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Okay this one is different, You post a pic of the female you want dead and write it that way. I plan on doing a Tracer one soonish.


Yes. I think this is a much better idea than the previous thread since everyone gets to choose their target and modus operandi. I'll also write something soon.


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Okay so here's a quick Tracer one, By the way fucking your prey is optional.

I ran forth taking Tracer to the ground, Before she could react I acted with no mercy burying a combat knife into her temple, piss sprayed from her pussy pooling on the floor as I leaned forward placing my lips upon hers, Her left eye went ascew and she let out a slow unintelligible moan. I removed the knife and ran forth to the next fight leaving the useless bitch dead and pointless.


File: 1471846515138.jpg (316.27 KB, 1000x967, Yu-kyo-263355-Nidalee.jpg)

Disclaimer: I am not an employee, owner, or know anyone who is either of Riot Games, League of Legends, or any of the characters. I am only a fan of the game, lore, and characters.

Credit to: Riot Games for the character and Yu-kyo from hentai foundry for the image. The image and character are both used without permission, and thus will be removed if either request it. This is only a work of fan fiction.

Theme: Taxidermy and cannibalism
If you were to ask me how long we've been together, I'd have to say about four months now.

We had met at her place, of course, and she had... 'invited' me to stay the night with her and her family. I had only asked for directions, but, when she insisted I stay for dinner and she would show me the way out of her 'neighborhood'... let's just say I couldn't say no. Indirectly or otherwise.

Still, having survived that night and the several ones to follow, we began dating. Two weeks later, we began making love. After the first month, we were a couple. A month after that, I shared my profession with her and she shared hers with me.

Who would have guessed she'd come to me with the honest request of deboning her, sewing up her body, filling her with stuffing, and, when all of the work was done, eating her body with her.

And all this time I thought it was just pillow talk. Since she went through the trouble of preparing the stuffing, sharpening my knives, and getting new tattoos, I agreed to take her up on her offer... on the condition that we could make move while I did it, and she made her special energy drinks to keep me going.

She agreed, I got my things together, the engineers gave us use of their devices, and we decided on a date together.
Nidalee and I entered my temporary workshop together, and she immediately began undressing as I set the table.

As her beautiful body was opened to the world, and my eyes dared peeks now and again, I chose my tools and laid them out.

Scaples of varying sizes, two handaxes, needles and spools of cooking thread, dental paste, pain killers and muscle relaxers, four eight-inch nails, a rubber mallet, a chart of the human female body, and an eight-inch steel restraint.

By the time I was prepared and wheeling over my work cart, she was laying on the hard wood table, on her belly and her on her folded clothes, and waiting for me with that hungry smile I had first seen her make that night four months ago.

Tantalizing as she was, first things first, and so I had her roll over onto her back while I got her does of pain killers ready, but she had other ideas. I placed the painkillers into her mouth, but instead of swallowing she spat them out and went to undo my pants. This was how she was, so I let her do what she wanted removed my shirt as she dropped my drawers.

Half an hour later, and after downing he last of my first jungle juice and cleaning her up, I rolled her over on her belly once more, making sure her tired form was properly positioned, and then grabbed the nails and mallet.

Holding her by her ankles and wrists one at a time, I drove the nails home in between the balls of her feet and the centers of her palms. She stayed still, as much as she could expecting the pain but not fully comprehending it until it was done, and I did help her ease into it with another orgasm.

The final nail went in near her neck. The size was a little too small, so I did have to hold her neck in place before I could hammer it in. All and all, i looked alright, I missed all of her arteries and tendons, and she was still able to breath well enough.

I had a little fun at her expense as I played with her feet, tickling her soles and pulling on the toes, but I I didn't torment her to long as I picked up the first scalpel and cut into her right leg, easily breaking the skin and piercing through muscle.

Nidalee hissed and tensed, but did her best to stay still as I brought the implement across the length of her leg, going slowly and doubling back as I did. By the time I got to the back of the knee, I was ready to remove the first set of bones. I placed the bones into a bin, and then resumed my bloody work.

When I finally finished the legs a hour later, she was startled into semi-awareness when I slowly pushed myself into her anus, and then became fully awake before I let myself go inside her tight rectum.

Her legs were now useless, deboned and in the process of being sowed up after a five minute break, and yet they were still very sexy. The banana bread stuffing she had made was going to taste great cooked along with those beautiful, tanned limbs.

I did offer her the pain killers again, but she shook her head, so I put them back in their bottle and began to cut from the small of her back to the base of her neck. I wanted to remove the spine as soon as possible so she wouldn't be in so much pain, but, as she passed out again with an empty look in her eyes, I knew she wouldn't mind.

Besides, the pelvis would be difficult to remove without first gutting her. The rib cage would be difficult as well, but that would be from the pain she would have experienced.

After twenty minutes, she was all but dead from the neck down, her spine joining the bones of her legs and knees in the bin, and her chest cavity filling with her own blood.

It was time to remove her head and make sure she was free from the pain she had requested to undertake. At least I knew how to clean, treat, and cook the organs. Given that she lived in the jungle, knowing how to cook was key to survival when I couldn't find her for a date.

Stir fried lungs, grilled heart and stomach, and broiled intestines would make a great filling to go along with stuffing. Too bad he couldn't cook all of it inside her body. Maybe if he had years of experience cooking he could, but he was taxidermist.

I cut along the lines of her neck, stopping for a moment to suck in her final breaths of life, before I carefully separate her head, and what remained of her spine, from her body. Her eyes, still a lovely gold, were empty of life and that hunger I fell in love with. Before, it sent a shiver down my spine when she looked at me, but, now, I felt ashamed that I was staring into her dead eyes, knowing what power they usually held.

Finally, I sat her head down and got back to my work.

The rib cage was removed, the left lung had been scratched a little but nothing too bad, the heart was cut out, and, using it more of a shovel, I was able to remove the pelvis; which I decided to save to use as a basket for her liver, womb, and ovaries.

Next came the arms, which were easy to compared to the torso. The elbow bones were set aside, next to the knee bones, and the hands and feet left where hey were. There were too many bones in them to deal with, but I didn't want to ruin the image for when I finished and presented the cooked body.

Finally, I took my last break, drank more jungle juice, and mentally prepared myself for the sewing... hopefully I wouldn't poke my own fingers off.
A week later, and everything was ready.

Nidalee and I sat down at my place, a first time for everything, to enjoy the meal we had both worked on making. She had provided the meat and stuffing, and I prepared and cooked it.

Thankfully, she loved the spread-eagle pose I put the body in and her preserved head sitting between her breasts.

She took the first cut, filling her plate with five inches of leg meat, taking the hollow knee with it, and commented on my work.

After we had eaten our fill, worked off the calories on the cleared table, she laid down on the table, breasts fully exposed and showing off her new, new tattoos, and told me to get to work.

With that fanged smile on her face and those hungry eyes... I had to take a deep breath to stop my hands from trembling.

Not many men can say they ate the cooked entrails out of their living girlfriend's chest cavity, but I can.

When she's fully recovered, she said it was my turn to get eaten out... literally. With a mandatory diet of grains, apples, corn, and beans for three months, I couldn't help but think she wanted to see if a vegetarian had a different taste.


File: 1471867683887.jpg (163.36 KB, 850x1063, __kusakabe_asako_grisaia_s….jpg)

/ I hope that everything is legible. sorry for the length, but I wanted to explain well the plot * W * /

/Kusakabe Asako is my prey ^^/

It has been a beautiful ceremony. Asako was wearing a very provocative wedding dress was tough not toss roofs lean against, to church, during lunch. not that she would help me, in fact I in my wedding suit could not hold an erection, as Asako caused me rubbing with making random Breast close to my arm, or touching my groin with hes hand when he approached to tell me something .

Finally alone, after having picked up and enter in the hause we went to bed we stripped of hastily beginning to have sex like animals. Before I over her, stroking her body several times, kissing passionately in the meantime. we did more time sex that night we did not fall asleep until both exhausted.

I wake up the next morning and I see her face in pain while holding his chest. I caress her lips and the port to the mine. She reciprocates the kiss. Asako have a bullet near the heart, can not be removed and therefore only a matter of time for her. we got married as soon as we found out, we're both murderers. these things you would not normally do. but because of her condition and of our project organizations has become an exception. I ask if her wants to accelerate the progam.

she shakes her head, I understand his effort and smile, while I prepare the brekfast, is a beautiful woman knows how to make me happy, and have fun, but when it comes to food and better than I do.

We spend neither a very busy month, no working in this period, we have fun, we go for a ride in different places, amusement parks, museums, exhibitions. and lots of sex, and other activities immortalize every moment. on some days she feels unwell and we are home to do movie marathon. but otherwise the best month of our lives.

Arrived the day X, both just wake up before dawn, we kiss and we dress, both with the clothes with which we got married. and we take guns and sniper rifles, knives and then we kiss. She reminds me that her will do seriously if i die will be my fault, I nod with a smile and then wish her good luck, the liberty of going out first from our house in the mountains. surrounded by trees and rocks. ideal for a fight in more it is also a beautiful day.

We always felt respect and attraction to each other. and both at least once we wondered how it would be to kill the other. it would be like to have sex live together. a few months ago it turned out that in Asako's body there was a bullet of an old gun battle and that she did not have much time. so we decided to crown our imagination. and this is the final act.


She is waiting for me hidden, out of the house but as I would have done the same thing I get out of prunes on the back known white through the bush. my dress is not as convenient, but its not suitable for hiding and shoes with heels are not optimal for running.

But the instinct or in a hurry when the shot goes marks understand that it is a bait a second later my position and at gunpoint. I can throw in the trees and a laugh. if it would be so easy there would be no taste.

different skirmishes after she and I are behind the trees a few meters away. I have the jaw hurts, a cracked rib, well maybe two, a bad cut on my shoulder and a bullet in the leg. she is not making better believe it has a bad hemorrhage abdomen, I hit them hard with some knee. u bullet on the shoulder and some signs of knife on the chest. I just wanted to stab her in the heat but we were a bit taken our hand. I still have a bullet

I go out of my hiding place with a fake making her shoot and miss the mark just moments after they are roofs lean against. the takle knocking her to the ground, groaning to blow while I chin on top of her pulling out the knife to stab her straight to the heart. but blocks the shot a second later spits me some substance in the face chart using hes mouth as if it were a snake.

Turns the tables ending up on me but although we do not see well at the moment the seconded throwing it away I "see" the gun I take the gun and point to the blurred image of her while she is pointing, shoot almost simultaneously.

the blow strikes me the sternum, it hurts like hell. but he does not seem to have hit nothing serious. The last thing I saw was Asako acower on one side, I'm closer to my wife, she gasps at a bullet by his chest probably punctured a lung. Her smiled weakly, showing me the gun discharged, I do the same, and I lay on her, kissing her. with passion. her arms are wrapped around my back.

He tells me he loves me I say that I love her then her body stiffens, groaning between pain and pleasure looks at me intently muttering my name weakly as he closes his eyes I hold her head while the other hand still firmly for short stays in the knife that pierced to the liver.

Asako quickly goes off in my arms. I take her home taking her in my arms like the first time when we got married. arrived call the doctor to heal my wounds and make anti decomposition treatments for Asako. according to his last will take her in the basement of our house, where I will be able to aim its beauty in waiting to reunite with her. Meanwhile, as promised I have to take care of his adopted son and make several calls to inform that Asako is died as her wished , and that will serve me still at least a month before returning to service. some for my wounds , a little for pain, a little for make that place a nice place to spend some quality time with Asako when 'll feel the lack of her.


File: 1471904995372.png (81.6 KB, 212x415, Yukari is an angel.png)

My prey is Yukari Sakuragi from "Another". She spots me stalking her and she runs away with me in hot pursuit. I chase her down and throw her to the ground and I get on top of her and strangle her. She frantically tries to escape and flails her body and legs around to free herself but to no avail.

Soon, she's crying and has an anguished look on her pretty face and as her struggles weaken, she silently mouths "Why?". I reply that I love her and wish to make her into my love doll to cherish for eternity. She has a shocked look on her pretty face that I'll be using her body in that manner and then she lets out one final gasp for air and then goes limp with her lovely eyes open but dull and lifeless.

I then get up and stand Yukari up before I dance with her body and then hug her before I bridal carry her and take her back to my place where I make love to her, bathe her, redress her and make her into a love doll for me to cherish forever.


File: 1472128072370.png (966.74 KB, 896x574, kitana & jade.png)

/This picture is an unfinished job from the other finish her thread./

I am the mighty Shao Khan, emperor of the Outworld and konqueror of mortals...and yet I can't sleep in my own palace. I'm hearing echoing moans from the halls. They arouse and annoy me in equal measure so I get up and try to find the source. It doesn't take me more than a few minutes of stumbling through the dark corridors to find the source of the moanings. In a corner of my armory lay Kitana and Jade, fucking each other with a long dildo. Jade is gripping the instrument with her delicate hands and oscillating it between her wet and tight cunt and Kitana's nubile ass. I stare at them and they notice me too, but they don't react much to my presence and continue pleasuring themselves.

'Such insolence, even from my own daughter Kitana. Well then...' I angrily think to myself as I go to the back of the armory and grab my war hammer. As I come towards them, dragging the enormous hammer across the floor, they notice...then they stop...then Kitana says in a very sorry tone:
"No, father, please...we were only having a bit of fun. Don't harm us pleeeaase."
"Silence. You have failed me so many times and now I can't even sleep because you're humping your childhood friend? I won't stand for this." I reply and lift my hammer above my head. I strike towards them, but they both roll away from each other and dodge. I leave the hammer planted in the ground for now, as it is a hindrance. I then quickly grab Jade by her leg. She squirms around like a worm but I drag her to me and grab her from around the waist with my arms. Kitana tries to stop me but I giver her a massive kick in the gut, sending her flying and hitting a column. She collapses, unconscious. Jade is trying to free herself, bucking and kicking, but my grip around her young and weak flesh is adamant. I press her against a wall and begin choking her with my left hand, causing her to stop any action and try to free herself with her hands. My grip around her neck barely allows her to breathe, but she's not in any real danger...yet. I reach with the other hand and feel her voluptuous breasts jiggling around as she struggles in fear. I play with them a bit and get myself fully hard down bellow. Jade is however very annoying in her struggle so I place my hand across her chest and look her in the eyes.
"It's time to die, whore." I say in a menacing tone.
"Pleeeaseeeee, I just wanted to...." she starts saying, but her words are replaced by screams as I push with all my strength my right arm through her chest, crushing her heart and spine. While she's still screaming, I hold her body down with my right hand, through the new orifice I've made in her body and snap her neck with my left hand. Her cries are silenced, yet she still has a few more moments of consciousness so I tear her head from her body and throw it against a wall, smashing it and splattering her brains all over. Her headless body lays naked at my feet and her legs are spread in an inviting manner so I lean over and begin to fuck her young and tender cunt. It's really wet and nice after she pleasured herself along with Kitana so it feels heavenly as I force my massive member in and out of her limp body. As I come I squeeze and then rip off her slender massive jugs with my hands.

I then get up and grab my hammer. Kitana is still unconscious as I make my way to her. She lays on the ground, half naked with her tits and pussy exposed. I drag her to the middle of the room and spread her legs to the sides. Her cunt is fully exposed and I lift up my mighty hammer, preparing to strike. As I'm almost ready to strike she comes around and sees her impending punishment. I cast down the hammer with mighty force and plant it right bellow her sex, not hitting her, but making her body quiver from the force of the impact.
"This is the last time I'm sparing you...don't disappoint me again." I say as I leave the room.
Kitana had the scare of her life that day...and although her friend was brutally executed, she remained loyal.


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((Picked up Bo3 at a discount so surprise surprise I'll be making several involving the female characters))

Nuketown: Operation Stealthbird ((Okay warning there is a Sexist character, please note I myself hate sexists and am not one.))

She tried to help but they were too much for her team Erin Callsign: Battery hid under the bed on the top floor of the blue house clutching her assault rifle close, According to the Uav that was recently shot down five enemies paraded the area, She heard muffled voices downstairs before footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs, watching the door from under the bed she pointed her rifle at it and soon enough a pair of feet came through the door, without a sound she slid from under the bed pointing the gun at the man and pulling the trigger twice, Twhip twhip were the only two sounds to be heard as the silenced bullets hit him in the back of the head. She left the room crouched looking about, a soldier walked in bearing twin hand guns "I fou--" he attempted to say and in panic she emptied her clip into him, he went down pulling the trigger to his gun; BLAM! the bullet hit her in the arm and she cried out a little, voices downstairs were heard "Upstairs move!" she sprinted out the balcony door leaving her empty gun and jet thrusting into the backyard and hiding in the fenced area, She checked her wound and drew her combat knife peering around the corner into the open door of the house, in the kitchen a man was leaning against the wall nodding his head to the beat on his Mp3 eating pillaged food, clearly he thought there wasn't any threat as she snuck across the yard towards the door before sprinting towards him and jamming the knife into the back of his head and letting him fall to the ground, Footsteps came down the stairs "Hey Jay where are you?" she grabbed the dead mans crossbow and pointed it at the entrance of the kitchen, He entered and before he even saw anything he hit the ground with a bolt in his chest dead. She looted his gun walking out of the house "One more..." she spoke hearing a familiar sound looking up she saw a Uav flying overhead, she identified it as an enemy Uav...BANG! a bullet hit her right in the forehead her now useless brains splattered all over the wall behind her, her arms went limp dropping the gun as her body losing functions fast stumbled forward a bit before dropping to its knees and falling forward ass in the air, The sniper across the street jet thrusted from the yellow house window and landed near the body and stepped around it, her left hand twitching every now and then "This is the way all girls should look, Let's take a peek...shall we?" he spoke kneeling and grabbing her pants and yanking them down revealing her panty-less tight asshole and slim pussy, her ass and shaven pussy gleamed with sweat "Shaven? Mmm a slut...just like all girls." he removed his gloves laying hands on her sweet juicy ass, her pussy twitched lightly as urine dribbled from it running down her legs and soaking her pants below, he removed a hand from her ass and unzipped his pants letting his stiff erection free before putting his hand back on her ass and using his thumbs to spread her asshole resting his tip on her rear entrance, He grinned before slowly sliding inside her tight asshole taking ahold of her hips and pulling back before thrusting in deep his balls slapping against her piss soaked pussy causing her motionless corpse to shake a little, He began to pump her lightly speeding up occasionally enjoying her now precum lubed up hole, Soon enough with one final deep thrust he groaned shooting several hot ropes of cum down her filthy little fuckhole stuffing it with cum, This would be the last warmth she'd ever feel again as he pulled out staring down at her, his seed drained from her ass down her legs and over her pussy "I know you can't hear me but...You should know you fulfilled your goal to please a man. Be happy." pleased with his work he zipped up walking away.

((I'll write more as time goes on, maybe I'll write another today.))


Okay that was my Bo3 story, any requests on the next girl i do?


For some reason, this thread is always dying...funny.


Yeah lol i give up I'm just gonna write stuff in lit now


Do Kitana.

And kill her this time. I'm getting blue balls here.



Can we have some Penny Gadget and/or Jade Chan of Jackie Chan Adventures being finished?


File: 1472861453591.jpg (58.76 KB, 1049x588, Yami pleading.jpg)

Here's a cute assassin girl named Yami who I've caught and she pleads with me to spare her. Since she's cute, I opt to release her and then I force her to do a belly dance in front of me while doing a strip tease.

As Yami gradually strips herself naked while crying and looking distressed, I smirk in satisfaction and become deeply aroused at the sight of her lush tanned body. Soon, she's completely naked and I proceed to pounce on her like a hungry predator and I rape her but I take my time and act all seductive and charming to wear down her resistance. Soon, Yami is mentally broken and I pop her cherry after feeling up, kissing and licking her various body parts.

Once I'm done, I strangle her to death with my hands and she puts up no resistance so she's dead within a couple of minutes. I gather up her clothes in a bag and carry it along with Yami's dead body away to my place so I can make her into a love doll.


File: 1472869982536.jpg (157.85 KB, 658x900, 33771_DTMS_Inspector_Gadge….jpg)

Real Crime part 1: Penny Gadget

My name is Merrick Vaylen I've been a hired hitman since...well longer than I should be proud of.
I was being driven down some road, couldn't tell you which one it was for the life of me but across from me sat a man with a metal claw for a hand with a dark hood up, I'm not sure why he hid maybe this contract shamed him so much "So what's the job?"
I posed to the man who handed me a folder "Make an will receive fifty grand upon completion."
he said, I raised brow 50 grand this must have meant alot to him "It'll get done."
I said as the car slowed to a halt and I climbed out.
I was in some suburban neighborhood standing in front of the targets house I opened the file to see a picture of a little girl "Penny Gadget age 10....hmm no wonder it's fifty grand....It's a kid."
but a job is a job as I circled the house to the back yard to see a dog sleeping next to the back door, Looking about I drew my silenced handgun and pointed it at the creature "Make an example..."
Twhip Twhip went the gun both bullets hitting it in the head making the creature more still, I holstered the weapon and vaulted the fence heading to the door, I knelt before it taking out some lockpicks and going to work and while I did this I thought about that shooting her would be faster but he demanded a mess...the lock popped and I slinked inside looking about, It only took a second to figure out where she was as I heard the sound of a running shower and I walked through the house to the sound and stopped at the bathroom door "Should I?"
I questioned before thinking of the money and opening the door to see the young girl naked with her back turned to me showering her slick little body got me to raise a brow to say the least as I quietly approached the shower I watched her sexy little self showering that sweet little ass could drive a man crazy.
I slid open the shower door and with one quick motion grabbed her hair and dragged her out kicking and screaming "AHH! HELP!" she shrieked and to shut her up I proceeded to bash her face into the nearby wall dazing her, I looked at her face she was missing some teeth and was sporting a bloody nose "Pleeeeease....."
She spit up some teeth and blood "Why...?"
She muttered confused and hurt but I didn't give her an answer and pushed her face into the toilet and placed my boot between her shoulder blades, As she flailed about gurgling and drowning I drew my pistol and put three bullets into the back of her head tinting the water dark red with blood and brain, Her body still not ready to stop spasmed and jerked her toes curling and stretching, her arms flopping about and her twitchy cunt spraying piss all over the floor.
Her small nubile body finally stopped moving with a few small hand twitches and I knelt behind her cute little corpse and pressing my cock against her piss lubricated hole, I pushed my tip in already feeling her hymen "You don't mind if I take this do you?"
I spoke rhetorically taking her arms and pulling into the young girl ripping through her hymen and burying my cock inside her warm wet hole "Tight fit."
I grunted taking her hips and starting to fuck her motionless cunny, precum helped lube her up a little as I stretched her weak little snatch, Her pussy was so tight it squeezed my cock in a way no woman ever could, with one last moist thrust I exploded into her frail body sending several hot shots of cum into her virgin pussy, I pulled out and semen spurted from her tiny cunt into the pool of piss.
After wiping my cock off on her shirt nearby I zipped up and lifted her from the toilet taking her tongue with some pliers and tearing it out with a few yanks, I dropped her back into the toilet and walked off to the front door opening it and walking out only stopping to relock it and nail her tongue to the door.


File: 1472872077524.jpg (85.11 KB, 450x582, jade-chan-hentai-4-450x582.jpg)

Real Crime part 2: Jade Chan

After being paid my fifty grand I figured that killing kids paid pretty well.
This job was different some gang or something by the name of the Ice Crew hired me to kill some girl named Jade Chan age 12 only they gave me some sword and said to kill her with it quoting it had 'ancient power' or something, Didn't matter to me as long as it paid.
I approached the front door of the house carrying the sword, According to my contact she was alone so I walked right in quietly and listened around hearing some game being played I followed the sound to a door nearby and walked past it to poke around.
Before long I found her cell number and called it hearing a ringtone inside the room I walked to the side of the entrance drawing the sword "Hello?"
spoke a small girly voice "Hope you checked the locks...My little pussy..." I hung up and immediately heard a loud clatter of some game controller before the door swung open and I quickly took a swing at the small girl's neck as she ran out the room, It sliced through her neck like butter as she stumbled forward into the main room a noticeable urine stain spreading across her tight jeans, her body somewhat responsive stumbled a little further her eyes rolling up into her head and her lip drooping a little as she dropped to her knees her head fell to the ground leaking blood her left eyelid twitching every so often her limp body fell forward with a soft thud pouring blood onto the white carpet.
I sheathed the sword and picked up her head staring at her vacant expression, I sat on the couch unzipping my pants and pressing my cockhead against the bloody hole that was her throat, I slid in my cock poking from her mouth "So warm..."
I moaned taking the sides of her head proceeding to slide her head up and down my throbbing shaft I glanced at her headless corpse its right leg twitching a little as a large yellow stain forming on the carpet around her crotch, I pumped her mouth for a few minutes before my hot cum gushed forth filling her mouth and pouring from her lips.
I took her off my cock and wiped myself off with her silky hair before zipping up and leaving placing her head in the mail box.


((Sorry if that last one was too short. Okay so any requests on the next one?))



Those were BEAUTIFUL and sexy to boot ;)

What about the possibility of snuffing Pan of Dragonball GT or Edward wong hau pepula defruski the 4th aka Ed of Cowboy Beebop (i bet "Radical Edward" the hacker would draw quite the bounty)



Those were BEAUTIFUL and sexy to boot ;)

What about the possibility of snuffing Pan of Dragonball GT or Edward wong hau pepula defruski the 4th aka Ed of Cowboy Beebop (i bet "Radical Edward" the hacker would draw quite the bounty)


File: 1472955680744.gif (1.98 MB, 185x185, tumblr_nba8xzbi7T1rc75zuo1….gif)

((I'll see what i can do.))

From the page of Cage (not Nick Cage, god forbid.)


File: 1472960697643.jpg (220.6 KB, 1000x1414, lusciousnet_2013-02-17-rad….jpg)

((Did more research on Ed so she goes first. the picture is from Shadbase, He doesn't do snuff anymore but go give him some love.))

Hackers Don't go to Heaven: Radical Edward

((Advance apology if I get lore wrong I'm sorry never seen the show and I know Ed is female so calm down I rarely snuff boys anyway.))

A simple operation naturally was what everyone thought for this job
it's a little powerless right? Wrong. The ISSP not exactly the most lawful police but this had to be done by someone. They landed in a large junkyard in a small dropship "Okay word has it this 'boy' is hiding in some old abandoned ship."
Spoke the leader as his crew swarmed around him from the ship "Wanted dead or alive, Just fucking kill him..."
the men being the mindless drones that they were all nodded "Sir, Yes Sir!"
they shouted in unison all pairing off to search the junkyard, Within minutes they found the only ship where someone could take residence and reported back "Sir. We believe we've found him."
the leader nodded "Alright men move out!"
they marched forth at his lead into the ship, Meanwhile on the other side of the ship a 'brave' Officer decided he wanted to claim this bounty and worked his way in a crack in the hull.

The interior was dark and quiet "Switch on your lights men..."
Said the leader nervously and several lights clicked on barely illuminating the hall for the fog was very dense "I don't like this.."
said a nearby Officer and the leader growled "Shut it."
Suddenly the door behind them slammed shut and the speaker overhead crackled with a small giggle "Oh hell no."
Spoke the same Officer pointing his rifle at the speaker "You're in my play place now..."
Said the speaker and before anyone could speak a large blade flew from the darkness hitting the leader right in the head, as he flew back they all sprinted in different directions "RUN!"
Screamed a guard as a hydraulic door slammed shut on his body.
Before long there was silence and the floor covered in bodies. Three survivors remained hiding together under a table "That crazy kid is going to kill us..."
Whimpered one of them "Wrong we are going to put a one hole for every single lost man in him."
Growled the second, The speaker crackled "Aww Where did you go?"
Metallic whirs and clanks came down the hallway "He has a bot?"
Questioned the first still whimpering, the third remained quiet until he stood from under the table "You won't have this one."
He spoke placing a gun to his temple; BANG! went the gun as his body fell into the darkness "Found you."
Crackled the speaker and the metal whirs and clanks seemed to speed up to a running sound the second soldier stood and started to run before looking back to the man under the table "Come on!"
the man shook his head "He won't find us....he won't..."
He visibly shook "god damn it man!"
He growled sprinting into the arms of a metallic horror "What are you?"
He questioned horror struck at the bot built from scrap it seemed, it roared before tearing the man in half his screams soon reduced to gurgling it tossed the pieces away and approached the table "Y-You aren't real t-this isn't happening..."
He cried curling up into a pathetic ball.

Ed sat in a well lit room in front of her computer giggling as she watched the man be torn to shreds "Can't catch me..."
She teased, Behind her in the vent sat the 'brave' officer "Dead then...this is for you captain..."
He muttered leaping from the vent silently and creeping up behind the 'boy' and grabbed his throat in a flash hoisting him up and turning him toward himself "Don't you know to mind your six?"
He said to the boy "You can't do shit without that toy you play with can you?"
He grinned and bent the 'boy' over a nearby table "Boy's aren't my thing but I'll make an exception." He yanked down the kids pants revealing panties "Wait what?"
He tore the panties off to reveal he as a her "Wait you're girl?"
He said astounded before she flailed her leg catching him in the groin, stunned he dropped to his knees as she sprinted pants less across the room "Filthy bitch!"
The man roared lifting his gun and unleashing a hail of bullets at her most missing aside from one striking her in the left calf taking her to the ground "Annoying whore..."
He walked over to her as she meekly tried to crawl away " someone..."
she mewled like the helpless child she was "And here I was just going to fuck you and turn you in."
He took her hair and dragged her to a bed of exposed circuitry and tossed her face first onto it and walking to a nearby switch "Last words?"
He mocked flipping the switch "No wai---" she was cut off as the many exposed electric wires lit up coursing into her body causing her to spasm and jerk violently a small arc of electricity shot up into her eye burning through it and frying her brain she mumbled incoherently turned into a mere retard in seconds as her brain fried on the inside, piss sprayed from her dirty cunt forming a line shaped puddle and he switched it off her body spasming a few seconds as the energy worked from her body, He knelt near her face looking at her face.
Her lip drooped towards the floor a small smoke plume trailed from the burned eye socket and the other eye ascewed towards her nose "Ouch."
He joked taking her arm and dragging her to the table flopping her body over it in a bent over position, drip drip her pussy dripped its last amount of urine onto the floor below her inner thighs soaked "Shouldn't play with electricity."
He chuckled removing his gloves and placing his hands on her outer thighs "You are so sexy..."
He muttered pulling his cock out and stroking it softly, He used his other hand and placed it on her dirt covered ass "Guessing you never built a shower..."
He used his thumb to spread her asshole and placed his cock tip on her rear entrance before sliding into her with little resistance due to the fact that a corpse doesn't have the tightest muscles "Oh fuck.."
He groaned, She still had some warmth left over as he started to pump her cute little ass her body nudging forward with each thrust, He reached forward taking her ginger hair and fucking her harder and faster her hole starting to make a wet squishing sound as precum lubed her up, In a short while he yanked her hair hard pulling deep inside and unleashing a massive load of hot cum into her dirty little asshole creating a small bulge in her bowels, He slid out slowly and the cum spurted and leapt from her creamy hole onto the floor below some of it running down her legs.
Before long he was enjoying a massive bounty from her death and to this day he has retired keeping her goggles as a memento to his biggest bounty yet.


((Jesus the saga of he he he he he he on that last one...))


File: 1472962481984.jpg (25.12 KB, 480x196, c0b1c2003375681b9750072fbd….jpg)

((Too much damn lore on Pan so this will be lore bending a bit.))

1/4 Saiyan 4/4 Dead: Pan

It was late one night in Gohan's house, It was mostly vacant except Pan was there sleeping, Raditz crept through the house silently stopping at her bedroom door "Payback time."
he muttered opening the door and entering watching her sleeping form for a mere moment before approaching and placing a hand on her small yet juicy ass rubbing it gently sliding his other hand to her snatch as she began to rouse "Goku?"
she whispered sleepily turning her head to him for a moment but before she could realize who it was he grabbed her leg and threw her through a nearby window into the courtyard and leaping out after her dazed a moment she regained her bearings looking at her attacker "HELP! GOHAN!"
she screamed unanswered "No one can save you girl."
he stated placing a foot on her face "Go to sleep."
he raised his foot before bringing it down smashing head like a pumpkin her body arched and her crotch raised up spasming, piss sprayed out from her jeans soaking the crotch thoroughly and puddling on the ground spattering, Her brains exploded onto the surrounding area her throat pouring blood with a pathetic gurgling sound, he knelt quickly tearing her soaked jeans from her body and slid his combat erection into her spasming cunny, he sat there his cock inside her twitching form letting the remains of her life work his cock as her pussy tightened and spasmed around it, He took her arms and fucked her now still corpse making a wet moist pumping sound as he fucked her piss soaked cunt soon releasing several hot ropes of seed into her underage pussy.
He pulled out releasing a few spurts onto her young lifeless belly before walking away leaving her body as an example to fools.

((Okay, I've noticed that my second one is always short so I'll only take 1 request next time.))


((Requests for next one?))


What about Sunset Shimmer from the Equestria Girls movies?


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Can anyone please do Sunako from YamaNade?



Honestly, Dragonball lore doesn't really deserve to be respected if it's the Android Saga onward, considering how awful the attention to detail and consistency of the lore was after than point.

(I have a huge number of beefs with Toriyama regarding the poor storytelling choices that made one of my lifelong favorites so much less than it could have been)


If you're still taking requests and feel like sticking with the DragonBall Theme, how about tackling Android 18?


Keep this thread alive imo


File: 1477250127762.jpg (389.84 KB, 1400x932, unwrapping_a_present_by_pe….jpg)

The story is set during the human-orc wars in the wow lore, but I've taken the liberty of making the orcs understand the common tongue and strayed a bit from the canon.

An offering of peace

The war between humans and orcs has been going on for decades. Countless families have been butchered, too many good soldiers and valuable resources. Now, there is a moment of respite, for both factions. It is Llane Wrynn, king of Azeroth, decision that the Alliance shall try and make peace with the invading horde, for too, among them there are creatures that would rather have peace. Cassie, one of the most beautiful maidens in the kingdom is to be sent as a token of peace to the warchief of the horde, Gul'Dan.
"Cassie, after long consideration, we have decided that you will be sent to the horde's leader, carrying our message of peace and offering yourself for all his pleasures. The kingdom of Azeroth relies on you." declares king Wrynn loudly, standing on his throne, Cassie in front of him.
"Yes sire! I live to serve humanity! We shall prevail!" she salutes the king and takes off with her delegation of a few guards.

As Cassie and her delegation reach the outskirts of the orc encampment, she's adorned with a beautiful violet long dress, embroidered with a golden pattern of Stormwind's flag on her front and back. The dress is a tight fit that brings out her voluptuous body and matches her eyes. The envoy is unarmed and the orc scouts that notice them don't attack on sight, but rather approach.
"Humans... what seek you here?" asks the orc scout.
"We come in peace, and bring forth Cassie, as a token of our will for negotiations." replies in a calm voice the envoy's leader.
"Is that so..." speaks the orc, cunningly
"Yes. I offer myself to your warchief, so that we can begin negotiations between our species." replies Cassie bluntly, unmounting her horse and standing in front of the huge, menacing orcs.
"Fine, we'll take her to Gul'dan. The rest of your envoy shall leave at once." were the orc scout's words.
There was a sign of protest from the humans, and a battle of stares between the groups, but ultimately the humans departed.
Cassie is quickly brought in the encampment and rushed to Gul'Dan's tent, so she doesn't draw much attention from the other orcs.

"I came to speak on behalf of the alliance. We want peace. The war has taken too many of our families, destroyed our homes and ravaged the land. No more. I offer myself as a token of peace and trust." opens up the beautiful Cassie, kneeling before the old orc, sitting bored on his throne made of human bones.
He is silent as he assesses the young morsel. She has beautiful, sparkly violet eyes, uncommon among humans and unexistent in orcs. Her chestnut hair flows freely at the slightest gust of wind and her body would arouse even the fiercest of orcish warriors. He finishes seizing her up and mimics the guards to exit his tent, as he doesn't see her as a possible threat.

"Well then...human. I am willing to consider the prospect of peace. Do you give yourself unto me with all that you are?" grins the old orc, with anticipation in his eyes, still standing on his throne.
"I am yours, body and will. You can do with me as you wish. My name is Cassie." she replies confidently, her lustful eyes piercing Gul Dan's in an attempt to charm him.
"You are a most exquisite offering, Cassie. Please. Show yourself to me as you would to the human you love, if you love any."

Cassie reaches to the back of her dress, with her young and delicate arms, and unzips her dress. She maintains eye contact with Gul'dan and licks her lips as she strips of her garments, to reveal her lingerie: a provocative red satin ribon across her huge bosoms, blue silk panties that mold around her prominent female forms and a pair of dark magenta stockings that complement her eyes. She walks slowly towards the warchief, her hands playing across her breasts, stomach and inner thighs. She's now standing within arm's reach of the orc leader. She now begins to dance in hopes of stimulating Gul'Dan. Cassie provocatively leans towards Gul'Dan, flopping her jugs up and down in his face, pirouetting and parading her delicious ass in front of him. Gul'Dan watches her every twist and move, lust slowly overcoming him. As she begins another round of shaking her ass, with her back towards him, he reaches forward with is left arm and drags her closer to him, in a gentle manner. Her ass is now rubbing against his crotch and he can feel his shaft becoming erect. He rips the ribbon across her breasts and grabs her lovely appendages in his hands. To a human, her breasts would seem large, but they fit snuggly inside the orcs massive palms. Gul'dan gives her flesh melons a tight squeeze, almost making Cassie let out a shriek of pain, and then pushes her in front of him, almost making her tumble down. She turns to him, a bit confused, but that feeling vanishes as soon as she sees Gul'Dan getting rid of his robes and standing up, to reveal a massive body. He stands towering at around 2,5 metres and his orcish breeding instrument is probably 30 centimeters in length. He's a menacing mountain of muscle. He smiles, exposing his beastly teeth, with which he could probably bite her head off. Cassie is a little bit scared.

"Do you want to use my body, warchief?" she asks, revealing her fear to him, masking her bare nipples with her hands.
Gul'dan doesn't reply, but instead walks to her and gives her face a gentle caress with his right hand and then slides it down, removing her arms from her pristine breasts, revealing her hardened, pointy brown nipples. His cock's girth is slightly bigger than her arms. She knows this will not end well, but there's nothing she can do, she must help the alliance. Gul'Dan is still licking his lips, anticipating the pleasure that's to come and his arm now goes down to Cassie again. He massages her sex with a finger and caresses her face with his other hand, looking her in the eye. He can now feel that she's wet, even through her delicate panties, so he rips them away, exposing her precious clit jewel and her subtle, delicate outer labias.

The time has come. He lifts her up in the air, holding her in his left arm from the waist, while his right arm supports her from behind. He places her on his massive, horizontal shaft, as if it were a stool. Cassie begins fondling her promiscuous body and moaning as Gul'Dan grinds her along his cock, using her overflowing pussy juices to lube his dick. He does this for a few good thirty seconds then as he pushes her to the end of his dick, he lifts her up a bit with his left hand and begins rubbing her cunt with the tip of his cock. It's clear it won't be a nice fit, but Cassie doesn't get any warning before Gul'Dan slams her onto his member, tearing her beautiful sex orifice until it's inside. Her blood adds a second layer of lube as she lets out a loud cry of unspeakable pain. Gul'Dan begins to relentlessly fuck her, sliding all of is cock inside her, rupturing her cervix and causing massive internal bleeding. He's literally fucking her to death. Cassie is in shear agony, tears falling from her eyes, as she's brutally penetrated again and again by the warchief's massive dick. Her stomach rises and falls with the orc's dick. Gul'dan is amused by her cries and continues unabated.
"You are nothing but a cocksleeve, Cassie. You'll die here today, trying to save your miserable race." Gul'dan says to her, but she's in too much pain to discern what he's saying. She desperately tries to stop him, flailing her arms at him. Gul'Dan notices and cackles, amused. He grabs her hands, one by one, and snaps them like twigs, exposing her bones. Her pain is now even more excruciating as she flails and struggles. Her massive tits flop around like baloons and Gul'Dan is staring at them, almost hypnotized, as she fucks the life out of the poor young Cassie.
Suddenly, he gives a final good thrust, bursting through her stomach and cumming all over her tits and face.
"You'll have your peace as long as the alliance delivers more cocksleeves" as he says this he grabs Cassie's head with his right hand.

"Any last words?" he asks coldly.
But she's in shock and soon she'll be unconscious from the blood loss, so he grips her head in a vice and rips it apart from her body. Gul'Dan gives her probably still conscious head a satisfied smile. He tosses her once beautiful pristine, now ravaged body aside and calls in the grunts.
"Feed her body to my war wolf and mount her head in my quarters. Deliver, then, a message to the Alliance that I will accept their deal for peace, as long as I'm sent beautiful maidens, like Cassie, every week. Dismissed" were Gul'Dan's only words before resuming his silent vigil on the throne made of human bones.

'I wonder if humans would be suitable for anything else other than being cocksleeves' he thinks to himself, looking at Cassie's head, her face now contorted from all the suffering she's been through.


Did anyone enjoy Cassie? I know I did.


I enjoyed cassie


File: 1477979470099.jpg (83.25 KB, 1300x1390, beautiful-cartoon-girl-one….jpg)

Her name is cookie. She is a Daz 3D model. Her tight lil body gets my dick hard. Her tiny body resembles that of a fully grown woman and her lil lifeguard out fit make her even more enjoyable to look at. I sit in the water and wait to patiently waiting to pop up on the lil beauty. Mhmm. I could smell her pussy from where I sat.

She is ready to breed with! My body couldn't wait I was horny and I couldn't wait to stick my pulsing cock in her lil slit. My animal instincts kick in as well. I was hungry so after I was done fucking this lil bitch silly, I was gonna eat her.

She drew closer the smell of her womanhood was over powering. My maxillipeds began Salivating. I couldn't wait any longer! I burst from the water and wildly ran forth to lil cookie.

She screams helplessly as I use my mighty chelipeds to hold her down. Lil cookie struggles to break free from my grip. But the harder she struggled the more excited I got. Finally I plunged my large spiny cock into her crotch. Her swimsuit was in the way but that didn't matter. This made it fun.

I shoved my spindly member into her crotchand applied pressure til I felt it plunge in. She let out a bloodcurdling scream in agony. I never felt so alive!! I felt my pulsating cock tear through her vagina and clear through uterus. Her intestines wrapped around my cock as I began to thrust. Her screams in pain made me fuck her harder and harder! The blood began to squirt out of what used to be her pussy and her asshole. I stopped to gander at such a sight.

Lil cookie tries to fight and scream as I hold her down. I thought to myself wow this girl really wants to live. Here she is trying to crawl out of my grasp with ribbons of her now tasty looking guts hanging out of what used to be her snatch. Finally I got tired of her struggling so with my mighty claw I clip off one of her arms.

I then continue to fuck her. The deeper I pushed I felt her entrails organs move aside. At this point my lil cookie was gasping and choking for air. Her sad and crying face made me feel hatred of this lil weak cunt.

I pulled my monster cock out of her and the sensation of pulling out made me spunk all-over her guts and now blown out pussy. I picked her up with my claws by her tiny waist. And then I put some pressure down. She slight my kicked and grunted as I watched the last off her guts slip out of the hole I left between the her legs. But before could die I squeezed down with all my might. I watched her petite body rip in half. Mhmm now time to eat.

With her top half still in my claws I held her motionless torso and head and remaining arm up to my maxillipeds I taste her swimsuit as it shreds in my maxillipeds it tasted tangy. I stopped and now saw her pirky tits bounce out to greet me.

I felt horny again. But I always did love breast meat. I continued to feast on her corpes. Until I saw another lil cookie girl her skin was darker and her hair was in short low pigtails her bangs were fringy and her lil titters were plump. But the yellow one. Piece swimsuit pissed me off!!

I hate yellow!!! When I get my claws on this lil tasty bitch I'm gonna tear her limb from limb then fuck her in half!!! I picked up cookies remains and tossed it at the lil lady she screamed and ran in terror. As cookies slutty lil remains flew towards her.

To be continued...
The cookie monster will return. Lol!



Can't say I like the victim, but I like the writing style.


((Well i got Skyrim remastered for the Piss4 recently and discovered the mod situation...I was pretty ticked so let's raise a glass to that loss and revel in our dirty minds on this i themed this one after Skyrim obviously...enjoy if you have any recommendations please tell me :) ))

Skyrim: Legendary Difficulty.
It was a late night in the land of Skyrim, a raid had recently happened in the bandit camp tonight but no females were recovered leaving the men without female bandits tense and grumpy, the Nord Vekkan was one of them but he had claimed the chiefs woman: Siyma, a young but tough Dark elf lass who wore tight hide armor to show a lot of cleavage, her hair was jet black and cut to shoulder length, in the storage room Vekkan had her bent over a barrel loosening her elven pussy when the chief walked in "What is the this?!?" Roared the orc causing both of them to jump and look to him, Vekkan slid from her folds and covered himself with his hands "It's not what it lo-" the Nord tried to argue before the orcs voice overpowered his "Siyma...go outside and wait!" She nodded quickly and pulled up her cloth panties up into her hide loincloth before running off. She headed outside and took over the guard post sending the guard along his way "I guess that's it for Vekkan..." She muttered walking to the cliff edge that overlooked Falkreath. Their lair was an old fort that they repaired for the most part and had the perfect vantage point for spotting fat caravans, she looked out into the distance when she heard a noise, she drew her steel long sword and turned around "Who's there?!?" She squinted her eyes looking about the dark for several seconds before turning around sword still out "Must've been the win-" she was cut off when a sound akin to a humans was heard and a massive force hit her in her the back "Ro!" Was all she caught of the voice as she flew off the cliff losing her sword. It was the rain that woke her up as she opened her eyes she felt a massive pain in her shoulder on the left, she knew this pain: dislocation. She sat up and looked at herself, during the fall she lost her sword and her tight top leaving her massive breasts exposed, she was covered in mud as she stood grabbing at her arm she squealed. She bit her lip hard and limped forward not even realizing her sword was laying inches from her just covered in mud...she limped through the dense trees "Mara...preserve me...." She begged as she soldiered on. It wasn't long before she found a road, she was now dripping wet from the rain and a caravan was approaching she covered her tits with her good arm and approached "Please help!" She cried and they stopped...the trader jumped down and approached "Are you okay?" Inquired the Kahjiit and she shook her head "I'm hurt can you take me to a city?" And before the cat could answer a guard spoke " look familiar..." She knew those words and hated them and even though she was hurt she decided to try and run, she sprinted back into the trees "Get her!" Shouted a guard as they chased after. Arrows whizzed past her, one hit her in the calf and she screamed loudly slamming into a tree. She slowly stood leaning her chest against a tree in too much pain to turn and face her pursuers "Please no..." She begged the approaching guards, the guard drew an arrow and fired at her head. It soared through the air and hit he in the back of the head nailing her to the tree, her body wasn't ready to give up as it jerked and spasmed against the tree, "N-n-n-n..." She mumbled like a retard, her dark elf pussy spasmed repeatedly releasing her urine causing it to soak her panties and dribbled to the ground below, the guard approached and lifted her loincloth before giving her juicy ass a smack causing her body to twitch and she let out a choked moan "Little bitch pissed herself before dying...fucking milkdrinker..." He lowered her wet panties and undid his pants "I shot her so I'm fucking her retard ass first." He stated pressing his cock between her ass cheeks causing her to twitch a little, he slid into her now-loose asshole groaning slightly. "K-k..." Mumbled the still not dead bandit as he thrusted his cock all the way inside her "Mmm damn that's hot..." He muttered pulling back and thrusting in once more making her expel a little more urine down her legs, he started to Fuck her in a fast pace filling the air with wet slapping sounds, her tits swayed back in forth with his thrusts, soon she was near death as her eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open, a small silvery strand of saliva hung from her mouth as she let out a choked retarded moan, with a final thrust her released his cum deep inside her now one use asshole, he slowly pulled his cock out releasing the cum from her like a pulling a cork as a spurt of cum leapt from her ass and the rest dribbled down her exposed holes "Let's put her out of her misery." He spoke unknowing she was already dead, he drew his iron sword and swung at her neck chopping her head clean off, blood sprayed from her neck stump as her body slowing slid down the tree onto its knees chest still pressed against it, he took her head and walked away "Have at it." The two remaining guards walked up to her body "Me first." Claimed one as he knelt undoing his pants and pressing his cock against her lubricated cunt sliding in quickly "You're going to take forever!" Yelled the second as he undid his pants and grabbed the dead girls arm and sliding into a kneeling position at her front, the other didn't care as he pounded away at her loose pussy, he quickly slid his cock into her still warm neck hole using her arms to keep hold of her, they were so weak willed that after mere seconds the first exploded inside her wet cunny filling her with a hot load of seed, the second came as the other pulled out sending a nice warm loading down her throat and into her belly giving her a last meal, he pulled out and stood following after his ally. Her body laid there for a few hours cum dripping from her three holes, her body was never found, must've been animals.


File: 1478320062259.jpg (270.55 KB, 746x465, skyrim_fanfiction__dark_el….jpg)

((Well shit forgot the picture...also nice one 47.))


((Glass house and all but Fuuby...that victim was a little...odd.))


File: 1486478653471.jpg (350.67 KB, 566x800, 61208917_p4.jpg)

Hinamori went over the edge this time... She went behind the master's back and fucked an entire squad of rival gang members. One of our spies found out about her promiscuous rampage and reported her to our leader. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be executed. Brutally.

I'm in charge of executions in our gang. It's a really rare that I get a treat like her... a nice break from all the dull head chopping of trash. I used to gave a crush on this little morsel. Her sharp face...innocent smile...ample bosoms and tender body made her an ideal candidate for my fantasies, especially the dark ones. Now I'll get to fulfill at least one of those.

She's been told to wait in the main mating room of our palace. It's a simple room, with only a bed in one of the corners and bland walls that are sound insulated. Unbeknownst to the court girls of our palace, it also serves as an execution room for those that bring great prejudice to our gang. As I approach the room, my heart is pounding uncontrollably, I can barely wait to begin. I open the door. I see Hinamori laying on the bed, fondling herself. She's wearing only a few garments that enhance her sex appeal. Her breasts and slit are exposed. I close the door behind me. She has no escape now, but she's still unaware of my purpose.

"Nisroth-kun, have you come to play with me? I always fancied you, you know?"
"Oh, my sweet Hinamori..." I say in a little bit sad tone, turning towards her.
She springs off the bed and takes a few majestic leaps towards me, her tits bouncing wildly. I feel more and more aroused. I think I'll leave her to play her piece, before I show my cards. I have a 9mm pistol in my inner jacket and a serrated knife. I've also brought some brass knuckles, but I'll see what I get to use.

"You've been so hard at work. I think that's why our leader decided to reward you. Come, don't be shy! I'll help you unwind. Touch me anyway you like."
"Oh... that I will, my sweet Hina."

I approach her, fully clothed in my black suit. I place my hand on her face, caressing her and working my way, down her neck. I feel like strangling the little cunt, but that would be spoiling the fun too early. I move my hands on to her shoulders...they're so delicate and fine, I could probably snap her arms in a moment's notice. I continue my descent, feeling her nubile body emanate heat towards my cold hands. She's staring in my eyes as I grab a hold of her twin meat orbs, squeezing them, but not too hard. I fiddle a bit with her nipples , tugging at them.

"Come." I say, grabbing her by the arm.
I go and take a seat on the bed.
"Move that body, show me why even our leader fell for your flesh." I command, while undoing my pants.

She wastes no time and begins twirling in front of me. Her dance is a true symphony of the flesh - a unique display of the feminine body. She's agile, contorting her back to bring out her breasts. Her movements flow in a manner most provocative as she struts around, touching her genitals while mimicking being fucked by thrusting her pelvis. Her body beckons to me and she probably can tell, by looking at my erect shaft. As she dances, she's sending me warm smiles, probably meant to melt my frozen heart and seduce me. I return a few faked smiles. She now kneels and begins to lick the tip of my dick. I grab her head in my hands, caressing her blue hair, as she begins sucking. Her mouth around my member feels so damn good that I almost lose control. I snap out of it, before cumming. I stop her.

"Ok. That's enough you promiscuous little cunt." I say in a grave tone.
Her face is riddled with confusion, as her hands are still on my cock.
I grab her hands and move them away, unpeeling the cunt from around my member.
"I'm not here to play games Hinamori. You know what you did... and so do we. You couldn't control your cunt and you betrayed our trust. YOu fucked rival gang members." I say, noticing as panic sets in on her face.
"But...but...I... I only did so to-to-to spy on them. I'd never betray our family! You must believe me Nisroth."
"You're going to die today, Hinamori. There's NOTHING you can say to make me stop from reveling in your demise." I say, pulling out my knife.
"Ttttt-his is s is a joke, right....Nis...? Nnnnisroth-kkkkun, I thought you loved my body." she says stuttering in panic, while retreating slowly from me.

She makes a dash towards the door and tries to open it.
"It's locked. Your fate is sealed." I say, delighting in her dread.
She backs herself into a corner and starts to cry. Her sobs make her young flesh shiver. I slowly walk towards her, with my knife in my hand.
"Ppleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase *sob* *sob*!! Don't....pleeeeaaaseeee!! L-l-l-leeeet me..let me show you...l-l-leeet me pleease you" she begs pathetically, managing to restrain her fear enough to make a final attempt at using her body to save herself. She leans against the corner, spreading her labias and protruding her pussy towards me. I'm still fully erect and I'd probably enjoy her cunt, but duty comes before pleasure. I glance at her shivering cunt for a few seconds, then look at her face. She's trying to smile, to believe that she'll get out.

I take another step towards her. Now I'm rubbing myself against her skin. The knife is in my right hand. I put my left hand behind her, bringing her closer to me. My dick is touching her wet pussy. I give her a kiss - a last act of affection. I slam her against the wall, pinning her neck with my left arm. She doesn't really have much time to react, before I plunge the knife in one of her ass cheeks, drawing first blood. She screams as loud as her lungs allow. Her face contorts with pain and agony as I take out the blade.
"Come now sunshine, I'm just getting started." I say, dragging the dull side of the blade between her labias.
"Noooooo, stooooop! I-I-I-I ddddon't wannn-" she protests, but I give her a kick in the stomach, stopping her.

I sheathe the knife for the moment. I dislodge her arms at the shoulders, so she doesn't flail as much. Her delicate flesh offers little resistance in the way of my onslaught. Her beautiful tits bounce around like crazy, while she struggles. I give her beautiful, vulnerable face a few solid punches. I then take out my gun. A new wave of fear settles on her gaze at the sight of it. I wave it in her face a bit then place the muzzle over her right nipple. Her soft breast deforms as I press the gun in it. I move it in a circular pattern, playing with her fat bag. I angle it so it doesn't point towards her heart and shoot. There's a bang, but not as loud as I would have expected it. The bullet went straight through her, obliterating the nipple and carving a tunnel through her breast and lung. Her cries stop suddenly, and she coughs up a bit of blood.
"That about does it I'll die in a few minutes, but until then..."
I throw her against the floor and put the gun away. I take back the knife and lean over her. She's convulsing in shock, her eyes already kinda blank. I slap her a few times. Seeing as that doesn't produce any reaction, I shift my sight towards her undamaged cunt. A few moments of anticipation...and then I stab her. I stab her in the left ovary and then cut horizontally across towards the other. Massive amounts of blood begin leaking from her vagina. She's probably only going to last a few more minutes. I grab a hold of her left breast and take a stab from the left side, at the base. I starting thrusting inside her left breast, my cock displacing fat in her breast and enlargening the slit. I've never tried this before....actual tit fucking. Her gurgles and spits of blood are starting to get on my nerves, so, while I keep thrusting inside her breast, I take Hinamori's head and bash it on the floor. She goes unconscious after two bashes. The third cracks her skull. I thrust harder and harder, bashing her head again and again, even though she's already probably dead. When I see her brain staining the floor, I give a final thrust, cumming in her tit. I pull out, a stream of blood, cum and bits of fat flowing from her mammary.

I get up, put back my pants and wipe the knife off her garments, before sheathing it back in. I gaze at Hinamori's dead body. Her once beautiful face, now disfigured and crushed. Her ripe, luscious tits, now penetrated and ruined.
"A shame I didn't get to fuck that young, tight pussy of hers..." I say looking at her now cut up sex organ.
"Oh well, too many people used it anyway...that's why she's now dead." are my last words, as I stomp her uterus with a mighty kick, causing a few more spurts of crimson to come out.
" I have to clean up this mess. There's always a downside to having fun. I suppose the dogs will eat well tonight."



Just found this thread and was wondering if you were still taking requests? If so, would you be interested in writing a story involving Arya Stark by any chance?


You can find more targets and active section of fatalities here


File: 1491146723716.jpg (173.72 KB, 699x990, 43212213-4.jpg)

The Snuff Faire is back in town and this time with more fun booths than ever. It's Friday evening and I decide to blow off some steam so I pack my stuff and go to the Faire. My first stop this evening is at a little enclosure where 4 young girls ready to be hanged. Their cunts and voluptuous breasts are exposed and their cute faces are very alluring. One look at their charming young bodies and I am trapped.

"Hey there, mister! Only 50 bucks and you get to see us hanging! Don't hesitate! You'll have the time of your life killing us!" the one on the far left screams out towards me in very girlish voice.

I am intrigued by her offer, so I get to the front of the booth. On the desk ahead of me, there are also quite a few firearms: a classic AK-47, an AR-15, an M60 heavy machine gun, quite a few pistols, and lots of throwing stuff: knives, stilettos, a few hatchets and even a few javelins.

"If you want to use these it will cost you another 50 bucks, but you'll get to shoot at us as we hang, or before we hang. The customer's choice matters most here." replies the kyosk manager as he sees me marveling at the weapons.

"How much more if I decide that I also want to buy them for snuffing later at home?"
"Once you've paid for them here, you can use them anywhere you want, as long as you have a Snuff Free Pass"
"Thank you! That's great to know. Here's 100 bucks" I say handing him the money.

I grab the M60 in my hands and stare down the sight in front of me: 4 absolutely lovely cunts, ready to be snuffed or used for my pleasure. They don't seem to be afraid of dying or the pain that the bullets fired from this machine gun could cause. I aim at the the feisty one with the green attire and glasses that's at the right and fire a bullet. It's just a tease as it passes right bellow her cunt, leaving a trail of heat that she certainly feels. She begins touching her cunt, getting herself wet. The others follow suit and begin pleasing themselves for their last time, while looking at me with their doe eyes, pleading to be killed.

"Hang them" I give the command.

Soon a lever is pulled and the three ladies are short drop hanged, beginning their (probably) first and last performance. Oxygen deprivation will kill them in about 3 to 4 minutes, but I'll try to make that their most desirable outcome.

I take the one on the far right into my sights again. Her huge tits flop around in a manner most beautiful as she struggles to get air. I gaze at her nubile body for a few more seconds then open fire with the M60. In just a few seconds, a barrage of bullets shreds her beautiful and vulnerable body. Her milk jugs exploded with the first bullet, splattering her mammary tissue all over. It's a shame I didn't get to hear her scream while I rained distruction on her belly and womb. Her ovaries must have been disintegrated by the mighty 7.62 bullets that were piercing her lower abdomen, unabated from their path by her flesh. After firing an entire magazine into her and being careful to only hit her, she stopped jerking around. All of her torso was basically a sieve now. A bloody human sieve.

With that done. I lay down the M60, get a javelin and gaze at my next target. She's swinging sideways, in a way the brings out her amazing round ass that jiggles like crazy as she dances on the rope. I throw the javelin right through her neck, leaving her to bleed out like a stuck pig. This one I'll take home to roast and eat.

For my next target I decide that a bit of marksmanship is in order. I take one of the .45 pistols from the counter. She's moving a bit too fast for me to be sure of my shots, but nevertheless my first hit is where I intend it to be: right through her clit. It gets immediately replaced with a crimson hole that pours out blood. Next up, I shoot for her belly button, but my first shot is a miss that goes in her uterus region, probably in her cervix. I get tired of careful aiming and just shoot the entire magazine in her general direction, popping two into her left tit, one in her heart and the rest in her neck and clavical region.

My last target is almost expired due to oxygen loss. That's a terrible thing as she's not too lively and I like my targets to be a bit more mobile. I grab one of the hatches. I aim carefully and sever her rope, making her fall to the ground.She was the one that caught my eye at first, the one that called to me. I decided I'll enjoy her in a more vanilla way.

"I'm taking this one home. Does she have a name?" I say to the shop keeper stroking my boner from under my pants.
"We don't give names to Snuff Sluts. You can call her whatever you want, but remember...she's a Snuff Slut, she's made to be killed, so don't get too attached. They don't live for more than a few years."
"Yea, whatever.I want the one with the javelin in her throat to be delivered to this address." I say as I hand him an address paper and jump the counter and pick the last girl up, severing her noose and throwing it away.

"Your name is Ray from now on. Come, let's go home."
I could use the warmth of a woman in my life...even though it's just a Snuff Slut. Maybe I'll kill her, maybe I'll keep her. Only time can tell.


((Okay this is an Arya one as per request. Now It's set in Season one or Book one when Ned dies *spoiler warning* Except It's a reality if she was caught too.))

Arya Stark: Good Riddance

Inside her cell Arya sat listening to a roaring crowd out in the courtyard. She wore brown worn out clothes which were a bit tight around her ass. "Such a small thing." said a guard outside her cell causing her to look up at him, to her relief he wasn't looking at her but rather her blade "Leave it alone!" She shouted at him, He looked over to her "Shut up you little bitch." And with that he snapped the blade over his knee and tossed it aside.

An hour had passed of her hollering and screaming before a second guard showed up "It's time." the first guard nodded and unlocked her cell grabbing her arm and dragging her out of it, he quickly put a blade to her neck "Don't struggle." he said taking a glance at her cute ass before pushing her along.

Once outside she was met with a horrid smell and the sound of shouts she couldn't understand, Once she realized she was being led to the chopping block she struggled against the guards grip "No! Please!" she screamed trying to break free, She felt his hand between her legs and his other hand around her throat as he picked her up "Come on then." he said darkly rubbing her pussy through her pants with his middle finger, He set her over the block and removed his hand from her crotch and neck placing them on her shoulders holding her in a bent position "Hit me and you'll be sorry." he growled at the executioner as he raised his axe. The crowd fell almost silent as Arya shrieked for dear life "Please d--!" she started as the axe came down on her neck. The crowd started cheering as the guard stood back to survey. Her head rolled away off the platform as her eyes went askew causing many of the men to try grabbing her head. Her body wasn't quite done as her ass thrust up and down with her little pussy dribbling hot urine down her legs and pooling on the ground below, blood sprayed from her neck as her body shook violently for several seconds before remaining still with a few twitches "That's the end of that then." said the guard before taking her arm and dragging her body away.

Unable to resist her young ass the guard took her into a nearby alley and bent her body over a crate "Wonder if your father got your little snatch first..." He yanked her pants down and looked upon her tight asshole and piss soaked slit, He took out his cock and rubbed it against her wet entrance before sliding in groaning lightly as her cunt twitched around his erection "Damn..." he grabbed her hips and started pumping her underage cunny making her body do a lewd twitch every few seconds, more piss dribbled down her legs as he violently pounded her, his cock throbbed inside her as he picked her up lifting her up and down his cock, he held her with his left hand and with his right he grabbed her neck stump and poked at the bit of exposed spine making her body spasm in his arms, with another poke at her spine she jerked again and her pussy tightened around his cock "Ahh!" he groaned loudly as he poured his hot seed into her womb, he pumped a few more shots of seed into her with a few random thrusts before tossing her body to the ground, a small bubble of cum formed from her tight pussy before popping and squirting his cum onto the ground. "Good riddance." he said walking away and leaving the dead fucktoy to anyone wandering by.



Thank you. Would you be willing to write a Lyanna story as well?


I've rewritten the end of that story in my thread at /lit/ .


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nobody wants to write stories with related pictureS?

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