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Hello there~

I am Lilac Alley, looking for someone willing to roleplay with me. Long Term, One Off, any length of time is fine with me. I’ve roleplayed for seven years of my life and DMed campaigns for five years so I’m pretty equipped to do almost anything you can coax me into.
I’d prefer people who play traps or females and I am most comfortable roleplaying stuff like this on Kik. I'm also a switch with a heavy leaning towards dominant. Forgive me if replies may be slow sometimes, I respond at my leasure due to University and all.
I will absolutely not do anything involving eyes, teeth or scat. Things I may be slightly uncomfortable with can easily be swayed away if we do it right.
If anyone’s interested, contact me at “Myrtales” (Yes, like the flower) on Kik.


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It has occurred to me that I had never specified what I’m into. I’m into most non-consensual scenarios but especially concerning Zako or sentries of a similar vein. I am into most clean deaths including neck breaking and suffocation of any manner, but can easily get into more gorey means of killing. I like my victims being female or traps with no specific kind of physicality in mind. I’d rather the victims be over 16. I can play either sex, but have a strong leaning for female.
I occasionally dabble in necro and watersports.

As long as you can play what I need, anything behind the screen is of no consequence.


Say, would it be possible to it via skype? Since the only kik I found is a mobile app and I dont realy trust it that much.


>>1888 I second this, particularly in light of my cheap-ass prepaid phone from 2009.


Hrmmm, say maybe we have compatible kinks? I honestly want to try out this sort of RPcould leave my mail here if ya want?


Feel free to leave your email. I'll be leaving my email address as well if anyone would like to contact me.

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