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Love to find snuff/necrophilia fantasy chat buddy on skype: legion0203

I am not limited to anime characters when fantasizing

Often times dirty chat about asian models, kpop idols, etc

Do add me on skype if anyone is interested


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.

skype = ogrintaichou

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