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I made a place for guro fans.

You can post, draw, or say anything you want as long as it's not real life smut or gore. There's art and videos, roleplaying, artists, and more.

Right now, I'm looking for more patient, cool people who will watch the server grow slowly. If you want an invite, please message me on slack or send me an email.


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Bumping because the server has been very talkative, posting lots of porn, and nears 30 people.

I will bump this post so long as the server has grown since the last time it was bumped.

The roleplay section is still pretty sparse, come be the first on the dance floor! We have a lot of submissive boys and girls who want to be gutted, eaten, and choked right now and we could use someone to do it.


Because the server has remained successful, I'm bumping again.

It is pretty much not a quiet server at this point. There are some hours of the day where it's quite lively.

It will grow above 50 people soon.

If you're looking for chat, roleplay, or organized porn, it's a pretty good option right now.


I said I’ll keep bumping this so long as new users keep coming. We’re clean over 50 users now. People are utilizing this post and contacting me. However...

Does anyone think I should stop bumping this? I feel kinda guilty.


No, I'm a guy with a grudge but at the same time want to see your server do well. Still fuck you for the racism you allowed when you didn't allow it's counter, but your server is a good thing all the same and fits a niche between mine and some others that overly taxing.

your server as I remember, is chill and yet categorize evenly enough, and has a direct, open and not overly specific but clearly defined interest. I say bump your thread every few month or 2, or every ten members.


Thanks. Well we definitely passed 10 new members and now rest at 70.

Sucks you still feel slighted.
We were telling jokes about how politics shouldn’t be allowed in main chat because of the potential for someone to see our conversation out of context. We were posting things it would be terrible for someone to see out of context as jokes. I made the new deeper discussion section. Then you came and I think you *saw our conversation out of context.* I didn’t disagree with what you sent but it sort of proved what I had been thinking. I had to start putting my foot down on the no politics thing at some point.

Anyway I don’t wanna swarm this place with the how’s and whys. We can always dm about it and you can always come back and see how you feel now that the servers more filled. Thanks for the support man


Discord: Karambit#4676
Email: her.next.victim@gmail.com

Looking for a sadistic female executioner to torture and slaughter my criminal male character in front of a crowd or in private. I ask that you be literate and detailed in your responses. And please be able to write at least 2 paragraphs or 10 sentences per response. I also ask that you have a character picture to represent you in the RP. It can be an anime pic or a real one, but please no furries. I just like having a visual reference. It would be great if you could incorporate as many of my kinks and fetishes as you can (mainly the first 5). Speaking of kinks and fetishes...

-Belly button and abdominal torture
-Femdom fighting
-Feet (being forced to smell/lick them)
-CBT (mainly sounding and penectomy)
-Cock milking
-Ruined orgasms
-Verbal degradation
-General femdom

Limits/Turn Offs:


Hey I was just wobdering if anyone wanted to make a snuff based story about me? It doesnt need to be long and can include any kinks or fetishes you like too. I am 18 y.o. female with golden nlonde hair to my mid back, 5"6, slim 55kg, with 22C breasts and tanned skin. I am reasonably fashionable wearing dresses to parties or nights out or colourful bikinis to the beach and short shorts and crop tops in the summer. Scenes can be at school, my hom e, the beach, travelling etc and can include my friends or family too if you like. Feel free to email or msg me at Bronzelara#7359 if you want to see any pics of me or others or send the story privately rather than on here. Feel free to ask any questions too.
Im generally submissive, slightly slutty bimbo looking and am bi and very attracted to middle aged people 35+
Thanks and hope you enjoy


can't find you on discord


Discord is case sensitive Bronzelara#7359 or my email bronzelara69@gmail.com


Looking for rping about a young loli getting raped and used as a pet by her big brother for whatever reason. You can be the little sister or the big brother, doesn't matter to me. Just nothing too hardcore, such as : no scat, no torture (but a little bit of beating is fine to me) and no extreme injuries. I'm okay with hardcore sex, strangling, bdsm stuff, bondage, mind control, and much more. You can kill her if you want to but not before a while. I'd like to rp on gurochan though.


Hey big brother.
I'm going to go on what would be my first date with Jeff. You've met the guy. Remember him? He came over once with some of my classmates.

I'm worried about how far I should go. I want to be honest with you. Because I'm 13 I don't know what to expect. Is it really a date? He's invited me over this weekend. He says his parents will be gone and we can go swimming and he'll make us pizza. He's in my same class. Do 8th graders "date".

In being honest with you, I've made out with two different guys; you've never met them. Once was at school so it was only kissing. But the second time I made out it was with a guy at his home when we were alone in his den. His parents were home. he did put his hand under my top as we Frenched. It got me really excited. I'm worried I'll want to go to second base with Jeff but that he may try and push it further. I'm not sure about that.

I'm worried about how I French kiss. Am I doing it right? When you French Julie is it also sexual? Do you want one another while you make out? How far does your Frenching go until you reach for her top?

Were you two embarrassed when you first undressed one another? How do I let a guy take off my bra without him seeing my nipples are WAY hard? What if I end up partly nude while we're making out? Jees - my tits on display for him and then I see him a couple days later in class. Did uou tell your male friends about a girl's body development when you first got to second base? I worry I'll feel totally humiliated.


The big brother looked angry at how slutty she acted. "You know I hate it when you talk like that ! You slut is going to fuck every guys in the city ?!" He grabbed her arm and lifted her so she meets his face. "Do you actually want big brother to punish your worthless as ?! Well then you asked for it. To the red room"

The red room was a hidden room behind his bedroom. It was hidden behind his closet, and that was where he always brings his sister when she was misbehaving. All of his tools were there. He pulled her through the house and opened the secret entrance, before throwing her inside the red room.



Hallo bin auch der suche nach inzest rollenspielen!
hab tox oder discordapp MarcRSP#1628

File: 1538115972583.jpg (156.83 KB, 959x960, 89.jpg)






plz guys


What exactly would you like to chat about? Any preferences?


You are watching TV and a commercial comes on.

The scene starts with footage of a pretty Asian girl, about eleven years old and with only a pink t-shirt and miniskirt, staring, with fear in her eyes, at something just to the right of the camera.

Moments later a man wearing a tuxedo, cape, and top hat emerges brandishing and twirling a wooden staff. The lady screams as he points the bottom of the staff at her. With a sound like a sudden burst of air, a nail flings from the staff and penetrates the left side of her forehead, and embeds itself in her brain. She crumples to the ground, with her legs spread, giving a full view of her bald preadolescent pussy; a stream of urine sprays from her urethra and a dark spot forms in the dirt.

Her killer turns and looks directly into the camera.

"Hello! Gamemaster Randall here!

Men – and women, we don't judge – who would love to hunt, rape, and murder adorable young girls, you are invited to try my latest creation: Dame Youth Safari! Where you can do exactly that; or hunt, murder, and rape, if you prefer that order.

The Safari is located in an abandoned town in Kansas, which has been recently acquired by Randall's Deadly Fun Time and fenced off to prevent any escape. Youngsters are sold to us by greedy parents looking for a quick buck.

All you need to do is show up at our office, just outside of the town. Select a girl from our extensive catalog and select an outfit. She will be sent out into the town and you will have twenty-four hours to make your kill.

After you have snuffed your girl, you may drop by our office before you leave to have the body stuffed or carved up and wrapped.

All hunters may bring their own weapons. There is a maximum of three, and no explosive devices."

Randall twirls his staff one more time before firing a nail at the camera.

So, how do you play? I'll explain.

You play this game with a d20 (20-sided dice), or a random number generator such as Random.org with it set for producing a random number from 1 to 20.

Prey Girls

For Prey Girls, there are three important stats; Health, Speed, Will.

Health is simply how much life a girl has. It decreases with damage, and if it reaches zero or a negative number she is dead.

Speed determines how well she can dodge and evade a hunter.

Will dePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Also, I forgot to mention; outfits, accessories, and hairstyles are up to the players.


id love to do an rp about this.... id be the prey girl ;)


You should go and post your description/stats like that of the other girls listed here. Then I can just pick you as my victim and we'd still be keeping with the point of this thread.


Not into scat, watersports, Loli

Beyond that, your fantasy is my fetish fuel. Gynophagia is my main thing, but am willing to do whatever gets you off.

Willing to research any fandom (if that's your thing) I'm not familiar with to enhance your experience. Email me and I will reply as soon as I can. Prefer live chat, but can do email or forum as well.


Should have probably said my email is 4uckedinthehead@gmail.com

File: 1529958600912.jpg (538.45 KB, 1024x750, bikergang2.jpg)


looking for men, women , or couples to RP sex and death on IMVU
i can kill or be killed


I am happy to be killed if you want. Msg on discord Bronzelara#7359 or email to set it up and find a good time that suits


Setting: An alternative reality. Human clonation is a common practice. The human clones are engineered being with no rights, brought into the world to serve "real humans".

Your character is one of those clones, an human-pet used in "animal"-assisted therapy. You live in a farm, with other cloned human-pets like you. Each day you help tens of impaired/disabled men and women.

In particular, you had been developed to be used in sexual rehabilitation, helping patients to improve their sexual function. Spinal cord injuries or other neurological disease, dementia, psychiatric problems....You are used by an huge variety of unlucky individuals.

You diligently do your work, but you don't like nor dislike it. It is just your reason to be in this world. The only thing you can do and that you are expected to do.

But the farm where you lived went bankruptcy. Your owner had been forced to sell all his pets. But for any reason, he hadn't been able to sell you.

And what do you do to an unuseful animal?

You butcher it.

I'm looking for someone to play the female clone. I don't care the fictional age of your character, I enjoy from ageplay-material to MILFS.

I'd play the entire enviroment.

I would love to hear your ideas, but my ideal scene begins with your last sessions, and then it develops with the bankruptcy of the farm and your last journey to the human-clones butcherhouse.


Hey I would be happy to do this rp scene with you or any others you like too. Feel free to add me on discord Bronzelara#7359

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