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Jan 19 09:58 斩首 有喜欢斩首的刽子手吗
Jan 19 07:07 Lf for RP Partner (s) fish
Jan 19 00:34 (GM M for F) Pine Hills School for girls Vice Dark Lord
Jan 13 16:06 Hey, looking for a brutal and violent baby rape rp Johnny Stardust
Jan 10 00:53 snip-snip-snip!
Jan 09 17:25 Having sex with a dead girl or woman neobyzantium
Jan 08 20:35 Death Above: Youth Edition Randall J. Nelson
Jan 07 05:16 Anonymous
Jan 06 23:08 RP Partner Request Perilous.Robin
Jan 05 08:32 Ryona, death and guro in CoH Sophie Sinclair
Jan 02 17:38 Star Wars RP vendar113
Jan 01 08:06 Finish her! Elf
Dec 30 18:40 Death Above Randall J. Nelson
Dec 28 19:26 Send me death/rape threats ~ Mika
Dec 27 07:16 Recruiting several role players to run and develop a role playing server Nihilus
Dec 24 23:14 Finish Him (femboi/Trap edition) Executioner
Dec 24 20:51 Amputation! Elizabeth
Dec 23 03:48 Looking for RP partner(s) Anonymous
Dec 21 09:55 Looking for someone to rape and torture a femboy Anonymous
Dec 20 18:56 Killer and Victim Emily Grave
Dec 19 18:26 I'm looking for a extremely brutal and violent child rape rp Dio
Dec 19 18:23 Rp Partener Req Komerican
Dec 19 10:36 LF a extremely brutal and violent child rape rp dio's world
Dec 19 04:24 Looking for RP partners Anonymous
Dec 19 01:05 sick and twisted rp
Dec 14 17:51 looking for partner to play adorable shota Anonymous
Dec 13 02:44 RP? Frog
Dec 10 04:58 Who wants to fight?
Dec 09 05:38 New Discord DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 09 00:02 Male (Dom/Switcher) searching for fucked-up Human or Furry RP (long term) DarkSide
Dec 05 09:43 Sadistic mistress needed D
Dec 04 07:51 Torture Me (Ageplay RP) Manuel Bloodred
Dec 03 07:07 Decapitation rp f/f long term lucycut
Dec 02 15:48 AzFAe
Nov 30 17:33 Snuff rp - 2.5 Max Lusty
Nov 27 06:03 Princess Assassination Vice Dark Lord
Nov 25 16:15 Death Above: Feral Edition Randall J. Nelson
Nov 21 03:14 Fatal Game Show Anonymous
Nov 16 22:34 Sex wrestling to the death Lady Hearts
Nov 14 12:51 Searching for female roleplay partners BellyBoy
Nov 12 20:13 No Limit Roleplay Discord Server Looking For New Guests! Salisha
Nov 12 05:22 write a story together Ellen
Nov 11 23:22 Roleplay Partner! Cupcake
Nov 11 10:10 RP Partner Elizabeth (Emma)
Nov 10 20:26 Trans girl asphyxiation
Nov 07 18:49 Suicide play slutboyDana
Nov 07 04:02 necrophilia with a loli neobyzantium
Nov 04 21:42 Request Anonymous
Nov 04 03:16 D
Nov 03 04:49 M4m brainfuck or others Anonymous
Oct 31 17:02 Conan Exiles Snuff Ms. Victory
Oct 28 21:40 Looking for a female player Vendar113
Oct 25 18:04 looking for a female partner to RP as victim icethee
Oct 23 15:55 D
Oct 23 15:48 SNuff Fuck Rp and kinks
Oct 23 02:10 little sissy for dark violent rp slutboyDana
Oct 22 21:11 Friday the 13th RP Vason Joorhees
Oct 22 19:05 Looking for snuff rp partner Anonymous
Oct 22 00:05 Looking for snuff RP Partners Barbwire
Oct 19 13:29 lilylingchi
Oct 15 18:09 Kik group roleplay Anonymous
Oct 15 16:01 Looking for femcan rp Looking for rp
Oct 15 07:38 shota/loli no limit sexual/torture rp. AnotherVictorianboy
Oct 15 03:45 Roleplay Partner (Active!) Cupcake
Oct 13 19:12 Big Game on the run Lady Hearts
Oct 13 06:22 Feetmaniac32
Oct 08 21:25 GM / DM / Storyteller Wanted Sophie
Oct 08 15:33 Up for roleplays! lauren
Oct 04 23:24 Female seeking partner for snuff RP Skye
Oct 03 01:46 Looking for snuff RP partners! Yogi!
Oct 02 07:57 Looking to RP the story from this doujin Anonymous
Oct 01 03:12 Sub Looking for Partner Anonymous
Sep 29 20:33 female looking for decap rp (long term) lucycut
Sep 28 01:36 Sub looking for no limits rp leighladyleighrose
Sep 27 06:03 Looking for DOM lit partner Demonic_Veins
Sep 27 02:47 Looking for RP: Pokemon gore, vore, cbt or similar stuff bruhman33
Sep 24 05:58 Looking for rp partner Demonic_Veins
Sep 24 03:44 Ballad of Faunara Vice Dark Lord
Sep 23 16:09 22 F looking for semi-consentual rp Anonymous
Sep 23 05:02 Looking for rp nylons&death Odinoot
Sep 15 01:22 EuroGunZ (GunZ The Duel) Anonymous
Sep 14 21:02 Roleplay Partner (Anyone!) Cupcake
Sep 13 19:21 Slut's execution. Partner request Whitedaemon1
Sep 12 23:36 Searching for active RP Partner! Cupcake
Sep 09 11:41 skype / steam: duels, gunplay, deadplay, raceplay riggxx
Sep 09 11:25 Seeking RP Victim on Steam Straitjackit
Sep 08 01:35 The Ladies to hurt and humiliate me! Broken Boy seeks extreme femdom
Sep 07 07:01 Send Me Rape Threats~ A
Sep 07 06:52 A
Aug 30 08:37 Another discord server Anonymous
Aug 29 13:21 Looking for cannibal castration rp Anonymous
Aug 20 13:55 Anticipation DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Aug 16 18:47 Searching For a roleplay Partner Cupcake
Aug 16 03:17 Looking for victim rpers, non-vic fine too Blood_Savsage
Aug 14 23:44 Casual snuff and gore chat Blue
Aug 13 17:49 Searching For a Roleplay Partner Cupcake
Aug 13 01:24 RP Search [Necro, Skullfuck, Loli, Futa, +] Ari
Aug 12 22:32 RP/Fantasy/Chat Looking for sadistic female penfriends to rape, torture and snuff boys Tinribs
Aug 08 06:41 Looking for an Asian girl to snuff in rp Vice Dark Lord
Aug 07 06:42 Randall J. Nelson
Aug 06 01:19 For ladies Prophet of Perversion
Aug 05 23:47 Pottyboi
Aug 03 03:27 Looking for people for group massacre rps Yogi!
Jul 31 20:42 Murder of a pissing loli Pussy Shooter
Jul 31 18:22 Anonymous
Jul 30 23:23 RP in Deutsch (RP in German) Lady Moon
Jul 30 14:26 Anonymous
Jul 26 23:56 Super heroine hunting rp Vice Dark Lord
Jul 26 01:10 Raping a woman, loli or shota neobyzantium
Jul 24 20:26 Looking for RP partners! Yogi!
Jul 24 18:32 Willing Victims Blau Sturm
Jul 23 12:06 Amputation and Torture RP Tem
Jul 17 12:17 Rod Medicquis
Jul 16 01:38 Looking for a girl to do a long term snuff rp with Vice Dark Lord
Jul 15 18:47 Anonymous
Jul 15 14:34 snuff bunny Ellen
Jul 15 00:07 Looking for a Discord RP partner Anonymous
Jul 14 11:35 Dominant Male looking for submissive Female (brutal, disgusting, no taboo) DarkSide
Jul 10 04:07 Any ladies wanna do a furry snuff rp? Vice Dark Lord
Jul 08 15:16 crush rp Anonymous
Jul 07 10:31 Looking for Roll Players Voreme
Jul 07 06:42 Looking for any rp partners Musicman
Jul 02 13:30 Livestock + Slushi
Jun 24 10:45 Semi-Willing Victims Randall
Jun 22 10:24 looking for RP
Jun 21 00:51 Cute chill server :3 Anonymous
Jun 18 20:43 Gromov
Jun 16 14:48 Rp partner Sam
Jun 16 13:26 Sam
Jun 15 06:01 Invitation to Lecherfiend's Manor Lecherfiend
Jun 14 03:43 female looking for the messed up. Repulsa
Jun 13 14:01 Anonymous
Jun 07 15:07 Tabletop RPGs GuroGal
Jun 05 15:25 Looking for RP partner for battles to the death Grimm
Jun 01 03:16 Order Up! Anon
May 31 17:31 Anonymous
May 31 05:50 Male looking for disgusting Serial-Killer RP DarkSide
May 29 23:23 Sub Male Looking for RP Partners Karlo
May 22 09:04 Male looking for a submissive & disgusting Murder Companion Graveyard
May 09 23:30 Fight to the death roleplay Anonymous
May 09 01:00 Write The Scene Randall J. Nelson
Apr 29 10:12 fantasy chat/ideas looper
Apr 26 19:22 Capital Punishment Randall J. Nelson
Apr 25 15:54 RP Partner request GoreLove
Apr 24 10:28 Looking for long term roleplay on kik. Valentine
Apr 20 14:56 A Strong Female Wanderer Looking For Adventure Anonymous
Apr 20 07:20 M/M Scat Partner Needed Gay Scat RP
Apr 16 23:07 hurt me, eat me, any way you want me... nicemeat
Apr 13 22:45 LF Friend(s)/RP Partner(s)
Apr 13 17:23 Snuff RP Request Asphyxionado
Apr 11 19:28 Looking for a girl to do a furry snuff rp with Vice Dark Lord
Apr 06 22:29 A Discord server for those that enjoy Guro role-play and more! Lafayette
Apr 04 16:46 kubrick
Apr 02 22:26 Looking for a girl to do a long term story driven snuff rp Vice Dark Lord
Apr 02 22:23 Looking for a girl to do a long term story driven rp with Vice Dark Lord
Apr 02 01:59 chem-1
Apr 01 12:25 Killer and Victim II Randall J. Nelson
Apr 01 07:46 SonicScat RP SonicScatAnonymous
Mar 31 15:25 good little sissy for dark violent rp slutboyDana
Mar 30 01:37 The Kombat Arena Price
Mar 28 23:48 Necrophilia with a women, loli or shota neobyzantium
Mar 18 23:38 Fresh Meat? Jason Thomas
Mar 14 10:21 RP partner request alfasail
Mar 10 21:36 RP request Anonymous
Feb 25 22:42 Hard/Soft Vore RP Anonymous
Feb 23 15:16 Roleplay idea Nicky
Feb 23 07:22 Seeking discord rp partners Anonymous
Feb 22 18:04 Searching for female roleplay partners for belly fetish rps BellyBoy
Feb 19 18:59 Scat Roleplay! Jason Thomas
Feb 05 04:06 brain/head fuck Rp/ other snuff Anonymous
Feb 04 21:13 Kill Ms. Victory Ms. Victory
Feb 02 22:33 Searching for a RP Partner Boy or Girl! Cupcake
Feb 02 22:33 Searching For a Roleplay Partner Any Kind of Rp Cupcake
Feb 02 22:32 Roleplay Partner Girl or boy! Cupcake
Feb 02 18:40 Searching for a medical/surgical/anesthesia/BDSM roleplay/chat/partner! Anonymous
Jan 31 09:47 Kik snuff rps Max John
Jan 24 11:05 RP in Deutsch
Jan 24 10:58 RP in Deutsch Lena
Jan 21 01:35 The Pervert
Jan 19 21:28 Roleplay Partner Nicky
Jan 13 15:18 Roleplay Partner Nicky
Jan 12 16:07 Scat RP M/M NeoTheGuardian
Jan 12 15:53 Gay Scat RP M/M NeoTheGuardian
Jan 11 23:03 Looking for a female RP partner Mason Hess
Jan 07 05:24 M4F DND based RP
Dec 30 03:55 Fatality! Price
Dec 29 15:42 Fart/scat rp Fart/scat rp
Dec 28 06:48 Yuri guro roleplay Lo
Dec 23 01:11 Having sex with a dead shota neobyzantium
Dec 18 04:48 Request for an RP partner neobyzantium
Dec 17 23:13 looking for RP partner neobyzantium
Dec 17 08:30 looking for someone to do some rape and snuff scenes with Zephyra
Dec 17 05:41 shota/guro RP Cole
Dec 17 02:31 LF Semi Specific RP Partner! beepboop
Dec 15 20:04 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 13 13:07 Panty Poop Roleplay KarateOctopus
Dec 11 08:26 Killer and Victim: Loli/Shota Edition Karl Luck
Dec 11 01:39 Snuff RP, Anyone? Round 2: Asphyx Boogaloo Asphyxionado
Dec 10 03:27 Come and get me! Amy!
Dec 08 10:28 Guro Rp Aesthetics
Dec 07 11:33 Consensual snuff roleplay Demongirl2245
Dec 07 03:49 Arrogant Mage Girl looking for dominant males Jade Marwen
Dec 05 22:56 Looking for forced ageplay rp(discord)
Dec 03 23:11 Extreme torture CuriousGirl
Oct 26 21:16 Looking for forced ageplay rp(discord)
Oct 23 07:42 Looking for RP partner for a thread
Oct 15 21:07 Looking for someone to kill me
Oct 15 15:59 Loli elf slave rp request Elf girl
Oct 05 01:11 rollenspielen deutsch MarcRSP
Oct 03 12:04 Snuff RP, anyone? Asphyxionado
Oct 01 14:29 Let's Die! (GIRLS ONLY!! Guys can read and comment, though.) Krazy Kaylee
Oct 01 13:45 No limits girlfriend roleplay
Oct 01 09:50 Discord Server For Guro Lovers and Roleplayers (Beta) Violer
Oct 01 06:13 Sentenced to Death by Disembowelment
Oct 01 02:29 Snuff story creating Bi.snuff.slut18
Sep 30 18:24 Little sister slave Ebony
Sep 29 18:29 german roleplay deutsches rollenspiel MarcRSP
Sep 29 12:29 request partner for snuff brutal chat over my friends
Sep 29 06:59 Dame Youth Safari Hunting RP Randall J. Nelson
Sep 27 06:20 Male looking for gynophagia rp 4uckedinthehead
Sep 27 01:50 IMV death sex Sebastion
Sep 27 01:26 The butchering of an unuseful pet Darkgames
Sep 26 19:43 become sex gay victum
Sep 26 15:52 Snuff rp
Sep 26 05:09 Seeking rp for snuff and other dark kinks Bi.snuff.slut18
Sep 26 05:06 Vampire snuff rp
Sep 25 13:42 Submissive girl looking to be sexily killed (in fantasy obviously :P) Valkyria
Sep 25 12:42 little sister rape/ foot fetish roleplay Vallarfax
Sep 23 21:57 Dame Office Safari - A Dice-Based Hunting RP. Randall J. Nelson
Sep 22 07:14 Seeking all gender and killer/vic/switch for various ideas on discord. Sarovir
Sep 18 19:38 No limits girlfriend roleplay
Sep 14 10:03 Looking for female snuff partner Max Lusty
Sep 13 23:16 Otakuist
Sep 13 20:03 Drowning Girl chem-1
Sep 13 13:59 Male looking for females partners for snuff rp
Sep 13 01:54 Guy looking for a girl to play a victim
Sep 13 01:48 looking for some futa fun mrx001
Sep 12 20:45 RP finish my bitch mature aunt anonymus
Sep 11 19:09 RP finish my bitch mature aunt anonymus
Sep 09 21:34 Cannibal RP a can
Sep 09 11:33 Guro chat/RP
Sep 08 09:51 Kids girls killing
Sep 05 01:47 looking for a slave
Sep 01 05:34 Role Play "FOOD" eat or be eaten Ohio cannibal group start
Aug 25 02:01 Fairy/ little girl RP
Aug 24 03:20 little sister rape/ foot fetish roleplay Vallarfax
Aug 23 01:48 Open hanging RP: trap, femboy, shota or twink Melon
Aug 22 17:59 Snuff, dolcett RP Xipe Totec
Aug 21 07:14 Crossdresser rape and strangle fantasy
Aug 20 11:14 Looking for ageplay focused cannibalism/dolcet scenes Cannibalism
Aug 17 07:02 Arrogant Mage Girl, looking for dominant males to play Jade Marwen
Aug 16 20:24 You have died and gone to Hell... CountRegula
Aug 16 01:53 New roleplay server
Aug 15 22:40 Searching for a RP Partner! Cupcake
Aug 13 14:09 M/M extreme toilet slave roleplay toiletgimp
Aug 12 04:00 gay looking for hard gore rp male partner
Aug 11 14:49 Having Sex With A Dead Furry
Aug 10 21:07 Looking for rp partner for loli rape and torture play Souro
Aug 10 12:15 cute little snuff princess :) princess
Aug 10 03:39 Real Dead Girls! Dennis Hendrikx
Aug 10 03:39 Real Dead Girls! Dennis Hendrikx
Aug 09 08:46 F4A sub looking for extremely depraved rp partner redrosedahlia
Aug 09 06:06 Looking for rp partner or man/loli rape and torture play Souro
Aug 09 05:05 Looking for a girl to discuss killing real life girls we know Vice Dark Lord
Aug 09 01:08 Searching for rp partner for anykind of rp! Cupcake
Aug 08 19:09 consentual tomboy snuff looking for 12-17 oc. clouddasher
Aug 07 08:28 M on M snuff.
Aug 06 16:23 RP: looking for girl to torture and rape
Aug 06 15:41 hi
Jul 21 23:11 Snuff club discord cloud
Jul 21 23:09 RP partner (i'm sub)
Jul 21 21:34 Who ever saw female(s) hanged herself? hulang
Jul 21 21:29 Story driven guro?
Jul 21 02:12 Talewood RPG InCognito777
Jul 20 16:29 Recruting for mod and for new member for a discord server! Cupcake
Jul 20 16:24 Looking to roast but if that's not your thing, snuff could do. Cloud
Jul 20 07:21 Alien Battle Arena Discord RP?
Jul 19 19:22 Searching for rp partner for anykind of rp! Cupcake
Jul 19 18:01 Angel Corps characters
Jul 15 13:40 Breathplay stories.
Jul 12 06:50 IMV death sex Sebastion
Jul 11 18:48 Looking For Roleplay Partners {Any} Saetto Shinumbra
Jul 10 22:53 Limitless Roleplay Partners Wanted E-Lizzy
Jun 28 21:15 looking for insect/ovi partner
Jun 28 15:52 Searching female roleplay partners for belly fetishes BellyBoy
Jun 28 15:37 Guro RP! Any kinds of RP accepted searching for Partner Cupcake
Jun 25 20:29 IMV death sex Sebastion
Jun 24 09:19 Anyone to Dominate a donkey Maid/Servant ? Nicky The Donkey
Jun 24 09:05 Gore/Snuff & more Roleplaying Gilda MLP
Jun 23 07:26 What we submissives ask you for
Jun 23 07:26 What we submissives ask you for
Jun 21 08:13 Fun, Dark Roleplay Nikki
Jun 21 08:09 Kidnap torture scat gore necro and other stuff Shota torture rp
Jun 21 08:03 Fantasy Snuff~ AryaOversight
Jun 21 07:57 GM seeking female player for a modern setting RPG
Jun 21 07:24 Looking for someone to body modification/cannibalism rp with Mat
Jun 21 07:20 boi for your perverted fantasy hang me eat me
Jun 21 07:04 Anyone wanna do a loli rp?
Jun 21 06:13 Extreme roleplay Soki
Jun 21 06:08 No Limits Role Play
Jun 21 05:28 Hard vore and cannibalism Soki
Jun 21 05:07 Cannibal or Any other Kind of RP Searching for a Partner! Cupcake
Jun 21 04:46 Role play in other languages
Jun 21 03:29 Alien breeding with a guro ending Preg lover
Jun 21 03:23 Furry RP Kidney
Jun 21 02:17 Guro/torture no snuff
Jun 21 00:43 No limits GF RP
Jun 20 18:50 Looking for an old thread?
Jun 19 19:49 I want to get turned into a sexy human bomb.
Jun 19 15:06 Two ideas darkgames
Jun 19 00:49 Cannibal RP Searching for a Partner! Cupcake
Jun 19 00:42 Cannibal RP Searching for a Partner! Cupcake
Jun 18 21:59 Giant/giantess guro (extrem size difference) Julie
Jun 18 21:44 Skype Partner HandofNod
Jun 18 21:26 Anything about Torture and Touhou Cupcake
Jun 18 21:11 much
Jun 18 21:09 bb
Jun 18 20:34 Regular Rp Partner | ENG | FR | Nicky The Donkey
Jun 18 20:18 Regular Rp Partner | ENG | FR | Nicky The Donkey
Jun 18 14:31 anyone into playing a feral victim? (mlp/pokemon) XD
Jun 17 12:55 pics
Jun 13 22:05 Long term, story driven snuff rp Vice Dark Lord
Jun 12 12:48 Trans girl looking to get destroyed
Jun 11 15:07 D&D OBLITERATORS OF WARHAMMER 40,000 DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Jun 11 11:54 if you have geeking
Jun 11 04:42 Need nasty no limit submissive partner Kael
Jun 11 03:23 Scat RP. Bakugan Kuntsuki
Jun 08 10:37 Rp partner
Jun 07 22:54 Scat RP
Jun 06 12:51 Snuff rp Yogi
Jun 06 12:41 Looking for snuff partners Yogi
Jun 06 03:38 Request
Jun 02 23:30 Consensual, depraved short-term RPs
May 28 19:45 Sub girl looking for my consensual snuff M or F can play
May 27 18:23 RP Request
May 27 15:46 Anyone want to play eternal torture?
May 22 21:38 Torture and snuff me
May 16 13:57 Roleplay? chem-1
May 14 04:47 cannibal roleplay eatmealive
May 13 18:31 Shota/loli/futa hyperscat
May 13 03:59 Government soldier kills and rapes fictional girls Vice Dark Lord
May 12 21:16 Build a girl
Apr 24 05:26 Can some one wright a story about my torture/snuff QUill
Apr 23 20:24 Looking for submissive girl Zipcouda
Apr 23 19:27 Depraved Roleplay C
Apr 17 22:17 just a trans girl wanting unspeakably horrifying things to happen to me
Apr 17 08:13 Finish Her. Well Then.
Apr 17 05:07 Discord RP M/M M/F optionalSEKE
Apr 15 13:57 Abusing a woman, teen girl or child neobyzantium
Apr 07 02:14 Victims pls
Apr 07 02:11 RP’ing about my gf. No limits more or less.
Apr 06 05:45 Looking for RP Partners EeveE
Apr 01 13:04 (Semi-lit) No limitations, practically open to everything and anything! (+Discord)
Mar 31 05:53 Shota rp or loli Cole
Mar 28 05:19 roleplay
Mar 25 23:47 Mathnerd Roleplay PervertProphet
Mar 24 21:07 Looking for a necro rp
Mar 23 03:28 Looking for people of Both genders that likes boxing RPs as of MvM, FvF, n MvF on Kik Policebrett
Mar 21 18:52 Brutal Boxing! Boxing Kid
Mar 21 14:35 Futanari and Shemale Castration Roleplay Seven Lightdragon
Mar 21 05:29 Help scientists/demons build torture/hell machines ProphetOfPerversion
Mar 20 23:12 Muscular M/M snuff/gore RP D
Mar 20 20:25 role play Alex
Mar 17 23:54 Finish him!
Mar 17 23:25 Male for breast torture/debreasting RP Leo
Mar 17 23:17 M4M jock victim looking for a sadist killer to chat/rp
Mar 17 01:42 Girl in need of fun M or F (I'm sub)
Mar 17 01:35 Necro RP neobyzantium
Mar 16 06:59 In the mood to kill some furry girls Vice Dark Lord
Mar 16 00:29 M4f rape. Snuff. Con or non con. Google Hangouts or kik
Mar 15 12:55 Sadistic RP Julie
Mar 14 10:21 Looking for Erotic Action, Adventure, Peril, Snuff and more. FantasyMan
Mar 08 04:44 Looking for Kik partner for Diaper Scat rp
Mar 07 16:52 Someone to kill a tomgirl? Jimmy
Mar 06 15:06 R. P Daddy
Mar 05 20:52 Bestiality
Mar 03 14:41 Looking to RP about my wife
Mar 03 13:16 Looking for a girl to snuff in an rp
Mar 02 16:04 Roleplay Luna
Feb 27 18:19 Vore on a woman, teen girl or child neobyzantium
Feb 24 06:21 Cannibal Roleplay
Feb 24 05:56 Snuff Skype RP Partner Zipcouda
Feb 23 20:49 Anyone want to RP?
Feb 23 18:52 Extrem size difference Julie
Feb 11 08:30 Discord Murder couple RP
Feb 05 01:18 LF XCBT n more CBT sub
Feb 04 21:17 Mentlly Ill Noble Girl Needs Grovelling Servant Victims
Feb 04 07:31 Drunk and ready to play
Jan 26 10:07 Looking for RP Partner
Jan 22 07:12 Snuff rp Sammual
Jan 22 07:11 Snuff rp Sammual
Jan 22 07:09 Snuff rp Sammual
Jan 22 07:09 Snuff rp Sammual
Jan 22 06:52 Necro rp?
Jan 22 06:46 Rp partner
Jan 22 06:02 Sleeping and unconscious victims
Jan 21 18:21 Looking to Learn? K-K
Jan 20 21:31 Giant vore Julie
Jan 17 23:51 Loli snuff Vice Dark Lord
Jan 17 17:44 snuffing Lolis Looper
Jan 17 09:59 Victim looking for killer
Jan 15 10:19 Medical and More! Angela
Jan 14 01:19 Amputee, snuff, or kidnapping RP Lynn
Jan 13 06:54 Kill My Characters Randall J. Nelson
Jan 13 04:30 Asphyxiation Jonathan Clark
Jan 12 13:19 crime scene/morgue/funeral home RP neobyzantium
Jan 10 13:22 Looking for transformation/crush fetish roleplaying
Jan 09 22:05 Seeking long-term/serious sci-fi rper .. Voltiel
Jan 09 20:48 Suicide Forest RP
Jan 09 17:02 Looking for transformation/crush rp
Jan 09 00:02 Dead/About to die Girls RP
Jan 03 05:28 Furry snuff
Jan 02 21:23 Extreme RP
Jan 01 17:01 Looking for female rp partner for killer/victim rp
Jan 01 15:54 RP Luna
Dec 23 14:39 Hang a loli RP Momo
Dec 23 01:33 GM wanted for long term play Sophie Sinclair
Dec 23 00:29 Discord RP chem-1
Dec 22 07:09 Underage Killer and Victim Randall J. Nelson
Dec 21 06:25 Auction - Win a place in a Strip & Snuff Card game with prize artwork! Solgeth + Underrock
Dec 18 21:07 Furry RP
Dec 18 09:26 Someone to torture/rape me Kidney
Dec 17 19:43 Kinky Fantasy Roleplay
Dec 17 15:29 Amputee or amputation rp Dam Incomplete
Dec 16 18:57 Looking for someone to hang my asian twink OC Mimi
Dec 16 07:25 Fart/scat rp Looking for a fart/scat role player
Dec 16 06:20 Looking for a fart/scat rper Girlfarter
Dec 16 04:49 desperation/fart/panty poop rp (CHAT) scatdaman720
Dec 15 03:02 Super Villains! Heroes to the Rescue! DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Dec 14 22:51 Male for sadic and cannibal Master/Mistress skhiavo
Dec 12 13:37 Death trap rp kiarasdreams
Dec 09 22:25 Cruel master Julie
Dec 09 22:18 Size difference Julie
Dec 08 20:11 Erotic, consensual, extreme guro
Dec 08 13:06 Looking for a hanging rp partnr
Dec 08 12:26 Drowning RP
Dec 08 09:25 In search for female rp partners Akira Kurusu
Dec 06 00:04 Brutal Loli rp
Dec 05 05:31 Having sex with a dead woman, teen girl, loli or shota neobyzantium
Dec 05 05:30 Marry, Fuck, Kill - All-in-one Variation PsychoAiko
Dec 05 05:30 Seeking Mortal Kombat Rp Partner on Skype Someone here.
Dec 04 19:02 So I'm new to RP... somebody guide me please? Alex
Dec 03 21:53 (Semi-lit) No limitations, practically open to everything and anything! (+Discord)
Dec 03 11:37 Introducing a newbie dunkelsturm
Dec 02 00:22 RP about anything Julie
Nov 30 15:22 Male looking for perverted and disgusting Adventures
Nov 30 12:41 Traps play and size difference RP Julie
Nov 30 06:47 Killer and Victim Reborn Randall J. Nelson
Nov 29 23:10 Brain Destruction
Nov 28 22:33 Ideas of RP Julie
Nov 28 15:04 Skype Parterner Roleplaydood
Nov 28 06:01 YAOI RP
Nov 26 14:43 Asphyxia RP chem-1
Nov 25 21:36 Torturing my feet Bruna
Nov 24 06:45 "Male Victim for Hire" RP DISCORD Partner Request
Nov 24 05:56 Vore or Necro RP neobyzantium
Nov 23 21:14 Cruel master RP Julie
Nov 23 19:05 Transformation Rp Julie
Nov 23 17:09 Furry slave RP Julie
Nov 23 17:08 GF RP
Nov 22 03:54 Discord RP
Nov 21 16:08 Looking for new RP partner (gore) Cole
Nov 20 21:35 Monster RP
Nov 19 05:16 Looking for someone to end my life.
Nov 18 16:39 Debreasting and or snuff RP LunaLoves
Nov 17 21:55 Foot trample, crush, worship Julie
Nov 17 21:52 Head/eye/brain fuck RP Julie
Nov 17 20:57 Kik RP Julie
Nov 17 20:49 Looking
Nov 16 18:06 Babe Combat Tournament Mike and Alex
Nov 15 22:08 Some RP ideas Julie
Nov 15 17:54 All days orders Julie
Nov 14 21:55 Twitching snuff rp Likes-twitching
Nov 14 00:12 Discord Rp - A Rich Man's Pet Vern
Nov 13 21:10 Zombie RP Julie
Nov 12 22:19 Scat RP
Nov 12 01:35 Kik rp?
Nov 11 20:53 Necro-rp partner? Sammual
Nov 10 23:15 Guy looking for a girl to play a victim
Nov 10 21:41 Victim for Intimate Slasher RP. Awful
Nov 10 21:26 Slow execution/ slow destruction Julie
Nov 10 19:26 HELL RP Julie
Nov 10 19:08 The biggest submissive Julie
Nov 10 04:03 Looking for somebody to do Fart/Scat/Gore RP TheQuantumFoam
Nov 06 16:43 Specials RP Julie
Nov 06 13:46 Snuffing an incestuos mom and her son!
Nov 05 02:33 M4F Looking for fucked up girl.
Nov 03 18:03 Looking for Cannibalism RP Partner Melanie Gray
Nov 03 11:03 Looking for RP partner to execute
Nov 02 04:28 Long Term BDSM/Abuse/torture/Rpe/Humiliation/Trafficing RP, looking for a woman
Nov 01 21:57 No Limits Roleplay
Nov 01 16:23 Multi girls/ copy RP
Nov 01 16:10 Headless/ head fuck RP Julie
Nov 01 16:02 Flattened/crush Rp
Nov 01 15:07 RP meat girl/amputee/cannibale
Oct 31 21:22 Long Term Roleplay Maddie
Oct 31 15:06 Discord RP
Oct 30 23:32 Hypnotized me
Oct 30 19:24 Bet or bet
Oct 30 14:44 Wants to rp Azen
Oct 29 19:55 Seeking for a submissive slave Julie
Oct 29 19:50 Seeking for a bad master/mistress Julie
Oct 28 22:53 Extreme/no limit/Literate RP/writer partner needed Noemandy
Oct 28 13:59 English/Español Roleplay Eliie_2099
Oct 28 07:08 Snuff RP LadyHearts
Oct 25 23:44 Futa castrated and made slave
Oct 25 22:02 Giant male guro
Oct 25 22:00 GROSSGOD disgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 25 21:57 Slave RP
Oct 24 03:32 Looking for someone to do guro RP with Julie
Oct 23 18:07 Orgasmic execution fantasy
Oct 23 18:05 Female for torture-snuff
Oct 22 04:39 Dystopian Rp Blake
Oct 20 18:36 Snuff or murderfucking
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Oct 14 01:17 Shota/Loli/vore and guro RP! Cole
Oct 13 22:54 LF Long-Term Friends/RP Partners
Oct 11 15:47 God Wars DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 11 05:08 Looking for a female/trans/crossdresser for scat/peeing RP.
Oct 11 04:28 God Wars DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
Oct 10 17:56 Seeking long term RP partner Anon
Oct 06 16:37 morgue/crime scene RP neobyzantium
Oct 05 08:14 Futa LF monster girls or a mommy Veramina
Oct 04 19:42 Brazillian RP or any who like Beat in womam ><
Oct 02 21:41 M4 A Kik roleplay about my wife! Snuff her how you like.
Oct 01 21:58 Roleplay italiano
Oct 01 12:30 role play Alex
Sep 29 08:00 skype show perverseplay
Sep 28 15:42 Shota RP/guro/scat/etc Cole
Sep 25 01:18 Guro Snuff Skype RP I am up for most things Executioner
Sep 24 03:51 Looking for shota guro RP...and people that are ok with anything Shota/guro Rp
Sep 22 15:52 Lesbian rp anyone? Jiko Seiai
Sep 22 15:41 Gore (or anything else) for Futa (or female) FuckedUpFuta
Sep 22 13:31 Lamia Adventure Roleplay Nikki
Sep 22 01:05 Looking for female RPer disconnector
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Sep 20 18:23 Fattened to be cooked
Sep 20 08:26 my project NENA
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Sep 19 16:37 Looking for roleplay partners
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Sep 17 20:33 Seeking Extreme/Snuff RPs
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Sep 17 20:26 Executions DisgustingPervert(ButI'mBeautiful!)
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Sep 13 15:58 Looking for a dominant male
Sep 10 22:33 Searching a female RP partner. Nachtengel
Sep 07 20:13 Noncon, degrading medical stuff. (Male victim)
Aug 30 11:53 This isn't for roleplay so you won't understand
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Aug 27 05:05 Sub looking for someone interested in dominating me and doing what they please.
Aug 27 04:46 Sex Slave Elementary School GameMastur
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Apr 09 11:03 Skype rp partner request Well Then.
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Oct 24 07:49 finish him
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Sep 18 01:42 Looking for RP LadyHearts

File: 1470121655894.jpg (503.47 KB, 1169x826, 6b0cdb997afb1158cf55bf6d63….jpg)


This is a simple game similar to the classic "Marry, Fuck, Kill," except that in this version you have to pick a person from the previous post with which to do all three - marry, fuck, and kill the same person. You can do it in any order you like.
Either pick from the previous post and post a new image of your own (which must have at least two people in it, and preferably more), or if you have no image, pick someone that hasn't been picked yet, or, if you absolutely can't pick any of the subjects left in the last image, look back and pick someone from an older post.
Obviously it's preferred if you give a short blurb as to why you made your choice and how you'd go about it; bonus points if you can make a whole short story about it, although if it starts to get too long I recommend you head over to /lit/.
I'll kick this off with this pair from Fate/Stay Night. Choose your bride/victim - and remember you have to marry, fuck, AND kill her!


File: 1470231495753.jpeg (55.5 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

The girls in the image are Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

I'll go with Rin because of those cute ass twintails.

We had just finished our vows in the small chapel where our wedding took place, as we walked outside, arms entwined, the few friends we had invited cheered and clapped in celebration of our matrimony. We got in the car that was to take us to our hotel, my plan would finally come to fruition.

After a short drive the car pulled up to the hotel, we grabbed our bags from the trunk and thanked the driver for his service. Rin was so excited to get the penthouse suite that I had booked for this special occasion, I smiled as she bounced in excitement, her body so full of life and, haha...not for long.

When we got to the room, I immediately went to the bathroom to 'freshen up', in reality I was grabbing the knife that one of my lackeys had left there, on my instructions of course. I exited the bathroom to find one of the sexiest sights I had ever seen, Rin in white and baby blue lingerie, oh Imcouldn't wait to snuff the light out of this girl.

She beckoned me over with her finger, she looked incredibly nervous, if only she knew what was about to happen. She sat on the bed and laid on her back I grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and was surprised to see that her anus was lubed up, I looked into her eyes and she blushed, that made me smile.

I placed the tip of my cock against her sphincter and started to push, she grit her teeth in obvious discomfort, I started rubbing her pussy to increase her pleasure, she moaned like a slut whenever I did that. I finally bottomed out inside her ass, her hole gripped my cock like a vice, it was wet, warm and continuously milked my cock, It was basically heaven. I started thrusting into her ass, making her whine in pain that would soon pass. As I started going faster her whines of discomfort turned into moans of pleasure, she begged me to go harder, to fuck her till she couldn't walk, well that was surprising, she was an anal freak.

I felt myself getting closer to climax and from Rin's moans I could tell she was almost finished as well. Rin wailed like a banshee and juices from her pussy coated my waist and my stomach, she came from anal? Holy shit (no pun intended), her orgasm caused her sphincter to spasm, making me cum, warm sperm filled her ass, causing her another orgasm, she closed her eyes to rest for a little while, now to kill this bitch.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1471768750756.jpg (423.6 KB, 1350x600, christmas_party.jpg)

Well this thread's looking moribund and I have no ideas whatsoever for what to do with Weiss or Ruby, so here's me attempting to throw a bit more coals on the fire with more girls from which to choose. Pick from this image or either of the previous two.


*claps his hands* Ruby cause she is …. just cute as hell!
My victims I throw out are Dead master and Black Rock shooter.
Also I hope these isn't to long.


A blur of bullets filled the air, all around the two of us, were grim. Each one slowly being torn apart from the ammo being blasted by both our weapons as we started to fall back into the town. We managed to make it so the other hunters and huntresses escaped from the coming horde. It was going to be a hard job. I was ordered to kill Ruby Rose, the silver eyed warrior. Ozpin’s secret order told me to do it, however I had certain condition to meet before killing her. She had to save the world from the Grim.

Now that…. that was a tall order. Honestly I maybe a loyal dog to the order, but I had to literally stay by her side, help her save the world, and then off her?! Jesus these guys were more like slave drivers then my brothers in arms. However, when I became a full member of the order I said I do anything for it. These counted as anything. I meet her in a town during her trip across the four kingdoms. Typical grim invasion, helped save some people, blah, blahl. I done more than enough jobs dealing with these things. Even calling them animals was an insult, to beings I value more than the grim.

She was easy to spot out, the red hood and all. However, what hit me was how innocent she was. I could see it in those beautiful silver eyes. Such a sweet young woman. She danced around the battlefield with her scythe as if an angel come to smite demons. The roses her semblance made added to her beauty. I watched her closely on the battle field as she danced around at high speeds taking out the mad beasst. The dance kept going until a large Beowulf came to attack her while she was reloading.

That was the moment we connected and possibly…the moment I fell in love with her. As if on cue for a play, I stabbed the wolf with my sword through its throat. At the same time, she fired her rifle. Blowing a hole through another one ready to stab me through the chest. Our eyes meet and she just gave a sweet smile to me. That innocent face, was what pulled me in.

After that, I joined her and her friends on many adventures and fights across the world. During fights I watched her like a hawk.Reason, it was to protect her. Reason two because she wore a dress I could get some nice panty glimpses here and there. I’m still a guy after all, and although she wasn’t miss TNPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1471914100591.jpg (1022.11 KB, 952x915, Black★Rock.Shooter.full.10….jpg)

File: 1467884116828.jpg (292.27 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


Why just kill her? Let's do something more fun aswell, if anyone is interested request Skype name.




I'll join you


Hi everyone, I'm feeling really noob here lol legit took me like 20mins to figure out RP meant role-playing hahaha

I've finally mustered up the courage to explore the dark web and ended up here ;) looking for someone to guide me through these treacherous waters

oh and to generally teach me what all theses bloody abbreviations are :P


Unfortunately I cannot tolerate one-liners or those without proper spelling (although I'm no grammar nazi) and all role plays will be conduced via Discord (@ optionalSEKE#8395). All response must contain at least five or more descriptive sentences and must have something which I can reply to.

Practically opened to anything and everything with no limitations and can role play as either submissive and/or dominate of any gendered role! However bonuses (and I'll love you forever) if you let me role play as a middle aged submissive man. *squeal*

Everything is optional! Key words: Amputation / Dismemberment / Mutilation, Abusive Relationships, Age Gap, Asphyxiation, Bestiality (*favorites include Pig and/or Swan*), Blood / Bloodplay . . . *Vampire fun*, Being Dominated, Being Submissive, Breeding, Blackmail, Bondage, Cooking, Castration / Partial Castration, Cross Dressing, Death, Demons, Disembowelment, Digestion, Double Penetration, Extremely Sexual Role Plays, Fatality, Grab and Gulp, Glory Hole, Incest, Impregnation, Impalement, Male Pregnancy, Lactation . . . *mmm milk*, Micro / Macro, Milking, Multiple Characters, Master x Slave, Rape, Obsessive Relationships, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Oviposition . . . *laying some eggs*, Punishment in Hell, Prostitution, Romantic Relationships, Stabbing / Cutting, Same Size, Sacrificial Offering, Scat, Sex Toys, Sexual Frustration, Sounding, Tentacle Rape, Threesomes, Shapeshifter, Quickie, Willing, Unusual Penis, Unwilling, Urethral Insertions, Living Insertions, Watersports, Werewolves, Vampires, Verbal Abuse, Vivisection, Vomiting -- anything which isn't listed please don't be shy about asking me straight up front -- *surprise me*!


Hey! I sent you a request on discord (i am Vern#3707)
Our mutual kinks are
amputation, mutilation, Asphyxiation, Bloodplay, Domination and Submission, bondage, crossdressing, disembowelment, impalement, master/slave, obsessive, stabbing/cutting, sexual frustration, willing, vivisection and maybe vomit? I'm still on the fence with that one.


Before I begin I have to excuse myself for my bad english. I'm not a native speaker, so it would be great if you could take it easy on me, when you find a bunch of mistakes.

Only a few days ago I found this wonderful site on which all these nasty phantasies are displayed. Rather quickly I really began to enjoy all of these images, that seemed a little bit disturbing when I first saw them. But now I'm willing to take this phantasy one step further. I really want to meet someone with whom I can have a detailed Role-play about a brutal rape, wich will end in the death of either one or both of us. I want it to be a really detailed Role-play and the whole setting should be made up by both of us. I'm a bi guy so it doesn't matter if you are male or female or whatever else there is.

Please let me know if anyone is intrested in this. I will then give you my e-mail adress and we can discuss other ways to communicate or we will start with buildig the setting right away.

Have a nice day :-)


Hi! I'm interested by your post, can I ask you one question? are you a male of a female?


he said he's a bi guy = male

and also what's this wonderful site you were on?? I'm curious ;)


I think I did share a lot of ideas but now I want to head of yours ^^ if any of you wanna contact me:
- over kik: hot_Julie666
- over Discord: Julie#6176
- by mail:

File: 1509892665023.png (460.7 KB, 800x533, 1439590558797.png)


Hey, I'm a really perverted young guy (21 years) and I'm looking for an equally perverted Role-playing Partner. It doesn't really matter what gender or what age you are as long as you are submissive. I really like slow executions, torture, rape, cannibalism and scat. If you also like these things it would be great if you could leave your skype name or e-mail adress down below. I will contact you as soon as possible. :-)
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would you be interested in cuntboy rp?


File: 1510764191413.jpg (361.22 KB, 927x1150, 3D_Torture_by_Arcas_aq27.jpg)

hey, i rly hope we can get to play, i'm so much into pretty much everything you've listed and beyond.
very submissive, no limits and a very sick and twisted mind :P
hope hearing from you soon -


Are you male or female


i was pretty sure that my email addr would give that away lol ;)
i'm a very submissive and feminine, yet still technically, a male, but am comfortable with playing both a female or a dickgirl... ^^
i know that's not everyone's cup'o'tea, but hey... you never know until you try... ;)


S, can You contact me. Are You still active?


I would love to try being a young women yet more little than a trap I would love like to be about 1 meter and the child to be bigger (big plus if he is a nymphomaniac)


Alright, since Killer and Victim is essentially dead, I've decided to recreate the game. Hopefully my changes will be enough to keep it alive.

The concept is mostly the same; Person 1 creates a character, and decides if that character is a killer or a victim. If Person 1's character is a killer, then Person 2 creates a scenario in which their own character is killed by Person 1's character. If Person 1's character is a victim, then Person 2's character will kill them. After Person 2 writes out the scenario, they create their own character and allow the next person to write a scenario.

Some basic rules;

Although the original paragraph is singular when it comes to characters, you may have up to three characters in a scenario. The only restriction is that you cannot mix them; 3 killers or 3 victims, not 2 Killers and 1 victim.

Write out the scenario above you before posting your own. However, if it has been more than one month since it was posted, you may create a new scenario without replying to the previous one.

Original characters only!

No characters under the age of 18. At some point I will make a version of this game to allow for younger characters.

The templates are below. Anything containing (O) is optional, and does not have to be filled out.

Killer Template:


Victim Template:


As the OP, I'll start the game.

Name: Joyce Lum (note that full names are not required, this is just a personal preference for myself.)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Asian. Long sleek black hair with purple streaks. Brown eyes. Skinny, small breasts. Shaved pubes.
Apparel: Glasses. Purple, low-cut, thigh-length, purple dress. White cotton panties, down at her ankles.
Personality(O): Shy. Friendly, to people she's comfortable with.
Location: Sitting on a toilet in a public restroom, along a deserted highway.
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File: 1511322758160.jpg (171.46 KB, 800x1169, 60148448_p0.jpg)

Victim: Alicia Henderson
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: See pic, she's a halfbreed of an Elven woman and a Human warrior
Personality: Cool, but with a slightly naughty bent. She idolizes her father, and desperately wants his approval as an equal, so she decided to join her local militia as a scout. She craves combat in order to "prove" herself.

Joyce had to take a piss break, really badly.
She had been driving along the stretch of highway for at least 5 hours, and had yet to see another person, or even sign of human habitation. Her rental car had gotten scorching hot under the August noon sun, and the two bottles of water and Big Gulp from the last gas station she had stopped at had combined into one about to burst bladder. She sighed with relief as she spotted a lonely little restroom by the side of the road. A sign (pocked with bullet holes) next to the restroom stated that "Next Gas Station: 130 miles".

She pulled over to the side, and stepped out. The dry heat temporarily took her breath, and sight. She walked to the restroom, and stepped in, sighing as the shade enveloped her from the sun. Joyce scurried over into the ladies room, and quickly set about to relieve herself.

30,000 feet in the air, Second Lieutenant Stenbridge shifted in his seat. She desperately needed to relieve herself. "Chugging down that water bottle before flight was a mistake" she thought to herself, as another pocket of turbulence hit her F-16C. She cringed, and tried to adjust her catheter. Just then, another pocket of hot rising air juggled her aircraft, and Stenbridge let go, splashing her flight suit with urine. She recoiled in shock, accidentally brushing the Master Arm switch, before her hand squeezed the stick, selecting weapon station 2, and releasing one (1) CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition. She stared at the MFD indicating the release of the weapon from the pylon, and realized she had Fucked Up. She consoled herself with the knowledge that she had at least released the cluster bomb over the range, and not over a population center.

The bomb dropped, spinning on its central axis as it fell.
At 1200 feet, it broke apart, releasing the 202 BLU-97/B submunitions. Each submunition deployed its decelerator, and wafted down over a 40x60 square foot area. This area just so happened to cover the abandoned highway rest station, rental car, and the 19 year old girl relieving hersePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1511378289117.jpg (328.32 KB, 720x960, 65446280_p0.jpg)


Name: Jeong Choe
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Picture, a cream bra and white panties.
Personality: Prideful about both her intelligence and looks, yet still shy around people she doesn’t know.
Location: Staying behind in an empty building in her neighborhood to study alone until late hours.

Unfortunately, someone let Alicia Henderson join the militia. However, I couldn’t stand for a half-elven bitch to be allowed to fight in our army! Her being let in was a disgrace to our tradition, not to mention that with her being half-human she could easily betray us to the humans if our shaky truce was to be broken again. So when she was given scouting duty as a test, I knew what I had to do – cleanse our ranks of the half-bred heathen.

As she set off towards the location she was told to patrol today, I followed closely behind, carrying a dagger with myself. She didn’t suspect a thing – after all, the bitch most likely thought that we all accepted her now. While following her, I had the chance to see what she thought could pass for an uniform. I realized she might have been let in only because she was visually appealing to some officer, and I felt more contempt for the militia for letting her join. Her chest was only covered with a green leather bra, leaving her sizeable tits barely covered. On her wrists she wore green guards, possibly to help her with bow recoil. The bow was beautifully crafted, having her hold it was a insult to it to be held by a half-bred. She kept her arrows in a quiver hanging just behind her ass. Her sex was only covered with a piece of cloth, tied with straps wrapping around her waist as the cloth moved between her shapely legs. As I watched her, I understood why some would be willing to overlook her parentage – she was quite pleasant to look at. I, however, couldn’t stand for such a thing, her looks only strengthening my resolve.

I continued to follow her until she decided to take a break. I knew we were far enough from the settlement now that no one would interrupt us. I smiled as I saw her set her bow down on the ground – a deadly mistake for anyone to make, convincing me she deserved what I’d do. She took a look around to make sure no one was nearby, but didn’t notice me, then laid down with her back against a tree. She closed her eyes as she slipped one hand beneath the clotPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1511509861737.jpg (118.65 KB, 650x918, dfbf8edc9aaec6eb9ae4969a73….jpg)


Victim: Karen Kisaragi
Age: 26
Appearance/apparel: See image
Personality: She's a lonely, single office lady with a weakness for booze
Location: At home alone, like usual, and most likely getting drunk.

I had done it! I had successfully completed my very own ultra thin, super strong mono-carbon filament wire! I just had to test it out, preferably on some young, cute girl!

I sat down and thought for a minute, before coming upon the perfect test subject. Miss Jeong Choe, from my Math class. She had just turned 18, and everyone at school either adored her cute oval face, or envied her gigantic tits. She was the perfect target, since she preferred to keep to herself, and didn't have many friends, due to her somewhat prideful and aloof nature.

It was almost the end of our last year at high school, and everyone was cramming for finals. Miss Choe was no exception.
She sat back, stretching her arms and legs, and yawned. It was almost time for her to go home. She leaned forward to grab her books when she felt something waft around her neck. The buxom teen didn't even have time to gasp before the wire sliced through her neck, neatly severing it from the rest of her body. Her head tumbled forward, crashing onto the desk and rolling until it was stopped by her textbooks. Her body, now lacking any command from a brain, relaxed and slumped forward. Blood sprayed in two wide jets from her neck stump, and the front of her school shirt was quickly turned crimson. Miss Choe's head gazed back at me, dull eyed and slack jawed, a rivulet of blood dripping from her little button nose.

Her body finally stilled, blood no longer spurting. I placed one gloved hand on her ample chest, feeling her warmth. My penis was fully engorged, and I could stand it no longer. I ripped open her shirt, exposing her blood stained breasts to the world. I cut through her cream colored bra, and squeezed her milkers like there was no tomorrow. The soft, pliant feeling of her flesh drove me crazy. I grabbed the hem of her skirt, and tugged it hard, dragging it down her legs. Her pure white panties were damp with urine, let forth as her bladder had relaxed in death. I took out an old analog camera, and began to snap photo after photo. This was not going to be the last test, oh no. I still had many experiments to conduct with my wonderfuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Victims: 2

Name: Carolina Evans
Age: 22
Gender: F
Appearance: Caucasian, hip-length fuzzy red hair, green eyes, hourglass figure, large breasts, bushy pubes.
Apparel: White shirt and brown cargo shorts.
Personality(O): Overtly kind and cheerful, highly intelligent, childish, and somewhat dirty-minded.

Name: Cindy Walker
Age: 19
Gender: F
Appearance: African, shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, petite figure, large breasts, bushy pubes.
Apparel: Green t-shirt, checkered skirt, black stockings, black boots, glasses.
Personality(O): Mature, highly intelligent, but conceited​, serious, brutally honest occasionally, narcissistic, and confident.

Location: Carolina's apartment, helping each other with college work, with Carolina occasionally flirting with Cindy.

I wrote my reply in the form of a screenplay. (Sorry about the poor formating, but it didn't transfer well from the word processor.)


INT. Karen's apartment - night

KAREN, mid-20's, Asian-American, is passed out on the bed wearing an expensive-looking suit with the shirt unbuttoned​. Her right hand is buried underneath her skirt and panties. A large bra and five empty beer bottles​ are scattered messily around the bed, while her glasses hang loosely on her face. The only light and sound is coming from a tablet laying on her stomach, playing a pornographic video.

Metal scratching metal is heard from the other side of the front door, followed by a click. The doorknob turns gently and the door creeps open. A MASKED MAN slips in. He's bulky, like a wrestler, and every inch of his body is obscured by thick clothing; a thick long-sleeve shirt, thick cargo pants, boots, several layers of gloves, and a robber mask. The man shuts the door behind him, a little too loudly. Karen stirs and opens her eyes.

(incoherent mumbling)

The masked man pulls a pistol from his pocket, attaches a silencer, and rushes to the side of the bed. He presses the gun against Karen's head as she awakens and opens her mouth to scream.

Masked man
Don't even thing about screaming or I'll put a bullet in your brain. Do you understand me?

Karen nods in confirmation, and closes her mouth. She looks fearfully at the intruder.

MASPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1512024467682.jpg (178.08 KB, 600x800, 3401572_p0.jpg)

Victim: Private Yoshika Sawashiro
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: See image (tanned skin, slender figure, short brown hair, brown eyes
Apparel: See image, half dressed
Personality: A cheerful and upbeat young girl
Location: An alternate history WW2 where the Japanese have let women join the armed forces in the front line. Yoshika is taking a smoke break, and has let her guard down.

"The boss said there was only gonna be one bitch we had to get rid of", the larger one said. The thinner one sitting in the drivers seat simply grunted. They had been staking out the apartment for weeks now, waiting for the order to come down from upstate New York, where their employer lived. Yesterday, they had gotten a greenlight to go ahead. Their target was Carolina Evans, the daughter of some poor shmuck who'd done pissed off the most influential, richest, and certainly most deranged mobster on the East Coast. Now the simple plan to to snuff the girl got a whole lot more complicated.

"We're going to get rid of the other one", the thin one said in monotone. The large one nodded in agreement. Carolina was supposed to leave Hoboken next morning, to Alaska where the boss had zero pull. This meant tonight was their last chance.
Collateral damage sucked, but pissing off the boss sucked even more. A potentially fatal suck, in fact.

They got out of their car, breath fogging in the cold Jersey night.
The big one went to the trunk and took out a big golf club bag. Looking both ways, the pair walked across the street to the apartment entrance. The lobby was deserted, and the two encountered not a single soul as they walked up the flight of stairs to Carolina's apartment. "Number 345, right?", said the large one. "Right", confirmed the thin one. They both looked at the door in front of them. 345 was prominently affixed to the door. The faint sound of girlish laughter could be heard from behind the door. It was locked, of course.

The large one dropped the golf bag, and drew the zipper down. The cold gleam of metal revealed the deadly contents inside. The thin one took a short barreled breaching shotgun, and a suppressed Vz.61 submachine gun. The big one took a machete that looked well used, and a large sledge hammer. They didn't bother with masks or hoodies, confident in the fact that the boss could get rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


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me interesa el video y quiero verlo

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