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This is a simple game similar to the classic "Marry, Fuck, Kill," except that in this version you have to pick a person from the previous post with which to do all three - marry, fuck, and kill the same person. You can do it in any order you like.
Either pick from the previous post and post a new image of your own (which must have at least two people in it, and preferably more), or if you have no image, pick someone that hasn't been picked yet, or, if you absolutely can't pick any of the subjects left in the last image, look back and pick someone from an older post.
Obviously it's preferred if you give a short blurb as to why you made your choice and how you'd go about it; bonus points if you can make a whole short story about it, although if it starts to get too long I recommend you head over to /lit/.
I'll kick this off with this pair from Fate/Stay Night. Choose your bride/victim - and remember you have to marry, fuck, AND kill her!


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The girls in the image are Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

I'll go with Rin because of those cute ass twintails.

We had just finished our vows in the small chapel where our wedding took place, as we walked outside, arms entwined, the few friends we had invited cheered and clapped in celebration of our matrimony. We got in the car that was to take us to our hotel, my plan would finally come to fruition.

After a short drive the car pulled up to the hotel, we grabbed our bags from the trunk and thanked the driver for his service. Rin was so excited to get the penthouse suite that I had booked for this special occasion, I smiled as she bounced in excitement, her body so full of life and, haha...not for long.

When we got to the room, I immediately went to the bathroom to 'freshen up', in reality I was grabbing the knife that one of my lackeys had left there, on my instructions of course. I exited the bathroom to find one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen, Rin in white and baby blue lingerie, oh Imcouldn't wait to snuff the light out of this girl.

She beckoned me over with her finger, she looked incredibly nervous, if only she knew what was about to happen. She sat on the bed and laid on her back I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and was surprised to see that her anus was lubed up, I looked into her eyes and she blushed, that made me smile.

I placed the tip of my cock against her sphincter and started to push, she grit her teeth in obvious discomfort, I started rubbing her pussy to increase her pleasure, she moaned like a slut whenever I did that. I finally bottomed out inside her ass, her hole gripped my cock like a vice, it was wet, warm and continuously milked my cock, It was basically heaven. I started thrusting into her ass, making her whine in pain that would soon pass. As I started going faster her whines of discomfort turned into moans of pleasure, she begged me to go harder, to fuck her till she couldn't walk, well that was surprising, she was an anal freak.

I felt myself getting closer to climax and from Rin's moans I could tell she was almost finished as well. Rin wailed like a banshee and juices from her pussy coated my waist and my stomach, she came from anal? Holy shit (no pun intended), her orgasm caused her sphincter to spasm, making me cum, warm sperm filled her ass, causing her another orgasm, she closed her eyes to rest for a little while, now to kill this bitch.

I grabbed the knife from the sheath on the back of my thigh and pulled it into the air, I brought it down and thrust it into the top of her stomach, she screamed in pain and her eyes shot open to see the handle of the blade sticking from her stomach with my hand holding it, I started pulling the blade down her stomach, opening it, when the knife reached her waist I let go and grabbed onto both sides of the gap I made in her stomach, I pulled it open causing her to wail in agony. I gripped her intestines and pulled them out.

Rin looked on in horror as her intestines were pulled out of her body by her 'love', she was in so much pain that she couldn't find the strength to scream anymore.

I grabbed her shoulder and wrapped her bloody innards around her neck, she looked into my eyes, pleading with me to let her live, I only smiled. When the intestines were sufficiently wrapped around her neck, I pulled on them, crushing her neck and constricting her airways, she was being choked by her own organs. She started to kick in a vain attempt for me to let her go, but she stopped as her face started turning blue, I laughed as her life was finally leaving her, her struggling stopped as her face turned a sickly purple and her eyes closed for the final time, she was finally dead.


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Well this thread's looking moribund and I have no ideas whatsoever for what to do with Weiss or Ruby, so here's me attempting to throw a bit more coals on the fire with more girls from which to choose. Pick from this image or either of the previous two.


*claps his hands* Ruby cause she is …. just cute as hell!
My victims I throw out are Dead master and Black Rock shooter.
Also I hope these isn't to long.


A blur of bullets filled the air, all around the two of us, were grim. Each one slowly being torn apart from the ammo being blasted by both our weapons as we started to fall back into the town. We managed to make it so the other hunters and huntresses escaped from the coming horde. It was going to be a hard job. I was ordered to kill Ruby Rose, the silver eyed warrior. Ozpin’s secret order told me to do it, however I had certain condition to meet before killing her. She had to save the world from the Grim.

Now that…. that was a tall order. Honestly I maybe a loyal dog to the order, but I had to literally stay by her side, help her save the world, and then off her?! Jesus these guys were more like slave drivers then my brothers in arms. However, when I became a full member of the order I said I do anything for it. These counted as anything. I meet her in a town during her trip across the four kingdoms. Typical grim invasion, helped save some people, blah, blahl. I done more than enough jobs dealing with these things. Even calling them animals was an insult, to beings I value more than the grim.

She was easy to spot out, the red hood and all. However, what hit me was how innocent she was. I could see it in those beautiful silver eyes. Such a sweet young woman. She danced around the battlefield with her scythe as if an angel come to smite demons. The roses her semblance made added to her beauty. I watched her closely on the battle field as she danced around at high speeds taking out the mad beasst. The dance kept going until a large Beowulf came to attack her while she was reloading.

That was the moment we connected and possibly…the moment I fell in love with her. As if on cue for a play, I stabbed the wolf with my sword through its throat. At the same time, she fired her rifle. Blowing a hole through another one ready to stab me through the chest. Our eyes meet and she just gave a sweet smile to me. That innocent face, was what pulled me in.

After that, I joined her and her friends on many adventures and fights across the world. During fights I watched her like a hawk.Reason, it was to protect her. Reason two because she wore a dress I could get some nice panty glimpses here and there. I’m still a guy after all, and although she wasn’t miss TNA of the year she had a nice body. Besides the fact I found her more than worth a few jack off sessions late in the night. I got close to her emotionally.

The one thing you never do as a person’s killer. We had to many similar interesting. We loved the same games, had a fondness for weapons, and most importantly…. cookies. Nora shipped us as the Red Sugar Rush duo for our fondness for cookies and the fact we both loved the color red. I found it to be a very fitting name. Me and Ruby started dating not long after, I fucked her plenty of times before we got married.
Our first time was after a rough fight, just the two of us. Me, being a clumsy fool after swinging my blade to hard started stumbling. She tried to help me stay up, but I fell on top of her. I gave her chest a big grope trying to catch onto something. She was shocked, her face bright red, hit me on the head with a hard whack out of frustration. I however barely even noticed the red mark on my cheek. All I could say was.” Hey…you did good out there beautiful rose. “

Ruby was stunned. The little Rose kept her red shade before she just pushed her head up and kissed me. I kissed her back deeply, with arms wrapping behind her head as we locked lips. Our tongues played around each others. It didn’t take long for my fingers to reach below her skirt and for her own to grab onto my zippers. We did a little foreplay. My finger rocked against her slit and her clit slowly to tease it. While her own fingers danced around my cock.

At the same moment my hard one started to stick out my fly, I could feel a wetness form upon my fingers. “Take a deep breath.” I said to her before slowly pushing myself in her sex. She screamed in pain at first, as all girls would do during their first time. However, as I kept going it turned into screams of pleasure. We started half stripping one another. She tore off my shirt, literally. It was accident she apologized for afterwards, she couldn’t get it off. I slide her top down enough to exposing her breast.

I played with them like a child while I pumped my member into her. She was crying out in joy while licking my neck and kissing it lightly sending shivers down my spine. We went at it all night; I couldn’t even count how many times we climaxed in total. We would do it every once in a while, during our mission we would have sex at random places. From out in the woods to in the walls of Atlas while visiting her friend Weiss.

I must say, the snow princess was someone I would be with to if I had the chance. Yet my heart belonged to Ruby, so we both became good friends. Eventually however our journey ended. During that time, I fell madly in love with her. So once the world was safe. We celebrated by getting married. I remember seeing all her friends their laughing and crying together for us. Literally Yang was crying like a baby on Blake and Weiss had to make sure Ruby didn’t go into a panic attack.

Nora, Ren, and Jauney boy made a great cake together. The night was perfect. I literally carried her into out bed and just came at her like a wild beast while she was still in her dress. She moaned out as I rubbed her body while she wore the soft white fabric. I took the head piece off and kissed her deeply as we made love so amazing it came second only to our first time in passion.

Then came the bad news. I got a call from my bosses while on our honey moon. I had long ago forgotten my duties to the order. So much happened that I lost sight of my mission. With a heavy heart, I knew I couldn’t do it, but I also knew they come after us. They had eyes and ears all over. So I told them plain and simple.” Ruby Rose will be dead tonight, but…don’t expect me to come back. “I hung up and had nice day out on a private little shack in the mountains with her. The end came late at night on the balcony. We were enjoying some fresh air when I got my confidence up to tell her, tell her everything.

I expected so many things.
I expected her to be afraid.
I expected her to run.
I expected her to attack me.

Instead she kissed me and spoke out.” So what’s the plan?” She said with a delightful smile on her face, that nearly made my very soul break. All I did was kiss her and say.” Get undressed expect your cloak. “She nodded and did as asked. I did the same and then I kissed once more starting to wrap my arms against her head.

“Close your eyes.” Ruby nodded having total faith in me. I picked her up in my arms and carried her towards the Balcony. The Balcony was over the edge of the mountain we were staying on. Falling from it was instant death. So I whisper into her ear as I step onto the edge of the Balcony with her in my arms.” Ruby…I''ll never leave you. So let’s fly one last time.”

All she did was laugh and say.” I love you too.” Then I jumped.
It felt like hours. I literally could only see her bright red cloak, her smiling face, and the rose petals seemingly flowing off her body as we fell. Eventually we hit the ground with a sickening splat. If not for the fact her favorite cloak wrapped around us, all you see was our bodies mangled all over the forest floor. Our heads and chest were all right for some reason, besides the fact we both had cracks in the back of our skulls dripping out blood.

Looking at her body, you could see her spin arching strangely to the side. Her arms both snapped and torn off nearly hanging only loose skin and broken bone pieces. A rock tore through her lower body exposing her stomach. There was another one piercing between both her chest and stabbing into my own. I could only imagine what my corpse looks like. Despite how horrible we looked splatted on the ground with a few rocks piercing us both. On both our faces were bloodied smiles. Our lifeless eyes locked into each other’s.

Me and my Rose would be together forever in death’s embrace.


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