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File: 1495962016859.jpg (194.79 KB, 1080x1349, FB_IMG_1475964681446.jpg)


Hi I'm a maleslave and I'm looking for someone which want to use me as he want. I want to be maltreated and forced to do disgusting things. I really like humiliation so I hope that someone here will accept my request.
My dream is to became an Unchained pee slave and maybe more !
Contact me, I'm waiting for your messages !

File: 1487094658523.png (1.8 MB, 1074x1517, dungeon_and_tentacles_by_B….png)


Behold the Ruins of Affliction! KEEP OUT! ...for in here, there are only infestations.


File: 1487095217091.jpg (447.73 KB, 750x1041, Web_of_Betrayal_Page100_by….jpg)

A man made entirely of vermin- sapient vines, worms, centipedes, wasps, and spiders- observes his friends cuddle each other, their fleshiness unrivaled. The sticky goo is whay really makes this home.

They constantly eat each other and give birth to countless billions. Insects, worms, and plants all devouring their own kind and others, some eventually growing from microscopic to as large as elephants. Worms pour out of the vaginas of these behemoths and shower whatever captives have intruded their realms.

Some give birth above trap doors at the funniest of times.


Why is this not getting love?


I liked the first pic. Lots of possibilities.

File: 1494544504171.png (275.48 KB, 463x497, ec2b1bda03f95b6d858cf30d59….png)


Looking for a mean girl/transgirl who wants a boy slave to use and abuse in roleplay.
I'm decently literate and quite nice to talk to.
I'd prefer to use discord, but mail is better for first contact.

File: 1493338448822.jpg (445.37 KB, 1200x1500, This_way..._by_Strutter79.jpg)


Little Alison was led down the stair to a bathtub. A big oval was all it was, with a high pressure hose hooked high and pointed down. My ally holds her in the bath while i shower her. She's clearly ashamed of her nude body. My ally holds her down on her back, with her head just above the cold water. Poor thing, she's screaming worried that she'll drown. She scrambles as best she can but can only watch in horror as we hold her legs high above her and I wash between her legs. I tell her how she's so very dirty, especially down there, and she's beyond mortified when I wipe her anus and dark fecal stains show up, which I hold near her face as I berate her for being so filthy. I then rub soap over her butt as my ally holds it in the air. She cries and scrambles and shakes as she lays in the shallow but frigid water.

But I can tell she wants to be a good girl. She'll learn.


this setup has me very interested, but this would be my first time setting up an RP over gurochan. do you have a preferred communication method I can contact you by so we might be able to start something up?


Here is fine. KIK is acceptable. Discord is nice.


discord would be my preferred method, could you post some sort of account name?


File: 1493706242437.jpg (737.68 KB, 2625x2414, Spanking_sketch_by_rumatae….jpg)

File: 1417353051394.jpg (222.15 KB, 1280x720, Yuri-yuri-and-yaoi-role-pl….jpg)

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Anyone here? Girl here .
You start ?
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Ami - sent you an email, if you still use any of those Yahoo! Accounts, else mine is included here:)


Hi ADK..

ah sorry.. hang on..
can you use this one instead: amikrusch12@gmail.com


Emailed you:)


It's fine.

And honestly, I'm on F-chat almost every day, it's just that my hours are a bit wonky, due to me being a night owl. I usually get on the computer sometime between noon and 2PM my time (Mountain Time Zone, or GMT-7 [Currently on Daylight Savings Time]) and I start shutting down my computer so I can go to bed at around 2:30 AM. Also, on Mondays I have shopping expeditions that I go on almost as soon as I'm able, which delays me sometimes to after 2PM, and I have local tabletop gaming on Mondays as well, from 6PM to 8PM, meaning I usually get off the computer at 5:30 and get back on sometime after 9.

As long as you keep that schedule in mind, if you ping me on F-Chat (Characters are Luna Hawke, Homura Tokiha, and Angela Asuno) within the timeframes that I am at the computer, I should be able to answer. However, YOU have to be the one to initiate contact - I multitask enough that I likely won't have the presence of mind to ping you if I see you on.


Do you happen to have google plus? i would enjoy RP with you.

File: 1466015203110.jpg (37.91 KB, 795x493, 12994497_831139833657122_3….jpg)


join this group if u lik share gore pics or chat rp or just chat with others



Just looking to see what's out there.


to join the group u need to send a pvt msg to the admin saying u understand what the groups content means



File: 1493511698250.jpg (17.98 KB, 175x184, guy.jpg)


Hello. I wanna a serious rp with a guy or a group of guys. I wanna play the main guy in the picture below. I want this to be a process, do not show all your cards right away. We can begin slowly, no need to rush. Firstly, I wanna be the guy in the picture BEFORE that occurrence and then moving slowly to the final. Write me at serbio.lado@yandex.com


I update my email since Yandex didn't work.

write me at serbiolad@yahoo.com

File: 1490565520984.jpg (88.61 KB, 600x800, IMG_6136.JPG)


Hey everyone!

I'm Grace, and I'm looking for some seriously perverted roleplays! I strongly prefer fantasy elements (medieval, futuristic, or modern AU settings; magic useage; or supernatural characters/characters of other species). Other than that, it would be much appriciated if you have very, very few limits when it comes to toilet play and guro. Some other kinks that I'd very much love to include are harems (I am comfortable playing the harem), futanari, lesbians, and the most essential of all--literacy and the ability to reply with detailed responses of at least a paragraph!

I apologize if any of that was awkward, this is my first time posting anything here. Please email me at gr4c10u5gr4c3@icloud.com or Kik me at GoreLoverGrace to get in touch with me!

I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you!


I am intresting, I sending you a mail. ^^


Sent you a kik request a few days ago ~


Im interested ^^ can I join up?

File: 1492423323980.jpg (93.7 KB, 397x777, 4318952.jpg)


Hey, im looking for a king/Queen or just a dom to roleplay with on Skype or any other spot with instant message, here is my Kinks List Feel free to contact me on F-list if you like my list :https://www.f-list.net/c/ulrich%20sombra

File: 1466968848575.jpg (117.82 KB, 545x800, 36859712_p1_master1200.jpg)


This is both RP, and not. I will give commands, and you will oblige. You must not be overweight, and must have foreskin. I may tell you to burn your glans, I may tell you to jack off in public, whatever I say, you obey.

Answer this thread if you want a master.
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Do you accept females?



this faggot toilet subhuman very much needs a Master like You!



Magali, I accept females if you would like. Just leave your contact info


How about shemales? Foreskin and C cups :p

How do we contact?


Sure, anyone interested send me a message to magaliroleplay@gmail.com

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