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hi to evey male here iam sub looking boy looking to be kidnapped ant treated as nothing more but as sex toy to strong master as every way possible even transport across the ocean if necessary to take me. I want to be tracked down and kidnapped then used as sex toy for the rest of my life my master will have the final word when i die i wish be torrtured as nothing more than a human meat
into kidnapping
and much more
add me in hangouts balldragon593@gmail.com


File: 1534982183388.jpg (16.88 KB, 382x382, 22228657_1639294679473943_….jpg)

add me whatsapp

+55 19 993636594



Hi, i am looking for submissive slim chaser who are into semi chub top. Anyone stay Malaysia are welcome.

Please contact me .
what apps : +6014 699 0231

File: 1510397580715.png (2.9 MB, 2318x3000, 2017-08-21 05.35.18.png)


I'm a dude looking for anyone who would like to rp. I'm ok with furries n such bit my limits are scat/age-play/vore/extreme gore/

Is prefer a girl but I'll go with guys too.
I like a lot of things but something that drives me nuts is twitching... like almoast violent twitching. Stuff that happens after a neck is broken or something. Also making out with dead bodies... (the photo isn't mine but something like that would be fun too)


Pretty much looking for a girl that would like to snuff rp or something.


Pretty much looking for a girl that would like to snuff rp or something.


Im happy to snuff rp with you any stotyline or kinks. Msg me Bronzelara#7359


Hey I am a 18 y.o. girl happy to be snuffed in any way as well as kidnapped, raped, auctioned, necro, made into furniture, animal, incest, disposal, vote, cannibal, girl, dolcett. You can be any age or gender and can be single, couple or an animal if you wanted. I am also happy to do as friends or family or famous people if you want multiple victims or people you know. Msg me at discord Bronzelara#7359


M looking for F sub
Looking for a devoted mate who enjoys her death over and over again
Also able to deal that pain and pleasure to kidnapped victims

Bloodsucking. Snuff. Big breasts. Breath and water play. Guns and knives

Turn offs. Scat. Furrys vore and pregnancy
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Any vampires want to hang out?


Any vampires want to hang out?


Any vampires want to hang out?


yes however i just busted my cell its going to be a few days untill i can get it replaced


Hey I am a 18 y.o. girl happy to be snuffed in any way as well as kidnapped, raped, auctioned, necro, made into furniture, animal, incest, disposal, vote, cannibal. You can be any age or gender and can be single, couple or an animal if you wanted. I am also happy to do as friends or family or famous people if you want multiple victims or people you know. Msg me at discord Bronzelara#7359


I´m kinda new here, but for a while the thought of me getting murdered or executed in an erotic manner has gotten me all kinds of wet. And I´m sure there´s some people on here who would love to do just that to me (in a story of course).

* I like: Getting decapitated, shot (head, stomach, pussy, anywhere), hanged/asphyxiated in general (except drowned). And kinda formal execution scenarios. Rape/necrophilia is a-ok, and making me cum one last time before you off me too.
* Dislike: Messy/painful torture (a bit of beating is ok, but that´s about it), any kind of cannibalism, scat (except maybe peeing myself when I die, I heard that happens irl sometimes too)
* As for me: I have chin-length black hair, green eyes, I´m pretty average height but kinda skinny, so my boobs aren´t super big, but they´re nice and perky, and I have a cute butt (if I may say so myself). I´m kinda timid for the most part, but I think I´m a sweet girl, and I´d probably be really submissive and do whatever my killer tells me to.

Yeah, that´s about it, let me know how you guys (and girls) would finish me <3
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I have started on the story. I hope you don't mind me referring to you as "Val" in the story, as Valkryia would feel out of place in the setting.


Ya it´s not rlly a 'proper' name lol You can call me 'Val' or 'Valerie', either works (not my irl name ofc, but it´s a nice name^^)



Wow, that was fast^^ I liked it a lot <3 Thanks a bunch.



I'd turn the whole thing into a scenario where you would be killed in the manner you suggest, on video as a statement to others. I'd make you an investigative journalist who got to wise and too much into our gangs business. Then, I'd kidnap you and put your demise on the net, as a warning to others.

You'd slowly be stripped naked by having your clothes cut off; everyone you knew would finally get to see what kind of woman you were. I wouldn't rape you violently as much as I'd make love to you, forcing from you a total orgasm, as though we were on a third date. Finally I'd use a bow and arrows, shooting you in your breasts and vagina, until I finally finished you with a neck shot and you'd bleed out before the world.



Looking for a girl who is into being a little sister slave to a horny older brother. Must be okay with things involving their feet.
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Sure !


Alright who starts ?


I can.


Ophelia was drawing in her room, being watched by her brother. She loved her big brother. He was always so nice with her. Giving her gifts everydays, always willing to help, and always here for her. They were doing everything together. Eating, playing, showering, dressing each others, and even going to the bathroom. She loves him. And her big brother loves her. Maybe a bit too much. But that, she doesn't know it yet...


I'm afraid I qualify for this IRL. But probably off the board because at the time I lived out this fantasy, I was 17 and my step-sister was 13.

There was no genuine guro, but there was actual exploration of S & M and humiliation.

It lasted nearly two years, and reading your RP brought back its memory to me. Thank you for that. LOL.


Dame Office Safari is the hottest game show on Earth, and you get to participate. It takes place in a renovated office building downtown; twenty girls have volunteered to wander around, to be hunted, snuffed, and raped by whoever comes in.

The rules;

1: You will need a 20-side dice, or you can use https://www.random.org if you set the max number to 20.

2: Be honest about your rolls. No cheating!

3: Each girl has two stats; HP (Health Points) and Evasiveness. HP will be 30.

4: Hunters get a base Speed and Damage stat; you don't need HP as you will not be taking hits. You have 25 points to divide between the two stats, and can distribute them however you like.

5: A number, from 1-20, will be assigned to each lady; your first roll will determine which one you encounter. Their number can be found above their names.

6: After you encounter a girl, you will start each round by rolling for a hit. You will add the number of the roll to your speed.
b: If the combined number is higher than her evasiveness stat, the attack is successful; if not, you miss.
c: If your hit is at least ten points higher than your targets evasiveness, you may roll for damage twice before moving to the next round.
d: If your hit is ten points or more below her evasiveness, you lose the target and have to roll for a new one.

7: If you roll a successful hit, just roll again and add that number to your damage stat and then subtract that from her HP.
b: If your hit scores over 20 points of damage, you may do severe damage in-story; including crippling a body part, removing a limb, or mutilating their face/breasts/genitals.
c: If your hit drops their HP to zero, you may inflict any sort of immediately lethal assault in-story, such as a headshot or decapitation, regardless of how much the damage score is; or you can just let them expire from their injuries.

8: After you get a kill, or lose five targets, you must wait until somebody else has had a chance before going again; the only exception is if nobody else has played in over a month.

9: You are encouraged to write out the results of your game as a story as you play; be sure you place the results of your dice rolls above the story.

Here's the template for your characters;

Damage:Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1537551319981.jpg (901.65 KB, 1056x1500, ab696d87f37520d3288ddfe3ad….jpg)

I will go first to provide an example.

My character;

Name: Andrew D. Fields
Age: 27
Sex: M
Speed: 16
Damage: 9
Weapons: One Beretta 92 and two katanas.
Portrayal: See Image


Name: Andrew D. Fields
Age: 27
Sex: M
Speed: 16
Damage: 9
Weapons: One Beretta 92 and two katanas.


Roll for Target: 13 - Character: Jackie Rodriguez

Number: 13
Name: Jackie Rodriguez
Age: 23
HP: 30
Evasiveness: 20

Roll to Hit: 16+16=32 32-20=12 DOUBLE ATTACK!

Roll to Damage: 10+9=19 30-19=11

Jackie HP: 11

Rolls to Damage: 3+9=12 11-12=-1 FATAL!!


Andrew meets the host – a middle-aged man in a blackened Willy Wonka style suit – in the lobby and signs in. He is escorted to the nearest elevator; there are no buttons so he has to ride it to a randomly selected floor where he gets off in search of his prey.

After about ten minutes of opening random doors only to find empty rooms he finds a target. In one of the smaller offices a lady with dark chin-length hair is sitting on the couch, eating an apple while watching a sitcom on the television, wearing only a white crop-top and blue panties.

Andrew draws his gun from its' holster. The door shuts behind him and the sound alerts her to his presence.

"Oh fuck!"

The bowl of apples next to her spills onto the floor as she attempts to run for it. The only way out is through the door behind him, but she runs towards the opposite wall and screams when she realizes her mistake. It's too late to change course, however; Andrew fires a bullet into her lower back and she tumbles forward, slamming the top of her head on the wall.

As she doesn't move, Andrew assumes her to be dead. He walks over and as he gets halfway she slowly rises, groaning and clutching her belly with both hands as blood gushes from both ends of the wound. She tries to stand up, using placing her hands on the wall to prop herself up, before collapsing back onto the floor. Her chest heaves as she coughs and spits up globs of blood.

"Still alive?" Andrew asks, in a teasing manner.

"Screw you! Just finish me already and have your way with me."

"Well, if you're that eager to die I am happy to oblige."

Andrew places the gun against her temple just behind her right ear. The muzzle flashes and a bullet tears through her skull and brain, destroying all memories, thoughts, and consciousness. Her panties quickly become soaked and a puddle of piss pools around her body.

AndrewPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1537607046972.jpg (62.91 KB, 850x1020, __kanna_and_kanna_fire_emb….jpg)

Name: Kanna
Age: 13
Sex: M
Speed: 22
Damage: 3
Weapons: Iron Katana, Thunder Tome
Portrayal: See Image


File: 1537678007496.png (145.45 KB, 323x456, AC885A33-AD74-4E82-91A5-C3….png)

obviously Kanna takes precedence but I wanted to bring myself forward by presenting my character.
As soon as Kanna did, I wrote the story

Name: Isuke Inukai
Age: 18
Sex: F
Speed: 11
Damage: 14
Weapons: Combat knaife, gun, martial arts
Portrayal: look up :)


It's okay, I've been incredibly bad at finishing it. If you rolled a number other than 8 I won't even have to rewrite anything!


I like it gory, I like it with few limits. Nothing that belongs in the toilet, that's pretty much it. I'm into forced and willing, with or without revival, aliens, monsters, demons, canon plots, and much more. Hit me up.

Donovan Sarovir#1899


18 male here interested in rp’ing about my girlfriend. No limits for the most part. Snuff, torture, rape, rough gangbang, transformation, monsters, supernatural, the list goes on...Preference for communication would be kik for me. I understand this post is a bit vague, but I love to expand on this whenever/if I ever get a bite ;)
Kik is noahkp


My name is Max. I am looking for a female rp partner for snuff erotica. The setting is a modern society where snuffing girls isn’t only allowed, but encouraged. Girls dream of their crushes holding heir necks, and most girls will consent to a random guy they met on the street fucking them and then beheading them. Guillotines dot the city streets for public use.
My biggest turn ons are public sex and group sex. A party isn’t a party in this fantasy world until there’s a pile of girls against the wall. All snuffing is consensual. I will also do incest.

My kik is MaxLusty

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