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We can role play on chatzy or perhaps here if allowed. I'd love if you were a male DC character (esp the joker cough) but I can get with girls as well! I mean, come on, Harley is so adorable why wouldn't you let her cut you up? Defiantly erotic overtones. I don't mind ocs, either, tho. If you'd like her to slice and dice you. (Also, I'm down with rping any media Harley- I went with gods and monsters bc she's the most uhhhh well, gory in that one <3 )

Not to mention the puns!


I dont mind to play with the adorable Harley (I can play males.) But I dont play cannon characters :/ Still if you want to play you can contact me via my email.


Emailed :)


Emailed :)


Hello there! Being sliced to pieces by Harley sounds like a dream come true. My email is if you want to get in touch x


sounds great


Can you contact me on Kik? Mine name there is Fictional Guy


I'm very interested if this advert is still in use/checked. Get in touch with me at or reply on here if still after this kind of roleplay x


Hello Mistress Quinn!

This boy wonder would love to receive your cruelest treatment. If you are intersted, please email me and we can discuss details!

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