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Must be flexible, long-term, serious. Must have an understanding of metagaming, powergaming and godmodding. Second Life RP experience favored but not required. Will --NOT-- RP scat fetishes/underage fetishes (my character is 28). Needing a void to be filled after another RP was abandoned and unfinished. Would like to skype call before role-play to discuss ideas. Intermediate/advanced linguistic skills are preferred ... if you use *s and no "s to represent speech, I will kill you.

If you are female and play a male/male that plays a female, then cool. I'm down with it. I need someone sadistic. Or vanilla. I don't care. As long as you can handle how complex and colorful this role-play was before I reached out to finish it ...

My skype is Voltiel (yes, I live in Fargo ND. Please end my suffering). Add me and we shall discuss this fucky situation. I am DESPERATE to finish this story. Help me :')

TL;DR I am female looking for a male or female (NO SHEMALES/FUTAS) RP character to finish a role-play that was abandoned in 2011.


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