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Daddy left on a business trip and the mom and son were left alone in the house! After watching mom pee, take a shit and shower the son jumps her.After a while she submits and the start having sex, anal and vaginal.Problem is they forgot the door unlocked and the curtains pulled.So you may snuff them with the following chars: a burglar, a religios fanatic, a member of a special police force, a man with a killer dog or the father.Be creative and give a lot of detail.
If i like it i will provide you with a dad and daughter scenario!


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This an Rp or do you want me to write a story? I can do either.


A story on this subject would be fantastic!


>>1557 Yes please do a story on that subject! Thank you!


Is this happening? Because it looks like a great ideea!


Do you want to do this as an RP?


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my mom


Interesting, I love that religious fanatic idea.


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i like a male partner to hang me eat me to hunt me down naked in the woods rape my dead body have his k9 breed me

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