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File: 1483550420750.jpg (105.55 KB, 590x800, 5a61a319dda6ced9b7d3f88525….jpg)


Hi, Im a Cute stallion, looking for a king, master or queen to dominate me (my F-list kinks link below)

I also Do Soft Vore But I'll Always Be the Sub/Prey

So here Is a Quick Presentation of my Character.

Name : Nicky Nick Equeen
Age : 21
Specie : Horse/Zebra or Pony (depending on what you'd prefer)
Gender : Primary a Male But I can be Shemale or Even Female if you Wish to)
**Roleplay Lenght : Short Or Medium Lenght, i hate logn term Roleplay
**Roleplay writing : I use First Person To Roleplay, I hate Third Person.
Roleplay Setting : I Like Paragraph and One Liners

Contact Me here : https://www.f-list.net/c/nick%20equeen/
I do have skype as well : Wolfblade911 or Rainb0w Dash911

I Hope to talk to One Of you Soon To Roleplay with :)

File: 1483211471047.jpg (102.95 KB, 800x780, 4294919.jpg)


Hi, Im a Cute stallion, looking for a king, master or queen to roughtly dominate me and Do crazy stuff to me (on my F-list kinks link below)
I also Do Soft Vore But I'll Always Be the Sub/Prey

So here Is a Quick Presentation of my Character.

Name : Nicky Nick Equeen
Age : 21
Specie : Horse/Zebra or Pony (depending on what you'd prefer)
Gender : Primary a Male But I can be Shemale or Even Female if you Wish to)
**Roleplay Lenght : Short Or Medium Lenght, i hate logn term Roleplay
**Roleplay writing : I use First Person To Roleplay, I hate Third Person.
Roleplay Setting : I Like Paragraph and One Liners, That's depending on the situation of the Roleplay

Contact Me here : https://www.f-list.net/c/nick%20equeen/
I do have skype as well : Wolfblade911 or Rainb0w Dash911

I Hope to talk to One Of you Soon To Roleplay with :)

File: 1475112940411.jpg (251.41 KB, 1372x1000, 35207539.jpg)


Hello there~

I am Lilac Alley, looking for someone willing to roleplay with me. Long Term, One Off, any length of time is fine with me. I’ve roleplayed for seven years of my life and DMed campaigns for five years so I’m pretty equipped to do almost anything you can coax me into.
I’d prefer people who play traps or females and I am most comfortable roleplaying stuff like this on Kik. I'm also a switch with a heavy leaning towards dominant. Forgive me if replies may be slow sometimes, I respond at my leasure due to University and all.
I will absolutely not do anything involving eyes, teeth or scat. Things I may be slightly uncomfortable with can easily be swayed away if we do it right.
If anyone’s interested, contact me at “Myrtales” (Yes, like the flower) on Kik.


File: 1482898910355.png (294.56 KB, 1200x1714, IMG_6746.PNG)

It has occurred to me that I had never specified what I’m into. I’m into most non-consensual scenarios but especially concerning Zako or sentries of a similar vein. I am into most clean deaths including neck breaking and suffocation of any manner, but can easily get into more gorey means of killing. I like my victims being female or traps with no specific kind of physicality in mind. I’d rather the victims be over 16. I can play either sex, but have a strong leaning for female.
I occasionally dabble in necro and watersports.

As long as you can play what I need, anything behind the screen is of no consequence.


Say, would it be possible to it via skype? Since the only kik I found is a mobile app and I dont realy trust it that much.


>>1888 I second this, particularly in light of my cheap-ass prepaid phone from 2009.


Hrmmm, say maybe we have compatible kinks? I honestly want to try out this sort of RPcould leave my mail here if ya want?


Feel free to leave your email. I'll be leaving my email address as well if anyone would like to contact me.

File: 1482499613588.png (768.71 KB, 2044x1374, fhgirogirjhgrir.png)


I liked reading the finish her threads by elf and well then. So I wanted to give it a try.

Like elf's version of finish her. So here are the rules.

-A scene is set up and the said slut is slaughtered. The killer gets to choose the next victim.

-And then the next person to post must kill the new victim. Then they choose the next victim and so forth.

-please no loli's.


-Original characters or everyday style anime or game characters preferred.

Let me set the tone of slut sluaghter. Welcome to Wave City Florida a glitzy modern city by the sea. Known for crazy spring break parties massive beach raves and happening night clubs.

The city is filled some hot n' easy young women, and it is also filled with just as many sickos. And latly there has been a rash of horrible murders occuring through out the city.

I see young latina woman she has a pair incredible tits that makes my dick hard. She has short low pigtails and a tight fitting yellow swimsuit.
She wants to do some night swiming. I picked a good night to hunt tonight.

I wait unit she was close enough then I leap out to attack. She scream and that tight plump ass begins to run away. I catch up with her. And tackle her. I make a fist and clock her in the face leaving her dazed.

I take advantage of this moment and began to jerk the crotch of her swimsuit to the side. My hard cock pressed against my pants. My dick throbbed I couldn't wait to fuck this bitch.

I shoved my swollen dicker into her wet snatch. This surprise me. She was already wet!? There are more people about. Damn. I better make her quick!!

Rosita begins to scream again. So I begin to choke her while I fuck her silly. the sex was was fast and I came quickly. But my dick was still hard.

I stood up and begin to and placed my foot on her jaw and throat and picked up one of her legs. I began to pull with all of my strength she begins to choke and thrash about as I pull harder on the leg. I can feel her leg muscles tighten.

Then I felt the bone pop out of place and the seneu tear then if feel it all of itgive away. And with a fantastic rip. Her entire leg tears off leaving an entire hip one exposed. Rosita screams in a mix of terror and pain.

So I throw her leg aside and began to stomp on her face until her cute lil face became nothing but pink and red mush with bits of teeth and skull in it. I'm cock was a stiff as an oakPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1482516501142.jpg (29.75 KB, 359x750, 9413802_22.jpg)

A new lil tartlet is being spyed on. How are you gonna kill this cunt?


File: 1482693909642.jpg (146.8 KB, 812x983, ambush_by_personalami-d7wn….jpg)

The problem with this kind of thread is that most people who leave behind targets, pick targets that they would like to read about dying...and it's the thread that ends up dying, instead of the target. I like the idea of it, so I'll try to keep it alive, as long as there's sexy, mature girls for me to fantasize about. Here's my take on that bikini lady. I'd appreciate any feedback.


The sun is setting and the sky is of an eerie red. I'm strolling around the beach when I notice the red bikini clad girl. My keen worgen nose picks up her scent before she can notice me. I remain in my human form and approach her.

"It's pretty cold after the sunset...It would be a shame if a gorgeous lady like you gets ill." I open

"Oh, no worries, I'm not going into the water. I'm just enjoying an evening walk. The sounds of the sea are soothing to me." she replies, sezing me up in her sight.

"Dressed like that? You must like swimming or sunbathing - I suppose"

"Only skinny dipping. I wear it mostly so my skin gets tanned. Speaking of skin... I'd like to see more of yours." she replies daringly, giving me a seductive wink and smiling alluringly.

I take off my shirt, revealing my well toned body. I notice her face light up.
"Why don't we help each other keep warm? It's getting cold after all." I say as I grasp her in my arms.

She doesn't respond verbally, but begins kissing me. I reciprocate and, meanwhile, feel up her body with my hands. Ah, what tender flesh I shall be feasting upon tonight. Her breasts, pushed against my chest, feel warm and soft to the touch. I untie her bra. She reaches down inside my trousers and feels my erection with her delicate feminine hands. We stop kissing and undress ourselves fully. She's now standing a few feet away from me, nude and in full glory. We go down into the sand and begin fucking. First, she's on top of me - working my shaft with her tight little cunt while I lay back and enjoy. I slap her bouncing tits a few times and play with her thighs while she rides my cock. She's quite a vocal one. Her moans echo the beach, like screams - for now, of pleasure. I begin rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts with the other hand. It isn't long before she's climaxing like an orgasm starved whore after a long, bad shift. She quivers in pleasure and falls to the side, unmounting me, and then laPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1482940452187.png (201.84 KB, 600x1330, shih_na_by_mcmoontloz-da4v….png)

I'm a pretty bad writer, but I'll give this a go.

- - -

Aelzi had no time to react before the garrot was around her neck, cutting off her attempts to scream. As stoned as she was, the drainae could put up little resistance as she was dragged into a nearby building, and then down a flight of stairs into the basement.

She was on the verge of passing out when the man finally took the garrot from her throat, and he gave her several seconds to gasp for air before grabbing her and slamming her down on a table. Her left tit popped free of her skimpy top, joined soon by the other as he ripped of the garment. He groped her massive flesh mounds only briefly before flipping her over, revealing her firm, pale green as cheeks.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!?!? GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME!”

Ignoring Aelzi's screams, he took the edge of her panties and yanked them down. He fumbled with his belt briefly and then pulled his cock out, already hard. He bent over her, pressing her weight into her back and pinning her down, feeling her tail desperately thrash between his body and hers, and then shoved his cock into her cunt.


Aelzi was screaming through her gritted teeth as the muscles of her neck tightened. She grabbed the edges of the table with her hands digging her nails into the decaying wood, her knuckles turning white from the force. He slammed into her hard, the table being lifted an inch or so off the floor with each thrust.

Aelzi wailed as her rapist's muscles tensed, his cock unloading inside her pussy. After a few long seconds of ecstasy, the man fell forward, his weight pinning her to the table. Tears ran down her face as the man pulled out, but her sobs quickly turned into a scream before getting cut off by the garrot returning to her throat. It wasn't long before she was unconscious.


Aelzi awoke to find herself on a pallet of straw in a ruined dungeon, surrounded by a dozen or so brigands. But what truly captured her attention was a huge vat of bubbling oil with a fire under it - and a rope hanging down from a pulley in the ceiling with leather cuffs at the end.

The men dragged her to her feet and placed her in the cuffsattached to the ropes from the ceiling. Sobbing and pleading, she screamed as several men began to haul on the other end of the rope, pulling her arms into the air.
“Please don’t do this,” the thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Woops, forgot to post information for the next victim. Interpol agent Shih-na is helping local police track track an international criminal thought to currently be in Wave City. Will she find him, or will he get her first? Or will she fall victim to the whims of the local serial killers?

File: 1482481207286.jpg (64.32 KB, 604x423, Smite_604x423.jpg)


Okay so I have a fun game planned every now and again I will list three male gods from the moba Smite and three female gods, Anyone interested will pick 1 male and 1 female. Once the votes are in I will write a nice long scene depicting her death and rape.

For now.

A: Fenrir
B: Anubis
C: Anhur

A: Scylla (Loli)
B: Bastet
C: Neith


Fenrir and Neith

File: 1482374702610.png (319.05 KB, 700x1067, 1476655835473.png)



I'm looking for a gay dude to roleplay with! I'm into stuff like scat, piss, vomit, guro and snuff. But I'm open for more as well.

Please keep in mind that I'm fairly new to roleplaying. I don't have any experience and I never thought about an OC or stuff like that. So please don't be mad if I'm not very creative or use things like one-liners.

Just add me on kik. My username is craveywastaken. Would be great to find someone with similar fantasies! See ya!

File: 1410424294684.png (967.77 KB, 800x1280, 011.png)


The in-fiction rules of the challenge are in the post below. For convinience let's say no character would decline the challenge as:
1) a kind person would be glad to do a good deed and contribute to charity
2) an evil person would want to use the chance to pass it on someone
3) an indifferent person would go with the flow and do it too
You describe the challanged character's participation (first person perspective or third person perspective are both okay) and include the picture of the character they pass the challenge to. Then the next person does the same using the character you passed it to, and so on.
For convinience I believe it's better to not pass the challenge to more than one character, unless those characters can be considered a group and accept the challenge together (say, siblings... cause I know I'll pass it to Kagamine twins on some point), and when passing to a group, try keppeng the group small (like 2-4 people, don't challenge all of AKB0048 at once or something).
When you accept the challenge as the group, you can still pass the challenge only one time (to a character or another group), not as many times as there are people in the group.
Of course, it would be fun if everyone passed the challenge on a number of characters and it spread just like IBC did, but let's admit we don't have as many people here as youtube does, so it won't work.

<-- Here's the redhead that started it all, Soryu Asuka Langley.
37 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


[So I'm back and have the day off work super early so here the first part of weiss.]

“Blake how is the camera? “ Appearing in view of the camera was woman dressed up in elegant outfit of bright white clothing with some red insider of her coat. To most she would appear as a snow princess, long hair tied up in lovely side pony tail, perfect skin besides one scar upon her eye. Her bright eyes stared at curiosity at the camera being held by her fauns friend who is video making expert. With a nodded the cat girl spoke.

“Roger.” She said holding the camera perfect still to the point no one would believe it was a person holding it. “Good evening, my name is Weiss Schnee. After a kind challenge from the dear Nia Teppelin. Lovely wedding by the way, I have decided to accept her challenge!” Weiss grinned she grew up in rich family and knew the wonders of such charity events and had a secret fantasy about dying in the public eye. She smile almost childishly before she spoke.

“We are here at the Vale festival where I and my lovely partner will be snuffed live across both the world and beyond!” Suddenly the cheer of a crowd sparked as some lights let up showing Weiss now all over Vale, Remnant, and beyond even her own dimension. All within the massive stadium usually meant for fighting. Blake moved what was the main camera to Ruby and Yang at the side lines. Both of them were at the side of a cage waiting to unlock it. Everyone could hear it, the sounds of furious growling roaring out from within the cage. The bright golden haired girl with smile full of energy hugged her sister tightly before she spoke into the camera.

“We caught a legendary Twin Fang Wolf Grim to tear me and my dear princess apart limb for limb for the world to see!” Yang waved a large piece of metal into the dark cage where the monster hide unseen. Suddenly the metal rod was taken from Yang’s hand and literally torn apart by the creature’s power before being spat at Weiss’s feet torn apart into small chunks.

With happy grin, the busty golden girl started to

“Without farer fan far yet the feast begin!”


File: 1451521184242.jpg (21.32 KB, 260x308, starfireindex_05.jpg)

>> 975

A loud almost crack like sound started to shake through the whole arena as Yang started to rush away from the door standing beside Weiss holding her hand. The two of them deeply kissed for a few moments. Through Blake’s up close camera everyone could see the two girls’ tongues wrapping around one another. Weiss started to slowly let her fingers roll through the hair of the golden haired woman. As the beast came out Ruby decided to make a quick cut away to her and Blake to make the announcement about the person Weiss and Yang picked.

“Weiss and Yang both decided on picking the hero Starfire for the next challenge! I hope it will be a good one!” Ruby said with happy tone causing Blake to laugh before the main event appeared. Out of the cage while the two girls were still kissing each other deeply a large hulking figure appeared. It looked like a wolf type of grim creature famous in their home, however it was sporting to heads instead of. Each with large saber tooth styled things. Its blood red eyes, locked onto the two girls kissing as the other two moved to a safe distance, but still within view of the scene.

The creature roared leaving Weiss and Yang who were still too focused on their kissing to notice it rush at them. The beast harshly rushed them both down then slammed down into the ground. One claw wrapping around each of their bodies. The beast leaned close as the two girls stared at their killer with excitement within their eyes. They both started to speak their final request as the creature moved both of its large heads towards their necks.

“We would both like to leave all our mortal possession to our sisters and our friend Blake. “ They both were expect the mauling to instant start after screaming out their request to the crowed, but instead. The beast took its large things and started tearing apart their outfits. The first thing anyone saw was both of the fiery girl’s breast bounce out her top that was cut open shaking back and forth in the air for all to see. Suddenly the creature opened the head closest to her then bite down into her breast.

A horrible scream mixed with a sexual moan filled the air as the creature started twisting and tugging at the breast between its teeth. Blood and a little bit of fatty gel like substance started to come out her melons as it was slowly being torn away from chest. Each piece slowly pulling part as the beast took it’s time to savior Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Twin’s Fangs first head, bite deeper into Weiss’s arm causing a snapping sound to shutter throughout the arena walls. The creature literally tore the whole arm of and started slowly chew upon it. With a grinding sound the creature nom on the bone and flesh. Pieces of skin and blood slipped down onto Weiss’s stomach. The girl’s eyes wide with horror seeing it savior her own flesh before her. The only reason her concentration broke away from her own pain, was that see another wave of blood fill the air and Yang unleashing her own torment through wails.

The large orb of flesh which was once her right tit was now completely torn away. The creature crushed it between its teeth a kin to balloon. As its next act, the twin fang pieced its claw over Yang’s bell through her skin. With a shift motion it tore open her stomach making an incision through the body of the fire girl. She let out a painful groan, blood started to flow out her mouth as the creature reached in slowly with its long slim like tongue. The tongue slide across her bloody wound and start lick across the bare organs.

The creature was slowly using its tongue to help pull out her large intestine. Once near its lips, the hound started to pull them into its mouth with a loud slurping sounds. Yang could only scream with blood foaming around her lips as it was starting slurp and chew her guts like a plate of spaghetti. Her head turned towards the side to stare into her partner who gave a sweet look even if she was now sweating and panting in pain from having her arm torn off.

Weiss whispers a sweet confession of love to Yang. The girl’s eyes if not already wide with pain would have expanded at that. Her once fearful expression turned into a painful bloody smile towards her partner. Weiss’s little confession of love interrupted by the creature using its large famous teeth to tear through both her legs with one powerful snap.” AAHHH YANG!!” She screamed out as Yang weakly reached out to her with her eyes turning into their famous fire red color.


“Weiss!” She screamed only to cough out more blood as creature managed to rip out most of intestines suddenly with a quick snap. Its focus next went towards her liver. Weiss on the other hand was being thrown around through the air like a chew toy. Her legs were being stretched out showing skin and muscle tearing away slowly as the creature roughly handled her. She could only scream and grow dizzy by being tossed around like a toy.

Ruby and Blake were making sure to get good close ups of the scene while the cameras in the arena were showing all angels of the bloody spectacle. Soon Weiss’ legs gave out and both were torn apart from her body half way through her thigh. The princess went flying into the wall close to her with a loud thud. Anyone could hear the harsh sound of her skull being smashed against the wall. She felt warmth was pooling out the back of her head. The snow white became stained the color of crimson. Weiss’ vision was now blurry, she was losing a lot blood from her served limbs and fractured skull.

She barely see the creature tossing her dear blazing knight right next to her on the ground. Yang’s organs were starting to fall out and flow onto the ground in a thick wave of blood. She was barely breathing. While the first head was tossing away Weiss, the second had eaten her liver, one of her lung, and a few ribs. With eyes filling with tears that fell upon her sweat stained cheeks Weiss used whatever strength she could to will her remaining arm to drag her towards her lover.

She wanted to be with Yang at her last moments. She could barely muster the strength she needed. Her vision went in and out. It seemed like she was miles away from her knight, she wanted to make it but knew she couldn’t. That was when the cat came in. She picked Weiss’ by her one remaining limb and smiled.” It’s ok I got you.” They gave each other smiles as Blake carried her over to Yang. Ruby was busy finishing off the grim creature. It was so focused upon its meal it was easy for her to cut off both its heads with one clean swipe of Crescent Moon.


File: 1451916023010.jpg (206.37 KB, 889x1118, starfire-beast-boy-porn-ar….jpg)

Blake laid Weiss down gently next to Yang. Yang’s crimson covered lips formed one of biggest smiles she could before she reached both her weak arms over to wrap around the snow princess. It was followed by a deep loving kiss. The princess gladly accept as they both kissed.” I love you Weiss.” Yang said while they kissed.” Weiss replied back to her after they finished.” I love you to Yang.” Both of them cried happily for a few moments glad to die together like these with Blake and Ruby standing over head of them.

Weiss was barely able to speak. She just laid Yang’s head against her chest.” Thank you all for watching…I hoped you enjoyed.” She said looking into Blake’s camera. The crowed in the arena was cheering after seeing such brutal scene end with such a heartwarming moment.” Remember miss Star Fire is next on the list so stayed tuned for it.” With that Weiss and Yang both passed away with smile on their faces. The crowd watching live and across the air waves were all cheering. No one could wait to see what Star Fire had in mind. The charity was going on in full storm filled with money and lust from the viewers all over.


File: 1477357384728.jpg (74.63 KB, 500x304, tumblr_lvj0e8GhA81r4xqamo1….jpg)


I really wanna have a RP partner who is willing to roleplay in Facebook.
I'm 18 and chilean. Nope, english isn't my first language, but I promise I'll do my best while roleplaying.

I'm interested in a male or female partner. I'd like to have a DDLG-like relationship, with tons of torture, snuff and forced sex. <3
We can add more stuff, like incest, furry, etc. That's up to you.

Thanks for reading!


I'm up for this, where do I send my profile?


Your English seems better than many native speakers.
What's your profile?

File: 1481846477144.jpg (20.25 KB, 512x288, images (25).jpg)


I am a male looking for a scenario where a mistress lives
with me.may be short term or long term.Uses me for her pleasure in any way required
I'm willing to try any scenario she craves.
Skype me at theunseenbladezz
And let me know u are from goruchan

File: 1478991663873.gif (525.9 KB, 720x405, shanti_s_new_home___animat….gif)


I'm kind of new to this... I'm a big fan of victims hypnotized, or drugged, or otherwise too zonked out to recognize the danger of the situation they're in. Is anyone a fan of this? Does anyone wanna RP this here or on Skype?

We can do any character, but I'm more familiar with western characters than Manga or Anime.


Are you a guy or a girl? I'm a bisexual tgirl


Bisexual guy, but I'm OK playing any gender.


my skype is kinkypainpig x


Well, this guy vanished on me. Anyone else?


Skype me at dawn11carter

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