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Currently playing a cuntboy character, I'd love to find someone interested in destroying him both physically and psychologically. Long-term is preferred.
He's a bit of a street rat, not the obedient bitch kind at all, he'd stab you in the face to escape if he could. Kidnapping him or luring him with promises of money would be a must. I really want to explore how long-term predicaments could change his mind and behaviour.

Hard bondage, long-term obedience training, humiliation and objectification are welcomed. I also love the idea of having his body being altered at some point (cutting of his limbs to force him to walk on his fours permanently, stitching his eyes or lips, etc), but that's not mandatory if you're not into that.
My turn off are mostly toilet stuff, diapers, feminization, mind control and pregnancy.

If that's your thing, I'm also interested in monsters and body horror in general, so going for a more unrealistic setting is fine as well. Stuff like oviposition, flesh walls, parasites infestation, tentacles, eldritch abominations and fleshcraft are pure gold for me when it comes to RP.

No one-liners please. Roleplaying through mails is preferred, rather than using instant messengers, as I can't be available for that as much as I want.

If you're willing to roleplay that, send a mail to, so we can discuss it.


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I'm still looking for a roleplay partner if anyone's interested.

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