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Looking for someone to do a kidnapping rp with, maybe with some fantasy elements, or it could be all realistic. Preferably males. There could be guro, but maybe not.
Picture unrelated.


Forgot to mention, but my kik is wubspon3


Still up?

File: 1495677571948.jpg (105.39 KB, 768x1024, The_Waiting_Room_by_AshBon….jpg)


Strip her nude in public, watch her blush in humiliation, not even knowing what will happen next, then chain her feet up in the air on poles spread far apart so her ass is just inches from the ground and she holds herself up with her hands. Tie a noose around her neck so her back has to be straight up, she can't lean forward. Start a fire under her ass, but only after spanking her for a very long time. Or have shards of glass. Oh, first you spank her endlessly, she get humiliates by her position and audience and spanking punishment, then the pain becomes far more important to her, and you eventually break bottles filled with alcohol on her ass and light it on fire so when she falls she gets strangled and her ass is getting cooked and pierced by so many shards


Spicy idea

File: 1499292648331.jpg (186.64 KB, 850x1209, Rena's beautiful in her sc….jpg)


The purpose of this thread is to state about how you'd kidnap and have "fun" with a loli, shota or woman /teen or adult/. You can choose to kill them or keep them alive /and even fall in love with you/. Once your state your fantasy, you provide a pic and brief description of who your offering for someone else to write a fantasy about. I'll start.

Here's Rena Ryuga from Higurashi in her cute serafuku school uniform. Kidnap and have "fun" with her!


File: 1501729681682.jpg (252.83 KB, 400x835, higurashi_rika_by_Majuki.jpg)

If you'd prefer a loli, then here's a loli target......

Here's Rika Furude from Higurashi, kidnap and have "fun" with her!


File: 1501730092429.png (436.73 KB, 600x534, Don't stare at my legs.png)

Just in case you'd prefer a shota target, here's one for you.....

Here's Nagisa from Danganronpa, kidnap and have "fun" with him!!


i want to whip her



Well then, how would your fantasy involving Rena or Rika go beyond just whipping her?


Is this still up?


I am okay with anything torture scatt snuff multilation killing. My scene is you kidnap a shota boy(age limit 13) and torture him sexually or torture to death or love him.. or just be cruel with him keeping him alive

File: 1499209715151.jpg (135 KB, 600x315, zombie-car.jpg)


Boom boom boom powpowpowpow pew... pew...
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File: 1501714528876.jpg (59.41 KB, 542x725, torture002.jpg)

Yay someone gets it


"WE'LL MELT THIS CHURCH TO THE GROUND!" The Raven Satanists already set fire to desks and curtains, now it was the nunnery that allowed priests to molest them and ecouraged "therapy" to "solve" the "problem" of good wholesome porn.

"Better a Catholic with a degree strips a small boy than the boy sees a naked woman, right? You perverts have bad this coming a long way!"

"Please, you'll be no better than them!"

"As if I care, I'mnot pretending to. Who're you to tell me to be better? How am I not hetter, anyway, there are no children here!"


"Hahahaha then I save them from you..."

The impromptu commander lit a few matches and dropped it at the nun's feet. Then gunshots were heard from outside.


Time to die the head hunter said to the bitches that surrendered ready to hang and rape he pull the lever



A huntsman and his crew FIRE at you from a medium distance pewpewpew


The snipers up comes in and now we have even more to hang from you stockade


When ever I visit the thread I get an a instrumental version a march of the pigs by nin stuck in my head


A lesser known god of pleasure is looking for a female human victim/protege/lover/plaything.

seeking someone to RP the chosen recipient


i..i am new here and english isnt my first language, but i would be interested l..like explain how this work


I am new to this also. my e-mail is wopap44@gmail.com if your interested.


26 female looking for someone to talk to or rp with.

Kinks: Snuff, snuff fucking, rape, mutilation, abuse, abnormal, degradation, female slave, volunteer, etc. Please let me know if you would like to talk.
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Not the OP, but another respondent ;)


Oh...I see


Lets talk, send me an email rpemail80@gmail.com


unless you leave a contact ( email, YM etc...) how can one contact you?


My gmail is flare8217@gmail.com


Hello there,

I am searching a female rp partner. My favorite fantasy is all about tit destruction and degreasing, but I am also interested many other fantasies that deal with snuff and gore, so feel free to answer me with any fantasy you have got, we most likely find a way to make us both happy.



Hey there...26 year old female looking for a dominant male to RP fire,snuff,snufffuck with. Send me a message if you're interested.


thanks for answering, I'm very interested. If you like, we could proceed on writing over yahoo messenger or mail.

My mail address is whicker_james@yahoo.de
I'm looking for your answer. Until then.


I would love to RP some degrading medical stuff.

Noncon all the way, kidnapping, heavy restraints, forced probing, unnecessary tests, maybe some force-feeding as well (gotta take those meds). Wouldn't be against some heavy surgical mutilations (amputations and sexual nullification are lovely) and disfigurations, but they're not mandatory if that's not your thing.
I'll play the victim, but my character will definitely either try to escape or stab yours if given the opportunity, as I prefer playing characters who try to resist at first rather than being just whimpering punchbags. Mind break through conditioning, traumatism and obedience training would be lovely, as long as we can avoid hypno and mind control stuff.
It can go into sci-fi territory or mad scientist stuff if that's your thing, as I can enjoy that as well.
I prefer playing humans/humanoid males (with dicks or with cunts).
No underage characters. No TG/bimbo, scat, snuff, pregnancy or diaper stuff.

As for the length, single paragraph to multiple paragraphs. Third person is preferred. Timezones + work make me a rather slow roleplayer so there's also that. Mind you, I won't be able to roleplay before mid-October, but I can find some time to discuss about what we could do together, just send a mail to cntbynonconalltheway @hotmail.com along with what you'd love to play if you're interested.

File: 1498527239187.png (8.32 KB, 290x174, images.png)


What is it called when you want a Stalker? Crazy? I don't know. I just want one, I want anyone to know everything about...to follow me and send that thrill into me that this might just be it, I crave it and its disgusting, but I'd do anything for one....
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"being an attention whore", probably.
Maybe with a side order of exhibitionism and/or masochism, if you really want the lack of control and potential for the threat to go from just spying to something more...


If you want it, it is not stalking, that will be your boyfriend


But what if he doesn't know that she wants it?


That will be a success of the century if someone who wants to be stalked gets stalked by someone who does not know that. LOL
And one dumb stalker who cannot even collect information properly and see what is going on. LOL
Since otherwise, it is not a rocket science to see that your target wants to be stalked.


File: 1504094035576.gif (1.16 MB, 600x600, 3d_gif.gif)

Why Onix, you make it sound like you know the field well.

Npw I want a sitcom movie where this happens but the dude is himself stalked by an even crazier girl who is stalked by credit score dogs, The Agents of Credit.

But then one dude at like the NSA spies o his younger sister and finds out she's using the skills her taught jer to hack cameras and she's spying on the credit score dogs that are agter her.

Thus, she has the initiative and knows where to not be and so it's her brother stalking her stalking an agent stalking a crazy old woman stalking a less crazy young boy stalking his crush. Who turns out to be crazier than anyone.

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