyond the break off point of the coast, it waited. Its powerful tail, tensed to lunge, and its streamlined anatomy ensured that it was fast enough to catch any land dwelling prey foolish enough to wade into the water.

The pitter-patter of bare feet slapping against the sand had kept it prowling around the general area of the shore, but it was the new scent of fresh blood that pulled it even closer. The scent was faint, though, not in the water... not yet, anyway.

It would continue to wait, silent and hidden beneath the water, until a more opportune moment presented itself. Humans in particular were reckless in their perceived superiority over the ocean, so eventually at least one of them would go for their last swim.


While Aiko and Victor talk, Aikoko sits on the towel and amuses herself in silence. She covertly reaches under the towel and wriggles her fingers through the sand a bit, the increasingly sticky pool of slowly drying blood causing it to stick to her hand in small clumps.
She reaches up to her mouth and tentatively licks her palm. The sand couldn't be said to be pleasant, but Aikoko has always loved the taste of blood enough to put up with it. She knows she can't eat too much of it - despite the time she's spent trying to increase her tolerance, some of her primal human instincts remained that would make her vomit if she drank it outright - but her hand had barely collected a teaspoon's worth at best.
She continues licking and sucking on her fingers, occasionally spitting out sand or picking it out of her gums. The sand, despite the inconvenience, adds a novelty that helps keep her stimulated in readiness for the next victim. She looks through the crowd in search of inspiration. For the most part nobody catches her eye, but one girl with a blonde pony tail and a stunning hourglass figure reminds her of a classmate of hers whom she and her twin sister had nurtured a fantasy of snuffing. She imagined they'd start with those suspiciously large and perky breasts... or maybe just take off her head and play with the body as she had seen in a comic once on her favorite image board...


Victor produces a slender pair of pliers from his small bag, and slips it into his pocket.

"Quite ze procedure," he observes, raising an eyebrow and glancing toward the towel, "and en good taste! Is a beautiful shade."

He circumspects briefly, following Aiko's eyes to the approaching girls, and then his gaze falls on Aikoko. "You are very very lucky, you know. Is better with two. Yes," he says somberly.

He himself was of course very tempted by the abundance of blood; his mouth is watering. Victor has never had much interest in blood from orifices, even the mouth, but still, it has been so long that sight and feel of it is like a drug. There are plenty of other girls to come, and being characterized by an excess of self-control, waiting always precedes the moment of indulgence. But Aikoko fascinates him, with her childlike attitude yet lack of empathy for the victim.


"You know what's better than two?" Aiko teases Victor. "Three."
Since the other girls seem to be taking days to arrive (cough cough), Aiko decides to have some fun with Victor for the time being.
"Sis and I used to have this livestream we did where she'd snuff me according to audience requests. I don't presume you ever watched it; It wasn't very popular after all. But I know you would have loved it. Since there's all this equipment lying around that no one's using any more, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"


Amber and carmella approach the area were Rosita died. The two girls are met by maxie. Amber and carmella recognize her from TV she was the MTV girl.

Maxie then asks them how they are doing. And and if the saw her Camera equipment.

The two girls shrug their shoulders but afterwards got immediatly excited.they were meeting maxie love!!

The two begin squee in excitement " your like a total movie star or something." Carmella said aloud.

Maxie responds with as board shrug. But she likes what she sees. She smiles a bit.

Hey how about you guys help me look for my equipment? Maxie said looking at Carmella's toned body.

Amber with a high pitched voice then says yeah we should split up and ask some of the other people around here. They might have seen it.

The girls split up.

Amber walks off in the direction. Where she had last saw someone who had a camera. She goes and wonders off where Rosita was last seen.

Meanwhile maxie in a low manner follows carmella.

Amber sees a group of people two skinny girls and a tall eastern eroupean dude. She approaches them.

She approaches them with a bounce in her step.


File: 1481322737417.png (719.94 KB, 2222x2297, tyh6yh6gy 001.png)

Maxie fallows carmella then gets her attention by yelling at her. Hey over here I think I found it!! Maxie turns to a girl in a short high ponytail and swept bangs.

Maxie turns to the mysterious girl. Kill her... The girl walks up to carmella and puts on a friendly smile. Hey girl do you wanna help me haulthe recording equipment?

Carmella follows the girl. Maxie waits until both of the girls are out of sight. Then she digs in her shirt and feels for her cell phone buried in her bikini top beneath her shirt. She finds it and dials a number.

Hello? Yeah...yeah... Heh heh such a blood bath!! You'll get your ratings. And maybe even a few news choppers down here. Heh heh heh... She hangs up.

And meets up with. Carmella and the mysterious girl. Maxie whistles and gets Carmella's attention. As the mysterious girl brandishes a combat knife.she plunges the knife into Carmella's abdomen and pulls up in a sawing motion. Carmella screams in pain as the blade saws up past her naval and scrapes off the cartilage of her breast plate.

Maxie then grabs a hand full of sand and shoves it into carmellas mouth she begins to choke up on the sand.

The mysterious girl then reaches inside carmella gaping wound and she then disembowels carmella with one forceful tug. And as this happens carmellas Nicky sized breast following out of her top.
Carmellas guts splatter on the the sand she then coughs ups a mixture of sand spit and blood.

Then the mysterious girl plunges the knife into Carmella's headache twists the knife mutilating carmellas face. Carmellas body twitched eratically as it begin to urinate.

Maxie step behind the mysterious girl and begins to press her chest into the girls back. Maxie slips her hand into the girls bikini bottem. They both moan in sexual ecstacy.


Let's clean this shit up Jenny. Maxie playfully whispers into the girls ear. Jenny then replies. Bring me my toys then hehehehe....


Yay I summoned Fuuby! And it seems Aiko and 'ko have a kindred spirit on this beach.

Aikoko takes note of Amber's arrival and waves while elbowing Aiko to get her attention. After all, she wouldn't want to seem rude not introducing herself. Alas, her life was fun thanks to having Aiko around, but being mute could still be a stumbling block now and then.


Amber walks up to aiko and aikoko. She had a bounce in her step.
"Hey you guies!! Wow. Um you guies look a lil' busy. Did you guies find a camera? Around here?"


Victor squints at her.
"Rosita had one. I seem to recall that she left it in ze woods."
*gestures vaguely up the beach*
"I'll show you the way."
He grins.


(you are a wizard :3)


Amber cautiously follows Viktor. She thought to herself he seems like an alright guy. So. With a bounce and a pirky step they young and supple amber follow he towards the wooded area on the beach.

Amber then pauses and point to aiko and aikoko umm are your friends coming with? I would feel alot safer if they did...


GAH sorry I was traveling for the past two weeks. I hope I didn't kill the thread!

Aiko and Aikoko are glad to come along into the woods.


The four of them wander into the woods. However eyes are upon them.


Aiko and Aikoko hold hands and make a show of looking oblivious and innocent despite the metaphorical gears in their heads hatching deliciously violent machinations. How ironic it was that Amber should request their presence in the interest of safety when so far they had been the most dangerous people on the beach - at least as far as they know having not witnessed Maxie's work with Nicky and Carmella.

"I'm Aiko," Aiko says to break the silence before it gets awkward, "and this is my twin sister Aikoko. She's not a talker but she's glad to meet you."

They each hold out a hand for Amber to shake.


Amber smiles and shakes both aiko and aikoko's hands.

"Well thanks alot heh I don't really know about that Victor guy. He is kinda creepy and well. I'm kinda new in town and I just kinda manna make friends! Tee hee so! What are you guys into? Any movies or games or guys? Tee hee."

Amber says in a friendly tone.


"TBH we're a bit on the nerdy side as that goes. You know that game where you have to run your own space program and build rockets to explore the solar system? I've spent way too much of the past couple years playing that." Aiko rambles happily about herself; it can't be denied too forcefully that she is a bit self-centered, and the same can be said of her sister even if it's harder to tell at first.
Aikoko nods now and then as Aiko babbles.
"As far as guys go neither of us have had much of any luck lately. For the most part I'd say we just don't get out enough, and the few guys whose attention we do seem to catch don't seem to last long. Victor seems pretty nice so far, though. Take it from someone who knows - there's a fine line between 'creepy' and 'sophisticated' and it's often too easy to guess horribly wrong."
Aiko of course stands to profit from this new girl putting more trust in Victor, although even if that doesn't work out she can still make use of Amber's tragically misguided trust in her and her sister.


File: 1483666300463.jpg (118.97 KB, 850x608, 2201515.jpg)

(Here to split Fubby's attention and make things harder.)

Age: 15

A girl from far up North, near the border, Talia's always looked a little young for her age, not that she minds, using it and her sultry nature to manipulate people into either using her or hating themselves when she can. (Turns out she ages extremely slowly due to regenerative abilities. Looks to be between nine and twelve)

Visiting an ancient Aunt, Talia found herself down on the beach fairly quickly. There weren't any men there when she arrived, which was a shame as they were easiest to mess with. Instead she found herself walking along the waters edge nonchalantly, wearing only panties that were quickly soaked through, her breasts, though barely there, seemed very pronounced on her pale skin as she became damper, hoping to gain the attention of one of the very attractive young women on the beach.


> Ages extremely slowly
> Looks to be between 9 and 12
> is 15.

Heh. That's exactly what I was like at that age. I wonder if I have regenerative abilities? xD

As for the roleplaying version of me: Aiko and Aikoko are preoccupied with their conversation with Amber and too far from the water to notice her :\


Yeah, kind of trolling for Fubby to show up with one of their MANY other characters for her to mess with.


Aww a Loli!! fuckin deal breaker I should have established that.


Aww a Loli!! fuckin deal breaker I should have established that.


you guys have fun I'm out.


>>1935 If Fuuby's leaving does that mean we've won?
And do we get to slaughter all his abandoned OCs? *sharpens machete*


No and no the guy who added the underage girl should take a hike.


O.O Sorry, wasn't expecting that kind of thing here. I'll skedaddle off of this thread, have fun you guys.


OK I better make this clear right now. No underage girls!!! There other threads out there but this is not the place.


(so sorry :-c I been busy)
"So vhat about you, Amber? How do you spen' your time when not relaxing on ze coast?"
The group is nearing the woods now.
(>>MAD for what it's worth I liked that loli :[ but oh well)


Amber walks with Viktor into the woods and begins to talk about college and how she hopes to find a boyfriend.

(I'm not into young girls and I find it repulsive. I don't get along with pedos either. But I'm not going feel bad for kicking that mad guy out good riddance I say.)


"Boyfriends are overrated," Aiko opines. "If you're anything like me you're never going to find someone who matches you well enough to make it worth the trouble. Better to just be a solo player and take care of your own needs."
Aiko is for the moment oblivious to the hypocritical undertones of her monologue in light of her constant companionship with her twin sister and after her earlier lamentations.
"If it's sex you're after, I'd say you came to the right sort of place. I confess that's why sis and I bother coming to beaches; we're not really into swimming or tanning as you can probably tell."

I hope we can get back to the guro soon xD Sorry but I couldn't come up with anything at the moment.
( >>1944 I liked her too but I'm not in charge, meh.)


With Akio and aikoko around amber felt safe the girls added a scence of security.


Dude really? I just wrote a story for someone requesting it, but I changed their ages because I also feel this way.v But acting like "Dude really? Take a hike!" in a thread about murderape on a website about murderape with the occasional loli. wow

And what happened to that Sea Monster?


*sfffhhhh* His nose sniffed several times. Then his other nose. Each of his many olfactory organs absorbed countless particles. All 240 of his tentacles- 6 from each of his 40 sides- could essentially see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.

And eat. And impregnate. And murder.

He smelled Taliya. She smelled like she was 20, but then looked like she was younger. She was in heat. She was going to drown. She didn't even realize her body was in motion until it was too late.

"eYA" She cried out as soon as her body hit the ground. Looking to her ankle, she gasped at the sight of a tentacle, then screamed in fear and pain as she was dragged across sand and coral, getting sliced up and then absorbed by a gelatinous monster that blended in with the dark ocean. It was translucent, but could provide oxygen within itself, like an expectant mother, and Taliya was its new baby. Or meal.

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