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Hello, Gurochan!
I’m looking to do an RP. I have a pretty general idea of something to go on.
A freshman boy at (Insert name here) High School is running sound for a production of a Christmas carol. After the play, the boy runs into one of his friends that happens to be a senior girl, who is holding a girl at gunpoint while she’s eating her out. To keep her crime a secret, she forces the boy to strip and join in. She kills the girl, and tells boy that they could be like a Bonnie and Clyde couple.
Wanting to keep his life, he agrees and slowly becomes more accustomed to a killer lifestyle, High school life, and romance with an older woman.
This is meant to be a long term RP. It will feature gore and sex, but it is not always going to feature these things. I want romance between these two characters, conflict with other people that leads to use of their lifestyle.
Do not contact me if you are looking for a Quick gore based RP. Those are okay, but I’m really looking to feed this idea. Ideas are welcome, and feel free to discuss.
Skype: Silentplayer7
Kik: Blu_Dragon_Thermier
Email: jaydthermier@gmail.com
Kik and Skype are the best ways to contact me.

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looking for someone to rp stories like that School Selections cuteness over in lit. fellow hangman or a girl, all the same to me. ideally yahoo messenger
I'm usually around by 2300 EST, respond here or meet me there :)
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I messaged you, did you see?


I'm GurochanGimli now. I didn't see a Silentplayer_7


lol did you all get banned from Skype or something? I tried looking up every username posted in this thread and they all returned no results xD


Oh, I forgot my Skype is Silentplayer7. No underscore, I'm very sorry


Oh, I forgot my Skype is Silentplayer7. No underscore, I'm very sorry

File: 1481083586926.jpg (43.58 KB, 798x448, gochuumon 12.jpg)


What I'm Looking For:
A seme who kidnapped my character who is now madly obsessed and in love with him. The uke has developed stockholm syndrome and can barely breath if his seme is not there. He needs emotional support, medication and love. You can do anything you want to your uke but at the end of the day, you must tell him he is loved.

What the Uke Is Like:
He has forgotten his connections to the world and thus, finds it a dangerous and horrible place. You are his safe person, and your home is his safe place. He has panic attacks when you are gone and suffers from depression, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares, stockholm syndrome, eating disorder.

He acts like a child and owns a Blankie.

Optional: He abuses kittens because he thinks they are too cute

Notes: Literate RP. Paragraph RP.

Contact: graybluelight@gmail.com

File: 1480570734777.jpg (942.15 KB, 785x1000, 2af3664400187b24f32ffcbae4….jpg)


Looking for lesbian LoL ERP. Abuse both mental and physical, torture, rape, snuff, various other things. Most notable turn offs are necrophilia and scat. Not opposed to male characters if, for example, someone was being whored out, or forced into pregnancy, etc.

I have tons of detailed scenarios in mind, and am very looking forward to working something out together. I'm willing to play either the abuser or the abused, and to play more than one character if it gets detailed/long enough. Shorter stuff is fine, but longer, more convoluted, long-term stuff is also nice.

Particularly characters of interest are Ahri, Annie, Fiora, Jynx, Lux, Riven, Sona, and Vi, though I'm open to just about any of them, I think.

Skype is prefered, IRC is acceptable substitute. Contact me by email first, though.


Address was too long for the email field. It's notanotherthrowawayaddress@gmail.com although I guess that would be pretty obvious.

File: 1480209712465.jpg (22.18 KB, 400x301, normal_009-piss.jpg)


Anyone up to roleplay a lolis death and rape while she pisses?


somewhere other than on here maybe?






Google plus

File: 1479596900358.jpg (565.96 KB, 1200x900, moarlikethis.jpg)


I'll try to keep it short and sweet: I'm in the market for a partner to play some mixed wrestling/fist fighting scenes.

I've got my own ideas for specific kinks and settings, but I prefer discussing those one on one.

I'm a fairly casual and flexible roleplayer, and I appreciate the same out of my partners. I also have a life and I'm not always available for constant replies, so if you need that then we'll have to schedule out times. Finally, it should go without saying since we all have our weird kinks, but let's keep it friendly and respectful when OOC.

I'm a 21yo male, switch and bi. Everyone is welcome!

Contact: email - asmileyface99@gmail.com
kik - asmileyface99


Mind adding me?



Sent you an email a while ago, might wanna check it

File: 1479700777978.jpg (381.77 KB, 1024x768, loli.jpg)


Looking to play a loli or I could play a shota too. Scene relating to rape, mind control, transformation, possible toilet play. Open to other ideas

F-list: Erika Akai (Best way to contact in notes or chat) f-list.net/c/erika%20akai/

Email: erika_akachan@yahoo.com (I rarely check it)

Specific Kinks: Ageplay, Nonconsensual, Transformation, Toilet play, Mind control.

Turn Offs: Heavy gore, death

Please feel free to contact me for a scene. Check out my Flist for some scene ideas


Well damn. Heavy Gore is a turnoff...

File: 1478622941736.jpg (173.55 KB, 516x850, Forced BJ 5.jpg)


I write in 3rd person. It's more or like playing "story lines" rather than doing an rp.

email me at esteemikey@yahoo.com
I am into girls at a slumber party being tortured, raped, and killed by demons.

Tit torture, rape, gore, blood and guts

no scat, piss is ok as long its a monster pissing on a girl to completely humiliate her :)

File: 1478217458008.png (1.26 MB, 915x1200, 1411052359499.png)


Hey there! Pansexual but feminine-preference sub/switch queer boy looking for guro friendly partners. I'm hoping to find someone fun to RP with, preferably a dominant/switch woman but I'm flexible. Looking for Con or DubCon scenes involving heavy, detailed gore, transformation, organ play, castration, amputation, beheading, brain play and all that good stuff. I love anything gory but I'm not interested in hyper violence, more interested in partners who get off on the very intimate, depraved act of sliding their hands around in another person's viscera and such.

Mostly interested in sexualised gore, so elements of BDSM, latex, fisting, etc would be welcome.

Fairly open minded but no young/ageplay or diapers.

Contact me by email and we can use a chat site or something similar.
Also have Skype kinkypainpig
F-list account available upon request


I am totally down for this.


If you're interested email me at sonatainH@yahoo.co.uk or skype me x

File: 1476030322995.jpg (131.12 KB, 650x464, Pondkitchenlg.jpg)



So it's a high tech world... the gods demand sacrifice though... our boys have been friends... but mine was tagged by the gods to be a sacrifice and yours has caught mine... now he must be fucked, punished, put on display... he'll become pregnant... bondage, noncon, love, spanking, all kinds of kinks, forced feminization, email me, please :)


Hi there, I'm interested, but I don't see a way to contact you. feel free to e-mail me at z.art.fics@hotmail.com or reply with your e-mail so we can get in touch.

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