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The purpose of this thread is to describe what sort of vore fantasy you'd have with the dead body of a woman or child in a pic provided and then you provide a pic of a dead woman or child for someone else to describe what sort of vore fantasy they have. You can have any creature sentient or non-sentient eat the dead woman or child's body.

To start, here's Mamina from Simoun laid out dead and lifeless on an open field, what creatures decide to make a meal out of her lush body?


File: 1471876624850.jpg (147.55 KB, 850x601, __rensouhou_chan_and_shima….jpg)


A large shadow dominates Mamina, in fact almost the entire valley in which she lies. by conceal after several vaults a Roc lands elegantly. the coffin lid flies off from the force of the wind also the body of the poor girl moves to the bursts despite being dead. The giant eagle needs a few steps to go to the Mamia towering over with his shadow.

The head of the giant raptor moves her body touching her soft body with its beak, he sniffs deeply, after convincing himself that the meat is good the eagle opens the spout holding hugging the ground, letting the legs of Mamia, closes beak and raises the body dangling, then alvando the theta in a horizontal begins to bring down the girl along the gorge, the first two or three shots, slides Mamia up to the dock, the second just above the breast, leaving only the head arms out and they too disappear within one second after the Roc body, the creature flies away shortly after leaving behind only the coffin.

A few minutes later, the Rock flying until then reaches the mountains where lies its nest to the inside there are a lot of eggs, one of which already opened up where there a chick, big as an elephant, you shake the parent view of raising hungry beaks.

The giant Rock comingia to emmetere disturbing verses until it regurgita prey arms, and the Mamia hair are the first things to check, followed by the head that are placed carefully to the chick. Her body slides along the slimy tongue, the skin is slightly reddened, but the clothes that once covered his body now and left some shred still stuck to the skin. Mamia continues to slide going from one kid to another, grende The chick begins to slide Mamia in its final distination.

Arms, head and uper body of Mamia disappear quickly into the hungry chick, while the butt and long legs of her escape completely from adult and then dangle for a while. and you can still see the remains of her panties for a few seconds before the chick continues to swallow his meal. at the end of the chick and satisfied and calm returns, its yhang acid put us some time to digest the good meat, Mamia can be satisfied in knowing that her flesh have nurtured a young life, becoming an adult will have a soft spot for young human women meat.


rensouhou - chan ( kantai collection) is lying on the seabed , which creature could also be involved in this banquet ?

if you feel uncomfortable with sea creatures , fairies who is on the beach


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/OOC: Don't worry, I'm fine with sea creatures and her name's Shimakaze./

The lovely scent of Shimakaze's lifeless body in eternal slumber draws in various sea creatures. Two octopus strip her nude while eels start to dig into her cute buttcheeks, lower back and cute belly. A smaller eel digs into her right armpit while other fish nibble on her arms and hands. The octopus focus on her legs and feet while a sea turtle strips the flesh off of her flat chest.

Soon, Shimakaze's cute body is stripped to the bone from the neck down and then an aquatic fairy takes her head and returns to the ship girls HQ with it and creates a new body for her and brings her back to life. Shimakaze is satisfied that she got to feed various sea creatures with her body as she watched the entire incident as a spirit.

Now then, here's Hitomi from Madoka Magica laid out on her side dead and lifeless. What city dwelling creatures get to feast on her?


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If it's a woman you vore fans prefer, then I'll provide you with one.....

Here's Madam Red from Black Butler laid out in her casket. Her last wish was to see her corpse be feasted on by animals as she wants to help them live on, what animals get to feast on her lush body?


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The city with its colors, lights and smells do not care for the creature crawling silently carrying only that sweet sour odor, moves there a smell that attracts us something that attre. The Hitomi body lies the creature approaching them, is nothing but a kind of green jelly. approaching the girl intrigued. It stretches touching it several times her body no resistance up to turn his back while the touches are becoming more insistento. The mass does not seem to understand the difference between a living body and a dead body, crawling on Hitomi wetting chest. from the crowd out little tentacles that come overwhelmingly from the mouth, ears and nose from Hitomi reaching the brain by a short pulse that makes it slightly open eyes lifeless, small involuntary spasms are caused by Hitomi's body while the creature touches the the brain of the young while the tentacle had entered the mouth pulls out the tongue giving us by playing taps.

The creature goes up and down the body Hitomi exploring every hole where he could go, Hitomi emits an odor that attracts the slimes and the unconditional movements of the dead girl, they've never suggested that he wanted to drive it out. then expand the mass entirely covering her body begins to gallegiare trapped in the green substance. The creature moves sometimes by moving consequently Hitomi in a strange and seductive dance. in the hours to follow her clothes are loose, showing the body of the girl in all her beauty even though before the dawn does not remain even the bones.

And 'morning an agent of the forces of the order making a checkup in the building making a disturbing discovery, a girl is lying completely naked wet, the agent rushes over Hitomi's chest she moves after some slap, her eyes move, the creature absorbed Hitomi's mind and its appearance, find it hard to speak, but he knows that Hitomi lives in her now, and that he wants more, he wants other company.

A dead girl found on the beach and was dragged up to a cave entrance to be given some animal / creature. which will be lucky to enjoy the flesh of this young girl?


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A lizardman comes across the young girl's lifeless body. He caresses her soft skin before he sits her up and drags her deeper into the cave by her armpits with her sexy ass rubbing against the rocky floor as she's dragged away and her head and hands hanging limply from her sexy body.

Once deep inside the cave, the lizardman strips the dead girl nude and plays around with her corpse out of curiousity. Once he's done playing around, he turns her over onto her belly, drapes her onto a rock so her butt sticks up in the air and proceeds to feast on the flesh of her cute buttcheeks with the dead girl's body limply moving as flesh is torn from her butt. What makes it creepy is that the dead girl is seemingly calm when she should be screaming in agony as flesh is torn from her body.

Next, the lizardman proceeds to eat the flesh on the girl's lovely legs and feet while leaving nothing but bones before moving onto her arms and hands. He then tenderly eats her breasts and finally, splits open her belly and gorges himself on her internal organs.

With no flesh left on any part of her body below her neck, the lizardman breaks apart her skeleton, uses her bones to make into jewelery and preserves her head to use in a ritual to summon her back to life and create a new body for her. She's grateful for being brought back to life and ends up mating with the lizardman as his species and hers can interbreed.

Now then, here's Asuna from Negima laid out dead and lifeless in her casket and soon to be laid out in the exact same body pose on a field. What animals get to feed on her lush body?



/ You made me die with your answer! too beautiful, I upped even tweak the genre /

There is a nice breeze we are close to the mountains, Asuna lying on the ground among the flowers as if to invite any predator to make her what I want plush and heavy footsteps approaching a tiger with the sharp white teeth and a very large specimen surface the creature He approaches sniffing the air closer to her body.
The beast turns round bumping with his paw and annusandola, then her mouth opens and then a loud snap of freusta put on alert the animal.
An ogre is approaching the big body and the protruding belly pezi protected by armor, his clothes are made of animal skins unusually well cared beard and blond, his head without any hair. The tiger runs against him without hesitation pe then put his paws on him and lick his face. The ogre laughs guturalmente avvicinanosi with its heavy body leaning taking steps to neck and shoulders Asuna with a single hand. The body is raised and swaying devolmente. The ogre sniffs the girl and shoulder charge putting the coffin under his arm and then retrace his steps.

Asuna swaying gait of the man and then be gently placed on the ground near Moose recently died, who were to be part of the meal for the creature and its tgre, there is a nice bonfire a large animal, probably a mammoth laid to rest the mount of the ogre.

the creature prpara moose giving raw meat to the tiger and then store the other and devote his attentions on Asuna, to the mighty hand rips her dress, nose rests on the belly of the girl smelling. the creature comes into ecstasy as annuda and licks different Partti woman. at one point grabbing her ankles Girl lifting sniffing her ass and her pussy.


Be the voice of thunders while gently took the girl by sliding the entire pot, hot water surrounds her body. arrosondo and cooking a little skin of the girl becomes the bronze after adding several spezzie and iori who happens to be looking in the coffin, in addition to using the same wood to feed the fire.

Half an hour and with a big ladle the ogre fished Asuna now perfectly amber and lying on a rock on her face and still relaxed as his body is scorparso salsa, the finger of his passes on the passing of her breasts on the lips then with soltello begins to cut small pieces chewing carefully, one of the arms of Asuna vine sliced ​​and given to the tiger eating the tender meat taste. within minutes of Asuna remain only the bones.

A small snack for the ogre, which brings together the bones of asuna to evoke the ancient spirits and donate again form and life to the girl . bones flutuano composing organs , flesh and skin are reformed . Asuna splanca in surprise and begins to breathe and then fall over the soft snow as cold . she trembles like a leaf mentr the ogre in the wraps of animal hides by putting it in a basket " WIFE " the girl strokes the beard of the ogre before falling asleep .

From then on Asuna it becomes the cook of the ogre that does not miss anything , and give him a seed fair when it will be able to copulate with him .


/I am less familiar with the genre, but I tried to do my best ( there was a bit of confusion in the house so I hope both came good . )/

In the forest he lies a young woman died , the poisonous butterflies have had the better of her and now they are on top of her , but also to all the commotion attracted another predator, which be will find pleasure in the flesh of this girl ?


File: 1473181872470.jpg (264.76 KB, 495x700, __sangokushi_taisen_and_sa….jpg)


Forgot image


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A band of Goblins /who're the size of children/ hear the commotion and when they get to the scene, they find the dead woman slumped against a tree. They feel themselves drawn to her both sexually and in terms of seeing her as a food source.

The goblins go up to the dead woman and feel her up. They note how soft and tender her flesh is so they drag her away a few feet as not to spill her blood on the books and documents near her as they plan to examine them later. They then proceed to strip her lifeless body nude while taking pleasure in taking off her clothes as they have a type of absolute control over the dead woman.

They then proceed to play around with her lovely body and feel, kiss and lick her various body parts and even suckle her tits. When they're done playing around, they turn the dead woman onto her side and begin to dig into her flesh and tear off pieces of it. The lead Goblin focuses on her sexy buttcheeks and tears off pieces of flesh from it while others tear flesh from her other body parts. One slips in and tears flesh from the dead woman's pussy which tasts quite exotic.

Soon, her belly is split open and some of the goblins dig into her internal organs and devour them with one of them lucking out and getting to munch on her juicy liver while two others get to eat her kidneys. Another goblin greedily eats her lush breasts while another digs into her right armpit. After a while, the dead woman's body from the neck down has been stripped down to the bone. Content, the goblins remove her head from her skeletal body and play with her bones for a while before dozing off.

Once they've dozed off, the woman's body regenerates from her head and she wakes up and gets dressed. She'd gotten herself poisoned to death by the butterflies to see how it would feel to be eaten by scavenging predators. It hurt of course but it felt strange as well to be fondled and moved around like a ragdoll.

Now then, here's 9 year old Hiromi from "Shiki" laid out dead and lifeless. His shirt and underwear clad body will be sent to the morgue but on route, his body will be teleported into the woods with the vacant look he has on his face in the pic. What animals will get to taste the tender flesh of this beautiful little boy?

/OOC: I'm going for variety and trying out a cute shota for vore fantasies./


File: 1473995916025.png (790.79 KB, 631x1305, tumblr_mkwji3Qb2m1s2zz8so1….png)


If cute shotas aren't your cup of tea for Vore fantasies, then I shall provide a different person.

Here's Michiru/Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon floating lifelessly in the water. What sea or shoreline creatures get to feast on her lovely corpse?


File: 1474040308946.png (189.6 KB, 683x624, __yoko_littner_tengen_topp….png)


/ And the first time I use one Shota, but let's see what to do /

The Hiromi body is surrounded by large trees, his arrival improviso from nothing to frightened animals and the smell of the meat, the smell of human being attracted to something else, this thing strip by moving silently through the grass just lightly touching the inert body hand. what seems like a liana, she wraps sullamano is moving your fingers and then up along Mo Hiromi body.
Other lianas little arivano after wrapping the body without life of the child and then drag it into the heart of the forest and drag the body of the boy's pants down and then get lost in the forest.

lianas bring the body in front of a giant bud which opens a little later, the sweet smell around the area while the center of it and of the golden liquid comes a woman with green skin and white hair, no legs integrand part of the large flower . the creature looks Hiromi curiously prior to wrap iane wrists and neck and move like a puppet. and then let it soak in the golden sostaza.

The plant girl shows just a few have more than Hiromi, caressing the body, kissing him with interest by bringing down the "language" in depth, the creature chuckles staring blankly at him, the body already started to melt. the bud the petals closing by bringing the inner both the plant girl Hormi the body destined to become a new meal.

The next morning the Fuore is opened by the girl who stretches out to enjoy the sun's rays, which turns slightly annoyed after forcing a new green body to stand up, a body of still asleep features Hiromi slowly opens his eyes discovering and accepting his new nature.

here's yoko for short stays in a straitjacket . after having obtained any information from her and putting an end to his life and decided to leave this beauty out of the base, to allow some animals to feed on this flesh of excellent quality .


Deep within the ocean, a dark shadow appeared underneath the floating body of the lifeless Sailor Neptune. Rising up from the depths appeared to a large tentacle titan like creature. It let out a mighty roar as one of its tentacles gently wrapped around its prey. Michiru was bless fully unaware of the large hulk staring at her. The creature reached out its tongue around her body. It wrapped around her torso like a serpent.

The creature rubbed against the various curves of her body. Squeezing upon her soft breast and smooth body side. The creature like ice cream was slowly savoring the taste of her young delightful flesh. It took its time for five minutes before it swallows down its throat. One could see a small bulge form within it before Michiru’s body disappeared completely into its belly.

Inside of the creatures stomach the flawless flesh of the young maiden was slowly being ripped away. A wave of acidotic juices, washed her over and tore away her flesh and muscle. Leaving it as nothing more than a bloody liquid mixing into the acid its self. The bones of the poor young woman floated within the monster’s belly towards the lining of the stomach. Once close enough it began.

String like tentacles shot out from the fleshy walls and clung to the skeleton floating in the deadly pool, pulling the skeleton into it. After a few moments the flesh tentacles merged with the skeleton shifting slowly into a replica of Michiru. Next to the forming copy appeared copies of various other women, being heighted within walls.

This strange creature had an ability. It would melt down the flesh of its victims to fill its hunger, while using their bodies as a base for an army. An army of female creatures it would use to draw in more food to feed its self. After all unless it got lucky, like it did with the sailor scout. Food doesn’t just come to it very often.


Saya from Blood plus has her body buried near a old temple where various creatures stay. What will get to be the creature who gets to enjoy her?


File: 1474075844347.jpg (233.8 KB, 960x720, Blood 40.jpg)

forgot the image




Are you sure that's Saya from Blood C? The woman there doesn't look like her plus she's simply slumped against a tree. Perhaps you posted the wrong pic?



No, she is Saya from Blood Plus. Both the Blood plus and Blood C animes are different because they based off a japanese movie called Blood: The Last Vampire.

They both are the same character, just two different versions of her to make it simple. Just type in Blood plus or Blood + into google and you will see.

Also it's suppose to be a old ruin.



Ok then, here goes nothing.

As Saya rests in eternal slumber, a brown skinned demon with yellow eyes the size of a man comes up to her lush body and caresses her smooth face and notes how soft and tender her skin and flesh feels. He then shoulder carries her limp body to his lair under the temple.

Once underground, he lays her on his worktable and tears off her dress and other clothes until she's naked. Next, he proceeds to caress, kiss and lick Saya's various body parts with the poor young woman oblivious to her body being used as a sex toy.

When he's done using Saya's body as a sex toy, he drapes her over a stone slab with her sexy ass sticking in the air and after opening Saya's eyes, strokes her buttcheeks before he starts to tear flesh from them. As he feasts on her buttcheeks, Saya mindlessly stares off into space while shaking a bit as her body is jostled from having flesh torn from it when makes the scene creepy as it looks like she's so traumatized that she's mentally shut down.

Once the demon is finished with her buttcheeks, he digs into Saya's lower back and tears out her kidneys and devours them which're tasty to the demon. Next, the demon eats the flesh off of her legs and feet and then her torso, arms and hands. Soon, Saya's a skeleton from the neck down which is broken apart and used for various tools and objects while her head is dipped in a special fluid that causes her body to regenerate so the demon can use Saya's body as a love doll for his own enjoyment.

Now then, here's Miyata Yuuki dead and nude. She wanted to be fed to starving animals to provide them with a chance to live, which animals get to feast on her tender body?


File: 1474328647829.jpeg (479.72 KB, 768x1024, Matsuri's cute nude.jpeg)


Ok, since it won't upload the pic of Miyata, I'll try someone else.

Here's a nude Matsuri from Strawberry Marshmallow sitting on a bench dead. What creatures get to feast on her cute form?


File: 1475967316026.jpg (103.45 KB, 720x1280, Kyoko's sexy unconscious -….jpg)

If you guys prefer an adult women, you'll get your wish.

Here's Kyoko from Shiki dead in a sexy position. What creatures get to feast on her older but refined and tasty flesh?


File: 1476954497965.jpg (61.46 KB, 741x631, dead bikini girls.jpg)


Ok then, I'll describe what my vore fantasy with Matsuri is to get the ball rolling again.

The ferret next to her gently rubs and licks her right thigh. It likes the taste of Matsuri's tender flesh but wants to begin eating in her special spot so it inserts its head in between Matsuri's legs and digs into her virgin pussy and nibbles flesh off of it.

The jostling causes Matsuri's limp body to topple over onto her side and onto the pavement and onto her right side. The ferret finishes eating her tender pussy and calls for others of its kind to join in on the feast. Soon other ferrets come onto the scene and dig into the cute loli's tender flesh. The ones feasting on the meat at her buttcheeks and thighs enjoy themselves the most but at some point, her tender abdomen is split open and a large number of ferrets swarm inside her torso to get at her vital organs.

After a couple of hours, Matsuri's entire body is stripped to the bone /except for her brain/ and the ferret colony is quite full and content at the feast that they've just had. On cue, Matsuri's skeleton floats in the air and her body regenerates her lost flesh and organs along with a set of clothes. Matsuri then wakes up and smiles warmly as she pets the ferrets. The entire incident was conceived by Matsuri to make her ferret pets happy as she loves them all.

Now then, here's a trio of dead girls about to slip into the water. What creatures get to eat their tender flesh?

/OOC: The bikini girls can also wash up on the shore if you want land and air creatures to eat them instead./

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