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File: 1544853969701.jpg (1.43 MB, 1333x1000, Jenny-AltOutfit2.jpg)


Welcome to The Kombat Arena!

While there are a few threads dedicated to killing characters none of replicate showy gladitoral fights where doing over the top kills and entertaining a crowd are the name of the game.

The place will be 'The Kombat Area' a large magical Arena that can replicate any place such as a dark evil forest with deadly plants, a factory with deadly machinery, or even such a mundane place as a classroom. Watching it all will be a massive crowd (walls will be transparent) and they demand a good show for their entertainment.

So here's how this thread is going to work:

1. Come up with a character who would be in a Mortal Kombat-style death tournament. Give them a short bio and write an entrance for them as they enter the Arena where their opponent is already waiting. Be aware that the crowd is watching! Also original characters and characters from fighting games are encouraged - also any gender.

2. Flip a coin or use https://www.random.org

If it lands Heads/Obverse/Odd Number then your character wins and gets to use a finishing move on their reeling opponent.

If it lands Tails/Reverse/Even Number then your character is left reeling and the winner of the last match kills your new character.
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File: 1544854412908.jpg (219.52 KB, 1254x1771, MaryPrice-AltOutfit1.jpg)

Name: Mary Kycilia Price
Bio: A young fighter, Mary has trained all her life to be a Sex Kombatant studying at the Cunt Prep Fighting Academy. A more physical opponent she likes to smash into her opponent with her ass and smother them with her breasts. She also has a bit of a small obsession with panties.

Appearance: Mary has dark brown hair and dazzling green eyes. For an outfit she sports a schoolgirl skirt and top combo.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Age: 22

Beast Form: Doe
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File: 1544854487718.png (24.83 KB, 719x223, MK2_Arena.png)


Mary caught her breath as she watched Jenny woozily reeling from side to side. It had been a long hard fought battle. It had also been close but Mary won the day through an Flying Ass Smash maneuver where launched herself backwards and her ass had crashed into Jenny's head. After she got up she was reeling and judge was calling out for her to finish her.

It was a real shame, she sensed a kinship with Jenny that might have blossomed into something more and a bit fun. Oh well maybe she could have a bit of fun with her right now.

Mary seductively striped herself taking off the panties last as the crowd cheered. Mary then approached Jenny, embraced her and passionately kissed her really getting the crowd hot and bothered. Next she slowly striped Jenny who game a weak and stoic smile.

Mary stripped off Jenny's top and skirt and then undid her bra letting her small but perky breasts pop out. She really did look cute.

Finally Mary stripped off Jenny's frilly red panties as Jenny meekly tried to resist. Her womanhood was bared to the world and Mary reached around to give Jenny's ass a squeeze making her give a small squeak. It was really a shame.

Mary laid Jenny down onto the Arena Floor and they began interlocking their legs and Mary started rubbing against Jenny's womanhood as she moaned.

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File: 1544706465013.jpg (320.53 KB, 876x1558, tumblr_ojevi96gZa1qzmx5io1….jpg)


I would like to do a panty poop roleplay. I will be playing as a girl who lives with her boyfriend, who you will play. Her boyfriend is into watching girls desperate to poop and letting go in their panties. The girl finds out about this and decides to surprise her boyfriend by being desperate to poop while on a date night with him.

Will contain: panty poop, farting, desperation, smut

Rules: 3rd person only, be literate or semi-literate, no using *asteriks* or -dashes-, have good grammar.

Please message me on Discord (KarateOctopus#2199) or Kik (thetuliplover) if you would like to do this

File: 1544272860604.png (155.2 KB, 700x280, Shadowrun-5-Logo.png)


Good morning you delicious deviants. I've been a long time visitor to this site and I've been debating this for a while, but I think I'll go ahead and try.

I'm looking to run a game of Shadowrun for people who are into guro.

Yes, I want to run a game where your character may very well be killed in horrible and gruesome ways, or you'll have to inflict pain and suffering to do your job. This will be a game where everything's in the table when it comes to method, and you're free to discuss any options you want.

This is meant to see if there's any interest, and if enough is generated, I'll create a discord server. This is mainly an interest check to see if it's worth the trouble to get started.


I'll be interested.

File: 1492281456339.jpg (228.66 KB, 1180x1974, 1414976308540-1.jpg)


(Picture semi-related.)

Since not everyone who participates in Killer and Victim enjoys younger victims, I decided to make a new thread focused only on that subject. This is the same as Killer and Victim, but victims must be twelve or younger (you may include an older victim if they are having sex with a younger one). Killers can be older as well, but the scenario must involve them killing at least one victim under thirteen.

Here's the template;


Here's the first scene.

Name: Chelsea Wong
Age: 12
Gender: F
Characteristics: She's Asian with a fair, dark-brown complexion, wavy chestnut brown hair, dark-brown eyes, a nice fit body, promising buds on her chest, and curvy, but tight, hips and ass. She's wearing a white sports bra and gym shorts.
Scene: Chelsea won a recent beauty pageant, and angered the wealthy father of another girl who lost against her. So he hired you to kill her. You managed to catch her alone during a morning jog as she ran through a secluded park at 5 AM.
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File: 1536967470464.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x1500, LI0018.jpg)

K/V: Victims
Name: Katherine (top) and Molly Chang (bottom)
Age: 9 (Katherine) and 11 (Molly)
Gender: Female
Characteristics: See pic.
Scene: You live in a society in which children are merely the property of their parents; you can legally do anything to them, even execute them if they disobey your rules. Of course, in your house, kids having sex is grounds for execution. When you come home early to find your daughters having sex, you have to make an example out of them. Will you kill them on the spot, let them finish and then kill them, or restrain them and execute them later?


I began my career in high school. It was an unusual job for most people, much less a sixteen-year-old; I got paid to kill people. By the time I was in my Junior Year, I had killed thirteen people, and had a safe hidden beneath a floorboard in my bedroom with over 500,000 dollars.

Of course, being a hired killer while still living with my folks, and going to school, was a risky arrangement. When I first started out I was rather careless, and not nearly as paranoid as I would become in later years. Sure, I did get jittery after the first three or so murders, but, as the shock of it all wore off, I relaxed. After an incident involving one of my schoolmates, that changed.

At the start of my Junior year, one of the new girls developed a crush on me. She was a Japanese girl by the name of Yuki, in the sixth grade – the building I attended school, known as McKinney Academy, was shared by junior high and high school students. The girl was petite, with short brown hair that she normally kept in pigtails, and brown eyes. Yuki first took interest in me after I helped her pick up her belongings, when she forgot to zip up her backpack. Throughout the next few months she always sat at a spot that would give her a view of me at lunch, or intentionally went the long way to class just to walk by one of the classes I was in. On several occasions she would drop something, seemingly on accident, and bend down to pick it up in such a way that I got a glimpse of her cleavage.

I was not the only one who noticed, and, during one day after school a redheaded girl who used to hang out with her straight up told me that Yuki had a crush on me. I just nodded my head and she went on her way, giggling. I will admit that the feeling was somewhat mutual; Yuki, even for Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1543820118703.png (338.53 KB, 600x1140, 49552597_p5.png)

V/K: Victim
Name: Patricia Viktorinova
Age: 9
Gender: F
Character: The youngest daughter of the dictator of a small Eastern European country, she's intelligent but extremely sheltered.
Scene: Patricia has been kidnapped by a brutal rebel group intent on making an example of her.


File: 1544483263475.jpg (61.54 KB, 531x600, 43b6a2502f3df20f037f923086….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney Sanders
Age: 11
Description: See Pic.
Scene: Courtney's pissed off a loan shark, so a hitman were hired to kill him. You enter the house as he's getting a blowjob from Courtney. As she is a witness, she has to die as well.

Optional scenario: Courtney isn't scared of dying, but she is disappointed that her dad was killed before he could cum. She asks the hitman to cum in her mouth before he kills her.




K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney Sanders
Age: 11
Description: See Pic.
Scene: Courtney's pissed off a loan shark, so a hitman were hired to kill him. You enter the house as he's getting a blowjob from Courtney. As she is a witness, she has to die as well.

Optional scenario: Courtney isn't scared of dying, but she is disappointed that her dad was killed before he could cum. She asks the hitman to cum in her mouth before he kills her.



My response here.
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File: 1544516774627.jpg (122.48 KB, 523x640, 79cb5789e40eba43c5ed3bf6c6….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Elaina Ishikawa
Age: 12
Gender: F
Characteristics: See pic. The daughter of a French businessman and Japanese waitress. A tomboy through and through.
Scene: While visiting her father in Paris, she gets lost and eventually finds herself wandering one of the most notorious and dangerous banlieues at night.

It was 11:00 in the morning when Konrad pulled into the driveway of the 2 story house with cream colored siding. The suburban neighborhood was quiet, with most of its inhabitants at work. The assassin took one last look at the photograph of his target. Adam Sanders was a mid level HR manager with a rather nasty gambling habit. The loan shark had finally gotten tired of Adam and had called Konrad to deal with the problem.

Konrad exited the car, collected a briefcase and walked towards the front door which was, to his surprise, unlocked. The assassin slowly opened the door and entered the living room. His enhanced hearing picked up moans and wet slapping sounds coming from upstairs. Konrad cautiously crept up to the second floor and stood in front a bedroom. Big pink letters glued to the door frame spelled "Courtney" out.

The moans and gasps were coming directly from the bedroom. Konrad dropped the case and opened it up. He rummaged around and picked up a cut down Remington 870 shotgun. With his weapon in hand, he kicked open the door. He found Adam naked, with a young girl in a school uniform kneeling in front of him, her face covered in strings of cum.

Both had shocked expressions as the hitman raised his shotgun. Adam rose to his feet, pushing the girl away from his crotch as his mouth opened. He tried to say something. Konrad just fired away, pumping two 12 gauge 00 buck shells into the middle aged man.
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File: 1544492368538.jpg (14.61 KB, 150x150, ffwikiava.jpg)


Figured I'd do another thread, since the forum's back.

Basically, I'm looking for an RP or five with someone who enjoys the feeling of a good strong pair of hands wrapped tight around their neck. If that sounds appealing to you, drop me a line at my Discord, argyle_n1nja#3051.

File: 1544412462449.png (69.92 KB, 600x420, anime_eye_highlights_green.png)


My usual and main fetishes are normally sleepy, hypno, or accidental/intentional snuff. I've had hard vore/dolcett in my mind lately for some reason (maybe I'm reacting to the loss of Tumblr haha)….so figured I should put something up here :)

Role: Prey but its fine if I fight back and *almost* win.

Preferred Styles: A rare hard vore person I guess. Swallowed whole is fine though its also fine if I'm cut into more manageable pieces haha. I do prefer it to be fatal and I will almost always play non-con.

Character: I'm a fit 5'4" blond (25 now, as of a few weeks ago so happy late bday haha) from a bottle, I actually have a wierd faded strawberry color hair that just like skin haha, so I changed it a few years ago. See my profile. I will not send pics specific to an RP unless I'm really feeling it, so please don't ask I'll offer if I would like to. Pics that are on the profile should be enough, even though face is cropped. :P My eyes are green. See my reddit profile link below.

I came here from Reddit, so if you don't know me there go see me at https://reddit.com/user/-AOC-

Not interested in: Scat. Anything super bizarrely unrealistic or magical, like a cock someone eating me. Not disrespecting it since I'm pretty f'ed up obviously, just saying when I'm going to die and become someone's meal I want them to eat with their mouth like a normal person.Haha :P

Reddit: ttps://reddit.com/user/-AOC-

Discord: https://discord.gg/cAJNSeY

File: 1544264912370.jpg (93.61 KB, 640x640, IMG_20181207_204453_376.jpg)


Wanting to have a guro rp but I'm only reachable in Telegram, sadly. If you wish to Rp with me, I'll make it worth your while;I'm down for anything and I mean anything.


File: 1543948092038.jpg (88.57 KB, 790x653, Oxode_Kathy_Mirelle_01_Gui….jpg)


Hi I'm Angel. I am 20 yo F, 5'4", 138lbs, C cups. I am looking for snuff role play. You are the executioner I am the executed. I am willing to play any age that fits your fantsy. Your roles are executioner, headsman (on call executioner that makes house calls), or the butcher where women are in a death lottery. I am willing to play here or discord. My discord is demongirl2245#2305. Men or women can play!


Shot you a friend request on discord but it looks like you aren’t receiving messages. The ‘big’ profile is me.

File: 1534122499185.png (1.04 MB, 707x1000, 72536_97c44a16cec844f5a27c….png)


Looking for dominant male partners (humans or monsters), for some M/F domination, to my OC Jade Marwen

Footplay (my feet being played with)
Turned into a throphy (Head mounted in a wall, feet too if you like)
Hated by the partner
Public Execution
Lab Experiment for vile scientis

We can mix all of those stuff



I'll write to you in detail, just e-mail me, and let me know your interest in the RP you've mentioned is still active.


I'm looking for a long term rp partner. You must be able to play dominant. This will be a forced one that involves kidnapped on discord preferably.


do you have a discord to share?

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