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I love spy games etc. and beeing shot, dying agonie and humiliation.
all genders. live or vis webcam.
Who is interested?


I do


File: 1489467092616.jpg (3.75 KB, 578x300, blank.jpg)


If anyone is interested I will give further information on where we can roleplay.

Your character can be male or female if the victor (so when I say bad guy or "he", female is always an option). They can even be a monster or something else in your imagination, but the victim should be humanoid/human and female with very rare exceptions. Characters can be reduced to nudity from realistic battle damage if it floats your boat but I don't like it being the focus, taking away from the fight to go on a tangent about how wonderful her privates look, or the villain randomly deciding they want to have sex with them.

If not otherwise mentioned (some ideas will), assume I like the more realistic side of things. That means no female army showing up in chainmail bikinis unless you have a realistic reason for this to occur...which is very unlikely. I can realistically assume an individual adventuring woman might do this, but you get the idea.

I don't like buckets of blood gushing everywhere. Dismemberment is fine though, as I particularly like beheadings. Just no excessive blood from the wounds. Neck snaps, strangulation, etc. are some of my favorites as well. The old tried and true, get shot and fall dead to the ground is a great stand by as well.

I generally play original characters but can make exceptions.

Chose an idea you want from the list or suggest/modify your own you think I might like. If a bunch of people are interested in some idea it may be made into a group roleplay. I may do roleplays with multiple different people, but the exact amount is unknown. Just know I might not be the most active with you if you show up way down some list.

1. A diverse group of heroines fight a bad guy (or small group of bad guys), slowly getting picked off one after another. The bad guy knows about their weaknesses and has some planning, allowing him to overcome all odds. Plus the heroines aren't really working well together, being from different worlds in a multiverse setting. They have different magical abilities and talents. Think the Avengers, sort of.

2. Modern or sci-fi setting where a base is infiltrated and the guards are taken out. The sci-fi women could be an alien race. They could dress more skimpy than what realism would dictate, as that could be their realistic way of dress. I still don't prefer flat out nudity though. Skin tight suits could be nice. For the aliens, I can agree to a furry look such as humanoid foxes.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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How about skype? I prefer not email but could do so. Here is possible as well.

Either use for their bodies is fine. They are magic users so it could make sense to experiment on them.


we can try Skype. but I think we have different schedules, however we try, in case there is guro chan.
my contact is bigmaxi88


I'm Secret Identity on skype, but there's so many named that it would be too difficult. I sent a request to you instead. We are indeed in different time zones. It's getting late for me.

More ideas in case others are interested:

7. Bodyguard maids mowed down in an intense gunfight in a mansion. This is a less realistic premise than the other ones. They could even be bunny girls (literal bunny ear women).

8. Gothic lolita dressed bodyguards.


I could be interested in options 2 or 3, and perhaps a variation of 7 or 8. I'm interested in M/F combat where the guys could potentially end up being killed as well. Is that something that you would be interested in doing?


It may depend on how the guy looks. Burly manly men getting killed wouldn't be very appealing, but bishonen or effeminate guys ..maybe. Traps would be nice. It doesn't neccesarily have to appeal to me from a fetish standpoint, though, if we can get an interesting battle out of it anyways. Perhaps one based off of me could work as well.

File: 1475184194744.jpg (306.25 KB, 1000x1512, 3576763.jpg)


Hello! I'm looking for people who like noncon RP. Pretty much anything where the sub is not enjoying his/herself is what's hot to me! The more degrading and messed up the better.

My main turnoffs are anal focus, scat, farting, and giant tits or penises. I don't really care for muscular subs or big titted subs. In fact, my fetishes are usually less comical and super serious, focusing on cruelty!

Lolis, shotas, adults, all are yummy! If you enjoy extreme horror stuff why not give me a shout!

At the moment I've recently been interested in forced cannibalism, traps, pregnancy destruction, and mind control. Feel free to add me out of the blue!

Skype: LoraRollaUC@gmail.com
Discord: StrayFeline#1617
F-Chat: Available I guess but I rarely use it anymore
Kik: strayfeline (Not great for RP but great for chatting about RP stuff a bit)

Feel free to just add me and send a message!


sounds interesting. beeing traped, seduced and killed sounds great. :)

File: 1485688329394.png (1.13 MB, 3045x1325, rosita dead and gutted.png)


I have a selected few of my OCs. For all of you to slaughter.

The game is easy choose a girl and do what ever you want to her but it must end in a gory mess.

Anything goes here just as long as one of my girls end up dead heh.
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Whoa that was hardcore heh. Nice. You should snuff another one.


Thanks, Fuuby, I'd be happy to. I hope that you don't mind me adding a bit of backstory. I'm assuming since you didn't leave bios for these characters you are okay with us inserting them into whatever dark world we need.

Selection: Tracie

The image I had hacked from from the Dragon Gang's deep-web website didn't really seem like her at all. In the shot she was half naked, grinning drunkenly and giving the mob lord (Known only as Big Guy) a lap dance.
Here in person she looked like some kind of prep-school drop out, in her short skirt and pink top.
I didn't expect to find anyone here in Big Guy's penthouse, but fortunately for me his secretary had come back in the middle of the night to do some work, so I had a stooge I could beat information out of.
I looked over at her, clearly just a kid, handcuffed to a chair, kicking and swearing under her breath. I tried to appeal to her humanity.
"Look . . ." I looked into her soft eyes, "Your boss is the bad guy. He's out there dealing drugs, breaking legs and hurting innocent people."
She didn't say anything, but she stopped kicking so I went on, "He . . . he hurt some people who were really important to me."
I waited for her expression to change, and it did, into a calloused smile, "Yeah, I bet him fucked them up good, like he's going to fuck you up!" she spat at me.
I tried to block out the images of the children I'd seen gunned down in the streets, but I couldn't repress my impulses, so I slapped her across the face.
She looked so shocked at first, like she literally couldn't believe someone would strike her in the body. I could see that she was holding back tears as she barked, "Fuck you!"
I wanted to strangle her to death then and there. It wouldn't have been wrong. I'd have been doing the world a favor, but I decided to contain myself. "Look, if you just give me the code go the safe I can leave and we can all go back to our lives."
"You can go back to sucking my ass." she was trying so hard to be brave but she was just being manic.
"Alright, then it looks like I'm going to have to her you." her face fell as my shadow fell over her, but she gathered herself and spat at me again. I don't think she knew how far I was willing to go.

The first thing I did was gag that worthless mouth of hers. Then I pulled her skirts down. She kept kicking so I cuffed her legs together at the ankles, then I took out my cigarette lighter and brought the flame over to her pantiesPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nice you really took your time with that little cunt.


Selection: Roxy

The young fox girl was causally strolling around the park early in the morning hours. The sun didn’t even break through edge of the sky to shine any light. Roxy was just trying to get in her morning exercise. She decided to jog around the heavy forest area of the park since it a lot of people avoid it duo to the rumors of beast being out there. She shrugged it off seeing it as nothing more than simple horror stories to scare people.

She was an hour down the pathway, and switched onto the dirt road. 3 miles along these dirt roads that would easily lead her back to her home, seemed simple enough. She took heavy and deep breaths, with each step against the smooth ground. Her breast jiggled up and down against her smooth pink top wildly as the teen took a sharp turn upon the path way. As she took that turn, her eyes went wide in fear. Two twisted pairs of eyes hidden within the darkness of the trees, both focused dirty at her.

The killer intent behind those eyes made her freak out, her mild jog turned into a full sprint. She was running, trying get back home away from whatever had just saw her. As she run she could hear it, trees branches and leaves being broken as the two figures moved after her. The rustling in the woods got closer and closer to the woman. She looked back, eyes widen in horror to see the creatures own glowing orbs staring at her.

She turned around just in time to see another sharp turn in the pathway. The woman didn’t make it instead she fell off the pathway, she had hit a hill side and rolling downwards through thick trees and bushes deep into the forest. Her roll came to a horror stop when her back was pierced, blood rushed out the corner of her mouth down white furred cheeks before she spat out a large amount of it. She gasped in horror to see a petrified try branch sticking out her abdomen.

Part of large instincts were twisted around the branch stabbing through her stomach region. She could only cry a short whimper and allowed her body to tremble in pain. Her bladder opened the flood gates to large wave of pits as she lost some control of her body duo to the pain. All she could do was crying, thick tears down her cheeks as she gave a whimper of cry for help causing blood to drip from her mouth and over her bright pink top.

Her cry was answered, she saw it. The pair of eyes that were stalking her, could smell the blood and piss. Before her were two horrible creatures. One seemPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Since no one seems like they are about to jump in this point, I guess I'll waste Rosita, hope you don't mind.


Rosita is standing in front of me, her arms laced together behind her back, looking shy and a bit aloof, avoiding eye contact. She doesn't know that I know what she's done, but the spectators do, and they've come to see me wreck her.

"Same rules as always?" she asked, batting her lashes and making a cute duck face at me.
My eyes are drawn to her bouncing yellow breasts, wrapped in a skin-tight onesie. They are perky, and their nipples point straight ahead. She was adorable, but this was the end.
"New rule." I said.
"Oooh, will it be buttsex this time?" she giggled, like a schoolgirl.
"It's to the death."
She was quiet at first, starring at me with big, confused eyes, then she decided it was a joke, "Okay big boy, if you win I'll kill you."
"Good." I said, "And I'll do the same."
My serious tone clearly made her uncomfortable, but when the bell rang it was time for our bout to begin. Death battles are not unheard of in the underground fighting world, but they are rare, and she had no idea I knew she was sleeping with another man. I would tell her I knew when the time was right.

She came in swinging, but I dodged her and popped her one right in the noes.
"Ah, that's my nose, you bastard!" she tried to laugh it off, but it was bleeding. She swung wildly and madly, so I just evaded her, aggravating her further. "Why you.."
Then I slugged her in the face. She fell back against the ropes, sweating and breathing hard.
"Okay Mister mean guy, you want to get serious, we'll get serious." she turned toward the crowd, "Hey! Anybody got a weapon for me? Pretty please? My boyfriend is being a piss and I need to shut him down." she shook her tight ass in my direction while she pleaded with them, "C'mon! A chair, anything! I'll give you a kiss!" The crowd remained silent. "Fine, stingy bastards."
I took advantage of the situation, ran up and smacked her butt. She screamed in shock, and before she could turn around I grasped her pigtails.
"Ah . . . ah! Don't do that! You know I hate that!" I yanked on them and made her suffer. She moaned as I forced her to her knees. "Stop pulling them, ow, why are you being so dirty?" she seemed really worried now, but I said nothing. I pounded my knee into the bottom of her chin, blasting some of her teeth out and sending her flat onto her back, squirmingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1487355741244.png (835.13 KB, 1200x1433, 6ea294cb38aab2ef4e7bde54a2….png)


(Hopefully this can stimulate some activity in this section.)

This is similar to Killer and Victim, except the victim consents, in some form, to being killed. Cons scenarios would be suicides, assisted suicides, or volunteer execution displays. Semi-cons can be deadly games in which the victim faces the possibility of dying, or any other situation where they volunteer for an activity where they could die.

You can choose multiple named victims, but keep it to three or less.

Here's the template.

Appearance: (You can write out the description or upload an image.)
Apparal: (You can write out the description or upload an image.)
Cons or Semi-Cons:
Scenario: (Optional if you fill out Cons or Semi-Cons.)


Here's the first scenario.

Name: Clara Smitty
Sex: F
Age: 14
Appearance: (See image.)
Apparal: School uniform.
Cons or Semi-Cons: Semi-Cons
Location: Gymnasium
Scenario: The final match of the school's Grand Chess Tournament carries a large financial reward for the winner, but the loser has to be executed in the gymnasium after school. Unfortunately for Clara, her opponent won.

File: 1483594086700.jpg (53.23 KB, 600x450, i8mo41colkph.jpg)


My turn offs: Extreme scat, farts, hyper, docking

Must haves: Gore or Vore

But I am willing to negotiate anything

I like it when the Doms control the story and I just input my characters reaction or even less (I know I'm lazy)

Side note I really like the physiological aspect of death and torture


My email: Redheadjunkmail@gmail.com

Email me and we'll proceed from there


Would you be alright with micro/macro as far as vore goes? It would also include heavy gore, maybe with multiple characters or multiple iterations of one.



Here is a place with a lot of RPers.

Rp and art of guro and snuff.

I think you will love it

File: 1483379742148.jpg (60.53 KB, 417x797, Sex0015.jpg)


This is a new game I came up with thanks to Killer and Victim.

(Image only marginally related.)

It's simple: The person above sets up a scene in which a girl is either masturbating or having sex with someone. You then describe a scene in which a killer stumbles on their love-making session and crashes their party by killing everyone involved. Then set up your own scenario for the next person.

I'll get us started.

Victims: 3

Name: Nicole Perkins
Age: 17
Sex: F
Appearance: Long red hair, green eyes, short, slim, E-cup breasts.
Apparel: Only a bra.

Name: Yuming Xing
Age: 16
Sex: F
Appearance: Long black hair, brown eyes, short, slender, C-cup breasts.
Apparel: Black panties, bra, and glasses.

Name: Amber Perkins
Age: 13
Sex: F
Appearance: Short red hair, green eyes, petite, B-cup breasts.
Apparel: Pokemon t-shirt, short pleated skirt, and pink panties.

Scenario: Nicole is trying to convince her younger sister to have sex with her and her girlfriend, Yuming. Amber is unsure, but very curious.

Here's a blank template for when you create your scenario.



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In place of putting my own here, just roll with this post.


bump, someone continue this please



I'm the anon who did that last story for Pussy Shooter. I'll cover the next story if nobody else does. I just feel odd, eating the whole cake y'kno


File: 1486502843279.jpg (119.89 KB, 850x680, sample_0cdd84547b96f61df3b….jpg)

I have walked in on Ms. Millers giving her, uh, raunchy, after school session with one of the students every time she took over for Mr. Wilson. This time she was standing over a pink-haired girl of 16 or 17, who was eagerly lapping at the teacher's pussy while Ms. Miller softly stroked her hair. Both girls' shirts were wide open with their tits hanging out.

The other times I either overlooked the incident or blackmailed Ms. Miller and, depending on the gender, her student. Unfortunately a lot has changed since the last time; the new rules require immediate execution for sexual activity on school grounds, and all Enforcers are required to wear a bodycam. So, as much as I hated to, I wouldn't risk the consequences.

I drew my gun from its holster and set it to automatic. Because she might be able to talk me out of it, I fire several rounds into her upper torso before a single word could be uttered. She let out a sharp gasp as the bullets penetrated her breasts and tore holes in her lungs, then she staggered backwards before collapsing to the floor with an expression of absolute pain on her face.

The younger girl screamed in confusion at the sight of Ms. Millers' ruined chest. She tried to say something, but only spat up blood. She continued to regurgitate blood with each attempt to breath or talk, as her lungs quickly filled up.

In her panic the teen attempted to make a run for it, but a piece of cloth wrapped around her arms caused her to lose balance and fall to the floor; her head landed between Ms. Millers' legs just as the teacher's bladder expelled a torrent of piss, soaking the girl's hair.

Before she could get up I placed the gun a few inches from the back of her head and placed six bullets into her brain. Her body twitched and her own torrent of piss seeped out from between her legs and created a steadily-growing puddle.

I looked over their dead bodies, took out my smartphone and snapped a few pics for personal use later, then contacted the clean up crew.

Victims: 2

Name: Amanda Walker
Age: 17 if you think it's too young)
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (left girl)

Name: Christina Walker
Age: 12
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (middle girl)

Name: Rachel Walker
Age: 10
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (right girl

Scenario: Their parents were both in the town over for the day and would return at six that evening. The last few times their parents returned homePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


I'm the anonymous who posted the above. I noticed that I made some mistakes in my prompt and I'm posting a corrected version.

Victims: 3

Name: Amanda Walker
Age: 17
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (left girl)

Name: Christina Walker
Age: 12
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (middle girl)

Name: Rachel Walker
Age: 10
Sex: F
Appearance: See pic (right girl)

Scenario: Their parents were both in the town over for the day and would return at six that evening. The last few times their parents returned home to find the girl's having sex, and the last time both parents said they would kill them on the spot if they were caught again. Hoping to get away with it this time, they decided to have sex as soon as their parents left. Unfortunately they fell asleep, cuddled next to each other naked.

File: 1486341720356.jpg (358.94 KB, 1200x637, 45981392_p5_master1200.jpg)


Hello I am looking for a girl to roleplay with either over voice chat or text chat. I am into roleplay snuff that is not overly gross or Gorey. I am looking for a girl that will be submissive as I pound her pussy, begging as I slowly twist her neck about to cum inside her.

Here's a little example

*He slowly pulls down your pants, your ass resting against his member as he breaths slowly, his hands moving over the small of your back pushing your shirt up. His hands find the way to your breast where he slowly squeezes and lifts you against him. He moves one hand down slowly moving over your bare tummy, his hand rough against your smooth skin. His hand finally reaching your clit as he punches it and slowly rotates his middle and index finger around it.

He pulls your hair back with your head on his shoulder as he watches your face. He quickens the pace of his fingers eventually finding their way inside your lovely V, his fingers moving in and out repeatedly. His other hand grasps your chin, slowly turning your head to the side as he quickens his fingers rhythm.*

I am looking for a girl that is into Strangle, neck snap, drowning. No scat or gore please. Contact me via Skype for voicechat or text chat. mootoyougaming@gmail.com is my email. Yea I know, best email name ever and it is real. I will reply quickly as I keep skype up constantly. Thank you for your time. Look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer about the picture, I don't own this.

File: 1486184594875.jpg (81.6 KB, 543x800, 89a646f8c9db3c564a56f0a17f….jpg)


Im a Sub horse who's looking for someone to roleplay with, Male or Female, im almost into everything (kinks) but i know what i Don't like.

I have my limit but feel free to message me on Flist : https://www.f-list.net/c/ulrich%20sombra/

don't be afraid to tell me your Craziest kinks cause like i said im really open mind to a lot of things that you may even not be into XD.

I do like One liner or Paragraph Roleplayer, i rather like Qualitie than quantity, i sometimes do only a few lines and sometimes Medium para depending on my imagination, So if you don't mind fews lines or para that's a good point to rp with me ^^

Important point where it's unegociable : i hate 3rd person perspective in roleplay, like when you are talking about youself with "he/she", I only rp with 1rst, 2nd person perspective so if you don't... just ignore my post please.

Have fun in your search and contact me if your are interested by sending me an email, ;)

File: 1485311948867.jpg (33.19 KB, 610x452, Space-Pirate-Captain-Harlo….jpg)


I'm running a Space Pirate Quest - centered around guro/snuff as its highly encouraged to use the flesh market (alive, dead, otherwise) to keep your coffers full and ship running.

Play as a pirate preying on the space lanes of the galaxy. Snuff, mutilate, torture, clone, sell, buy, pimp, enslave and rape your way through the stars, from the feral worlds of Lyss to the crystal cities of Bevarr.

Anyone interested? Come to the guro guro discord where I'll be hosting the first session in an hour or so (choosing our starter ship and first victims)



Oh sweet! Been looking forward to catching one of these from the start! :D


Dis gonna be good


Quick update, we've moved to a new discord. You can find it here: discord.gg/3Eh6eaj
“Activate the 1MC.” Is your simple order.

She spits on your face. “Fuck you.”

You laugh, before grabbing her by an arm with your left hand - the giant fist designed to beat its way through armored helmets. “As you wish.”

Spinning her around is simply done, especially when you’re in powered armor and don’t care that her arm snaps from your careless manhandling. Her uniform is ripped away just as easily by your smaller right hand, revealing the first piece of ass you’ve seen in far too long. You pop open the convenience hatch, letting your hard cock slap against her ass, and she screams into the upholstery of her seat as you reach over and hit the 1MC switch.

“Alright, you fucking whores!” You scream into the PA. “We’ve got the engine room! We’ve got the bridge! Now start surrendering, or you’re going to end up like your captain!”

Dragging her by the hair over to the mic, you push into her dry asshole at the same time, letting her scream reverberate throughout the ship. Your crew whoops and cheers, turning on the crew still intact enough to be raped with wild abandon. Over the sound of tearing fabric and screams for mercy, you laugh as, seemingly by coincidence, the sounds of the captain’s rape set the cadence, and you watch in glee as the men and women around you fuck to the same rhythm.

Months of pent up frustrations flood into her ass, before you pull out and stuff her pussy as well, ignoring her kicking and screaming as you savor her hole. Her cunt isn’t as tight as her ass, but it has a smoothness which makes you almost want to spare her. But you’ve got a purpose for her already, and judging by the screaming around you, there’s plenty of other pussies to enjoy after this slit is used up.

One by one, the crew finishes with their own stress relief, and gather around you, hollering and cheering as you continue to plow into the slender captain, her screams redoubled as you tear open her top and let her tits fall free of their grey fabric prison, her shame dribbling down her cheeks as you pull her upright and let the Minotaur’s new crew watch her lewd display.

A second bout of thrashing tells you that she feels you pumping your seed into her womb, her throat making inhuman noises now as you force her to take it all. You grab her by the head now, in your left hand, and drag her over to the little comm bead.

“M-Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


New update went up! Join us at discord.gg/3Eh6eaj

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