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Sorry again I can't help but to think a zombie RP would be cool I don't know if there is anyone interested here but still I post, we could even do snuff then maybe necrophilia to finish by zombie
Contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com regardless of your sex ^^

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Discord: Darth Prower#1969

Gender: Male

Sexuality: (MOSTLY) Straight.

Kink type: Scat

Turn ons: Desperation, Soiling, Panty poop/cloth soiling, diapers, farting, sharting, face sit, accident, sex, (it depends) toilet (it depends), peeing (it depends)

Turn offs: rape, furry, brony/clopping, elderly, gore/guro, tentacle, hardcore sex, shit eating

Although i prefer scat rp with girls, guys are fine too.



just incase you want to email me


I've got a kik of you'd like to rp then just send a message. I'm bi but prefer girls. Open to a lot of things . I like, normal stuff, furries, Scalies, twitching,non-con, milk, necro, limited blood and gore.

Thins I hate, scat,age play,vore


Ok so what's your gender and KIK?


I'm a dude I'll give you my kik in a sec

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I'm a guy looking for girl who shares the same dark interests as I do and maybe play around with it
What I like, normal stuff, non-con, twitching after death,cum inflation,breaking necks while getting head,watching a body twitch violently,

What I hate,vore,scat,age play,incest,

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Hey as the title suggests I'm looking for a girl to snuff. Besides snuff I'm into feet and I'm willing to about anything for example I'm cool with loli, furry, Neco, of, pre existing characters (like from anime and such) etc. My only limites are scat, excessive gore and cannibalism. If you're interested my kik is deathfetish777.


do you have skype?


No sorry


What is your favorite things with feet? I can be intrested.


I like the soles if your talking about the part of the feet and I like licking them and watching them squirm as their owner dies


So, being a slasher's 'survivor girl', aka his main target that he obsesses over and ultimately his greatest achievement to destroy her has kind of been my thing since I was a teenager. I'm really into torture and gore. Cannibalism is fine to, giving or receiving. Forced drug-taking and medical play is also super hot. The slasher being charismatic and casually open about his depravity is also a huge turn on.

I am also really into role reversal, so turning the tables, turning out to be really fucked up, and shocking the killer with the ability to bring him ecstatic pain is also a more-than-welcome plot line.

I like some vaguely romantic undertones, a la Behind The Mask and Creep 2, that create a special type of connection between the killer and his victim. Pain is a MUST. Blood is obviously a must. I don't mind being torn open. You don't have to Bad End me if it makes you uncomfortable, but make sure I'm real fucked up by the end of it ( or a bit fucked up, should we do role reversal ).

It says I'm a bot when I try linking my F-List, so I'll just tell you that my username on there is Cute Victim. If you want to know about a specific kink, you can ask! :) The pic can be ignored; my character's appearance can be negotiated easily. Again, I am a switch, so there are many different dynamics I'm willing to try. I'm a very detail oriented person, so if you want 1-2 liners I probably can't help, sorry. Thanks for reading!

If interested in discussing a plot ( one shot or long term, whatever is fine), please email me at the address attached to my name.


PS: I have a Discord. I just prefer an email first for introductions. :)


Update! I have kik: thancredsbutt


Post your f list but replace the tt with xx in https (hxxps). Yw.


If anyone is interested into the fact of killing someone slowly or to destroy physically and/or mentally I am willing to be the one you will torture
Contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


There is a kingdom under all other when come whore, criminals, rapist, and all that kind of peoples... sometimes us demons come into your realm to make you become ours, to kill you, etc
If you wanna join in anyway that kingdom whoever you are contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


That RP is about a submissive giantess girl each time you make her cum you grow/ she shrink at the end you can be bigger than the earth or she can be an atome on your body
I am looking for any gender contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com

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So, I'm a pretty fucked up individual. Like shit, the stuff I get turned on by is absolutely disturbing. Anyhow, to keep things short and organized, I'll just list everything I'm looking for:

What I'm Looking For:
I am seeking a RP in which I play as a male sub, and the other play as a female dom (Y'know, that's probably already gonna turn people away). I know in the title, it says Fart/Scat/Gore, although they can be separated. An example is I'm fine with just doing Fart/Scat, or just doing Gore. Whatever works with you.
While I only play as a male sub, I'm willing to play as any creature, whether it be human, monster, animal, etc.
If you have a scenario in mind, then we can definitely discuss it. I'm open to almost anything.

Contact Info:
E-mail: SpiderCntbag@gmail.com
Skype: Agamemnon's Adequateness (Might not work)
Kik: TheRenderer
Discord: Agamemnon's Adequateness#2484


doesn't register. did you change it?

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