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I guess I'll start us off with a request for a partner.


Skype: perilous.robin

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for consensual deaths in a dystopian society. One where I've either been chosen or volunteer to end it all. Like a good citizen I report to the Processing Facility and, well, that's where you come in.

Specific Kinks: Anesthesia, Consensual, Forced Nudity, Masturbation, Medical Play, Oral Sex, Snuff, Vivisection

Turn Offs: Rape, Scat, Toilet Play, Vomit

Please feel free to contact me for a scene.
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Hello! I’m a young, 19 year old male looking for dominant females and trans women to dominate me, use me how they please, then dispose of me however they want! My only hard limits are scat, so whatever you want I can probably do for you!

Kik: Snake34512


File: 1552575017675.png (708.77 KB, 847x477, OpenerRes.png)

Hey, it's me again!

I'm a guy, looking for a RP partner. I mainly play sub male characters in, preferably, male/male pairings, but can also do male/female.

I enjoy executions the most, but am into all kinds of other stuff as well. Everything is up for discussion.

(+) shooting, stabbing, cutting, asphyx, impaling, beheading, erotic, physical exams, …
(-) excessive gore, wound fucking, master/slave

You can add me on discord: DoodleBug#1213


New to RPing, but not new to guro. Loooking for female RP partner to show me a good time.

Kinks: Oral Sex, Asphyxiation, Eye and brain fucking, Gore, Consensual, Loli

Turn offs: Scat

Discord: That ManX#8446

 No.4873 Oh, hey, a new site. There's an F-list profile with a bunch of my alts. Into ryona (receiving) often lethal, not too much into blood and gore per se, but adore HnK/Fist of the Norht Star style demises.


File: 1553786539391.jpg (218.37 KB, 618x1000, nuns81.jpg)

I'm a 20 year old female looking for an rp based of a comic I read with the basic premise of scantily dressed nuns being raped and murdered by demons. My discord is Saint Maria #8801


Heya, looking for any guys interested in some fandom, modern or historical multi-para stories based around fatal bad ends as the centerpiece, but still a focus on storytelling as well.

I rp primarily over rp sites like Bluemoon (My name is Iko there just pm me), or Elliquiy (Kamiki).

I'm also on discord as Iko#6230 or f-list under the character tag "iko stuff"

Looking forward to hearing from you. =)


Have changed my tag to cardsuit#7791


Male, sub, Looking for any femdom.
Love strong and dominate Ladies that ready to strangle me out. Asphyxiation is mainly my way to go but I'm ok with gore too. What I enjoy the most is a humiliation disposal of the corpse at the end.

I have a few ideas so feel free to DM on discord. Also can switch and Dom from time to time :)

Discord: KittenBoy#9987


Hello everyone. I am looking for a RP and this will be my first time. I am male but i can also play female. Turn ons: Im most into torture and scat. Not that much into extreme hard shit like canibalism but its also ok. Age doesent matter and furry is also ok
Only turnoff is when there are two males. So only f/f m/f
Since it will be my first time i would like it if you take the lead.


Looking for an rp partner to roleplay anything pretty much
Gore/freakshow is a given but honestly I'm into pretty much everything, at least a little bit
I typically only play females (considering I am one) but I can play males if you'd really like me to
I'm looking forward to rping with some nice people


Skype: Cat Kitty
Looking for: Tortures and death that follows them. Text only.
Specific Kinks: Crucifiction, drowning, death from cold, breast torture, cuntbusting and cunt torture, wooden horse.
Turn Offs: Toilet Play, Vomit,piss /scat, vore


>>4800 Check your discord. I sent an invite.


Sent you an email


bumping this chick, 10/10


sorry, *bumping this chick, 12/10


You have a discord you can use?



What he said.


Check your username. I assune you deleted it vut if you didn't, you misspelled it


File: 1560955709804.jpg (224.56 KB, 700x1081, 57c004e1c48cf0eceff68322ea….jpg)

My discord is warmmilk#5148

Personal: I am female, 23yo, pansexual, I'm going to remain anonymous other than that, no offense. I'm not going to get pressured out of it, so please no bullshit. This is only an offer to RP. No real life pictures of gore, not looking for offers for hook ups, not looking for soliciting pictures. I'm most active after 7 am GMT, but I'm on at other times, too.

Okay with: *mostly* everything, including scat, vomit, watersports. We can work out the details of what you're interested in my responses as far as bodily functions goes. We can discuss things further.

What I'm looking for:

Ideally cattle play as a cow girl: To be treated like cattle, maybe with slaughtered like an animal, or skinned, or cooked alive. Maybe with a lot of groping, medical, gloved fisting and other cow-related things. Up to you, I'm not the farmer, I'm not going to tell you how to do your job.

But if you're not into meat production and just want to dangle me on the rope, garrote me or just in general fuck me to death or tear me apart, I can play a catgirl maid with a cruel master/mistress, as well.

We can discuss.

I'm not really interested in… rape situations. I'd rather be obedient but responsive: knowing my place then OWFUCKTHEPAIN. I'm not into playing a male or futa.

I typically do 5-8 lines, I can't really keep up if it's going into paragraphs. Please be patient with my responses, I'm often busy and I type slow.

Give me a try if you're interested, no obligations, we can stop any time.

I'm not interested in anyone under 18; anyone who can't accept "no" with dignity or any moody drama llamas.

Chill, sane adults only.

No obligation for either of us if it doesn't work out.

Thank you for your consideration.. sorry if I'm wooden here, I loosen up with people I trust, ha. Sorry I blabbed or this seems wooden, I've. Never done this before. Still hope it results in fun. ♡


This is me, I don't know if I accidentally deleted a friends request, I was half awake and brushing my teeth, ha ha. Just wanted to say sorry. Have a nice day, gurofriends. c:


demonic monsters are assaulting helpless teenage girls and young woman, lusting for their young energy.

A magical Girl is needed to stop them by destroying the source of their evil powers, their dicks!

Story, Sex, Rape and more
Long Term pls

you play ether as monster, whos dicks gets deatroyes or magical girl

here is a little of what i got in mind:

*large humanoid lizzard male*
Nahh AHH
*raping a dead girl*

Magical Girl:

*turned his head*

Magical Girl:
*already jumping with spin kick at him*

*send flying and crashing into a wall*
*landed half sitting half leaning onto the wall*
*legs spread and dick stiff*

Macigal Girl:
*landed before him*
*lifted hee leg high*
*panty shot*
*her heel turned to a energy blade*
*kicked down*

*his dick got slashed from top to base, creatig a glowing line*
*dick twitching madly but was not destroyed jet*

Magical Girl
*knelt down*
*spin kicked low cutting his dick off right at the base with her heel blade*
*punishing this inccubus*

*lots of sperm shot out his dicks tip*
*dick ripped open at several spots with more sperm shooting out*
*dick exploded*
*slowly turned to ash*

Magical Girl:
*got up*
dont think so


File: 1561198091423.jpg (126.44 KB, 1280x1355, 2b_by_stevencarson_dd51rzr.jpg)

Looking for dominant guys or subbmisive girls!

Welcome everyone! Battles, defeat, rape, betrayal, messed up stories. Im going to list some ideas for stories that could happen. Reading through them will give you an idea of my style, kinks and preferences.

= Defeat, Role Reversal =
An experienced mercenary is sent on a mission to clear a factory of the gang that has festered at the location in the last few months. She is an experienced ex military woman who has a hundred missions under her belt. Unknown to her, the mercenaries have a secret weapon that she did not prepare for. The once skilled mercenary is ambushed in the hallways, her limbs blown off by high caliber ammunition, trying to crawl away like a fuck pillow. After celebrating victory by teabagging their ballsacks across her face, they make her hold a grenade between her teeth and her life is over.

= Betrayal =
A queen is nothing without her loyal army keeping her in power. After a few years of stern rule, she had started to become more and more greedy, unrespectful to her generals and the ppeasents hve started to get rowdy. One commander, seeing the opportunity marches a battalion into her halls. Her female personal guards step to protect her but they are soon all decapitated, their bodies twitching on the floor. The Queen has no choice, squatting in front of the man that had defeated her and wrapping her plump lips around his prick. As cum is landing across her face, she moves her lips once again, the last time. "Fuck yo-Hk!" A sword flies through her neck and the queen's head rolls off her shoulders, her royal body still squatting for a few seconds before it falls back with a wobble of her tits.

= Bad Luck =
Fortune always favors the protagonists of the story but such is not the the way real life works. An experienced swat general is showing her squad how to handle a weapon, clearing rooms in the training facility before one of the inexperienced members accidentally pulls the trigger right on her head.

A high level adventurer is sitting in the tavern, minding her own business as a drunk behind her pulls out his sword and swings it wildly. She pays no attention to the drunk before it accidentally slices half of her head off and her body is left there, tongue wiggling and twitching above her bottom lip.

= Overpowered Enemies =
She had been preparing years for the final battle with the mad betrayer god. Collecting the most powerful artifacts and pushing herself to the limit of her abilities. It is time. She travels into the realm of the monster she is sworn to defeat. The betrayer God chuckles and teleports her onto the tip of his cock, spearing her all the way through instantly.

= Creative Deaths =
Fucking her so hard that her head explodes. Tied around a troll's belly to serve as a flesh shield. Lopping her head off only for it to land on someone's fat dick.

= Curvy Women =
Check out the included picture for the standard that women in my world follow.

My KIK is: TheRealDeathy
I am looking for people who can play women who would fit into the style of my stories or men who would help me play them out. I am a girl in real life but can play either. I don't really have limits. I'm excited to hear about your preferences as well. Don't be bummed out if I don't like them. Just as you might not like mine, I might not like yours. The problem with role-playing is that you have to find someone who has similar interests and that is when you get the greatest stories out!

Again if somebody missed it.
My KIK is: TheRealDeathy



Are you into girls with really HUGE tits? for those kind of stories?
and do you have a Discord?


Heya, gurochan.

I've been a lurker for a bit, but now I'm looking for some roleplay. I was wanting to do some world building. I want to build a dystopia in which people are objectified. Not just women, but women and men, girls and boys alike are objectified and become victims of the world they were born into. I would like it if we both played multiple characters and switched roles. Sometimes I want to dominate, sometimes I want to submit. Ideally my partner would be okay with that. We can either play one long ongoing story, or different scenes in the same world. I'm open to a lot.

I play mostly females, as I am one, but occasionally I want to play males, too. I should hope you switch up some, as well.

My only limit is scat.

Message me on discord at Levicy#8379


File: 1561968933074.jpg (235.76 KB, 620x877, 1545758860972.jpg)

Heyo! I'm looking for someone whack my annoying head off my curvy body. I enjoy nonconsenual bad end rps where my head is removed from my voluptous writhing corpse. You can contact me on discord: Clarissa#7269


File: 1561997917055.jpg (152.38 KB, 600x848, tumblr_nzz6mpRjol1uw1wq2o4….jpg)

Looking for a role play partner.
I'm quite open for the type of rps I do, but I mostly enjoy consensual snuff stories.
Amongst my favourites are body invasions, some foreign creature or object enters ones body and kills them from the inside.
But I am still open to many more things, I mostly play the victim in guro rps and the dragoness in the picture


File: 1562933299131.jpg (99.52 KB, 1200x680, FSquad3-sc2.jpg)

Hello! Figured I'd try another roleplay partner request…

I'm a sub guy, looking for a dom player to execute my twinky, feminine character in any way they see fit (within some limits…). Posted pic for inspiration.

Message me on Discord: DoodleBug#1213


Hey friends! I'm a female looking to write quick one shot stories with a likeminded partner. I like to play the victim, but could also play the attacker.

What I'm looking for in a role play is any type of guro involving the stomach area. Whether it's getting shot, stabbed, or crushed, or a slow gutting. It should lead to a painful death for the victim character, and the messier the better.

If interested contact me at kariwaters at mail dot com


File: 1563108923428.png (400.35 KB, 1075x1518, 1554483863589.png)

Hey, guys.
Searching for both boys and girls. I wanna play as sub for some stories where I become either a human cattle on the farm or get abused and snuffed by someone.
Turn ons and kinks: consensual, amputation, mind control, decapitation and head destruction, humiliation, pissing.
Turn offs: non-con, scat, loli, furry, zoo
You can contact me via kik (meir0895) or e-mail (


Looking for battles RP that end with the Snuff of my character. I enjoy the defeat part of RP and the humiliation that follow. I prefer dom females but everyone Bi that willing to milk a kitten dry is welcome. My limits are guns and scat.

If interesting add me to discord: KittenBoy#9987


An Amazon brute lady seeks to slay weird-looking monsters or aliens and become the best warrior in the realm. Looking for humiliating death and being overpowered. I enjoy everything sexuality, cum and piss. (No scat or oversized organs please.) Turn the lovely thick Amazon into a pile of meat.
Sub only, fine with any gender. Can be a futa if you really want me to.
Add me to discord LadyHearts#3296


File: 1564159769162.jpg (62.87 KB, 800x400, 9723660.jpg)

I'd love to play out scenarios centered around judicial execution, either as the victim or the executioner. Please note that I don't really enjoy random murder/stalking, but any state-sanctioned, procedural killing is fine with me (preferably executions, but also institutionalized cannibalism, culling, etc).

I adore ageplay and am open to numerous settings and scenarios. Historical RPs are okay too, a bit iffy on sci-fi, modern day/alternate universe preferred. Open to the overwhelming majority of execution methods (lethal injection, hanging, gassing, electrocution, dissection, burning, etc). I also really like medical play, and am open to accommodating partner kinks within reason.

I do have a (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) thing for involving real people in the scenes as victims - celebrities, historical figures, real life killers/prisoners, even just people we know or ourselves. Again, this is completely optional - OCs are fine too.

My e-mail is Also open to playing on Discord, but you need to approach me over e-mail first.


Looking for female rp partners for any mumber of brutally violent RPs. Open to almost any situation, the more violent, brutal and depraved you like it, the better. I have a particular fetish for opening new fuckholes in my victims.

I use kik: here2.rp
Tell me youre from gurochan and we'll hash out the details


File: 1564663653219.jpg (165.15 KB, 1066x800, 2625142_orig.jpg)

Howdy, I'm a 19 year old guy from Sweden, and I'm looking for a feminine victim for some sort of guro scene.

I love scenarios that are not entirely smut, something like 5% story sprinkled in to explain why our characters are where they are, and why my character wishes to torture my partner's character to death.

Kinks I enjoy are genital torture, breast torture, limb removal, ryona, whipping, cutting, burning, and many others.

Only limits are scat and heavy vomit play.

Shoot me an email or contact me on kik at: GGWeGot2Much


Preferences: Female VS female deathmatches (Mortal Kombat style or RPG stats with dice). Humiliating finishers, Decapitations, almost anything.
Dislikes: Nothing I guess.
Availability: Night time. PST. KIK name: Invader78
I usually do RPs or Stories.


Hi guys, I'm open up for RP again.

What I usually play as is a sub loli, this time I want to try something different.

The setting is that my character is a child prostitute who must earn a daily fee, be it from sex, favors, stealing or whatever. If she fails to earn that fee, she will be punished by any means for failing.

Also, I have some kind of idea that my character must eat, however real food will be rare to find for her, so while she is prostituting, she has a bucket where people can shit, piss, vomit and cum, and, as a rule by her 'manager' she must return an empty bucket, meaning that she has to eat that.

I'm comfortable with most kinks, except diapers and giant breasts.

If you're interested, send me an email to


File: 1567229792428.jpg (211.55 KB, 792x1108, mhm.jpg)

Love the finish him boy addition!
Would play as a boy for you to finish how ever you want.
Prefer females but everyone are welcome <3


And I forgot to leave my Discord!


Hey, I'm looking for someone to do a human cow meat plant/farm roleplay. Subs who are willing to die over and over again. It would be preferred if you were into the victim pissing and farting and/or shitting themselves when they die. No shit smearing business or anything like that. Just make a mess when/while you die.

My Kik: corpsepile404

I am willing to take most fetishes into account and try out almost whatever. We're all freaks here so Don't be shy.


Is being shot the only way you want to be snuffed?
What would you like to happen to you? Before and after you get snuffed.


No, it's just my favourite method out of a few.

And anything, really. If you're up for it we can discuss it more on Discord. :)


Hello Gurochan, I'm looking for some literate partners to rp snuff and guro stories over discord or rp forums like bluemoon/elliquy or f-list.

The more brutal the better.

I don't have any limits and play opposite both male or female partners though with a preference towards males.

Particular kinks include strong emotions, complex characters, rape, gore&guro, age differences, and all types of snuff

I enjoy a variety of fandoms in the tv or anime genre, as well as original settings.

So if anybody's interested, my discord tag Iko#6230 so just hmu over there and we can discuss potential ideas. Or bluemoon with the same name. ^^



Your Discord tag doesn't seem to work. Are the numbers/capitalization correct?


File: 1569304045895.jpeg (30.59 KB, 508x603, images.jpeg)

Name: Lucina


Specific Kinks: Rape, Mind break, BDSM, Cannibalism, Torture, Mutilation, Humillation, Necrophilia, Decapitation

Limits: Scat, Vomit


File: 1569444650371.jpg (167.17 KB, 800x1131, 1529160455365.jpg)

I’m an adult female looking for long and terrible sufferings. I don’t care about your gender, and I have small limits.

Be noticed that English is my second language, but I’ll try my best.

My favorite kinks: Genitals (ext and int) torture, bimbofication, body modification, dehumanization; To be hated by my partner; Needles, electric torture, toys, insects and parasites inside me, lactation and livestock, electrical chair, impaling, amputation; Bed endings, sure.

It can be non-con or consensual, I don’t have to prefer about this.

Don’t like scat and breath control, but you can force me into.
Turns off: magical stuff, fury, medieval age. I prefer kinda realistic scene but with some excuses of course.

You can reach me by:
kik: fatalebelladonna

My time zone is GMT +3, so this can be a problem if you are waiting for a quick response.


Looking for a no limits victim for all kinds of snuff rp. I prefer semi-lit to lit, it depends on you though. (no one sentence replies, though. Puts me to sleep.) I have pretty much no limits so come to me with whatever you'd like.

Kik: corpsepile404


looking for: someone violent, i'm always sub & play female. i'm a trans girl and i can play that as a character too if thats your thing. if i'm to play someone from anime you'd have to give me more info as i don't really watch it

good 4 me: piss, vomit, hypnosis, medical stuff, humiliation, choking, amputation. prefer it to end with my death but doesn't have to

bad 4 me: poop/farts, vore (like full on swallowing-whole vore. cannibalism possibly ok), anything involving animals

discord: sofa#6731


Hello! I’m looking for a Discord partner for occasional roleplays. I don’t have any specific stories in mind right now, but I’m sure we’ll work something out!

I generally play effeminate boys or trans girls in their early to mid-20s. I can switch, but I tend to be more of a sub.

My preferred methods of snuff include: shooting, stabbing, strangling, hanging, gutting, beheading. Other kinks are murder, execution, contract killing, nudity, undressing, masturbation, sex toys, humiliation, medical play, etc.

I have a few limits, mainly scat and excessive torture are a bit of a turn off for me…

Feel free to add me: DoodleBug#1213



gonna be super cheeky and bump my request because i haven't had many responses, and also because i forgot to mention that i like body modification (i'd be interested in exploring that as a concept for RP as it's an IRL interest of mine)


File: 1571141841303.jpg (3.04 KB, 100x100, t192.jpg)

I play an executioner in a prison for women and girls in a future dystopian society where whole families are killed for the smallest of crimes - especially speaking out against the dictator. All are executed regardless of age, and I do all the killing in a private room in the prison with the girl naked and available for my sexual pleasure if I wish.

We also have a law that it is illegal to kill a virgin ;-)

I also do field visits, if a mother has lost her husband in the war and cannot support herself, she can apply for assisted suicide in her own home for herself and her children. I am happy to oblige.

Do you see yourself in one of these scenes? I do everything here in hangouts!


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