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Hello! I’m looking for other girls for a yuri / lesbian guro roleplay. I am usually going to play a submissive role. I’m really into medical play, surgery, etc! I’m not into scat or soft vore. If you wanna know more, contact me by kik at dicetheneko

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In this thread, you state what you'd do to a dead shota from a pic in the previous post and then provide a new pic of a dead shota. I'll go first….

Here's 13 year old Ciel from Black Butler dead in a suitcase, what do you do to his cute body?

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This thread is dedicated to what sort of sexual things you'd do with a dead girl or woman if there were no consequences and you had no restraints about it whatsoever.

To start, you're at the park and you come across these two cute lolis sitting on a bench slumped against each other dead and there's no one around. What do you do with them?
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File: 1545065768199.png (477.7 KB, 405x901, c1eb593fe90d75f7e2a348a010….png)

I had no idea what my friend had in store when he invited me to the pool after school, so imagine my surprise when I entered and saw Lilly, one of the most popular girls in school, laid down on a bed roll.

"Got assigned to cleaning duty and found her floating. Seemed she went out pretty peacefully." My friend said. I moved closer and felt her cold skin.

"S-she's…" I muttered.

"Yeah, tried CPR, but didn't work. But hey," he squeezed one of her tits, "now we can touch up on the most beautiful girl in the school…" He pulled down one of the straps of her swimsuit and exposed one of her tits. He began to rub her erect nipple.

Already, I became hard, though I felt it to be difficult to just lay my hands on Lilly, especially since she's dead. However, once I saw her cameltoe, without any hesitation, I ran my finger along the center. She didn't react. In fact, all that remained was a smile on her face.

I thought of how she died… With the smile, it could be that she died on her own terms… Suicide? But… she's the most popular girl in school. How can she just decide to end it all there?

I thought more about it… And pretended she was happy knowing I'd be her first. It was no secret that she was a chaste girl despite hundreds of men wanting her, so there was a good chance she was a virgin.

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File: 1545113094978.jpg (121.68 KB, 1280x960, Sleeping cutie.jpg)


I remember how much I loved the lovely pop idol laid out before me and it saddens me to see her dead and lifeless.

I lovingly caress her sweet face and lovely long dark hair before I go down and caress, massage and kiss her bare feet and then slip a pair of white mary jane shoes on them.

Next, I stand her up and I dance with her limp body which moves elegantly even in death. Once we finish dancing, I sit her down and I get behind her and massage her shoulders while kissing and licking all around her neck before I lift up each of her arms and kiss and lick her cute armpits lustfully.

After that, I flip her skirt revealing her lovely pair of legs which I lustfully caress, kiss and lick while I lift each of them in the air. Being deeply aroused, I slip off her white panties and bring out my dick before I ease it into her tight but snug pussy and as I pierce her hymen and began pumping into her.

While I pump into her lush body, she spasms limply and in the meantime, I lovingly grope her lush breasts and cry out her name. Eventually, I cum into her pussy but just then, the sheer shock wakes her up and she gasps as she's brought back to life.

After some explaining as to what's going on, she smiles and thanks me for bringing her back to life and kisses me. Once she slips her panties back on, we get up and go tell everyone that she's alive again. We then hook up and have a long happy life together.

Now then, here's a cute little girl slumped on a bed in eternal slumber ready to have her small adorable body plundered, enjoy!


File: 1545194207047.jpg (1.41 MB, 2097x1184, shotinback.jpg)


My reply here; hxxps://www.gurochan.cx/lit/res/15333.html See the second story.


The worst school shooting has just occurred, as a team of sadists with automatic weapons and paramilitary training stormed the school. You emerge from the utility closet after the SWAT team swept the bad guys. Jessica — your crush, and one of the hottest girls in school — is laying there with a bullet in her back. What will you do with this opportunity?


File: 1545201747685.jpg (88.31 KB, 800x600, 137139097620.jpg)


After grieving for Jessica's death, I'd clean up the blood on her body and clothes while using special abilities of mine to seal up her gunshot wound.

Next, I'd turn her over onto her back after taking off her napsack and then I'd caress her face and french kiss her while she still had that shocked look on her face.

I'd then move my hands down and grope her breasts through her top before I reached her legs which I'd lovingly caress, kiss and lick.

I'd then stand her up and dance with her lifeless body which would move limply but elegantly as I moved and then I'd give Jessica a big hug and confess my feelings for her to her and vow to treat her like the goddess that she deserves to be treated as.

I'd then french kiss her while hugging her which would bring her back to life and I'd be pleased to see her return to the world of the living. Also, she'll smile at me and tell me that she could feel everything I did to her when she was dead and that she likes me too.

We then hook up and become a couple and live happily ever after.

Now then, this nude cutie lies dead and lifeless in her casket. What do you do to her lush body.


File: 1545242308579.jpeg (92.57 KB, 1280x990, 1910647__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

Well, first I'd probably feel up her cold skin, notice how the flowers overpowered any scent the body could produce.

I then squeeze her breasts and finger her vagina, smooch her on the forehead. Climb into the casket and cuddle with her, frotting her vulva with my dick and rest in her arms.


You're walking on the beach and find two unresponsive girls washed up on shore, broken wands and sandles removed.


Hey there, I'm looking for an RP partner to do RP's with.

I'm into Necrophilia, lolicon, shotacon, adult women, teenage girls, funerals, morgues, grave robbing /of the recently buried/, giantesses, tentacles, limited vore, etc.

Please contact me at neobyzantium@gmail.com

File: 1545088384339.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Miyata the pure virgin mai….png)


Hey there, I'm looking for an RP partner to do RP's with.

I'm into Necrophilia, lolicon, shotacon, adult women, teenage girls, funerals, morgues, grave robbing /of the recently buried/, giantesses, tentacles, limited vore, etc.

Please contact me at neobyzantium@gmail.com

File: 1545035444327.jpg (96.99 KB, 702x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)


Hey, I'm a femboy (trap) and I RP as a girl 99% of the time unless you're into traps idm. Looking for someone that wants to RP raping me or a character. I love being strangled but I'm open to anything really. I can do email RP or discord RP.

So I I'm into kidnapping, home invasions or playing as video game characters that get defeated, or as women in powerful positions getting overpowered like a girl police officer or something. I love fantasy settings, and actually RPing as an elf is one of my favorites. If you're interested just hmu on discord or my email
Discord: Passive#3267
Email: Zephyranyx@gmail.com

File: 1505668055486.png (251.67 KB, 707x680, Screenshot_20170910-130335….png)


Looking for a shota/guro/torture/RP... You can choose to torture or kill me or love me! My Kik is RPpmME


Your RP idea sounds quite interesting since Shotas are cute. Contact me at my e-mail address so we can discuss your ideas further.

File: 1545015842405.jpg (928.37 KB, 1200x2150, Hanged16.jpg)


I would like to do a RP of the story in this CG: https://e-hentai.org/g/1141559/a0ae0ad731/

Or something very similar, just slightly different, a different girl of my choice, and she will be still alive enduring it (you can decide to kill her or not at the end), the main idea is for you to humiliate her in every way, insulting/degrading her, using her as punching bag and/or stabbing her, and specially making fun of her stupid giant tits, treating her as a disgusting bitch with no value.
No respect for her at all, just extreme abuse.

If you want to RP you can add me on discord: Tsu#7974

File: 1532919385291.jpg (41.21 KB, 450x775, 1410487556543.jpg)


Hellooo! Figured this would be the best place to come for what I want!

Long story short, I want someone to RP with without killing my character, while possibly killing yours, or at least escaping.

Specifics I'm interested in: My female character captured by your character (prefer male but w/e is fine), whatever way is fine (for slavery, for shits and giggles, long time enemies, wanted char, w/e again lmao)
My character is then continually abused and raped \o/ I don't care for life ending guy explosion gore, I find it boring. Gimme psychological warfare and intense beatings and whips and humiliation and basically try to utterly destroy my character's sense of self esteem, make it so they WANT to die, but don't let them. Big kicker is I want my character to eventually escape, and possibly kill her captor. A big thing that I like about soft guro is aftercare and bandages and the comfort after the hurt. I'm weird I know w/e
So long as it's not life ending, I'm open to pretty much anything.

Prolly will never get a response lmao oh well
Lemme know if you have any other questions! I'm not sure... exactly where I'd wanna do it. I don't know how comfortable I am mixing this side of me with everything else. We can talk about it if I get any interest!
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happy to be your partner Beepboop, contact me on Discord at Souro12#9050


well if only I had a place to contact you


I tried adding you but it didn't let me :n

If anyone wants to RP still, I made an email for this! beepboopguro@outlook.com
Feel free to shoot me a message!


ETA: Was able to add ya ;D


Add me on discord for RP


File: 1544904276321.jpg (423.93 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_1175.jpg)


Perhaps you're a demon, meant to hurt others. Maybe you're a soul to be tortured forever. Maybe you'll be both.
You see so many shivering sad, naked people. All of them are, as far as you can tell, Okay. Sad, incredibly sad, and very, very fearful, but somehow not bleeding or whatever.

But as you float or stroll, you find an odd limb or amputee, someone with needles in their entire ass, or perhaps you pass a lake with some bodies shivering in it. The realm is mostly barren and the further you travel, the more sparse the population and the more intense the suffering of anyone you pass.

You can pkay here or post a link to your KIK or Discord or w/e, and you can post a bio if you wish.

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