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I told you most of the ideas I had now I am open to much things and limitless so if you want you can contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.com and don't worry I am a girl that except what most wouldn't



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What is that supposed to mean if I may ask ?



There's no point. It's someone posting porn. Jesus.

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Daddy left on a business trip and the mom and son were left alone in the house! After watching mom pee, take a shit and shower the son jumps her.After a while she submits and the start having sex, anal and vaginal.Problem is they forgot the door unlocked and the curtains pulled.So you may snuff them with the following chars: a burglar, a religios fanatic, a member of a special police force, a man with a killer dog or the father.Be creative and give a lot of detail.
If i like it i will provide you with a dad and daughter scenario!
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Is this happening? Because it looks like a great ideea!


Do you want to do this as an RP?


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my mom


Interesting, I love that religious fanatic idea.


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i like a male partner to hang me eat me to hunt me down naked in the woods rape my dead body have his k9 breed me

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M 16 looking for girls 16+ to RP with. My Kik is darkroar360 and my Discord is Crow#8887. PS; Fuck off about me being young, the age of consent in Washington is 16 and it honestly shouldn't exist.


I'm a str8 dude but just want to say you're cool I like you.


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Does not work


Hi there! I’m looking to do some cannibalism roleplays with me as the meat. I’d prefer male partners. I don’t mind doing either short term or long term scenarios, though in long term scenarios I’d like to have the ability to regenerate so I can be eaten over and over.

I don’t mind if I’m eaten raw or cooked in whatever scenario you have in mind, but my biggest turn on and the reason I’m doing this is that I want to be eaten in your scenario. I don’t want it skipped over or have little focus. Even if my character is completely cooked and dead in the end, I’d have my character’s spirit watch the rest. I want to see you describe your character eating mine in detail, and talking about the flavour.

I am willing to do willing or unwilling scenarios, but my character is fairly submissive and even in unwilling scenarios, my character deep down knows she’s meat.

I’m fairly open to most scenarios you might want to do, but I absolutely will not do anything scat or waterworks related. I have a default age of 20 for my character, but I don’t mind playing child, teenage or slightly older characters. I also don’t mind if your scenario involves sex.

One rule I do have though is no requests for pictues of myself, and don’t try to find me or anything like that. I don’t want my fantasies interfering with my real life. I don’t want to talk about my real life either, I’m just interested in role play.

I’d like to do this either via e-mail or through Google Hangouts.

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail to melaniegrray@gmail.com with the following info:

1. Write in the subject line that you are interested in cannibalism roleplay

2. State what age you’d like my character to be. If you don’t care, I’ll use the default age of 20.

3. If you have a preference on my character’s body type you can state as such, otherwise I’ll go with my default.

4. Tell me if in your scenario cannibalism is common or rare like our world, or in between.

5. Tell me if you want my character to be willing or unwilling.

6. Tell me all about your scenario.

If I get a bunch of requests I might be more selective, or get back to you later on it.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!


Bump! I got a fair amount of people admittedly but I’m having so much fun that I wouldn’t mind getting more.

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I'm looking for a rp partner who likes to get executed. I love the garrote, beheadings and hangings.

Leave your skype name and I'll add you.
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I can rp that over yahoo IM/google talk. Email me at ladyhearts999@yahoo.com


"Julie Carton" this is my Skype I wait for you to contact me if you're still there


I'm perfectly fine rping girls executed for whatever reason, and garroting, beheading, and hanging are among my faves, too.

@OP, I have three characters on F-List: Luna Hawke, Homura Tokiha, and Angela Asuno. Feel free to send me a note if you're interested, and we can establish more permanent means of contact.


I would LOVE to be executed a few times! :)



File: 1509596931160.jpg (106.14 KB, 670x1050, images.ducknbchcghcduckgo.….jpg)


Looking for a woman who is into the above. This is purely RP and NOTHING more. Will play via kik. This for a long term, serious woman. Not for anyone dipping their toes. I want someone who craves this...

Contact me@ sailorruss@myself.com

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Hey everyone, I've got several ideas in mind for roleplays that I'd love to get off of my chest. Most are fantasy-based, though I do have a few more realistic ideas to try. I am a male in real life, but am more than comfortable playing both genders. I'm looking primarily for someone with very, very few limits. My only limit is submissive males, and some of my kinks include scat, water sports, mythical creatures/nonhumans/freaks, hard vore, death, torture, necrophilia, and of course, extreme gore. If interested, please email me at wjcthe3@gmail.com or Kik me at willjcthe3


This 2 scenarios are a bit special but you will read by yourself contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com if you're interested:
1) you have met on the net a really submissive girl now some months after your relationship is pretty strong and only now she tell you that she can make copy of herself choosing size, color of hairs and some other stuff like becoming a futa she also tell you that the copy disappear is killed as you always dreamed to do guro fantasy you can now ask that girl to copy as much as you want
2) in middle age you are a man the sell slaves you became rich because a girl that you captured can create copy of herself sometimes you go to see her (she can be like me or amputee version of me to be easy to keep) and make her do copy of herself to take care of your needs and/or serve you
PS:I am okay if you're a girl, a boy, a futa, a trap or anything


I would like to try a RP where I am a girl (I am irl) living headless (my head still living just not on my neck) being submissive and doing everything for a master or mistress I would enjoy a lot throat fuck and head fuck if you want and agree to any torture and any type of guro even if I die at the end but the main subject being me serving someone maybe you pleasing yourself with my body as I lick your foot or you enjoying my head as I use my body to serve you contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


I am a girl and I wanna try out any kind of crushing and flattening for any purpose ( cooking, using to masturbate, used as a carpet,...) so contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com I don't care if you're a man, a girl a futa, a trap or anything

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