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Let's play a choose your own adventure game! This is my first time running something like this, so go easy on me.


By day, most people know you as a disgruntled janitor at a private high school for talented girls, but no one ever suspected that someone like you is actually a sadistic serial killer in disguise.

You have been slowly renovating the dilapidated janitor shed for your next little spree, throughout the last few months you have been gathering the equipment required for kidnapping and restraining girls in total secrecy. After all, it's important to ensure that no one would ever suspect that you are behind all of the recent disappearances.

It took you a few days to move the dusty boxes out the shed to provide space for your needs, and another few weeks to soundproof the interior walls to ensure that no sound will ever escape those walls. After spending months of preparation, observing your preys and learning their routines, you are now ready…

It is time for you to choose your next prey, with the weekly school newsletter in front of you, the following names stood out from a cursory glance from the sports achievements section:


[A] Elisa (17): A girl in her senior year, she was mentioned in the newsletter for scoring gold at the high school games for javelin throw. A tall blonde with an athletic build and stubborn to the core, apparently once flirted with a teacher and got him fired after he turned her down.

[B] Gabrielle (14): A small Vietnamese freshman girl, she was granted entrance to this esteemed institution on a sports scholarship. A talented gymnast and a popular girl in her community, would be a real shame if something were to happen to her.

[C] Mia (22): The coach for the juniors hockey team, a recent university graduate with a degree in sports, she just landed her first job here as a Physical Education teacher. Donning a white tee shirt and snug fitting running shorts, she made quite a few male teachers turn their heads with eyes full of appreciation.

So… who would you pick, and why?

I’ll check this thread tomorrow and continue the story with the most popular choice, the most well justified one will be picked if there's a draw. Any, and all suggestions are welcome =)




I pick Gabrielle. Why? Because I love girl gymnasts and have various sexual fantasies involving them. Also, Gabrielle seems to be a lot like Makie Sasaki from Negima and girls like her turn me on immensely plus if I'm a sadistic serial killer, I'd desire the most innocent and purist girls available to have my way with and strangle to death while they frantically struggle to break free.


[A] for me^^


[B], such a young girl will likely be more innocent and hopefully even a virgin. It would be great to take both her first time and life.... Also, I like small girls. ^_^


There will be time for [A] later. ^^

Looks like little Gabrielle is about to be visited by the janitor. ^^

After days of preparation, observing her and learning her day-to-day routines, you were able to find out the best place to ambush this lithe little gymnast...


[A] The gym’s changing room - She’s always the first one to arrive for the morning gymnastics practice on Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll be able to hide in the changing room and ambush her without the fear of intervention.

[B] On her way home - She walks home by herself, there are a few streets with relatively low foot traffic for you to park your van beside her and make a quick snatch.

[C] In the girl’s toilet - Once she’s in there, you will put a “Under Maintenance” sign on the door to prevent others from going in, then you can have your way with her as long as she's quiet...

[D] (Your choice here)

Where would you strike? And what kind of items would you have on you while you are carrying out this dastardly deed?




I pick option B as I can take her to my place or some secluded spot and take my time with her.

Regarding items, I'd have chloroform and a rag to knock her out and a camera to take pictures of her. I won't need things like whips, a knife, etc as I can accomplish my plans for Gabrielle without such items plus I don't plan to shed any of her blood as I want to keep her intact.


in this case, B also for me.

But I would suggest, Taser, a nice electric shock to make her pass out and then take her to a van and go to a secluded place.

on the back of the van there a mattress different pillows and everything you need, a change of clothes (especially by gymnast) camera and some other interesting object (sex toys) then begins.


(B), no contest. (a) and (c) both have a very short window of opportunity; not a lot of time to savor the catch, too many opportunities for trouble, and it'd be real hard to stick bits of her in a doggie bag for later. After (B), you can go wherever, do whatever, on your own time and with only your imagination to limit you.



A taser's a good idea actually.

I'd also feel Gabrielle up and strip her nude while she was knocked out and then slip her in her leotard and place her in body poses to take pics. Hee hee.


Sorry about the delay! I'm back now to continue the story. :)

Rag soaked in chloroform in hand, you walked briskly up behind the unsuspecting girl and shoved it over her mouth. Little Gabrielle struggled and fought briefly before her slender body body went limp.

You produced a taser from your pocket and sprinted towards the little girl, the last thing she remembered was your hand wrapped around her waist while you pressed the taser against her tender neck. A single crisp scream escaped her throat as she collapsed on the ground like a broken ragdoll...

You dragged the poor unconscious girl into the back of the van, knowing for well that she would not be awake for quite a while.... She’s currently dressed in her school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, navy pleated skirt, plain white socks and black leather shoes.

Now you are all all alone with her in a secluded area, what are you going to do? (You can pick multiple options, or just be creative!)

[A] Humiliate her: Strip her bare and feast your eyes upon her lithe little body? Slap her around? Piss on her? Dress her up and take photos? The possibilities are endless here.

[B] Force yourself upon her: which orifice(s) would you violate? Would she even survive having her little body ravaged like that?

[C] Inflect pain and suffering: how would you torture this little girl? Be cruel and creative.

[D] Snuff and mutilate: how would you murder her in cold blood? Once she’s dead, what would you collect as a memorabilia of your conquest?

We'll move onto the next round soon :)




I'd pick A. While she's unconscious, I feel her cute body up while gradually stripping her nude. Before, during and after I strip her, I take photos of her in various poses, angles and distances and even take photos of select body parts.

Once she's nude, I caress, kiss and lick her various body parts. When she wakes up, she cries and pleads for me to let her go. I wipe away her tears while kindly saying that I can't but that I'll take care of her from now on before I kiss her on the forehead and use choloform to knock her out again and then I dress her in her leotard and do my photo routine again.



I approve ^^ then go for A

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