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Please contact me via Discord @ optionalSEKE#8395

Searching for Male /slash/ Female or Male /slash/ Male or Male /slash/ Herm

Practically opened to anything and everything with no known limitations and normally online throughout the day. Anthro and furry characters are negotiable! Please note I'm comfortable role playing as a "male victim" of various ages. My favorites include Bestiality, Partial Castration and Amputation until "victim" is just a wiggling torso!~

Everything is optional! Key words: Amputation / Dismemberment / Mutilation, Abusive Relationships, Age Gap, Asphyxiation, Bestiality, Blood / Bloodplay . . . Vampire fun, Being Dominated, Being Submissive, Breeding, Blackmail, Bondage, Cooking, Castration / Partial Castration, Cross Dressing, Death, Disembowelment, Digestion, Double Penetration, Extremely Sexual Role Plays, Glory Hole, Incest, Impregnation, Impalement, Male Pregnancy, Lactation . . . mmm milk, Milking, Multiple Characters, Master x Slave, Rape, Obsessive Relationships, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Oviposition . . . laying some eggs, Punishment in Hell, Prostitution, Romantic Relationships, Stabbing / Cutting, Scat, Sacrificial Offering, Sex Toys, Sexual Frustration, Sounding, Tentacle Rape, Threesomes, Shapeshifter, Quickie, Unusual Penis, Unwilling, Urethral Insertions, Living Insertions, Watersports, Verbal Abuse, Vivisection, Vomiting

Please contact me via Discord @ optionalSEKE#8395


I'm looking for a partner for a vore or necro RP that involves women, teen girls, lolis and/or shotas.


I would like to play a teen girl in some vore RP ^^


File: 1511502972503.png (938.97 KB, 1280x720, Not caring that she's bein….png)


Cool. My e-mail address is neobyzantium@gmail.com if you want to contact me.

I've got inspiration for a vore RP from the anime Muv Luv Alternative episode 3. Check it out to see my idea. In fact, the vore scene is in this pic.


Erm... gonna describe more this time.. I do a lot of RP with girls so I admit playing the sub with a men would be so cool I would also like something that not much peoples here do that is about foot fetish I wish to be humiliated as hell I also wish a lot of other things like: pee, being a chair, cockhold,... anyway I would like to know if anyone is interested contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


I would love to try to be changed into many things like:
-sex toy
-things that can be break to torment and torture me
-something that can be wear to humiliate me


Contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


Hey is there any furry lover around here ? I would like to try being a furry slave if you're interested contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com
(Your sex doesn't matter)


18 male here, bi. Love chatting/RP’ing with others about what we’d do to my girlfriend. I’m in to it all. Simple to as extreme as you (I) can possibly imagine. All I can’t do too much of is scat. I do have scenarios in mind but VERY welcome to suggestion. Kik is my preffered method of comms.
Kik is noahkp
If yah want to comm another way, email me or leave a comment I suppose.


You're sick man if you really have a girlfriend respect her and even if she agree I still think she should ask that herself


Hey all. Female, 22, looking for discord RP partners. My two main interests are asphyxiation and necro. Two themes I enjoy the most are spy girls getting snuffed (if you've seen the Angel Corps stuff or PKF's Sentry Showdown, that's pretty much the idea) and amazons.

I'm usually dominant but will sometimes play submissive depending on my mood. All genders welcome, so long as you are comfortable playing female characters. Limits are scat, bestiality, loli and shota. 3rd person narration preferred. Discord tag is Rhae#1336. Mention gurochan in your message so I know where you're from. Thanks!


I sent you a friend request as

Maxi panda # 6205


if you look for role play you have an email where can i contact you?



I don't think you're capable of receiving DM's from people not on your friends list, but I sent you a FR. Discord name is the same as here.


Still accepting new people? Sent a request a few days ago.

File: 1511280510960.png (560.44 KB, 720x605, Screenshot_20171029-214459….png)


My mainly interests are shota,Loli ,torture, Killing,choking,heavy torture, multilation,scat,gore, snuff,pee.

I can play top and bottom.

>> My email is alexis06wolf@gmail.com


Anyone here that would love to play some monsters ? I like big ones like werewolf or ogres I also have a thing for paw and would love to be humiliated and slowly turned into willing girl even if that mean dead to me
Contact me at: baddomgirl@gmail.com


kelseymacailbert@gmail.com - Email me to set up an rp which ends in my death. Master or mistress, I don't care.
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The person who posted this does not own that email address. It's another trick to get us to email an innocent person.


Holy fuck are you for real? How do you know?

Hat makes this one really bad... I sent them an email and oh shit.



I emailed the person and she told me that she didn't post that, and also mentioned that the same troll did the same to people she knows.


Bloody trolls. I know why I kill them in games every time I see them ...


Brrr ... this makes me shiver, I can not even imagine how a person can feel like receiving a meil of this kind (obviously if he does not expect it)

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