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The purpose of this thread is to state how you'd rape the woman, loli or shota in the pic provided with the post. Keep in mind that you can't kill them but you can do anything else to them after the rape. I'll go first......

Here's Ami from Toradora. You've longed to have your way with her and now you can! Rape her!!


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Get her arms behind her back, giver her a good punch to the gut so she's on her knees before forcing my cock into her open mouth, thrusting, not caring if i hit her throat or not.

I'd pull out after busting a nut in her mouth, pull up her tanktop so her tits are exposed before momentarily releasing her arms, so I can tape her wrists and ankles together, forcing her legs open in the 'M" position. I would take my sweet time fucking both holes, making sure my cum was dripping out of her, making sure to take as many pictures as I can.

Now, this is Honoka Kousaka. Enjoy.


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Honoka when I look back and return from the mall, I studied several times its path so I know where to hit. It is almost always a road that passes in front of a dimly lit alley. a small space for two people but I will see to be satisfied.

Today the luck smiles on me, Honoka has not bought anything and is alone, wearing pants then unfortunately lighthouse a little more effort than expected. I take it from the back putting his hand on the belly and the other on the mouth completely covering it which does not allow her to scream. His body and lightweight so the drag effortlessly into the alley while kicking.

No one noticed, the more and more to the internal drag until it tovo a dumpster and force myself to staci front belly and breasts propped above and the bottom resting on the side just touching the ground with their feet. with adhesive tape prepared earlier the cap mouth. I feel the tears of her on the hand I hold fema as I look at the face of her and her frightened eyes. Well just the tape covering the mouth but can breathe through his nose, I do not want accidents.

The take off her pants e panties without delay and unbutton my not easy with one hand but in the end finally start to put my cock in and I begin to have sex with her. Continuous a bit until I do not feel the strength to resist her fade away.

A breath-short for the fight, her eyes were half-closed and full of tears, wiped her face with sweat and tears, and then I lay on her beginning to whispering to her words, to demand his attention and distract her, while my hand shows a pendulum in front of her.

Hypnosis leads her to fall asleep in no time at that point to take off the tape from his mouth. the kiss and then after giving the command to obey me I can wake up with u or snap of the fingers, I can dance and have sex with me his aniziativa to see what is in my power. Having satisfied the snap.

Honoka fall on my chest unconscious asleep, I order you to forget what happened and every time you will hear a specific phrase will follow me and I will second my requests. The clean it thoroughly as if nothing had happened the remit pants and take you in front of the alley and then snapped his fingers and give her a little push to get her out.

Honoka stumbles for a moment and resumed consciousness of himself, looks around confused, but never to his shoulders as I ordered, then returns home unaware of what you and sucess.
After our first meeting a little violent future visits will be much easier and with the ability to be much more creative


I hope you enjoyed this attempt XD ( and not writing things too strange )

You failed to take Tohsaka Rin off guard , do what you want


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She stands up to confront me but then I tackle her and pin her to the ground. She struggles to break free but I inject an immobilization drug into her neck and within moments, she's immobilized and can't move on her own.

Smiling, I kiss her on the lips and neck while groping her lush breasts. Rin's disgusted at my perverse actions but she can't do anything to stop me. I then unfasten and remove her skirt which reveals that's she's wearing leggings but I can see that she's got fancy black panties underneath. I slide off her black leggings and have my way with her legs and feet but I also gently massage and kiss them which she visibly enjoys but she struggles to hide it. I then unfasten and open her dress shirt exposing her black bra which I slide up and proceed to caress, kiss and lick and even suck her tits for milk. I also caress, kiss and lick her belly and belly button which she enjoys but is now crying at how easily I'm breaking her mental defenses.

Finally, I pull down her panties and forcefully make love to her and she cries out in ectasy and pleasure but sheds tears at how she's been broken. Afterwards, I sit her up and while she's sobbing, I take off her top and gently massage her arms, neck, back and shoulders while whispering comforting things into her ear. By the time the paralyze serum has worn off, her tsundere shell is gone, she's quiet and shy and now she loves me. I help her redress and Rin and I go off to have fun together.

Now then, here's a cute loli. You love her romantically and you can't hold your love for her back any longer. Make her yours!


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For those of you who prefer an older victim, here's Kumi Mori from School Days. You're alone in a room with her and you're lusting for her. Have your way with her!


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/ The loly with sad eyes to win my attention. I think I'm going a little off topic, but I hope you enjoy the same /

There it was again on the terrace. The views many times but more than a hello on the stairs or the like we never said. The nicknamed "sad eyes"
Normally is smiling but when it comes to the terrace that has always air like a beaten puppy, know his father, he never went at particular genius.
Back to us, I do not think I've ever seen often on the terrace in the corner writing or for laundry. Little Loli approaches the railing sighing heavily and fixed the orrizzonte as many times.
I fantasized about her, writing, imagining, dreaming. and now that I think I have the chance I always had. She always comes when you sure you do not find anyone, except, well, me.
I approach I can no longer hold back, but at that moment she does force on slender arms leaning over the rail, snap, take her by the hips pulling back. in doing the clean blankets fall upon us.
Screams like an eagle, the cap of her mouth as she sweated, she stirs in my grasp but without any sucess.
The verses that come from Loli understand different words even though covered by my hand. Freak, pork, asshole, let me, etc..
I would not have imagined such a poisonous tongue does not say anything, I'm lying on the ground and she is lying on me blocked, it does it all in agitated vigorously rubs his tender butt and legs rub several times on my fuck who gets hard through his pants.
After a few minutes the little loly is short of breath and breathes heavily upon me his back to me.
I carry in position by sitting forcing her to do the same, the hand that encircled her hips up to now free giving her a pat on the head. the rebuke, I thought he wanted to throw himself under, then I ask her if she calmed down, she nods.
So I let go of his mouth. thanks me and then I loose pants. are quite amazed in his practical doing and then "push" to lie down, she takes off her panties and sits on me and follows my movements.
The firm shortly after bringing her head on my chest I can not ignore the tears and the sobs of her. I push he confide his preucupazione then we start to kissing, I stroked several times while she having found a confidant caresses my chest and face as he returned the kiss.
After that day I and Elis, is so called, we begin a relationship by letter she also sends me often photograph of her in various poses in the end even he can have custody and comes to live at my house.
A report d 'platonic love seal segnreta, a romantic idea that you share with me. They entembi on the couch with her eyes closed our hands together and though our bodies are immobile. after reading the innermost fantasies of each other it is like making love in a passionate and unrestrained.


found Saionji Usagi of Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai. loly a sniper of a particular surveillance department, you are able to reach her shoulders, what to do with her?


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I pin her to the ground and using my charm, leave her in paralyzing awe of the sheer force of my personality. I then french kiss her and then kiss and lick her neck before I tear off her clothes in a violent fashion /though I'm gentle with her bra and panties/ and have my way with her. I lustfully suck her tits for milk and grope her various body parts /and love bite her breasts and inner thighs/ before I have sex with her in both her pussy and ass in a rough and forceful manner.

Afterwards, she cries at how I utterly broke her physically and mentally but then I massage her neck, back, shoulders and breasts from behind and whisper soothing things in her ear to comfort her as it makes me sad to see a girl or woman cry. Being broken and desperate for comfort, she hugs me and I help her get dress in her undergarments and I bridal carry her away, take her back to my place and give her a nice bath where I thoroughly wash and dry her off, give her a full body massage and dress her in a cute dark green nightgown and we go to sleep together as she's now my love mistress......

Now then, here's Ami/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon in a swimsuit. You're deeply in love with Ami and can't hold your feelings for her any longer. Show how deep your feelings for her are!


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/OMG! You do not know how you made me happy! as a child I was madly enamored of Ami. I will do my best! thanks for waking this fantasy * W * /

I'm crazy about her, I began to follow it, then dream it to the point that my performance and started to go down, Ami is always in my head.

Mustered all my courage, I have created the ideal situation in the pool, I'm already naked and hidden ossevando Ami which is by itself or calculated that I have 30 minutes before someone reaches us.
She enters the water at that time shooting and I dive on her my chest pushes ferso the bottom of the pool. taken by surprise squirms vigorously. He could take little oxygen while I have the Pomoni full and a small reserve in my mouth. my arms are securely tightened around her hips. my ear and laid on the girl's back feel his heart beating to madness. within seconds the strength of Ami is dropping drastically.

Cease to hold her and forced her to turn her eyes are half-closed, is very inteligente in surprise consumed much oxygen but now holds the latch body to save some energy to keep from drowning. I press my lips against his step and a bit of oxygen, try to get away but I put a hand over her mouth bringing closely our bodies. Chest to chest. I go back so we can both breathe. she breathes through the nose strikes me feebly to free himself. I tell her to breathe I'm about to dive again. He obeys because forced. and here we are again under water. this time the push into account one of the walls of the pool holding it in with my body, the palm of her breasts and kissed her several times while she tries to rispoingermi but without sucess. while playing with his costume seponendo the ass of her and then I put him inside. Ami ago to scream but puts his hands to his mouth to avoid being run off the oxygen.

Shortly after we emerge and aioto to sit by the pool, lies down almost immediately sobbing powerless and the will to resist, I rise I'm also a bit tired, it took everything more effort than expected I take her by the shoulders, Ami no resistance and drag in the warehouse where are my clothes.

Taken a bit of breath, Ami tried several times to escape me, I who am behind her the cap mouth and obliged to sit down again, she rests on my chest while with his free hand palm her body, she tries to resist but gradually his will and won by terror and becomes a kind of doll to my commands.

The murmur that sorry for her this but I have no choice. the barren gently and I make love to her on a mattress our naked bodies entwined in an embrace that she eventually returns. perhaps out of desperation, perhaps because he understands that I love her though sick way.
Here we are safe we have much more time , and I have to wait for the right moment to get her out

I dressed and help to get up to accompany the women's locker room where you come without me. eventually, a thousand my uncertainties and perhaps his own, out, he notices that limps. I must have hurt to likewise or leg, I regret very much so I can climb on my shoulders and we go to my house. she calls assuring her she'll be a friend.

That night she will wear my sleevless and boxer will share my bed and talk for a long time until we both do not fall asleep, by the time she gets my miss, I promise to be better and make her happy.

You have crossed many times this little girl . called Alis (name invented on the spot ) does not speak a lot and seems to live alone .

the word no has ever addressed , but his blue eyes you have looked several times , primarily as to warn you , nothing new is its expression.

Today you're coming home and accidentally knocks knocking her to the floor she is on the floor , and looks at you blushes on her ass and her panties are an invitation . no longer you can hold back a second longer , and you are alone with her. it's time to make your move .


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I pin her to the ground and while she struggles, I easily overpower her and I kiss her on the lips and neck quite passionately. This combined with my soothing words causes her to stop struggling though she sheds tears at my violation of her. I then strip her down to her bra, panties and stockings before I take pics of her in them. Next, I strip her nude and make passionate love to her after intimately kissing, caressing and licking her various body parts.

By this point, she's surrendered to my will and she starts to cry uncontrollably as I've broken her calm shell. Feeling sad, I hug her and let her know how much I love her before I ask if she'll let me adopt her. Nodding, I kiss her and later, I officially adopt her and she becomes my daughter/love partner and we have sex of various types on a regular basis. She also gradually opens up to the world around her and by the time she hits puberty, she's cheerful and friendly but also sly and flirty.......

Now then, here's Konoka from Negima. You've longed for her and are drawn to her body, personality and friendly demeanour. You can't hold back your feelings for her any longer. Show her how much you love her!


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/It takes her before it is dispersed XD/

this is a mistake. I repeat in my head, I'm in his house to give her English tuition (I know it's funny coming from me XD) I'm alone with her in her room and there no one at home who can make me give up.

I take advantage of a time when she goes to the bathroom to dope the glass of water, a light thing for her to sleep, I'm nervous when she returns she notes. but she smiles at me. the lesson continues but she does not drink begin to be impatient but a movement for groped to encourage you to drink. the glass is inverted.

The beast is unleashed in me can not resist, tilting the table that divides us and then lash out at her, she emits half cry before my hand covers the whole mouth and part of the face, pushing her on the bed as the rest of her body.

I'm over her, Kumi if done little cowering on itself the narrow legs and hands to cover her breasts to protect them. I while I recovered from the animal shot but it's too late to turn back. I begin to weaken the defenses of her neck and licking her more more times and then kiss him. try to scream but my hand makes him impossibile.pian plan its defenses are lowered forgive him allowing me strength limbs to enter his guard and undress her. Qppena breasts are exposed na take in the mouth of her small tits sucking vigorously. He moans strongly, while her hands trying to get away my face, but I continue undeterred my will soon begins to afere the better of her.

Once I calmed down I start to undress, completely wrap the body accarezandolo as I begin to have sex with her. I do not come inside her I let my seed is deposited on her belly. I tell her I'm sorry and that I always wanted. the aid to cleanse itself and then after I played I to leave, but she stopped me embarrassed. He confesses his love and tells me to stay. then we continue the "lezzione" from that day she begins to come to my place telling me about her day, we do the lesson and even much more


You can find Acqua exhausted after singing . you are alone and it is difficult that have force if only to shout at the time . Seize the opportunity.


Why not a woman and a shota together? :) Mom and son maybe? Interrupted by the rapist while they where having sex!

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