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File: 1477214126436.jpg (331.74 KB, 744x1080, d.jpg)


Let's play a choose your own adventure game! This is my first time running something like this, so go easy on me.


By day, most people know you as a disgruntled janitor at a private high school for talented girls, but no one ever suspected that someone like you is actually a sadistic serial killer in disguise.

You have been slowly renovating the dilapidated janitor shed for your next little spree, throughout the last few months you have been gathering the equipment required for kidnapping and restraining girls in total secrecy. After all, it's important to ensure that no one would ever suspect that you are behind all of the recent disappearances.

It took you a few days to move the dusty boxes out the shed to provide space for your needs, and another few weeks to soundproof the interior walls to ensure that no sound will ever escape those walls. After spending months of preparation, observing your preys and learning their routines, you are now ready…

It is time for you to choose your next prey, with the weekly school newsletter in front of you, the following names stood out from a cursory glance from the sports achievements section:


[A] Elisa (17): A girl in her senior year, she was mentioned in the newsletter for scoring gold at the high school games for javelin throw. A tall blonde with an athletic build and stubborn to the core, apparently once flirted with a teacher and got him fired after he turned her down.

[B] Gabrielle (14): A small Vietnamese freshman girl, she was granted entrance to this esteemed institution on a sports scholarship. A talented gymnast and a popular girl in her community, would be a real shame if something were to happen to her.

[C] Mia (22): The coach for the juniors hockey team, a recent university graduate with a degree in sports, she just landed her first job here as a Physical Education teacher. Donning a white tee shirt and snug fitting running shorts, she made quite a few male teachers turn their heads with eyes full of appreciation.

So… who would you pick, and why?

I’ll check this thread tomorrow and continue the story with the most popular choice, the most well justified one will be picked if there's a draw. Any, and all suggestions are welcome =)

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(B), no contest. (a) and (c) both have a very short window of opportunity; not a lot of time to savor the catch, too many opportunities for trouble, and it'd be real hard to stick bits of her in a doggie bag for later. After (B), you can go wherever, do whatever, on your own time and with only your imagination to limit you.



A taser's a good idea actually.

I'd also feel Gabrielle up and strip her nude while she was knocked out and then slip her in her leotard and place her in body poses to take pics. Hee hee.


Sorry about the delay! I'm back now to continue the story. :)

Rag soaked in chloroform in hand, you walked briskly up behind the unsuspecting girl and shoved it over her mouth. Little Gabrielle struggled and fought briefly before her slender body body went limp.

You produced a taser from your pocket and sprinted towards the little girl, the last thing she remembered was your hand wrapped around her waist while you pressed the taser against her tender neck. A single crisp scream escaped her throat as she collapsed on the ground like a broken ragdoll...

You dragged the poor unconscious girl into the back of the van, knowing for well that she would not be awake for quite a while.... She’s currently dressed in her school uniform, which consists of a white blouse, navy pleated skirt, plain white socks and black leather shoes.

Now you are all all alone with her in a secluded area, what are you going to do? (You can pick multiple options, or just be creative!)

[A] Humiliate her: Strip her bare and feast your eyes upon her lithe little body? Slap her around? Piss on her? Dress her up and take photos? The possibilities are endless here.

[B] Force yourself upon her: which orifice(s) would you violate? Would she even survive having her little body ravaged like that?

[C] Inflect pain and suffering: how would you torture this little girl? Be cruel and creative.

[D] Snuff and mutilate: how would you murder her in cold blood? Once she’s dead, what would you collect as a memorabilia of your conquest?

We'll move onto the next round soon :)




I'd pick A. While she's unconscious, I feel her cute body up while gradually stripping her nude. Before, during and after I strip her, I take photos of her in various poses, angles and distances and even take photos of select body parts.

Once she's nude, I caress, kiss and lick her various body parts. When she wakes up, she cries and pleads for me to let her go. I wipe away her tears while kindly saying that I can't but that I'll take care of her from now on before I kiss her on the forehead and use choloform to knock her out again and then I dress her in her leotard and do my photo routine again.



I approve ^^ then go for A

File: 1459310468839.jpg (134.21 KB, 704x528, Delmos_000879.jpg)


Looking for F victims to be defeated or killed in a myriad number of ways and then their body to be dealt with in anyway I deem necessary.

Willing to negotiate variations of this and work with you.

Skype: terals4
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Sure am, accepted you on there so whenever you get on!



Here check this out. the character's name is Tracie but yeah she came be considered UN Sako. Just imagine a bunch of girls in the same out fit and pigtails. Hmm Mmmm!!!


File: 1477972273726.png (542.86 KB, 683x1169, pigtailian_soldier_tracie_….png)


A variant with of the pigtailian soldier heh.

File: 1469256068769.jpg (46.69 KB, 370x699, ami.jpg)


The purpose of this thread is to state how you'd rape the woman, loli or shota in the pic provided with the post. Keep in mind that you can't kill them but you can do anything else to them after the rape. I'll go first......

Here's Ami from Toradora. You've longed to have your way with her and now you can! Rape her!!
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File: 1469768026411.jpg (66.38 KB, 600x894, Ami_in_her_swimsuit.jpg)


I pin her to the ground and using my charm, leave her in paralyzing awe of the sheer force of my personality. I then french kiss her and then kiss and lick her neck before I tear off her clothes in a violent fashion /though I'm gentle with her bra and panties/ and have my way with her. I lustfully suck her tits for milk and grope her various body parts /and love bite her breasts and inner thighs/ before I have sex with her in both her pussy and ass in a rough and forceful manner.

Afterwards, she cries at how I utterly broke her physically and mentally but then I massage her neck, back, shoulders and breasts from behind and whisper soothing things in her ear to comfort her as it makes me sad to see a girl or woman cry. Being broken and desperate for comfort, she hugs me and I help her get dress in her undergarments and I bridal carry her away, take her back to my place and give her a nice bath where I thoroughly wash and dry her off, give her a full body massage and dress her in a cute dark green nightgown and we go to sleep together as she's now my love mistress......

Now then, here's Ami/Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon in a swimsuit. You're deeply in love with Ami and can't hold your feelings for her any longer. Show how deep your feelings for her are!


File: 1469815327096.jpg (134.98 KB, 1200x806, Konachan.com - 224893 aqua….jpg)


/OMG! You do not know how you made me happy! as a child I was madly enamored of Ami. I will do my best! thanks for waking this fantasy * W * /

I'm crazy about her, I began to follow it, then dream it to the point that my performance and started to go down, Ami is always in my head.

Mustered all my courage, I have created the ideal situation in the pool, I'm already naked and hidden ossevando Ami which is by itself or calculated that I have 30 minutes before someone reaches us.
She enters the water at that time shooting and I dive on her my chest pushes ferso the bottom of the pool. taken by surprise squirms vigorously. He could take little oxygen while I have the Pomoni full and a small reserve in my mouth. my arms are securely tightened around her hips. my ear and laid on the girl's back feel his heart beating to madness. within seconds the strength of Ami is dropping drastically.

Cease to hold her and forced her to turn her eyes are half-closed, is very inteligente in surprise consumed much oxygen but now holds the latch body to save some energy to keep from drowning. I press my lips against his step and a bit of oxygen, try to get away but I put a hand over her mouth bringing closely our bodies. Chest to chest. I go back so we can both breathe. she breathes through the nose strikes me feebly to free himself. I tell her to breathe I'm about to dive again. He obeys because forced. and here we are again under water. this time the push into account one of the walls of the pool holding it in with my body, the palm of her breasts and kissed her several times while she tries to rispoingermi but without sucess. while playing with his costume seponendo the ass of her and then I put him inside. Ami ago to scream but puts his hands to his mouth to avoid being run off the oxygen.

Shortly after we emerge and aioto to sit by the pool, lies down almost immediately sobbing powerless and the will to resist, I rise I'm also a bit tired, it took everything more effort than expected I take her by the shoulders, Ami no resistance and drag in the warehouse where are my clothes.

Taken a bit of breath, Ami tried several times to escape me, I who am behind her the cap mouth and obliged to sit down again, she rests on my chest while with his free hand palm her body, she tries to resist but gradually his will and won by terror and becomes a kind of dollPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1470093575397.jpg (282.11 KB, 850x1180, sample_0efa1571363c6b8103c….jpg)


I pin her to the ground and while she struggles, I easily overpower her and I kiss her on the lips and neck quite passionately. This combined with my soothing words causes her to stop struggling though she sheds tears at my violation of her. I then strip her down to her bra, panties and stockings before I take pics of her in them. Next, I strip her nude and make passionate love to her after intimately kissing, caressing and licking her various body parts.

By this point, she's surrendered to my will and she starts to cry uncontrollably as I've broken her calm shell. Feeling sad, I hug her and let her know how much I love her before I ask if she'll let me adopt her. Nodding, I kiss her and later, I officially adopt her and she becomes my daughter/love partner and we have sex of various types on a regular basis. She also gradually opens up to the world around her and by the time she hits puberty, she's cheerful and friendly but also sly and flirty.......

Now then, here's Konoka from Negima. You've longed for her and are drawn to her body, personality and friendly demeanour. You can't hold back your feelings for her any longer. Show her how much you love her!


File: 1471088900389.jpg (102.43 KB, 600x578, Aqua.(Fire.Emblem).600.190….jpg)


/It takes her before it is dispersed XD/

this is a mistake. I repeat in my head, I'm in his house to give her English tuition (I know it's funny coming from me XD) I'm alone with her in her room and there no one at home who can make me give up.

I take advantage of a time when she goes to the bathroom to dope the glass of water, a light thing for her to sleep, I'm nervous when she returns she notes. but she smiles at me. the lesson continues but she does not drink begin to be impatient but a movement for groped to encourage you to drink. the glass is inverted.

The beast is unleashed in me can not resist, tilting the table that divides us and then lash out at her, she emits half cry before my hand covers the whole mouth and part of the face, pushing her on the bed as the rest of her body.

I'm over her, Kumi if done little cowering on itself the narrow legs and hands to cover her breasts to protect them. I while I recovered from the animal shot but it's too late to turn back. I begin to weaken the defenses of her neck and licking her more more times and then kiss him. try to scream but my hand makes him impossibile.pian plan its defenses are lowered forgive him allowing me strength limbs to enter his guard and undress her. Qppena breasts are exposed na take in the mouth of her small tits sucking vigorously. He moans strongly, while her hands trying to get away my face, but I continue undeterred my will soon begins to afere the better of her.

Once I calmed down I start to undress, completely wrap the body accarezandolo as I begin to have sex with her. I do not come inside her I let my seed is deposited on her belly. I tell her I'm sorry and that I always wanted. the aid to cleanse itself and then after I played I to leave, but she stopped me embarrassed. He confesses his love and tells me to stay. then we continue the "lezzione" from that day she begins to come to my place telling me about her day, we do the lesson and even much more


You can find Acqua exhausted after singing . you are alone and it is difficult that have force if only to shout at the time . Seize the opportunity.


Why not a woman and a shota together? :) Mom and son maybe? Interrupted by the rapist while they where having sex!

File: 1477295138622.jpg (8.73 KB, 147x356, 13654412_875214742582964_2….jpg)


any1 else get turn on by watch liu kang get finished off?
tell me your favorite way dispose of him


File: 1477295355317.jpg (101.86 KB, 900x675, 13432230_860070887430683_1….jpg)


File: 1477295364306.jpg (71.53 KB, 900x675, 13445789_860070877430684_9….jpg)


File: 1477295382620.jpg (92.86 KB, 900x675, 13418782_860070880764017_6….jpg)


File: 1477295392170.jpg (51.23 KB, 600x800, 13442225_860070874097351_1….jpg)

File: 1469724772024.png (338.43 KB, 1000x1000, 1438639986567.png)


In this thread we are a bunch of people who have the ability to create hyperturds, and are going to participate in a hypershittin' Session that an instructor is hosting at a centre. Our story starts with some of us walking through the streets to find the building.


(I'll join, if males are allowed. Are we the only ones?)


Pity that this is dead. This could'a been great.


OP here, didn't know any actually responded after this long. Either of you two still here? I'd still like to do this.

File: 1471661508331.jpg (102.42 KB, 799x958, 133968978789.jpg)


The purpose of this thread is to describe what sort of vore fantasy you'd have with the dead body of a woman or child in a pic provided and then you provide a pic of a dead woman or child for someone else to describe what sort of vore fantasy they have. You can have any creature sentient or non-sentient eat the dead woman or child's body.

To start, here's Mamina from Simoun laid out dead and lifeless on an open field, what creatures decide to make a meal out of her lush body?
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No, she is Saya from Blood Plus. Both the Blood plus and Blood C animes are different because they based off a japanese movie called Blood: The Last Vampire.

They both are the same character, just two different versions of her to make it simple. Just type in Blood plus or Blood + into google and you will see.

Also it's suppose to be a old ruin.



Ok then, here goes nothing.

As Saya rests in eternal slumber, a brown skinned demon with yellow eyes the size of a man comes up to her lush body and caresses her smooth face and notes how soft and tender her skin and flesh feels. He then shoulder carries her limp body to his lair under the temple.

Once underground, he lays her on his worktable and tears off her dress and other clothes until she's naked. Next, he proceeds to caress, kiss and lick Saya's various body parts with the poor young woman oblivious to her body being used as a sex toy.

When he's done using Saya's body as a sex toy, he drapes her over a stone slab with her sexy ass sticking in the air and after opening Saya's eyes, strokes her buttcheeks before he starts to tear flesh from them. As he feasts on her buttcheeks, Saya mindlessly stares off into space while shaking a bit as her body is jostled from having flesh torn from it when makes the scene creepy as it looks like she's so traumatized that she's mentally shut down.

Once the demon is finished with her buttcheeks, he digs into Saya's lower back and tears out her kidneys and devours them which're tasty to the demon. Next, the demon eats the flesh off of her legs and feet and then her torso, arms and hands. Soon, Saya's a skeleton from the neck down which is broken apart and used for various tools and objects while her head is dipped in a special fluid that causes her body to regenerate so the demon can use Saya's body as a love doll for his own enjoyment.

Now then, here's Miyata Yuuki dead and nude. She wanted to be fed to starving animals to provide them with a chance to live, which animals get to feast on her tender body?


File: 1474328647829.jpeg (479.72 KB, 768x1024, Matsuri's cute nude.jpeg)


Ok, since it won't upload the pic of Miyata, I'll try someone else.

Here's a nude Matsuri from Strawberry Marshmallow sitting on a bench dead. What creatures get to feast on her cute form?


File: 1475967316026.jpg (103.45 KB, 720x1280, Kyoko's sexy unconscious -….jpg)

If you guys prefer an adult women, you'll get your wish.

Here's Kyoko from Shiki dead in a sexy position. What creatures get to feast on her older but refined and tasty flesh?


File: 1476954497965.jpg (61.46 KB, 741x631, dead bikini girls.jpg)


Ok then, I'll describe what my vore fantasy with Matsuri is to get the ball rolling again.

The ferret next to her gently rubs and licks her right thigh. It likes the taste of Matsuri's tender flesh but wants to begin eating in her special spot so it inserts its head in between Matsuri's legs and digs into her virgin pussy and nibbles flesh off of it.

The jostling causes Matsuri's limp body to topple over onto her side and onto the pavement and onto her right side. The ferret finishes eating her tender pussy and calls for others of its kind to join in on the feast. Soon other ferrets come onto the scene and dig into the cute loli's tender flesh. The ones feasting on the meat at her buttcheeks and thighs enjoy themselves the most but at some point, her tender abdomen is split open and a large number of ferrets swarm inside her torso to get at her vital organs.

After a couple of hours, Matsuri's entire body is stripped to the bone /except for her brain/ and the ferret colony is quite full and content at the feast that they've just had. On cue, Matsuri's skeleton floats in the air and her body regenerates her lost flesh and organs along with a set of clothes. Matsuri then wakes up and smiles warmly as she pets the ferrets. The entire incident was conceived by Matsuri to make her ferret pets happy as she loves them all.

Now then, here's a trio of dead girls about to slip into the water. What creatures get to eat their tender flesh?

/OOC: The bikini girls can also wash up on the shore if you want land and air creatures to eat them instead./

File: 1475409552427.jpg (983.04 KB, 1206x1342, 56029210_p0.jpg)


im gay 21 y man bottom victim who love fantasy muscle manly guys get totally mutilated
seeking ppl with similar fetish

my limits: underage, mature, family, incest, scat, girls
add me in skyp: aznluv85

File: 1430321312444.jpg (41.83 KB, 400x378, 645a1c1c7a138e6ae20a43091b….jpg)


I am a switch male, looking for someone who plays females. I want long term partners and I am literally up for anything. While my own kinks are rather mild compared to a lot of the things on this site, I am willing to expand and try pretty much anything. I would prefer my partner to also be a switch. I am capable of any length of reply, from 1 paragraph to 7. I am comfortable playing GM roles as well, I am multifandom and typically play on Skype.

Trickyjestermike is my handle for RP. Please be 18+.


Hello? I-i was wondering if anyone would like to RP anime with me? O u O


Looking for a rp partner. Gender doesn't matter. I normally will do anything. I usually play a lycan immortal girl. I'm submissive and really up for anything. I do prefer rps where my character is a slave, used to please her master/mistress in whatever way they please (even resulting in death.)



how can you be contacted shizuru?


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.


File: 1474334996225.jpg (698.64 KB, 557x991, 51500174_p0.jpg)

Skype is w4rh3ad_1

I'm looking for a preferably long term partner for my role plays involving scantily clad heroines, one offs are fine as well. Basically I would love to have my heroines delve into a an immersive world filled with peril lurking around every corner and path they so see fit to explore; in which they meet their untimely ends via death, dismemberment, torture, rape, and post mortem play.

My gals are usually ornery, scantily and seldom wear armor as they are air-headed cocky heroines that would have a sensible aptitude that is nullified by their egos and erotic pride for their bodies. My gals are flashy/racy and cocky in the face of adversity!

They're naturally curious and have a warriors spirit at heart bit retain their femininity. In short they are big-breasted battle babes with far too little armor on their strong bodies that get in over their head!

Turn offs:Scat, toilet play, anything underage (Girls are 15+ and that's pushing it for me)

File: 1443254333541.png (942.58 KB, 1150x652, tumblr_nlj5khOmkD1ts9894o1….png)


Hello, I'm new to this site but I am looking for an RP partner to enjoy some things over Skype with! I can play male and female characters but only play submissives. Things i'm into? My favorites are snuff, asphyxiation, torture, mouth trauma, murder, eye trauma, non-con and a lotmore! There's not much I WON'T do honestly.

So please add me if interested, my skype name is Droolprince the photo should come up as a drawing of a brown haired boy


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.

File: 1459631669794.gif (737.69 KB, 400x275, tumblr_static_dvnz8oxseooc….gif)


Grossness wanted.


How do I contact you?


Writer in the market for an RP partner to help with establishing a certain setting in the long term.

Theme: medical/institutionalized location (research facility holding young characters both furry and otherwise for study)
Mostly medical/experimental themes involving humiliation. Not focused on death or sexuality, as such would be unprofessional of the staff and wastage of resources.

Contact if interested. Am open to questions.

(Am a poet, with little experience at prose style personally. Would prefer a partner able to write in 3rd person prose, but not necessary as long as they are willing to discuss scenarios involving the above.

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