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Hello! I'm looking for people who like noncon RP. Pretty much anything where the sub is not enjoying his/herself is what's hot to me! The more degrading and messed up the better.

My main turnoffs are anal focus, scat, farting, and giant tits or penises. I don't really care for muscular subs or big titted subs. In fact, my fetishes are usually less comical and super serious, focusing on cruelty!

Lolis, shotas, adults, all are yummy! If you enjoy extreme horror stuff why not give me a shout!

At the moment I've recently been interested in forced cannibalism, traps, pregnancy destruction, and mind control. Feel free to add me out of the blue!

Discord: StrayFeline#1617
F-Chat: Available I guess but I rarely use it anymore
Kik: strayfeline (Not great for RP but great for chatting about RP stuff a bit)

Feel free to just add me and send a message!


sounds interesting. beeing traped, seduced and killed sounds great. :)

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