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I guess I'll start us off with a request for a partner.


Skype: perilous.robin

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for consensual deaths in a dystopian society. One where I've either been chosen or volunteer to end it all. Like a good citizen I report to the Processing Facility and, well, that's where you come in.

Specific Kinks: Anesthesia, Consensual, Forced Nudity, Masturbation, Medical Play, Oral Sex, Snuff, Vivisection

Turn Offs: Rape, Scat, Toilet Play, Vomit

Please feel free to contact me for a scene.
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Forgot to tag you as well in my previous post. Discord contact is: ChrashRP#9686


make that wow, i suck at this whole typing thing. The name on discord is still ChrashRP#9686


File: 1538252917170.png (1.27 MB, 1141x1710, 7b8d01dbadf4e2fe1a5ae046ab….png)

Discord only: VanessaTheSlut #7928

Specific kinks: Orcs, lycans, beasts, monsters, burly warriors etc, non consensual/forced, scat (forced human toilet or dirty anal only, no scat smearing or anything like that as it's a huge turn-off!), soft vore with snakes/monsters, vomit (preferably done from getting facefucked too hard/for too long), toilet induced hits (being punched in the stomach enough hard to make her soil herself etc), quickies followed by death once you're done using her, having my limits tested/pushed, etc

Turns offs: Real pictures, hard vore, excessive gore (Gore/death is relatively new to me so you can still try pushing my limits a bit if you'd like and i'll warn you OOC if it's too much for me)


File: 1538265260228.jpeg (606.9 KB, 1200x1600, 1536785568014.jpeg)

Dom male looking for female RP partner. I'm not very experienced with role playing but I'm eager. Short scenes would be ideal I suppose but I'd be open for something longer and more complex if my partner is willing.
I don't have time during the week so please don't expect anything daily, weekends are my only free time.

Turn ons:
Ryona, bone breaking, neck snapping, ear/brain/eye/neck/wound fucking, asphyxiation, loli/toddler, breast torture, fucked to death, amputation, vomit, blood play, necro. Both work as consensual and non-consensual.

Turn off:
Scat (except vomiting), furries, vore, cannibalism (I'm fine with biting until it spills blood though).

I'd love to talk fetishes as well besides RP'ing.

If you're interested send me an e-mail at I also have discord which I'll share through e-mail only.


File: 1538272966754.jpg (38.66 KB, 278x300, Manuel - Kopie.jpg)

Do you Ever want to Torture a Little boy?
I am Open for anything, just writing what you would do with him or Creating an RP

I Love:
Ballbusting, Torture, Castration, Sounding, Needles, Electro Torture, Emasculation

I hate: Scat/Vomit/Piss

Just write me an E-mail :D

Here are a Few scenarios who are possible.
1. At sunset I am at the Forest, I always run through it naked to find some people who like to play with a naughty boy.
2. As I am still at the Start of Puberty I always need to go to the Medical inspection, so every Sunday I will be at the hospital.
3. In our town is a BDSM/CBT/SNUFF Club for everyone, but sadly children are not allowed, even if I know that I would be a great attraction to be snuffed xD
Perhaps you can bring me in and play with me, I always hide on Saturday behind a garbage container.


I'll hop on this train. I'm an asphyxia fetishist looking for an RP. My main kink is asphyxiation (particularly strangulation), though I'm a try-anything-once kinda guy. My turn-offs are toilet stuff, excessive gore, etc. (germophobe IRL, it kinda kills the mood.)

If you're interested, hit up my Discord at argyle_n1nja#3051.


Kik: satanchild451
Discord: Claire LeVay#7791

Pansexual, loves asphyxiation and light to moderate gore deaths, fandom characters allowed. Please don’t apply if you don’t write at least a paragraph per post. We can discuss more once you message me. Have a great day!


Discord: DoodleBug#1213

I enjoy playing sub (twinky) guys, prefer M/M pairings, but it is all up for discussion.

I like murder and executions; mostly anyhing goes: asphyx, hanging, beheading, gutting, stabbing, shooting, impaling…
Erotic content and nudity are welcome.

I don't like scat, excessive gore and shota.

Feel free to message me!



Looking for any fighting RP, spy vs spy, assassin contracts, wrestling arenas etc etc.

I love the feeling of defeat, the humiliation knowing that I have lost and about to expire, and my body is about to be out in some humiliating display. So any idea that can have this will be ok for me.

I prefer asphyxiation death rather then extreme gore, I do like a good beheading once in a while.
NOT into scat, oversized dicks and horses.
Prefer dom females but guys are ok as well. I can play futas if desired.
My discord is: LadyHearts#3296


your discord doesnt seem to work


Name: Skye or Ash, 23, Female, Bisexual. US Timezone.


What I'm looking for: To play the victim in an Execution or Murder RP. I love the idea of execution in a dystopian society or college, but I'd also be happy facing an island full or traps or a slasher theme. I'm open to ideas; I'm still learning about my fetish and keen to explore.

Specific kinks: asphyxiation, drowning, throat cutting, belly wounds, consensual sex

Turn-Ons: wetting myself, being pleasured or fucked as I'm dying, teasing, involuntary orgasm

Turn-Offs: hurting other people, fire/burns, torture

Absolute no: scat, under-age, furry, bestiality


File: 1546020545571.jpg (83.04 KB, 604x377, 1546019786.jpg)

Hey, guys.
Searching for both boys and girls. I wanna play as sub for some stories where I become either a human cattle on the farm or get abused and snuffed by someone.
Turn ons and kinks: consensual, amputation, mind control, decapitation and head destruction, humiliation, pissing.
Turn offs: non-con, scat, loli, furry, zoo
You can contact me via kik (meir0895) or e-mail (


File: 1546631507794.jpg (150.48 KB, 1024x1024, katherine_6_by_mordredofor….jpg)

I'm looking for a writer, a roleplay partner with whom we could write some really nasty and extreme femdom story in form of online shared docs game.

I would control a sadist female(s) who gains satisfaction from the brutal torture and murder of handsome males, or alternatively females. My partner shall be writing the part of the victim(s) in this story.

My ideal partner:
- does not need to be native speaker in English (I'm not myself) but able to write correctly and have a general talent and experience in writing.
- able, willing and enjoy to write a lot as I prefer my games and stories being lengthy and very graphic and descriptive.
- able to personalize imaginary characters. I don't play myself and I expect you to play a character, too, not yourself.
- shares a fair portion of my kinks and fetishes otherwise where is the mutual fun?
- is flexible in terms of creating the characters, the background and the plot together, not bound only by his own fantasies but accepts that this is a shared tale.

My must to have kinks and preferencies:
- only third person perspective and past tense.
- 100% and totally non-consensual story. Your character could be submissive or even masochistic, but once the real stuff starts no way he could enjoy what is happening to him. I want him to suffer, to cry, to beg, to curse the day when he met my girl. So even better if your character has no submissive tendencies, breaking an alpha male is much bigger fun.
- a fair amount of foot fetish shall definitely be incorporated in the story focusing mostly on my character's feet and toes but would also pay some attention to the torture of your character's feet.
- dicks and testicles would receive very special attention and most of that wouldn't be pleasant, surely resulting in the total destruction of the male genitalia.
- the male character(s) would most probably be killed at the end in some inhumanly cruel and painful way.
- when speaking of torture I mean torture, the most extreme and sickest kind, not bdsm practises but bloody, charring, brutal torments without limits.
- there will be definitely a lot heat and fire related torments without limits.
- realistic world (even if its a science fiction or fantasy the world still has its own rules and laws), realistic reactions and consequences. The only semi-realistic part would be the endurance of human anatomy what I tend to let be a bit more flexible for the sake of the focus of the game.

Good to have kinks:
- filth, bodily fluids, bestiality.
- cannibalism in all relation including forced self-cannibalism too.
- I prefer the story has some sort of a plot and storyline, well grounded background, logical decisions, believable characters and personalities.
- I like complex characters with history, preferences, memories, unique personalities and in a wicked way also like to see character development (or degradation in a gradual way).

Let me know if you are interested (noya2929 at gmail dot com).

Best would be if you could share me some references, game logs or stories you partake before. I started way too many games with people who turned to be unable to write more than a few sentences, who claimed to be imaginative but never came up with anything new or unique or was unable to put a proper description of a human being on paper. My time is very limited and looking for a partner as close to my ideal as possible. If this would be your first try ever doing this sort of roleplay you aren't the one I'm looking for.

We would discuss first the details before start to play but I want to spend time only on promising projects, I don't want to waste your time neither want you to waste mine. I might reject you based on your message or might embrace you and thank God he sent me to you; depends on what you tell me and what you can show me. If I realize you did not read this message I will not consider you; please respect me with reading and understanding what I'm looking for.


Another quick update as my discord is now
Aki Kurusu#8935


File: 1546814724301.jpg (1000 KB, 830x1141, 1446377304201.jpg)


I've already posted something liked this on /r/guro while gurochan was down but got very little.

My character is a red female Orc, exploring the lands and fighting baddies. I'm looking for a roleplaying partner that can DM and control the world I'm in. Control the dungeon I'm exploring or play the male tribe that attacks me, etc. The Orc female is pretty overconfident and she might bite off more that she can chew. Maybe walking into a temple proud and fearless, missing a tripwire under her feet and triggering a blade that cuts her in half. Or maybe attacking a strong troll that finishes her off before raping her corpse.

Sudden Unexpected Death
(Her opponent slicing her head off randomly after she was getting the upper hand in the battle. Her ally suddenly betraying her and pushing her into a warg pit. Someone randomly shanks the busty orc from behind in a tavern argument, leaving her to bleed on the ground with no one giving a shit. ETC.)
Very Bad Luck
(She walks in on a tavern fight and before realizing what's going on, having an axe in her skull. She tries stealthing through a pack of bandits, but steps on a branch, getting herself raped and executed. She might walk into a town on her travels, but not realize that everyone in this town is incredibly racist towards orcs, sending her to the chopping block. ETC.)
One Sided Fights
(She challenges a bandit because he spanked her big ass in a tavern, telling him to meet her in the alley behind the building so they can get things straight, but the bandit doesn't play fair and brings his whole gang, rendering the red orc into a pile of meat on the ground. ETC.)
Overpowered Powers/Spells/Weapons
(This falls into the same category as One Sided Fights but I'll write more examples: She is fighting a mage, pulling out her sword and getting into a fighting stance, but the mage simply waves his hand and makes the confident orc girl explode or turns the orc into a nympho, corrupting her mind instantly, turning her into a simple cockslut. She is fighting a warrior that wields a sword that can cut through anything, the red female putting her sword up to dodge his swipe but it simply cuts through her sword and her bouncy flesh. ETC.)
Necrophilia and Objectification
(After the girl dies, her enemies might take advantage of her fresh curvy corpse, fucking it and playing with it. They might turn it into furniture or take her head as a trophy, tossing it between each other and having a good time, relaxing after the fight. ETC.)

I really have no limits. You can piss, shit on her, whatever you think the characters you're playing might want to do to her. I've only got one "NO": Torture of lolis or shotas. Quick deaths are ok.
I also prefer sudden quick deaths than slow torturing scenes, but who knows~ you might make it interesting and I will like it more than a sudden decapitation.

We can play with a dice. Be free to cheat~ "I rolled 18" and you just say "No. You rolled 1. Fuck you" before killing my character. It's your choice. We can also play with no dice and you decide the outcome.

KIK: deathlightfoxxy

Please be sure to mention Gurochan when adding me. Toddles!


Also Discord



Can't find you in kik



This is my first time actually posting here, so I hope I’m doing it right.

I’ve been rather interested, for a while now, in DMing a series of short adventures for pretty, naïve female adventurers in a harsh and unforgiving fantasy setting. I’ve been thinking for a while about where to put a request out, and where exactly to do it, and I’ve arrive at here and discord, respectively.

So, what I’m looking for and what to expect: short adventures that often (though not always) end in the untimely death of the female protagonist. Possible themes with these will likely include gore, beatings, blood, rape, noncon in general, hopeless situations, necro, and possibly piss. I’m open to a lot of ideas, so if you have a request that isn’t on my no-go list, feel free to ask.

As for what not to expect: I’m not looking for a long-term RP in a story sense. I’m happy to play through as many short adventures as you want, whether with the same unlucky girl, or a number of characters, but I’m not looking for a single, overarching story just at the moment. In addition, I’m not gonna do anything with lolis, nor anything with males- just not what I’m into. As for other limits, I can really only think of scat. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else that comes to mind.

I’ve DMed a bunch of normal games/settings before, and I’ve written a lot of guro for myself, and occasionally for others. This is the first time I’m trying to combine them. I will say, I do want dice/RNG to play a role in the stories, just to give them more tension and excitement. We can always discuss the logistics of that when we get going.

Other than that, here’s my discord:


Be sure to mention guro when I accept your friend request, and thanks for reading!


Due to a fairly stupid misclick before verifying my account, the Discord Tag for A_Very_Dangerous_World is now: A_Very_Dangerous_World#8154

Please shoot me another friend request, and sorry about doing that.


File: 1547933052668.jpg (120.24 KB, 736x1104, lara.jpg)

Hi, im looking for a roleplaying partner for kik but i prefer using omegal or chatzy. I like to play story's where i start in a position of power or as a powerful character like lara croft before you take it away from me and then use me as you want.

Im into snuff, humiliation, necro, piss, huge dicks that make me bleed, passing out while getting facefucked and bestiality

Im not into roleplaying as a child, scat or excessive gore like getting my intestines removed while im alive or anything like tha.t

My kik is yahoe2 dm me if your interested and say where your from


Hey there! First time posting so let's see how it goes.
I've got an idea of an RP revolving around someone who is abducted and is trained to be a killer alongside the person who abducted them. I've got a few more details than that but if you're interested feel free to hit me up on kik or discord.
Btw this is something that would ideally long term and I'm also open to chatting and getting to know each other outside of RPing
Discord: Ajthefunnimeme#4222
Kik: ajthefunnimeme


Hey there! First time posting so let's see how it goes.
I've got an idea of an RP revolving around someone who is abducted and is trained to be a killer alongside the person who abducted them. I've got a few more details than that but if you're interested feel free to hit me up on kik or discord.
Btw this is something that would ideally long term and I'm also open to chatting and getting to know each other outside of RPing
Discord: Ajthefunnimeme#4222
Kik: ajthefunnimeme


File: 1548614430985.jpg (485.05 KB, 1600x1132, 1519760802749.jpg)

Hey, guys.
Searching for both boys and girls. I wanna play as sub for some stories where I become either a human cattle on the farm or get abused and snuffed by someone.
Turn ons and kinks: consensual, amputation, mind control, decapitation and head destruction, humiliation, pissing.
Turn offs: non-con, scat, loli, furry, zoo
You can contact me via kik (meir0895) or e-mail (


File: 1548835316047.jpg (66.87 KB, 636x900, 1oenj0eymgk11.jpg)

Hey there fellow guro enthusiasts. I'm looking to get back into some RP. Specifically on a fantasy kick at the moment, with DnD type settings being my go to. Some monster girls are also cool.

Outside of setting my major kinks are semi-con, mass death, anticipation, and disposability. A bunch of girls getting cut down in battle or the like and no one really caring, themselves included. I can go into more detail if you're interested. In addition, choking, stabbing, and light gore are also good in my books. A bit of dolcette style cannibalism is fun too.

As for no-go's, I have some basic ones like no underage or scat (some pissing on death is fine but no more than that) and bestiality if it's like a dog or horse or something. Monster rape is negotiable. On the more niche weird level, I'd also prefer to keep the victims relatively dehumanized and defiant. This is rather strange, but if I don't I end up feeling bad for them which is understandably a major turn off. I also understand if this is a deal breaker. No hard feelings.

That covers most of the basics but there's plenty more to talk about in detail if you're interested. I'm also open to just chat about fetish stuff. My discord is Frazzle#0643



Reposting with new contact info:

Kik: medfetrp

Looking for: Bondage/torture/BDSM RP in a modern/ultramodern, realistic/clinical medical setting.

Kinks: Anesthesia, surgery, medical play, gyno, exams, lactation, monitoring, BDSM, torture, loli (generally tween+), fucking machines, machine milking, e-stim, CPR/defib/resus, shaving, experimentation, slave training, discipline/reinforcement, gags, breast/nipple torture, genital torture, dentistry/oral, breath control, and related.

Turn Offs: Scat, vomit, toilet play (pee/sounding/catheters are fine)

Feel free to send a message if you want to RP, or even just to chat – that's fine too.


Looking for: Someone to play girls from different fandoms (Fate, Granblue, Fire Emblem, etc) for some snuff centric fun. I can do hard gore or more light and subdued gore. Necro is a huge turn on! It can be consensual or non-con! Any other fetishes can be discussed!





your discord doesnt work


Hello! I’m a young, 19 year old male looking for dominant females and trans women to dominate me, use me how they please, then dispose of me however they want! My only hard limits are scat, so whatever you want I can probably do for you!

Kik: Snake34512


File: 1552575017675.png (708.77 KB, 847x477, OpenerRes.png)

Hey, it's me again!

I'm a guy, looking for a RP partner. I mainly play sub male characters in, preferably, male/male pairings, but can also do male/female.

I enjoy executions the most, but am into all kinds of other stuff as well. Everything is up for discussion.

(+) shooting, stabbing, cutting, asphyx, impaling, beheading, erotic, physical exams, …
(-) excessive gore, wound fucking, master/slave

You can add me on discord: DoodleBug#1213


New to RPing, but not new to guro. Loooking for female RP partner to show me a good time.

Kinks: Oral Sex, Asphyxiation, Eye and brain fucking, Gore, Consensual, Loli

Turn offs: Scat

Discord: That ManX#8446

 No.4873 Oh, hey, a new site. There's an F-list profile with a bunch of my alts. Into ryona (receiving) often lethal, not too much into blood and gore per se, but adore HnK/Fist of the Norht Star style demises.


File: 1553786539391.jpg (218.37 KB, 618x1000, nuns81.jpg)

I'm a 20 year old female looking for an rp based of a comic I read with the basic premise of scantily dressed nuns being raped and murdered by demons. My discord is Saint Maria #8801


Heya, looking for any guys interested in some fandom, modern or historical multi-para stories based around fatal bad ends as the centerpiece, but still a focus on storytelling as well.

I rp primarily over rp sites like Bluemoon (My name is Iko there just pm me), or Elliquiy (Kamiki).

I'm also on discord as Iko#6230 or f-list under the character tag "iko stuff"

Looking forward to hearing from you. =)


Have changed my tag to cardsuit#7791


Male, sub, Looking for any femdom.
Love strong and dominate Ladies that ready to strangle me out. Asphyxiation is mainly my way to go but I'm ok with gore too. What I enjoy the most is a humiliation disposal of the corpse at the end.

I have a few ideas so feel free to DM on discord. Also can switch and Dom from time to time :)

Discord: KittenBoy#9987


Hello everyone. I am looking for a RP and this will be my first time. I am male but i can also play female. Turn ons: Im most into torture and scat. Not that much into extreme hard shit like canibalism but its also ok. Age doesent matter and furry is also ok
Only turnoff is when there are two males. So only f/f m/f
Since it will be my first time i would like it if you take the lead.


Looking for an rp partner to roleplay anything pretty much
Gore/freakshow is a given but honestly I'm into pretty much everything, at least a little bit
I typically only play females (considering I am one) but I can play males if you'd really like me to
I'm looking forward to rping with some nice people


Skype: Cat Kitty
Looking for: Tortures and death that follows them. Text only.
Specific Kinks: Crucifiction, drowning, death from cold, breast torture, cuntbusting and cunt torture, wooden horse.
Turn Offs: Toilet Play, Vomit,piss /scat, vore


>>4800 Check your discord. I sent an invite.


Sent you an email


bumping this chick, 10/10


sorry, *bumping this chick, 12/10


You have a discord you can use?



What he said.


Check your username. I assune you deleted it vut if you didn't, you misspelled it

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