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File: 1504035356789.jpg (127.32 KB, 850x1107, sample_f169894786ef0ec54d6….jpg)


Im looking for studs to do a Snuff RP where my character been beaten and used before being snuffed. I love the ending of a good snuff RP when my corpse beeing posed or becoming a public cum toilet, love the idea of my lil head becoming a cock ornament too.
I love dirty talking and humiliation.

my limits are torturing and scat.

I use Wicker, my wicker ID is: ThatSmexyBoy

File: 1494442460116.jpg (138.42 KB, 1080x1050, 1405100774965.jpg)


I have a major fetish for dolcett. It gets me really hard just thinking that one day I could go through with my fantasy, but...

I just can't decide how.

Number one, is the good old "erotic auto asphyxia". I suppose I could go to some remote place, so as not to be disturbed, get naked, and asphyxiate myself while masturbating in nature.

Number two, is seppuku. Yes, I know it is painful. But it also gets me extremely horny when I watch those japanese "fake harakiri" porn movies, and think I could do so much better if it was real.

But my biggest fetish is the Jessica 3000. And it's disappointing that i'll never be able to experience being spitted from end to end, but If I could prepare a reasonably sharp pole, and some way to get on it...
I'm thinking either a monkey-bar that I could climb on, then lower myself onto the pole inserting it into my anus, and just let go, letting gravity do the work, and feel the agony as the sharp pole drives into my abdomen.
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You'd need some pretty heavy weights on your ankles, probably arms and weight as well, to provide force in place of the speed or thrusting you can't really engineer solo, else you'll probably just end up with a spike halfway through your guts, unable to get back off OR go any further down, and experience a very painful, regretful, less-than-fun end. And it won't be anywhere near as interesting a scene for whoever finds you. Remember to tilt your head back as well.

However I'd maybe suggest a vibrating buttplug instead.


Similarly seppuku / harikiri is a two player game. You need a Second who can lop your head off once you've disembowelled yourself. And that means someone who will either An Hero alongside you in a different way, or who can make sure they don't leave any forensic trace of themselves behind, or take any such traces away from the scene, and arrive/leave without being observed and tracked, else they will be in a whole pile of shit very quickly.

Also come up with an entirely ridiculous yet believable reason for it other than "this gets me hard".


Third option: shotgun up the asshole (or pussy if you're of the internal gonad persuasion) if you can rig up some remote trigger. Or for heightened suspense and reduced ability to back out, a flintlock pistol with a slow burning gunpowder fuse running into the breach instead of the normal hammer-and-splint setup.

Dynamite if you want to be really hardcore, one up the ass (and/or cooch), another deepthroated. Doing a naked swan dive off the top of a high building a few seconds before the fuse runs out and the sticks explode. Set up a few dashcams around the site with decent memory cards in non-overwrite mode (or just running off batteries good for distinctly less time than the maximum rec time) at various angles to cover all possibilities of detonation time, including that of ground splatter followed by bang. Text, facebook, twitter, GC mass messages with the camera locations in sent just before the big moment. Hashtag ludicrous gibs.

Obtaining the materials is left as an exercise for the reader, I don't fancy being arrested.


I don't condone suicide, but if you want something erotic, cut your genitals off. I've always wanted to do that before, but now I want to live.


If you sit on the sharp pole it will just come out of your belly unless you will be in some confined space which prevents you from bending.

Besides that, I would >>2668 second idea to use explosives.
stuff them in your ass or pussy and boom.

Or just tie a rope around your neck and jump from the building for easy spectacular decapitation.

For something more complex take opium and stab and cut yourself everywhere with the knife rip out your internal organs until you die to pretend that it was some assault to mess up with police which will later have a hard time investigating what happened. As nobody will believe you did that to yourself.

File: 1481769100388.gif (877.05 KB, 6600x6600, Momo Internet Pet.gif)


Will you help take care of her?


Hunger: 3/5
Health: 5/5
Mood: Content


In this game you decide how you want to take care of a Net Pet and it will happen, no matter what the action.

Leave comments on tumblr or right here and I'll draw any way you interact with her.

Serve yourself, and have fun. :)
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Remove her eyeballs and force her to eat them.


Shoot her. Shoot her in the chest.


threaten with a pistol


I want to fuck the shit out of her


Pretty sure ears don't have bones in...

that's all I've got.


I'm really into letting someone having complete control over me and dictating whatever I should do for them or what they do to me. Don't care about gender and I can be whatever you want me to be.

Turn ons: Most things imaginable
Turn offs: Scat, foot worship

Kik: Geb_R

File: 1500933344245.jpg (1.05 MB, 2048x1536, SugarloafElemFront.jpg)


I invented a RP setting, were you, the GC community, will be playing a girl in a elementary school, hope you enjoy it.

Sex Slave Elementary School

It is the year 2036, unfortunately humanity has not reached flying cars, colonize the moon or even get rid of fossil fuels, but what the governments have achieved is an advancement on "behavioural schools", where bad boys and girls go to get corrected. One of those schools is the "Sex Slave Elementary School", where female attendants are trained to become sex slaves.

If parents see their young girl behaving badly, they can enroll her in this school so she can use her bad behaviour to turn her into a sex slave. Of course, in this school at least, boys are safe and they take regular classes.

The enrollment age is as young as five years old and the whole course lasts 6 years, so if a 6 year old girl gets enrolled, she will come out at 12 being a fully expert sex slave.

The classes for the girls consist in deepthroat principles, vaginal stretching, punishment endurance, sex excercise, swallowing techinques, bondage principles and the administration is planning to add more classes.

The uniform for girls consist of a nipple tag containing their name, a high-leg black g-string, a tartan red microskirt that covers nothing and varying heights of high heels, with 3 inches at first grade and 8 inches at sixth grade, increasing an inch every year. For the boys there is a white t-shirt and gray pants.

The cafeteria serves different meals for girls and boys, with the girls meal being a mixture of semen, vomit, shit, protein powder and artificial flavour, and the drinks are watered-down semen mixed with a bit of piss. For the boys there are ham sandwiches and apple juice.

What is different from this sex slave school and others, are that if any teacher or male student wants to fuck a girl, the girl must obey, else she will face detention and possibly a gangbang.

Each class is separated by boy-side and girl-side. This is done to avoid boys getting into the wrong seats, as the girls seats have built-in dildos and straps to immobilise the girl.

Unlike many schools, this one has a number based scoring system, where a 5 is a reprobatory, 7 is the minimum and 10 is excelence. If any girl fails to achieve at least the minimum score, they will be punished hard.

AlsPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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D) Raise you hand and ask if you can get cleaned, the smell of piss is getting you dizzy

However, the hunger was displaced by an acrid smell which overpowered you. The smell was like piss and it was making you dizzy. Soon enough, the "food" wasn't as bad as the smell.

You looked towards the exit door and saw a guard there, so you raised your hard and moving it. The guard caught your signal and went walking towards you. Something in the way he was walking worried you, but you shrugged it off.

When he was at your training table you spoke "Can I get cleaned? This smell is making me dizzy". The guard took his radio out and presses a button while speaking through it.
"Err... Yeah, a slut is asking if she can skip lunchtime to clean herself... She smells like piss". You could not hear what the other person was talking because the guard had an earpiece.

You kept looking him confused when he said "Ok, I'll do it" and he took a small whip from his back pocket, swinging it at your left breast. You avoided the whip just barely, but he didn't like that and swung again, this time hitting your nipple as you tried to dodge it again. You screamed in pain and confusion, as you only made a question. Tears started to form on your eyes and the guard said "The council told me that every slave has no right to speak, that is why I whipped you. It is my first day too."

He went to his original spot, looking menacing. The other girl who you spoke to said "That is right, we have no rights here, we're just objects, and it will be better if you just assume that"

You started to cry, the cruelty of this school was too much for you, and just 1:50 hours you entered through those hellish doors.

Lunchtime was scheduled to end at 10 and it was 9:50. You hadn't eaten anything and you were an uncontrollable sobbing mess.

What do you do?

A) Try to eat and then go to your next class
B) Wait until lunchtime is over and stay there
C) Do not eat and go to your next class


A) Try to eat and then go to your next class


A) Try to eat and then go to your next class

You were hungry as your daddy took you without breakfast and your stomach was gurgling.

You reunited all your efforts, took the spook and dipped it into the pinkish mix, taking a spoonful of it.
Instictively you moved it to your mouth only to stop just an inch away, it smelled like strawberries but what the girl said to you worried you.

You thougth "Just don't taste it", opened your mouth and guided the spoon to enter your mouth, twirling your tongue on the spoon to grab the mix and then you swallowed. You kept doing that as all you could taste was a faint strawberry flavor.

You got confident on the thing and you said " I should taste it even more" so the next spoon you used your tongue to taste the mix...

Bad idea, that strawberry flavor was soon overpowered by saltyness, acidness and a horrible overall taste. That time is when you knew that, in fact, the mix had semen, vomit and shit in it. You wanted to puke there from the horrible taste that was invading your mouth and throat.

What do you do?
A) Try to keep it down and go to your class
B) Vomit on the table, the taste is horrible.
C) Try to finish your 'meal'


>C) Try to finish your 'meal'



File: 1503252248909.jpg (72.45 KB, 600x800, 1491893912154 (1).jpg)


Looking for an rp partner to partake in a fantasy decapitation rp. Violence involved but given the fantasy aspect decap does not mean death. Think of it as something like a Dullahan erp
Probably going to be over discord or preferably DA notes


B-E-J on DeviantArt
B-E-J on Discord

File: 1474399091223.jpg (129.81 KB, 395x845, flowrian.jpg)


Currently playing a cuntboy character, I'd love to find someone interested in destroying him both physically and psychologically. Long-term is preferred.
He's a bit of a street rat, not the obedient bitch kind at all, he'd stab you in the face to escape if he could. Kidnapping him or luring him with promises of money would be a must. I really want to explore how long-term predicaments could change his mind and behaviour.

Hard bondage, long-term obedience training, humiliation and objectification are welcomed. I also love the idea of having his body being altered at some point (cutting of his limbs to force him to walk on his fours permanently, stitching his eyes or lips, etc), but that's not mandatory if you're not into that.
My turn off are mostly toilet stuff, diapers, feminization, mind control and pregnancy.

If that's your thing, I'm also interested in monsters and body horror in general, so going for a more unrealistic setting is fine as well. Stuff like oviposition, flesh walls, parasites infestation, tentacles, eldritch abominations and fleshcraft are pure gold for me when it comes to RP.

No one-liners please. Roleplaying through mails is preferred, rather than using instant messengers, as I can't be available for that as much as I want.

If you're willing to roleplay that, send a mail to cntbynonconalltheway@hotmail.com, so we can discuss it.


File: 1502734807495.jpeg (134.83 KB, 559x1071, flowrian2.jpeg)

I'm still looking for a roleplay partner if anyone's interested.

File: 1492734257291.jpg (496.21 KB, 900x1200, 62213831_p5_master1200.jpg)


Looking for a girl interested in exotic voice chat sex on skype, and text chat as well. Add me on steam - roleplaymaster1991, email is roleplaymaster1991@gmail.com. I can go regular voice chat sex or snuff sex. Nothing is better then having a girl ride me, my one hand groping her right breast while twisting her chin to the side, my legs spreading hers.

I like asphyxiation, holding my hand over your mouth and nose while fucking you, I like the idea of strangling you and as I dominate your body. I prefer it to not be gore related. I am very dominate. We do not need to do snuff if you are uncomfortable with it.

I am looking for a girl only. Any age really 18 - 45. Still nice to dominate the cougars. I am very detail oriented in the text chat.

No gay - twink - trans.
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Sounds fun. I wouldn't mind it, Lady. Send me an email at guiltstar@gmail.com


Still looking for a girl interested in skype sex. Please add me roleplaymaster1991@gmail.com.


Still interested in finding that perfect girl that wants to be used by me. Please add me on skype roleplaymaster1991.


There have been some girls adding me. However some are not really what i am looking for. With skype sex I really like the idea of having you (a girl) on voice as I talk dirty to you. About how you are riding me and I am pulling your hair. Listening to your breathing quicken as I fuck you. I want to listen to you beg and whimper as you imagine what I am doing to you, and maybe even have you do it. Say for example, I slowly start to turn your head, have you do it in person, slowly turning your head as I fuck you.

For an example of the type of rp / scenario I want you to think about is you bouncing up and down. Your ass rippling with each slap against my pelvis. My hand griping your hair tightly and pulling your head back while your arms are tied behind you, your back nice and arched. My free hand slapping your ass roughly before it moves over the smooth skin of your tummy up to your breast where I squeeze roughly as you ride and grind on me. Then I would lean up, kissing your neck and licking it, not allowing you to bounce easy but forcing you to grind against me.

Then if we switch position , id start fucking you doggy style, wrapping a cord around your neck and pulling it tight. Your arms still tied behind you. My thrusts hard and without mercy. I watch your ass ripple as I pull the wire tight, I see it dig into your neck as I pull back further making your back arch again. My cock pounding your pussy as you get completely used as a toy. After you started twitching I would release the wire but hold your hair, keeping your body elevated, then I would grab your chin, pulling it to your shoulder. Your eyes glossed over and your tongue resting out of your mouth.

Again I am looking for female specific no twink or trans... no guys at all. I am fine with doing text roleplay too, but I would much prefer voice or maybe even webcam. Please add me on skype roleplaymaster1991@gmail.com.


By the way, I understand its not easy to just trust someone and do this straight away. I would be more then happy to have you just listen and let you have your mic muted so you can become comfortable with my voice. Please do not misunderstand, I am very flexible and understand that trust is not easy to come by. I just want to find someone who wants to be my toy, and be fuck buddies. And will let me dominate her.

File: 1502431588667.jpg (272.85 KB, 999x1142, 1368928440683.jpg)


Hey, I'm looking for someone to play a slime, tentacle, or what ever type of monster/creature.

Here's my email and we'll work out the details:

File: 1500569852781.jpg (46.22 KB, 571x571, 11205626_164659790539797_1….jpg)


Hello there, i'm searching for female roleplay partners. My fetishes are all about belly. So i play bellystab, bellypunch, bellyshot, fighting, amazons swordfight, arrows, involving any type of characters. I play both killer and victim. If interested write me at claudioroleplayer@gmail.com


Hi, i'm still searching. I'm male and searching for female roleplayers

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