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Im looking for RP where my jungle girl character is being hunted down by big game hunter and she need to survive the trap filled island only to find her many gory deaths and become an ornament.

Another idea is to play a failed superhero being beat down and snuffed.

Im bi and fine with anyone gender, I can play futas on request aswell.
Looking for kinks around public use, rape and gore.

Send me an email if interested for more details. We can play on chatzy or on skype (I wont do voice/cam stuff though.)

Email: ladyhearts999@yahoo.com


love the first idea, emailed you


A RP where I play in a medieval world either an orcish or an Elvish futa slut after getting kidnaped after some sex I get castrated and abused in any way (even lethal)
A RP where I am a huge bastard and slut as your superior in my job that vein said you check my historic or internet and see I have a thing both for being castrated and becoming a real girl and for finding a master/mistress to serve
Contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.combif intrested (okay I stop with my ideas)


Is there anyone here that would want to hear some ideas I got for some giant male RP that end up guro ? I would like to see if there is any master around since I have some ideas ^^ contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.com (yes again me)


(This take place in the future and past and multiple other dimensions...)

After many millennia, humanity dispersed among the stars. They eventually invented far more than they could previously comprehend, and perhaps never truly mastered.

Time travel turned out to be far more incredible than they anticipated, as it was not only truly their own timeline and other timelines they could travel to, but other realms with absurdly different sets of dimensions. Like a super-flat man made of paper eaten by a tornado, they didn't initially last long in the 4th dimension. With intense experimentation and foresight, they eventually could stand on their own for short times with technologically advanced aid.

The ability to create an entire universe was born, and the first few realms grew slowly and eventually stopped expanding. They were empty voids with not even air. But after enough experience and countless casualties, an entire universe with a fractal design grew indefinitely. Another was made, with a finer fractal design. Eventually, they computers were made out of infinitely expanding realms- some of which were themselves universe creating machines. Others were self aware, and a few such realms essentially existed as only emotionally-charged devices. An entire torture chamber for just one soul could be conjured in an instant, a being kept alive only to suffer, and others were pleasure kingdoms filled with amazing experiences and some were gloomy prisons with endless sadness.

Even souls were eventually created; Swarms of nanobots numbering in infinities were sent through perhaps every timeline, into every moment, to capture every portion of a conscious, and each such moment was cloned infinitely, and each clone of each moment was psychically connected by higher realms.

True immortality was attained, as such entities could write themselves into the fabric of the omniverse, and even that was the only thing that stood hardly on par with near omnipotence; Several self-proclaimed gods, among many quieter and wiser creatures, could create impossible things imbued with mutually exclusive properties.

These entities wage war everywhere, but yet are never anywhere.

Like mere squads of submarines in an infinite ocean, even the most powerful and numerous legions, infinite in scope, could never actually attain dominance over all others. But they had victories and defeats... plenty.


I wanna be used in any way you can use me and I want you to inflict me as much pain than you can even death at the end is okay I can play anything (Elvish, futa,...) contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.com if you're interested (btw I am a girl)


I do love guro above all else I like everything guro I already did many things guro/gore related but always at the side of the one who inflict pain so I try to find someone to inflict pain to a girl like me


hey, i like writing stories rather than rping,

you can add me on the geeking app as Johnyguro

or email me at mikeyestee85@yahoo.com


File: 1492483126427.png (298.39 KB, 1200x1000, 1430100384257.png)


Hy, I'm looking for people interested in the following game.
Recently I found really thrilling the theme of execution where the execution happens in the moment of the orgasm of the victim.
I would like someone to write me, how he would execute me in a scene like that. I would like basically an exection themed JOI.
My partner could tell me:
-how to prepare to the execution (shaving, what to wear, etc.)
-how to restrict myself at the beginning (bondage, anal dildos, etc.)
-how to bring myself to the edge (with which tools (dildo, hands...) and
how to use it to tease myself, how long)
-what method of execution should I use (guillotine, electric chair, hanging, etc.) (of course I would only simulate the method, until some point, with the posture, restrictilons, etc, in a safe way)
- should I record the session on video
It would be a great bonus if there would be some hardly achievable condition during the teasing phase, which could decide if I'm allowed to suicude myself instead of execution. (at the execution I woulduse some hand free method to orgasm, while at suicide I would give myself a ruined orgasm).
I also interested in any idea to expanse the outlined idea.
If you like to write me a session please send it to this post instead of PM.
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This RP sounds like fun. Would be out there anyone, who want to finish me?
I'm female.


Sounds like fun!. Is there anyone out there, who want to finish me?

I'm female


This RP sounds like fun. Would be out there anyone, who want to finish me?
I'm female.



Um. Something is strange. Are you sure you gave the right email?

Also, why does their post not show up in the thread itself, but in the board it seems to.


I'd love to write a script. This would be incredible. Probably make it blackmail themed so the video is even better and makes more sense. a really incredible build up to the end which at the last moment just climaxes with everything in perfection. My kik is harley_abi if you want to talk there just say. or we can email or whatever


Hi, I just found this sub and absolutely love it. I am so turned on. Anyway i want to find people, men or women, for a torture role play leading to snuff. I'm looking for rape, murder, gore and everything extreme. Just fucking kill me. Even better if you are like a game maker in this world.

Or for those who aren't into roleplay we can share experiences. I don't know if you guys just look at pics of this stuff but ive none some messed up shit irl.

My kik is harley_abi as is my reddit. (You can read my posts and see what i mean). Kik is preferred.

See you there and bring your A game.

File: 1508472918285.gif (1.02 MB, 320x240, tumblr_nry8efRW9D1sldez6o1….gif)


Roleplay about anticipation. Horrified of what's to come.

Knowing a deep dark secret you'll be hunted for, or having broken some rule, you're to be punishe. Anything between a light spanking and existradimensional torture.

Perhaps you rather dom.
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Sounds fun! got anywhere to contact?



Replace the first 2 x's with "tt" if the admins don't already.

I also open to KIK, Ashmoonowl, and some other sites, if you prefer


I'm down to play, my kik is p0ssib0i


I am wiggling if you wanna tell me more (can you send again the link of Discord btw please ?)



I am looking for one or more submissive female partners to take place in a dystopian rp. It would mainly include lots of sex. It would involve: Piss, Rape, Gore, Beating/Pain, 3 somes, Ageplay.

If you are interested dm me on skype (senpishade@gmail.com)

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