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I guess I'll start us off with a request for a partner.


Skype: perilous.robin

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for consensual deaths in a dystopian society. One where I've either been chosen or volunteer to end it all. Like a good citizen I report to the Processing Facility and, well, that's where you come in.

Specific Kinks: Anesthesia, Consensual, Forced Nudity, Masturbation, Medical Play, Oral Sex, Snuff, Vivisection

Turn Offs: Rape, Scat, Toilet Play, Vomit

Please feel free to contact me for a scene.
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Hello Gurochan, I'm looking for some literate partners to rp snuff and guro stories over discord or rp forums like bluemoon/elliquy or f-list.

The more brutal the better.

I don't have any limits and play opposite both male or female partners though with a preference towards males.

Particular kinks include strong emotions, complex characters, rape, gore&guro, age differences, and all types of snuff

I enjoy a variety of fandoms in the tv or anime genre, as well as original settings.

So if anybody's interested, my discord tag Iko#6230 so just hmu over there and we can discuss potential ideas. Or bluemoon with the same name. ^^



Your Discord tag doesn't seem to work. Are the numbers/capitalization correct?


File: 1569304045895.jpeg (30.59 KB, 508x603, images.jpeg)

Name: Lucina


Specific Kinks: Rape, Mind break, BDSM, Cannibalism, Torture, Mutilation, Humillation, Necrophilia, Decapitation

Limits: Scat, Vomit


File: 1569444650371.jpg (167.17 KB, 800x1131, 1529160455365.jpg)

I’m an adult female looking for long and terrible sufferings. I don’t care about your gender, and I have small limits.

Be noticed that English is my second language, but I’ll try my best.

My favorite kinks: Genitals (ext and int) torture, bimbofication, body modification, dehumanization; To be hated by my partner; Needles, electric torture, toys, insects and parasites inside me, lactation and livestock, electrical chair, impaling, amputation; Bed endings, sure.

It can be non-con or consensual, I don’t have to prefer about this.

Don’t like scat and breath control, but you can force me into.
Turns off: magical stuff, fury, medieval age. I prefer kinda realistic scene but with some excuses of course.

You can reach me by:
kik: fatalebelladonna

My time zone is GMT +3, so this can be a problem if you are waiting for a quick response.


Looking for a no limits victim for all kinds of snuff rp. I prefer semi-lit to lit, it depends on you though. (no one sentence replies, though. Puts me to sleep.) I have pretty much no limits so come to me with whatever you'd like.

Kik: corpsepile404


looking for: someone violent, i'm always sub & play female. i'm a trans girl and i can play that as a character too if thats your thing. if i'm to play someone from anime you'd have to give me more info as i don't really watch it

good 4 me: piss, vomit, hypnosis, medical stuff, humiliation, choking, amputation. prefer it to end with my death but doesn't have to

bad 4 me: poop/farts, vore (like full on swallowing-whole vore. cannibalism possibly ok), anything involving animals

discord: sofa#6731



gonna be super cheeky and bump my request because i haven't had many responses, and also because i forgot to mention that i like body modification (i'd be interested in exploring that as a concept for RP as it's an IRL interest of mine)


File: 1571141841303.jpg (3.04 KB, 100x100, t192.jpg)

I play an executioner in a prison for women and girls in a future dystopian society where whole families are killed for the smallest of crimes - especially speaking out against the dictator. All are executed regardless of age, and I do all the killing in a private room in the prison with the girl naked and available for my sexual pleasure if I wish.

We also have a law that it is illegal to kill a virgin ;-)

I also do field visits, if a mother has lost her husband in the war and cannot support herself, she can apply for assisted suicide in her own home for herself and her children. I am happy to oblige.

Do you see yourself in one of these scenes? I do everything here in hangouts!



File: 1571510493592.jpg (259.86 KB, 600x800, 1430315371243.jpg)

Looking for someone who would like heart-themed roleplay. heart surgery, playing with hearts etc. Everything consensual.

It doesn't have to be exclusive to hearts, but I'd prefer it to involve organs in some way. gutting, vivisection and such. Could also introduce any weird ideas you might have.

My only hang ups are non con, death, scat piss and vomit. I'd like to play with a situation where one of us is immortal or can revive others. I can play any gender.

my skype is live:lewdstarthrowaway with this nurse's heart as my icon. Please specify you're from gurochan when you send a request~




your discord tag doesnt work?
i can help you out.


Looking for some dom rp partners. I am a sub male and want to play some stories like this one:

I'm into lots of things mostly humiliations and lots of guro stuff.
My turn offs are furry, loli/shota and zoo.

Use this e-mail to contact me:


first time using here if i'm doing this right, I'm looking for a rp partner to do swimwears and cbt! i will be dom. if interested please message me in kik

kik: kennyonz


File: 1572468693297.png (194.25 KB, 311x480, 18_large.png)

In all honesty, he had though that things would be harder, taking out one of Gotham's premier 'super'-villains. everyone had heard about how ruthless Poison Ivy was. How her kiss was toxic, and her domain a green labyrinthine of killer plants. Her hatred of humans in general and men in particular. Her insidious pollen that could bind the mind and break a person to her will. He'd heard it all, and yet he'd taken the contract out on her anyway. He wasn't sure if this came from a rival crime boss, or someone from the city who had grown sick of the inability of Arkham to contain the vibrant plant woman.

He hadn't cared either.

When it came down to it, all it had taken was an ungodly amount of weed killer and a tap into the city plumbing line. He'd flooded the pipes that fed her little garden. Poisoned the well, as it were. And waited. It had taken two days, but the sheer amount of plant killer in the well that fed her garden was enough to leave it all dead and drooping. And the bitch herself wasn't doing too good either.

"Funny," he'd said softly when he found her, looking down at the vixen. "I kinda figured you'd be dead already. I guess I gotta kill what's still human in you, too," he taunted. He watched her face twist in pain and anger. As if the idea that there was anything human left in her was offensive. But she could barely raise her arm to fend him off. "Its amazing no one ever tried this before. I guess the bat was just too much of a goody goody to stoop to this. But hey, when weeds crop up, you got to pull them out at the root. A little killer goes a long way, don't you think?"

The taunting was all part of the service as he looked her over. She was naked, her leaf like garments having wilted and fallen away from her body. Though her body was still voluptuous and tempting, her skin had taken on a yellow tinge of the truly sick. He didn't mind that though. The contract had said to send a message, and as he removed his pants, he made it clear he was going to do just that. She watched, of course - she was too weak to do anything else, her chest heaving as she tried to simply breathe, rising up and down, jiggling her tits. Those green eyes went wide in fear then, he saw it, and he grinned as he gripped himself, stroking his dick to its full girth. "Yeah, they sent me to do a job on you, and I'm planning to do just that in every way, doll. And don't you try to kiss me either. It won't work." He winked as he moved in and kicked her legs apart, eliciting a yelp of pain. "I took an anti venom. Your little kiss of death won't work on me. Funny what you can get your hands on if you have friends inside Arkham. They took a lot of samples out of you, and they whipped up some good shit, let me tell you. Pam. Can I call you Pam?"

She spat in his face as he knelt, the only answer she seemed capable of giving. Shrugging, he brought back one massive fist and then gave her a hard, swift blow to the face. Something cracked in her skull and she cried out in pain, one eye shutting as it darkened swiftly. "Oops," he said, laughing now. He'd broken the orbital bone of her eye, and he used her distracted state to line himself up. Her legs were on either side of his, and he roughly pulled her forward, spearing the pained villain upon his cock.

He took his time with her, of course. You don't get to fuck a broad like Poison Ivy every day. He dealt with her protests in the efficient way as he'd done the first time, and it only took two more applications to really drive the message home. She had a pair of shiners that matched and would make her a sure stand in for a raccoon by the time he was done, as well as a fist sized bruise in her stomach. She'd mewled from that point on, whimpering and crying softly, but he didn't mind that. She'd outright wailed when he came inside of her, blowing his load there, coating her cunt with his spunk. He'd grinned down at her, and when he'd pulled out, he'd wiped his sticky, spent cock on her face, leaving her cheeks glistening with a mix of spunk and her own juices.

"It's a shame I can't stick around and have some more fun, Pam, but duty calls, you know?" He asked, chuckling. He'd made her cry, he'd fucked her, broken her, and beat on her. There was only one thing left to do. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one, taking a drag, as he put his pants back on. Then he walked over to one of the bottles he'd brought with him. It was big and red, and had a long, yellow nozzle.

"Do you know the best way to deal with an overgrown lot, Pam?" He asked as he twisted the cap, and then started to dump the gasoline out onto her. She screamed then, realizing what he was doing as he soaked her, and then backed away, leaving a trail that wound through the dead plants, toward the entrance to the garden. "Yeah, that's right, you figured it out. I don't even have to say it. I'd say I'll see you around, Pam, but well, we both know that's a lie." He waved then, and turned, flicking the half smoked cig away behind him. He heard a soft sizzle, and then a sharp intake of air as a rush of heat swept away from where he'd been standing. Her screams grew louder, but everyone knew to stay away from Ivy's garden. No one came as he left, the orange flames licking up the trees, reaching for the sky.

By the time the Gotham Fire Department arrived, it was too little too late. They could simply contain the blaze, keep it from spreading out of the gardens to other buildings, but it roared away inside the grounds, turning everything that had once been there - including Poison Ivy herself - to ash.


Android 18 was once feared by millions. Show the world why she's not worth a damn any more.


could a mod delete this. The account has been deleted and the deletion code has been lost.


To Lauryval, Kik will be shutting down soon I heard, is there another place we can reach you? Perhaps a discord?




I'm Male, would be fine playing Male or female, and dont care your gender or age. prefer sessions we can pick up on, recurring characters or not. I want to be your prey, and to be your dinner, guro is dandy, you can get weird. I've had this weird fetish since a young age where I wanted to be a stuffed Turkey.


File: 1573598425624.jpg (604.73 KB, 1116x1100, 1549134838062.jpg)

I'd love to play out scenarios centered around judicial execution, either as the victim or the executioner. Please note that I don't really enjoy random murder/stalking, but any state-sanctioned, procedural killing is fine with me (preferably executions, but also institutionalized cannibalism, culling, etc).

I adore ageplay and am open to numerous settings and scenarios. Historical RPs are okay too, a bit iffy on sci-fi, modern day/alternate universe preferred. Open to the overwhelming majority of execution methods (lethal injection, hanging, gassing, electrocution, dissection, burning, etc). I also really like medical play, and am open to accommodating partner kinks within reason.

I do have a (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) thing for involving real people in the scenes as victims - celebrities, historical figures, real life killers/prisoners, even just people we know or ourselves. Again, this is completely optional - OCs are fine too.

My e-mail is Also open to playing on Discord, but you need to approach me over e-mail first.


Bump! Still looking for dom.

My discord is Belladonna#0442


File: 1574577013507.png (100.66 KB, 717x691, b69f0a14196f04eec0443cb7b7….png)

I haven't played much at all with male characters, but I am curious. looking for someone to play a CUTE shota, 11-14. I mean adorable. big eyes, hairless, total bottom, basically my toy. we can talk about any number of other dynamics after, but this is one I am really sorta curious to try, in ways I never have been before. but seriously, looking for someone who just wants to play the cutest tween

I am happy playing as male or female

Skype- Harem Hellraiser

Discord- DemonHugger#0158


File: 1574939077502.jpg (86.07 KB, 800x600, 5.jpg)

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a RP and am open for nearly any kink.
My only limit is: Ageplay
Also I am not so much into fantasy stuff.
For scenarios I am not that much into medival and sci-fi. I like to keep the setting modern.

I play male, female and futa.
Also I can be dom and sub, but I prefer dom. Hope to hear from your darkest ideas :)

You can contract me
Dis: Yama#7313
Kik: GoreLove666


File: 1575869119378.jpg (520.59 KB, 1920x1200, Law of the Jungle.jpg)

Update as user/post# >>4489

My break is around the corner and I cannot pass up the opportunity to continue these sort of sessions.

Looking for D&D style erotic role play based off RNG, dice, and light hearted skill sets/mechanics. We could take turns DMing otherwise I do have a preferred habit of playing of my many heroines/OC's.

Essentially looking for DM/player who's ready to hunker down and have lengthy RP's in which our heroines run around looking for trouble and hi-jinks, only to meet grisly and erotic ends to their adventures.

Be it well placed trap, bandits, imprisonment/execution. There's no death too grim or ghastly for my heroines to meet.

MelMel#2467 is my discord otherwise I really don't use any other platform as often anymore.


File: 1576096187225.bmp (1.17 MB, 640x480, 9k4d3a4p.bmp)

Hello, I am looking for a girl/milf who is interested in being a dumb fuck toy for me to use for my pleasure. Then once I am finished using her I will dispose of her, watch my friends spitroast her and then throw her in the trash.

If you are a female, no trans or gay, and want to be used like the toy you are, then send me a message on email and I will give you my discord or skype. Whichever you prefer is fine. I am good with rping scenarios, however I do enjoy rping RL as well.


Sorry, my email is


File: 1576771859673.jpg (112 KB, 1600x995, 1e4a286.jpg)

Name: Vanessa

f-list: ask me on discord

Looking for: getting completely dominated and destroyed, feral canines mounting me etc

Turns on: forced human toilet, asphyxiation, rough sex, mean doms, facefuck until i cant take it anymore and you keep going.. making me puke, feral canines, monsters, beasts, anthros, size difference, snuff, etc

Turn off: ageplay, gigantic stuff, too gorey, knife play, wound fucking, scat smearing, etc

Discord: Vanessa #6314

Post length during RP: Semi-paragraph

Please note that while i enjoy being snuffed, i tend to much prefer if its done in a non gorey way, so either by asphyxiation or having my neck broken etc, that doesnt mean that i wont enjoy a more extreme death once in a while but if that's all that you're hoping to do when you message me, i'm probably not the person you're looking for..


File: 1576991204577.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3000x4854, 5A111D53-DFC5-406C-98BA-F….jpeg)

I’m a 19yo trans girl looking to be a sub in a guro RP. I like a lot of stuff, varying from executions to rapes ending in death to meat farms, etc. I’m perfectly fine with age play, non-hyper scat etc. Pissing myself when I die is very hot to me. Mostly it just has to be humiliating, degrading, and mean.

Kik: Cum_Dumpst3r


Hello there!

I’m in the mood for a very specific RP, and I’m thinking that this is probably the best place to put my idea out in search of partners.

Usually, my snuff fantasies are fairly straightforward, and my interests in victim are pretty locked, but at the moment, I’m in the mood for something else. So, keep in mind, if any of these ideas aren’t what you’re looking for, this probably isn’t the RP for you.

I want my partner to play a young female, probably early teens. This will be a long-term RP, where this girl is captured or bought by a particularly vile tribe of raiders for the purpose of becoming a bad guy’s personal and perfect sex slave. In addition to non-con sex, there will be torture, humiliation, beatings and the like. The bad guy will teach her to snuff other women, and I’d like for the girl, eventually, to begin enjoying all facets of her new life.

Amongst the things I want included in this RP are age-play, violent snuff (from hangings, to beheadings, to impalement, burning, skinning, gutting… I want everything on the table), rape, torture, degradation, piss-play (especially when a woman is dying), necrophilia, and cannibalism. I’m thinking just about every victim will be female as well.

So, if this interests you, I look forward to hearing from you- just make sure you let me know you’re here for the specific RP, because I think I have another advertisement in this thread.

Thanks in advance for reading!

Discord: A_Very_Dangerous_World#8154


Dom-Male, 22, US.

Fetishes/Kinks: Necro/Snuff

Looking for people, male or female, with a inclination towards being destroyed/snuffed. Scenarios would typically be based around fandoms that we can agree on, such as My Hero Academia, Fate/Grand Order, etc.

Add me on Discord @ Vera#4788


File: 1577666067696.jpeg (53.04 KB, 300x300, 09b6fd686beb8f78adfe06734….jpeg)

Hello there Guro chan, I'm looking for a partner that is female (not just in the rp but in real life as well) that has almost no limits, and is willing to become my ampuated pet or human Fleshlight in a rp, I personally have no limits, and I can be a rough or gentle master depending on how she wants it, my discord is Germanrootbeer#0046
Add me any time, I'd love to have a cute meat bag squirming helpless infront of me, just to play with, don't hesitate and I'll set a date.


Looking to choke a bitch out. Think you have what it takes to be that bitch? Hit me up. Worst I can do is say no ;) I'll consider just about anyone, but furries/scalies get the FastPass. Hit me up on Discord at argyle_n1nja#3051


Hello everyone,
I am looking for an Ageplay RP

As for kinks I am open to nearly anything. There are just things I like more than others.

Here a small selection (Torture, body modification, Atwt, Insects, Body Fluids, vanilla …)

What I am not into are fighting and instant execution rps.

As for a scenario, something inside the Freedom to Fuck Universe would be nice, but I am open for any suggestions.

I can play male, female and futa.
Also I can be dom and sub.

I hope to hear from your darkest ideas :)

You can contract me
Dis: Yama#7313
Kik: GoreLove666


Two sisters have invited a bunch of girls between 11 and 22 over to their place for a night of fun and games. Only twist being that every girl who loses a game gets killed by the winner, something everyone invited is told, and they intend to have it go on until there is only one survivor.

As the litle blurb says I'm looking fro someone willing to play multiple girls (maybe one or both of the sisters) for a snuff rp. No herm or futa characters please.

Kinks include: Asphyxiation, lesbian sex, decapitation, incest, dolcett, and other non overly gorey means of death.

Turnoffs include: Scat, toiletplay, rape.

My discord is Venchi#5123, add me if interested


your username doesn't work


File: 1580822143883.png (1.31 MB, 3394x3864, sdfsdfdfs1.png)

I'd love to play out scenarios centered around judicial execution, either as the victim or the executioner. Please note that I don't really enjoy random murder/stalking, but any state-sanctioned, procedural killing is fine with me (preferably executions, but also institutionalized cannibalism, culling, etc).

I adore ageplay and am open to numerous settings and scenarios. Historical RPs are okay too, a bit iffy on sci-fi, modern day/alternate universe preferred. Open to the overwhelming majority of execution methods (lethal injection, hanging, gassing, electrocution, dissection, burning, etc). I also really like medical play, and am open to accommodating partner kinks within reason.

I do have a (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) thing for involving real people in the scenes as victims - celebrities, historical figures, real life killers/prisoners, even just people we know or ourselves. Again, this is completely optional - OCs are fine too.

My e-mail is Also open to playing on Discord, but you need to approach me over e-mail first.


File: 1581270892582.jpg (59.86 KB, 1024x294, off_by_crowntheliar_dci6qr….jpg)

Rebuilt this profile, would love to find good partners once more.

f-list: Zinkova ( )

Likes: Incest, snuff, cannibalism, torture, master-slave play, executions, character building, intimacy

Dislikes: Shit, vomit, anything babyish


Do you have any ways to connect with you?


Send a note through f-list my dude!




Sup, 27 male pansexual here. I play all genders, and with all genders. Hit me up on Discord: "Donovan Sarovir#1899" (Without quotes, including the Space.)

RP with me is generally gonna have to involve sex and gore, preferably with flexibility about roles and genders.

Here's some ideas!

Pokemon Murder Team: Basically we play a duo like the game, but instead of saving lost people it's raping, murdering, kidnapping, torture, organ harvesting, and other cruel things. This can be done with ferals, or anthro pokemon.

College for killers: A sort of spin on the pokemon one using anthros, where our characters are roommates at a college that teaches skills in killing, coercion, and other such things. Combines the dark murder aspects with starkly contrasting College Slice of Life in a way I love.

Monster Hunting: A hunter tracks down monster boys/girls to kill for quests, materials, something to fuck, etc. Either of us could play the hunter, or we could play a duo and trade off victim roles. (Could probably do the college one this way too if you don't like pokemon.)

The Galactic Arena: Light dice game, pretty much just each picking a fighter, battling, raping and snuffing the loser, and repeating. Pretty much requires you be flexible in roles and gender pairings.

Disposable Escorts: A snuff prostitute on a space station, able to do the most twisted and fatal sexual acts, and simply comes back in a cloned body.

Space Adventure: Pretty much one of us GMing a little adventure in space with lots of smut and violence. A freelance explorer setting out with an old clunker of a ship and a cheap cloning pod, taking all kinds of odd jobs, slutting for cash, exploring space ruins, pretty much anything! (Can also be altered for a medieval Skyrim type thing with mythical creatures and magic) (Easiest one for those who only play one gender)

Working at the Orbital Zoo: One of us will play a worker at a zoo in space. Taking care of all the animals, including sometimes being their toy or meal, and later being revived through cloning. You have to meet their needs after all.


LF partners who play female or futa and are willing to dom. I play Male but am open to playing other roles.

Specifically want to do execution rps (especially hanging) but am open to most other guro stuff.

discord is: mantis56709#8324


File: 1581961814823.jpg (167.33 KB, 742x1024, 1494405345912.jpg)

Must be female.

I am 28 years old, very dominate male. Looking for some girls who wish to be used and snuffed. Will be using discord but Ill have you email me first.


I am open to most sides of snuff. Not really into much gore or scat.


Female looking for dom male partner. Want to be the victim in an RP involving rape, torture, gore, and snuff.

I'd really like to be snuffed by skullfucking, penetration in the eye, ear or just a hole in the skull. Would also really enjoy it if my killer would completely destroy my holes.

Obviously I'm good with most kinds of gore. I also like bestiality, scat and watersports are fine too.

If you're interested, please message me on Discord:


Name: Marguerite
Age: 26
My Discord: kamieda#8049

Looking For: Loving, literate male partner (I accept any age, willing to guide first timers through! <3) that would perform morgue exams turned sex sessions on female corpses, while my character acts as a partner in crime. NOT to be confused with autopsies - gore isn't really my thing.

Specific Kinks: Necrophilia, Body Praise, Kisses, Anal, Post-Mortem Neck Snapping

Turn Offs: Hard Vore, Toiletplay, Scat, Decompisition, Gore (flexible on piss and ageplay)

Feel free to hit me up if you’re interested!


File: 1582190256462.jpg (107 KB, 978x817, Fairy Tail.jpg)

Discord: HawkS291#5156

What I'm looking for: Someone to co-write guro-stories for various fandoms or even custom story ideas. General idea is that your character(s) kills my character(s)

Turn ons: Decap, Skull fucking(Like through the skull into the brain), Cannibalism/Cooking, throat fucking, gut/lung fucking (Ever seen Gurochan OP's animations? Yeah stuff like that)

Turn offs: Scat, toilet play, vomit, animal abuse, child stuff. Other than those specific ones im willing to at least try other kinks

Fandoms: For Honor, Star Wars, Metal Gear, Dark Souls, Undertale, RWBY, *Destiny*, Some League of Legends, Fairy Tail

Feel free to ping me on discord


Howdy, I'm a 19 year old guy from Sweden, and I'm looking for a feminine victim for some sort of guro scene.

I love scenarios that are not entirely smut, something like 5% story sprinkled in to explain why our characters are where they are, and why my character wishes to torture my partner's character to death.

Kinks I enjoy are genital torture, breast torture, limb removal, ryona, whipping, cutting, burning, and many others.

Only limits are scat and heavy vomit play.

Shoot me an email or contact me on kik at: GGWeGot2Much


File: 1582433459472.jpg (1.3 MB, 3508x2840, Syndullax 8 final.jpg)


What I'm looking for: Partners and players willing to engage my dragoness Syndullax in erotic and violent dragonslayings in either consensual or non-consensual roleplays. These encounters can vary from spur-of-the-moment slayings not unlike you'd see in a DnD game or grandiose orchestrated assassinations with intricate planning involved. Her slayers can be heroes or villains, fighters or sorcerers, seasoned or novices, solo or groups.

Lot to unpack there but the core of my interests are classic tales of dragon slayings with an erotic twist.

General themes and kinks: Fantasy, violence, gore, ryona, torture, dragons

Specific Kinks: Impalement, genital torture, wound fucking, weapon fucking, masochism, belly play, traps (actual traps), humiliation, asphyxiation, reptilian cloacas

Turn Offs: Herms, Futas, shemales, scat, vore (with one exception), hyper, mending, immortality, eye torture, amputations (not total turnoff)

If anything I've posted or you've read from the profile interests than feel free to drop me a line.


File: 1582435544686.jpg (2 MB, 2500x2304, RKrtsUj.jpg)

Gonna post in the general rp topics as well. Looking for some Warhammer to, f/f (don't care what you are irl) mostly mass battle type stuff with all the factions as smutted up version of themselves (see pic.) A bit of experience with the lore is preferred but I'm flexible.

Turn ons are Semi-cons, mass battle, the victims being turned on or at least getting off on being offed, disposability, and a kinda casual attitude about dying. Girls POV is pretty major for me.

Turn offs are anything underage, anything scat (pissing on death is fine, just don't want to go further than that) decomposition, extreme torture.

Hmu at November#3432 if you're interested.


File: 1582545112994.png (485.81 KB, 1784x2021, 2tHGNhXK.png)

Hey there! I'm looking for some new friends/RP partners with similar interests as me. The vampire bat in the kigurumi on the left is one of my characters, but I'm open to playing many other characters as well.


Discord: lewdraccoon#5622

I'm a (mostly) dominant with a love for hypnosis, bloodplay, knifeplay, cannibalism, loli/cub, slaveplay, and torture. Any gender welcome (fem preference), as long as you're fine with being submissive or a partner-in-crime. I can be submissive, but I'm pretty picky with it, and usually only like female yandere stuff as a sub. I'm most comfortable playing herm or male, but can do other stuff. Both Furry and Human characters are welcome!

Major Turn-Ons: Hypnosis/Mind Control, Biting, Cannibalism, Beatings, Yandere, Bloodplay/Vampires, Weaponplay, Torture, Slave/Master, Furry, Underage, Small Doms, Fantastical Settings, Verbal Abuse

Turn-Offs: Feral/Zoophilia, Scat, Non-Fantastical Racism, Overly-Masculine Characters, Extremely Fat Characters, Filth Focus (negotiable), Tentacles

I'm a very kinky person so I'm open to most things, those are just some things I'd highlight. It's fine if you don't line up with everything I like exactly if you have an interesting scenario in mind. Also check out my F-list page for more! Just to reiterate, I like Furry and Human stuff, so I'm fine with either, both playing as and for a partner.

You can contact me on Discord and F-list (feel free to message me out of the blue, I won't mind), but I'd prefer to keep most talking to Discord as its much faster. Text-only please. If you message me just say hi and let me know you saw this post first so I know where you're coming from.

I don't have an exact scenario in mind at the moment, but I may have some in the future, and am willing to try scenarios you wanna RP if I like them. I'm also willing to act as a Narrator, playing a setting and background characters, if you have an idea/character that interests me.

Even if you don't have a scenario or character in mind, feel free to add me if you just wanna chat! I'm always open to making new friends. Also willing to take it slow and be patient if you're new to this. =)

And that's pretty much it! No matter how late you read this post my offer will probably still be available, so don't let the date stop you. Cheers! <3


File: 1582775869125.png (1.04 MB, 2480x3507, final .png)

Hi hi! I'm looking for gore RPs! I mainly RP as pokemon but often i also like playing as furries or even humans (for certain scenes)
keep in mind my kinks are not all required, as long as you like one or a couple to make a rp about them i'll be happy to RP with you!

Likes: Fighting, mutilations, amputation, breast torture, castration and penectomy, torture, both consensual and nonconsensual, gory games, arenas, competitions, hard vore

dislikes: uhh… oh yeah, scat (although i can handle a bit of watersports just fine) and also soft, cartoony stuff. I can't remember many more instant turn offs atm but feel free to ask!

discord: A pokemon boi#9851
Seeeend me a friend request if you're intrested!

In an unrelated final note, i'm also up for art trades! We can also discuss that in discord

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