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Hello girls and guys,
I am searching for a female or male RP partner for all kinds of debreasting/snuff RPs. If you are female it would be nice, when we can play a RP, where we debreast/snuff each other. Either way is fine though, if you just want to play the active part. If you like to chat about ideas and eventually to start one, then please feel free to write a mail to the linked Mail in my name.

Love, Luna


Just want to add something:

I prefer 3rd person and you should like writing more than one sentence, even though writing more is more important.

Snuff: knifes, swords, vivisection, guns, arrows, spears, torture and much more.

Dislikes: Scat, Peeing

We can play using either English or German.


I kinda want the most fucked up RP at a male feet I would love to be crushed, to be deeply fucked by a feet, to worship it, etc


Is there a futa or a man to fuck my head properly ? ^^
Contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com
Or at: Julie Carton over kik


Now I finally have kik you can join me at: hot_Julie666
(I am open to anything ;-) )


Limitless roleplay. Scat, snuff, gore, blood play, age play, incest, etc.

Kik same as username.


Looking for some mela partner to do some fantasy/cannon Rp with snuff, no limits
Discord - proudwhoore #2220


Looking for a long term detailed no limit roleplay partner. Who is into, piss, scat, snuff, gore, blood play, rape, breeding. Etc. Interested female or transsexuals please find me at kik or Skype or discord. Same username in kik and skype. Discord - wolfgang4704#1420


mlday1990@gmail.com - Mike
alexwallace2@yahoo.com - Alex

Send your character information to the above email addresses.

We are hosting a Discord RP tournament in which hot young women fight each other to the bitter end.

You do not have to be a woman to enter, as your OC will be the one fighting. However, if you are a woman and would like to base a character on yourself, you may do so.

Character Rules:

Your character must be a biological female, and they may not be younger than 18 or older than 30.

You may provide a description or image (models, yourself if you are a woman, or drawn) to describe what they look like.

No powers or magic. Weapons are permitted so long as they're melee.

They must be human.

No fat or ugly chicks.


These are also fake.


I would love to:
-be turned into toilet
-be used as a public whore/toilet
-worshipping a male feet
-get totally destroyed/torn apart
-getting crushed by giants
-being a furry slave
-being tortured until I am no more than meat then used for the worst thing
-splattened and then used for/as sexual stuff (paper for masturbation,...)
If you like any of the ideas contact me at baddomgirl@gmail.com


I would like to try the real life command the goal is simple each day you give me an order and I must execute it (or course nothing that will bring death or strong injuries)
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You guys are so naughty so let's make a few rules:
-injuries okay but no horrible ones
- only pics as proof


You guys are so naughty so let's make a few rules:
-injuries okay but no horrible ones
- only pics as proof


Put ice cubes in your butt! Like really really cold ice cubes!


Okay then, stick a knife into your pussy. Again it shouldn't even cut you if you're careful. Post a picture as proof.


Hello Julie,

Write something nasty on yourself and leave it there all day. It can be hidden, but I just want it to be there where at least you know it's there, branding you.

Pics before and after of course.


Something about twitching violently after dead drives me crazy and I wanna know if there's anyone out here who shares the same feeling to it? Maybe we can start an rp based around it?

If interested let me know


Yes. We can do this.



looking for people to do an rp on discord with! I was thinking, a rich man picks up someone from off the streets. The man selected them to be their new pet, of which he can torture and use for his own pleasures. I would love for the victim to be force fed often and gain a lot of weight if that's okay! Maybe up to 300-400 lbs?
contact me @ Vern#7307


also- I only rp with folks who use 3rd person prespective !!

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