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I loveeeeee guro! :3 really like it. i really like to be punched very harder in my Belly. By my only brother...
Im from brazil, letting my facebook below :

Haruka Fubuki


hello do you want to play role play with me?


Kik: jt_wild

Hey, 26 male, straight. Interested in RPing or chatting with someone about raping, snuffing, and cooking up my wife. Or The cooking part is optional if you're not into it. We can make it go however you like as long as she ends up snuffed

She is a 27 year old half latina lady with a phat ass and pretty nice body!

imgur . com/KaEsnfP

She isn't into that much kink so she would be non compliant for the most part. My lmits are bathroom stuff.


File: 1506980481468.jpg (157.1 KB, 1100x1332, 876779 - Fyren John_Smith ….jpg)

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Cerco italiani per fare roleplay farting/scat su kik. Aggiungetemi.

kik: leccachiappe


I would RP with you, do you have a discord we could RP on?


I'm looking for a female partner to play role play snuff


hello i look for somebody who is looking for young perverse bi man,i will do everything what you want o web for some crypto


Looking for RP partner okay with shota guro/torture/all kinds of gore... Anyways I would like to RP with your favorite kinks... I usually like to be the victim! But j can be the killer/Dom/top ....my Kik is RPpmME. And my email is alexis06wolf@gmail.com


fuck you

File: 1463911002123.jpg (188.96 KB, 1155x1800, 1424764778595.jpg)


I can be the dom or sub and will RP anything except for the following

Consensual Guro
Adult male sub

Insane3332 is my Skype (i think) so feel free to contact

Image kinda related as it can be an option


sent you a skype message




Still up?


I like to be victim in shota guro RP ..I no Limits..hope you too... I like torture and any cruel stuff... My Kik is RPpmME



Your idea sounds quite interesting. I'm into cute shotas and would like to give your ideas a try.

Did you have a specific Shota in mind to play as?


Yes I do



Then which shota do you want to RP as?


Usually as a character of mine...I have sent you a email!



Ok then, I'll answer it as soon as possible.

File: 1488919252902.jpg (260.93 KB, 1280x1804, IMG_0046.JPG)


I'm into most things snuff related, mostly asphyxiation though! I prefer that it'd be all romantic and consensual (Don't ask). If interested, just ask for my Yahoo messenger!
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I'd be up for some lesbian rp. Just hit me up on discord, name's the same as on here.


im pretty sure we've met on darkfetishnet before


Can we have an updated link?


>is in 2017

>doesn't have own hardware for videochatting

>even though that shit is pretty much given out in cereal boxes now

Hm. Right. Oooooooookay...


My discord is AngelaSadist number is 7016

File: 1503526235393.jpeg (355.91 KB, 702x1000, 33d1f276956608027f1d33cbc….jpeg)


Hi! My name's Astrid, and I'm looking for some bloody torture and gruesome murder for a rp. I would like to play a futa, can play female though. Really open to ANYTHING on this site so don't hesitate to email me.
Some things I'm interested in:
- Gore (obviously)
- Torture
- Murder
- Execution
- Scat
- Castration
- Penectomy
- Necrophilia

Basically abuse and torture my character and we'll have a good time. Open for discussion and answering any questions you may have.

Email me at: ashiebear1106@gmail.com


Sounds fun~


Hello! I am interested!
My email is: AngelaSadist@gmail.com

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