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hello im looking for an RP partner or even just a good kik chat about a guy or girl not picky getting fucked to death or maybe a group of guys going on a killing spree ending with brain fucks, decapation, torture multiple gut penetrations and so on

age play can also be in maybe they fuck a yng that way

kik me at nolimits17

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Hi! I'm looking for an private RP partner. Can play both male and female (I'm male) , in English or French. I'm turned on by "formal" death (execution, sacrifice...), torture, and humiliation, but have no limit. I have no turn-off except scat/piss/vomit, and eye/brain play. Kik is preferred, but anything can be OK.
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Anyone here? I'm desperate for some snuff rp. My Skype is neoregisflare007. My fanfiction account is Fire Lord 626


Message me on kik if anyone is still interested. Brent.clark88 FYI, I prefer playing the victim


Message me on kik if anyone is still interested. Brent.clark88 FYI, I prefer playing the victim


do you have skype or email?


If you're still interested, my kik is wubspon3

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Seeking Masters and non-pass masculine tranny Mistresses for ongoing living hell toilet slavery RP.

Seeking contact from dom tops interested in rp any of the following. The more and the more disgusting the better:
-noncon once owned, voluntarily gives self to Master, or gets kidnapped forever after chatting/rping with the wrong Master
-Brutal obsession with forcefeeding it as much Male shit as possible
*horseshit, dogshit, man shit
-slave to Master's horse's and dogs
-Cigar ashtray, spit, snot, phlegm
-Never allowed erection or orgasm once "owned".
-penectomy with balls remaining for torture.

Open to many many more suggestions. Please be willing to discuss the RP in detailed preliminaries before we begin.

email toiletslave247@yahoo.com with toilet in the subject line

File: 1491922102164.jpg (45.41 KB, 548x779, 1365783139012.jpg)


Hi all, BlueButcher here. I'm starting up a Penal Legion RP using the Only War TTRPG system.

It'll be set in the 40k universe where you will be a part of a mixed-gender penal legion, either as a convict-trooper or their handlers, thrown into battle en masse to find death and glory for the God-Emperor of Mankind.

For those not familiar with the 40k universe, that's all good! I'm happy to explain bits and pieces of the lore, or you could always play as someone poorly educated in the ways of the wider world.

Other roleplays are also being run - including a more traditional DND-like homebrew system run by Ace, and a guro cruise liner roleplay run by PsychoAiko, and we're happy to accept more if you want to come along and set up shop in our guro discord (roleplay is only one of many things we do but the most relevant to this post).

You can find my Guro discord here: https://discord.gg/3Eh6eaj as well as a more roleplay-centric discord run by Ace here: https://discord.gg/QjkAFSp

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Hey, im looking for a master or just a dom to roleplay with on Skype or any other spot with instant message, here is my Kinks List Feel free to contact me on F-list if you like my list :https://www.f-list.net/c/ulrich%20sombra

File: 1491650046419.png (1.73 MB, 2809x2225, Sakiportrait.png)


As the title says, go ahead and murder my oc, Saki. You can do anything you want to her, just make sure it's bloody and painful, guts encouraged!

She's 17, gamer shut in and physically weak, the perfect victim. Get to killin'
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A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

A place where you can find more to kill your OC.


Jesus christ, enough.
We get it, you've got a discord, stop fucking shilling for it in every single thread on this goddamn site.


I know right?!?


Robert was fucking done with trolls. Everytime he went into a chatroom, message board, or, hell, even play an online game someone had to talk shit just because they felt safe hiding behind a monitor. Several months ago, while playing his favorite shooter, some bitch going by Saki teased him about his username, LongRob, and made jokes about how big his dick really was. Saki's jests, however innocent she thought they were, nearly drove him to suicide.

After being roasted by Saki, Robert smashed his computer monitor and went to the bath to slit his wrists. As he sat in the water with a knife in his right palm a powerful question entered his mind: why should he be the one to die? Saki was the one being a rude bitch by making dick jokes about his username; so shouldn't she be the one to die, instead of him? Robert tossed the knife aside and started thinking of a way to make this Saki bitch pay for teasing him.

After replacing his monitor Robert set out to locating Saki and stalking the smartass bitch to her home. He managed to find her social media accounts and started stalking her pages to find out as much information on her as possible; the most important was, of course, where she lived, what she looked like, and what she did during the day. Saki was a seventeen-year-old with platinum blonde hair and an hourglass figure. From what Robert could figure out she was a lot like him in some ways: she stayed in her room all day playing video games. Saki had hundreds of people on her friends list, but they seemed to be people she barely knew; she operated a somewhat successful gaming channel, and a lot of fans of her show added her on. Robert made a fake account and added her myself: she accepted within an hour.

Robert eventually grew tired of stalking her online and one day sold his computer, along other gaming systems and high-dollar devices, to get enough money for a trip to the town she lived in. One road trip and two days later Robert arrived on the outskirts of her town. He stalked her to and from school, the only time she left the house, to study her daily routine. Saki lived with her mother and a younger sibling; her mom usually worked until midnight and her little brother always stayed out until eleven while Saki was playing her games or whatever else she did. After four days Robert decided to put his plan into action.

Friday afternoon gave way to evening and Robert was waiting in his car at the park down the street. He watched tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh yes, very well done, mate

File: 1491708324765.jpg (1.12 MB, 1836x3264, tmp_10605-IMAG055254284367….jpg)


I've been playing Metal Gear Solid V recently and something about it is really sexy. So I'm looking for a Necro/Snuff Rp partner.

So my Skype name is KamikazeWolfy'd.
I want to do MGS Rp but I'll happily do any other game related rp.
Open to most fetishes.
The picture is my MGSO character.


File: 1491736435763.png (28.04 KB, 1334x750, IMG_0837.PNG)

Well you see, I would message you. Buuut there isn't a "KamikazeWolfy'd" on skype.

File: 1472494619687.jpg (17.96 KB, 100x100, 3415065.jpg)


username is Nocrazierthanyou
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Also my username on skype is ruby.icemoon


Laura, there is no ruby.icemoon on skype



I wouldn't trust Skype so here is a place for more reliable guro RP


KamikazeWolfy'd is the new one


There is no KamekazeWolfy'd on skype. Are you sending us your username or what you put for your nickname?

File: 1484941354076.jpg (100.71 KB, 1280x919, IMG_0734.JPG)


Hey all. Female, 21, looking for kik RP partners. My two main interests are asphyxiation and necro. Two themes I enjoy the most are spy girls getting snuffed (if you've seen the Angel Corps stuff or PKF's Sentry Showdown, that's pretty much the idea) and amazons.

I'm almost always dominant but will sometimes play submissive depending on my mood. All genders welcome, so long as you are comfortable playing female and futa characters. Limits are scat, bestiality, loli and shota. 3rd person narration preferred. Kik username is emeraldfractal. Mention gurochan in your message so I know where you're from. Thanks!


Hi, that sounds good. Do ypou like also c2c?


Hey, write me, meir0895


There is a place with lots of RPers


You are welcome to join

File: 1491192564784.jpg (659.39 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_2155.JPG)



I'm looking for others who would like to go on a morbid Guro infested ryona based story line in a D&D 5e setting. I've recently discovered Discord and Fantasy Grounds specifically for playing D&D 5e. I use the same name I'm using here so please feel free to contact me on either app.


I'm interested, but since you forgot your Discord tag number and Fantasy Grounds costs a pretty penny, I can't contact you anywhere but here


Discord = Sophie Sinclair
Skype = Sophie Sinclair
Email = sophiesinclairrpg@gmail.com


Sorry all, my Discord is.

Sophie Sinclair#0773

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